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Full text of "Epigraphia carnatica. By B. Lewis Rice, Director of Archaeological Researches in Mysore"

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Epigraphia Carnatica. 

Coorg Inscriptions 

Inscriptions at Sravana Belgola .... 
„ in the Mysore District, Part I 

„ Hassan „ .... 

Kadur „ . . . . 

Shimoga „ Part I 

T» Ti ^ ri 

„ Bangalore „ .... 

Kolar „ .... 

Chitaldroog „ .... 

Tumkur „ . . . . 


In the Press 

In the Press 




■^ivblisljrt fov §oUccummt 

oo^:tf:^ c^caa:^e)ob^ m:^^rl^o 

iJ iJ cn 


B. LEWIS RICE, c. I. E, M. R. A. s. 

Lale iJirectiir of Public Inntrttction in Mynore nnd C.oorq, Felloto of the Univeritily of Madran, 

Director of Archceo/ogica/ Researc/ies in Mysore. 





Oq sale by the Curator, (^overnment ^ook. ])ep6t, T^angalore. 

VOL. V. 


Comprising the fo//owing J\/uqs: 

Hassan V :/ ^V 

B61uri/AV. M^^. 

Arsikere . K 

Channarayapattana Lv (145 to 273) 

Hole-Narsipur rl^vi: 

Arkalgud ACV 

Manjarabad Wx\ 



of Inscriptions 185 


























List of Illustrations, 

IntrodTiction . . • i— xlii 

Kadambas, i; Gangas, v; Koiigalvas, vii; 

Nadfilvas, vii; Changalvas, viii; ChAlukyas, ix; 

Hoysalas, IX; Vijayanagaia,.xxviii; Javagal, xxxii; 

Durgga, xxxii; Nuggihalli, xxxii; Belur, xxxii; 

Mysore, xxxiv; Architecture, xxxvi. 

List of the Inscriptions classifierl and in chronological order xliii — l 

Text of the Inscriptions in Roman characters, arranged 

to show tho composition 1 — 594 

Translations of the Inscriptions 1—276 

Addenda et Corrigeiida 1 — 2 

Alphabetical List of Towns and V^^illages wliere the Inscriptions 

were found 3 — 7 

Index .to Introduction .... 9 — 13 

PART II rseparately bound). 

Text of the Inscriptions, arranf^fod as in ihc original 

in Kannadii characters 1 — 828 


In this volume the inscriptions of the Hovsala^kings, as might be expected, 
largely predominate, the Hassan District being in the heart of their kinydom . 
and containiug their capital city. But many of them are modeis of composi- 
tion by authors of repute, examples taken from which are quoted in standard 
works on the language. From the fresh information here supplied, with what 
has appeared in previous volumes, a detailed account is obtained of all the 
public and palace events in the reigns of this distinguished and purely 
Mysorean dynasty of kings. Interesting too are the accounts of the Maleyala 
raerchants who traded on a regal scale and imported horses in ships by sea 
for the royal stables. 

The Kongalva s are here for the ftrst time brought to notice. They mark the 
farthest extension on the west of the Chola invasion of the llth century. 
Their miuister for peace and war in 1079 was Nakularyya, who boasts of 
being able to write in four languages. It is not impossible that this was the 
famous Lakula, founder of the Pasupata sect in Gujarat, who has been traced 
from Arcot in 1020, to Belgami in Mysore in 1036, and eventually to Baroda. 
Of the Chaiigalvas we learn something new and important from finding them 
in possession of Seringapatam in 1252. 

In the inscriptions of the Mysore kings it is curious that the Chanuaraya- 
pattana fort is said to have been built for (or in agreement with) the Bijapur 
Sultan. A record also deserving of attention is that which sets forth the 
succession of the Mysore Kajas as received at the time when Krishna Raja 
Wodeyar took over the reigns of governmeut from the Dewan Purnaiya. 

Among items of special interest that may be mentioned are the memorials 
of public suicide on the death of royalty. Thus, when the Ganga king Niti- 
margga died two separate persons are stated to have entered the fire in 
consequence. But the most elaborate is that ot the self-sacrifice of the 
prince Lakshma and his wife on the death of the Hoys^la king Vira-Ballala 
II, commemoratod on a pillar at the Hoysalesvara temple. Another incideut 
which may be noticed is the ordeal undergone by the shanabhog of Arkalgtd 
to clear himself of thc accusations brought against him 


The illustrations are by Namassivayam Pillai of my office, but the half 
tones of the Halebid temple were produced by Wiele and Klein of Madras. 
I regret that one side of the western face has not come out well. The Beltir 
temple is from a photograph by Colonel Dixon in about 1865. Of the views 
of the Kedaresvara temple, the first is from one taken either by the Rev. D. 
Sanderson or by Mr. Butcher, and the second from one by H. H. the late 
Maharajah of Mysore. 

No praise is needed for the excellent printing of the Basel Mission Press, 
but I fear this book has become more bulky than was expected, from preserv- 
ing wide margins with an eye to appearance. For it will be seen how often 
the line in the Kannada text has been exceeded by just one letter or two letters. 

Bangalore, November 1901. 



H oysala cres t (Sala and tlie Tiger), from the 
Virabhadra temple, Halebid 

Hoysalesvara temple, Halebid, (south face) 
Do, do. (east „ ) 

Do. do. (north „ ) 

Chenna Kesava temple, Belur 

Introduction, p. 




6. Hoysalesvara temple, Halebid (west face) 

7. Belur temple, ground plan 

8. Upper lines of Bel&r teraple stone inscription 
Belfir temple copper plates (first side) , 

Do. do. (tenth „ ) „ 

Bannahalli copper plates U C^ ± ^^^ ^ Cl ii VX \^ « 
Inscription on Jaina metal image „ 

Bennftr copper plates , 

Kedaresvara temple, Halebid, in 1866 and 1886 Translations 


Roman text 

Pillars in Bel6r temple and Halebtd basti 
Circular porch, Arsikere temple 
Halebid temple, ground plan 




















The inscriptions of the Hassan District number altogether 1086. Of these, 
144 bave already been published separately in Volume II, Inscriptions at 
Sravana Belgola. The present volume deals with 942, distributed throughout 
the District generally. Those which can be assigned to specific dynasties or 
periods fall under the foUowing heads: — 

Kadamba 13 A. D. 420 to 1075 

Ganga 23 750 „ 974 

Kongalva 11 1020 „ 1100 

Nadalva 1 1141 

Changalva 10 1090 „1579 

Chalukya 24 700 , 1174 

Hoysala j . 365 1022 „ 1348 

Vijayanagara 83 1343 „ 1664 

^ Jivagal l 1515 

Durgga 1 1595 

Nuggihalli 3 1573 „ 1627 

Bglfir 69 1524 „ 1774 

Mysore 32 1588 „ 1852 

As in the other volumes, the inscriptions are passed in review in this 
Introduction, as far as possible, in chronological order, under the foregoing 
heads, attention being directed to such points as appear to call for special 

The following abbreviations are made use of for the names of taluqs, in 
order to save space: — jffw. = Has8an; £Z. = Belftr; ^A;. = Arsikere; Cw. = Cha- 
nnarayapattana; .ffiV. = Hole-Narsipur; A<7. = Arkalgud; il/ji.=Manjarabad. 


The earliest record of the Kadambas in this volume is contained in the 
Bannahalli plates ( Bl. 121). These were discovered in about 1888 by some (ji/' 
person when digging in Kodanhalli attached to that village, which is now in 
the Beliir taluq '^ The grant is one made in the 7th year of his reign by 

*^ The plates haye been pnblished by Dr. Kielhorn (Ep. Ind.. YI. 16 ) from impressions by Dr. 
Fleet to whom I had lent them. With regard to his translation, I would point out with all 
deference that gandhmtva has here to be taken in itg meaning of "horse", and not as "the art of 
moBio". Tatsarftja is always oited as a standard of horsemanship. The fac-simile there published 
Btaow8 a namber of little rings or circles at the ends of the strokes in many letters, especially the 
head strokes. But these are merely minute knobs or bumps caused by the bulging of the metal 
where the graving tool has been puslied to a stop, and are no part of the letters consciously so 
formod. An example of a real ring or circle intentionally formed occurs in Kr. in line 5, towards 
the left of the bottom of the letter. The others are evidently accidental and not the same. Tbe 
fao-slmile in the present volume shows the characters without auy manipulation. 




K rishna Yarmma, son of Simbavarmma, who was the son of Vishnuvarmma, 
who was the son, by the daughter of Kaikeya, of Krisbnavarmma. The details 
given of the date do not suffice to determine the period. Dr. Kielhorn is of 
opinion, from the forms of one or two letters which he specifies, that the 
inscription can hardly be placed earlier than the 7th century A. D. ^^ But I 
do not see how this can be reconciled with the fact that the Kadambas lost 
their independence in the 6th century. In my Introduction to Vol. VI of this 
Series I have shown how the above succession of kings can be fitted on to that 
given in the Talgunda pillar, through what we learn from the Birur plates 
(published in that volume). The first Krishnavarmma of the present in- 
scription is identified with the Krishnavarmma of the Birur plates from being 
the performer of a horse-sacrifice, and the father of Vishnuvarmraa*\ If 
the latter was the king slain by Ravivarmma^^ they can be shown to have been 
contemporaries aud cousins by the arrangement proposed in my Introduction 
above referred to. 

The Kadambas are introduced with the usual statements that they were 
"purified by meditation on Svami Mahasena and the group of Mothers, were 
of the Manavya-gotra and Haritiputras, and fully versed in the views they 
had adopted on the sacred writings". This iatter difficult phrase is translated 
by Dr. Kielhorn, "studying the requital (of good or evil) as their sacred text", 
and he has a long note {loc. cit) giving his reasons for so rendering it. "If this 
interpretation be correct," he adds, "I caunot help thinking that the epithet 
alludes to the history of the Kadambas as told in the Talgund inscription. 
So long as the Kadambas were private Brahmans, it was one of their chief 
duties to study the sacred texts; in other words they were svddhydya-charchd- 
pdrds. When they had become kings, it was an equally sacred duty for them 
to requite good and evil; to do so was what the study of the Veda had been 
to them before; and thus, having been svddhydya-charchdpdrds, they then were 

The grant was made on the advice of Haridatta, a Sreshthi or merchant, 
who, besides being dignified with gotra and pravara., is said to have been the 
donor of a thousand (or thousands of) cows. It consisted of the village of 
Kolanallur in the Vallavi-vishaya, given to a Brahman named Vishnusarmma, 
who, in addition to other praises, is said to be a preserver of the perpetual 
sacred fire. There is a village of Kolanallur mentioned in Ag. 53, under the 
date 1404 A. D., as an agrahara named Sarvvajna-Bhaskarapura, to the 
Brahmans of which a grant was made of the village of Ulenahalli, where the 

») Ep. Ind., YI, 17. 

*^ In his notice of this insoription {Kan. Dyn. 290) Dr. Fleet, who says that he quotes from his 
own readlng, makes a mistake in giving Yishnuvarman as the name of the father, and Krishna- 
varman as his son; the latter being the father and the former the son. 

s^ Ind. Ant., VI, 30. 

iirrRODUCTiON. ^ in 

stone recording it now is. It is situated in the Konanfir hobli of the Arkalgud 
taluq, to the north of the Kaveri river. We also had mention of the village 
of Kolanellur in the Galigekere plates (Yd. 60) and in theNitre stone (Gu. 79), 
dated respectively in about 890 and in 1009 A. D. These may be the same 
village. But the Kolanallur of our preseut inscription is said to be in the 
Vallavi distric t. This I .ara disposed to identify with the Ballavi Seventy 
mentioned in inscriptious in the Honnali_taluq of the Shimoga District. It is 
there described as being near the Tuiigabhadra river and situated in the 
B anavase T welve Thousand ^K There is a Nallur to the south-west of the 
Sulekere in Channagiri taluq, and from No. 51 of that taluq it is evident that 
there was a circle named Kole in the immediate neighbourhood. 

Another Kadamba grant (Bl. 245) of the same reign and in the same 
characters *^ has come to light ia the Beiiniir plates, said to be handed down 
in the family of the present owner*^ The contents differ in some singular 
respects -jfrora the former. They begin, as do most of the Ganga plates, with 
Jitam hhagavatd. The svasti is opposite the 3rd line. The opening verse 
praises the king for feeding thousands of Brahmans in the same way as 
Yudbishthira. In the body of the grant, after the usual Kadamba epithets, he 
is described as the fifth king (patichama-ldkapdlah) of tbe Kadambas, the 
dharmma-maharajah vi.iay a-siva- Krish navar ra ina . -^His grandfather'8 name is 
given in the form Vishnudasa. The grant was made when the king was \ 
setting out on an expedition from Vaijayanti, in front of (the god) Mahadeva \^ 
of Inguna, on Patisha-siikla-pratipadi; and consisted of the villago of Palmadi 
in the Sendraka-vishaya *^ given to a Brahman named Bhavasvami, together 
with a dasabandha^^ of six nivarttami. After usual imprecations, a blessing is 
invoked on Dosharasivarmma'^ on account of the grant, and the inscription 
ends with obeisance to yish^a. 


We have to pass over se yeral cen turies to arrive at the next Kadamba 
inscriptions in this volume, and they are on stone. These are Hn. 38, Mj. 28, 
and Hn. 45, of which only the last is dated, giving us Saka 947 as its period 
J1025 A. D.). The others may be somewhat earlier. 

In the first the name of the king is unfortunately effaced, but he is said to 
be in the residence of Banavase. He conferred a title or bound a crown on 
the grandson of his guru for some display of bravery. In the second the king 

*) I do not think Vall&Ti is Bell&vi in Tumkar District, as snggested by Dr. Kielhorn. 

') The same little dots or knobs appear wberever the graver bas stoppod. Anuavdra is represented 
by a short horizontal wavy stroke above the line. 

^) The plates are in excellent order. The ring, closed with a lion seal, had not been out. 

*^ This was in tho north-west of the Mysore country. 

'^ Daaavanda is rent-free land granted for building or repairing a tank, on condition of paying 
one-tenth (or a small share) of the produce. 

*^ This ominous name seems intended for the king. 


is merely called Kadambarasa, and he made a grant of land on account of a 
man who fell in fight. In the third, of which a good deal is effaced,' the king's 
name seems to be given as Malapa-Raja, and he seems to have bestowed a title 
or crown iipon the son of the nal-gavunda of the Manale Three Hundred, and 
given him an estate. The latter was either mounted at the same time on an 
elephant, or else had captured an elephant, for which this was the reward. 
A Manale Three Hundred is mentioned in the Javali plates (Mj.36, Vol. VI 
of this Series), but the description there given of its situation places it beyond 
Bellary, far away from Hassan, They cannot therefore be the same, and there 
is a difference also of 275 years between the two inscriptions. But the present 
Manale is no doubt the one mentioned in Hg. 93 (Vol. IV of this Series), dated 
in 1007 A. D., which speaks of the gavunda of Manale coming forth on a raid 
with three hundred men. 

We next have a series of seven inscriptions in Manjarabad taluq connected 

V^ with a Kadamba king named N iti-maharaj a. The dates range from 1026 A. D. 

^ (Mj. 53) to about 1035 (Mj. 55), the latter recording his death with the per- 

y formance of the Jaina rite of sannyasanam. The inscriptions are very short 

and much effaced. In Mj. 51 only lole remains of the name of his residence, 

and Mj. 55 contained the name of his father, which is gone. 

The last Kadamba inscription here is Mj. 18 of the date 1095 A. D. It 
belongs to the reign of Tribhuvanamalla Dayasiiiiha-maharaja, who was the 
youngest of the three sons of Dudda-maharaja, and grandson of Chagi-maharaja. 
He is said to have slain a powerful enemy named Sripala, who had an immense 
army; and he had obtained a boon from the goddess Ekkala. A long account 
is given of his virtues and accomplishments, winding up with the question,— 
Why have another Bharata story? Is not king Dayasimha's history enough? ^^ 
The object of the inscription is to record the construction of a tank by his 
mother Mechala-Devi, who was the daughter of king Banki-Balarita. She also 
had a temple built for the god Vasudeva, which she endowed, and established 
an agrahara named Arasiyapura for five Brahmans. 

If this king's father and grandfather preceded him on the throne, as we. 
may naturally suppose, the three reigns would fill up the time from the death 
of Niti-maharaia above. No reference is made to Bayal-nad, which was ruled 
^ by Kadamba kings at this period as we know from the inscriptions in oar 

»^> y^ Vol. IV, nor is any connection apparent between them. The Kongalvas and 

Changalvas separated them. Of these various hill states in the Western Ghats 
in the llth century, the Kadambas of Bayal-nad or Wainad were apparently 
independent. The Changalvas and Kongalvas by the cognomens they assume 
evidently admit Chola supremacy. The Kadambas in Manjarabad on the other 

*' The same question oocurs later on in Hn. 53 with reference to Vishnuvarddbana. 


hand looked to the Hoysal as and Chalukyas as overlord s, in witness of which 
we have Dayasimha'8 cognomen of Tribhuvanamalla. Other evidence will 
appear farther on that Manjarabad was the point where the Chola invasion 
from the south was checked on the western side of Mysore. 


The earliest Ganga inscriptions in this volume belong to the reign of 
§ ripurush a (Ak. 176 and Cn. 308). They are not dated, but may be assigned 
to from 750 to 770 A. D. They are virakal and contain nothing of importance. 
But the second mentions that Nirggunda-arasa was ruling the Nir^g^ unda-nad 
Three Hundred. This province was situated in the south-west of the Chital- 
droog District, where Nirggunda still exists. It and its rulers are mentioned 
in other inscriptions of Sripurusha, such as the Devarhalli plates (Ng. 85, 
Vol. IV) and the Talkad stone (TN. 1, Vol. III). Here also, later, in Aff. 61. 

We next have two inscriptions (Ak. 99 and Hn. 28) of the time of Satya- 
v|kya Kongunivarmma Permmadi, the latter dating in 896 A. D. They are 
fragmentary and contain nothing of importance/ These are followed by seven 
(see list) of the time of Nitimargg a which are of some interest. Ouly Hn. 33 
is dated and falls in 910 A. D., but the king's name and nearly all particulars 
are effaced. Hn. 99 is of his ITtbyear and Ag. 26 of his 19th yea r, both 
without any other date. Ag. 6 and 27 r ecord his death, but wit h no date . 
Ag. 24, besides calling him Nitimargga, specifically names him as Nanniya- 
Gaigaj^and states that at the time of an eclipse of the sun in that year (no 
year mentioned) he made a grant of lands as vidyd-ddna to his ayya (or teacher) 
Makhanda-bhatara. In Ag. 26 ho is called Satyavakya as well as Nitimargg a, 
and Ereyapparasa made a grant for some one who fell in war. Ag. 6, with 
the title Nitimargga, styles him Rachamalla and says that he ascended to 
svarga in Kombale. From sorrow for which event a man named Racheya 
entered the fire, and the kalndd which had been granted to him by Ereyappa 
was resumed. In Ag. 11 the first part is effaced, but Ereyappa is seen grant- 
ing a kdlndd. In Ag. 27 the king is a f^ain called Satyavaky a an d Nitimarg ga, 
and the cause of his death is said to have been phlegm (or hiccough) sticking 
in his throat when he was on an expedition in which he had acquired as far 
as . .nnaniir. Owing to this event another man Ba hiyama entered the fire. 
The de ath of Nitimargg a is the subject of the sculptured representation in 
TN. 91 (Vol. III) *\ which is not dated. Thus far we appear to have only 
sjx actual dates for Nitimargga, namely, 899 in Kd. 141 (Vol. VI), 906 in 
Kp. 38 (Vol. IV), 909 i n Ml. 30 (Vol. III) and 910 in Hn. 33 (Vol. V), with 
902 and 909 in the unpublished Narsapur and Mankunda inscriptions (see 

*^ See also Ep. Ind., TI, 41. 



Vol. IV, Intro. p. 11). He was thus conteraporary with Alfred the Great of 
England, who was also called the Truth-teller, an English Satyavakya. 

Then come four inscriptions relating to Satyavak ya and Ereyap pa, which 
present tho following difficulties. In Ag. 70 Satyavakya's 37th year is made 
to correspond with Ereyappa's 21st year, without specifying any date. On the 
other hand Ag. 61 apparently gives^920^Aj^ for the time of Ereyappa's son. 
Satyavakya, we know from TN. 91, was Nitimargga's son, and Dr. Fleet is 
probably right in reading it as the eldest son. For reasons given in my 
Introduction to Vol. VI, I consider that Ereyappa was anothe r son. If these 
two ruled simultaneously after the elder had been on the throne 16 years, as 
we must conclude from the above, and their father died not earlier than 910 
and more probably in about 915, how are we to find room for them if Erey- 
appa's son's date is 920? This latter Saka date is clear as to the second and 
third figures 43, but the first figure can only be 8, as any other would not 
fall within the period required for a son of Ereyappa. It is not absolutely 
certain to what the date refers, though the obvious conclusion is that it gives 
the tirae when the grant recorded was made. But this seems impossible. In 
Ag. 35 we have Satyavakya-Kongunivarmma-Permraanadi on the throne, when 
the nal-gavunda of Al va-na d made an attack on the Ganga seat (dsana) and 
was killed. In Hn. 185 the Ganga king '^ was apparently angry with Dorayya, 
who is said to be of the Purita-vamsa, but may be the same as mentioned in 
Kd. 1 (Vol. VI). Ag. 70 gives Satyavakya and Ereyapparasa as joint rulers, 
as above stated. In Cn. 251 we have Ereyapparasa-Satyavakya-Permmanadi 
ruling alone, with the special epithets generally applied to him, which are also 
used in the preceding. In Ag". 61 we have Nitimargga's (son)'^ Ereyappa- 
Permmanadi's son Satyavakya-Bira-Permmanadi making a grant i n 920 , the 
date which has been referred to above. 

Of the remaining Ganga inscriptions HN. 14, without any date, records 
the erection of a temple by Galabbe, the queen of Racheyarasa, perhaps the 
Rachcheya-Ganga mentioned in the Humcha inscription as a son of Ereyappa; 
and the Rachamalla of the Atakur inscription (Md. 41, Vol. III). 

The .next five belong to the reign of Satyavakya Marasingha Nolamba- 
*^J kulantaka, and two of them date in 9J1. Mj. 67 is an interesting record of 
the king's elder sister Kundana-Somidevi. It is engraved in a single line all 
round the pedestal of a metal Jaina image which was discovered while digging 
up the ground of a coifee plantation. Cn. S62 mentions the king's war with 
Rajaditya, no doubt the Chalukya prince so named in SB. 38 (Vol. II). 
Cn. 267 refers to his fighting with the Nolambas. 

^^ The king'8 na me does not begin vith Chandr a, as appears from the print. Chandra is in a 
lower line some distance away from Sriman. 

') The expression is Nitimdrggad-Ereyappa. This might possibly be interpreted as Nitimargga- 
Ereyappa, but we have already seen that he is styled Ereyappa-Satyavakya. 



The Kongalvas ruled a kingdom situated principally in the Arkalgud talu q, /^ 

be tween the Kaveri and Hemava ti rivers ^K Their inscriptions date from ^J 

about 1020 to 1100 . They were, we may imagine, a branch of tbe Alva or 
Aluva kings, the main line of which ruled over Aluva-kheda or South Kanara 
frora au early period. South from the Kongalvas were the Changalvas (-see 
Vol, IV), and we have also mention of Dattalvas (Vol. VI) and in the present 
volume of Nadalvas. 

The best account of the Kongalvas is contained in their titles as given in 
Ag". 99, though these may only apply to that particular king. They«.are, — 
entitled to the five big drums, maha-mandalesvara, chief lord of the city of 
Oreyur (the early Chola capital near Trichinopoly), sun upon the eastern 
raountain the Chola-kula with twisted top-knot, crest-jewel of the Suryya-vamsa 
(or Solar race). They thus claim to be in fact Cholas, but we know that the 
Cholas inryposed their names upon the provinces they conquered, while the 
vassal kings whom they left in the government of them took Chola names, as for 
example the Changalvas. But here the Kongalvas go farther and claim actual 
descent f rom thera. The names of the kings in our inscriptions here are, — 

Badiva Kong.ilva 

Rajendra-Chola Prithuvi-maharaja 1022 

Rajendra-Chdla Kongalva 1026 

Rajendra Prithuvi-Kofigalva-Deva Adataraditya 1066-1100 

TribhuvanamaUa-Chola Kongalva-Deva Adataraditya .... 1100 

Of the first we have no information except the name. In Mj. 43 and Ag. 76 
we have encounters between the Kougalvas and the Hoysalas. In the fornier 
the Kongalyra king attacked Nripa-Kama-Poysala (the father of Vinayaditya) 
in 1022, whoae life was apparently savcd by hia general Jogayya. In the 
latter the enemy is styled the base (munda) Poysala, and Kongalva clairas 
to have gained a victory over him at Manni. This was in 1026. From Ag. 99 
and his othcr inscriptions it is evident that Adataraditya was a Jain. Praise 
is given in this to Prabhachandra-siddhanta-deva, who liad the title ubhaya- 
siddhdnta-ratndkara., and the king made a chaityalaya for Gandavimukta- 
siddhanta-deva in 1079. The inscription was composed by the minister for peace 
and war, Nakularyya, who boasts of being able to write in four languages*\ 

Of this family there is o nly one somewhat obscure inscription (HN. 17), 
of the date 1141, determined by the mention of the coronation festival of 

'^ In Hs. 92 (Vol, IV) tho Gahga prince Ereyappa, it is said, was governor of the Koh^^gad 
Eigb t Thousan d, whioh would be in about 920. This was probably the saine provinoe io nn earlier 
and perhaps nnore extended form. 

" Could tbis be tbe celebrated Lakula, founder of thc P&iupata sectf 



Vishnuvarddhana's son Narasiriiha. They invoke the protection of Chola-Kala- 
gala or the god Cholesvara of their village, and are said to be residents of 
Uddur, an ornament of the Konga country. Uddur is the agrahara where the 
inscription is, and it is situated iu about the middle of the western boundary 
of the Hole-Narsipur taluq. The first member of the family mentioned is 
Mayi-Nadaluva. His eldest son was Narayana, whose son was Choli-Nadaluva, 
whose son was Padmanabha, whose son was Mayi-Nadaluva. Their authority 
was apparently purel y local, an d it is not certain that they even had any 
pretensions to royalty. 


The Changalvas were brought to notice in some detail in Vol. IV. In the 
present volume there are a few inscriptions relating to them, one of which 
supplies information that is both novel and interesting. The first is Ag. 65. 
of the date 1090, the reign of Nigalanka-malla Madeyarasa-Changalva. This 
is the _^^|jigj|^g.^of the list in Vol. IV, and the site of this inscription shows 
that the Changalva territory was not confined to th e sotttb- Of the K averi. 
The next is Hn. 162 of ? 1104 in which Ballala-Ho ysala appears lead ing an 
expedition against Changalva-Deva. Whether Cn. 373 of 1119 refers to the 
Changalvas or not it is difficult to say. Then we have Bl. 178, probably of 
the date 1124*^ In this we find the Hoysala king Vishnuvarddhana (whose 
victorious career is raarked by the epithets Vira-Ganga Vikranta-Chola Vijaya- 
Nonamba and Sahasa-Kadamba) at war with th e hill chiefs , who were assisted 
by Changalva. Having driven the Cholas out of Mysore, he was evidently 
reducing to submission those who had been feudatories to them. Cn. 199 and 
300, of date 1139, refer to the Chaiigalva king's purdnika Janarddana-bhatta, 
who, and the Brahmans of the place, obtained grants for the temple the former 
had built at Anati, where the inscription is, from Vishnuvarddhana, who at 
the time was at Bankapura. In Hn. 69, of 1155, Narasimha's general Bokana 
is said to have conquered the Changa king's territory. 

But Ag. 53, of the date 1252, is the most important one. It relates to 
Soma-D evarasa and Bo^a-Devarasa, who were joint rulers, and according to 
the inscriptions in Vol. IV had the cognomen Kulottunga-Chola. But here 
they appear without it, though they have in one place Tunga-Chola before their 
names. They are represented as possessed of considerable power; for Soma- 
Deva is described as a lion to the deer the Kerala chief Kulottunga-Chola, a 
submarine fire to the ocean the Kerala forces, and a wild-fire to the forest 
Mukkanna-Kadamba '^ ; while Boppa-Deva is described as the promoter of Sri- 

^^ The year, without any number, is given as Krodhana. But this would carry us to 1145, 
which is out of the question. It should therefore probably be Kr6dhi=1124. 

*^ We have a Mukkanna-Kadamba ruling Bayal-nad in Hg. 50 (Vol, IV), under date 1138.^^" 


Ranga; and they are both said to have the royal city Srirangapattana 
(Seri ngapatam ) as their residence, and to be ruling the patta-rdjya or crown 
kingdom. No such inforination has been met with before. We must conclude 
that the Hoysala king Somesvara, who we know left the Mysore country to 
iive at Kannanur near Srirangam in the Chola country, committed the govern- 
ment of Seringapatam to these Chaiigalva kings. To them the priests, called 
Kailasas, of the Ramanatha temple at Ramanathapura on the north bank of the 
K^Lveri, went with the consecrated food and made petition regarding the funds 
of the temple, saying — We have given 72 buffaloes, whose milk produces 200 
gadyanas, frora the interest on which we have been providing for the services. 
The kings seem to have pitied the state of affairs, and in 1245 went to the 
town and had it rebuilt. Thus encouraged, the Kailasas seven years later 
made a similar pilgrimage to the Hoysala king Somesvara, to obtain confirm- 
ation of the grant of Mavanur which they had received from the Changalva 
kings. X)ie result of this was that Somesvara-Deva, with Boppa-Deva, Soma- 
Deva and their royal children (rdyasor-kmugal) came with a retinue to the 
place itself, set up a Nandi pillar in Mtlvanur, and this stono sasana in the 
temple of Ramanatha. This god Raraanatha is said to have been set up by 
Riima himself, together with a thousand beautiful lingas on the bank of the 
Kaveri. Other Rama traditions of this part appear in Yd. 25, 26 and 28 
(Vol. IV), and from Yd. 12 it has been seen that at Chunchankatte in the 
river there is a spot called Sita'8 bathing phvce. —_—__—. 

The next inscription, Ag. 44, juraps to the tirae of Vira-R&ja , tlje son of 
^rikantha-RTijaya, 1579. Tlie representative of Vijayanagar, Rama-Rajaya 

granted a pdlaki-imhali as a marriage gift for Vira-Ra,ja's daughter. 


The inscriptions under this head are not i)roperly Chalukyan , and contain 
no information about thera. They are merely such early Hoysala inscriptions 
as have in the introduction an ackoowledgment of Chalukya supremacy, dating 
from 1073 to 1174. 


The great bulk of the inscriptions in this volume are Hoysala, as was to be 
expected from this District containing their capital city and being in the heart 
of their kingdom. 

The iucident which brought Sala, the progenitor of the family, to the throne, 
as related in so many inscriptions, was his killing a tiger at a Jina muni'8 
exclamution of poy Sala (strike, Sala!), whence they derived their name. But 
the story is told in a variety of ways. Bl. 171, which is the earliest, says that 
when Sala was hunting along the slopes of the Saliya mountains (or Western 
Ghatb), he was astonished to see a hare pursuing a tiger. Coming along, saying 


to himself this is heroic soil, a holy rishi in his fear of the tiger called out as 
above, and before it could step a span {gen). Sala slew it with his dagger {gen). 
This is in accordance with the Hoysala crest (see illustration). Hn. 65 gives 
substantially the same account, but omits the hare, and says the muni wanted 
to test Sala's bravery. Ak. 71 says that Sala was prostrating himself to the 
holy yogindra, who was an adept at incantations, and pleased with Sala he 
resolved to give him an empire. For this purpose he was performing the necessary 
rites to bring the goddess Vasantika of Sasakapura into his power, when, in 
order by any means to break the spell, she sprang forth in the form of a tiger; 
on which the yogi uttered the exclamation and Sala killed it with his cane 
(betta). Bl. 113 is to the same effect, but calls it a cane rod {bettava sele). 
Ak. 82 gives sele in the body of the inscription and explains it by betta in the 
margin. Ak. 108 calls it kunchada sele, the rod of the y6gi's fau or whisk, 
wbich is properly a bunch of peacock's feathers. It also adds that he had 
uttered a spell into it. By cane must not be understood a schoolmaster's ferule 
or horseman's switch, but the solid bamboo rod (called danda) of an ascetic ^\ 
at tho top of which in the case of a Jain the kuncha or bunch of peacock'8 
feathers might be tied. The only other variation is in Bl. 74 which calls it a 
saldki, properly an iron rod, which is not admissible for a Jain; but it may 
also mean a pointed stick. The seals of some of the copper plates give the 
crest as the tiger and the rod, and this also appears on the coins. 
/_ / The earliest inscriptions in this volume are those relating to Nripa-Kama 

\ Poysala, hitherto unknown, whose discovery was brought to light in Vol. VI 

(Introd. p. 14). We there had in Mg. 19 an inscription of his 7th year, without 
any date. In the present volume we have three dated inscriptions relating to 
, him. The first is Mj. 43 of 1022 where he appears r epelling an attack by 
-^ th e Koiigalva ki ng. The enemy's general Kannama seems to have singled out 
the king as his opponent, but the Poysala general Jogayya came to the rescue 
by charging against Kannama's horse and killing him, but lost his own life 
too. In Ag. 76 we find the Kongalva king again attacking Poysala, here 
^ called the base {munda) Poysala, in 1026, and claiming a victory over him in 
a battl e at Manni. In Mj. 44, a year later, Nripa-Kama appears as helping 
^' to oppose some one (the name is gone) who had attacked Banavasi, that is the 
Kadambas. The relation in which this king stood to the rest of the Hoysala 
kings according to their oft-repeated genealogy is made clear by Ak. 157 of 
1154, and Ak. 141 of 1159, in which it is stated that Vinayaditya was his son 
{dtana taneya), and in Ak. 142 of 1162, in which Vishnuvarddhana is said to 
be his son's son {dtana tafnejyana taneya) ^\ In all three he is mentioned 

^^ The feat ia not inoredible, for we see in Mj. 10 that a man killed a tiger with his fist. 
^> This is not strictly correct, as Ereyanga was the son of Vinayaditya and father of Vishnu 
But he did not reign, having died before his father. 


with the usual Hoysala titles. No reason is apparent for his omission from 
the ordinary genealogy, which proceeds ,from Sala, the progenitor of the line, to 
Vinayaditya. It may be noted that the inscriptions which introduce Nripa- 
Karaa contain no mention of Sala, But if they were identical, the fact could 
not fail to have leaked out in sorae of the many hundreds of Hoysala inscriptions. 
What relation he bore to Sala, therefore, we have so far no means of deterjuin- 
ing. Bl. 113 says that Sala was the founder of Sasakupu ra, the birthplace 
of the Hoysalas, which I have identified with Angad i in Mudugere taluq, Kadur 
District (see Vol. VI). 

The inscriptions of Vina jaditYa generally call him Tr ibbuvanamal la-Poysala jj j 
and say that he was ruling the Gangavadi Ninety-six Thousand. But Ak. 179 
names hira as Binayayta and Ak. 102 a as Vinayayta. The latter says that 
he was ruling from the west to as far as Talakad u {apardseyinde Talakddu- 
varam), and Ak. 87 that he was ruling over hill and dale {maleyimi mandamam). 
Cn. 148 pentions his having the six letters Ea-kkasa Po-ysa-la on his flag. 

This same inscription contains special praises of his son Ereyang a and of 
his guru Gopanandi. At the end Ereyanga is represented as ruliug the Ganga- 
mandala and making a grant to Gopanandi. The date of this is 1094. But 
Ak. 1 08 g s ays of Ereyanga that at the Chalukya emperor'8 bidding he caused 
the elder brother to sheath (his sword)'^; the Ch61ika'8 king (amale) he caused 
to wear leaves; Nannuge (whoever he was) he caused to write himself down in 
three letters (perhaps "> anntige, a woman or a coward); and putting a bit into 
(the mouths of) the best of kings between the Hima mountain and Setu, he 
mounted them. With the hot rago in Nannuge's breast as the witness of fire, 
and by means of Dhara (otherwise, with the pouring of water), he suddenly 
wedded tho goddess of valour *K As the mandapa was consumed in the burning 
of the Khandava (forest), so the fire of the Poysala king's glory blazed up in 
the Vindhya mountains and seized ? Udhapuram. The only wife assigned to 
him in all the inscriptions is £chala-Dev i by whom he had the three sons 
Bal lala, Bitti-Deva and Ud ayaditya. But here his wife is said to have been 
Mah&devi of the Chola family and Sftryya-vaihsa (or Solar race). She was the 
daughter of Irukkupala, younger brother of Pandya, who turned back Bhuvanai- 
kamalla, and seizing his kingdom, himself gave it in person to Tribhuvana- 
malla. This Pandya was the son of Teja-Raya. On her mother's side Mahri- 
d6vi's grandfather was K arkkala-maraya , who was in Tereyiir , like Dasakantha 

*^ The emporor was Vikramaditya Tribhuvanamalla, and his eldor brother, Somesvara 

*^ His burning of Dh&rft, the oapital of the powerful M&lava kings, made famons by Bh6ja, and 
his burning of Beleyapattana on the seashore are described in BI. 58- Hn. 65 also says that 
Baliynpattana (or Bali'8 city) was bnrnt up by his anger. Ak. 117 says that the Malava king'8 
hill-fort, which was too strong for the Ch&lakyas, he without eflfort plnndered while Ch&lukya wa8 
looking on. 


i \\ iL*4v 


in Lankapura. The only Tereyur I know is in the north-east angle of the 
Tumkur District, It is frequently mentioned among the conquests of Vishnu- 
varddhana. The queen Mahadevi had a tank built, one of her agents for 
carrying out the work being named Kaduvitti'^ 

With Bl. 199 of 1101, we have the first inscription of Ballala, the eldest 
son of Ereyanga. He is described as ruling all the lands bounded by Konkana, 
Alva-kheda, Bayal-nad, Talakad, and Savimale. These were the boundaries of 
Vinayaditya's kingdom (see Ng. 32, Vol. I\'j. Ballala is described as going 
on a visit to Sosav ur, the birthplace of the Hoysalas, which, as above stated, 
I have identified with Angadi in Mudugere taluq. Angadi is mentioned by that 
name in Bl. 197 of the time of the king Achyuta-Raya of Vijayanagar. Ballala 
next appears in 1 104, Hn. 161 and 162, in the latter leading an expedition 
against Changalva-Deva. His reign probably ended in this year. In Bl. 58 
he is described as, along with his brother Vishnu, beatiug down the pride of 
Pandya and seizing the wealth of his kingdora. Also as defeating the army of 
Jagaddeva in Dorasamudra aud seizing his treasury together with the central 
ornament of his iiecklace. 

With Cn. 169 of 1 106, probably begin the inscriptions of Vishnuvarddhana, 
though here only named Tribhuvanamalla-Poysala. A chief of the Chrdukya 
family, Bacharasa, son of Muddamarasa, made a grant of a tank. Hn. 149 
records the foundation of the new Kollapura, Dodda Gaddavalli, and the 
erection there of the temple of Mahalakshmi by a great merchant and his wife 
in 1113. Bl. 58 of 1117, is the first that gives a detailed account of Vishnu- 
varddhana's conquests. First taking into his arms the fortune of the Poysala 
kingdom. which he had inherited, he brought all the points of the compass under 
his command, and capturing Talaka du, became the first to the Ganga kingdom*^ 
He is also said to have burut the chief city of the Gahgas, polluted the water 
of the Kaveri by throwing the corpses of the enemy into it, so that R ajendr a- 
Chola was driven to use the wells in the vicinity, and delayed the setting in of 
the south wind, because it was stopped by filling the nostrils of the skulls of 
his enemies slaiu on the banks of the Kaveri. Such was the terror he created 
that even Yama was afraid to straighten his mustaches. He made the earth 
tremble with the tramp of his Kambhoja horse, was lord of Gandagiri, split the 
great rock Pandya, burst the hearts of the Tulu kings, destroyed the army of 
Jagaddeva, devoured the fierce elephant Somesvara, displayed his valour before 

^^ The Kaduvitti tank is mentioned in Ak. 102 &. 

* Cn. 209 oontains a notice of the capture of Talakadu. It says that terrified at hearing the 
sound of Hattagara Kete-Nayaka's glittering shield, taking it for a rumbling of the earth or the rolling 
of thunder, Adiyama, crossing the river from the south side, fled, and at the same moment Kete- 
Nayaka entered the fort of Talakadu behind king Vishnuvarddhana. Bl. 171 says that he captured 
Talakadu, pursued after the army of the Tignlas/ and beoame the first to the Ganga kingdom. On 
Pandya flourishing his sword, Hoysalesa cut him down with his own sword, and left only half a 
man to look on in the Tigula's army. 


Manikya-Devi of the Chakrakuta throne, brought down the pride of Adiyama, 
overturned the tree Narasimhabrahma, split the skuU of king Kala, destroyed 
the serpent Chengiri, broke down the plantain stems the spears of Iruiigola, 
shook the mountaiu Chengiri-Perumala, set up Patti-Perumala, made Talakadu 
his own, took the Kongu country, protected Nolambavadi, expanded Nila- 
parvvata, extended Kolala-pura, uprooted Kovatur, shook Teriyur, crossed j 
over Vallur, unchained Nangali-pura, puUed up the door of the Ghats, and 
made Kanchi-pura tremble*^ The boundaries of his kingdom at this time 
were, — east, the lower Ghat of Nangali; south, Kongu, riitram and Anamale; / 
west, the Barakaniir and other Ghats of Konkana; north, Savimale. Praises 
follow of the queen Santala who is said to have been boru in iKilipura. The 
inscription records the consecration of the great temple at Ve lapura "' or Belur 
where the king was living, dedicated to Vijaya-Narayana under tlie name of 
C henna-Kesav a. who is described with an immense number of epithets. Bl. 16 
repeats much of the same and says that Suntala-Devi with the approval of 
king Vishnu assumed the crown (jpattamam dhariyisidal). Its date (not 
mentioned) may be the same or earlier, and it is not complete. 

Bl. 147, dated 1121, contains much of the same matter, but states that 
the king was in the residence of Dorasitmad ra (the modern Halebid), and that -^ j • 
Ketamalla (apparently a merchant) erected there a §iva temple named after 
the patron of his family Vishnuvarddhana-Poysalesvara. This stone is at 
Ghattadahalli, close to Halebid on the east, and might possibly refer to the 
great Hoysalesvara temple. This question will be considered farther on in the 
section treating of the temple. Cn. 2606 of the same date represents the Deva 
(or king), the patta-mahadevi Santala-Devi and the five ministers (pancha 
pradhdnarum) as being present at the making of the grant, and we shall find 
other instances in which the king and the five ministers (whoever they werc) 
form the final court of appeal for the decision of important questions. Hn. 102, 
dated 1123, gives the Peddore (or Krishna river) as the king'8 northern 
boundary. Being at the time on the bank of the goddess Kaveri, he heard of 
the death at K ellavatti in Nirggunda-na d of his younger brother Udayaditya, 
and so converted the village into a rent-free agr.ihara of 18 shares for the 
Brahmans who had been dependent on him. (Hn. 173 may possibly be a 

*^0f tbese referenoeB Jagadil*va was a Santara kin?, SomSsvara was the Cb&lakTj|J[ing, Adiyama 
was the C||i^i^j^governor of Talik.niu, .\.iraMiiihavarmmft was a Pallav a ohief there, Kala was a 
k ing in Ntlagir i, Cheiig iri was ferhaps the hill fort of Henji (Gingee), Iruhg6la was the chief of 
Nidogal in Pa vagada taluq, Talak&du is in the south of Mysore district, Kohgu was in Coimbatore and 
Salem districts, Nolambav&di was the Chitaldroog distriot, Ntla-parvvata was Ntlagiri, Kolala-pura 
was Kolar, Kovatftr was Coimbatore, Teriyur was in tho north-east of Tumknr district, VallAr in 
Pavagada taluq or in the Cuddapah district, Nahgali is in tbe east of Kolar district, Kllncht is 
Conjeveram. — — — 

** This oeromony is nlso recorded in BI. 71 of the same date,— Hemalambi-samvatsarada Chaitra- 
iuddha-panchami, but while Bl 58 (on stone) gives the week day as Vaddavdra (Saturday). Bl 71 
(on copper plates) gives it as Adivdra (Sunday). 


grant made by this Udayaditya. It is not dated.) Hn. 116,.also dated 1123, 
compares Vishnuvarddhana's conquest of Talakadu to making a clearing in the 
forest, fencing it round by piling up the bodies of hostile kings, burning it, 
ploughing it with the hoofs of his horsemen, forming seed-beds watered with 
the stream of his valour, and sowing them with his lasting fame. His northern 
boundary is given as the Heddore and Savimale, so the latter, which has not 
been identified, was probably near the Krishna*^ He now made a grant to 
his queen Santala-Devi, (the daughter of Marasinga and Machikabbe), of the 
village of Santigrama (now called Grama, east of Hassan), and gave the villages 
belonging to it to 220 Brahmans. Cn. 149, dated 1125, says that the king 
was ruling all the lands as far as to the shore of the southern ocean, and was 
in Talavana-pura. A humorous description is given of the effect of the king's 
southern exploits. Adiyama (it says) ran as if in a race, and learning the 
pace Nrisimhavarmma ran, while Cheiigiri having multiplied upon that pace, 
the proud Kongas learnt it from Chengiri, and seeing the celebrated Koiigas, 
Pandya also ran, — who would not run before king Vishnu? He had a Jaina 
temple made for Sripala-traividya-deva, aud presented him with the village of 
Salya as an endowment. Sripala's spiritual descent is traced with mention of 
Jaina teachers from Mahavira onwards. He is called the shat-tarkka-Shan- 
mukha, and inherited the titles vddlbha-simha, vddi-koldhala and tdrkkika- 
chakravartti. In Kd. 69 (Vol. VI) Sripala is described as a commentator on 
prose and poetry, and it there says that at the courts of the Chola and 
other kings he had defeated many and put them down. In Ak. 41, dated 1130, 
and Ak. 46, dated 1132, we have a chief appointed to the government of 
Kalika||i, who is described as a worshipper of the feet of Nola mba-De va. 
(Compare Cn. 139 and Kd. 140, Vol. VI). Bl. 134, dated 1133, is an 
important and interesting inscription giving a well composed account of the 
king's conques ts. His destruction of all his enemies was like the breaking up 
of the great deep, the coursers of the sun being borne away in the deluge and 
all the points of the compass filled with the sounds of their neighing. In covert 
language he is credited with the possession of Anga, Kuntala, Kanchi and 
Madhura ^K A description follows of his minister Ganga-Raja of whora we 
have so many notices in the Sravana Belgola inscriptions. By rebuilding 

'^ In Ak. 172 the boundaries are given as, — west, the Western Ocean; east, Kancht-pura; soutb, 
the Sandalwood mountains; north, the Peddore. See also Bl. 119. 

" Cn. 179 says that he broke the bones of the Malava Chera Kerala Nolamba Kadamba Kalinga 
Vaiiga Bangala Varala Chola Khasa Barbbara Oddaha and other kings and brought them into 
submission to himself. Ak. 23 says he was to Chola a scareorow, to Malava a cut-throat, to Chera 
a devouring epidemic, to Varala a rutting elephant to trample on him, to Kach an arrow in his liver, 
to Nepala a whip for his back. Bl. 193 says that while still a youth, like a keen soldier, he broke 
and trampled on the Maleya-maharaja and roasted Jagadeva; he penetrated into Talak&d, destroyed 
Kongu, and made a breach of Narigali, subdtied Sadali, reduoed BAdali to ashes, smote Pariytir, 
uprooted Cherama, took possesslon of Kanchi-pura, put to flight Pandya, went clean through 
Uchcharigi, and made the mud standing in Sindu run out; he burnt Bellitige, as if burning black 
bricks, reduced Annigere to littlo bricks, ground down Ballare, set fire to Rajavflr, broke the legs 
of Hanurigal, besides crushing Banavase, Halasige, Huligere and Beluvala. 


myriads of ruined Jaina temples and bestowing unbounded donations he made 
the Gangavadi Ninety-six Thousand to shine like Kopana (a great ancient Jain 
city, now Kopal in the south-west of the Nizam's Dominions)*^ On Gaiiga- 
Raja'8 death his son Boppa (whose gurus were Subhachandra and Prabha- 
chandra) erected a Jina temple of rare bcauty to his memory in Dorasamudra, 
naming it the Drohagharatta Jinalaya after one of his father's titles, and 
having it consecrated by Nayakirtti. The priests then took the consecrated 
food to Vishnuvarddhana at Bankapura. He had just defeated and slain 
Masana*\ who fell upon him with an immense army, and captured the whole 
of his empire. The queen Lakshmi-mahadevi had also just borne him a son. 
He therefore received the priests with great favour, attributed both the victory 
and the birth of his son to the favour of their god, and accordingly, besides 
granting them endowments, gave to the god the name Vijaya-Parsva and to 
his son the name Vijaya-Narasimha. Bl. 93, which describes the king as 
ruling all the territory to the south of the Krishnaveni river, alsoTefers to the 
same events, and says — "Immediately after the moment when he (Narasiihha) 
issued from his mother'8 womb, his father in one watch subdued and slew the 
enemy who was falling upon him, and returning victorious, with affection gave 
him the name Pratapa-Narasimha, and crowned him from the time he was 
born. Thus from the day of his birth he had a diadem on his brow". Cn. 248, 
dated 1134, gives a further account of the • conqu ests by which Ganga- Raja 
enlarged the kin{;dom. He seized Talakadu, took possession of Kohgu, drove 
off Bahki, overthrew Chehgiri, and sent Narasihga to the abode of Yama. His 
nephew Echa erected Jina temples in Belgola like those in Kopana, while his 
eldest son Boppa subdued the Kohgas and brought various countries into 
subjection to his master. Ak. 30, also dated 1134, gives Ramesvara as the 
southern boundary of the kingdom. Hn. 119 also says - east, south, and 
weat, three oceans being the boundaries of the land he ruled, on the north he 
made the Perddore his boundary. His own country he gave to Brahmans and 
the gods, and himself ruled over the foreign countries won by his sword. 
Bl. 86 says there was no great gift which he had not bestowed; no kings who 
had not fled terrified by his arrows; no point of the compass where pillars of 
victory inscribed with his name had not been erected; no quarter of the world 
which had not been fiUed with joy at his great fame. In Hn. 89, dated 1135, 
we have a repetition of Vishnuvarddhana's conquests, as already given in 
inscriptions noticed above. The fresh information of interest regarding him 
here obtained is his marriage with a S antala -Devi, the beautiful daughter of a 
chief named Keteya-Nayaka and his wife Jakkiyabbe. The issue of this 
marriage was a lovely daughter, named Chikka-Santale. But both mother and 

^' Perhaps the Kong-kin-na-pu-lo of Hinen Tsiang. 

'^ Who this was is not clear, probably the general in command of some imperial foroes. 


daughter soon died, and Jakkiyabbe erected Siva temples in their memory. 
The original queen Santala-Devi, we know from SB. 53 (Yol. II), died in 1131 at 
Sivaganga. The king must then have married Lakshmi-Devi, by whom he had 
his son Narasimha in 1 1 33, as we have seen above. The marriage now described 
with another Santala-Devi must have taken place soon after, as both she and 
her child died in 1135. From Cn. 186 it may be gathered that Lakshmi and 
Santala were queens at the same time. Bl. 17, dated 1136, contains details 
additional to what we know of the king's victorious career. It says that — "On 
his deserting his queens, forsaking his kingdom and dying in the country 
near Chengiri, Vishnuvarddhana took possession of the company of Narasinga's'^ 
wives, put down Angara, trampled on Singalika, and turning in the direction 
of the Ganges, slew the kings of the northern countries. Having succeeded in 
this expedition to the north, his elephant trampled down the army of the 
Pandya king, ashamed of so easy a victory, having defeated Chola and Gaula 
in terrible great wars. Pursuing Paudya, he seized Nolambavadi, capturing 
Uchchangi in a moment. After that, marching to Teluiiga, he captured Indra 
.... together with his elephants, the wealth he had gained by victory and the 
wealth inherited from his family. Next, destroying root and branch Masana, 
who was a torment to the country, he wrote down the Banavase Twelve 
Thousand in his- kadita (or account book). When he played at tossing up the 
Sahya mountains, Nilagiri aud ...., of what account are the others? What 
wonder that he took Panungal in half a second with a flip of his finger, and 
killing with only a glance. . natha who was taking Kisukal, he pursued after 
Jayakesi and gained possession of the Palasige Twelve Thousand and the . . . 
Five Hundred". Every country, hill-fort or king that was famous he sought 
out and subdueil. Why (says Hn. 53) should there be a separate Bhdrata story? 
Is not the history of king Vishnu enough?*^ After describing him as the 
destruction of Chola, Chera, Pandya, Pallava, Narasimhavarmma, Kalapala 
knd other kings, and putter to flight of the Vanga, Anga, Kalinga, and Simhala 
kings, saying that Kaiichi-pura resounded with his orders, the southern 
Madhura-pura was squeezed in his hand, and Jananathapura destroyed by his 
general, — he is said to be ruling the Gangavadi, Nolambavadi and Banavase 
provinces. Here follow the exploits of a young geueral named Vishnu or Bitti- 
yanna, and Immadi-dandanayaka. He seems to have been a special object of 
the king's favour, and received his education from Sripala before mentioned. 
His father was an old minister of the time of Ereyanga. The king treated 
him like a son and perhaps had some idea of adopting him, (having then no 
son of his own), as he himself had his upanayana performed, and after seven or 

'^ No doubt the Narasingavarmma. or Narasingabrahma so often mentioned in connection with 
this king. 

*^ See note to Mj.l8: p. 4 above. 


eight years of age*^, when he had hecome proficient in the use of arms, ohtained 
for him a virgin-jewel as a hride and himself took part in the marriage 
ceremouies. At the age of ten or eleven '^ the boy having hecome as sharp as 
kusa grass and perfect in the four tests of character, the king invested him 
with the title of mahd-i)rachanda-dandandyaka and made him sarvvddhikdri. 
He justified his patron's confidence hy gaining important victories in the south 
with extraordinary rapidity, in half a month it says, especially burning Raya- 
rayapura, and brought back troops of elephants together with much spoil. 
Then comes the spiritual descent of his guru Sriprila*^ (who is highly praised, 
his commentaries and mastery of logic being specially mentioned), to whom he 
made a grant for a Jaina basadi. We bear no more of this young man after 
this period. In Ak. 32, dated 1136, we find the senior crowned queen was 
Bammala-Devi. She was of the Pallava family (see Ng. 3, Vol. IV). Bl. 117 
also of 1136, contains a reference to the Kalamukha sect , who were of the 
Parvvatavali. But the main part of the inscription is taken up with the praises 
of the jeweller citizens young and old {manigdra-hdla-vi'iddha-nakharangat) of 
the three capitals {bidti) DOrasamudra, Beluhur and Vishnusamudra. These 
were Halebid, Belur and perhaps Keresante (see Kd. 88 to 93, V^ol. VI). 
Among other epithets they claim to be bees at the lotus feet of Manikya-bhatta 
and others the fifty-one Sarvvajnas, born in the race of Nittiri-vira ; attainers 
of Vira-Balancha perfection; as if obtainers of a boon from Varanagala-Ganesya- 
deva who had uprooted daily rites; obtainers of a boon from the goddess 
Sarada of Kasmir; emigrants from Ahichhatra; and so on. They granted 
certain dues for their god Manikesvara. Ak. 144 of 1137, describes Banka- 
pura on one side and Talavanapura on the other as the capitals of the king- 
dom, and Vishnuvarddhana, it is said, perforraed the tuUUpurmha. Bl. 203 
says that the king crossed over the Tungabhadra and laid siege to the fort of 
Hanungal at the end of 1138. Hn. 114 of 1139, when the king was at Dora- 
samudra, contains some account of a fight with the army of Jagadeva. In 
Cn. 199 and 200, of the same year, the king was at Bankapura and made a 
grant for the temple erected by the Changalva king's purdnika. Bl. 236 is a 
curious inscription in which the tailors of Dorasamudra unite to grant certain 
dues for the god Kusumesvara of the palace. Ak. 58 mentions Bammala- 
Devi's riding-school. In Ak. 18, dated 1140, the king was in his capital of 
Bankapura, and a list is given of the provinces he ruled. He died in 1141 at 
Baiikapura (see Cm. 96, Vol. VI). Ak. 110 of 1142, and even Hn. 65, so 
late as 1149, claim to be of his reign, but this must be a mistake. The former 

^^ There must be exaggeration in making him so young at these times. 

*' In the course of this the following valuable information is gJTCn : — Vimalachand ra was ^wr" 
to the Pallava king; SrJTijaY a, to the Gaiiga king Bdtuga; Vadiraja , to the emperor Jayasimha- 
Dfira; Ajitas^n a, to Eceyanga-Deva. 



is of interest on account of its mentioning that the Brahraans of.Kodanganur'^ 
had received that village by a grant from the famous Janamejaya^^, but 
Vishnuvarddhana promised to give them a much better village and settled 
them at Kellangere. They were of the Bali-vamsa, and in Ak. 117 are said 
to be 200 ornaments of Soma-drinkers. 

Narasiihha was born, as we have seen above, in 1133 and was crowned 

riii ■ii—iMi i«lil 

from the day of his birth. He succeeded his father in 1141. The boundaries 
of his kingdom in 1143 are given in Ak. 55 as, — east, Nangali; south, Vikra- 
mesvaram; west, Alvara-kheda ; north, the Herddore. This southern limit I 
cannot identify, unless it be a mistake for Ramesvara, given as the southern 
boundary in his father's time. The inscription relates to a chief named Goyi- 
Deva, lord of Huliyera-pura (? Huliyar), who is described as a sword in the 
king'8 good right hand. He rescued Sridevi, the senior queen of Sthira- 
gambhira-Nolamba, from her captors and thus got the name of Vira-talaprahari. 
He also for a display of bravery in the Chalukya king Ahavamalla's camp (or 
capital, kataka) received the title Doddanka-badiva. His grandson Bhima slew 
Sitagaraganda in king Vishnu'8 camp (or capital, hidu) and was awarded that 
as his own title. Much praise is given to a guru Lokacharyya as an advanced 
grammarian and astrologer. Hn. 69 of 1155, contains an account of the 
general Bokimayya or Bokana. Ch ola, Ma lava, Kalinga and Gurjjara dared 
not encounter this Bitti-Deva's Garuda. He brought the Tulu country, the 
Changa king's territory, Ba yalna d, the Konga king's dominion, the Chola 
country and other celebrated places into subjection to his king, as far as the 
western ocean. In Ak. 141 of 1159, we have again the spiritual descent of 
S ripala . He was the disciple of Mallishena-Maladhari, well knovvn as the 
ganadhara of the Kali age, of whose death we have a record in SB. 54 (Vol. II). 
Sripala is praised as emperor of logicians, able by tlie rules of the six systems 
of logic to break down the argument on any topic, and as proficient in both 
prose and poetry. Bl. 193 of 1161, tells us that hearing a Kadamba army 
w as at Bankapura p reparing to attack him, the king crushed the force and won 
all its spoil. He was as if Nala, Nabhaga, Ambarisha, Prithu, Harischandra, 
Chandragupta, Rama, Arjuna, Puru, Sagara, Dushyanta, the most celebrated 
kings in the world had all united into one. He acquired the praise bestowed 
on all the great men of old mentioned in the Bhdrata and Bdmdyana. His 
senior queen is said to be Chagale, whom we have not met with before, the 
queen who was the mother of Ballala being always named as Echala-Devi. 
But the present inscription implies that he had 384 women of good birth as 
wives or concubines. He is also said to be a conjunction of Kalasena, Gaula- 

^^ Kodaganftr in Davangere taluq, Chitaldroog District. 

*^ From this it may perhaps be inferred that the Janamejaya grants of the Shimoga District 
are not later tlian this date. 


Deva, Virabiri, Gaduiicha, Paiichaniattiga, Bhima, Somila, Kunnula, Boppula, 
Talaprahari and other heroes. Who most of these were is not known, He was 
moreover a submarine fire to the ocean th e Tuluva a rmy, and an elephant to 
the lotus garden the P andya-kul a. In Ak. 142 of 1162, we have mention of 
another queen, Gujjala-Devi. Ak. 172 of 1163, repeats most of the praises 
already given above. Cn. 210 of 1165, mentions the birth of Kumara-Ballala- 
Deva, but whether this was the date of the occurrence is not clear. Narasimha's 
inscriptions continue to 11 73, at which time he is described in Bl. 114 as a 
royal swan sporting in the lake of the Andhra women, a sun to the lotus faces 
of the Simhala women, a golden zone to the waists of the Karnnata women, 
an ornament stamped with musk on the cheeks of the Lata women, the saffron 
paste on the goblets the breasts of the Chola women, a moon to the waterlilies 
the eyes of the Gaula women, the wave on the . . . of the beauty of Baiigala 
girls, a bee to the lotuses the faces of the Malavis. He seems to have died in 
this year,^ being only 4 yea rs of age. - 

His son Ballala II was anointed to the throne on the 22nd of July 1173 

»111 "^ 

(Hn. 71 and 119, Bl. 118, Ak. 71); but before this we see him in 1168 

(Cn. 191) described as r uling along with the Mahad evi'^; and in Ak. 1 is 

an account of his guru V asupftjya, the disciple of Sripala, already mentioned 

above, whose descent is given in some detail. Bl. 86 says that Ballala, leaving 

his father, p assed over Mal e, and the minister Tantrapala-Hemmadi, making 

the Ko ngalva. Chang alva and other cbiefs of M ale to visit him, caused the 

diadem of empire to be bound on him. / Ak. 71 is the first that contains a 

description of A rasiyaker e, which was a royal city {rdjadhdni) and treasury 

town (handdror-vdda) named Jayangonda-Ballalapura. Its praises recur in 

several inscriptions (Ak. 79, 90, 77, 88, 90) showing that it was a populous 

and prosperous place, with a large Brahman populatiou as well as a number 

of Koyilal'^ , Hn. 58 says that when Ballala's drum sounded, Lala lost his 

gaiety, G^rjjai-a was consumed with a fever through fear, Gaula was as if • . 

pierced with a spear, Pallava was reduced to meagre wealth, and Cliola had 

his crown reduced to powder. Ak. 138 says that when he mounted his horse 

for an expedition of victory, Kalinga went off to live in the woods, Tuluva • 

fled, Konkana hastily made ready for the sacred desert, Gurjja^a and Malava 

gained the thickets of the Vindhyas, Cholika^ spent his days on the sea-shore'^ 

The king is described (Cn. 146) as protecting the region of the South, and is 

frequently styled the emperor of the South. Reference to Chaluky a^uj prema cy 

co mpletcly disappears . Cn. 229 is the first that mentions the q ueen Bamma la- u ia> ^ 

'J Or thJ B might be a nam e; she is oaUed here MahadSviy-arasi, and in Cn. 184 piriy-arasi ' '^ 
MahadSTiy-arasi^B son is montioned. kj tft v"*'^ 

*^ Probably the class who olimb ooooa-nat and areca palms and out the frait. U "^ 

*' This inscription, of date 1174, among other matters mentions tho appointment o f a ma ater to 
te aoh boys Karn n&ta. 



Devi, but Ak. 63 says slie was a terror to co-wives and plucked up the families 
of the hill-chiefs by the root. Tiiis inscription mentions a number of munis 
who were upholders of the Lakulagama-samaya*^ delighting in reverence to the 
Ekkoti munindra s, and adherents of the Kalamukhas. Cn. 254 gives a farther 
account of her. Hn. 54 introduces the piriy-arasi Ketala-Devi. Cn. 209 of 
1 1 78, is the first that mentions his capture of the Uchchangi hill so often 
afterwards referred to. Its extent was such as to enclose the three worlds, 
while its summit soared into the sky higher than the king of birds, — yet he 
took it without effort through Pandya's terror-, as if playing at tossing up 
pebbles. Bl. 137, 175, Ak. 178, say that Chola laid siege to it for twelve 
years without success and abandoned it as hopeless. On hearing which, Ballala 
attacked it and mounting on it but one cubit was sufficient to bring it into 
his possession. From this event he acquired the name Giridurgga-malla, and 
as it was a Saturday (Sanlvdra) when the conquest was effected (siddhisidudu) 
he also took the title Sanivara-siddhi ^\ Bl. 72 says that Uchchaiigi had a 
moat like Patala, was as broad as the eight cardinal points and as high as 
the sky, and was thus famed in the three worlds. Yet he captured it. But 
when Pandya threw hims elf on hi s mercy, he liad favour on hfm and_restored 
him his kingdom. Bl. 175 also says that when a crore of warriors attacked 
him, he fell upon them by himself in the battle of Ummadur, and like a boy at 
play, with his sword created a sea of blood. Cn. 220 says that the flames of 
his valour charred black the Cholika terriiory, turned to ashes the Nolamba- 
vadi and Banavasi countries, made Gutti as if buried, and covered up with 
smoke Panungal and tlie mountainous Alvara-kheda. Cn. 150 refers to his 
learned minister Chandramauli and his beautiful wife. Ak. 88 coramences 
with a very singular invocation of "the Brahmeya who wanders at night". 
Ak. 22 contains an interesting account of some merchants of Brahman descent, 
one of-whom imported horses, elephants and pearls in ships by sea and sold 
them to kings, and another who transported goods from the east to the west 
and from the north to the south and vice versd. Ak. 48 describes how the 
jagatis made Kalikatte into a city, on Arasiyakere being assigned to others. 
The inscription was composed by the poet Santinatha. Ak. 57 is an example 
of the way in which each successive king is mentioned as if presently ruling, 
which is often met with among the Hoysala inscriptions. With Ak. 93 of 
1189 we first meet with the queen Uma-Devi. In Ak. 85 she is represented 
as ruling the kingdom, and in Ak. 40 appears again in 1209. Ag. 79 shows 
the minister Machimayya in 1 189 ruling Konga-nad, which from Ag. 81 
appears to have consisted of two Two-thousands. The final verses of the 
inscription include one which prays that the Vibhishana reign may continue 

*^ An account of Lakula will be found in Yol. VII in connection with Balgami, where he was settled. 
*^ But these titles belonged to the Kalaohurya king Bijjana before this. 


as long as Yama, the moon and sun and earth remain, and as long as the 

story of Rama is in the world. The meaning of which sloka^ it says, is as 

follows, but no meaning is given. Cn. 179 of 1190, says that Ballala was a 

lion to the elephant the Malava king, the uprooter of the Gurjjara king's 

kingdom, putter down of the pride of the Andhra king, a thunderbolt to the 

rock the Ahira king, a ram-bhairava to the Varala king. In order still farther 

to sow seeds for the growth of his glory, he prepared the ground by conquest, 

and from Soratur as far as Belvola manured it with the bodies of the myriads 

of brave warriors of the Sevuna army, thus making it fit to be turned up by the 

ploughshares of the cultivators. The fortified places he rapidly took were — 

/ Virata-raja*8 city, Kurugo fju, the Matangri hill, Dhorevadi. Gutti, Guttavolalu. 

I Uddhare, Kaladi, Bandanikke, B;illaro, Soratur, Erambarasce, Haluve, Manuve 

\^ an d Lokkigond i, all of which are in '' t i cnuntry or the north-west 

of the Mysore. The composer of this ii.o^..^,. as Jaunayya. Bl. 204 and 

Ak. 6, both of 1194, describe the attacks on Kurugod and Lokkigundi. The 
latter was defended by Jaituga (the Ya dava king), and seemed invulnerable, 
with high raAparts and lofty bastions on which were mounted astonishing flag- 
staves. BL 112 says that Ballala Avas as powerful as Nriga, Nala, Nahusha, 
Yudhishthira, Sagara, Bhagiratha, Dilipa, Purukutsa, Ayuh, Gaganachara, 
Bharata, Rama and others . . . .ya in which ? Vikkeya was, Hfiuugal in which 
Kovana was, Lokkigundi in which Pokkili-Saivunas*^ were firmly established, the 
great Pandya'8 hill, considered impossiblo to capture, — these like letters written 
on water, the wind of Poysala^s march blew away. Ak. 118 also of 1 194, shews 
the king had taken up his residence in Baffuli. Through the excellent manage- 
ment of the general Madhuha or Madhusddana the kingdom was in a state of 
great prosperity. The treasury was filled with wealth; the city with elephants, 
horBes, women and jewels; the agraharas and puras with learned Brahmans; 
and all the land with wealth of cows, increase of grain, and crowds of 
population. The composition of this inscription was revised by the great poet 
Trivikrama, who is also mentioned in others. Ak. 104 of 1 196, shows the king 
living at Erambarage ( Yclburga in the Nizam's dominions). On the east he 
had shaken Kanchi, on the west he had made the ocean roar, while the great 
Chera country rose up and fled, aud the whole of the Pandya king'8 country 
took refuge in forests, entering even those with fear. Ak. 23 of 1197, repeats 
this. Next year, according to Bl. 77, he was living in Kukkanur-k oppa. 
Moistening his sword with the blood of hi s enemy tbe Pandya king, he whetted 
it on the grindstone the head of Billam a, and sheathed it in the mouth of 
J aitugi. The following year he was living at Huligere (A k. 103). The priest 
of the temple in this inscription was a son of Nagarasi-pandita, described as a 

^' This designation seemB to be of speoial interest in conneotion with Shikarpur 154 (see 
/>uK Ant. XIX, 144). 


promoter of the Lakulagama-samaya. Hn. 139 of 1200, shows the king in 
residence at Vijayasamudra. This in Cn. 173 is called the rdjadhdni or royal 
city, and is said to be on the bank of the Tungabhadra. It is evidently the 
same as the Vijayapur of Cn. 344, which is said to be Hallavu r. He was 
residing in the same place in 1205, 1209, 1210 and 1211 (Cn. 181, Ak. 40, 
Cn. 173, 344, Ak. 137). I find a 'Hulloor' in the maps, on the Tungabhadra 
in Raui-Bennur taluq, and this may be the place. BI. 73 of about 1200, states 
that the king had latticed windows of stone and other accessories made for the 
Belur temple. Cn. 151 of about the same date, records the death of Sripala- 
yogindra. Cn. 305 brings to our acquaintance the senior queen Chola- 
mahadevi, regarding whom we have a touching story. She was ruling Kembala, 
when it was reported to her that some wicked persons at Bevur had used hard 
words about her. She thereupon ordered it to be attacked and Keta-malla 
was killed in the assault. Feeling compunction for this, she sent two of her 
chief men to the family, saying, — "We have caused pain to our children; go 
and encourage them with our words, and in the presence of the sixty families 
of Kembala console Keta-malla'8 son and make to him the grant^of a rent-free 
estate." Cn. 365 contains a curious account of an architect or builder named 
Stotakachari, and his son who was a priest. Ak. 40 of 1209, speaks of Uma- 
devi's kingdom and says that her minister was Kuraara-Panditayya, and Cn. 173 
of the same date, says that he was the son of •Ballala and Uma-devi. But 
Cn. 343 of 1210, states that Narasimha was the Yuvaraja, and praises the 
beauty and virtues of his sister Sovala-devi. According to numerous inscriptions 
Narasimha's mother was Padmala-Devi (see Bl. 115). Cn. 344 gives a long 
account of the minister Kesa va or Kesiraja, and states that liis ancestors were 
all ministers to the Hoysala kings, — Rama, to Vinayaditya ; his son Sridhara, 
to Ereyanga; his sons Mallideva, Damaraja and Kesavaraja, to Vishnu- 
varddhana; Malla's sons Madhava, Bettarasa and Dama, to Narasimha; among 
Betturaja's sons was Kesiraja. Hn. 31 shows the king in 1211 moved to 
Raya. .pattana. Bl. 136 in 1217 speaks of the queen Ketala-Devi and her 
kingdom. But Bl. 115 shows that the king also had a junior queen called 
Abhinava-Ketala-devi. Hn. 61 shows the king encamped at Nidugal-durga*^ 
in Sire-nad in 1218. An account is given of a great officer of the king's who 
was a raja by right in the Kasmira country. Cn. 311« of probably the same 
year, places the king at Nallur-koppa. Ak. 77 of 1220, contains an account 
of how Recharasa, the eminent councillor of the Kalachurya-kula, placed 
himself under Ballala's protection, and hearing of the steadfastness of the 
thousand families of Jains in Arasiyakere, he set up there the Sahasrakuta- 
chaityalaya and endowed it, with the sanction of the king. Arasiyakere is 
styled the southern Ayyavale. Its Brahmans were learned in the vedas, the 

^^ Now in Pavagada taluq. ' "^ 


guards brave, the traders wealthy, the fourth caste of unshaken speech, the 
women beautiful, the labourers submissive, the temples ornaments to the world, 
the tanks deep and wide, the woods full of fruit, and the gardens full of 
flowers. Cn. 2116 states that Ballala-Deva being of fuU age, established 
Narasimha in the kingdom and went to heaven. This was i n 1220, as Cn. 1726 
states that Narasimha was crowned on the 1 8th of April in that year. Ballala 
was thus at least 55 years of age at his death and had reigned 47 years. 

Coincident with his death, it appears, was th e self-sacrifice of th e prince 
L akshm a, recorded on a pillar near the Hoysalesvara temple at Halebid, bearing 
at its base the interesting inscription Bl. 112. Kuvara-Lakshma was Ballala's UccXGv \<1^LA-. 
minister and general^ cberished by him as his son. "Between servant and kiug 
there was no difference; the glory and raarks of royalty were equal in both." 
"His wealth and his life Kuvara-Lakshma devoted for the gifts and victories 
of vira-Ballala-Deva, and conquered the world for him as far as the southern 
ocean." "Of the sixty-four branches of learning there was not one of which he 
was ignorant: of only two things was he ignorant, — how to say no to suppli- 
cants, and how to suffer defeat." He had received the decorations of the todar 
and the pende (jewelled anklets). His wife was Suggala-Devi, who also wore 
a iodar on ber left foot as a sign of devotion to hcr husband. He had a 
company of a thousand warriors, vowed to live aml Jie with liim. Ho set up 
tbis viror^dsanay ou which, as evidence that Garuda alone was his equal iu 
fidelity to bis master, images of himself and of Garuda were equally engraved 
thereon. "While all the world was praising him as the founder of the greatncss 
and increase of king Ballala and the cause of his prosperity, -the dandesa 
Lakshma, togother with his wife, mounted up on the splendid stone pillar, 
covered with the poetical vira-sdsana^ proclaiming his devotion to his master: 
and on the pillar they became united with Lakshmi and with Garuda." The 
sculptures on the pillar point unmistakably to suicide, being all figurcs of men 
wit h swords cutting off their own arms and legs, and even their own heads'^ 

The next king Narasimha \l was crowned on the 18th of April 1220 
(Cn. 1726), and in the same year, farther said to be the first year of his reign 
(Bl. 116), he and his mother Padmafa-Devi granted endowments for the temple 
of Kedaresvara at Dorasamudra or Halebid, which had been erected by his 
father Ballala-Deva and his father's junior wife Abhinava-Ketala-Devi. From 
Bl. 113 it appears that an att ack by a Bijjana was repulsed in the same year. 
The king's usual titles are as given in Cn. 197 of 1223, namely, — uprooter of 
the Magara kingdom, displacer of Pandya, establisher of the Chola kingdom. 
He is said to be,*by his victorious expedition to the east, in the enjoyment of 
a wealth of elephants, horses, jewels and articles never before acquired. His 
minister was Amita, whose son was Ballala, and this father and son were the 

*) This is no doubt slno the explanation of Kp. 9 and 10 of later dates (see Vol. IV). 


king's chief supporters'\ Cn. 303 says: why describe his forcible capture of 
Adiyama, Chera, Pandya-, Makara (or Magara), and the powerful Kadavas? 
Rather describe how he lifted up Chola, brought under his orders all the land as 
far as Setu, and pursuing after the Tri-Kalinga kings, penetrated their train of 
elephants. His queen Kalala-Devi had by this time (1223) borne his son Soyi 
or Soniesvara-Deva, to whom the king's sister Sovala-Devi was like a mother 
(see Ak. 123). His chief accountant was Visvanatha, a Brahman of Lokkagundi 
in Belvpla, whose eldest brother Isvara-deva claims to have taught the king 
letters and accounts and made him proficient in arts, while Visvanatha himself 
was so clever that he could write the letters with both hands, and perform a 
hundred avadhdms (or mnemonic feats) so that the learned who examined him 
nodded their heads (in approval). He obtained a copper sasana for an agrahara 
from the king when the latter was marching against Magara, and in the royal 
camp pitched at the koppa of Chudavadi was holding a festival on adding to 
his necklace the emerald which came from Munivaraditya. Bl. 151 of 1227, 
says that he had protected Chola, captured Magara's elephants and wealth and 
uprooted him, and reduced the Pandya and Pallava kings to the condition of 
servants. Ak. 81 is a memorial of a woman who performed sahagamana, 
owing to the Mahadevi having put her husband to death. Cn. 304 tells us 
that in 1228 the king was ruling the Gangavadi, Nolambavadi, Banavase and 
Kadambalike provinces, with Naiigali on the east, Kongu on the south, Alva- 
kheda on the west, and the Heddore on the north, as his boundaries. He now 
had a son named Ereyanga by Gaurala-Devi, the daughter of one of his body- 
guards. Hn. 84 of about 1230, says that on his expedition to the north the 
Tungabhadra was filled to the banks with streams of blood, owing to his 
slaughter of Vikramapala, Pavusa and others, and the bloodshed of the Sevuna 
army. Bl. 74 says that his sword, which he had soiled with the brains of 
Vikramapala and Pavusa, he cleansed with the hot blood of Makara, and 
setting up Chola, who was covered up by the dust from the feet of hosts of 
enemies, he acquired fame as the establisher of Chola and the destroyer of 
Pandya. Bl. 338 is a Sanskrit couplet inscribed on the Hoysalesvara temple 
at Halebid, the author of which describes himself as the poet Vaijanna. I 
have assumed that he may be the Vedartha Vaijanatha-bhatta mentioned in 
Ak. 133. This inscription describes the king as encamped in 1234 at 
Ravitadana-kuppa, while on a victorious expedition over Pandya. His sword 
being Vasugi, and his arm Mandara, by violeutly churning the ocean the army 
of the hostile Magara, Narasimha obtained jewels of elephants and jewels of 
horses. When this uprooter of the Magara king and establiSher of the Chola 

'^ This inscription contains a description of tfae ocean, followod by an account of Jambu-dvtpa, 
Meru, Bharata-varsha, the Kuntala-d^ia and the Hoysala-nad. One verse on the ocean (1. 40-42) is 
quoted in Kdvyasdra as from Gunavarmma's Sudraka. 













king came forth, the sea roared out with the sounds of great fish, sharks and 
alligators, saying to the Pandya kings, — give up all, and live in peace as his 
servants. Ak. 82 of the same date says he was a wild-fire to the forest of 
the Chakrakuta fort, thunder to the goose the pride of Kadava-Raya, Indra to 
the mountain the pride of the Pandya champion, establisher of the Chola 
kingdom. The Poysala country is described as having from yqjana to ycjana 
towns surrounded with gardens, tanks filled with lotus, and groves for travellers 
to rest in. A very interesting account is given of a merchant from Kerala, 
named Daniodara-Setti, who was greally honoured in the Poysala kingdoni. 
He was a native of Kolemuka to the west of which is the Pereru river, and 
was an expert in the examination of goods and animals. 

Soma-Deva is first met with in Ak. 128, dated 1237. He is said to have 
u prooted RajeDdra-Cbola in battle, but gave him pro tection when he claimed 
refuge. But in this year he was engaged in a victorious oxpedition over 
Kadava-Raya , and encamped at the ko pj)a of Mangal a. The inscription was 
composed by Visvanatha whose accomplishments have been stated above, and 
was eograved by the royal draughtsman (rdya-siUradhdri). Ag. 12 describes 
the king in 1248 as a lion to the elephant Kalinga, a wild-fire to the forest 
the Sevuna king, Agastya to the ocean Mulava, uprooter of the Magara king- 
dom, setter up of the Chola kingdom, a right hand in saving the Pandya-kula. 
Cn. 238 of the foUowing year, says that from his elephants continually piercing 
the clouds, they poured forth their tioods and filled the Tambraparnni river; 
while the uumbers of pearls scattered th it from the temples of his enemies* 
elephants were washed down to the ocean and filled it with astonishment. 
His general Brahma forced the enemies, by destroying their groves, towns and 
chhatras, to take refuge in Lulaya-Lakshmanagara, under the scanty shade 
of trees the brauches of which had been broken oft' by bufialoes. Ak. 108 of 
1255, says that the king, surrounded by Brahmans satisfied with the jumnija- 
garbha, tuldr-pumsha and many other great gifts, the destroyer of the Magara 
and Kadava kingdoms, the saviour of the Chola and Pandya kingdoms, with 
the rankof universal emperor (sdrvvabhawna) was in the residen ce of Kannanur . 
This has been identitied (by Dr. Hultzsch) with a piace near Srirangam, and 
is also called in some inscriptions Vikramapura. We have here a farther 
account of the Maleyala merchants from Kulamuka in Kerala previously 
mentioned. The first to be named is Kunje-Setti of Padiyiir. When Ballala 
was marching to attack Uchchangi, it appears that he did not approve of it, 
and forced the army to retire by the discharge of his arrows as if it had been 
rubbed out. The king was so struck with admiration at his bravery that he 
sent for him and bound on him the crown of a subhata or good warrior. His 
son-in-law was Arasiri Kondanambi, who had satras erected in Harihara, Setu, 
Panduranga, and Varanasi, and made gifts in all the famous bathing places. 


His younger brother was Damodara, a great devotee of Vishnu and most 
profuse donor of gifts. But he had another younger brother, Kunjanambi, who 
was an expert in testing all manner of gems. He made himself agreeable to 
both the Hoysala emperor in the south and Ballaha himself in the north'^ 
and gained great credit as a truthful negotiator by effecting an alliance 
between the two kings. He at once supplied all the wants of the Malava, 
Kalinga, Chola and Pandya kings, so that no Setti was equal to Kunjanambi 
throughout the Hoysala kiugdom. His son-in-law, from making gifts from a 
cart-load (hhandi) of money, was called Bhandinambi. His son-in-law Kanda- 
nambi, had a son Kuiija, who died young as a Jangama, and in his name his 
father, besides charitable works in other places, erected the Kunjesvara temple, 
making his daughter the Ga x-kumari Chandavve the proprietress. And the 
raja-guru Kudrasakti-deva, the 120 temple priests, with all the Jiyas and 
mahd-Ganangalu, acknowledged her authority by binding on her a crown or 
vibhuti-patta and giving her the rank of Gana-kumari, (daughter or princess of 
the ganas, the hosts or foUowers of Siva; the Jangamas)*\ 

Bl. 73 of 1254, is a grant by Narasiriiha HI, but signed Somesvara. 
Bl. 125, however, later in the same year, shows that Narasimha was then on 
the throne. He paid a visit to the Vijaya-Parsva basadi at Halebidu and read 
the genealogy of his line in the former sasana granted to it (no doubt Bl. 124). 
He was the son of Somesvara by Bijjala-Rani (Bl. 92) and to this basadi he 
made grants on the occasion of his upanayana (or initiation by binding on the 
sacred thread), which took place on the 25th of February 1255. This ceremony, 
in the case of Kshatriyas'\ is performed between the ages of 11 and 22. 
According to Kd. 100 (Vol. VI) the date of his birth seems to have been the 
llth of August 1 240. He was now therefore in liis fifteenth y ear. Cn. 269 
says that he was known as sdhityasarwajna (omniscient in literature). Also 
that being steady as a boy, on his being of age (or else in the desire that he 
should be firmly established from boyhood)*^, with the king S6ma's approval 
he assumed the splendid crown for the protection of the Hoysala kingdom. 
We know from other records that a partition of the kingdom took place at 
S6mesvara's death, whether arranged by him or by the respective claimants to 
the throne. The result was that while Narasimha retained possession of the 
ancestral kingdom, with its capital of D6rasamudra, the Tamil provinces and 
the Kolar district fell to the share of liis half-brother Ramanatha (the son of 
Devala-mahadevi), who, from Cn. 231 it may be inferred, had Kannanur as his 
capital. But, as might be expected, the two sometimes came into coUision. 

'' Probably the Sevuna or Yadava king Kandhara is meant. 

*' Some of these Maleyala merchants are again mentioned in later reigns, Ak 109, Bl. 89. 

'^ Bl. 17 says that Vishnuvarddhana was of the Kshatriya-kula. 

*' Saisavade susthirateyam bayisikeyolu. 







Accordingly, in Cn. 206, we find Narasimha in..rtivuru, engaged infighting 
with Ramanatha ./ Also in Bl. 74 we are pointedly informed that the king 
was residing in His own Hoysala country, in the proper capital Dorasamudra, 
which his father had stored with the riches of the kingdonv^n. 269 farther 
informs us that on Narasimha's coming to the throne, having no fear of his 
arm, the great Sevuiia king Mahadeva-R ane came and made war on him, but 
being unable to endure, left his cavalry force and fled in terror in a single / \. 
night, saying 'Flight is best (paldyanam ktiialam). Narasimha's chief minister 
was Perumale, who in sight of both armies had the javanike (curtaiu or tent) 
of Ratnapala carried away, and with his sword offered up his head to the 
Lakshmi of victory, whence he received the title of Javanike Narayana. The 
grant in this inscription was made for the Aiudi^Miparvva (festival). In Bl. 98 
we have a shrine of the goddess Nimbaja set up in the Hoysalesvara temple 
in 1261, and a grant made for it in 1270 (Bl. 92). From Ag. 21 it appears 
that the king made the grant of a village in Kongu-nad for so distant a god 
as Visvesvara^f Benares. Bl. 150 informs us that he had a son named 
Malli-Deva^i^Bl. 164 and 165 contain records of a formidable invasion in 
1276, w hich was repelled. In the name of the Sevuna king Rama-D eva, his A. a /)( C%.\i c 
general S^uva-Tikkam a, assisted by Joyi-Deva and Harapala, and strengthened ^ 
by the army of I rungola (the chief of Nidugal in Pavagada taluq), suddenly / ^ 
came and encamped at Belavadi, which is to the north of Halebidu, saying "I 
will take Dorasamudra io only one minute", and laid siege to the fort. But 
under the leadership of Chikka-Keta, who was apparently a son of the king, 
and with the heroic example of a chief named Anka (perhaps his son), a 
tremendous battle took place on the 25th of April 1276, resulting in a great 
victory over the enemy, who were driven back in confusion beyond Dummi, 
the hill on th e Sbimoga and Chitaldroo g frontier. The badge (of honour) on 
Saluva's face (or forehead) was damaged, and he fled saying "I am disgusted", -^ 

while Haripala was stricken with fear and Jeyi-Deva beat his mouthy^Trom \<\y% 

Ak. 149 it appears that Ramanrith a made an attack on Singeya-dannayaka 
in Mannana-koyil and killed him. Two years later we find in Bl. 187 Gajapati 
and Ramanatha united, falling upon Narasiraha in a battle at Soleur, when X, 11^^ 
\ ^ / some compromise seems to have been effected. Two years later again (Hn. 47) 
there was a nother fight with Ramanatb a. And finally i n 1290 ( Cn. 232) 
Ramanatha raised an army and came to fight. In Bl. 166 we are informed 
that Chikka-Keteya incurred the king's anger and was arrested, while his 
V superintendent of mines {dkara-mandalika) was dismissed from his treasury, 
and Ankeya (see above), who was master of the clothing of all the army, was 
also attacked. Bl. 90 speaks of a grant in 1281 forthe okali sprinkling of the 
god Hoysanesvara. In Ak. 151 we find the king marching in 1285 against the 
Nidugal fort, and by destroying Bageyakere, breaking its pride. Ak. 8 to 14 


contain some interesting accounts of a physician named Vaidya Devapille, who 
like Dhanvantari was celebrated for his uew art of medici ne (nutana-vaidya- 
kald). Ak. 13 implies that there was a prince named Somesvara in 1288. 

The first inscription of Ballala III in this volume is Bl. 18 of 1292. Cn. 36 
(Vol.VI) shows that he was crowned on the Ist of February 1292. There are 
not many records of his reign, but we know that he went away to live in 
Unnamale (Tiruvannamale in South Arcot), and the Hoysala dominions were 
again united under him. Bl. 34 informs us that the wood-work of the dome 
in the Belur temple was rotten and fallen, and the ministers had it repaired 
in 1298. Hn. 61 and 6 2 contain the first notice of the Muss alma n invasions 
which overthrew the kingdom. The Turukas are represented as marching 
against Dorasaraudra in 1310. Ak. 66 shows the king residing in Virupaksha- 
pattana in 1330. It is not clear what place this was, but it was in the Mysore 
country, and perhaps somewhere near Kanikatte, Ak. 31 records another 
attack of the T urukas in 1331 . The last Hoysala inscription here is Ak. 183 
of 1338, in which we find the king directing the officer in command of his army 
Ht Barakur to remain at his post, which he promises to do, and receives a 
grant in approval. 

Vija yamigar, 

The Vijayanagar inscriptions begin with Ak. 169, dated 1343, which 
opens with an ultra-hyperbolic verse in praise of Siva. Were Sarada, it says, 
to take for all tirae the earth as a leaf on which to write them, a twig from 
the tree of the gods as a pen, and the ocean as a cup of black ink, even so 
she would not exhaust the sum of thy virtues, Isa. 

HN. 7 states that Sangama, the founder of the line, had by his union with 
Sarada (Bl. 3) five sons, — Harihara, Kampa, Bukka, Marapa and Muddapa, 
The eldest son, who was the first king, is called in Cn. 366 Haryapa, and it 
says that he appointed his younger brother Bukka-Raja as yuva-raja. In 
Ag. 68 Bukkanna seems to be called his son and he himself ? Hukkanna. 
His original name, according to tradition, was Hakka. Hn. 19 says that 
Bukka's eldest son was Tippa-Raja, who ? captured Uchchangi, and had a wife 

Bukka-Raja on coming to the throne, Cn. 256 says, eclipsed all past and 
future kings. When he was reigning, the earth brought forth abundantly, all 
troubles ceased, the people were happy, and wealth increased. Having 
conquered all the world, he built the splendid city of Vijayanagari, where, 
with the Tungabhadra as his footstool and Hemakuta as his throne, he was 
seated like Virupaksha for the protection of the earth. His ministe r was 
Muddagpa, to whom he committed the burden of the kingdora and remained at 
ease like Vasudeva. Though he had many wives, his favourite one was 











Honnayi. His exploits are thus described in HN. 7: — When his sword began 
to dance about on the battle-field, the faces of the Turushkas shrivelled up, 
Konkana Sankaparya was fiUed with fear, the Andhras ran into caves, the 
Gurjaras lost the use of their limbs, tbe Kambhojas' courage was broken, the 
Kalingas suffered defeat. 

His successor was Harihara II , his son by Gaurambika (HN. 7). He was 
very liberal in bestowing the sixteen great gifts, and is credited (Bl. 75) with 
victory over Chola, Kerala and Pandya, while Bl. 148 says he protected the 
terrified Saurashtras, Aiigas, Kalingas, Vangas and Yavanas. Among the 
final verses of this inscription is one saying, — A work of merit done even by 
an enemy one should strive to maintain: the enemy indeed may remain an 
enemy, but a work of merit is an enemy to no one. Mudda continued as 
minister under Harihara also, and Bl. 75 contains an account of how the 
Salu-Mule-Banaja mercha nts, with various sects dependent on them, and all 
the Holiyas of Vijayanagari and 26 other towns (named) where fairs were 
established, resolved to pay him certain dues in return for his protection. 
Having assembled, they placed the diamond vaisanige at the feet of the god 
Virtipaksha, and sitting down, entered into an agreement as to the dues they 
would pay, detailed at great length, on drugs, piece goods, grains, animals 
(among which are various kinds of horses, also prostitutes or female slaves). 
They at the same time conferred on him the prithvi-settitana or mayoralty of 
the earth. A final verse says, — If a thousand horse-sacrifices and truth be 
placed in the scales, truth will greatly outweigh the thousand horse-sacrifices. 
Bl. 62 informs us that the king in 1 381 o rderod the roof stones of the central 
chamber of the Belur temple to be repaired. They bad probably cracked, and 
the minister Kampanna had four pillars, with capitals^ erected to support 
them. Bl. 63 states that in 1387, the lord Malagarasa, of the Kasmira-vamsa, 
had the broken kaiaaa on the tower repaired an d gilded. Bl. 3, dated 1397, 
opens with an interesting and liberal-minded invocatiou of the god Kesava, 
identifying him with the chief object of worship in overy sect orthodox or 
heterodox. He whom the Saivas worship as Siva, the Vedautins as Brahma, 
the Bauddhas as Buddha, the Naiyayikas as Kartta, the Jainas as Arha, the 
Mimamsakas as Karmma, — that god Kesava ever grant your desires. The 
attributions which follow seem clearly to indicate a contact with Christian 
teaching. The Kesava of Velapuri, it is said, gives sight to the blind, raises 
up the poor to royal dignity, causes the lame to be the swiftest of the swift, 
makes the dumb eloquent, and the barren to be filled with offspring. The king 
was ipesiding in the new great royal city Vijayanagara, and his general was 
Gunda, whose exploits are thus described: Into the flames of his valour the 
Yavana, Turushka and Andhra hostile kings fell like moths. Anga, Kalinga, 
Gurjjara, Paiichala, Saiodhava, Andhra, Chola, Konkana and ? Kautaka, all 


tried to escape when he was placed at the head of the army. Having conquered 


the Keralas, Taulavas, Andhras and ? Kutakas, he seized their wealth and 
gave it to his king. Dragging the elephant-like Saipa, Patheya and other 
proud Turushkas along by their hair in battle, he tied them up in his stables 
like monkeys; and besides them, seized by the throat the two great tigers 
known as Jyeshtha and Kanishtha. He set up pillars of victory in the interior 
of all the 56 countries (named), and restored the grants which the Hoysana 
king Vishnuvarddhana-Bitti-Deva had made for this his family-god. He also 
rebuilt with seven storeys the gopura over the entrance, which Ganga-Salar, 
the Turushka of Kallubarage, had come and burnt, and set up a golden kalasa 
at its summit. 

Hn. 133 brings us to Deya-Ra;^aj who, it says, was crowned on the 7th of 
November 1406 . In Hn. 18 he is called Bukka (II). Hn. 16 is a record of 
MallikaHuna, and Bl. 135, of Virupaksha. 

In Hn. 6 we have the genealogy of the second dynas ty. Its origin is traced 
to Timma, renowned among the Tuluva kings. From him sprang Isvara, 
whose wife was Bukkama, and their son was Narasa. Quickly damming the 
Kaveri when in full flood, he crossed over and seized the enemy alive, took 
possession of the kingdom and of the city Srirangapattana, and erected a pillar 
of victory. Having conquered Chera, Chola and Pandya, together with the 
lord of Madhura, the fierce Turushka, the Gajapati king and others, — he 
imposed his commands upon all the famous kings from the Ganges to Lanka, 
and from the rising to the settiug sun. In Ramesvara and other chief sacred 
places he made the sixteen and other great gifts. 

From Tippaji and Nagala-Devi were born to him Nrisimha and Krishna- 
Raya. These two ruled successively, and a list is given of the great gifts they 
had made and of the places in which they were bestowed. The inscription, 
like many others of the same high-flown style, was composed by Sabhapati. 
Hn. 13 informs us that Krishna-Raya m arched against Gajapati in 1516 and 
set up a pillar of victory on the bank of the Krishnaveni. The inscription 
records the grant of ana agrahara by a chief named Dhananjaya, but concludes 
with an extraordinary and unusual yerse, whose only connection is that it 
contains the name Dhananjaya. But my friend the late Pandit Rajagopala- 
charya of Chik-Ballapur informed me that the original of the verse is different, 
and is given in the Bhoja-prabandha as follows, among some relating to Asoka: — 
kutra tvam chalitosi Narada vada kshonyarii kiih asty adbhutam 
Sambh6'bhun marutaih rumasya vijaya-prasthana-dhuli-bharaih | 
nitAsoka-vipanna-natha-virahodbhutaih punah purnatam 
jalpo murchhalati bhutale jana-kritas tad-vairi-kantasribhih n 
Where hast thou been wandering Narada ? say, what is there wonderful in 
the earth ? Sambhu, the ocean was turned to dry land by the dust from his 


victorious march; but it was again filled up, the people in the earth say, by 
the tears of the wives of his enemies, caused by their separation from their 
husbands bereft through Asoka. 

This is followed by another, as follows, which seems ironical : — 
kim chitram trijagatau Narada-mune Vishno srinu jnapaye 
svarge Sakra-sad6'sti nritya-rahitam vahnih kshudham vanchhati | 
gopayaty Alakapatir nija-nidhin vevekti bhashyam Phani 
jiiane datri-gune su-karmani raneshv eko'sty Asoko nripah n 
What wonder i8 there in the three worlds, Narada-muni ? Vishnu, listen, I 
will tell. In svarga Indra's assembly is without dancing, fire has lost its 
appetite, Kubera is guarding his own treasure, Phani (also a name of Patailjali) 
is expounding the Bhashya, — in wisdom, generosity, good deeds and wars, 
Asoka is the only king. 

HN. 19 gives these kings' names as Narasimhavarmma and Krishnavarnima. 
Cn. 167 gives an account of Basava-dikshita, who had been guru to both the 
kings isvara and Narasa, and performer of the vdjapeya and other great 
sacrifices for both Narasimha and Krishna-Raja. 

With Cn. 187 we come to Acliyuta-Raya. It is Bl. 197 in his reign that 
gives us the nanio of Angadi, which I have identified with the Hoysala birth- 
place Sosevur. Hn. 7 gives us the same important information as was obtained 
in Ng. 68 (Vo l. IV) regardiog the suc cession after Achyut a-Raya. On the 
death of the latter, his son Venkata-Raya came to tho throne, but s oon die d. 
Then it was that Sadasi va-Raya, the son of Ranga and Tiramrimbri, was aoointed 
to the throne by Rama-Rga, his sister^s husba nd, and the chief minjsters'^ 

•MiMMMBMMaar ——————— 

He brought into subjection the whole land from Setu to Himadri, and ruled 
for a long time. The K§.mbh6ja, Bhoja, Kalinga, Karahata and other kings 
acted as servants in his female apartments. The inscription concludes witli 
the genealogy of Rama-Raja. He was descended from Nanda of the Lunar 
liue, through king Chalikka and Bijjalendra. Then came Somi-Deva , who 
captured seven hill-forts. His grandson, master of Araviti-pura, was the kiuK 
Pinnama, whose son was the king Araviti-Bukka, whose wife was Ballambika. 
Their son was Rama-Raja, who by his wife Lakkambika, had a son §ri-Ranga- 
Raja. His wife was Tirumalambika, and their son was Raraa-Raja, whose 
younger brothers were Tirumala-Raja and Venkatadri-Raja. 

The remaining Vijayanagara inscriptions belong to Sri-Ranga -Raya, (Bl. 1, 
dated 1578), Venkatapati-Raya (Bl. 145, datcd 1607), and five of Sri-Ranga- 
Ra^a II (BL80, dated 1659, 196, 81, 122, and Hn.40, dated 1663). In the 
first he is said to be the son of G6pala-Raja and grandson of Araviti Rama- 
Raja-Ranga-Raja. In the second he is said to be the son of Gopala-Raja, but 
grandson of Narasapa-Raja and great-grandson of Araviti Rama-Raja-Venka- 

" Sad&iiva wa^ thus the nepbew of Aohyuta>R&ya, ihough called his soi) in Hn. 15 acd 2- 


tadri-Raja. He was seated then on the jewel throue in Ghanagiri (Penugonda). 
In Bl. 81 and 132 of 1660, he was on the throne in Velapuri or Belur, and 
his descent is given as just above stated. Hn. 40 winds up with a verse 
saying that, — chariots and armies maintained by property taken from Brahmans 
will in time of war crumble away like a bridge built of sand. 


Among the inscriptions are a few relating to some of the minor chieftains 
of the District. Thus we have the rulers of Javagal (Arsikere taluq) in Ak. 2 
under date 1515. They claim to be of the Lunar race, and descended from 
Channa. His son was Timma, whose son was Naiijendra, also called Rayana. 
His son was the Bhairava who was ruling the Yamasila (the Sanskrit equivalent 
of Javagal) country at the date mentioned, when he caused the great tank of 
Bayirasamudra to be made. 

Duraaa . 

Next we have the ruler of Durgga, the modern Maharajandurga (Hassan 
taluq) iu 1595 (Ak. 60). His name was Rangappa-Nayaka. But in Vol. VI 
the line goes back to 1371 (Mg. 87) when Bodha-mahadeva was on the throne, 
possibly the donor of Coorg inscriptions No. 8 and 9 (Vol. I). According to 
tradition the line came to an end with a king who was a cannibal ? and who 
threw himself over a precipice on the Droog from remorse at finding he had 
killed his son by mistake. 

Next we have the chiefs of Nuggihalli (Channarayapatna taluq). There 
are three of their inscriptions. The first is Hn. 98 of ? 1513, when Virupa- 
Raja-maha-arasa's son Mala-Raja made a grant. Hn. 117 of 1573, informs us 
that they were of the Pudur-vamsa, and gives their titles, one of which was 
'champion over thirteen kings'. The genealogy here goes back to Tirumala- 
Raja, son-in-law of Praudha-Deva-maharaya of Vijayanagara. He had a son 
Rayoder, whose son was Indusekhara-Raja, whose son was Basava-Rajaya-Deva- 
maha-arasu. Cn. 255 gives us in 1627 the names of Sali-Nayaka and his son 


This province has been called Balam in Vol. VI, and Major Montgomery, in 
an official report of 62 years ago, says, — "This tract of country (Maharajdroog) 
formed a part of the old province of Bullum, so called from a village of that 
name (now Munjerabad). The word is said to be derived from the Canarese 
'Bala' or strong, and to have been given in commemoration of the great bodily 



strength and activity of the villagers." I have not raet with any support of 
this statement in the numerous inscriptions that have come under notice. On 
the contrary, it is called the Belur kingdom (see Bl. 128, Mj. 35). Moreover 
in a work called Kavi-kanthahdra (a metrical vocabulary of rare Kannada words) 
by Suryanka, a minister of Venkatadri-Nayaka, he makes no mention of such 
a name. He says that in the Hoysala country, which was a hand-mirror (or 
reflection) of Kasmir, was situated the kingdom of Velanagari, that is Belur. 
This name I have accordingly adopted. One or two short-lived lines of chiefs 
ruled at first. But there are no less than about 70 inscriptions relating to 
the latest Belur family of chiefs in the present voiume, which enable us to 
make up a fairly correct list of the succession, though very great difficulty is 
occasioned by the continual repetition of the same names in successive 
generations. HN. 6 gives the first steps, whil e HN. 1 a nd 4,_B1. 12 and_212^ 
Ag:. 22 and some others help us on. The foUowing is as near as I have 
succeeded in combining the names and dates. Era-Krishnappa-Nayaka is 
represented in most of the inscriptions as the head of the family, who was 
enfeoffed by Krishiia-Raya of Vijayanagar. He was tiie Hadapad a, or bearer 
of the king'3 betel-bag. 




Baiyappa-Nayaka, Potappa-NS-yaka 


1666-1 584 









(ij E ra-Kiishnap pa-Nayaka f \(xViraiya, 
(p.J Venkatadri-Nayaka 



K rishnappa-Na.yaka 

Lakshmappa-Nayaka, 1688-16O6 

Kiishnappa-NayaKa ^ (Tirumalaiya, i640 

I ^ 1 

Venkatadri-Nayaka Lakshmappa-Nayaka 

'i 1. 

Krishnappa-Nayaka \sj Narasimha-Nayaka 

I "^ — ~ 


Krishnappa-Navaka ^^ 

Venkatadri-Nayaka ^ 

Krishnappa-Nayaka, 1711-1712 



Their principal titles were — boon lord of Maninagapura'\ Sindhu-Govinda, 
dhavalanka-Bhima. There is nothing of special importance in the inscriptions. 
Bl. 128 of 1638, calls Venkatadri the destroyer of the Turaka army, and 
eighth emperor of the Kali age. Some zealous official had stamped a linga on 
the pillars of the Parsvanatha basadi at Halebid. This was erased and an 
agreement come to between the Lingayits and Jains, by which the latter 
undertook to present ashes and betel-leaf to the maha-mahattus of the former 
sect, if left unmolested to pursue their own worship and ceremonies. In 
Ag. 32 of 1665, we are informed that Lakshma had a lofty building erected 
in Kasi for Pasupati, and caused the vdjapeya and other sacrifices to be per- 
formed. His son Narasiihha had valuable ornaments made for the gods 
Janardana and Lakshmi, and performed their marriage ceremony, together with 
the offering of sacrifices by Brahmans. He also made some tanks and established 
an agrahara. Bl 64 informs us that Venkata had the tower of the Kesava 
temple at Belur built in 1736, and mounted a kalasa upon it. Mj. 34 to 36 
mention the Aigur-sime, which was the last possession left to the chiefs after 
they had lost Belur itself and the rest of the territory that had belonged to it. 
A further account of the line is contained in Vol. VL 


Of the Mysore kings there are over 30 inscriptions, some of which are of 
special interest. The earliest relate to the reign of Kanthirava-Narasa-Raja. 

Ag. 64, dated 1647, traces his descent from the Soma-vamsa or Lunar race. 
Vishnu, who became incarnate in that line as Krishna, created a city filled 
with all wealth, an asylum for all men, which received the celebrated name 
of Mahishi, and placing it to the south of the Kaveri, he established there 
members of his own family to make known his human form. They did 
service to the guardian goddess of Mahishapura and made her the family deity 
of their line of kings. Chama-Raja and Betta-Chama-Raja successively arose 
in that line, when, by the favour of Nrisimha, Narahari was born as a son to 
the latter in the form of Kanthirava-Narasimha, at an auspicious conjunction, 
and wdth universal signs of prosperity. His being the first of the Mysore kings 
who struck coins in his own name is referred to in the following manuer: — 
"Seeing that from love of money the people had forgotten Vishnu, the wise 
king Kanthirava made on that money Narahari (referring to the image on the 
coin) and saved the people, like a physician who gives mediciue in milk". 
He is also said to have made a special study of the rules in the veda and 
smriti, and as a consequence revived the performance of the %kddaU-vrata in 

*^ I have not found any c!ue to the identifica(ion of this place. In a BashtrakAta grant of 
A. D. 912 there is a chief named Maninaga, in Gujarat (Ep. Ind., III, 57), hut this seems too remote 
in time to have any connection, though it may perhaps indicate the locality. 


honour of Lakshmi-Nrihari, like Ambarisha and other kings of old. In his 
court he was served by twice eight fair ones, holding chamaras in their hands, 
and honoured with the emblems in gold of the fish, conch, discus and makara. 
In Cii. 158, 160 and 166, w hich are probably all of the same date, 1648, 
we are told that the Chennarayapattana-sime was given by the king to Dodaiya, fyX 
the son of Channaviraya-gauda, prabhu of Kanakaranahalli in Tungani-nad of 
the Chennapat tana-sime. This must be the modern Kankanhalli in the south 
of the Bangalore District. Oq receiving it, however, we are told that (besides 
various temples, tanks etc.) he built the stone fort "in the royal business {rdja- ^vTO 
kdryadalli) of the Patsaha of Vi j ayapura '' (168 and 166), "in the service 
(kdryadalli) of the Turuka-ra.ia" (160). The reference is evidently to the 
Adil Shahi king of Bijapur . We know that an invasion by the Bijapur forces 
under Ran-dulha Khan took place, in which all the north and east of the 
present Mysore country were overruu. In 1638 Seringapatam itself was 
besieged, but the enemy was repulsed with great slaughter by Kanthirava- 
Narasa-Raja. Eventually, by 1644, the province of Carnatic Bijapur Balaghat 
was formed, composed of the Bangalore, Hoskote, Kolar, Dod-Ballapur and 
Sira d istricts, and bestowed as a jagir on Shahji ( fathcr of the celebrated 
Sivaji), who was second in command under Ran-dulha Khan. From an in- 
scription in the Shikarpur taluq we shall find that a fort was erected there by 
the Bijapur Sultan Muliammad Adil Shah in Ifi^ marking the limit of t he 
c opquests in that directio p. The building of this fort at Channarayapa^tana 
in 1648 must therefore have been in accordance with some agreement or treaty 
with Bijapur, though I am not aware that rdja-kdrya has this meaning. It 
moro properly signifies that the fort was built for the Bijapur Padshah, but 
the Mysore Raja was evidently in possession of the place. Hence some mutual 
understanding must be assumed, entered into for the greater security of both 
dominious. Basavaiya, the son of Dodaiya, succeeded him in the time of Deva- '^A 
Raja-Wodeyar, and was in power frora 1663 (Cn. 166) to 1670 (Cn. 156). 

Ag. 2 and 3 bring us to the reign of Chikka-Deva-Raja in 1677. In theso 
inscriptions we have a false accusation brought against the shanbhog of Arkal- 
gud by his deputy, from which the former was ordered to clear himself by the 
ordeal of plunging his hand into boiling gbi, in the presence of the god 
Arkkesvara. This he successfully performed, and was confirmed in his office. 
The details are curious. 

In Hn. 118 and 133 we have sales of villages in 1762, in the reign of 
K rishua-Raia -Wodevar, the sum paid in each case being ten times the annuai 
rental or revenue, with all tolls and taxes, which are specified. 

Bl. 66 shows U8 that in 1774, when Chama-Raja was king, and the most 
excellent Bahadur, the Navab Haidar -Ali was ruling, Nanjaraja had the 
unfortunate tower of the Beliir temple again built, and fixed a kalasa upon it. 


Mj. 36 is of tlie date 1794 and records the grant of an indm by Tipu-Sultan. 

Finally, Ag. 62 of 1811 is of singular interest. It is a stone inscription 
set up at the Krishnarajkatte dam on the Kaveri, and contains nothing 
whatever but a succession list of the Mysore Rajas {Mahisura-nagarada dhore- 
gala vamsdvaligala vivara). This was the year in which the Dewan Purnaiya's 
administration ended and Mummadi-Krishna-Raya-Wodeyar assumed the reins 
of government. The date being Chaitra suddha 1, the inscription belongs, I 
believe, to the former period. But the reason for setting up this record here 
in this manner does not appear. The following is tlie list, which may be 
compared with those given in Vols. III and IV. The relationship of the kings 
to one another is not specified. 




















The finest examples of Chalukyan architecture are found in this District, 
in the Belur and Halebid temples. The former was erected in 1117 (Bl. 58 
and 71) by the Hoysala king Vishnuvarddhana on his renouncing the Jain 
faith for that of Vishnu, and was dedicated to Vijaya-Narayana under the 
name of Chenna-Kesava. He is said to have erected six Narayana temples on 
the same occasion, such as the Kirtti-Narayana at Talakad and others. The 
pierced stone windows, which form one of the most beautiful features of the 
Belur temple, may be of a later date, about 1200 (see Bl. 73) and due to 
Ballala II. Within the temple is a carved pillar called the Narasimha pillar 
which is thought highly of by the Hindus for its sculpture. Apparently it used 
formerly to revolve. Around the outer walls of the temple, under the deep 
overhanging cornice, are pierced medallions of dancing girls in a variety of 
attitudes. One has a fruit in her hand on which rests a fly, perfectly sculptured 
in every part. These are good specimens of Hindu art. The names of the 
artists who executed them are given under each (Bl. 33 to 51, 69). The 
following is an alphabetical list of them, which will be useful for reference: — 

*^ I give 'Wodeyar in the Kannada recognised form, and not Vadayar as in the inscription. 


Chavana, son of Dasoja 

Chikka Harapa 

D4s6ja of Balligrama 

Kaliyuga Visvakarmma of Lokkigufi^i 

Keacha Malliyanaa 

K^lava Deva 

Kumara Machari 
Mgoja of Gadugu 
Padari MalI6ja 
Poissananar Bira 

The tower of the temple was always considered incongruous, but this cannot 
have been the original erection. For we find from Bl. 24 tbat in 1298 the 
wood work bad rotted and fallen, and was repaired, pillars beiug erected to 
support it. Tbe temple suffered injury at the time of the Mubammadan in- 
vasion in 1310, and was sbut up till the time of Haribara II of Vijayanagara. 
In 1387 tbe broken kaldsa on tbe top was rcstored (Bl. 63). In 1397 tbe 
gopura over tbe gateway, wbicb bad been burnt by tbe Musahnan army of 
Kalburga under Ganga-Salar, was re-built witb seven storeys (Bl. 3). Tbe 
central tower of tbe temple was also rebuilt in 1736 (Bl. 64). It bad again 
to be rebuilt however in 1774, in the time of Haidar Ali (Bl. 65). Witb so 
many vicissitudes it is not to be wondered at tbat the style of tbe tower was 
not in keeping witb tbe style of architecture. It has been a frequent source 
of trouble since, and been rebuilt, but bas now disappeared altogetber. The 
temple is in cbarge of the priests. 

The Halebid temples are tbe Hoysalesvara and tbe Kedaresvara*^ The 
date of the former is not accurately known. Mr. Fergusson says tbaf it was 
left unfinisbed, being interrupted by tbe Mubammadan conquest after the 
works bad been in progress for 86 years, but no autbority is given for tbis 
statement. It is said iu Bl. 147 tbat Ketamalla erected a Siva temple in 
Dorasamudra in 1121 and named it after tbe patron of bis family, Vishnuvard- 
dhana-Poysalesvara. But as no description of tbe temple is given it cannot be 
identified witb the celebrated structure under notice, whicb was more likely a 
national monument. Tbat it was not later than tbe time of Visbnuvarddbana 
is proved by an inscription over tbe soutbern door (Bl. 239), wbich says tbat 
tbe sculpture tbere was executed by Kalidasi for Narasimba-Deva's sculptor 
Kedarqja, and tberefore iu about 1141. Tbere is also an inscription at the back 
of tbe larger Nandi pavilion tbat Devoja made tbe western doorway, and we 
have already seen that he was one of tbe sculptors at Belur, and must even 
then have been of considerable age, for he bad a son Chavana wbo was also a 
sculptor at tbe same place. The Praudba-Raya pillar (Bl. 93) contains an 
account of Narasiiiiba's birtb, but as tbis was brougbt in by tlie Vijayanagara 
king wbose name it bears to prop up a cracked stone beam, it may not bave 
been any part of tbe present building. Tbe temple is a double one and from 
tbe votive inscriptions on tbe inner walls (Bl. 99 to 111) dating from about 

'^ This is erroneoasly oalled KaitSsTara in some works. 


1220 to 1300, it would appear that the two gods were then kaown as Hoysale- 
svara and Panchikesvara, Bl. 98 informs us that a shrine of the goddess 
Nimbaja was set up in the temple in 1261. The sculptors who executed the 
marvellous statues and figures on the outer walls of this temple, especially on 
the western side, have not given their names, except here and there. The 
following are the only ones, in alphabetical order: 





Harisha of Odeyagiri 

Harisha of Tanagundlir 







Masa, son of Kanimoja 


None of these names corresponds with those at Belur, except Devoja, but 
Odeyagiri Harisha seems to say that Belur did not agree with him {Belur 
dgadelu). The temple is conserved by Government. 

The Kedaresvara temple was built by Ballala II and his junior wife 
Abhinava-Ketala-Devi at the close of his reign, about 1219. Tbere can be 
little doubt that the idea was suggested by the celebrated Dakshina Kedaresvara 
temple at Belgami, and an inscription at Bandalike, close by, implies that this 
queen belonged to that part of the country. The temple was endowed in 1220 
by Narasimha II and his mother Padmala-Devi, immediately after the death 
of his father (Bl. 115). A banyan tree which had rooted itself in the vimdna 
about 50 years ago was culpably allowed to grow unchecked till too late. The 
sculptured images on the outer wall were thrust out by the tree and portions 
of the building were dismantled, with some intention, not fulfilled, of erecting 
it elsewhere. Many of the images were placed in the Bangalore Museum, and 
recently many more in the Hoysalesvara grouuds. Plans have been prepared 
for conserving what remains of the structure, at present a heap of ruins. The 
only name of a sculptor found in connection with it is Revoja. 

No notice of these temples can be complete without quotation of the views 
of Mr. Fergusson, the great authority on architecture. "There are many 
buildings in India" he says*^ "which are unsurpassed for delicacy of detail 
by any in the world, but the temples of Belur and Halebid surpass even tliese 
for freedom of handling and richness of fancy." 

The illustrations given in the present volume will serve to show the extent 
and arrangement of the temples, though a separate volume of views could alone 
do justice to them. Of that at Belur, Mr. Fergusson says, "It is not, however, 
either to its dimensions or the disposition of its plan that this temple owes its 
pre-eminence among others of its class, but to the marvellous elaboration and 
beauty of its details. . .The richness and variety of pattern displayed in the 

*^ This and the other quotations are from Architedure of Bharwar and Mysore, and History of 
Indian and Eastern Architeclure. 


windows of the porch are astonishing. They are twenty-eight in number, and all 
are different. . .The pierced slabs themselves, however, are hardly so reraarkable 
as the richly carved base on which they rest, and the deep cornice which 
overshadovvs and protects them. The amount of labour, indeed, which each 
facet of this porch displays is such as, I believe, never was bestowed on any 
surface of equal extent in any building in the world; and though the design 
is not of the highest order of art, it is elegant and appropriate, and never 
offends against good taste." 

Of the Hoysalesvara temple at Halebid, he says, "The great temple at 
Halebid, had it been completed, is one of the buildings on which the advocate 
of Hindu architecture would desire to take his stand. . .The general arrange- 
ments of the temple are that it is a double temple. If it were cut into halves 
each part would be complete, with a pillared porch of the same type as that 
at Belur, an antarala or intermediate porch, and a sanctuary containing a 
lingam, the emblem of Siva. Besides this, each half has in front of it a detached 
pillared porch as a shriue for the buU Nandi. Such double temples are by no 
raeans uncommon in India, but the two sanctuaries usually face each other 
and have the porch between them . . . There is no doubt but that it was intended 
to raise two pyramidal spires over the sanctuaries, four smaller ones in front 
of these, and two raore, one over each of the two central pavilions. Thus 
completed'\ the temple, if carried out with the richness of detiiil exhibited in 
the Kedaresvara, would have made up a whole which it would be difficult to 
rival anywhere. 

The material out of which this temple is erected is an indurated potstone 
of volcanic origin, found in the neighbourhood. Tliis stone is said to be soft 
when first quarried, and easily cut in that state, tliough hardening on exposure 
to the atmosphere. Even this, however, will not diminish our admiration of 
the amount of labour bestowed on the temple; for, from the number of parts 
still unfinished, it is evident that like most others of its class it was built in 
block and carved long after the stone had become hard. As we now see it the 
stone is of a pleasing creamy colour and so close-grained as to take a polish 
like raarble. The pillars of the great Nandi pavilion, which look as if they 
had been turned in a hithe, are so polished as to exhibit what the natives call 
a double reflection — in other words to reflect light from each other. Tbe 
enduring qualities of the stone seem to be unrivalled, for though neglected and 
exposed to all the vicissitudes of a tropical climate for more than six centuries, 
the minutest details are as clear and sharp as the day they were finished. 

*^ A pioture is given in his book of a rsBtored riew of the temple as Mr. Fergusson conceives it 
would have been, if complete. The chief thing requirlng correction is the finial ornament of the 
towers, resembling a lantern. This should really be a kalasa or sacrificial vase, bound round with 
a cloth knotted towards the four cardinal points, which, filled with holy water, is used at the 
ooDseoration of teraples. 


The building stands on a terrace, ranging from five to six feet in height, 
and paved with large slabs. On this stands a frieze of elephants, following all 
the sinuosities of the plan and extending to some 710 feet in length, and con- 
taining not less than 2000 elephants, most of them with riders and trappings, 
sculptured as only an oriental can represent the wisest of brutes. Above these 
is a frieze of sardulas or conventional tigers, the emblems of the Hoysalas who 
built the temple. Then comes a scroll of infinite beautj and variety of -design ; 
over this a frieze of horsemen and another scroU, over which is a bass-relief of 
scenes from the Ramayana, representing the conquest of Ceylon and all the 
varied incidents of that epic'^ This, like the other, is about 700 feet long. 
(The frieze of the Parthenon is less than 550 feet.) Then come celestial beasts 
and celestial birds, and all along the east front a frieze of groups from human 
life, and then a cornice, with a rail, divided into panels, each containing two 
figures. Over this are windows of pierced slabs, like those of Belur, though 
not so rich or varied. In the centre, in place of the wiudows, is first a scroll, 
and then a frieze of gods and heavenly apsaras, dancing girls and other objects 
of Hindu mythology. This frieze, which is about five feet six inches in height, 
is continued all round the westeru front of the building, and extends to some 
400 feet in length. Siva, with his consort Parvati seated on his knee, is 
repeated at least fourteen times; Vishnu in his nine avatars even oftener. 
Brahma occurs three or four times, and every great god of the Hindu pantheon 
finds his place. Some of these are carved with a minute elaboration of detail 
which can only be reproduced by photography, and may probably be considered 
as one of the most marvellous exhibitions of human labour to be found even 
in the patient East. 

It must not, however, be considered that it is only for patient industry that 
this building is remarkable. The mode in which the eastern face is broken 
up by the larger masses, so as to give height and play of light and shade, is 
a better way of accomplishing what the Gothic architects attempted by their 
transepts and projections. This, however, is surpassed by the western front, 
where the variety of outline, and the arrangement and subordination of the 
various facets in which it is disposed, must be considered as a masterpiece of 
design in its class. If the frieze of gods were spread along a plain surface, 
it would lose more than half its effect, while the vertical angles, without inter- 
fering with the continuity of the frieze, give height and strength to the whola 
composition. The disposition of the horizontal lines is equally efi^ective. Here 
again the artistic combination of horizontal with vertical lines, and the play 
of outline and of light and shade, far surpass anything in Gothicart. The 

'' I may niention, as anticipating scientific discoveries at that period, that in one place a leader 
is represented as looking through a tube like a telescope: in another are cars with wheels on 


effects are just what mediseval architects were often aiming at, but which 
they never attained so perfectly as was done at Halebid .... 

If it were possible to illustrate the Halebid temple to such an extent as to 
render its peculiarities familiar, there would be few things more interesting or 
more instructive than to institute a comparison between it and the Parthenon 
at Athens. Not that the two buihlings are at all alike one another; on the 
contrary, they form the two opposite poles — the alpha and omega of archi- 
tectural design; but they are the best examples of their class, and between 
these two extremes lies the whole range of the art. The Parthenon is the best 
example we know of pure, refined, intellectual power applied to the production 
of architectural design. Every part and every effect is calculated with 
mathematical exactness, and executed with a mechanical precision that was 
never equalled. AU the curves are hyperbolas, parabolas, or other develop- 
ments of the highest mathematical forms, — every optical defect is foreseen and 
provided for, and every part has a relation to every other part in so recondite 
a proportion that we feel inclined to call it fanciful, because we can hardly 
rise to its appreciation. The sculpture is exquisitely designed to aid the per- 
fection of the masonry — severe and godlike, but with no condescension to the 
lower feelings of humanity. The Halebid temple is the opposite of all this. 
It is regular, but witli a studied variety of outline iu plan, and even greater 
variety in detail. All the pillars of the Parthenon are identical, while no two 
facets of the Indian temple are the same; every convolution of every scroll is 
different. No two canopies in the whole building are alike, and every part 
exhibits a joyous exuberance of fancy scorning every mechanical restraint. 
AU that is wild in human faith or warm in humau feeling is found portrayed 
on these walls; but of pure inteilect there is little — less than there is of 
human feeling in the Parthenon. 

The great value of the study of these Indian examples is that it widens so 
immensely our basis for architectural criticism. It is only by becoming 
familiar with forms so utterly dissimilar from those we have hitherto been con- 
versant with, that we perceive how narrow is the purview that is content with 
one form or one passing fashion. By rising to this wider range we shall 
perceive that architecture is as many-sided as human nature itself, and learn 
how few feelings and how few aspirations of the human heart and brain there 
are that cannot be expressed by its means. On the other hand, it is only by 
taking this wide survey that we appreciate how worthless any product of archi- 
tectural art becomes which does not honestly represent the thoughts and feelings 
of those who built it, or the height of their loftiest aspirations." 

The Kedaresvara temple Mr. Fergusson considered to bc "one of the most 
exquisite specimens of Chulukyan architecture in existence, and one of the 
most typical...If it were possible to illustrate this little temple in anything 


like completeness, there is probably nothing in India which would convey a 
better idea of what its architects were capable of accomplishing. . .By a curious 
coincidence it was contemporaneous with the English cathedrals of Lincoln, 
Salisbury and Wells, or the great French churches at Amiens, Rheims and 
Chartres, of course without any communication. But it is worthy of reraark 
that the great architectural age in India should have been the 13th century, 
which witnessed such a wonderful development of a kindred style (meaning 
_the Gothic) in Europe." 

After the glories of the foregoing, mention of other buildings will appear 
tarae. The temples at Arsikere must have been fine structures. The Sahasra- 
kuta or Elkote Jinalaya was erected in 1220 (Ak. 77), by Recharasa, described 
as the eminent councillor of the Kalachuryyas, who had taken refuge with the 
Hoysala king Ballala. The circular porch of the Sivalaya presents some 
peculiarities of construction which Mr. Fergusson has remarked upon. This 
structure has been conserved by making the roof very thick, giving it any 
tliing but a pleasing appearance. The ruined temples of Buchesvara at 
T^yf|^'YpTi{ya1a. dated 1 160 (Hn. 73) and of Chenna-Kesava at Hire-Kadl ur, both 
in Hassan taluq, must have been remarkable buildings. There is an image of 
Vishnu reposing on the serpent in the latter which is wonderfully carved. 

The Jain bastis at Bastihalli, a suburb of Halebid, are deserving of notice, 
though externally plain buildings. The turned and polished pillars in the 
Parsvanatha basti yield double reflections. This basti was erected in 1133 
(Bl. 124), and the Santinatha basti in 1192 (Bl. 129). The memorial stones 
to gurus at the latter are specially interesting. The guru, with his name 
written over him, is represented as seated on one side of a small table like a 
camp stool, called thavam-kdlu, giving instruction to his disciple seated on the 
other side. See Bl. 131 to 134. 

Classified List of the Inscriptions, arranged in chronological order. 

IJrtte A.D. 

Name of Ruler 

Taluq No 

Date A.D. 

Namc of Ruler 

Taluq No. 


?C 420 


Bl. 1 2 1 




?c 420 


« 245 






Hn. 38 




Mj. 28 







. . . 

Hn. 4.5 







Mj. 53 







» 54 


c 750 


Ak. 176 





c 770 


Cn. 208 

c 941 

Kofigu\iivarmma V\ \ 
Satyav&kya and 



?c 890 


Ak. 99 

c 945 


Hn. 28 




c 900 


Ag. 24 

c 945 



251 , 

? 910 
? 912 


Hn. 33 

Ag. 26 

•r 952 
c- 955 

BAtuga Jl 
Permmaiiadi '. . 

81. 123 V^as 

HN. 14 V 

? c 970 




c 915 


» 5 

c 970 




c 915 

. . . 

. 11 




c 915 


. --iT 





c 915 


, 35 

y . 974 






K'V- - ■■', ^, 
Ag. '• . iUlD 











Mj. 43 

? 1094 



95 ^' 

V 1026 


Ag. 75 

•'. 1100 




1 026 


, 76 

c 1100 







(! 1100 




? lUl 1 M4yi-Na^ajuva 



HN. 17 





Ag. 65 

r 1139 





Hn. 162 






Cn. 272 







Bl. 178 


S6ma-Deva and 



Cu. 199 












Date A.D. 

Name of Ruler 

Taluq No. 

Date A.D. 

Name of Ruler 

Taluq No. 

?c 700 








? 1106 

? 1113 





? 1027 







. 1084 




?c 1090 

? 1100 


? 1101 

? 1104 
^ 1106 

? 1113 

... vJJ^ 





. ^ \V\}^5ai 






















c 1130 
























Tribhuvanamalla v 

(Narasimha) v 




TribhuvanamaUa "^ 
Ereyanga n/ 


Ballala i v 

Ballala i 

Tribhuvanamalla v 
Vtra-Ganga Vishnu 














c i 
c 1 










































































Vtra-Ganga ^ 

















Raja-marttanda ^ 

















. . , 















. . . 


























Date A. D. Nflme of Ruler 

Taluq No. 

Date A. D. 

Name of Ruler 

Taluq No. 



Cn. 149 


Karasiihha i 

Ak. 125 



Hn. 78 



» 140 



» 92 



Bl. 15 



» 124 



» 32 

? 1130 


» 85 



Ak. 52 



Ak. 41 

? 1154 


Bl. 168 



. 45 



Cn. 228 



Cn. 271 



Ak. 146 



Bl. 124 



» 157 

? 1133 




Narasimha i 

Hn. 57 



Cn. 198 



» 69 



» 248 

? 1156 

. . . 

, 151 


Vtra-Gafiga \/ 

Ak. 30 


Narasimha i 

Ak. 135 



Hn. 89 

? 1158 


Bl. 162 



» 90 

? 1158 


Ak. 42 



Bl. 170 



» 145 



» 17 



Cn. 246 



Ak. 32 



Ak. 154 



Bl. 117 


I^&rasiihha i 

» 119 



, 222 



» 141 



Ak. 144 



Hn. 72 



» 124 



BI. 171 



Bl. 202 



»• 193 



Hn. 114 



» 194 



Ak. 105 



» 195 



Cn. 199 


v'Ak. 117 

? 1139 


» 200 



Bl. 176 



BI. 236 



Ak. 142 



Ak. 17 



» 172 



» 58 



Cn. 210 



» 18 
BI. 219 

? 1166 



Hn. 179 


Nd.ra8imha i 

Bl. 177 



» 220 



Hn. 76 



» 229 



Cn. 191 



, 239 



Ak. 1 

?c 1141 

. . ■ 

n 241 


Narasimha i 

Hn. 53 

? 1142 


Ak. 110 



» 66 


N&rasimha i 

, 55 



» 153 



Cn. 186 

? 1173 


. 154 

? 1145 


Hn. 37 



Bl. 25 



» 109 
» 108 



» 114 



Ball41a n 

Hn. 71 



» 130 



» 119 



» 65 



Bl. 118 


N^rasimha i 

Ak. 44 



Ak. 71 



Date A.D. 

Name of Ruler 

Taluq No. 

Date A. D. 

Name of Ruler 

Taluq No, 


Ballaja n 




Ballala ii 



? 1174 








? 1174 




? 1190 




































4 1174 








^ 1174' 
















? 1176 
















































? 1178 












? -1197 




? 1178 









Ballila II 



? 1197 








Ballala n 














? 1200 





Ballala n 












. . . 








Ballaja n 








» . 




» . 




























































Ballala n 











? 1186 








Ballala ii 















? 1186 




































? c 1210 

. . . 





» ' 


? 1211 

Ballaja n 





Date A. D. 

Name of Ruler 

Talaq No. 

DateA.D. Name of Ruler 

Talnq No. 

? 1211 

Ballala ii 




^&rasimha ii 

Hn. 10 







Ak. 82 







r, 123 







Bl. 182 






N&rasimha ii 

Cn. 221 






. . . 

Bl. 152 






Narasimha ii 

Ak. 123 

? 1215 






Cn. 219 







Hn. 100 







Cn. 221 







Bl. 138 

? 1218 






Ag. 12 







Cn. 238 







„ 221 


N^rasimba ii 





Ag. 55 

? 1220 






„ 55 







Cn. 180 







„ 242 







„ 236 







„ 237 






N&rasimha iii 

Bl. 73 

? 1221 





„ 125 






„ 126 





1255 Someavara 

Ak. 108 





1255 N4ra8imha iii 

Ag. 38 





1256 !S6m6svara 

Ak. 166 





1258 N&rasimha iii 

„ 109 






Bl. 160 

c 1225 




?cl260 i 

Cn. 206 






Bl. 74 






„ 98 






Ag. 42 

? 1227 





Bl. 87 






Hn. 101 

? 1227 



1270 1 

Bl. 92 


N&rasiihha ii 





Cn. 231 





? 1271 

N&rasimha iii 

Hn. 91 

? 1229 




? 1274 


Ag. 21 

? c 1230 






Bl. 150 





? 1274 


„ 169 

? 1230 





„ 186 






Ag. 54 


l^^rasiihha ii 



1276 1 

Bl. 120 





1276 ' ^ 1 

„ 167 







„ 164 



Date A.D. 

Name of Ruler 

Taluq No. 

Date A.D. 

Name of Ruler 

Taluq No. 


Narasiihha m 

Bl. 165 


. . . 

Ak. 12 

? 1276 


Hn. 49 


. . . 

n 13 



Cn. 269 


. . . 

n 14 



Hn. 48 


. . . 

Cn. 190 



Ak. 149 


Narasimha iii 

n 232 


N^rasiraha iii 

Bl. 166 


Ballala iii 

Bl. 18 



n 89 


Narasimha iii 

Hn. 50 



. 155 


Ballala iii 

Ak. 120 


. . . 

„ 187 

? 1297 

. . . 

Bl. 159 


K^rasimha in 

Cn. 183 


. . . 

, 24 



Bl. 104 

? 1300 

Ball^la m 

Ak. 114 



n 105 
n 90 



Bl. 153 
n 163 


N^rasimha iii 

Cn. 250 

? 1310 


Hn. 51 



Hn. 47 

? 1310 


. 52 

? 1284 


Cn. 233 



n 164 



Ak. 151 



. 181 



Ag. 37 



„ 182 



. 39 



Ak. 165 



„ 40 

? 1324 

. . . 

n 158 



Bl. 244 


Baliaja m 

n 66 



Ak. 8 



n 31 




? 1336 


. 67 


Bl. 91 
Ak. 10 





» , n 



V ■ ■ 


Harihara i 

Ak. 159 


Harihara ii 


Cn. 175 

? 1357 


Ag. 68 

Bl. 68 



Hn. 19 


. . . 

n 97 

? 1372 

. , . 

Mj. 31 


Harihara ii 

, 191 



Hn. 77 



n , , 

Ag. 52 


Harihara ii 


Cn. 256 
Hn. 36 

Bl. 56 



Hn. 133 



Bl. 52 



n 184 



n 75 



Bl. 14 



n U8 


Bukka II "*^ 

Hn. 18 




n 63 
. 61 




Mj. 58 
Cn. 241 



n 62 



Hn. 16 



? 1397 


Hn. 86 
HN. 7 
Bl. 3 

? 1461 

_» ^ , -.. -- 

Bl. 94 

? 1468 



„ 135 
Ag. 41 

? 1398 


Cn. 195 



Cn. 153 



Date A. D. 

Name of Raler 

Taluq No. 

Date A.D. 

Name of Ruler 

Taluq No. 

? 1500 


Cn. 174 



Bl. 183 



Mj. 42 
Bl. 79 




» 184 





Ag. 86 



Hn. 7 


r, -Mdiuim-iix/ 

Hn. 6 


Ak. 185 



, 13 

1562 1 Sa(m9iva-R4ya 

Hn. 15 



HN. 19 
Bl. 57 




15 7?; Sri-Kafiga-Raya I 

Bl. 1 



HN. 8 


. . . 

Ag. 44 



Cn. 167 


Hn. 21 

V 1520 


Mj. 20 

1580 Sri-Raftga-Raya I 

Bl. 12 



Hn. 94 
Bl. 78 


, 212 


? 1587 ' 

Mj. 63 



Hn. 111 



Bl. 145 

rPig. 5S _ 

'Bl. 80 

» 196 



Cn. 187 

Hn. 1 

n 115 











Bl. 223 



n 81 



Ak. 126 



1, 82 



» 167 

. 1660 


» 122 



Cn. 193 



Ag. 83 



Bl. 197 



Hn. 40 



Mj. 47 



» 39 
Mj. 21 



Hn. 152 



Bl. .4 

T i .1 

1515 1 Bhatrava 

Ak. 2 I 1595 I RaAgappa-xNayaka { Ak. 60 


1513 Mala-Raja 
1573 Basava-R4jaya 




Imma^i-Bhairappn- I 

N&yakajCn. 255 































1. 1566 



^ 1568 
















HN. 6 
Bl. 31 
Hn. 22 
BI. 7 
Hn. 172 

n 176 
n 165 

Bl. 1 

n 12 



Date A.D. 

Namo of Ruler 

Taluq No. 

Date A.D. 

Name of Ruler 

Taluq No. 

^ 1584 
^ , Cll. 1588 



























? 1664 




















_ 1621 

. . . 



^^ 1685 




? 1625 




? 1687 






' 1628 







? 1633 








? 1634 












? 1704 

" ' '-- 







?■ 1708 









C iAl711 






■(t)i 1643 


* ^' 1 645 







14 \ 









? 1654 








? 1654 
W ?cl655 




? 1736 











? 1657 




?; 1755 




? 1657 




? 1755 












? 1658 




V 1773 













>Ai^ Yvo^v^ ^^^^ 










































(Haidar Ali) 



Haidar Ali 



Ttpu Sultan 

























In Hassan, on a stone near the ranga-mantapa of the Virtlpaksha temple. 

§ri subham astu i 

namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave | 

trailokya-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya Sambhave n 
svasti sri-jay&bhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushangalu 1454 neya Khara- 
saihvatsarada Vaisftkha-su 5 So lu sriraan-maharajadhiraja-raja-paramesvara 
sri-Achyuta-Raya-maharayaru sukha-rajyam gaiyut irppam | 
Kania. sri-Narasiiiiha-tanayam | 

bhft-nathaih vira-Krishna-Ruyang anujaui | 

tan irpparii Vidyanaga- | 

ri-nilayarii Achyutendra siriihasanadolu h 
ant eseva chatus-samudradhisvaranurii kS.runya-v§.rasi-sampiirnna-8udhakara- 
nurii Siva-pftja^Purandaranurii Tirumalesvarana kumaranurii Cheunapanna- 
bhapalan opputirpparii | 
AouBbtupu. sri-Mahadeva-puji\rtharii ramaniyaka-vaibhavarii | 

bhumisa-Chennapannendrarii svami-ka,rya-dhurandhararii n 
ant eseva Chennapannang aliya-santanarii go-bhu-hiranya-kauyri-dana-dhS.ra- 
pravaha-hastanurii kavi-jana-vakya-sudhabhishekanurii Tippa-bhfipala-punya- 
garbha-sambhavanurii Yellappa-bhupalan opputirpparii | 
ADdra-bh&sbft | Purahara-sAlamu virigina | 

baruvadi Ragu-Ramu-cheti-biinamu virigina | 

surapati-vajramu virigina | 

tirugad uni mata Tippa-dhimani-Yella n 

Yellaya-ripu-santanarii | 

sallalita-kavindraralli daridratvarii | 

illemba vachana Tippa- | 

Yella-mahinathan alda desadol ellarii n 

^ tlassan Taluq. 

sri-Achyuta-Rayaru Chennapannangalige amarada-nayakatanake palisida Ha- 
sanada simey-olagana Udduru-gramavanu Yellappa-Nayakaru uamma Channa- 
pannangalige punyav agabekendu Hasanada Virupaksha-lingana sri-pada- 
padmangala sannidhiyalli satrake samarppana madi kottevu n sri-Achyuta- 
Rayaru Channapannangalige nayakatanake palisida Hasanada simey-olagana 
Uddura-gramakke untada sarvarambha ashta-bhoga tejas-svamya-sahita Yel- 
lappa-Nayakaru Hasanada Virupaksha-devara sthanakke kartarada Devaru- 
Bhattara hastakke sa-hiranyodaka-dana-dhara-purvakavagi sri-Virupaksha-lin- 
gasritan agabekendu niu sahita 12 mandi Brahmana-bhojanada satrava prati- 
dina a-chandrarkka-parampareyagi nadasuviriyendu kotteu i sri-Achyuta-Raya- 
maharayaru Chennapannangalige nayakatanakke palisida Hasanada simeyo- 
lagana Uddtiru-gramavanu Channapannagalige aliya-santananada Yellappa- 
Nayakaru Channapaimagalige punya Achyuta-Rayarige sakala-sambrajyav aga- 
bekendu Hasanada Virupaksha-lingada satrake samarppanava madi kottevu 
mikka honnuva tiru-naluge hakuvadu yendu kotta sasana n 

sva-dattam para-dattam va yo hareta vasundharam | 

shashti-varsha-sahasrani vishtayam jayate krimih ii 

Ellappan (in Tamil characters). 


On a stone west of the south gate of the same temple. 
Virupaksha. . . . ii 

namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave | 
trailokya-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya Sambhave ii 

svasti srimad-anadyam sri-Virupakshasya | 

namami sthira-kalpaya sasanam sthira-sasanam n 
svasti sri-vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varsha 1485 ya vartamanake saluva 
Rudhirodgari-saihvatsarada Sravana-su 13 Somavara punya-kaladali sriman- 
maha-mandalesvara rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa Achyuta- 
Raya-maharayara kumararu chatus-samudradhisvara Sadasiva-maharayaru 

Hastinavati-Vidyanagariyali sukha-santoshadim rajyavan aluvalli 

tamma karyakke karttaradantha Rama-Raj-ayyanavarige palisidantha simeya. 

Nayak-ayyanavara makkalu | Krishnappa-Nayak-ayyanavarige ama- 

ra-nayakatanakke palisida Hasana-simey olagana halliya-gramavanu 

Hasanada sri-Virupaksha-devarige Bayyappa-Nayak-ayyanavara makkalu Kri- 

shnappa-Nayak-ayyanavarige aneka-rajyodaya-punyav agabekendu Ra- 

chappa-Nayakara makkalu Tammappa-Nayakara tammandiru Bukkana-Naya- 
karu tamage guttegeyagi harisida Hasanada simey-olagana Settihallige salu- 
vantha chatus-simey-olagada gadde beddalu katte kaluve ane achchukattu 

Hassan Taluq. 3 

hola mere niruvali ivellam olagagi kanike kappa jodi bedige talavarike ali- 
vara nyaya-sabheya sankhyeya chiluvana sunka sodige ivu modalu sarvvama- 
nyavagi Hasanada sri-Virupaksha-devarige Bayyappa-Nayak-ayyanavara ma- 
kkalu Krishnappa-Nayak-ayyanavarige aneka-rajyabhyudaya-punya-digvijayav 
agabeku endu | kandacharada Kachappa-Nayakara makkalu Tammappa-Naya- 
kara tammandiru Bukkana-Nayakaru sri-Virupaksha-devara rathotsahakke 
Sattihalliyanu dana-sasana-pratishtheyanu madidaru | Virupaksha-devara 
sthanakke saluva gramagalu Biranahalli Aduvali Rajaghatta Mandagenahalli 
Guddanahalli Yeleganagilu Hallada-Ramesvara-devara abhisheka-amritapadige 
saluva Saralanahalli Vighnesvara-devarige saluva Honnenahalli Hasana-nada 
keregala kelagana gadde beddalu tota tudike purvada gramada jodi bedige krinike 
birada hittu huggi bijavari iv-ellavanu Virupaksha-dovarige Hallada-Ramesvara- 
devarige Vighnesvara-devarige sarvvamanyav&gi sasanavanu pratishtheyanu 
madidaru | Virupaksha-devarige bhoga-naivedyakke madidantha punyagalige 
Hasanada simeya arasugalu prabhugalu senabovaru gauda-prajegalu adhikari- 
galu ivar olagagi avantln obbanu tappi anyayava madidare Kasiya-kshctradalli 

linga Manikanika radali go-Brahmara visasanavanu 

madi matri-gamanavanu madi guru-vadheyanu madidanthavara 

kakke maha-narakadalli aneka-Brahma-kalpa-pariyantaravagi naraka- 

yataneyanu anubhavisuvaru i-dharmmakko sahayavagi nudidanthavaru a§va- 
medha-koti sahalankara-go-sahasra-koti-drmavanu madidanthavara punyakke 
yeyduvaru | avaru putra-pautrabhivriddhiyagi satayu-sampurnnavagi allin- 
dam munde Kailasadalli Paramesvarana seveya madi nitya-triptaragi iharu | 
Si6k8. dana-palanayor mmadhye danat 8reyo'nupa,lanaiii | 
danat svargam avapnoti palanad Isvaram padarii n 
akarasya kara-grahe go-koti-vadham uchyate i 
sa-karasya kara-chhetta svarga-loke mahiyate ii 

nashtam bijam l)hinna rrijanyam saranagatam cha | 

go-Brahmana gralieshu jirnam ii 

.... trada Yajus-sakheya Hasanada Nanjappa-upadhyara putra Nanjappa- 
upiidhyaru barasida sasana. . . . chandrarka-siddhir astu n Kasyapa-gotrada Ha- 

sanada Lakhana Kallayyanu hoyda sasanakke avighnam astu n 

Birana-halliyalli ge gadc 5 la Virupaksha-lingana sakshikavagi kottadu. 


At Hassan, on a stone in Krishnappa^s chhatram near the Umamahesvara temple. 

Svasti sri-vijayabhyudayas cha Saka-varusha 1216 neya Jaya-samvatsarada 
dvitiya-Jyeshta-su 10 A | srimad-anridiy-agrahararh Buvanahalliya halli Gava- 
navalliya Ketayyana makkalu Bokaya-Nayaka Ajjeya-Nriyakana maga Ketaya- 
Nayakanu a-Gavanahalliyalu a-Ajjeya-Nayakanu Bhimesvara-deva-liiiga prati- 


4 Hassan Taluq. 

shtheyaih madisi. . . a-Buvanahalliya srimad-asesha-mahajanarigalanu 

Bhimesvara-devara amrita-padige a-chandrarkka-taram baram sarvva-badhe 
pariharavagi a-Gavanahalliya hiriya kereya kelage a-B6keya-Nayaka Ketaya 

Nayakana terige ulla tota-sthala gudida gadde sallage aru a-halliya 

hiriya-kerege mudana-sarige Hadariya Kaliyu. . . .ulla beddal olage 

saluva kamba aru-nuru lli yalle yaradu kala manegalanu a 

..... . mahajanangalu danavagi dhara-purvvakam madi kula du kallu- 

galanu netsi kotta sasana n gadde beddalu kalame nagala 

yaiige bhagey ondu ardha a ge bhage vondu. 

kondu a-Bhimesvara-devarige sthanikar agi maduvaru 

. . . .pariharsidavanu Varanasi-Ku dharmma-kshetraiigalolu sayira- 

kavi nalu katsi chatu 


In Hassan, on a stone virest of the Jubilee Hall. 

Svasti srimatu Chalukya-Vikrama-kalada 42 neya Hevilambi-samvatsarada 
Karttika-bahula-saptami-Brihavaradandu Buva-Gavundana magaih Arasiya- 
kereyal Bamma-Gondaih turu hariye turuvam magulchi palaram kondu 
saggastan ada || 

sura-lokak eyde Bammana | 

sura-kanneyar ellam uyye sura-dundubhigal I 

.... munde pariyalu i 

charitam pugu-tandan irade Sivan-olagamam n 


In Hassan, on copper plates in possession of Kittane Ramappa. 

(Nagari characters.) 

(ife) Sri-Ganadhipataye namah | 

namas tuiiga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave | 

trailokya-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya Sambhave \\ 

Harer lila-Varahasya damshtra-dandas sa patu nah | 

Hemadri-kalasa yatra dhatri chhatra-sriyam dadhau || 

kalyanayastu tad dhama pratyuha-timirapahaih | 

yad gaj6'py agaj6dbhutaih Harinapi cha pujyate ii 

asti kshiramayad devair mathyamanan mahambudheh | 

navanitam iv6dbhiitam apanita-tam6 mahah ii 

tasyasit tanayas tapobhir atulair anvartha-nama Budhah 

punyair asya Pururava bhuja-balair ayur dvishaih nighnatah | 

Hassan Taluq. 5 

tasyAyur Nahusho' sya tasya parusho yuddhe Yayatih kshitau 

khyatas tasya tu Turvasur Vasu-nibhas sri-Devayani-pateh n 

tad-vamse Devaki-janir didipe Timma-bhupatih | 

yasasvi Tuluvendreshu Yadoh Krishna ivanvaye n 

tat6'bhud Bukkama-janir Isvara-kshitipalakah | 

atrasam aguna-bhrariisam mauli-ratnam mahibhujam ii 

sarasad udabhCit tasman Narasavanipalakah | 

Devaki-nandanat Kamo Devaki-nandanad iva ii 

Kaverim asu badhva bahula-jala-rayam yo vilanghyaiva satrun 

jiva-grahaih grihitva samiti-bhuja-balat tach cha rajyarii tadiyam | 

kritva Srirariga-piirvarii tad api nija-vase pattanarii yo babhase 

kirtti-stambharii nikhaya tri-bhuvaua-bhavana-st\iyamaniipadanah n 

Cherarii Cholarii cha Pandyarii tam api cha Madhura-vallabharii mana-bhusharii 

viryodagrarii Turushkarii Gajapati-nripatirii chiipi jitva tad-anyan | 

a-Gariga-tira-Larika-prathama-charama-bhubhrit-tata,ntarii nitantarii 

khyata-kshonipatiQarii srajam iva sirasarii sasanarii yo vyattinit ii 

vividha-sukritoddame Ramesvara-pramukhe muhur 

mudita-hridaya-sthane sthane vyadhatta yathavidhi | 

budha-parivrito nana-danani yo bhuvi shodasa 

tri-bhuvana-janodgitarii sphitarii yasah punaruktayan ii 

Tippaji-Nagala-devyoh Kausalya-lri-Sumitrayoh | 

devyor iva Nrisiriiliendrat tasmat Pautirathad iva n 

virau vinayinau Rama-Lakshmanav iva nandanau | 

jatau vira-Nrisiriihendra-Krishna-Raya-mahipati n 

vira-sri-Narasiriihas sa Vijayauagare ratna-siriihasanasthah 

kirttya nitya, nirasyan Nriga-Nala-Nahushan apy avanyarii athanyan ( 

a-Setor a-Sumeror avanisura-nutas svairam a-chodayadrer 

a-paschatyachal{\nta,d akhila-hridayam avarjya rajyarii sasasa n 

nana-danany akarshit Kauakasadasi yas sri-Virupaksha-deva- 

sthane sri-Kalahastisitur api nagarfi Verikatadrau cha Karichyam j 

i^risaile Sonasaile mahati Harihare'h6bale Saugame cha 

Srirarige Kumbhagh6ne hata-tamasi maha-Nanditirthe Nivrittau ii 

G6karne Rrimasetau jagati tad-itareshv apy asesheshu punya- 

sthaneshv a-(II a)rabdha-nanavidha-bahula-maha-dana-vari-pravahaih | 


kshmabhrit-paksha-chhid6dyattara-kulisa-dhar6tkanthita kunthitabhut n 

brahmandarii visva-chakrarii ghatam udita-mahabhutakarii ratna-dhenurii 

8aptambh6dhirii8 cha kalpa-kshitiruha-latike karichanirii ka,madhenurii | 

svarna-kshmarii y6 hiranyasva-ratham api tula-purushaih g6-sahasrarii 

hemasvarii hema-garbharii kanaka-kari-ratharii paiicha-larigaly atanit ii 

prajyarii prasasya nirvighnarii rajyam dyam iva §asiturii | 

Hassan Taluq. 

tasmin gunena vikhyate kshiter indre divam gate || 
tat6'py avarya-viryas sri-Krishna-Raya-mahipatih | 
bibhartti mani-keyura-nirvisesham mahira bhuje ii 
kirttya yasya samantatah prasritaya visvarii ruchaikyam vrajed 
ity asankya pura Purarir abhavat phalekshanah prayasah | 
Padmaksh6'pi chatur-bhuj6'jani chatur-vaktr6'bhavat Padmabhuh 
Kali khadgam adhad Rama cha kamalam vinam cha Vani kare || 
satrunam vasam ete dadata iti rusha kin nu saptamburasin 
nana-sena-turanga-trutita-vasumati-dhulika-palikabhih | 
sams6shya svairam etat-pratinidhi-jaladhi-srenikam y6 vidhatte 
brahmanda-svarna-Meru-pramukha-nija-maha-dana-t6yair ameyaih n 
mad-dattam arthi-sarthas sriyam iha suchiram bhunjatam ity avetya 
prayah pratyuha-hetos stapana-ratha-gater alayam daivatanaih | 
tat-tad-dig-jaitra-vrityapi cha biruda-padair ankitams tatra tatra 
stambhan jata-pratishthan vyatanuta bhuvi y6 bhubhrid abhrankashagran 
avrityavritya sarveshv atanuta vidhivad bhuyase sreyase yah | 
deva-sthaneshu tirtheshv api kanaka-tula-purushadini nana- 
danany evopadanair api samam akhilair agam6ktani tani n 
r6shakrita-prati-parthiva-dandas Sesha-bhuja-kshiti-rakshana-saundah | 
bhashege-tappuva-rayara-gandas t6shakrid arthishu y6 rana-chandah n 
rajadhiraja ity ukt6 y6 raja-paramesvarah | 
muru-rayara-gandakhyas para-raya-bhayankarah | 
Hindu-raya-suratrana dushta-sardula-mardanah | 
gajaugha-ganda-bherunda ity-adi-birudankitah n 
al6kaya maharaya jaya jiveti vadibhih | 
Anga-Vanga-Kalingadyai rajabhis sevate cha yah n 
stuty-audaryas sudhibhis sa Vijayanagare ratna-simhasanasthah 
kshmapalan Krishna-Raya-kshitipatir adharikritya nitya Nrigadin | 
a-purvadrer athasta-kshitidhara-katakad a cha Hemachalantad 
a-Set6r arthi-sartha-sriyam iha bahulikritya kirttya samindhe n 
Salivahana-nirnnita-Sakabde sa chatus-sataih | 
sapta-triihsat-samayuktais sankhyate dasabhis sataih (i 
Yuvakhya-vatsare masi Sravane Budhavasare | 
S6m6paraga-(n 6)samay& punyayam Purnnima-tithau n 
Sri-parvate Siva-sthane Mallikarjuna-sannidhau | 
nana-sakhabhida-g6tra-sutrebhyas sastra-vittaya n 
vikhyatebhy6 dvijatibhy6 vedavidbhy6 viseshatah | 
praptam Hvaisana-rajyantarbhavam Hasana-simagaiii n 
Herane-namaka-gramat prachim asam upasritam i 
paschimam M6sale-gramad adhikam khyatim asritat \\ 

Hassan Talitq. 7 

tat-tan-namadharais sviyaih panchabhir gramakair yutaih | 
devyas Tirumalakhyayah puram ity atmana kritam n 
prati-nama-samayatam Kittane-gramam uttamaiii | 
sarvamanyam chatus-simri-samyutam cha samantatah n 
nidhi-nikshepa-pashana-siddha-sadhya-jalanvitam | 
akshiny-agami-samyuktam gana-bhogyam sa-bhuruham n 
vapi-kupa-tatakais cha kachchhenapi samanvitaiii | 
putra-pautradibhir bhogyam kramfid a-chandra-tarakam n 
danasyadhamanasyapi vikrayasyapi chochitaih 1 
paritah prayatais snigdhaih purohita-purOgamaih n 
vividhair vibudhais srauta-pathikair adhikair gira | 
Krishna-Deva-maharayo mananiyo manasvinam n 
sa-hiranya-payo-dhara-purvakarh dattavan muda | 
vikhyate grama-varye'8minn-ashtavimsati-vrittike 11 
vrittimanto vilikhyante veda-vedanta-paragah | 

(37 lines following contain namea and description of Bharehotders.) 

tad idam avani-vanipaka-vinuta-dharayasya Krishna-Rayasya | 

Sasanam uru-kavi-vaibhava-nivaha-nidanasya bhuri-danasya n 

Krishna-Deva-maharaya-Siisanena Sabhapatih | 

abhanin mridu-sandarbham tad idaiii tamra-sasanam n 

tvashta sri-Mallanricharyo Viranacharya-nandanah | 

&-kalpam asnute^traikam vpttim sasana-lekhakah n 

dana-palanayor madhye danat sreyo'nupalanam | 

danat svargam avapnoti palanad Achyutam padam o 

sva-dattad dvi-gunam punyam para-dattanupalanaih | 

para-dattapaharena sva-dattarii nishphalam bhavet n 

samanyoyam dharma-setur nripanam kale kiile palaniyo bhavadbhih | 

sarT&n etan bhavinah parthivendran bhuyo bhuyo yachate Ramachandrah n 

sri-Virtlpaksha (>» Kannada obaraoters.) 


In Hassan, on copper plates in possession of Hariyappa. 

(NAgart characters.) 

(Ib.) §ri-Ganadhipataye namah n 

(23 linoB following correBpond with those in No. 6.) 

jatau vira-Nrisiriihendra-Krishna-Raya-mahipati n 

Ranga-kshitindrAchyuta-Deva-Rayau raksha-dhurinav iva Rama-Krishnau l 
Jibambikaya Narasa-kshitindrad ubhav abhutam uragendra-sarau n 

ViraS-sri-NarasirilhaS (24 lines followlng, to toyair ameyaih H correspond with thoae in No. 6.) 

stuty-audaryas sudhibhis sa Vijayanagare ratna-siriihasanasthah 

8 Hassan Taluq. 

(Ub) kshmapalan Krishna-Raya-kshitipatir adharikritya kirtya Nrigadin | 
a-purvadrer athastakshitidhara-katakad a cha Hemachalantad 
a-Setor arthi-sartha-sriyam iha bahulikritya kirtya babhase n 
kritavati sura-loke Krishna-Raye nijaihsaih tad-anu tad-anujanma punya- 

karmAchyutendrah | 
akhilam avani-lokaih svamsara etyari-jeta vilasati Hari-cheta vidvad-ishta- 

pradata n 
ambhodena nipiyamana-salil6'gastyena pitojjhitas 
tapto Raghava-sayakagni-sikhaya santapyamanas sada | 
ambhasthair badabamukanala-sikha-jalair visushko dhruvam 
yad-danambu-ghanambur ambudhir ayaih purnas samudyotate n 
samajani narapalas satya-dharmma-pratishtho Vijayauagara-rajat-ratna- 

simhasauasthah | 
Nriga-Nala-Nahushadin nichayan raja-nitya nirupama-bhuja-viryaudarya- 

bhur Achyutendrah n 
kshiti-pratishthapita-kirti-dehe prapte padam Vaishnavam Achyutendre | 
adhyasya bhadrasanam asya sunur viro babhau Venkata-Deva-Rayah n 
prasasya rajyarii prasavastra-rupe vidvan-nidhau Vehkata-Raya-bhiipe | 
abhagadheyad achirat prajanam Akhandalavasam athadhirudhe n 
Timmamba-vara-garbha-mauktika-mani Rahga-kshitindratmajah 
kshatralaiikaranena palita-maha-Karnata-rajya-sriya | 
saury-audarya-dayavata sva-bhagini-bhartra jagat-trayina 
Rama-kshmapatinapy amatya-tilakaih kliptabhisheka-kramah n 
sri-Vidyanagari-lalamani nlaha-samrajya-simhasane 
santanadrur iva sphuran Suragirau saihhritya vidveshinah | 
a-Setor api cha-Himadri rachyan rajho nijajhakaran 
sarvam palayate Sadasiva-maharayas chiraya kshamam n 
vikhyata-vikranti-nayasya yasya pattabhisheke niyataih prajanaih | 
ananda-bashpair abhishichyamana devi-padam dharshayate dharitri n 
gotroddhara . . kuvalaya-pidapaharoddhuraih 
satyayatta-matim samasta-sumanas-stomavanaikayanaih i 
8an-(ni a)jata-smriti-ruruchim sa-vijayaih san-nandaka-sri-bharaih 
yaih saihsanti yaso-dayaiichita-gunam Krishnavataraih budhah n 
vikhyatam bahu-bhoga-srihga-vibhavair uddama-damoddhuraih 
dharmena smriti-matratopi bhuvane daksham praja-rakshane i 
prapta yasya [bhujarii] bhujahga-mahibhrid-dig-danti-kurmopamaih 
pativratya-patakiketa-dharani janantu sarve janah n 
yat-sena-dhuli-pali Saka-masaka-samuchchatane dhuma-rekha 
romali kirti-vadhva iva bhuvanarii idaih sarvam antar-vahantyah | 
veni naniyasiva prakatita-vihriter vira-lakshmya ranagre 
santyai jimuta-pahtih kila sakala-khala-stoma-davanalanaih n 

Hassan Taluq. 

tungam eva dayaih padambuja-yugaiii sonaiii cha krishnam tanum 
raktanila-sikham trivenim anagham viksham giram narmadam i 
tirthaniti samavahaty avayavais Seshadri-vasi vibhuh 
prayo yasya visesha-bhakti-muditah pattabhisheka-sriye ii 
oshadhipaty-upamayita-gandas toshana-rupa-jitasama-kandah | 
bhashege-tappuva-rayara-gandah poshana-nirbhara-bhu-nava-khandah n 
rajadhiraja-birudo Rujaraja-samamhatih | 
svarajamana . . . sri sri-raja-paramesvarah n 
muru-rayara-gandanko Meru-langhi-yaso-bharah | 
saranagata-mandarah para-raya-bhayaiikarah n 
karadakhila-bhupalah para-dura-sahodarah | 
Hindu-raya-suratrana indu-vamsa-sikhrimanih n 
gajaugha-ganda-bherundo Hari-bhakti-sudhanidhih | 
vardhamanapadana-srir ardha-nari-Natesvarah n 
ity-adi-birudair vandi-tatya nityam abhishtutah | 
Kambhoja-Bhoja-Kalinga-Karahatadi-parthivaih n 
sauvidalla-padam pruptais sandarsita-nripopadah | 
86'yam niti-visaradas sura-taru-spardhalu-visrananah 
sarvorvisa-natas Sadasiva-maharaya-kshama-nayakah i 
bahav angada-nirvisesham akbilaiu sarvamsaham udvahan 
vidvat-trrina-parayano vijayate vira-prataponnatah n 
guna-vasv-amburasindu-ganite Saka-vatsare | 
sri-Durmaty-ahvaye varshe masi Karti[ni 6]ka-namani n 
sukla-pakshe cha punyayaih utthd,na-dvadasi-titbau | 
Tungabhadra-nadi-tire Vithalesvara-sannidhau n 
Atreya-gotra-dipaya var-AsUiyana-sfitrine | 
Rik-sakhadhyayine Vishnu-dhya.yine guna-saline || 
vaidya-sastra-payorusi-parinaya mahasvine j 
Padmanabha-padarabhoja-bhramarayita-chetase || 
8arva-dharma-rahasyartha-sara-vijn3,na-saline | 
pautraya Hobalabhikhya-panditendrasya dhimate n 
bhushnave Tippanakhyasya panditasya tanubhuve j 
Narasa-panditendraya nana-sastrartha-vedine || 
khyata-Hoysana-rrijyasthaiii Sige-nadau cha visrutaiii | 
vara-Hasana-simantarvartitam samupasritam n 
gramat Somanahaly-akhyat prachim asam upasritam | 
Muttatti-namakad gramad agneyim asritam disam || 
gramach-Chikkamihaly-akhyiid dakshinasyam disi sthitaih | 
nairutarh Kadaluros cha Kotehalos cha paschimaih n 
Mahadevarahaly-akhya-gramat Kalapi-visritiU | 
vayavyam sri-Nidividipura-kshetra-varad api n 

10 Hassan Taluq. 

gramakat sri Konduguna-namakad api chottaraih | 
Muddalapura-namnopi gramad isanyatam itarii n 
srimat-Krisiinapuram iti pratinama-samasritarh | 
Kabballi namakaiii gramaiii griliaramopasobiiitaiii n 
sarvamanyaiii chatus-sima-sariiyutam cba samantatali | 
nidhi-nikshepa-pashana-siddha-sadhya-jalanvitarii n 
akshiny-agami-sariiyuktarii eka-bhogyarii sa-bhuruham | 
vapi-kupa-tatakais cha kachchharamais cha sariiyutarii n 
putra-pautradibhir bhogyarii kramad a-chandra-tarakaiii | 
danadhamana-vikriti-yogyarii vinimayochitarii n 
Sitatiisor variisa-ratnarii samajani nripatir Nanda-namatha jajne 
tat-santatyam cha Likka-kshitipatir abhavat tat-kule Bijjalendrah | 
tad-vaiiisarii S6mi-Dev6'lam aki-ita vimatat sapta-durgani hritva 
pautras tasyAravitipura-patir abhavat Pinnama-ksh6nipalali n 
bhu-kalpasakhi prathitAraviti-Bukka-kshamap6'bhavad asya siinuh 
Ballambika tasya bablmva patni Purandarasyeva Pul6ma-kanya n 
asmad asesha-bhuvanavana-Varijakshat 
(IV a) sringara-rajavad ajayata Rama-Rajah | 
Lakshmi-samana-charita lalana-matalli 
Lakkambika Ratir ivajani tasya devi || 
tasyadhikais samabhavat tanayas tap6bhis 
sri-Rariga-Raja-nripatis Sasi-variisa-dipah | 
asan jvalatsu bhuja-dhamasu yasya chitrarii 
netrani vairi-sudrisam cha uirafijanani n 
satirii Tirumalambikarii charita-lilayarundhati- 
pratham api titikshaya vasumati-yas6 rundhatiih | 
Himariisur iva Rohinirii hridaya-harinirii sad-gunair 
am6data sadharminim ayam avapya viragranih n 
svairarii sudrig-bharana-jata-ruchis su-vrittas 
sval6ka-dij.rita-tamas tanayas tadiyah | 
a-trasa-vrittir avadata-gunanuvarti 
sri-Rama-Raja-narapala-manis samindhe || 
yasmin prasasati mahiih jagadeka-vire 
bharigo nadishu. . . .cha pakshapatah | 
vallishu pallava-ruchir vanita-rateshu 
nivi-vim6chanam abhun niyatarii prajanarii n 
yasya pratapa-tapan6 Yadunatha-murter 
apadayaty ari-kulani samakulani | 
samanta-bhupa-sudrisaih kara-parikajani 
seva-jushaih muhur ah6 mukuli-kar6ti || 
vitarana-paripatiih yasya Vidyadharinarii 

Hassan Talnq. 1 1 

nakbara-mukhara-vinri-nada-gitan nisamya | 
anukalam ayam avalambu-bimba-padesad 
amara-nagara-sakhi lajjaya majjativa n 
Bharata-mahita-bhuma Bhanujasyanujanma 
vara-Tirumala-Rajas sahiti-Bhoja-Rajah i 
nidhir akhila-kalanam agrajanmorubhaktir 
vinaya-naya-sameto vairi-gandharva-jeta n 
yasyanujas sri-vara-Venkatadri- 
Rajah kshitau Lakshmana-charu-murttih i 
kurvan su-mitrasraya-harsham indhe || 
sumater asya dhirasya Sutrama-sama-tejasah ] 
Soma-vamsavataiiisasya sury-alambakaraiiihateh n 
Adappa-Bayyapa-kshmapa-tapah-parinatatmana | 
Krishnappa-Nayakendrena Krishna-bhaktagrayayina || 
vijriapitasya vinayad vimata-dhvrinta-bhrisvatah i 
visvatisayi-viryasya visva-raksha-vidhayinah n 
prajya-Karnata-rajya-sri-sthapanacharya-visriteh | 
ant-embavara-gandasya prajya-bh6ga-(Bh6ja)-mahibhujah n 


Atreya-gotralahkara-maner Manu-uaya-sthiteh | 
ant-embavara-gandasya Hari-bhakti-sudhanidheh n 
Nahushopamasya nana-varna-sri-madulika-gandasya | 
ye birudu-raya-rahuta-vesyaika-bhu(IV 6)jauga-birudu-bharitasya || 
vikhyata-birudu-manneya-vibhava-lilasya vijaya-silasya i 
visvambhara-bhriti-sphuta-visruta-dharani-varaha-birudasya || 
vinayaudarya-gambhirya-vikramrivasa-vesmanah | 
vira-sri-Rama-Rajasya vijfiaptim anupalayan n 
paritah prayatais snigdhaih puroliita-purogamaih | 
vividhair vibudhais srauta-pathikair adhikair giram n 
Sadasiva-maharayo mananiy6 manasvinaih | 
8a-hiranya-pay6-dhara-p&rvakara dattavan muda n 

Kabaliya valeyada vivara (23 linesfollowingoontaindetaiU of boundaries.) 

(IV a) sarasa-Sadasiva-Raya-kshitipati-varyasya kirtti-dhuryasya | 
sasanam idam sarasana-Dasarather amita-hema-dana-rateh n 
mridu-padam iti tamra-sasanartham mahita-Sadasiva-Raya-sasanena | 
abhanad anugunaih vacho-mahimna sarasatarena Sabhapati-Svayambhuh n 
Sadasiva-maharaya-sasanad Viranatmajah | 
tvashta sri-Viranachary6 vyalikhat tamra-sasanaiii || 
diina-palanayor madhye dfmat sreyo'nupalanam | 
danat svargam avapnoti palanad Achyutaih padam || 
sva-dattad dvi-gunam punyam para-dattanupalanam | 


1 2 Hassan Taluq. 

para-dattapaharena sva-dattaih nishphalam bhavet n 

sva-dattaih para-dattam va yo hareti vasundharam | 

shashti-varsha-sahasrani vishtayam jayate krimih n 

ekaiva bhagini loke sarvesham eva bhubhujara | 

na bhojya na kara-grahya vipra-datta vasundhara || 

samany6'yaih dharma-setur nripanam kale kale palaniyo bhavadbhih | 

sarvan etan bhavinah parthivendran bhuyo bhuyo yachate Ramachandrah n 

Sri-Virtipaksha (in Kannada oharacters.) 


At Gavunahalli (Hassan hobli), on the wall of the Chamundesvari temple. 

Mahabala Charaundi subham astu svasti sri-vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka- 
varusha 1588 ne sanda vartamanavada Parabhava-samvatsarada Ashadha-su 
8 lu Chamundesvari-ammanavarige Maisura Deva-Raja-Oderavaru Gavunahalli- 
graraava sarvamanyavagi kottaru sri mangalam aha sri. 


At Kabbinahalli (same hobli), on a virakal near the Isvara temple. 

Vijaya-samvatsarada Jeshtha-suddha 1 Brihaspati-varadandu svasti siri-maha- 
mandalesvara Narasiihhara kaladalu srinianu raaha-samantarum appa 
Kabbinakereya Hiriya-Tammana maga Madeyanu atiy age Yadappana kalegadali 
kadi sura-lokakke praptanada. 


In the same place. 
Saka-varisha sasirada nalvattaneya Vilambi-saihvatsarada Magha-suddha 
10 Soraavaradandu svasti sriman-maha-mandalesvara Tribhuvana-malla Bitti- 
Devara kaladalu Kanna-niaharaja Kabbinakereyan iridandu Echa-Gavunda 
aliya-Maiija-Gavunda kadi sura-loka-praptaradallige avara maga Malla- 
Gavundana maga Mara-Gavunda Mavana Echana int i-muvarum Vira-Ballalu- 
Devara kaladalu Hemalambi-samvatsarada Magha-sudda-dasami Somavara- 
dandu pa 


At Bittugondahalli (same hobli), on a stone at yemme-gundi 
north-east of the village. 
Sri-Ganadhipataye naraah i 

naraas tunga-siras-churabi-chandra-charaara-charave i 
trailokya-nagarararabha-raula-stambhaya Sarabhave || 

Hassan Taluq. 13 

svasti sri-jayabhyudaya-saka-varusha 1438 Dhatu-samvatsarada Ashadha- 
bahula-amavaseyalu Karkataka-sankranti-punya-kaladalu Krishnaveni-tiradali 
sri-vira-pratapa Krishna-Raya-maharayaru Gajapatiya mele danda-yatreya 
madi jaya-stambhavan ettisi bahaga avara dalavayigalu Atreya-gotrada Soma- 
vamsada aliya-Timmarasa-Odeyara makkalu | 
akalparii Virupambikri-parivridhas sri-Timraa-Rajatmajo [ 
jiyat sri-bhuvanaika-vira-virudo Riiya-kshama-vallabhah | 
yat-khadgobhaya-parsvayoh pravisarat-kirti-pratapa-prabha | 
samparkad ripavah prayanti nitararii nissreyasam sasvatarii n 
yint i-birudavaliyanulla Raya-Vodeyara komara Dhanaiijaya-Raya-Vodeyaru 
kotta aghrarada kramav entendare navu namma amarada padeya nayakatanake 
saluva Hasanada sthalada Bittugondanahallige pratinamadheyaviida Dhanaiija- 
ya-graraada chatus-simeya vivara Channapattanada gaddeyindarii paduva 
Koganakatada sime-kallindarii badaga Hullehalliya simeya nelliya-marada 
muda Hasanada gaddeya nerila-sosiyindarii Chaliyahalladindarii teiika yint i- 
chatus-simeyatat-tat-sthanada Vfimana-mudreya kall-olagagidda nidhi-nikshepa- 
jala-pashana-akshini-agarai-siddha-sadhyav eraba ashta-bh6ga-tejas-sva,myavanu 
Asvalayana-sfltrada Visvamitra-gotrada Jann-Upudyara makkalu Tippana- 
Joyisara raakkalu Channa-Dikshitarige Atreya-gotrada Timraa-Rajagala Rayana- 
Rajagala Dhananjaya-Rrijagalu sa-hiranyodaka-dana-dhara-purvakadi nimma 
kula-parampareyagi sukhadali anubhavisuviri endu kotta aghrara. 

(In N4gart oharacters.) 

kutra tvarii chalit6'8i Narada Hara ksh6nyarii kim asty adbhutarii | 

, .tarnatha-Dhanaiijayendra-vijaya-prasthana-dhuli-bharaih | 

netasoka-vipakshay^r anugatarii Mainaka-paksha-chhid6- | 

bbita naiva katharii nu sambhrita-jalas tad-vairi-kantasrubhih || sri 

ekaiva bhagini 16ke sarveshara eva bhubhujarii | 

na bh6jya, na kara-grahya viprardatta vasundhara || 

(In Kannada characters.) 

yi-dharmakke alupidavanu g6mariisa sura-panava sevisidavanu nadasidavara 
padava sirasa vahisuvevu sri. 


At Pura (same hobli), on a stone to the south of the dhvaja-stambha of 
the RamSsvara temple. 

Sri-Ganadhipataye namah sii 

namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-charaara-chirave | 
trailokya-nagararambha-raula-stambhriya Sambhave n 
sva-dattad dvi-gunam punyaih para-dattanupalanaih | 
para-dattapaharena sva-dattarii nishphalarii bhavet || 

14 Hassan Taluq. 

svasti srimad-anady-anta-Ramesvara | 

su-sthira-kalpaya sasanam Sarvva-sasanaiii n 

svasti sri-jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varsha 1483 neya varttamanake saluva 
Dundubhi-samvatsarada Bhadrapada-suddha 13 yu Guruvara-Pushya-nakshatra 

sriman-maha-mandalesvara rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-prauda- 

pratapa Achyuta-Raya-maharayara makkalu Sadasiva-Raya-maharayaru 
Hastinavati-Vidyanagariyali sukha-santoshadalli rajyav aluva samanantaradalli 
avara karyakke karttarada Rama-Raja-ayyanavarige pali. . . Bayyappa-Nayak- 
ayyana makkalu Krishnappa-Nayak-ayyana . . nayakatanakke palisida Hasanada 
simeyola. . .ya Ramesvara, . .yappa-Nayak-ayyanavara makkalu. .ppa-Nayak- 
ayyanavarige anekabhyudaya-punyav agabeken. . savappa-Nayak-ayyanavara 
makkalu Timmappa-Nayakaravara tammaViriipaksha-Nayakaru tamage vattigey- 
agi palisida Hasanada simeya Nidividiya-gramakke saluvantha kaluvaliya 
vivara Nidividiya gra Idu Pura-gra Idu Chittanahali gra Idu Chilanahali gra 
Idu antu gra. .kke saluvantha kanike kappa jodi bedige sunka kala ma.. 

(on the back) yanu sarvamauyavagi Nidividiya-purada. gi 

Baiyappa-Nayakara makkalu Krishnappa-Nayakaru. . . . rajyabhyudaya-putra- 

pautrabhi Ramesvara pratishtheya . . . a- 

Ramesvara-devarige madidantha punya-sasanakke 

apeksheyanu madidanthavaru Kasi-kshetradalli Visva- 

nathana sannidhiyali Manikarnika. , . .go-brahmara visasanava madi matri- 
gamanavanu madi guru-vadheya madidantha maha-patakangala madidantha 

avara koti-Brahma-kalpa-pariyanta Bukana- 

Nayakaru madida dharmakke sahayav adavaru asvamedha-koti salankara-go- 
sahasra-koti-danavanu madidanthavara punyakke yaiyduvaru avaru putra- 
pautrabhivriddhiyagi satayusha-sampurnaragi baduki allinda mele Kailasadalli 
Paramesvarana seveyanu madi nitya-triptaragi yiharu sri || (3 Hnes foiiowing 

contain usual final verses.) 


At Lakshmisagara (same hobli), on a stone north of the village entrance. 

Sri-Gana-Sarada-gu ti || . . . • 

namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave | 
trailokya-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya Sambhave || 

ya-Salivahana-sa Bahudhanya-samvatsara varadalu 

sriman-mahara svara muru-rayara-ganda Kuntana-kantara sri- 

. . . . kshatira-putra raya-bhandari-Narayana Mallikarjuna-maharayaru tamma 
pradhana Timmana-dandadhisvarage nirupisi tamma raja-dhanatvakke saluva 
Svati-gramada simey olagada Lakshmisagarada chatus-simey olagagi a-Svati- 
gramad adhipatiyada Devap-Odeyara kaiyali grama kula-kattidu palisidaru 

Hassan Taluq. 1 5 

ad adan a-Malla-Rajana maga battara Nukarajage tyaga-chatravagi palisidanu 
yidake rivava alupidavarige Varanasi a-Gaugeya tadiyali yelu-nuru-kapile 
tamma tande tayiyanu kondavaru 


At Javanahalli (same hobli), on a copper plate in possession of 

Svasti sri-vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha 1697 ne vartamanakke 
saluva Jaya-samvatsarada Jeshtha-su 3 lu srimatu Beliira Venkatadri-Nayakara 
Krishnapa-Nayakaru Hala-Vaderige dharmavagi appane kotta bhii-sasana- 
kramav entendade | Hettige-nada Hettura mande-valitavada Kirakahalli Godyu- 
vali-nada Marattura mande-valitavada Bachihalli yi-ubhaya-gramagala ma- 
dhyadalli yiruva agachi-gadde-maniyalli matha kattisi mathada dharmakke yi- 
bhumi nelavari chatur-dikkigu sihVpratishthe-Con the baok) yannu madisi appane 
piilisi yidhe yi-bhumiyannu sishya-prirampareyallu anubhavisikondu niathada 
dharmavannu nadasikondu sukhadalli yiruvadiigi n sri-Krishna || 


AtSatyamangala (same hobli). 
Sri-Ganadhipataye namah i 

namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave | 
trailOkya-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya Sambhave n 

(In N&gari obaraoters.) 

svasti 8ri-vijayabhyudaya-§alivrihana-saka 1338 ke sauda vartamana. .Durmu- 

khi-sariivatsarada Pushya udaya-punya-killadalu srima. . . .raja 

. . .raja sri-Bukka-maha gara MangaLada Virupa. . . 

satyav emba-graraavanu dharapiirva 


At Piilya (Palya hobli), on a stone on the south side in the precincts of 
the Lakshmi-Jan4rdana temple. 

(7 lines illegible.) 

rayara-gandarii | virachisida dharma-sasana Nagana- 

nilayarii | ad entendade | Isvararikage vanipa-nidhiy enis irvvara 

manam olid ava barasidante jagake Tippaih sva-nriprJana 

arigano Siugara-Devi su-charitrarii yaru valahina Uchcharigiya 

go satvadi Rudra-sarikheya dhirara deva gopa Tippa- 

Rajanarii n kavita nripalarii nirupa- 

16 Hassan Taluq. 

man udari ripu-mandala 1283 neya Sarvvari-samvatsa- 

rada Asvija-su 13 So sriman-maha-mandalesvara ari-raya-vibhada 

. . raya-suratrana purbba-paschima-samudradhipati srimat-Bukka-Raj-Odeyara 

hiriya komaran entappan endode l sriraatu khantikara-rayara ganda 

chakravartti . . . .yi jagaditti gopala yara su-putra 

kula-dipaka Tippanna-Vodeyaru Se. gana-Palayada sri-Janardana-devara sri- 

karyya nadasuvadakkagi a-puja horagagi ya kelagana totada 

gadde ant ishtara chatus-simeyolagana gadde bedda navagi kotta 

sarvva-bada-parihara Janarddana-devarige i-maryyadeya a- 

Janarddana-devara sri-karyya a-chandrarkka-sthayiyagi nadasuva- 

dakkagi a-pujarigalge Vodeyaru barasi kotta sila-sasanake 

maiigalam aha sri sri Tippanna-Vodeyarubarasi. . . ,ttu nadsiddasila-sasanakke 
mangalara aha sri sri. . . . n i-dharmakke kantakar a 


In the same precincts, on a stone on the north side. 
Vibhava-samvatsarada Sravana-su 11 lu sri-Janardana-svamige Era-Timmayanu 
Krishnaiii-Nayakaru tanna kayali gadyanam 40 varaha kanike madisi kondu 
kotta Paleda tenka-bagina baligana kamba-gargallake baluva hola 2 rule 


At the same place. 

(7 lines illegible.) 

maha-mandalesvara Tirumala-Raja-maha-arasugala maiduna sriman-maha- 
mandalesvara sri-Hasata-Raja-maha-arasugalu Bemeralura Kempa Singamaru 

Kantada Palyayada sri-Janardana-devarige Pradyumna-Vodeyara matha- 

davaru ishtatagalagi Palyadinda dcheyali mannu kha 3 gaddeya Gopinata- 

Vodeya Hosahalliya-agraravam dare eradu yishtanu sri-Janardana- 

devara ekanta-davanake selavagi samarppisidevu 
dana-palanayor mmadhye danat si'ey6'nupalanam | 
danat svargam avapnoti palanad Achyutaiii padam n 
Ramapati-Raja-Vodeyaru Chigalura Saraboja ya halli 


At the same place. 

Bukkappa | sri | 

namas tunga-siras-churabi-chandra-chamara-charave | 
trailokya-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya Sambhave II 

Hassan Taluq. 17 

svasti sri-jayabhyudaya-Srilivahana-saka-varusha 1488 ne vartamanake saluva 
Kshaya-samvatsarada Karttika-suddha 15 lu chandra-grahana-punya-kaladalu 
Bukkappa-Nayakaru Krishnappa-Nayakarige punyav agali yendu Gonibidu- 
simeya 18 aghrara muntada sarvamanyagalalli tekomba talavarike bedige 
vartanegalu solage bitti saha manyavagi Isvararpana madi kotta sila-sasana 

(usaal final phrases). 


At Sindhuvalli (same hobli), on a stone at the village gate. 

Dhatu-sam | Pusya-su 5 A a-Bauada-nadavaru Devapa-dannayakar i-Sindhava- 
lliyanu a-kaluvaliya kodagiyagi elu-nfida mund ittu dhara-purvvakke saluvantagi 
dhareyan eradu kotar mangalam aha sri sri sri. 


At NalMru (same hobli), on a virakal near hola-geri. 
Svasti Saka-varsha 909 neya Partthiva-saruvatsara Jeshtha-punname Adityavara 

sri-Kaliyuga-Bhiva-maharrijana rajyadol bedara Birammana pariyol 

Nallilr-alivino pariyal Dora-Gavunda kudureyol pe. .ridu sarggake 

sandan atana magan Ereyanga. . .Gavunda vineyava geydu kallan 

irisidam mangalaiii. 


On another virakal, at the same place. 
Svasti Saka-varsha 909 neya Partthiva-aamvatsarada Jeshthada punname 
sri-Kaliyuga-Bhima-maharajana rajyadol Bira-vammaua pariyol Nallftra 
Gavunda kudureyol pa 


At Eagravalli (same hobli), on a stone in Ghanna-Qauda's field. 5 

Sri svasti Saka-varisha kulatita-samvatsaraiigal entu-nura-padinenta varisha 

sale Satya-vfikya -Permmadi pritivi-rajyam geyt ire svasti sa .guna- 

ganalankara tilaka. 


At Hanchtlru (same hobli), on a virakal at the Malllsvara temple. 

§ri-maleraja-raja maleya-prachanda ganda-berunda Ilosala sri-Vira-Ballala- 
Deva prithuvi-rajyam geyvali Jaya-samvacharada Karttika-suddha-paiichami- 
Voddavaradandu Havuli-Paleyadalu Sana-Gaundana maga Boreyya Baleyyana 
maga Kaleyya Halevagila kalegadalli bidda atana maga Borayya krama-sam- 
praksha belasal ettisida biragaUa mfidida ojanu MalOja Mulojanu n 


1 8 Hassan Taluq. 


At the same village, on a stone on a pial to the west of Mastan Sabi's house. 

Svasti samasta-bhuvanasrayam sri-prithvi-vallabham maharajadhirajam Dvara- 
vati-pura-varadhisvararii Yadava-kulambara-dyumani maleraja-raja maleparolu 

ganda ganda-bherunda nissanka-malla srimat-pratapa sri-Vira-Ballala- 

Dev-arasaru Raya. . . . pattanadalli sukha-sankatha-vinodadirii pradhana 

Kantananavara makkalu turu maha-gaudagalu 

Saka-varusha 1134neyaPraj6tpatti-sariivatsaradaMagha-bahula nayakara 

ganda immadiya-raya d olagana Hanchuru a-kalada krayadalu 

yagi marigalam aha sri sri sri a-Manali-nada voppa 

sri-Somanatha |j 


At Holahalli (P^lya hobli), on a virakal in Halagamma's wet land, west of the villa^je. 

Svasti sriman-maha-mandalesvara Jayasirigha-maharaja-devaru rajyarii geyutt ire 
Karikanna kattege niririge iridu biddan ihamana madidaru teri samana nirkkarii 
nadatarusu tandu iddu seve madidaru Mari-Deva Marana. 


At Singapura (same hobli), on a stone on a mound at the village gate. 

Harihara-maharayaru kotta Sirigapurarii yiralagi Krishnappa-Naya- 

kara karyyakke karttarada Bukkappa-Nayakaru binnaha va ramappa 

salage bittiya avaha Virupaksha-priti agi dhare yaradu namma Kempa- 

Kachappa-Nayakarige punyav agabekendu sila-pratishthe madisi kottevu 

bida-simege banda ava arasadaru yi-vakhanige tappidavaru tamma mata- 
pitrugalannu Kasiyalli konda patakakke hoharu. 


On a stone at the same Agrahar. 

Namas turiga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave | 
trailokya-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya Sambhave || 
Harer lila-varahasya dariishtra-dandas sa patu vah | 
Hemadri-sikhara yatra dhatri chhatra-sriyarii dadhau n 
rakshayai jagatarii bhuyad dayalur Dviradananah | 
ambhah-krida-saro-raukhyarii yasya sapta-maharnavarii | 

Hassan Taluq. 19 

yad-damshtrarikura-sirani bhiir iha satam karmmani vedadhvanam | 
tair nandanty amarah Harih kula-patis tesham tadiya ghanah | 
te varshanti bhavanti sat-phalataya sasyani vrishtya prajas | 
tair jivanti tatas pumartha-nivahris tasmai namas Sarriine || 
asti trailokya-jivatur ananda iva murtiman | 
Paramesvara-kotira-prathamribharanam sasi || 
tad-anvaye maha-teja Yadur asin mahipatih | 
Soma-vamsya yatas shlghya Yadava iti visrutah n 
teshu sruto. .... bhun nripas sri-Sarigamesvarah | 

yat-kirti karpura-karnapuram harin-mukhe || 

tasyatmaj6'bhud dharmajnas sarva-sastradi-barhanah | 
vira-sri-marigaladarso vira-sri-Bukka-bhupatih n 
Gauri-sahacharat tasmad udabhud raja-sekharah | 
saktaprati . , Skandaiiiso raja Hariharesvarah u 
bhuvi Parasu-Rama-Raghava-Yadu-viras trishu yugeshu purveshu | 
Harihara Sva Kali-yuge'sau Harihara ity ajani vimata-haranena n 
urvim sasati bahuna Harihare . . -dharshitendra-sriya | 
kavye'8atya-su-bandhanaih karaalini-nrilotkare kantakam i 
taralyam tatitarii ganeshu tanima madhyeshu vamabhruvam | 
malinyaiii ghana-mandale kim aparam vaitanda-gande madah n 
bho bho Narada kiih samudra bhavitri vardhanti saptambudhih | 
pradfid vipra-kare jayi Hariharas tad-vari varamnidhih | 
Srir gehe hridaye Haris suranadi-tirtham kare svardari | 
murtte bhagya-sasi-vidhitayushmrim manas svasti nah n 

svasti bhumandala-bhuja-danda vartamrina-raja-paramesvara purva-paschima- 
dakshina-uttara-samudraika-nayaka bhashatilarighya-rajanya-bhujariga Hindu- 
raja-suratrana saranagata-vajra-parijara vaidika-mrirga-pratishthapanricharyya 
para-nari-sahodara budha-Sarasvata raja-Valmiki raja-Vyasa rajadhiraja raja- 
paramesvara ity-;\di-birud;ivali-bhushita Harihara-mahar;\jah svasti sri-Sali- 
vahana-sakabde 1302 Ravudri-n;\ma-sarhvat8ara-Magha-mrisi sita-paurnamasyam 
Bhrirga[va]-vasare asmin punya-tithau sri-Pampakshetre Viriipakshesvara-sanni- 
dhau H6sala-desalarik;\ra-Abaliga-nadu-sammandhinam | Senapuri-purva-dig- 
bhage Sirigapura-namanam dasa-sarikhyri-vritti-parimitam agraharam kritva 
dasa-sarikhyakebhyo br;\hraanebhy6 nana-gotrebhyo nana-sakhebhy6 nauri-nama- 
bhyah sa-hiranyodaka-dana-dhara-purvakam pr;\d;\t | teshaih naraa-gotrani 
likhyante teshu | (six Hnea foUowing contain names of vrittiJars.) sambuyaiva dasa-safi- 
khya-brahmanebhyah dasa-sarikhya-vritti-parimitam H6sala-desalarikara-Abali- 
ga-nada-sammandhinam Sirig;\purakhyam gramam ekam | kfiluvali upagrama 
Magehalli saha Sirigapurasya chatus-siraevalagulla nidhi-nikshepa-jala-taru- 
p;\8hana-siddha-sadhyagalemba ashta-bh6ga-tejas-sv;\myavannu surika suvarnii- 
daya davasrid;\ya saha sakala-samyavannu nirupridhi a-chandrarka-8thayigal;\gi 

20 Hassan Taluq. 

sarvamanya-agraharavagi yi-Pampa-kshetradalli sri-Virupaksha-sannidhiyalli 

Bukka-ra,jesvara-pratishthanga-bhu-danavagi dasa-sankhya-parimita-vritti 10 

Singapurahvayarh maha-agraharam dasa-sankhyakebhyo brahmanebhyah sri- 

vira-Harihara-maharajah sa-hiranyodaka-dana-dhara-purvarii pradat sukhadinda 


chintaratnam janauam Yadukala-tilakaih chid-vilasatma-darsam | 

tushta bhu-mandalendraih bhuvana-nuta-maha-dana-punya-pradanam | 

satru-kshmapala-sarvachala-Kulisadharam saradaih mantra-siddhara | 

raja-Vyasaih mahantaih Harihara-nripatiiii raja-Valmikim ahuh n 

evaih vidhasya Sihgapura-agraharasya chatus-simarvibhagah kathyate {foiiowing 

4 lines contain the boundaries). 

dharma-sakshigalu | 

aditya-chandrav anilo'nalas cha dyaur bhumir apo hridayaih Yamas cha | 
ahas cha ratris cha ubhe cha sandhye dharmasya janati narasya vrittaih || 
sva-dattam para-dattarh va yo hareti vasundharam | 
shashti-varsha-sahasrani vishtayam jayate krimih n 
sva-datta putrika dhatri pitri-datta sahodari | 
anya-datta svayam mata dattam bhumiih parityajet n 
dana-palanayor madhye danat sreyonupalanaih | 
danat svargam avapnoti palanad Achyutaih padaih n 
Indrah prichhati chandalim kim idaih pachyate tvaya | 
sva-mamsam suraya siktam kapalena chitagnina n 
deva-brahmana-vittani balad apaharanti ye | 
tesham pada-rajo-bhitya charmana pihitam maya || 

mad-vamsajah para-mahipati-vamsaja va ye bhuraipas satatam ujvala-dharma- 

chittah I 
mad-dharmam eva satatam pari-palayanti tat-pada-padma-yugalam sirasa 

namami n 
sri-Krishnarpanam astu || 


At Kundur (same hobli), on a virakal in the precincts of a ruined temple. 

Namas tuhga-srias-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave | 
trailokya-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya Sambhave || 

svasti srima. .bham Yadava-kulambara-marttancla rajadhiraja vira-sri- 

Narasihga-Deva Dorasamudra nali sukha-sat-sahkatha-vinodadirh rajyam 

geyu m ire Kunduru Chandu-Vegade Desi-Vegade tammu. . . .ra. . .mage 

nada-baluvali kadidali kaligala .... bdada Krodhana-samvachharada 

Somavaradandu yanu kallan irisidaru. 

Hassan Taluq. 21 


On a stone at the same place. 

Sri II namas tunga Svayambhuve n 

svasti riija puravaradhisvara Madhukesva svaram Banavaseya- 

biclina[li] sukha-sankathri-viDodadirh rajyam geytum irddarii | maharrijaua raja- 

gurugalu Malega-Jiyange magam Ka na magam Bammayeyam tanna 

bhuja-bala-avashtambadim viramam meredu tatta mam tiiri gandagali- 

tanadim arasugalam mechchisi karunya ttavaih kattisikondu 

Sivalyavam tejonnatavam madisidam (foUowing 25 linos eontain details of grant and usual 

finai phrases.) lisidarii su-putra kula-dipakarii enisidam madhyanna- 

kalpataru Kadamba-Jiya sthirarii jiya. . .sri sri biruda-riivari-mukha-tilakaii 
Varddha na magarii Gangojarii hoyda-sasanarii . . .... 


At Honnavalli (same hobli), on a copper plate in possession of Jddid4r Subbanna. 

(Telaga obaraoters.) 

Sri-Ramaya namah 

namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chrimnra-charave | 
trailOkya-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya Sambhave || 
Harer lila-varahasya dariishtra-dandas sa patu vah j 
Hemadri-kalasa yatra dhatri chhatra-sriyarii dadhau h 

svasti sri-vijayribhyudaya-§alivahana-saka-varshambulu 1586 agun-aneti 
Sobhakrit-sarhvatsara-Magha-masarii su 15 lu j Atreya-gotrapastamba-sutra 
Yajus-sakhadhyuyulunnu Soma-variisOdbhavalunnu ayina Ariviti-Ilangapa- 
Rajayyavariki pautrulunnu Goptila-Rajayyagariki putrulunnu ayiua srimad- 
rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa sri-vira Sriraiiga-Raya-Deva-ma- 
harayalayyavaru Srivatsa-gotrAlsayana-sutra Rik-sakhadhyayinni Veiikatayyaku 
pautrudunnu Tiruverigalayyaku putrudunnu ayioa Kuchchayyaku palinchina 
bhu-dana-dharma-sasana kramam etlannanu j Beluriki chelle Palyerii-simaloni 
Honnavalli-gramana prag-datta-svasthya-manyrilu vinaga nagariki chellc 
bhiimi 1 Atreya-gotrripastamba-sutra-Yajus-sakhadhyayulunnu Soma-variiso- 
dbhavalunnayina Ariviti-Rarigapa-Rajayyaku pautrulunnu Gopala-Rrijayyagariki 
putrulunnu ayina srimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa sri- 
vira-Srirariga-Raya-Deva-maharayalayyavaru Belurilo ratna-siriihasanadhyak- 
shulayi prithvi-sariirajyam eluchunnu Srivatsa-gotrAlsayana-sutra-Rik-sakha- 
dhyayinni Verikatayaku pautrudunnu Tiruverigalayaku putradunu ayina Ku- 
chchayyaku Beluriki chelle Palyerii-simaloni Honnavalli-gramana prag-datta- 
svasthya-manyalu vinaga nagarki chelle bhumi yi-tatha-ti-(back)thi-punya-kala- 

22 Hassan Taluq. 

maiidu sa-hiranyodaka-dana-dhara-purvakamuga tri-karana-tri-vachakambuga 
Velapuri-sthalaraandu sri-Channakesava-svami-sannidhini sri-Venkatesvara- 
pritiga sri-Krishnarpananga dhara-dattam chestimi ganuka a-Palyem-simal6ni 
Honnavalli gramana paliiichi prag-datta-svasthya-manyalu vinaga nagariki 
chelle bhumina nidhi-nikshepa-jala-pashanakshinagami siddha-sadhyambulane 
ashta-bhoga-teja-svamyamulunnu danadi-vinimaya-vikrayanaku challunattuga 
nivu putra-pautra-paramparyam a-chandrarkastayiga anubhavinchukoni su- 
khana vundedi | Atreya-gotrApastamba-sutra-Yajus-sakhadhyayalunnu Soma- 
vamsodbhavalunnayina Arviti-Rama-Raju-Raiigapa-Rajayyaku pautrulunnii 
Gopala-Rajayyavariki putralunn ayina srimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri- 
vira-pratapa sri-vira-Sriranga-Raya-Deva-maharayalayyavaru Srivatsa-gotrAsla- 
yana-sutra-Rik-sakhadhyayinni Veiikatayyaku pautrudunnu Tiruveiigalayyaku 
putrundunn ayina Kuchchayyaku palinchina bhu-dana-dharraa-sasanamu (here 

follow usual final verses.) 



At Bannftrupura (same hobli), on a copper plate in possession of 
Sama-Bhatta, son of Dodda-Mailari-Bhatta. 

(In Telugu characters.) 


namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave i 
trailokya-nagararariibha-mula-stambhaya Sambhave || 
Harer lila-varahasya daiiishtra-dandas sa patu vah | 
Hemadri-kalasa yatra dhatri chhatra-sriyam dadhau (| 

svasti sri-Salivahana-saka-varshagalu 1585 ra Subhakrit-saihvatsarada Vaisakha- 
su 15 lu Atreya-sa-gotrApastamba-sutra Yajus-sakhadhyayaru Soma-vaihsodbha- 
varada Ariviti-Rama-Raja-Rangapa-Rajayyanavarige pautraru Gopala-Rajayya- 
navarige putrarada srimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa sri- 
vira-Sriranga-Raya-Deva-maharayar-ayyaravaru Ghanagiri-sthaladalli ratna- 
siiiihasanadhyaksharagi prithvi-samrajyav alutalu | Srivatsa-gotrApastamba- 
siitra Yajus-sakhadhyayanada Gonipada JanPirdayana pautranu Srtnivasayyana 
putranada Anayage palisida bhu-dana-dharma-sasana-kramav entendare | 
Belurige saluva Abbaliga-nadolagana Vasudevanahalli | Ballurapurakke 
paschima Haravahallige purva Nidagaravallige uttara Bettahallige dakshiiia- 
vada Vasudevanahalli-grama yi-tatha-tithi-punya-kaladalli sa-hiranyodaka-dana- 
dhara-piirvakavagi tri-karana-tri-vachakavagi yalle chatus-simantavagi Velapuri" 
sthaladalli Vishnusamudra-tiradalli sri-Channa-Kesava-svami-sannidhili sri- 
Veiikatachalapati-pritiyagi sri-Krishnarpanavagi dha-(back)ra-datta madidev- 
ada-karana a-Vasudevaaahalli-gramava yalle-chatus-simantavagiha nidhi- 
nikshepa-jala-pashanakshinagarai-siddha-sadhyagal emba ashta-bhoga-teja- 

Hassan Taluq. 23 

svamyagalannu danadi-vinimaya-vikrayakke salluvante ninna putra-pautra- 
paramparyavu a-Vasudevanahalli-gramava a-chandrarka-sthayi agi anubhavisi- 

kondu sukhadall ihadu (usaal final verses.) 

brahmasva-paripushtani vahanani balani cha | 
yuddha-kale visiryante saikatas setavo yatha || 
sva-datta medini putri vipra-datta sahodari | 
anya-datta svayam mata dattam bhumim parityajet || 



At Alilru (Alilra hobli), on a stone on the asvatha-katte, near the village gate. 

. . . . ^alivahana-saka-varusha 1568 neya Piirthiva-samvatsarada Asvayuja-ba 5 Iti 
sriman-maharajfidhiraja raja-pararaesvara sri-vira-pratapa Sriranga-Raya-maha- 
rayara karyyakke kartarada Venkatadri-Nilyakara Krishnama-Nriyaka-saho- 
dara. . . .Timma-Nayakarige. . srimatu-Veiikatadri-Nayakaru kotta sihl-srisanada 
kramav entendare rajya-karya dati nadiya simake saluva 


At Madabalu (same hobli), on a vlrakal to the north of the Sdmanithesvara temple. 

Svasti samasta-prasasti-sahitaiii srimad-Vishnuvarddhana-sri-pratapa-Hoysala- 
bhuja-bala-Vira-Ballalana rajyam geye Saka-varusha 1133 neya Prajotpatti- 
saihvatsarada Phalguna-bahula 10 Brihaspativaradandu Nele-nad olagana 
Madabila-kattinge Kerehalliyavar-odane k:\di Hantiya yereyangalu sattu 
katteya katti biragallan irisida kramav entendade Madabala Makeya-Nayaka 
mukhyav ada samasta-prajegalum Haiicheya 


At the same place, on the west side. 

Svasti samasta-prasasti-sabitaiii srimad-Vishnuvardhana-pratapa-Hoysala— 
bhuja-bala-Vira-Ballalaua rajyadolu Saka-varsha 1133 neya Prajotpatti-sarhva- 

tsarada Phrdguna-bahula 10 Brihaspativaradandu. , . .nud olagana vagi 

samasta-prajegalum Hancheya Gaddey-arasugala bali gotrakke kottu bhfimi 
hana star iharu id alihidavaru Gaugeya v 


At Karjjavalli (same hobli), on a stone at the Kallesvara temple. 

Siugiri Kali-Santa-Devaru yi-mata-devara kudiru yi-sostiyana nadisade alipi- 
dare deva-loka martya-lokakke horagu | Saumya-samvatsarada Sravana-bahula 

24 Hassan Taluq. 

14yalu srimatu-Karjjavalliya Parve-Gaudara maga Kalle-Gaudaru Kanatura 
Timmappanavarige punyav agalendu Kallesvara-devara amruta-padige saluva 
gadde beddalolage Santa-Devara matake kha 24 bhatta svastiya nadasuvadu 
tateya 24. 


At Kanatur (same hobli), on a stone in the back-yard of Jamaluddin Sabi's house. 

Svasti Saka-varisha 947 Krodhana-samvatsara Chaitra-masada peretale-devasam 
age. , svasti-paradhara . . .ni-sambhava Bimavad-abhala ga. . .ppitashtadasa. . . 
svamedha pa. . .Permmadi. . .Padumavati-vara-prasada-labdha-siihha-lanchana 

vana-gaja-samasta-pratirajya . . .siiiga uagaradhina samananappa 

srimad-malapa-raja malepar Aditya beh-Marutta-dayada . . . ,kava kaligal- 

ankusa-prahari . . . .hara. . .Manale. . . .munurara nal-gavunda Kanna va- 

Gavandana maga. , . .dara. . . .aneya nerisi se. , .vattama katti kode a-de. . . . 

ttarege initu va kotta gu ya Kadabavalliyo , , . . ra siddiyage kodegeyi intap- 

pudake Sunkajjana mavaiii Sovarasanum manevergge Bisayya 

nada-perggade Dasayya Subayya-Settiyu Appanada kayya. . .Sanagoda 

perggade Birayyanu mo Kuravalliya Macha-Gavundana Basettiyu 

Biratura Maradi-Gavundanu Vauaga-Gavundana hebbara a-Hemma- 

Gavunda, .ida bareda senabova Vorayyage. , .kotta sasana. . . .maryyadege 
tappidavaih taya-deseya pattu taleyuih tandeya deseya panneradu taleyuma 


At Marusu (same hobli), on a virakal near the entrance of the Kallesvara temple. 

Svasti sri-samasta-bhuvanasraya sri-prithvi-vallabham maharajadhirajam Dva- 
ravati-pura-varadhisvararum maleraja-raja maleparol ganda ganda-bherunda 
nissahka-pratapa-chakravartti sri-Hoysana-Vira-Narasiihha-Deva-arasaru Saka- 
varisha 1205 Chitrabhanu-saihvatsara-Bhadrapada-su 13 Mah du Konda- 

Nayaka Ramanatha-Deva nadadalli Khara-Devayya yara 

Palyada yya-Nayaka Khandaya-Raya pala voratta-Murari anapara 

satnaradall iridu sura-loka-praptan adanu 


At the same temple, on a virakal on the north side. 

Svasti samasta-bhuvanasrayaih sri-prithvi-vallabhaih maharajadhiraja Dvara- 
vati-pura-varadhisvara maleraja-raja maleparolu gaiida ganda-bherunda nis- 
sahka-pratapa-chakravarti Hoysala sri-Vira-Narasinga-Dev-arasaru Saka- 
varusha 1200 neya Isvara-samvatsarada Pushya-su, . . .dodda. . . .maga 

Hassan Taluq. 25 


At Dudda (Dudda hobli), on a virakal at the entrance of the Kallesvara temple. 

Svasti sri-Dhatu-saiiivatsarada Chayitra-ba 5 Bu | svasti samasta-bhuvana- 
srayaih sri-prithvi-vallabham maharajadhiraja paramesvaranum appa Hoysala 
sri-Vira-Narasimha-Dev-arasaru sukha-sankathri-vinodadiih rajyarii geyvuttiralu 

Sevuna-Raya-besadim banda so vatikamanu bavara[dan]du Duddada 

Hiriya-Baicheya-Nayakana maga Enkanna. . . .yacheyada hoyida sami-kariya 
..... .na anna Dekayaii i da biragalu avara birudu sitagara-ganda. 


On a second virakal at the same place. 

Vijaya-saihvatsarada Marggasira-sudda 1 Bu svasti sri-prithvi-vallabham malia- 
rajadhiraja Magara-rajya-nirmulanaih Chola-rajya-pratishthacharyyanum appa 
Hoyisana-Vira-Narasiiiiha-Devara besadiih Duddada Chattaya-Naykana mom- 
maga Kusakali endum i-karyyakke tale gottallige Chattavve tanna magange 
nilisida viragallu. 


On a third virakal at the same place. 

Svasti sri Saumya -samvatsarada Magha-su 5 So | svasti samasta-bhuvanasrayam 
sri-prithvi-vallabha maharajadhiraja paramosvaranum appa Hoysala-sri-Vira- 
Vallaja-Devaru sukha-sankatha-vinodadiih rA,jyarii geyutt iralu t urakar u Dora - 
samudrakke yetti bandalli .Duddada Nadegoveya Machaya-Nayakana maga 
B aicheya-Nayaka nu ubhaya-dala mechche hoyadadi biddalli atana tamma Padi- 

Nayaka a-raaga Machayanu kiidi yettisida biragallu raadid nch.ui 

janu. . . .dikiya-Nayakana raaga. 


At Jakkenahalli (same hobli), on a stone near the Kallesvara temple. 

Namas tuiiga siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave | 

trailokya-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya Sambhave || 

tato Dvaravati-nathah Poysala dvipi-h\iichhanali | 

jatas Sasapure teshu Vinayaditya-bhiipatih n 

Kanda 11 a-Vinayadityarigam | pavana-charitre Keleyabarasigav akhilor- | 

vvi-varan udayarii geydaih | Srivara-pada-padma-bhririgan Ereyariga- 

nripaih || 

atana tanayan ati-pra- | khyatan udaraiii samasta-Iokadhararii | 
niti-vidan endod upama- | titam sri-Vishnu bhiipa samaratopaih n 


26 Hassan Taluq. 

sa-Srivallabha-pada-pallava-luthach-chetah-prasunas sada | 
Lakshmi-sri-nayana-prabha-dhavalite dorddanda vajralaye | 
bibhrano dharaniiii kakub-jaya-bharah prasphara-bheri-ravad | 
gotrorvviruha-supta-simha-hridaye sphotam chakara sphutam n 
jayati dharani-lokottamsitatmiya-padah | 
chatura-vibudha-goshthi-praudha-vani-vinodah | 
sakala-bharata-vidya-hridya-gambhira-bhavah | 
vipula-vijaya-lakshmi-vallabho Vishnu-Devah n 
Vritta II Dhanadaih dakshina-vayuv eke tadedatto tidit ill innuv em- i 
binegam vairi-karoti-koti-mukha-nasa-randhradol mandra-ni- | 
svanam unmal Malayanilam sulidu kalakshepamam Vishnu-bhu- | 
pana jaitrorvvareyalli maduvudu Kaveri-nadi-tiradol n 
inan orvvarii poragage pel puduve tejarii kshatriyarig Arkanan- | 
danan orvarii poragage pel puduve danarii bhubhujarig Abjaga- | 
rbhanum orvvarii poragage pel puduve chaturyyara nriparig endu me- | 
chchan ivarii mattina-bhuparam nripa-vararii sri-rupa-Narayanaih n 
sthirane kayyole dhatriyarii nilisidarii tejasviye vahniyam | 
korag irpparii kudal arppane kanaka-sailarii durav agirddu ni- j 
ttarisittem suchiye nirikshisidavar nishpapigal chalvane | 
Harauarii mohisal entuv arppan adhikarii sri-Vishnu-bhupalakam n 
javanurii tannaya gandu lachchanam enipp a-miseyarii tiddal an- | 
juvinaiii kanduguv endu kal-ugurgal anamrarigal suyyal an- | 
juvinara tejada sorikinindave mesigend uddhatar nnodal an- i 
juvinarii vikrama-vibhramarii sogayisitt i-Vishnu-bhupalanol || 
balasuttaih kirttisutturii sulidu sulidu terkkays iral kude Sesho- | 
jjvala-kayarii tivid-a-peligevol ire sarojatajandarii dharitri- | 
talav ellam tanna dirghayuvane parasi pardd elvinarii kshatra-dharmmo- \ 
jvala-ramyotturiga-harmrayarppita-mani-kalasarii Vishnu pettaih bed- 

arigam n 
padadol kurmma-svarupam nayana-yugaladol matsya-ruparii ghana- 

gri- ] 
vadol adi-kroda-rupam naduvinolu nrisimhatvav atma-prabhava^ | 
spadadol Rama-trayatvarii mati-vikasanadol Buddha-rup agi gujj a- | 
gada Kalkitvakke mey darada Hariy-eniparii Vishnu-jishnu-kshitisarii n 
Dharadharo bhuja-balavatarh Malavadhisvaranarii 
Bhojenaujo-vijita-ripuna varddhita ya prasiddha | 
sabhud apSsanam ahita-bhu-bhojane yasya purvvaih 
Kauberasa-bijaya-samaye varnnyate kirii sa virah || 
sandhyasav iti chakravaki-manasarii kirii kirii ddisi sruyate 
bahyalim iha Vishnu-vira-nripatau nirggachchhati svechchhaya | 

Hassan Taluq. 27 

kshunna-kshoda-talottha-pamsu-patalair grasta..ha gramani \\ 
stuti-vachanangal altu ripu-kotige bhima-parakramara daya- | 
sati satiy appa karanade tane kripaiii manam oldu belpavargg | 
atisayav agal ittu vipularjjuna-kirttiy enalke bere Bha- | 
rata-kathey embud eke sale Vishnu-nripala-charitre salade n 

Kanda II a-Vishuu-varddhanarigaiu i 

Sri-vadhug eney enisi negalda pempina Lakshma^ | 
Devige sutan udayisidam | 
bhu-vidita-yaso-vibhasi Narasirhha-uripam n 

Vrittall tarala-vilochanaiichalake kemp initurh bare bakkuv agal an- j 
t ari-narapala-sarikulada pandale kayge turariga-raji man- | 
durake gajAli salege dhanam nija-kosa-grihantarakke tad- | 
dhare kaditakkav undigege vol esev i-Narasimha-Devana n 
ari-bhupar vvandu mcy doridod avayavadim torane krura-daitye- j 

bhi- i 
kara-jihvakirnna-girnnananaman ogeda kiir-ddadeyariisarichalat-ke- | 
sara-bhasvat-kanthamarii gharghara-ghana-ravamarii Narasiriiha-kshi- 

tisarii II 
Ahipatiyante bhogi sasiyante kaladharan Isanant uma- | 
sahan Amarendrananto vibhavanvitan unnata-Meru sftryanant | 
ahima-kara-prabhavan Amarejyanavol bahu-tatva-kovidarii i 
mahi-nutan endu bannipudu dhatriyol i-Narasimha-Devanarii n 
svasti samadhigata-paricha-maha-sabda maha-raandalesvaram Dvaravatipura- 
varadhisvararii virodhi-narapala-jala-kuja-vichchhedana-kuthrirarii rajadhiraja 
Yadava-kula-kamala-marttanda ganda-bherundarii srimat-Tribhuvana-malla Ta- 
lakadu-Garigavadi-Nonambavadi-Banavase-Hanurigal-Halasige-Beluvalarii gonda 
bhuja-bala Vira-Gariga pratapa-Hoysala-Narasiriiha-Devarii Hima-Setuvindola- 
gada bhumiyarii bhuja-balavashtambhadiriitaldi dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipala- 
nadirii sukha-sarikatha-vinodadirii riijyarii geyyuttum ire tat-pada-padmopajivi 
maha-pradhanarii heggade-Kalimeyyan-anvayonnatiy entendade j 

Kanda II vedadhyayanadhyapana i vedarttha-vichara veda-vihitanushtha- | 
nadara veda-vinodana- | n adarix Govindan emba viprottaihsarfi n 
ay-ayyana hiriya-magarii | nyayadin acharadindav uchitadin atula- | 
sriyirii jasadira jagati- | jyayarii tan agi Naga-Rudram negaldarii n 
a-Ni\ga-Rudramayyanirii nerggiriyarii | 

sri-ramani-pati su-guno- i durarii sphurad-amrita-murtti murtti-Manojarii j 
daridrya-vidrutargge vi- | charise mardd enisi Maddimayyarii negaldarii || 
a-negalda Maddi-Rajana | manasa-kala-hariisey enisi kula-vadhu negaldal | 
bhu-nuta-patibratonnati- j Janakiyarii jadidu nuriki Makavey embal || 

28 Hassan Taluq. 

Vritta II guna-yuktaih Maddi-Rajarii janaka janani Makavve Govindanarii Na- | 

kanar aty-udda dhiratmanujarii Bu- | 

chana sevyarii Narasiriihorvvipa tanage kula-svamiy Ardhenduchuda- | 
mani deyvarii tannol end and avar ivar alave matyarol Kalimayyarii n 
vanadhig ad onde gunpu sahajarii Kanakadrig ad onde pempu matt | 
anuparaa-danav onde nijam a-divija-kshitijakke norppad a- | 
vanadhiya gunpu Meruvina pempu sura-drimad arpp ad avagarii | 
tanag enal i-dhara-taladol ar ddore heggade-Kalimayyanol || 
jadi ripu-rakta-variyolag a-jala-kelig odarchchad irddadara | 
jadi kadid ikki vairi-bhata-khandadol indeyan adad irddadarii | 
jadi samadebha-kumbha-yugamarii bide saulane silad irddadarii | 
jadiy anut irppa Kalana karasi karaiii jadiyuttum irppudurii || 
Kanda II kottu jasad-artthi-gaiidarii j 

kattayada biruda nudiva sitagara gandam | 
nettane para-vaniteyar-odav- | 
uttidan ene Kalimayya bantara bhavarii n 
Vritta II Kanakadrindraman unnatikke vibhavarii Devendranaih raurtti Ka- | 
raanan artt iva-gunarii Dadhichi Baliguttaih Charudattahgav ond i 
enitanurii migil endod evogaldapem vidvaj-janadharanaih | 
vinayambhonidhi Krilimayyanan ati-prakhyatanarii dhatriyol ij 
jana-vinutaih viveka-nidhi sach-charitasrayan atma-variisa-va- | 
rddhanan abhimana-Meru sujanagrani dana-vinodi punya-bha- n 
janan anavadyan endu dhare bannipud alkarol eyde Kalima- | 
yyanan ina-tejanaih guni-samajanan asrita-kalpa-bhujanaih n 
saraaradol ant arati-naranatha-vadhu-vadanakke haravaih j 
kamala-dalakshi-yugmadole kahkanam oppire ramyav appa kuh- | 
kuma-ghana-parvvatopama-kuchahgalol anduge madid ondu vi- | 
krama-ghana-sauryyad unnatike sallado heggade-Kalimayyanol n 
misuguva Tarakadri-ruchiyirh dugudharnnava-phena-rochiyiih | 
desegalan avagaih belagut irppa himakara-bimbadiih vira- j 
jisuv Amarendra-dantiya tanu-chchhaviyiih migil agi parvvi ra- | 
jisuvudu kirtti dhatriyolag i-vibhu-heggade-Kalimayyana || 
svasti samasta-bhuvana-jana-vinuta-guna-ganalahkara | vidagdha-varahgana- 
jana-kucha-kalasa-tara-hara | deva-dvija-guru-puja-vidhana-tatpara. .yataih | 
Manu-margga-charitaih | chatus-samudra-mudrita-dharatala-kirtti-(lata)valli- 
vellita-dig-antarala | vibudha-jana-manas-sarojakara-mada-marala | yachaka- 
nikara-mukha-sarasiruha-prabhakara [ niti-ratnakara | udvrittarati-bala-byuha- 
kadali-vana-vidalana-prachanda-vedanda | sitagara-ganda j akhanditabhimana- 
Kaninan | avaryya-bhuja-viryyan | asahaya-sauryya bantara-bhava | jasad- 
artthi-ganda I sitagaragandakadana-prachanda namadi-prasasti-sahitaih sriman- 
maha-pradhanarh heggade-Kaliraayyaih sriman-mahagraharaih Santi-graraada 

Hassan Taliiq. 29 

Koravangalada Jakkeyanahalliyalu sri-Kalesvara-devararii su-pratishtitam madiy 
a-devar-anga-bhoga-nitya-nivedya-pujegarii khanda-sphutita-jirnnoddharakkarh 
tapodhanar-anna-danakkav agi devarabadagana meyya raavinabaviyiriibadagalu 
tota volagagi mu-gandugada hadinaidu-kolaga-gadde Chikka-Gavundana kodagi- 
gereyal immeyya-kodiyind olagada niruvariyirii badaga muntagi hoda Hudugerey- 
olagu mutte gaddey adakke terey ondu hanavan ikkuvar allindarii mele banda- 
dari; gavudugalu pariharisuvavaru | Gavudugereyalli tamma kodagiyalu 
khanduga gaddeyurii haldu Bicheyanakerey avagav adar-immeyyi beddalu 
Hudugereya mudana kodiyalu khanduga jolada beddalu devara hindana dese- 
yalu jolav aydu kolagada beddal a-devaririi saytu mudalu natta kalla sime- 
vararii beddalu Buva-Gavundana kumraari dasakada bali jolarii hadinaydu 
kolagada beddal inituvarii devarige bittar | i-devara sthana-patigal entendade | 
piridurii same-dameyindarii | karav arid enip ondu tapadin agamadindam | 
nirutarii rarijisutirddarii | dhareyolu §ivasakti-Panditarig eney avarii n 
svasti yama-niyama-svudhyaya-dhyana-dharana-monrinushthana-japa-samadhi- 
sila-guna-sarapannar appa Sivasakti-Panditarige Kalesvara devara sthanavarii 
dhara-purvvakarii madi Kalimayya-Heggade kotta | 

priyadind int idan eydo k iva-manujaiig ayurii jaya-sriyum a- | 
kkey idarii ka,yade kayva papige Kurukshetrarigalol Varanfl- | 
siyol ek-koti-munindrararii kavileyarii vedadhyararii kondud ond | 
ayasarii pordduguv cndu saridapuv i-sailakshararii dhatriyol n 
sva-dattarii para-dattarii va yo hareta vasundharruh i 
shashti-varsha-sahasrani vishthayam jayate krimih n 
na visbarii visham ity lihur devasvarii visham uchyat^ | 
visham ekakinarii hanti devasvarii putra-pautrakarii n 
sS,many6yarii dharmma-setur nripanarii kale kfile palaniyo bhavadbhih | 
sarvvan etan bhavinah parthivendran bhuyo bhtiyo yrichato Raraa- 

chandrah n 

Siiryyanarii lekhaka Madana-Mahesvararii barevar-richaryyaiii Saka-varsha sasi- 
rada tombhatt-eradaneya Vikriti-sariivatsarada barada sasanav id a-chandrarkka- 
tararii niluke | Sivaya namah | devara-kereya-dariyirii badaga belada-raarada 
badagana deseyalu gadde beddalu Birabovarige mu-ganduga I Ganapataye namah || 


Svastiy anavarata-parama-kalyanabhyudaya-sahasra-phala-bhoga-bhagini dviti- 
ya-Lakshmi-samaneyaru savati-gandha-varaneyar appa piriy-arasi Ketala-Devi- 
yara besadirii heggade-Bittiyannanu heggade-Malliyannanurii sri-Kalesvara-de- 
vara nanda-divigege kai-gana onduvarii Darmraukhi-sariivatsarada Paushya- 
bahula 8 Vaddavaradalu uttarayana-sarikaramanadalu bittaru i-dharraraavam 
kedasihen endavaru Garige-Varanasiyalu munindrararii kavileyarii vedadhyaraiu 
konda dosha | 

30 Hassan Taluq. 


At Honnammanahalli attached to Dudda, on a stone in the Honnamma temple. 
.. . . padmankitani tol eradu nisita-vajra-prabha-bhasuraiii tol | 

erad udyacli-chakra-chakrojvala. .tala oguvii l 

. . .bannaiii ponna-bannakk eneyene garudam vaham agirppa chakre- | 

sva II 

svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvaram Dvaravatipura- 
varadhisvaram Yadava-kulambara-dyumaniy artthi-jana-chintamani Tribhuvana- 
malla Talakadu-Gangavadi-Nonambavadi-Kougu-Nangali-Banavase-Hanungalu- 
gonda bhuja-bala vtra-Garigan asahaya-sura Sanivara-siddhi giri-durgga-malla 
chalad-arika-Rama nissarika-pratapa-Hoysala-Ballala-Devaru srimad-rajadhani- 
Dorasamudrada nelevidinalu sukha-sarikatha-vinodadiih rajyam geyyuttav 
iralu Saka-varsha 1100 neya Vilambi-samvatsarada Vaisakha-bahula 10 Adi- 
varadandu ashtadasa-yoga-pithadhidevatey appa Duddada Honnudike-devige vira- 

Gariga-Hoysana-Devaru purvva-maryyadeyalu bitta dattiy avud Duddada 

hiriya kereya kelageterikana tumbina modal-eriyalli gadde sa 5 a-haleya tumbina 
bavi-kalliiii haduvalu hu-dota beddale deviya banadirii mudalu hunise terikalu 
heddari haduvala kali badagalu Bammeyanahalliya sime j Bammeyanahalliya 
mahajanarigalu tarama hiriya kereya kelagana mavina-kattadali bitta datti 
gadde sa a beddale kol 10 deviya padaradhaka Bitiyannagam Honnavegaih 
huttida Kala-Honneya jirnnoddharavan urjjitam madalu samasta-prajegalurii 
Basa-Gondanurii Buva-Gondanurii senabova Bachannanuih soteyan ikki dharmma- 
marii pratipalisidaru | 

priyadind irit idan eyde kava-purushang ayuih jaya-sriyum a- | 
kkum idaih kayade kayva papige Kurukshetrarigalol Varana- | 
siyol ek-koti-munindraram kavileyarix vedadhyaraih kondud ond j 
ayasaih pordduguv endu saridapud i-sailakshara-brajigal n 

devar-odeya Kala-Honneya yya Kameyarige hachchu kotta vritti Tippatur 

Kadabarh Urigura Charigavi tanage Hiriya-Heggodu 


At Heragu (same hobli), on a stone in front of the Jaina-basti. 

Srimat-pavitram akalarikam anantakalpaih 
svayambhuvaih sakala-marigalam adi-tirthaih | 
nityotsavaih manimayaih niyataih jananarii 
trailokya-bhiishanam aharii saranaih prapadye || 

sri-Vitaraga || 
srimat-parama-garobhira-syadvadamogha-lanchhanarii j 
jiyat trailokya-nathasya sasanaih Jina-sasanarii n 

Hassan Taluq. 31 

svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvararii Dvanxvatipura- 
varadhisvararii Yadava-variisodbhava Kongu-Nangali-Gangavadi-Nonambavadi- 
Banavase-Hanungallu-Halasige-gonda bhuja-bala vira-Gaiiga jagad-eka-malla 
Hoysala-Vira-Narasiriiha-Devaru srimad-rajadhani-Dorasamudrada nelavidinalu 
dushta-nigraha sishta-pratipalanava mfidi sukha-sankatha-viuodadirii prithvi- 
rajyaih geyvuttam ire tat-pada-padmaradhakarii para-bala-sadhaka-namadi- 
samasta-prasasti-sahitarii sriman-maha-pradhana5ii hiriya-hadavalarii Chavima- 
yyana negarttey entendade | 

inanarii tejadol Indranarii vibhavadol Chanakyanam nitiyol | 
Manuvarii charu-charitradol jaladhiyarii gambhiryyadol dhairyyadol | 
kanakadrindraman eyde polvan adatirii trailokyamarii mechchid A- | 
rjjunanam sri-padavalla-chaman enal inn evanniparii banniparii n 
vara-vanita-janaiigala manam Kusumiistra-sarakke sad-budho- | 
tkara-kara-parikajarii bahu-suvarnna-chayakk adhinatha-mandirarii | 
sthiratara-rajya-lakshmig edeyadavu riipa-vilasad elgeyirii | 
nirupama-danadim pati-hitonnatiyirii padavalla.Chamana || 
anupamam appa bandhu-nivahaih nija-paksham anargha-ratna-ma- | 
dana-tati paricha-varnnam akhilogra-bhujasiye charichu dushta-dur- | 
jjana-ripu-bhiibhujar bhujagar age negartteyan anta Bitti-De- | 
vana garudarii samant esedan i-dhareyol padaval|a-Chamanarii n 
intu pogarttegarii negarttegarii neley ada hiriya- | hadavalla-Chaviraay- 
yana sarvvauga-Lakshmi hiriya-hadavaliti Jakkavveyara ncgarttey 
entendadc | 

nirutarii pdjipa deyvam oppuva Jinarii siddhanta-chakresvaram | 
guru matt a-Nayakirtti-Deva-yati tay Achavve Bammayyanum | 
. . . premada tande mikka subhadirii lokaika-raksha-kshamaiii | 
purushaih sri-padavalla-Chaman enal irii Jakkavveyirii dhanyar ar || 
liatiyannalu rCipirii Bha- | ratiyannalu vag-viirisadirii saushthavadirii | 
ksliitiyannalu permmcg Arun- | dhatiyunnala Jakkiyavve kanta-ratiiarii j 
kOmalavagi trme subha-lakshana-yuktam enippa miirttiyiih | 
vy6maman eyde parbbi digu-danti-vararii niraird irdda kirttiyim | 
sri-mukhadindam udbhavipa satyada mel-nudiyinde gotra-chi- | 
ntamani Jakkiyavve sale raiijisidal Sachi-deviy-andadiih || 
band crcye vandi-janam a- | nandadin a-kshanade kalpa-kujad firavey i- 1 
V andadin ival belpuda- | n endurii Jakkavve-Devi jagati-taladolu || 

takkala raikka sormudiya vritta-kucharigala no- | 

takk alar-amb iv emba nage-garigala rokkam enippa honna-ba- | 
nnakke visesham app adhara-kantiya Jakkala-nariy ondu bha- | 
vakke gunakke vag-vibhavad unnatig ar dore pendir urvviyo] n 
Jina-rAjririghriyan oppuv archchanegaliih sad-bhaktiyind archipal | 
vinayarii gundade lOka-pujyar enisirpp acharyyaraiii pritiy a- | 

32 Hassan Taluq. 

ppa navajyamritad annadim tanipuval sn-Jaina-gehangalaiii | 

manad utsahade malpal i-dharaniyol Jakkavvey intappar ar n 

taladol asokey oppuva talir mmukha-pankajadol sarojav a- | 

suli-gurul-oliyol madhupa-sankulam olnudigalge mikka-ko- | 

kila-mari yanadol gaja-samuchchayam udgha-payodharakke po- | 

ngalasam enipp iv eiii doreye Jakkale-nariya rupin-elgeyol n 

rava akkaiii | 

Jina-rajanan atimudadind | 

anekav enip archchanangalind archchisi saj- | 

janarolu migil ene negald a- | 

vinayada kani Padmiyakkan ene mechchadar ar n 

avara gurugalu i 

sakala-vyakaranarttha-sastra-chayadol kavyangalol mikka na- ] 
tikadol vastu-kavitvadol negalda siddhantangalol parama- | 
rtthikadol. . .kikadol samasta-kaleyol paiigina nadey. . | 
dhikan adam Nayakirtti-Deva-yatipam siddhanta-chakresvaram || 
Herag ollitt end ellarii | nirutaiii binnavise keldu basadiyan aty-a- | 
daradinde madi Jakkale | dhareyarii dharmmakke kottu jasamarii padedal || 
ad ent endade Saka-varshaiii 1077 neya Yuva-sariivatsarada Pushyad-amavasye 
Adivarav-uttarayaiia-sarikrantiyandu sriman-maha-pradhanarii hiriya-hadava- 
larii Chavimayyana sarvvariga-Lakshmi hiriya-hadavalati sri-Mula-sarigada De- 
siya-ganada Pustaka-gachchhada Konda kundanvayad acharyyaru sri-Nayakirtti- 
siddhanta-chakravarttigala guddi Jakkavveyaru mahotsahadirii tavu Heraginalu 
pratishtheyarii madisida sri-Chenna-Parsvanatha-svamigala sri-pada-padmashta- 
vidharchchanakkarii utturiga-chaityalayada khanda-sphutita-jirnnoddharana- 
kkarii rishiyar-ahara-danakkav endu srimatu Heragina prabhugalur-odeya- 
Somanathimayya Buvimayya Singa-Gavundan olagada samasta-prabhugala 
samasta-pradhanara sannidhanadalu sriman-maha-mandalesvara-Narasimha- 
Devargge binnaham geydu hiriya-kereya kil-eriyalli kalla-tumbina samipadalu 
bidisida gadde salagey aydu beddaleyalli sthalav ondu | 


Svasti sriman-maha-mandalesvararii Dvaravatipura-varadhisvaranurii Korigu- 
Narigali-Garigavadi-Nonambavadi-Banavase-Hanurigalu-gonda bhuja-bala vira- 
Garigan asahaya-sura nissarika-pratapa Hoysala-sri-Ballalu-Devaru Dorasamii- 
drada rajadhaniyalli sukha-sarikatha-vinodadirii prithvi-rajyarii geyyuttura ire 
Jaya-saiiivatsarada Pusyad amavase-Marigalavara-vyatipata-Uttarashadha- 
nakshatradandu Heragina basadige raodalu gadyana 1 kkarii bali-sahitavagi 
gadyanav ippatta-nalkakkarii bhumiyarii dharil-purvvakarii madi bitta sthala 
hiriya-kereya kibbayalalu bittiga-gattav ondu urinda haduvana holadalli 

Hassan Taluq. 33 

beddale nrdvatt-eradu gena galeyalu kambha 32» bitta datti || 
gata-lilaiii Lulan ulanibita-bahala-bhayogra-jvaram Gurjjaram san- | 
dhrita-sulam Gaulan angikrita-krisatara-sampallavam Pallavaiii chu- | 
rnnita-chulam Cholan adam kadana-vadanadol bheriyam poyse vira- i 
hita-bhubhrij-jala-kairinalan atula-balam Vira-Ballala-Devam n 
manam old udyad-ya§as-sri-pati nele modal agal salvant eral-pon- | 
nan aparaudaryya-paryyunnatanum udadhiyuiii Meruv a-chandranum nil- | 
vinav atyutsahadindaiii Peragina Jina-gehakke bittaiii purandhri- | 
jana-lilananga-riipam mathana-jaya-bhujam Vira-Balh\la-Devam n 
ati-sobhakaram appa Vishnuvina vaksha-sthanadol Lakshmiy un- | 
nati vett irppavol irkke kirtti-yutanol sri-Chamanol kudi san- | 
gata-satvar vvahu-putraraih padevutaiii Jakkavve chandrarkkaruiii | 
ksliitiyum Meru-nagendram ullinegam iiii bhadraiii subhaiii mangalam n 
ivan iy-andadin eyde palisidavargg ishtarttha-samsiddhi sam- | 
bhavikum kond alidange Gauge Gaye Kedaram Kurukshetram emb i 
ivarol pesade parrvaram goravaram go-brindamaiii pendiram | 
tave kond ikkkida papam eydugum avaiii bilgum nigodangalol n 
sva-dattarii para-dattam vii yo hareta vasundhararii i 
shashti-varsha-sahasrani vishthayaiii jayato kriniih n 


Svasti srimatu-Durmmukhi-sauivatsarada Chaitra-suddha-dasami-Somavara- 
dandu Heragina Chenna-Pilrisva-devara nanda-divigege srimatu sunkada 
heggade Ileragina Bach-arasa-Gattiy-arasa-Bamnia-Deva-Ballayyangalu sunka- 
vaiii bittaru ettu-gana ondakkam a-telligara mane-dere onduvarii iir-odeya- 
Narasinganna Mara-Gavunda senabOva-SOmayyan olagiida samasta-prajegal ir- 
ddu bitta dharmma n 


At the same villas:e, on a stone at the gate of the Kirtti-Narayana temple. 
Etat trailukya-uirmmana-trrina.sariiln-iti-karanarii | 
srimat-sri-Jaitanathasya sasanaiii sasvataiu pararii n 
krida-KrOdas sa vali payfid yad-dantagre vasundhara | 
babhara ketaka-sikha-sangi-bhriugangana-sriyarii n 
SOmanvaye Yadur abhud Yadu-variisa-janma 
bhupas Salah kija Dilipa-Nala-prabhavah | 
muktiiphairini nija-nirmmala-kirtti-bijaiu || 


34 Hassan Taluq. 

s6'py ekada Sasapure munina niyuktah 
Karnnata-vacham avalambya mahrubhayena | 
niih poy Sala kshitipa ity atha tan cha sighrarii 
byaghrarii jaghana nija-hasta-salakayaiva |i 
tad-variisajah prathita-bhuri-bhuja-pratapa 
bhupas tatah-prabhriti Poysala-namadheyah | 
sarddula-ketanam avekshya tato'tibhita 
yata diso dasa ripu-kshitipas cha teshArii || 

tatra cha | 
udyann eva nidhaya murddhasu padam tuiigeshu prithvibhritam 
doshotsaha-kalanki-raja-vibhavarii nirmulam unmulayan | 
akraman kakubhah pratapa-nivahaih padmanuragam vahan 
chand6'sau Vinayarkka-bhutalapatih ksh6nirii sasasa prabbuh n 
Ereyanga-mahipal6 yan-mahirii vahati svayarii | 
yad-yasah-pura-karppurair haritas surabhikritah || 
tasyapy asaras trayah putra devas traya ivapare | 
Ballal6 Vishnu-Devas chapy Udayaditya-bhupatih n 

teshu cha | 
sat-khatah katare ripu-kshitibhrit6 n6 rakshitah ke punah 
sampraptas saranarii kvava bhuvi hrit6 n6 tena rajiiri kritah i 
kirii-danarii na kritam krit6 na katamah purttadi-dharram6'thava 
kirii brumah prabhavishnu-Vishnu-nripates sat-pujya-rajya-kramarii || 

tat-putrasya i 
vyas6bhi visvarii visadair yyas6bhis 
tam6pahais sri-Narasiriiha-naranah | 
nripasya tau kevalam indu-siiryyau 
janasya naktan-dina-lakshanaya n 
dig-gajasyeva dana-sris Sumer6r iva mekhala | 
asid Echala-Deviti mahishi tasya bhubhritah n 
sasuta tanayarii tanvi su-nayarii vinay6nnatarii | 
sri-Ramam iva Kausalya Ballalarii sauryya-bhushanarii || 

sa cha | 
Sesha drag bhushaiiaya Tripuraripu-tan6r yyahi nehasti krityaiii 
kurrama tvarii sarmtnayatra prachala kisalayarii dig-gajas sallakinarii | 
bhuktva svechha-vihararii kuruta guru-dhara-bhara-dhuryy6'yam ekah 
sri-Ballala-kshitisas sakala-vasumatirii sasvatayur bbibhartti n 
tvat-khadge k^sa-desat prachalati sapadi prachyutah k6sa-desad 
astarii saiigrama-vartta kshapita-ripu-nripat6pa Ballala-bhupa i 
trasat svasavaseshah prati-nripati-ganah kranta-kantara-durggah n 

Hassan Taluq. 35 

yenadhah-kritam Arjjuna-dvaya-balaiii pr6dda-[ma] lih\yitair 
yyenochchais satakoti-bhanga-vidhina bhubhrid-ripur nirnnitali | 
yenarishta-purogama vidalitas sarvve jagat-kantakiih 
payat s6'yam udara-Krishna-charito Ballala-bhiip6 bhuvam n 
svasti samasta-bhuvanasraya sri-prithvi-vallabha maharajadhiraja paramesva- 
ra parama-bhattarakam Dvaravati-pura-varudhisvara Yadava-kulambara-dyu- 
mani samyaktva-chiidaraani maleraja-raja malaparolu ganda ganda-bherunda 
kadana-prachandan asahaya-siiran ekringa-vira Sanivara-siddhi giri-durgga- 
malla chalad-aiika-Rama vairibha-kanthirava nissanka-pratapa-chakravarttity- 
adi-birudavali-virajamana-Poysala-sri.Vira-Ballala-Deva dig-vijaya-prasangena 
ni skandhuvure sukhena rajyaih prasasati sati | tat-pada-padmopajivinas svasti 
sri-Jai-Bhatayya-Nayakar-anvayarii | svasti sri-Kasmira-rashtra | krama-rrija | 
Gulavishaya | bhavanasraya | Bhadruhu-grama | Bhargava-gotra pitamahaiii 
Chhuni-Deva | Valla-Devi | pita Joyila-Deva | mata Gaiiga-Devi | matamaha Vasi- 
shta-g6tra Rudraghosaih | svasuraru srimat-savasi-tantradhishtayakaVaitrmasa- 
g6tra Chhuja-Bhatayya-Nriyaka | bhava sriman-mahfi-pradhanarii Madhavayya- 
Dannriyakaru svasure sri-Abbaveyaru | svasti srimat-savrisi-tantrridhishtayakaih 
maha-pasaytarii parama-visvrisi asraya-jana-kalpa-vriksha prritas-snanaupusana- 
ubhayaikadasivrata dvija-guru-pridaradhakarii 8ri-Jaitanata(-devargge)-deva- 
divya-sri-pada-padmaradhakarum appa Jaya-Bhattayya-Nayakaru sri-Jaita- 
Narayana-devara pratishtheyarii madi Saka-varshada 1139neya Isvara-sariiva- 
tsarada Magha-mAsada paurnnami-S6mavara-s6ma-grahanadalu srimat-pratapa- 
chakravartti sri-Vira-Ballala-DOvaru Ileragina sri-Jriita-Naruyana-devarggo 
Heraginalu nole-deva-dunavaiu Jai-Bhatayya-Nayakara kayyalu dhuru-pCirvva- 
kavugi neleyugi kotta gadyana 40 karii Anehalli | eradu devarggo sari (^ i>nos 
foiiowing oontain detaiis of boundaries) int i-puramaiii a-Anehalliyarii sarvva-budha- 
parihurav a-chandrurkka-sthuyiyugi sri-hastadirii dhura-purvvakarii mudi kotta 
datti I Heragina mahujanangalu Jaita-Nriruyana-devara-puradalu hattu manc- 
yarii madirddu Anehalliyalu hattu honnarii kombar allirii mele mahujanakko 
haliyalurii puradalurii karanav illa | sama8t6tpatti Jaita-Narayana-devara sri- 
kiiryake | tejas-svamya ashta-bh^ga Jai-Bhatayya-Nayakarggarii avara santanak 
ri-chandrurkka-pariyanta | asesha-mahujanaiigalu hiriya-kereya badagana ma- 
nala-kadahinalu kotta gaddo salage 1 ko 10 Pattanasamiya kereya kelagarii 
vrinduvanakke kottaru | i-dharmmavarii mahujanangalurii Uru-Nugarahalliya 
samasta-prabhu-guvundugalu pratipiilisuvaru | (5 Unos foiiowing contain usuai finai 
verses) sri-Jaita-Narayana-devaru | sri-Jaitesvara-devaru | sri-Sarada-devyai 
namah | mangalara aha sri sri || J6gayyarigo mahajanangala maryyade | mane 
1 ga 1| I ruvari Pemrai-6ja | Masan^ja | Narayana-deva | 

36 Hassan Taluq. 


At Kommenahalli (same hobli), on a stone east of the village gate. 

Subham astii 
namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chaudra-cbamara-charave | 
trailokya-nagararambha-mula-stambha,ya Sambhave || 
Salivahana-saka-varusha Pirigala-samvatsarada Karttika-bahula 5 lu Nugge- 
halliya-kote Kommanahalliya ott-agrarakke srimatu-Krishnappa-Nayakaravaru 
Kommanahalliya bhattara Ghikkanna-Devannanavarige kotta sile-sasana-kramav 
ent endare nirama ura koteyanu sarvvamanya 


At Honnavara (same hobli), on a stone south-east of the K^sava temple. 

Srimat-trailokya-pujyaya sarvva-karmma-su-sakshine 1 
phaladaya namo nityam Kesavaya Sivaya cha || 
svasti samasta-bhuvana-samrakshanaika-dakshan appa Pundarikakshana nabbi- 
pundarikadind udayisida Pundarikasananind Atriy Atri-netradirii Somam Soma- 
nirii Budharii Budhaniiii Pururavarii Pururavanind Ayuv Ayuvirii Nahusharii 
Nahushanirii Yayati Yayatiyiiii Yaduv emb aganya-punyatman udayisidan atanirii 
Soma-variisame Yadu-variisam enisi .... alladeyurii | 

srimad-Yadava-variisado- | 1 i-mahiyole Dvaravatiya i 

bhumipar ar | . .davarii bhupan orvvan adarol negaldarii || 

a-Yadu-variisadol Salan emba nripa..s Sahyachalada sanuvin-u.le mrigaya- 

vinodadirii baruttum ond-edeyole ttam iral alli taparii geyva 

munisanarii puli payal eytappuvud a-muniy atana parakramamarii parikshisal 
endu poy Sala yenal odan a-puliyaiii genirii kond ikkuvudum a-muni raechchiy 
i-puliye vijaya-lafichhanam i-pesare vijaya-namam endu baramarii kudal andind 
ittal a-Yadu-variisave Poysala-variisam enisidud a-vaihsadol | 

adityar ppannirvvaru | m adodara erii mandalagradind irulurii sam- | 
padita-tejane tarii Vina- | yadityarii , .napan enisid atarii janaparii || 
kamini Keleyabb-arasi ma- | ha-mahimarig a-nriparige nirmmala-dharmma- | 
sri-mahitarigc hitarig i- | bhumige guna-ratna-bhiimi ramani-ratnarii || 
Yadava-variisakk amare ma- i hodayam Ereyariga-nripati Vinayadityarig | 
oppuva tanayarii vinayarii | sodaram enal ogedan alte dhirodattarii || 
kare viclidu Baliya vattana- | m urivudum Ereyariga-nripana kopanalanirii | 
smariyisidudu Rama-sara- | sphuritagniyan abdhi-vichi-nichayachakitarii || 
Garigeya nire tann amala-variisame tanna pativratanura- | 
garig eclegonda dha. .vame. . .maleye purpa-male su- | 
ddha. . . darppanarii hridayam agiral Echala-Devi tarii jagan- | 
mangala-purnna-kumbham ene tan-nripa-vallabhe ppamarii || 

Hassan Taluq. * 37 

muvar ddevara saktiye | muvarolam tappad enisi negaldar tttiv in- | 
divara-locbaneg Echala- | Devige Ballala-Vishnu-Vudayadityar || 
sruti-kathita-pathadol alavade | gatigal suddhatma-tatvadol tilid irc san- | 
matigal punyatmar avar i stutigaiii rajyakkam oppe bhajanam adar n 
paramarudhyam Mahesam kula-vadbu vijaya-sri nelaiii poshya-varggarii | 
doregal vaivaba-sambandhigal ene negald a-rayar ambhojajando- | 
daradol tengaya nirant ire tilida jasam tanna bhandaram agut- j 
t ire Ballalavanisam pogale jagam asesham mahatvakke nontam ii 
modalol Poysala-rajya-lakshmiy-odavam tol-balpinim taldi tann | 
udayam raiijise tanna balp odave tanu arpp ere tann ajne mi- j 
re disu-chakraman ottikondu Talekadam Ganga-rajyakke triiii | 
modal adam Yadu-variisa-varddhanakaram sri-Vishnu-bhiipalakam n 
ivan-i-tol-gambadol puttaligevol avani-devi tiin irppal endurii | 
tavad irkkurii vikrama-sri pogevol ivana tibrasiyol bitti vand a- j 
javan ikkurii konanindarii pagevara penanarii peral i-Vishnuvarii ka- | 
duvan avarii gelvan avarii nadugad idirol utandu band irppan avarii n 
Tulu-dcsarii Chakragottarii Talavanapuram Uchchangi Kolalara olum | 
raale Vallur Kaiichi kang urbbisuva Iladiya-ghattarii Bayalnfidu Nila- | 
chala-durggaiii Rayarayottania-puri Tcreyur koyatftr gondavudi- | 
stbalamarii bhru-bhangadirii kond atula-bhuja-balatopan i-Vishnu-bh&parii n 
svasti samadhigata-paricha-maha-sabda maha-raandalesvarauurii Dvfiravati-pura- 
varadhisvaranurii Sasakapura-nivasa-Vusantika-devi-labdha-vara-prasridanurii 
Kriveri-tira-mada-marala-rrijahaiiisanurii Talakridu-Kongu-Nangali-Gangavrtdi- 
Nonambavadi-Banavase-Hrinungallu-goijuJa bhuja-bala Vira-Gariga Vishnu- 
varddhana Poysala-Devaru miidalu Narigaliya-ghatta teiikalu Korigu haduvalu 
Barakaniiru badagalu Savimaley i-volagrida bhumiyaiii pratipalisuttari\ Dora- 
samudrada nelevidinol sukha-sarikatha-vinodadim prithvi-rajyarii geyyuttara 
ire tat-pa,da-padraopajiviy appa Koneya-Sarikara-Dandanatharii tuppc tappuvarii 
tagujd atti badivarii maguld ormme reppuvarii Kallatti-Lokana tulc-gonda- 
gandaiii dandanutha-mukha-mandanan cnisi j 

Maleyular ppallikurar kadaguv arasu-raukkal hayudhisar app u- | 
dalajar ssuraanta-dandudhipar odavi bhararii geydu nind alliy araraurii | 
chalamurii perchchutt iral poysidan iridan ottaysidantargge voydarii j 
gelavarii kaikondan i-Saiikara-cliatura-charauparii prachanda-pratupairi || 
Araniniale Korati Kolal | Areyattiya-BugaUitti Kunarigil Tu- ) 
marecharu Halasurk Kantada- | purav ivarol Hari-griharigalarii mudisidrii n 
tad-anantarairi Nirggunda-nud-olagana Honnavuram emb agraliuradalli Saka- 
kalada suyirad eppatt-ondaneya Vibhava-sairivatsarada Mugha-suddha-trayo- 
dasi Vaddavura Rohini-nakshatra Karkkataka-lagnadalli sri-Kesava-pratishthe- 
yarii madisidarii n 

38 * Hassan Taluq. 


Svasti samasta-sila-guna-sampaunanuih Kanva-vamsodbhavanurii Naga-Deva- 
Nayaka-priya-tanubhavanum Kasyapa-gotra-pavitranum Purushottamaradhana- 
prasadasadita-mahad-aisvaryyanum asahaya-sauryyanum avaryya-viryyanum 
appa sriman-maha-pradhanara heggade-Lakumayyam Poysala-Narasimha-De- 
vange rajyamam nishkantakam madi pratishthapisi prasada-danam dhara- 
purvvakam agi hadadu | 

uttaram age hastam iriv iv-edeyol jaya-lakshmi lakshmi 16- | 
kottaram agiral nadeva Lakshma-chamupatiy aldan-alkaram | 
bettu janangal eyde mudadiih pogalutt ire bhukti-muktig end | 
ittanu bhaktiyind eseva Kesava-murttig ananta-bhumiyam || 
nalvatt-aru-genum Bachividiya ghaleyal ibbadagal agi mCida-godiya muniiru- 
kambha beddalum haduva teiikal agi haduva godiy ela-nuru-kambha beddalu 
sahita Maleyandakere hiriya-kereya kelagey aruvatt-aydu beddalu kolaga 10 
totav ippatt-aydu kambha haleya huleya-kereya kelag eppatt-aydu Chamunde- 
svarayyana keyyolage muvattu-kambha gaddey a-beddalu nuru-kambha pu-dota 
muvattu-kambha santeya sunka. .kadalu mugula bhatta nula-habbakke mane- 
yal ondu kalihu jedaralli yint initurii sri-Kesava-devargge dhara-purvvakam 
madi heggade-Lakumayyarii kotta vritti || Sankara-Dandanayakana maga 
Bokanange kanduga gadde paricharaka Molleyang ibbal-akkiya-kula yir- 
kkanduga gadde | 

tannirii peraririi dharmmakk | annayamarii porddal iyyad a-chandrarkkarii | 
mannaney id endu negald a- | ty-unnatan i-Honnavurada Boka-Gavundarii || 
sva-dattam para-dattarii va yo-hareta vasundhararii | 
shasti-varsha-sahasrani vishtayarii jayate krimih || 


Mattarii svasti sriman-maha-mandalesvararii Tribhuvana-malla Talakadu- 
Vira-Gangan asahfiya-sura nissaiika-vira Hoysala BaUala-Devara kayyalu 
sriman-maha-pradhanarii sarvvadhikari heggade-Lakmayyaiigalu Vijaya-sariiva- 
tsarada Pushya-bahula-chauti-Mangalavaradand uttarayana-sahkramanadalu 
Purvvagaviya asagagattavanu dhara-purbbakav agi hadedu a-kereya kelage 
Honnavurada sri-Kesava-devarihge mudabalu salage hattu brahmanaringe 
salage muvattu Purbbagaveya Bitti-Gavundahge salage yaradu yint initumam 
Lakmayyahgalu dhara-purvvakam madi bitta datti || 


At the same village, on a virakal south of the Somesvara temple. 
Namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave | 
trailokya-nagararambha-mula-sthambhaya Sambhave || 

Hassan Toliiq. 39 

Jaya-samvatsarada Magha-suddha 5 A-d-andu Honnavurada Niragundada hola- 
veriya kalagadalu Bimana maga IIonna-Gaudan embaih kadi sura-loka-praptan 
adalli hiriya-hadapada-heggade-Machiyannan-alikeyali Masanad olagada 

samasta-prajegalu vottagi mfinya salisuvaru mangalam 

aha sri 


At Mudugere (same hobli), on a stone near the Isvara temple, 
north-east of the village. 

Om namas Sivaya 
Namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chrimara-charave | 
trailokya-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya Sambhave || 

(6 lines illegible) 

Talavanapuramaih Banavasiy Tigi naded a santosadi Hanungala. . 

II svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha-sabda mahri-mandalesvaram. . 

. . . . Yadu-kula-kuvalaya-sudhukarani satya-ratnakaraiii Yridava-Narayanam 

chatura-yuvati-chara. . . .- sauryya-mrigarajarii maleraja-rrija Karapala- 

kapala-sailopala-vajra-dandam malaparol gandam nripa-kula-kari-kalabha- 
yutha-natham Gandagiri-natham uddanda-prachanda-Pandya-ganda-garvva- 
parvvata-Pakasasanam viveka-Kamalasanam Jagaddeva-prabala-bala-pannaga- 
Vainateyarii bhuja-bala-Rauhineyarii Narasingha-Brahma-bhurulia-kathora- 
kuthrira-chararii Yirungola-mada-marala-meghuravarii purushartha-Purura- 
vaih vijaya-lakshmi-bhavana-mangala-mani-tOranarii Adiyama-mada-nivaranarii 
mandalika-ghata-sarpparii rupa-Kandarpparii Kaustubhribharana-smarana- 
parinatantahkaranaih vikramribharanarii Talakadu-gonda-gandarii kadana- 
prachandarii Bengiri-matarigajari-sarabharii Adiraja-sannibharii Vasantika-devi- 
labdha-vara-prasadarii mrigamadrimudarii nfimadi-prasasti-sahitariisriman-maha- 
mandalOsvararii Talakadu-Kongu-Naiigali-Garigavadi-NonambavHdi-Banavrise- 
Ilapurigallu-gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Gariga Kadamba-Vishnuvarddhana-priya- 
tanujaih sri-Narasiihha-Hoysala-Devaru Garigavadi-tombattaru-sasiramumam 
Nolambavadi-muvatt-irtsasiramumaih dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipalanaditidav 
ajuttav ire vijaya-ra.jyam uttarottarabhivriddhi-pravarddhamanam a-chandra- 
rkka-taraih-bararii saluttum ire DOrasamudrada nelcvidinol sukha-sarikathA.- 
vinodadirii rajyarii geyyutt ire tat-pada-padmOpajiviy appa sriman-maha-pradha- 
narii senadhipati hiriya-hadavalarii BOkimayyana parakramam entendade | 
▼r'll digu-vijaya-pratapa-nidhi BOkanan ettidan endod attal ir j 

dd agiyade Cholan ariji herahirigade Malavan Odi durggavam | 
hugade Kalirigan Osarisi hOgadc Gujjaran antu yuddhadol | 
miguvare Bitti-Deva-garudarig idir agi dharitri-madhyadol || 
Tulu-desam Chariga-bhupavani negalda Bayalnadu KorigOrvvipala- | 

40 Hassan Taluq. 

stalam udyat-Cliola-bhumandala koppa prasiddhangal figirdd i 

eleyam tann onde baha-baladin adhinripaiig avagaih madi sauryyo- | 
jvala-vira-srige kay-gannadiy ene negaldam Bokanam dhatrig ellaiii || 
todard ari-bhumipalakara desaman irkkuligondu bhitiyim | 
naduguva mandalesvarara mandalamaih parirakshisuttav ond- | 
ede tave kondu Vira-Narasimha-nripahge samasta-dhatriyam | 
hadavala-Bokanaih nereye madida mudana-sagaram-baraih || 
vacha II antu pogarttegaih negarttegam sauryyakkam dhairyyakkam udarakkaiii 
virakkam okkah\...ada hiriya-hadavalam Bokimayyana maha-pradhanan- 
anvaya-kramav entendode | 

vri II krita-krityaih janatadhipatya-padamaih kaiykondu mantritvad u- | 
nnatiyiih birrane bigikond irade dinanatharam sishtaram | 
nuta-bandhu-priya-varggamam tanipe dhatri-chakradol tane sarii- | 
stutan adam sale Chinna-Veggade yenalk evannipam bannipam n 

ka II atana vallabhe jaga-vi- | khyatiyan olakondu Sitegam Draupadigaih | 
nitividey enipal akhilo- | rvvitaladol Makiyakka lalana-ratnam || 

tH II Murahara-vakshadol poleva Lakshmiya kantiyan antu padmadol | 
pariveras irppa Bharatiya sarateyaih gedegondu chelvan ah- j 
kurisuva Parvvati-pada-sarojada kempina sompan aldu vi- j 
starisuva Makiyakkana jasam vasudhatala-sevyav allade ii 

ka II a-dampatigalin arjjita- i m jidudu samrajya-lakshmiyene subha-dinadol j 
medinig apiirvva-Manmatha- 1 n adaih tan enal Erahgau udayaih geydaih \\ 
ant udayaih geydu yavvana-prabhava-praptadolu | 

vri II Puruhutam vibhava-prabhavad odavaiii tat-tejamam Vahni su- | 

sthiramam Dharmmau i. . sa-nitya-padamaih Nairityan ishtarthamaih | 
Varunam savyama Vayu-devan achala-sriyaih Kuberam niran- | 
taram Isanan ananta-kantiyan Erahgahg ittar utsahadim n 

ka II ashta-dikpala[ka]r ittar a- | bhishtaman Eragahg enalke tejad agurvv u- | 
tkrishtav ene negaldan int i- j srishtige manujarkkan enisi mantri-lala-mam ii 

vfi II hadavala-Bokanam kude niyogaman urjjita-tejad eltaraih | 

podavig apurvvam age marevokkade khechara-chakri nanniyaiii | 
nudidade Karnnan antade Kritantan enal pogalte vetta heg- | 
gade Yeragaih pratapa-nidhi sobhisuvaiii sasi-suryyar ullinarii n 
vikramamarii ponarchchi desey-antuvararii jasamaih nimirchchi bhu- | 
chakradol itanind adhikar ill ene Bokana rajya-lakshmig a- | 
di-kramadinde tane mane-veggadey adan Erahgan embinarii | 
Chakri-parakramarh subhata mantri-sikhamani dhatrig oppuvaih || 
nudi Kanakadriyol Pad[u]majaih kaded akkarav arppu berppudaih | 
kuduva sura-drumakke padi malpa parartthate khecharahge nur- | 
mmadi pati-bhakti Marutasutahge padirmmadiy endod anna-he- i 
ggade-Yeragahge pasatiye mattina manavar i-dharitriyol n 

Hassan Taluq. 41 

hadavala-Bokan ettidan ado barutirddane mund Eranga-Ve- | 
ggadey ene Chola-mandalada Kongina-desada bhumipalakar | 
nnadugi saranyav endu gaja-vaji-padartthaman ijad ampare | 
todardara Marig em Javana-bariga vairi-tala-prahariga || 
kan II eragarh sati-vilasakk i eragarii sat-punyav allad alipam papakk i 

eragan ene hemme vaded irdd | Ereyama-Verggadeya sariye mattina 
manujar || 
a-mahanubhavan enisida parakrama-tungan-agra-manOvallabheya rupatisayadi- 
gunagalam pelvade | 

^rill nirupama-dana-sile subha-lakshane sad-guna-vamsajate bha- j 
suratara-kirttiyam taled Eraugana sajjana-lakshmiy endu sa- j 
ksharika-janangal arttiyole kirttise Bachala-nuriy oppuval | 
parijana-kumadhenu sasi-suryya-dharitri-kulildriy ullinam || 
kanll sriugarada kani Madanana | jangama-lato Sirige tane kay-gannadi le- j 
singe neley enisi negald irdd | angane Bachavveg eneye mattina manujar || 
Haran-arddhangadol Adrije j Hariy uradolu Lakshmi sobhipant ire visvam- | 
bhareg esev Erangan-oppuva | -vara-vadhu Bachavvey eseval avani-taladol n 
mattav aganya-punya-h\vanya-jaladhiy cnisida sringara-sara-sarvvasva-bhute 
kiriya-heggadiya saubhagya-sampattiy ad ent ene j 
vri II deseyam kangala kantiyim dhavalipal lavanyadim solipal j 

vasudha-chakramaii udgha-yavvana-vana-sriyol manah kantanaih | 
sasiyum sftryyanu Maranam nilisuval saubhagyadol r&vinol j 
jasadol Machala-Devi malpal Eragang ananda-sandohamam n 
bhiimiyol ulla chalvan Abujodbhavan i-satiy-anga-bhittiyol | 
kamisi tittavittan ene pfida-yugarii kati nabhi lesin-u- | 
ddamate vetta vritta-kucliav indu-nibhananav abja-lochanarii | 
komaleg oppugurii negalda Machala-Devige bhutalugradol n 
kan II lalana-ratnarii lesina j kula-deyvarii sad-viveki lokottame Ma- j 

chala-Deviy endu bannipud | alaghu-nitambiniyanakhila-vasudha-chakrariiii 
dinakara-tejan Erangang | anpuma-charitre Bachiyakkaugarii saj- | 
jana-sevyan ogedan akhila- | vani bannise Bomma-Devan urjjita-bhava jj 
▼ri U atisaya-rCipinind atanuv allada Kantu kalaukav illad u- | 

rjjita-kumuda-priyarii negalda bandhujana-priyan ishta-sishta-san- j 
tati-khaga-kalpabhujan ina-tejan Eranga-tanujan embud u- j 
nnata-sirig anmanarii dhare negalteya hemmeya Bamma-Devana || 
▼a II antu. .kalatra-putra-gotra-pavitrikritan appa samasta-rajya-bhara-uiru- 
pita-mahamritya-padavi-virajamana-manonnatarii(8a) prabhu-mantrotsaha-sakti- 
traya-sampannanurii nudidu matt ennanurii mantri-mrinikyanurii niti-Chunakya- 
nurii niyoga-Yogandharanurii pati-karyya-dhurandharanurii todarddara-Mariy urii 
vairi-tala-prahariyum enisida srimat-perggade-Yereyamayyan uttarayana-sau- 


42 Hassan Taluq. 

kranti-nimittavagi Saka-varslia 1077 neya Yuva-saihvatsarada Magha-suddha- 
trayodasi-Vaddavarad-andu Mudugereyalu heggade tanna hesaral-Erangesvara- 
devaram pratishtheyam madi dhatri-dhavalyam appa devalyaman ettisi | 
vri II odavida punya-saiichayame sannidav adudu dharmmad eltaram i 
pudidu negalte-vettu Girisadrige sadrisav adud urjjitak- [ 
k ide subha-suchanam tri-jaga-lochanav embinav opput irppudarh | 
Mudugereyalli madisidan unnatamam Siva-ramya-harmyavarh || 
paded anuragamam padeye paura-janakke tataka-dirgghika- | 
rpadada vilasam utsavaman agise suttida nandanali-bel (nandanali) | 
p odavire deva-kuta Jina-gehada tintiniyindam oppugum i 
Mudgere Devarajana purakk eney agi mahi-vibhagadol || 
allige munipati-kirtti[ya] | valliyemisupantedhavala-tanukenjeade suli- | 
pallu vara-mudre lakula- 1 sal-lakshanav ogedan andu Mudugere-munipaih H 
a-maha-munindrana nija-namankitam entendade | svasti yama-niyama-sva- 
jnana-prasan narum sakala-sastra-yantra-tantra-pravinar um para-chitta-jana- 
rurii sriman-maha-deva-devottama-padambhoja-bhringar appa srimatu-Nagarasi- 
Pandita-devara pada-prakshalanam geydu dhara-purvvakarii madi kotta bhumiy 
i-Yereyamesvarada isanyada heggadegattav eydey adara haduvana beddale 
sahitav a-chatus-sime mudana kodiya niruvari tenkalu basadiya kerey-olagu 
haduvalu sigey-obbe-kattu badagalu nir-olakolu hiriya-kereya kelage Ramesvara- 
devaririi badagalu gadde sa 2 nadu-sthaladalu sa 2 inisakkaih Mudgereyolag 
okkalu horage holeyurii odambadalu heggade bitta datti ur-olage telligara 
yeradu ganadalurii vom-mana yenne yidarkke chatur-ddisavarad agrahararii 

Duddada hiriya-kereya kelage yeradu devara hu-donta mula-stana- 

Ramesvara-devargge hiriya-kereya kelage devaririi terikalu gatte Kela- 

ganaleya-halliya kereya modaleyya sa 2 beddale mattar ondu Doddarasi-Settiya- 
kere beda .modaleyya sa 1 i-dharmmava kaydarige ayurii sriyurii jayam akku 
idarii kayade kayva papige Kurukshetrada Varanasiyalu ekkoti-munindrararii 
kavileyaih brahmanaraih konda patakar apparu | (ueuai finai verae) 


At Koravangala (same hobli), on a virakal south-east of 

Biichesvara temple in the fort. 

Sri namas turiga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara charave | 

trailokya-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya Sambhave || 

Sivaya namah svasti samasta-bhuvanasrayarii pritvi-vallabhaih maharajadhi- 

rajaih pratapa-chakravartti Vira-Ballala-Devaru Heddore-pariyantam prithvi- 

rajyam geyuttam ire | svasti yama-niyama-svadhyaya-dhyana-dharana-mona- 

nushthana-japa-samadhi-sila-guna-sampannaruih aupasanagnihotra-deva-dvija- 

Hassan Taluq. 43 

krama-puja-tatpararum marttandojvala-kirtti-yutarum appa srimad anadiy- 
agrahara-Santigramada asesha-mahajanangalu gavudugalu Koravangalada 
Duddana sima-sammandhake kalegav adalli Bittiyojana makkalu Bammoja- 

Masanojangalu a-mahajanangala prajerg a-tondugali 

biragallu || 


On a stone to the south of the same temple. 

Namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-chsirave i 
trailokya-nagarurambha-mula-stambhaya Sambhave || 
vinaya-pratapa-nilayam | Vinayadityabhidhanan ahava-dhiram | 
jananathafi adan a-nripa- | tanubhavan Ereyanga-Devan ivara deva || 
vacha II antu sakala-kshatra-dharmmad ereyan app Ereyaiiga-Devangam Echala- 
Devigam Indrangam Indranigaih Jayantanante Rudrangam Rudranigam 
Karttikeyanante Lakshmidharangam Lakshmigam Kamanante santosam putte 
puttidara j 

vfi II srimad-Yadava-vamsa-varddhi-vilasat-samvarddhanodyat-sudha- | 
ramara dripta-nripala-jala-jalajata-brata-sammarddano- i 
ddamanekapam ishta-sishta-janata-kalpruighripam tan enal | 
bhuraiprilaka-mauli-ratnam esedam sri-Vishnu-bhupalakaiii || 
jayati dharanilokOttamsitutmiya-padah 
chatura-vibudha-goshthi-praudha-vani-vinodah i 
vipula-vijaya-lakshmi-vallabho Vishnu-bhupah || 
kan II a-Vishnuvarddhanangam i bhavodbhava-rajya-lakshmiy enisida Lakshma- 1 
Devigam udbhavisidan i- i bhilvallabha-Nurasiiiihan ahava-siiiiharii n 
tarala-vilochanuiichalako kemp initum baro barkkum ugal un- | 
t ari-narapula-sankulada pandale kaige turanga-raji man- j 
durake gajuli srdego dhanam nija-kosa-grihuntarakke tad- j 
dhare kaditakkav undigegavol esav i-Narasimha-Devana || 
ari-bhupar vvandu mey doridod avayavadim torane krura-daitye- j 
svara-vaksha-kshetra-nirddurana-nakha-nikarochchanda-dorddandamam bhi- j 
kara-jihvukirnna-girnnunanaman ogeda kur-ddudeyam sanchalat-ke- | 
sara-bhasvad-kanthamam ghargghara-ghana-ravamam Narasimha-kshitisam || 
Narasimha-nripana chitte- | svari Chittodbhavana kantey-akritiyam dhik- | 
karipalu patta-maha-de- | vi rupa-vibhramadol endod e-vannipudo j 
vri II ramani-ratnaman artthi-kalpalateyam vug-devatu-janma-ge- j 

haman olpinge nivasamam guna-ganakk uvusamam permmeg ur- | 
mmaman Angodbhavan-ujne penbarijan adam tuldid ant irddu pa- | 
ttaman ant fichala-Deviyam bhuvanadol polvannar ar kkanteyar || 


44 Hassan Taluq. 

a-dampatige tanubhavan | adarh ripu-nripati-makuta-ghattita-pada-la- | 
kshmi-dayitan amala-gunan udi- | todita-punya-prabhava-nidhi Ballalam || 
vilasat-kurmma-padam phani-prabhu-nibhodyad-dirggha-hastam kula- | 
chala-dhiraih dig-ibhonnatam bhuja-balavashtambhadim nila-Kun- | 
taleyam sannuta-punyeyarii ruchira-Kanchi-yukteyam lileyim | 
taledam susthiram age bhii-ramaniyam Ballala-bhupalakam || 
badavargg iyada chagav aji-mukhadol benn itta sauryyaih todal- | 
g edey ad ol-nudi duryyasakke guriy agirdd olpu durmmarggamam | 
gedegond acharanam gadam tamag enal chiy embinam balda ni- | 
ggadigal mattina bhubhujar ddoreye pel Ballala-bhupalanol || 
svasti samadhigata-paiicha-maha-sabdarh maha-mandalesvaram Dvaravati-pura- 
varadhisvaram Tuluva-bala-jaladhi-badavanalaih vairi-bala-gahana-davanalarii 
Pandya-kula-kamala-vana-vedanda ganda-bherunda para-mandala-surekara sah- 
grama-Bhima Kali-kala-Kama namadi-samasta-prasasti-sahitarii srimat-Tribhuva- 
na-malla Talakadu-Kongu-Nangali-Nonambavadi-Banavase-Hanungalu-gonda 
bhuja-bala Vira-Gangan asahaya-suran nissahka-pratapa Hoysala-Vira-Ballala- 
Devarige Vijaya-sariivatsarada Sravana-suddha-dasami-Adivarad-andu Dorasa- 
mudrada nelevidinolu rajyabhishekada patta-baddhotsahadalu tat-pada-padmo- 
pajivi I 

sri-karana-tantra-mantrakk i eka-prabhu Narasiriiha-Devana maneyol | 
lokopakara-karanarii | sri-karanada Buchi-Rajan urjjita-tejarii || 
a-Buchimayyan-anvayonnatiy entendade | 

vedadhyayanadhyapana | vedarttha-vichara veda-vihitanushtha- | 
nadara veda-vinodana- | n adarii Govindan emba viprottariisarii || 
ay-ayyana hiriya-magarii i nyayadin acharadindav uchitadin atula- | 
sriyirii jasadirii jagati- ] jyayarii tan agi Naga-Rudrarii negaldarii || 
a-Naga-Rudramayyanirii nerggiriyarii | 

sri-ramani-pati suguno- | dararii sphurad-amrita-murtti murtti-Manojarii I 
daridrya-vidrutargge vi- i charise mardd enisi Maddimayyarii negaldarii || 
Kanakadrindraman unnatikke jaladhi-vratahgalarii gunpu bhii- | 
vinutaudaryyam analpa-kalpakujamarii pemp ambarabhogamarii | 
Dyunadi-nandananarii vinuta-charitarii kil made mel madidarii | 
janatanandaman indu-sundara-yasa-sri-Maddi-Raja-dvijam || 
a-negalda Maddi-Rajana i manasa-kalahariisey enisi kula-vadhu negaldal j 
bhu-nuta-pativratonnata- | Janakiyarii jadidu nuhki Mahkavey embal || 
ant a-dampatigal ati- 1 kranta-vadhu-vara(ra)-nilimpa-dampati-gunadind J 
ant-illada sukha-rasamarii | santatam anubhavise palara punyodayadirii || 
putrarh puttidan amala-cha- | ritrarii sarvvorvvaraika-mitraih dhatri- | 
netrotsavakara-guna-gana- [ patrarii dakshinya-punya-janma-kshetrarii || 
Srivatsa-gotra-tilakarii | sri-vallabhan akhila-dharani-dharana-chaturam | 
Govindan-antir adaririi i Govindakhyanam adud atahg uchitarii || 

Hassan Taluq. 45 

antu negalda Govinda-Rajanim kiriyam | 

sri-karanagrani tantrakk | eka-prabhu Narasimha-Devana maneyol | 
Srikanta-kanta sahaja-vi- | vekam sat-kirtti-pihita-lokam Nakam || 
a-Nakananim kiriyam | bhu-niika-bhujanga-loka-varttita-kirtti l 
sri-nari-pati vitarana- | Bhanusutam Kalidasa vinaya-vilasam || 
a-miivarinde kiriyam | bhumandalak ayde piriyan ol-guuadindam | 
dhiraantara chintamani i samanyane Buchi-Rrijan urjjita-tejam || 
svasti 8ama8ta-dharini-jana-janita-raksha(da)-dakshinya paropakara-prasiddha- 
purushagraganyaih charu-charitra-pavitrikrita-dharitrimandala Lakshmi-vila- 
8ini-suvarnna-karnna-kundala-sthagita-mani-rc\maniya[ka}-dhikkarana ramya- 
saumyanga niravadya-hridya-vidya-prasanga sakala-guna-samma . .-Maddi- 
Rajo rajita-gunanurupa-vara-putra sarvvorvvara-mitra Idkambikayamriua-ma- 
nya-Makambika-talodara-kshiroda-parijata-parijata para-hita-paratantra tantra- 
dhikari Govinda-Rajanujata sri-karana-tantradhikari nana-viveki Nakana-mano- 
nuguna-vada-sodara dharitri-paritrana-guna-sadma-Padmodara Karnnataka- 
kula-kamala-mrirttanda pati-vanchaka-nirbbhedana-prachanda svami-sampat- 
sarariddha chatur-upadha-visuddha sarvva-guna-sampurnna Kali-kala-Karnna 
namadi-samasta-prasasti-sahitara 8riman-maha-pradhanamsri-karana-tantra.dhi- 
kariy enisi negaldam | 

Siri-sati Govindana p©- | ruradol nelasirppa terade sobaginol enduiii | 
sthirav ag ire Bachale Bil- | charasana sarvvanga-lakshmi tan agirppal || 
pati-bhaktiyol enduv Aru- | ndhati sobaginol eseva-riipinind oppuva Pa- | 
rvvati vibhavadalli Lakshmi- | sati Bachala-DOviy enisi jasavam hadadal || 
dhareyam rakshisal endu Krishnan avatararii geydavol sat-kulo- | 
ddharan aty-unnata-vrittiyirii sakala-rajya-srig adarpp agi Bu- | 
cbarasangarii sati-Bachalambikegav aty-utsahadirii puttidarii | 
Narasiriiha-kshitipala-namada kumararii Narasiriihottamarii || 
antu samasta-putra-mitra-kalatra-sahitarii sukham irddu sriman-mahrupradiia- 
narii sri-karanada Buchayyangalu Sige-nfula piriy-agrahara Vadda-Sa,nti-gramada 
kaluvaliy appa Koravangalada sri-Buchesvara-devarige vritti bhfimi tontakke 
Ballalu-Devara sri-padakke sese gadyanav innurarii tettu konda vritti sri- 
Buchesvara-devara nitya-piijegarii nivedyakkarii nandii-divigegarii pavitra-davan- 
riropanakkarii naimittika-tithigarii Santi-gramadalu tontav eradu kadah-eradu 
Koravarigaladalu dasaka muru a-muru dasakada bali gadde beddale kiru-kere 
kummari antu aydu-dasakakkarii malabiya siddhaya-sunka-khana-agantuka- 
sarvva-badhe-pariharavagi ayvattu-honna araraaneya siddhayakke avalamba- 
navagi ilihi sri-Buchesvara-devarige dhara-purvvakarii madi kotta datti || svasti 
na-sampannar appa Dorasamudrada Kapila-tirtthada Devasakti-Panditargge 
sri-Buchesvara-devara sthanavarii kalarii karchchi dhara-purvvakarii madi 
heggade-Buchayyarii kotta | 

46 Hassan Taluq. 

achch ottidante amard a- | pp ipp oppam-badedu lalita-latey unnate | 
mach-chittadolu Devasakti- i ya chittesvari chandranante Chandavey esadal n 
ant ivarggala jeshtha-putri Chokala-Devi tad-udara-putranum Gangavadi-tom- 
bhattaru-sayirada Siva-dharmma-pratipalakar appa sri-Malesvarada Vamasakti- 
Devara jnana-putranum appa Kalyanasakti || (furtber 4 lines contain usuai verses) 
Girisuteya charana-sarasija- | para-bhakteya niratisayada gunad unnateyam | 
dhare mechchi nutiyipar ssaj- | jana-nidhiy endu Chaudaveyan anavaratam || 
lokayka-jananiy enisid U- | ma-ramaniya varada-putri sucharitreyey en- | 
d ikeyane mechchi pogalvar | llokadavar dDevasakti-vadhu-Chandaveyam || 


At the. same village, on a stone to the south of the G6vind^8vara temple, 

Namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave | 
trailokya-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya-Sambhave || 
(from vinaya-pratapa-nilayaih in line 2 to esedam sri-Vishnu-bhupalaka in line 7 

correspond with those in the previous No.) 

a-Vishnuvarddhanangam [ bhavodbhava-rajya-lakshmiy enisida Lakshma- | 
Devigam udbhavisidan i- | bhuvallabha Narasimhan ahava-simha || 
svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvaram | Dvaravati-pura- 

varadhisvara | saiigrama-ranga-sangata-ripu-nripala-ka galita-mada-vari- 

dhara-dhauta - ganda-mandala - mandita - sundala - mandali -khandana - patishtha- 
panchanana | chaturyya-Chaturanana Tuluva-bala-jaladhi-badavanala i vairi- 
bala-gahana-dahana-davanala | Pandya-kula-kamala-vana-vedanda ganda-bhe- 
runda i mandalika-betekara | para-mandala-siirekara | sangrama-Bbima | Kali- 
kala-Kama [ namadi-prasasti-sahita srimat-Tribhuvana-malla Talakadu-Kongu- 
Nangali-Nonambavadi-Banavase-Hanuiigal-gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Ganga pra- 
tapa-Hoysala sri-Narasiriiha-Devaru Hima-Setu-maryyadeyada bhumiyaih 
dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipalanam geydu rakshisuttam sukha-sankatha-vinoda- 
dim rajyaih geyyuttam ire tat-pada-padmopajivi | 

Narasimha-bhumipalakan- | aramaneyolu manya-purushan achalita-lakshmi- | 
charitarii budha-nidhi Manu-muni- | charitarii Govinda-Rajan urjjita-teja n 
tantrada heggade mattarii i tantralochanegav uchita-lochanan eniparii i 
tantraman anituman orvvane | jantrada kilante nindu nilisalu neredaih || 
antu negalda i 

Govindan-anvayonnati i Devendrana gurugav aridu hogalalu ditadim i 
Srivatsarii brahmarshi ma- i hi-visrutan adan a-munindrana kuladol n 
(from vedadhyayanadhyapana in line 19 to palara punyodayadirii in line 27 correspond 
with those in the previous No.) antu dara-smera-prema-rasa-ranjitantahkaranar agi 
raga-rasadol oladut irpp a-dampatigalige | 

Hassan Tahiq. 47 

purushakarade parijata-mahijaiii viprottamanika-bhii- | 
sura-chintamani veda-sastra-Yihitanushthana-samsiddha-si- i 
ddha-rasam satya-hitokti-yukta-surabhi-bratam vivekanvitam | 
purusham taldidud ind enutte dhareg ond anaudav and appinam n 
putram puttidan amala-cha- l ritram sarvvorvvaraika-mitram dhfitri- | 
netrotsavakara-guna-gana- i patram dakshinya-punya-janma-kshetram n 
Srivatsa-gotra-tilakam | sri-vallabhan akhila-dharani-dhrirana-chaturam | 
Govindan-antir adarim i Govindrikhyanam adud ataiig uchitam n 
Kali-kiilakk agid odid a-sucharitam Makambikri-garbbha-nis- i 
chala-dugdhabdhiyol ondi nindu baliyam meygondu gand eri tat- j 
Kaliyarii trim bide benkolalke tale-doritt endu sarvvorvvara- | 
talav ellaiii pogalv ant ad erii negaldano Govindan anandadirii ji 
Nade galpalliye dharmmadalli nadeyal kaltarii kalalapadirii | 
nudi galpalliye satyamarii nudivudarii kaltarii pararttharthamarii | 
padev-ande jasamarii teralchi padeyal kaltarii dal end andu per- j 
ggade Govindanavol ad ar ssa. .gal visvambhara-bhagadol n 
nadigal Gangegal adav eyde girigal Kailfisav agirddav un- | 
mada-matanga-kularii Surendra-gajav ayt ambhodhararii saradarii- | 
budav ayt abdhigal eyde dugdhanidhiy ayt end andu Govindan-an- i 
dadin ar kirttiyan int uparjjisidavar san-mana-danangalirii n 
svasti samasta-rujadhiraja-Narasiriiha-Deva-bhavana-bha,vita-maha,matya-pada- 
vi-virajamana | durikrita-kama-krodha-lobha-mada-raana | veda-sastra-smriti- 
puranady-anekanavadya-vidya-paripurnna | sarvva-guna-sampftrnna | budha- 
bandhu-vandi-brinda-makanda-nandana-vasanta j naya-vinaya-lakshma-lakshmi- 
kantai san-margga-sancharana-parinata-dvija-kula-kulaya-lihVvilasi-phalabhara- 
sara-parijata | kirtti-valli-vellita-jagat-traya-dhava[lana]trijata i Karnnata-kula- 
kamala-marttanda namadi-prasasti-sahitanurii i samasta-tantradhikariyurii i 
sarvva-tantropakariyum enisi chandranante kuvaleyananda-sampadana-saraa- 
rtthanu | sad-vargga-vallabhanu | Narayananante nanavidhopaya-prayoga-pra- 
vinanu | lakshmi-vallabhanu | Mahesvaranante sandharita-kaladharanu j 
uma-vallabhanu i kalpavrikshadante sthira-mula-sakha-samanvitanum abhi- 
raata-pradanum enisi negalda heggade-Govindamayyanirii kiriya i 

sri-karanagrani tantrakk | eka-prabhu Narasiriiha-Devana maneyol i 
§ri-kanta-kanta-sahaja-vi- | vekarii sat-kirtti-pihita-lokarii Nakarii n 
a-Nakaninde kiriyarii i bhu-naka-bhujaugaloka-varttita-klrtti | 
sri-nari-pati vitarana- i Bhanusutarii K^ilidasa vinaya-vilasarii || 
a-miivarinde kiriyarii i bhumandalak eyde piriyan olu-gunadindarii | 
dhimantara chintamani i samanyane Buchi-Rajan urjjta-tejarii || 
Ratiyant Angabhavaiige Lakshmi Ilarig ent Abjodbhavaiig a-Sara- i 
svatiyant a-Himasailajate Girisaiig ent a-Vasishthang Arun- | 
dhatiyant ant ire kante Santave lasad-Govinda-Rajaiige san- i 

48 Hassan Taluq. 

tata-saubhagya-subhagya-yogye satiy adal punya-sampattiyim n 
pogale jagamintanaratav |aganita-guna-mani-gananga-bhushanebageyol | 
bageyade peratam patir e- | va gurus strinam enutte Santave negaldal || 
sura-bhujatada kalpavalliya lasat-sariiyogav ent artthi-san- | 
kara-sankalpita-kalpana-kshama-phalam tan adud ant i-vadhu- | 
vara-samyogam abhishta-sishta-phala-sampurnnan dalay embinam | 
paramotsahade puttidam budha-vipat-sammarddanaiii Maddeyaih || 
mattam avimuktan avargala | chittadol avimuktan agi nind a-moham | 
sutte sutan adan end ene- | sutt en Avimukta-Devan atmajan adam || 
ant ananta-guna-patra-putra-kalatra-mitra-parivara-parivritam Narasirhha-De- 
van-aramaneyolu tammandiru tanuiii mukhyar agi nadaputtam irddu santarp- 
pita-sakala-bhudevam Govinda-Devaih padad-odave deva-brahmanartthav 
allad anartthakavagi hagavam hogal iyan appudu-karanadim tange janma- 
bhumiyada Sige-nad olagan-agraharam Koravangaladolu dridhataradhishthana- 
bandha-bandhuramum vritta-parinaha-ramaniya-stambha-sambhritamum enipa 
Sankaravasamarn Vasava-samana-vibhavam vibhavanurupadiiii madisi tad- 
garbbha-grihadolu Siva-pratishtheyaih dinanatha-yutha-gehadolu sri-pratishthe- 
yarii trailokya-grihadolu yasah-pratishtheyaih yatha-sthanam agi sakala-pariva- 
ra-devata-pratishtheyarii madisi Govindesvara-devara nitya-pujegaih brahma- 
nara tapodhanar-anna-danakkaih jirnnoddharakkav agiy a-ura hiriya-kereya 
modal-eriyalu Govindamayyana gaddeyiih tehkalu Madhava-Bhattana gaddeyirii 
haduvalu l huniseya tumbina hiriya-bayikalla mudalurii tehkalu gadde keyyuv 
a-keyyirii mudalu Gavundugereyalu kadahu | hiriya-kereya kelag aydu vritti- 
yarii bali-sahita sarvva-namasya-dattiyagi dhara-purvvakarii madi devargge 
heggade-Govindamayyarii kotta | svasti yama-niyamildi-guna-sampannar appa 
Vidyabharana-Pandita-Devargge Vikrama-saihvatsa tadige ba 


(5 lines illegible) 

Kalayuktaksha-saihvatsarada Phalguna-suddha-trayodasi-Brihavarad andu sri- 
Govindesvara-devargge Nakesvara-devargge Buchesvara-devargge Koravahgalada 
Govindachariya maga Kallaya devara srikaryyavarii nadavantagi kotta-kramav 
ent endade hu-dontavam. . . . vande hagav addam | gadyanarii hanneradara 
baddiyarii kuda. .vasudhareg ondu honna-baddiyaih kuduvaru muru-devaleya- 
kaih dhupakke eradu-honna-baddiyarii nanda-divigege muru-honna-baddiyarii 
koduvaru brahmanarige ashtami-bavu-devasa eka..siya akkiyann ikkuvaru 
eradu-honna-baddiyaih Bairava-devargge nanda-divigege ondu-honna-baddiyaih 
kuduvantagi Somayya Jagga-Gauda Bamma-Gauda Bala-Gauda Madi-Gauda 
Bila-Gaudara Madi-Gauda Honna-Gauda hiriya-Mala-Deva Bitti-Gauda Muddu- 
Gauda Keriya-Maraya Bamacha-Setti hiriya-Bammabova Lihgada-Bamma 

Bhimacha Nariyoja samasta nambi gadyanavappa 

(6 lines illegible) 

Hassan Taluq. 49 


On the west beam of the ranga-mantapa in the same temple. 
Svasti sriman-raaha-pradbanam sarvvadhikari-makkalu dandadhishthayakarii 
matada Macbayyangala besadim Heragina Bacharasa-Heggade Jaya-sanivatsa- 
rada Asvija-su 10 Somavaradandu Koravangalada Govindesvara-devara nauda- 
divigegam abhyaugana-snanakkarh kai-gana onduvam suiika-pariharav agi 
bittaru i-dhammavaiii kedasihan endavanu Gaiigeya tadiyalu ekkoti-munindra- 
ruvam sayira-veda-paragar appa brahmanaruvaiii sriyira-kavileyamurii konda 


At the same village, on a stone near the Brahmesvara temple. 
Sri nanias turiga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave i 
trailokya-nagariirarabha-mula-stambhriya Sambhave || 

srimatu-. . . kshetra-palaka Goviudamayya i 

srimat-sarvvadbikari-Naga-Rudramayya | sitagara-ganda heggade Kalaraayya | 
sriman-mahu-pradhana sarvvadhikari Buchi-Rajan int i-nalvara janani hegga- 
diti Makanavveyu tamma putrara dharramarigala pratipalisalu Makasamudra- 
varii kattisidalu. | 


At the same village, oq a stone south of the Kildsvara temple. 

Naraas turiga-siraS-chumbi-chandra-chaniara-charave | 

trailokya-nagarararabha-milla-stambhaya-Sambhave n 
(10 linos roUowing, from vinaya-pratapa-uilayaui to Narasiriiha-kshiti§arii, oorrespond 
with those in No. 71 above) svasti samadhigata-paricha-raahri-sabda maha-mandale- 
svararii Dviiravati-pura-varadbisvararii | Tuluva-bala-jaladhi-badavanala | vairi- 
i}ala-gahaua-davanala | Psindya-kula-kaniala-vana-vedanda ganda-bherunda i 
para-raandala-siirekara sarigraraa-Bhima | Kali-krila-Karaa namadi-prasasti- 
gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Gariga pratilpa-Hoysala sri-Narasimha-Devaru Hima-Setu- 
niaryyadey ada bhuniiyarii dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipalanarii geydu rakshisuta 
sukha-sarikatha-vinodadirii rajyarii gcyyuttam ire tat-pada-padniopajivi ! 

sri-karanagrani tantrakk | eka-prabhu Narasimha-Devana maneyol | 
Srikanta-kanta-sahaja-vi- | vekarii sat-kirtti-pihita-Iokarii Nakarii \\ 
ri-Nakimayyan-anvayounatiy entendade | 
(8 lines foiiowing, from vedadhyayauadhyripana to Govinda-Rajanirii kiriya, corrosponJ 

with those in No. 71 abovc) 


50 Hassan Taluq, 

vri II tantra-sri-karanadhikara-nirataih paiichanga-saihrakshakaih | 
mantralochana-nirjjitamara-guru-prajiiaih jagad-varddhakaih | 
dhatri-sarvva-janopakara-karana-krida-grihita-vrataih | 
tantri-medura-nada-sodara-sudha-vrini-kanaih Nrikanaih || 
lokaika-priya-divya-sevya-sudheyiih sahkalpitarttha-prada- | 
nekakara-sura-drumali-padadiih Vachaspati-khyatiyim ) 
nakam mel akhilorvvi kil ene jagad-vikhyatav end andu matt | 
ekaikottama-vastuvim doreye pel Nakahg ila-lokadol || 
tanag i-ldkaman eyde rakshipa-manam tan ullad a-pakshig a- | 
tmanan end oppisal appude balike pel mikkargg ade geyvan end | 
anavadyatma-paropakara-karanaih vikhyata-Jimiitava- | 
hananam kelu viveki Naki naguvaih lokopakarodayam || 
padevar ppohgalan ellaruih tavag unal pendirgge makkalge ba- | 
ytidal ent altu nijeshta-sishta-tatig ishtapurttamam nirmmisal i 
padevaih dharmmadin artthamaih para-hita-vyaparan end andu he- | 
rggade Nakaniiane visva-dhatriyolag eih dhanyam perar ddhanyare |i 
svasti samasta-bhuvana-jana-vinuta-guna-ganrilahkara | Narasirhha-Deva-bha- 
vana-bhasura-sabhalahkara | anavarata-dara-hasa-bhasura-sarach-chandrika- 
sakala-samaya-sampurnna-mukha-mandala-nirakrita-raka-sasahka-mandala | ni- 
rantara-dhana-kanaka-dana-santarppita-sakala-bhumandala | dana-mana-praka- 
paripurnna | sarvva-guna-sampurnna ; Kamalasana-samana-sanmana-sadbhriva- 
visruta-Srivatsa-gotra-satapatra- mitra-vana-virajamana-rajahaihsa | bhuvana- 
tanda | dik-kari-karanukari-dorddanda | sakala-guna-gana-sammardda-Maddi- 
Raja-priya-putra | pavana-charitra i kula-kamini-kadamba-sambhavita-pativra- 
samuttha-manikya I chaturvvidha-pranita-niti-Chaiiakya | tantrudhikari-vikhyata- 
Govinda-Rajanujanma | saphalikrita-samsara-janma | tantra-sri-karanudi-sarvva- 
dhikari-sarvvadhyakshata-daksha-Buchi-Rajagrajata parijana-parijata | nitya- 
naimittikanushthana-niyamitantahkarana Narasimha-Deva-bhavana-bhavita-sri- 
karana | Yadava-raja-rajamandira-samasta-tantravapa-paratantra-tantradhikara 
naya-vinaya-dana-sanmana-sambhavita-sakala-lokopakara | sarada-niradakara- 
nihara-Hara-hasa-bhasura-yaso-vilasa-vistara i dinanatha-budha-bandhu-nikara- 
nistara i sad-achara-charutatmikrita-brahmanya | Mahesvara-ganagraganya | 
artthartthi-vargga-sahkalpitarttha-samudaya-samarppana i sarvvorvvara-rama- 
niya-kara-darppana i ananya-samanya-sahaja-saujanya | sarvva-jaua-manya i 
namadi-prasasti-sahitam sriman-maha-pradhana sri-karana-tantradhikariy enisi 
negalda i 

a-Nakananim kiriyaih | bhu-naka-bhujahgaloka-varttita-kirtti | 
sri-nari-pati vitarana- | Bhanusutaiu Kalidasa vinaya-vilasam || 

Hassan Taliiq. 51 

a-muvariude kiriyam | bhumandalak eyde piriyan ol-gunadindam i 
dhimantara chintamani i samanyane Buchi-Rajan urjjita-tejam n 
Buchannana naya-vinayama- | n acharamenippagunamanolpamtelpam | 
Vachaspatigaiii pogalvad a- | gocharam ene manavang ad erii gocharame n 
▼r' II Chaturasyananadante veda-chayadant udyach-chatur-vvargga-san- | 
tatiyant ambudhiyantu niti-gatiyant Indrebha-dantankura- | 
kritiyant i. . .jangal. .antu paded ant a-nalvarurii nitya-san- | 
gatar agirddu chatur-ddiganta-vilasad-vikhyritiyarii taldidar n 
RamanaBharatanaLakshmana-i nrimanaSatrughnan-eseva. . .mmikevol | 
a-Marddi-Raja-sutarol | samanyam enippud uchita-sahodaryya n 
a-nalvarol | 
^r' II esedirdd indu-kala-kalapamuman ri-dugdhabdhiyol puttid a- i 

posa-piyushamumarii teralchi padapirii Dhatrarii padarii geyva-san- | 
tosadirii dharmmadol odi nirramisidan i-visvambhanVrakshana- | 
vyasaDa-vyapta-yaso-vilasa-vilasad-bhu-nakanarii Nakana || 
nudigal karnna-rasriyanarii tanu jagan-netrakke chandrodayarii | 
kuduv-arpp artthi-janangal-angana-nidhi-bratarii sadacharav a- | 
Mrida-chudrimani-mauda-manda-visarad-Gaugripaga,-putav end- | 
ade polvannan ad fivan asrita-krita-sri-lokanarii Nakana n 
asad-alapadol appuderii surataru-bratangal ond agi san- | 

tosadind artthige sarvva-sakti-sahitarii chCl . j 

lasad-vaktrabja-bhasvad-daya- j 

rasa-sammisra-mridukti-yukta-madhu-digdhalokanarii Nakana n 
dakshinyarii Malayanilad adhigatarii gambhiryyam ambhonidheh 
tyiigah kalpataroh kshama cha dharanes sauryyarii cha panchanamU | 
lavanyarii mrigahifichhanat subhagata Kandarppa-devad aho 
saujanyarii khalu Naka-Rrija charitat kasraad idarii sikshitarii || 
endu tama-tamage pogaluva pogaltegarii negaltegarii neleyada | 

a-vibhu-Nakana kula-vadhu | bhavodbhava-rajya-lakshmi Delavo Lakshmi- | 
devige pempirii Vani- | devige raatiyinde sobagin Agajege piriyal n 
kiriya-vadhu Boppeyakkarii | neravarii taldida pativratri-gunadindarii l 
marayisal Avanisuteyarii j neravalu rupinge Kantu-kanteyan enturii || 
a-dharmma-patnigalu sukha- | sadhita-dharmarttha-karaeyar chchittamau a- 1 
radhise sukhadind irddan U- i raadhipa-padabja-chaficharikarii Naka || 
Manu-rauni-charitrii vidvaj- i jana-rakshana-dakshan amala-kirtti-vilasarii | 
vananidhi-parivrita-visva- I vani-taladolu dharmma-tati-patakarii Naka n 
migil Abjajaiige Vagde- i vige chrituryyadol enalke vibudhargg ellarii | 
jagadolage negalda Nakarii i dvi-gunarii tri-gunam chatur-ggunarii paiicha- 

gunarii II 
▼aeha II antu Gauri-Gariga-sangatanad-Isvaranant anukiila-kula-kalatra-yugala- 
saphalikrita-srira-sariisaranum arudha-vrishaAvahananum ligi Nagarajanante 

52 Hassan Taluq. 

bhu-bhara-bharana-dhaureyan enisida Nakarasam sri-Narasimha-Devan-ara- 
maneyolu tanum tann odavuttidarum pradhana-purushar agi nadeyuttam padad 
odavey anitumaih degulakaih keregav agi brayaih geyva bageyam bagedandu 
Sige-nad-olagan-agraharam Koravaiigaladolu kalu-vesan agiyuih pom-besan id 
enisi | 

vri II neladol poiigalan eke pulvar enutam taih lubdharam manad an- | 
daleyuttirppa viveki Naki paded a-sarvvasvamam Koravah- || 
galadol tannaya janma-bhumiyan ihi-vikhyatav appant iral | 
sileyol baytan Umesvaralaya-kriti-vyapara-parayana || 
sthirane sad-guniye viveka-nidhiye vidvaj-janadharane | 
nirahahkara-vinodane Manu-muni-prakhyatane Nakane | 
sthirane sad-guniye viveka-nidhiye vidvaj-janadharane | 
nirahahkara-vinodane Manu-muni-prakhyata-kirtti-dhvaja || 
erada manujahge sura-bhu- | miruham saran end avahge kulisagaraih j 
para-vaniteg Anilatanayaih i nirupama-guna-dharmma-tati-patakamNaka n 
vri II onde muhurttadalli paramesvaranam parivara-devata- | 

briiida-samanvitam negalda-sasanamam sakalorvvaramara- | 
nanda-samanvitam siriyan artthigalalli yasas-samanvitam | 
kundad iral pratishthisidan em kritakrityano Naki lokadol || 
vall antu Siva-pratishtheyam yasah-pratishtheyam kula-pratishtheyuman 
odan-odane su-muhurttadalli su-pratishthitam madi Nakesvara-devara nitya- 
pujegaih pavitra-davanaropana-naimittika-tithigam tapodhana-brahmanar-anna- 
danakkarh khanda-sphutita-jirnnoddharakkam hiriya-kereya kelage tehkana 
bhagadalli miidana kadeya Chiriyadana dasakadim haduvalu Govindesvara- 
devarig ada Vinayaka-Bhattana panchakadim mudalu bali-sahitav eradu dasa- 
kamam sarvva-namasya-dattiy agi dhara-purvvakam bhumiyam sri-Nakesvara- 

devargge heggade Nakimayyam kotta | (foiiowing 4 lines contain usuai verses) 

Svasti yama-niyama-svadhyaya-dhyrma-dharana-maunanushthana-japa-samadhi- 
sila-guna-sampannaru[m] yajana-yajanadhyayanadhyapana-dana-parigraha-sat- 
karmma-niratarum appa srimatu piriy-agraharam Santi-gramad asesha-maha- 
janahgalu Koravahgalada sri-Nakesvara-devargge bali-sahita ondu dasakavarh 
sarvva-namasyatey agi bittaru yidan avan orvva kidisi hog endavanu sayira- 
kavileya sayira-veda-paragar-appa brahmanarumam entu-kdti-munindraruvam 
konda brammati. 


At Anugavalli (same hobli), on a stone in the rahga-mantapa 
of the Kesava temple. 

sriman-maha-mandalesvara ari- 

rayara-vibhada bhashege tappuva-rayara ganda chatu-samudradhipati sri-vira- 

Hassan Taluq. 53 

Bukkanna-vodeyaru prithivi-rajyaih geutt ire sakala-guna- 

sampannar appa Vatsa-gotrada Anugapalla Kambada-Ramayanada Narayanana 
makkalu Ramayanada Rfimapanu Lakshmananu Anugavalliya Ramachandra- 
devara padakke namaskaravam mudi hodaru Piugala-samvatsaradali baraddu. 


On a stone south-east of the same temple. 

Svasti sri-Nandana-samvatsarada Asvayuja-sudda-padiva-Brahavarad andu Hera- 
gina Tirumannaluv embara maganu Eleya-Perumalu-drisaru Anugavalli-Tira- 
mala. .mana-devarige ivaha amrita-padige kotta gadyfina hattu i-honnina 
vridhiyalu nitya hattu-mana araisuta asesha-mahajanangalu nadisuvaru | 


At the same village, on the west wall of the Kdsava temple. 

(Qrantha and Tamil oharaoters) 

Svasti sri-Anumaupalliyil sri-Kesava-p-pcrumrilukku t-tiruvaymoli t-tiru- 
vadhyayanattukku seshamfika Apparasan-pallattile iru kandaka k-kajani irai 
iliyaka k-kondu vittur Tirukkottiyur Gomatattu Jiyar sri-Vishnuvarddhanah 
Hari ^rivaishnava-varddhaka. 


On the north wall of the same temple. 

(Orantha and Tamil oharaoteri) 

Svasti sri-Hemalambi-samvatsarattu Kattikai mudal Anumanpalliyil sri- 
Kesava-p-perumalukku tiru-vilakkukku a-vuril asesha-mahajanarigal kaiyile 
arurai balla kalaniyile aru-kulakatt-iru-nali kalani yirai yili 


At Hiri-Kadalliru (same hobli), on the north and east beams of 
sukan&si-mantapa in the Chenna-Kesava temple. 

Svasti sri-Rudhirodgari-samvatsarada Karttika-su 1 A Aradattipuravada 
Kadaliira Aranipurattu Srirauga-Devana makkalu Govanna-Ballannarigalu 
Amoda-Padmanubha-devara sthunika-Kesava-Pille . .Rayaru Chandramauli- 
Nambiyara maga Nuganna Narasimha-Nambiyara maga Bondappanu Bandari- 
Madayyana maga Bommayya atana tamma Kesavannala. . . Naganna nilis- 
ibarigeyu kotta susanada kramav entendade a-Padmanabha-devara muru- 
tontavanum Heggereya teukana-kodiya gaddeyanum mudana-kodiya makkiya 

54 Hassan Taluq. 

gadde Honnayyanahalli[ya]num vritti nalkuvanum yeppatta-muru-mrivanum 
kondu nitya-padi midiguli sahita nellu ko 5 tuppa soUage hal ommana mosar 
ommana yanney ommana hatt-adake yippatt ele gandha dhiipa varushakk eradu 
madi vargga chayitra-pavitra-dipotsavavanu purvva-mariyadeya nadasuvalligeyu 
kuda Bale-dannayakaru madida jivita nambiyarige ga 6 paricharakange ga 3 
parvvangala dakshinege ga 1 angharikarige ga 5 hu-dontava maduvange ga 3 
aghavani-banasakke ga 2 antu jivita-vargga ga 20 kkeyu yi-kshetrangalavu 33 
kkam banda ola-brayavanum yinit endu tarade tettu a-devalayakke sodheyan 
ikkisuvantagiyu a-G6vanna-Ballannangalige mala-pakshadalli a-Padmanabha- 
devarig erisida madhyamada pavitravanu adhika-padiyal obball-akkiya prasa- 
davanu koduvantagiyu sri-Chenna-Kesava-devarige yar obbar adhikarigahigi 
bandavare yi-dharmmava nodi nadasuvantagiyu a-G6vanna-Ballannarigalu 
a-Kesava-devarige adhikariyagidda Ling-arasara Madanna muntagi yi-sthanika- 
rige a-chandrarkka-pariyanta nadavant agi kotta sasana yi-G6vanna-Ballannan- 
gala yi-sthanikara ubhayanumatadim barada sri-mulasthana-devara stha- 
nikan a-vura senab6va Singannanu yi-sthanikaru sri-Chenna-Kesava-devara 
bhatta guru-Depannange nityann ikadal-erad-adake nalk-eleya vileyava 
nadasuvaru yint appudakkey a-G6vanna-Ballannangala sva-hastad oppa 
sva-dattam para-dattam va yo hareta vasuudharam | 
shashti-varsha-sahasrani vishthayam jayate krimih n 

(In Grantha oharacters) 8ri-66pinatha. 


At the same village, on copper plates in possession of Nanje-Gauda. 

(In Nagari characters) 

(Ib) Om namas Sivaya | 

patu vah paramah P6tri yasy6ddhritavat6 mahirh | 
krida-karddamatam yati janudaghnam nabhas-sthalaih || 
Hari-nabhi-sar6jinyam visva-bijam abhud Vidhih | 
tasmad Atris tatas saisha sudha-rasamayas Sasi || 
tasya vamse Yadur abhud Yadu-vamse- nripagranih i 
abhud ahhumis tamasam asav ati-balas Salah || 
tasmin Vasantikam devim naraaty apagatayudh^ l 
munirii kam api sarddul6 jighrikshann abhyapadyata || 
tam vikshya hoy Salety aha Karnnataka-gira munih | 
salakaya nri-sarddulah sarddulam cha jaghana sah n 
mahibhrin-mastaka-nyasta-pada-sphurjjita-mandalah | 
tat6'bhud Vinayadityah pratapakranta-bhutalah || 
abhangura-gun6ttungam Ereyaiigam asiita sah | 
nij6jvala-bhuja-chhaya-sukha-visranta-bhutalam || 
tasmad asmarggala-prakhyau pivarau dbarayan bhujau | 

Hassan Taluq. 55 

ajayata jagaj-jishnu-mahima Vishnuvarddhanah n 
pandukritaih nija-tanum dadhati samantad 
adyapi yasya virahad iva kirtti-kanta | 
vela-nikunja-bhavanani jahati naiva || 
purushad uttamad Vishnor athavirabhavat prabhuh | 
Narasirahas samagranam jagatam asivam haran n 
anyesham bhumipalanam katarah kirtti-yoshitah | 
unmajjanti nimajjanti yad-yasah-kshira-varidhau || 
Kali-kalmashajam bharam avatrirayitura bhuvah | 
tasmad ajani yajnanam Ballalah parama gatih n 
dharadhare kripiine pitambhasi nabhasi vilasite yasya | 
uddiya kvapi gata prati-bhupati-kirtti-kahihariisi || 
a-Praleyasil6chchayad Suranadi-pathah-pavitrodarad 
a-Setor Dasakantha-vairi-charanu-nyasaih samuttariisitan | 
a-purvvachala-paschimachala-tatan marttanda-valiavali- i 
hela-luna-lavanga-pallava-mukha(na)n madyanti yat-kirttayah n 
tat-kula-mula-stambhad uditas sa eva Narasimhah i 
ripu-hridaya-kuta-patana-nishthura-nija-khadga-nakhara-mukhah n 
mata yasya jagat-trayaika-janani karunya-varannidhis 
saubhagyaika-nidhis samasta-yasasam patrarii gunanarii khanih | 
lakshmi-sthairya-vidhana-keli-khurali satyasya sanjivanarii 
tyageshv apratimeti Padmala-mahadevi katharii kathyate n 
ajnam anya-nripala-mauli-phalakarii kirttin disa-dantinarii 
dantotsaugara an'iti-raja-patalirii devangana-mandiram | 
aropya prathamarii samunnata-mana rajyabhishekotsavais 
svikarturii yatate Nrisiriiha-nripatis siriihasanrirohanarii n 
Bhogindrasya phanagram adi-Kamathiit tasmad disa-dantinarii 
dantri-sringa-parampararii tadanu tad-gotradri-.sringa-sthalih | 
tabhyo'py adi-Varaha-danta-valabhim iiruhya bhiimih kramad 
adyarohati Narasiriiha-uripater uttangam ariisa-sthalara || 
bhft-bharach chhrama-vari nirjhara-mishan munchanti gotrachala, 
vijyante kila karna-tala-pavanaih sranta ivasa-gajah | 
ity etan dhrita-bhu-bharah prahasativonnidra-ratnankura- 
jyotsnoUasa-vimisra-kankana-ranatkarair yadiyo bhujah || 
yudhyann uttara-dig-jayeshu samararambhe Nrisiriiho nripah 
satrfinarii rudhirair apurayad asau tat-Tungabhadra-tatih | 
bhrashtaih kshmapatibhir diso nija-yasah-purena rodhontararii 
virair Vikramapala-pavusa-mukhair devaugana-mandirarii n 
etasmin Narasiriiha-bhuparivridhe gandha-dviparohana- 
krida-kautukini svayam rai^a-mukhO hanturii pravritte paran | 

56 Hassan Taluq. 

sadyas Sevuna-sainya-sonita-sarin-medo-vasadin punas 
tam devam Madhu-Kaitabha-pramathanarii sandegdhi yarii medini || 
hrita Srir baddhoharii nikhila-manayah kaustubha-mukhas 
tvaya luptah kasmat tirayasi chamu-pariisu-patalaih | 
' itivambhorasir Yadu-kula-pateh(IK)kirtti-vijaya- 

prayanasthair ghoshaih prachala-tanur akrosati bhrisarii n 
evarii-vidha-prasasti-salina srimat-pratapa-chakravarttina Narasiriiha-mahipale- 
na| shan-nishka-mulakarasya j pana-dvayona-chatvaririisan-nishka-sar.vvayasya | 
Arundhatipurapara-namadheyasya | sarvva-namasyatvena purvvarii dattasya | 
Kadaluru-mahagraharasya | pravishtataya | chatur-nishka-mulakarah | pancha- 
panottara-shad-viriisati-nishka-sarvvayah | prasiddha-sima-samanvitah Chikka- 
Kadalura-namadheyo gramas sarva-namasyarii kritva dattah n (34 lines foiiowin? 

contain details of the gift with boundaries, names of vrittid&rs and usual final verses) 



At Chikka-Kadaltir (same hobli), on a stone south of the 
entrance of the Kallesvara temple. 

Namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave | 
trailoky-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya Sambhave || 
Murahara-nabhi-pankajadol udbhavisirdda Pitamaharige sach- | 
charita-pavitran Atri-muni puttidan a-muni-raja-nandanaiii | 

vara-guni Soman atana magam Budhan atmajarii ja 1 

dharan eniparii Purtiravana tat-sutan Ayuv enippan oppidarii || 
atana hemmagarii Nahushan a-Nahusarige Yayati puttidarii | 
bhutala-sevyan atana sutam Yadu Yadava-variisa-sambhavarii | 

nitividarii negartte-vadedarii Vinayarkka-nandanarii | 

khyatiyan ant Erarigan esev atmajan urjjita-Vishnu-bhubhujaih || 
svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha-sabda-maha-mandalesvararii | Dvaravati-pura- 
varadhisvararii Yadava-kulambara-dyumani maleparolu ganda ganda-bherunda 
sarigrama-Rama Kali-kala-Kama namadi-prasasti-sahitarii srimat-Tribhuvana- 
malla Talakadu-Korigu-Narigali-Garigavadi-Nolambavadi-Banavase-Hanurigalu- 
gonda bhuja-bala-Gariga pratapa-vira-Vishnuvarddhana-Hoysala-Devaru Gariga- 
vadi-tombhattaru-sasiramumarii Nolambavadi-muvatt-ir-ssasiramumarii dushta- 
nigraha-sishta-pratipalanadindav aluttav ire vijaya-rajyam uttarottarabhivrid- 
dhi-pravarddhamanam a-chandrarkka-tararii-bararii saluttam ire Dorasamudra- 
da nelevidinol sukha-sarikatha-vinodadirii rajyarii geyutt ire Saka-varsha 1078 

Sadharana-sariivatsarada sri-Govindapurada asesha-maha-janarigalum 

Base-Gavundanurii Hiriya-Kadaliira Bomma-Gauda alliya muliga Sivasakti- 
Panditara sri-Kali-devara purvvada gadde hiriya-kereya kelage sa 3 devara 

Hassan Taluq, 57 

kere anisuva muntana beddale sa 1 haduvana araliya keyi sa 1 allim tenkalu 
beddale ko 10 Chinni-Settiyu kattisida Kannegereya sa 1 Sivasakti-Panditara 
maga Honna-jiya Honna-jiyana maga Hola-jiya sri-Kali-devara devalyavan ettisi 
kereyam kattisidam i-dharmmavam pratipalisidang ayum sriyum akkum 
i-dharmmavam kayada papige ek-koti-munindrarumam kavileyumam brahmana- 
rumam Gange-Varanasi-Kurukshetradalli konda brahmati akkum Kali-devara 
' nanda-divigeya kai-gana suukadavaru eud-endig aparihara i-sasanavarii bareda 
Mudugere-Nagarasi-Pandita ruvari-Devoja dharmmakke sasanava nilisida ii 

(asual final verse) 

On the side of the same stone. 

Sri-Govindapurada asesha-mahajanara kaiyalu Hebbagereya Egranakereyalu 
niska kottu khanduga-gaddeya sri-Mahadevariiige bitta int i-dammavan ali- 
dange Banarasiyalu gO-vadhe madida 


On copper plates in possession of Linge-Oanda, patel of the same village. 

(Nftgart charactors) 

(la) Sri II subham astu n 

avyad anahataisvarya-karano Varanrinanali | 

varadah papa-timira-mihiro Hara-nandanah n 

namas tuiiga-siras-chumbi-chandra-cliamara-cliarave | 

trail6kya-nagararambha-m(ila-stambhiiya Sambhave n 

bhiiyad Yajiia-Varaho vas Sreyase bhuyase chiram | 

samichakara yah kshonim *8urais chakre payo girin n 

asti mandara-kalpadru-kamadhenu-sahodarah j 

Ramanujas Sudhanathah kshira-sagara-sambhavah n 

udabhud auvaye tasya Yadur nama mahipatih | 

palitaui Yudaviyena Vasudevena bhutalarii n 

abhut tasya kule sriraan lasad-guru-gunodayah j 

apasta-ddtitasangas Saugamo nama bhupatih n 

punyais tasya babhdva purva-charitaih putro gunanaiii nidhis 

sriman Bukka-mahipatis Siva-pada-dvandvaika-seva-parah | 

yasmad rosha-kashayitakshi-yugalat santrasyatarii vidvisharii 

satrubhyCpy abhaya-pradiipanam abhud durvuiikurarii durlabharii n 


pari[pa]ti-churnikrita-ripu-ka[taka]-k6ti-parishadah j 

virajad-raja-sris sthagita-jaladhis saisha rajasa 

bhuvarii chakre bhokturii vyapagata-dukulim iva muhuh n 

* So in the original. 

58 Hassan Taluq. 

*tasmaj Jambhary-Amarapurabhida tva cha kelis cha vinarh 
padya-sthairyo Harihara iti pradurasit kumarah i 
drig evavatarajam ka(I &)lanugam manasi nilakam vitanvan navarii 
slagham nirasyan sapadi bahu-narendra-yasabhajara satam yah n 
yasyodrikta-nisata-khadga-dalita-ma . . rthi-kosahrita- 
svarna-stoma-nirakrita-dvija-kulanishtas cha tunga-sriyah | 
*pras6kacharitani shodasa-maha-danani sarvair nripaih 
arudhara mahaniya-dura-padavim sviya-sravapam tada n 
Sakabde Vasu-chandragni-vidhuna yuta-vatsare | 
Dhatv-akhye Sravane masi sukla-pakshe subhe dine || 
somoparaga-samaye Tungabhadra-nadi-tate | 
sri-Virupaksha-devasya sannihdau muktidayinah n 

*adisad imam(a) agraharam Harihara-nripatih Kadalura nama viprebhyah | 
Sige-nada-simayam Hasanante tasya gramasya Hariharapuram iti paschad 
adhisthanam achakshate || 

*sukham i[ha] vasata chirena kratushu havirbhir upahritair ajasram | 
sura-parishadi triptim asrayantyam mama samabhud ayasah-prasangah n 
sriman-maharajadhiraja-paramesvara purva-dakshina-paschimottara-fsamudre- 
ka nalku bhasham Telaghu-rajanya-bhujanga Hindu-Raya-suratrana raja-vesya- 
bhujaiiga Karnataka-ashtaka-ashta-kalavatamsa Vijayanagaradhisvara chatush- 
shashti-kala-chaturya-pravina vaidika-marga-pratishthapanacharya rajadhi(sri) 
raja Valmiki-siddha-sara-sakta Simhala-dvipa-jaya-stambha sri-Virupaksha-deva- 
di(n a) vya-bhaktankita su-lakshananvita-sach-charana tri-sandhya-samaradhita- 
Chandramauli-mauli-chandra-chandrikrita-sandrikrita-hridayangaraga sri-vira- 
pratapa-Harihara-maharayaru somoparaga-punya-kaladalli tad-anga-bhu-danav 
agi kotta agraharada vrittivantaru nischita-vrittayah | trayodasa-sankhyakah | 
asya nirnayah | (19 lines foUowing contain names, otc. of vrittidars) i-hadimuru-mandi 
brahmanarige kotta vritti hadimurake grama Kadaluru-grama vandu Hiri- 
Kadaluru-grama vandu Maidanahalli-grama vandu antu kalvali-grama miiru 
Hasanada sthalada i-Kadalura-gramavannu Pampa-kshetrada sri-Virupaksha- 
devara sannidhiyallu kottevu a-agraharada chatus-sime yalle vivara (i5 Hnes 
foiiowing contain detaiis of boundaries) i-Kadalura-agraharada chatus-sime va(ni a) 
lagana nidhi-nikshepa-jala-pashana-akshiny-agami-siddha-sadhyagal emba ashta- 
bhoga-tejas-svamyagalannu aga-madikondu a-chandrarkasthayigal agi putra- 
pautra-paramparyav agi anubhavisi yendu somoparaga-punya-kaladalu kanaka- 
dhara Hariharapurav emba hesarulla sarvamanyada agraharavanu | Dhatu-sam- 
vatsarada Sravana-suddha-paurnamiyalu sa-hiranyodaka-dhara-purvakav agi 
kottevu I sukhadim bhogisuvadu [ 

samany6'yam dharma-setur nripanam kale kale palaniyo bhavadbhih | 
sarvan etan bhavinah parthivendran bhuyo bhuy6 yachate Ramachandrah || 

* These verses are so in the origiual. f So in the original. 

Hassan Taluq. 59 

ye bhiimipas satatam ujvala-dharma-chittah 
mad-vamsajah para-mahipati-vamsaja va | 
mad-dharmam eva satatam paripalayanti 
tesham pada-dvayam aham sirasa vahami || 
ari-raya-vibhada bhashege tappuva rayara ganda purva-paschima-dakshinottara- 
rajadhiraja vira-Harihara-Rayara hasta muttida voppita | 
rajno Hariharesasya ajnaya tarara-sasanaiii | 
alikham Muddanacharyo akshare mangalanvite n 

Sri-Virupaksha (in Kannada oharaoters). 


At Talegunda (same hobli), on a stone south-west 
of the Santamallesvara temple. 

Srimat-trailokya-pujyaya sarva-karma-su-sakshine | 

phaladaya namo nityara Saukaraya mahatmane || 

ekam. . .-nimilina mukulina chakshur-dhrite. .punah 

Parvatya jaghana-sthala-stana-tatais sri- . . ra-bharavali | 

. .dura-nikrishta-. .Madana-. . . . 

moda-samaye netra-trayam padma . . . n 

svasti samadhigata-pancha-mahu-sabda raaha-mandalesvaranum | Dvaravati- 
pura-varesvaranum | Yadu-kula-kalasa-kalita-nripa-dharmma-harmmya-mu]a- 
stambhanurii | apratihata-pratapa-vidita-vijayarambhanurii | Vasantika-devi- 
labdha-vara-prasadanum sriraan-Mukunda-padaravinda-vandana-vinodanurii | 
akshunna-lakshrai-lakshita-vakshah-pradesanurii | pratidinopachiyamana-punya- 
pravesanurii | vinamad-ahita-bhaya-chakita-raukha-birabavalaraba-sphatika-pada 
pitha-vinyasta-padatalanurii i svetatapatra-sitalikrita-bhutalanurii | sneha-nihita- 
saundira-sarasa-vira-kathakarnnanodirnna -harsha-pulaka-santananurii | ripu- 
ganda-raandalanurii | aniina-vibhavalokanagamanotkanthitAkhandalanurii | 
vikata- vaksha - sthala - virajamana - vipula - vimala - muktaphala - vikirnna - kanti- 
sudha-rasa-syandi-vadana-vidhu-bimba-prasada-sakhanurii bahu-saraara-labdha- 
vijayarudha-vikramatikarkkasa-bhuja-yugalanurii | bhata-kataka-bhujatanot- 
kantha-vijaya-lakshimi-dridhikarana-nihita-khadga-nigalanurii | sevagamana- 
ddha-kusuraa-bali- sabala - madhukara - jheiikara - mukharitasthana - ranganurii | 
niti-nitambini-hridaya-nihita-garabhirantaranganurii i vira-lakshrai-vihara-sapha- 
la-sastra-nandanabhiramanurii j saranagata-kubhrit-kula-niyukta-kshemanurii 
saiigitaka-prasanga-bharigi-sarigata-chatura-Bharatanurii tarka-vidya-visarada- 

60 Hassan Taluq. 

vichara-niratanum | sabda-vidya-samagra-lakshana-su-sikshanum | veda-vidya- 

pariksha-dakshanum | sakala-purana-punjitarttha-ratna-kosanum | purusharttha- 

sarttha-mula-satya-mani-bhushananum | kavitva-tatva-nisita-buddhiyura | van- 

dya-mantra-siddhiyum i lokalokana-srikarakaranuih | satya-samutpanna-sobhadi- 

gunadharanum | Kambhoja-vaji-raji-saiicharana-tarala-dharani-valayanuih | 

vijaya-dindimayamana . . . . ddamara-madhukara-patala-ghattita-piiichhatapatra- 

nurii I para-vadhu-putranum | karala-karavala-sarddula-nihata-mandalika-mriga- 

yuthanura | Gandagiri-nathanum | Pandya-ganda-saila-nirbhedana-kala-dam- 

bholiyum | Tulu-nripala-hridaya-vidalana-prakata-rana-keliyum | Jagad-deva- 

bala-vilay a - Bhairavanum | Somesvara - prachanda-vetanda - kabalana-prabala- 

kanthiravanum | Chakrakuta-pitha-Manikya-devi-samaksha-lakshya-samarato- 

panum | Adiyamavalepa-lopa-chapa-uipunanurii | Narasiriiha-Brahma-bhuja- 

bhaiijauanurii | Kalapala-kapala-chashaka-sonita-pana-tushta-yogiui-mano-ranja- 

nanurii | Bengiri-bhujanga-bhaiigakara-khalga-khaga-rajanurii | maleraja-raja- 

nurii I Irungola-kunta-kadala-vana-vidalana-karala-sundalanurii | bala-padod- 

dhuta-dhuli-dhusarita-dik-palanurii i Bengiri-kutkila-chalana-chatura-chapa-Vai- 

nyanum | Patti-Permmala-pratishthanushthitatma-sainyanurii | atmikrita-Tala- 

vanapuranurii | angikrita-Konga-vishayanum | avalambita-Nolambavadiyurii | 

durikritarivargganurii i urikrita-Nilaparvvatanurfi [ urarikrita-Kolcila-puranurii i 

unmulita-Kovaturanurii j uttaralita-Tereyuranurii | ullanghita-Valliiranurii | 

udghatita-Narigali-puranurii | utpatita-Ghatta-kabatanurii | utkampita-Kanchi- 

puranurii | uddandita-prachanda-tejanurii | uttambhita-kirtti-dhvajanurii j ujj- 

rimbhita-jaya-bheri-ravanurii | bhuja-balavashtambha-sambhuta-vitta-virachita- 

vichitra-Vijaya-Narayanottuuga-bhavananurii i vira-vitarana-vilasa-kulabhimana- 

nuti-mukhara-sakala-bhuvananurii | kaya-kanti-parihasita-kanchananurii | sar- 

ddula-lanchhananurii | Padmasadma-tapah-puta-veda-parvvatadhisvaranurii | 

raja-samaja-bhasvaranurii | yasah-prasara-paripurnna-padmajandanurii | mala- 

parol gandanurii | Kaveri-tira-vana-vihara-mada-maralanurii | su-bhata-samara- 

keli-lolanurii | lokopakara-parayananuih j vijaya-Narayananurii | alira munn 

irivanurii | sauryyamarii merevanum | enisida srimat-Tribhuvana-malla bhuja- 

bala-vira-Gariga-Vishnuvarddhana-Devaru i mudalu Narigaliya Padiyaghatta | 

terikalu Korigu i paduvalu Barakanur-adiyada Korikanada gadiya | bada- 

galu Perddore merey agi bhuja-balavashtambhadirii para-mandalagalan ottikondu 
sukha-sarikatha-vinodadirii rajyarii geyyuttam iralu tat-pada-padmopajivi yenisi i 
nayaka-ratnarii padakado- j 1 ayatam eni[si]rppa terade nirmmalina-guna- | 
sri-yutan ettida Keteya- | Nayakan atmiya-patige bhushana . . yirii n 
atana sati Siva-dharmma- | sri-tilakarii tan enalke pati-hita-gunadirii | 
bhutalam ellarii pogale gu- j natisayarii negalda Jakkiyabbey negaldal || 
nirmmala .... bage tarii l nirmmalam entu charitram atmiya-gunarii | 
nirmraala . . .enal sad- j dharrama-padam Jakkiyabbeyolu sogayisugurii n 
intu sach-charitra-patram enisida Keteya-Nayakarigarii Jakkiyabbegarii | 

Hassan Taluq. 61 

magal adal Lakshmiye tara | mogam ujvalam age norppa siri-gannadi taiii i 
mogav ene Santala-Deviya | pogaladar ar bbhagyavatiyan a-gunavatiyani n 
Kantuva chintamani si- | mantiniyargg ike tane chudamani yi- | 
Santale rakshjimani tan | entu palargg enisi negaldal avani-taladol n 
a-palgadala magal tam | sri-Purushottamanan olisi nelasidal uradol J 
bhupati . . . n ulisidd a- | d i-punyodare nelasidalu tan uradol || 

i-rupina sobaginol anu- | sar illa nariyar sale . . arum | 

dhariniyol enisi Santale | bhiiramanam Vishnuviiige padadalu vararaam || 
purvvina sogeyan ikeya | karvvina cha. .na vijaya-kirttiyan ittaiii | 
parvvisal .... eseye | sarvva-kala-praudhe chikka-Santale negaldal || 

nudiv-edeyol [ ] | nadev-edeyol patige ati. .n i-Srmtaleyol | 

padi. .Rambheyuma. ne | padedalu tat-kante Vishnu-kantana bageyam n 
anavaratam Gauriya pada- i vanaruhadole tannabhakti-madhu-rasadavol ir- | 

ppinegam Sa ' manam i alardd a . . . eseye Siva-vallabheya n 

pati-hita-lakshanam akriti | pati-hitam acharam atma-hridayam pati- | 

hitam agirpp ava | ... . Santala-Devi pati-hita-brate negaldal n 

intu nija-patiy appa vira-Gariga-Vishnuvarddhana-Devara prasadadirii rajyara 

geyyuttam irdu j netta. .tannaya punyame Santala-Devi tanurii maga- 

lurii sura-lokaman eydalu §arika[ra]-grihamarii Vishnu-nripan-anugrahadindal 
a-chikka-Santale-Deviya tayi Jakkiyabbe tanna magaligarii mammagaligarii 
paroksha-vinayam agi Nirggunda-nud olagan Elegundadolu nele-gundade phala- 

kundad utturiga-sririgadirii ma m agasamum. . .pelisuva dush- 

karramava. .radirii nivririsuva §iva-griharigalolu Siva-pratishtheyarii mudi Sunta- 
lesvararii Boppesvarara endu .... madisi n svasti sriman-mahu-mandalesvararii 
Tribhuvana-malla Talakadu-gonda bhuja-bala vira-Gariga-Hoysala-Devaru §aka- 
varshsha savirada ayvatt-entaneya Rakshasa-sariivatsarada Karttika-suddhu 
ekudasi Adivarad andu Nirugunda-nada Elagundada alliya tirtthada sri-Maha- 
devargge vritti muru maha-janada vritti hadinalku deviyara tuyyargge mfiru 
vritti antu vritti ippattuvarii chika-Santala-Deviyargge paroksha-vinayav figi 

sarvva-namasyav ugi dharu-pCirvvakarii mudi bittaru n hcggaditi Jakki 

tanna muru vrittiyarii magaligaiii mamraagaligarii paroksha-vinayara agi Santa- 
lesvararkkarii Boppesvararkkarii dhura-purvvakarii madi bittalu || asesa-mahu- 
janarigalu Honneya Kattapprichuriya kerelu mii-ganduga kura-gaddeya bittaru | 
. . kambake vritti .... syastrake bittaru .... ondu hiriya-kereya kelage bitta 
khanduga yeradu j a-gruma-sime mudalu. . nira-kcreya haduvana-kere mere 

tcrikanadi. . .lu kercya kodiya mavina mara mere badagalu vobbe 

inituvarii pratipulisuvaru || i. .beddale Boppesvara-devara sakti-pandita- 

Devaru n i-dharramakk anukular agade pratikftlar adava Garigu-kuladallu 

Varanusiya van eyduvaru || (usnai finai verse) 

int i-dharramama sida Balikojana makkalu Ketojanurii Bammojanurii n 

62 Hassan Taluq. 


At the same village, on a stone to the right of the Ramesvara 

temple, at the Ramedevara-halla. 

Srimat-trailokya-pujyaya sarvva-karnima-su-sakshine | 

phaladaya namo nityam Sankaraya mahatmane || 

svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvaranum | Dvaravati- 

pura-varesvaranum i Yadu-kula-kalasa-kalita-nripa-dharmma-harmmya-mula- 

stambhanum | apratihata-pratapa-vidita-vijayarambhanum i Vasantika-devi- 

labdha-vara-prasadanum i sriman-Mukunda-padaravinda-vandana-vinodanum | 

akshunna-lakshmi-lakshita-vakshali-pradesanum i pratidinopachiyamana- . , . . 

pravesanum *| vinamad-ahita-bhaya-chakita-mukha-bimbavalokano .... pada-pi- 

tha-vinyasta-pada-talanum | srimat-Tribhuvana-malla bhuja-bala vira 

varddhana-Devaru i mudalu Nangaliya Padiya-ghatta tenkalu Kongu paduvalu 
5arakanur-adiy-ada Konkanada Padiya-ghatta badagalu Heddore. . . .yagalu 
bhuja-balavashtambhadim para-mandalangalan ottikondu sukha-sankatha-vino- 
dadim rajyam geyyuttam iralu | 

sri-nirmmalam entum bage | entu charitram atmiya-gu- l 

nam nirmmalam entum enal i Jakkiyabbeyolu sogayisugum ji 

intu sach-charitra-patra .... Keteya-Nayakangaiii Jakkiyabbegam i 

magal adalu Lakshmiye tam j mogam ujjalam age norppa-siri-gannadi yi- i 
mogay ene Santale-Deviya i pogaldar . . . bhagyavatiyan a-gunavatiya n 
Kantuva chintamani si- i mantiniyargg ike tane chudamani yi-(chikka) i 
Santale rakshamani tan | entu palargg enisi negalda. . . .taladol n 
svasti sriman-maha-mandalesvaram Tribhuvana-malla Talakadu-go. .bhuja-bala 
vira-Ganga Hoysala-Devaru Saka-varshsha Scisirada ayvatt-entaneya Rakshasa- 
samvatsarada Karttika-suddha-yekadasi-Adivarad andu Nirugunda-nada ha. . . 
da Chandimundiya-tirtthada sri-Mahadevargge chikka-Santala-Deviyargge paro- 
ksha-vinayam agi Elagundadalu bitta vritti muru tirtthada deva. . .na pati 

Chandimundiya-tirtthada Mahadevargge sthana-pati Sama kshana-murtti 

adaru devargge kattisida kere tirtthada kere (usuai finai phrases and verses) 


At Kuduregundi (same hobli), on a heam of the hora-mantapa 
of the Lakshmikanta temple. 
Svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Saka-varsha 1193 raneya Sobanu-samvatsarada* 
Sravana-sudda 15 Va srimat-pratapa-chakravartti Hoyisana sri-Vira-Narasinga- 
Devaru prithvi-rajyam geyutt iralu Kuduregundiya Somanatha-devarige nanda- 
divigege Kuduregundiyal adake-davasada suiikavan eradu . . yida Satannana 
tamma Gopayyanu ke . . . manusyan agi yindu varusha 1 ke nibandhi ga 1 pa 

* The number and name of the year are so given in tho original. But Saka 1193 = Prajotpatti; 
Svabhanu= 1205. 

Hassan Taliiq. 63 

2 kotta dharrama chandra-suryyar ullannavara a-vura adaki-davasake nadava- 
varu koduta babu . . du kodade kedsidavaru sri-Varanasiya tadiyalu brahma- 
nananu kavileyanu konda dosadalu hoharu 


At the same village, on copper plates in possession of 
Nagappa, shanabhog of Rangapura. 

(N^gari oharaoterB) 

(la) Sri-Ganadhipo vijayate-taram subham astu n 

Namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave | 

trailOkya-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya SambhavG n 

Harer lila-varahasya damshtra-dandas sa patu nah | 

Hemadri-kalasa yatra dhatri chhatra-sriyam dadhau n 

Kalyanayastu tad dhama pratyuha-timirapahaiii | 

yad gajo'py Agajodbhutarii Harinupi cha pujyate || 
(from 'asti kshiraraayad devair' to ^kirtya samindhe' »n lino c? is tho samo as in 

Ko. 6 of this taluq) 

sakabde ^alivahasya sahasrena chatus-sataih | 
shat-chatvarimsata yuktaih gananam prapite kramat n 
vatsare Taranubhikhye masi Madhava-namani | 
pakshe valakshe 'kshayyrikhya-tritiyayrim maha-tithau || 
Tuugabhadranadi-tiru Hemakutopasobhite | 
sri-Virupaksha-devasya sannidhau subhadayini n 
sarva-kratu-maha-yuga-vajapeyasya yajine | 
a§esha-veda-vedanta-puranagama-sastring || 
kavita-rasa-sarvajna-Kanda-vamsabdhi-janmane | 
Jamadagnyuvatsa-gotrayAsvaU\yana-sutrine || 
manditukhila-dharmuya khandituntara-vairine | 
pindikritugamarthuya pandituya dvijanmane n 
vimata-dhvanta-bhagasya Rariganathakhya-yajvanah | 
pautraya Naiijinatharya-tanujaya su-janmane || 
Krishna-Dikshita-san-numne Krishna-pudugra-chetase | 
Husanukhye [Kla]. . .varye srimad-Hvaisana-naduke || 
tatha Belura-simuyarii khyiitayurii cha krita-sthitih | 
Harinahally-abhida-gruma-simuntut prug-disi sthitarii || 
Kudarigunditi-vikhyata-simad dakshinatah sthitarii | 
Pumagami-pura . . va paschimasum samasritarii | 
Kabbali-Hosahally-ukhya-gramad uttaratas sthitarii || 
Krishnaru,yapuram cheti pratinuma samusritarii | 
Mutta[ttijty-bhidliarii grumam sarva-sasyabhisobhitarii n 

64 Hassan Taluq. 

sarvamanyam chatus-sima-saihyutam cha samantatah | 
nidhi-nikshepa-pashana-siddha-sadhya-jalanvitam || 
akshiny-agami-samyuktam eka-bhogyam sa-bhuruham | 
vapi-kupa-tadakadi-kachchharamais cha samyutam n 
putra-pautradibhir bhogyam kramad a-chandra-tarakaiii | 
danasyadhamanasyapi vikrayasyapi chochitam n 
paritah prayatais snigdhaih purohita-purogamaih | 
vividhair vibudhais srauta-pathikair adhikair giram || 
Krishna-Deva-maharayo mananiyo manasvinam | 
sa-hiranya-payo-dhara-purvakaiii dattavan muda n 

(usual flnal verses) 

(III 6) brahmasva-paripushtani vahanani balani cha t 
yuddha-kale visiryante saikatas setavo yatha n 
a-karasya karadantid go-koti-vadha uchyate | 
sa-karasya kara-chhedat prapnoti paramam padarii || 
mad-vamsajah para-mahipati-vamsaja va 
ye bhumipas satatam ujvala-dharma-chittah | 
mad-dharmam eva paripalanam acharanti 
tat-paduka-dvayam idam sirasa vahani || 

aditya-chandrav anil6'nalas cha dyaur bhumir apo hridayam manas cha | 
ahas cha ratris cha ubhe cha sandhye dharmas cha janati narasya vrittam || 
tad idam avani-vanipaka-vinuta-dhurinasya Krishna-Rayasya | 
sasanam anukrita-vaibhava-satata-vidhanasya sukrita-paripakasya || 
Krishna-Deva-maharaya-sasanena Sabhapatih | 
abhanid vara-sandarbharii tad idarii tamra-sasanarii || sri 
Appanacharya-varyas sri-Viranacharya-nandanah | 
a-kalpam asnute kirttirii chirarii sasana-lekhakah || 

Sri sri Sri Sri-Virupaksha (>n Kannada characters) 


At Kondajji (same hobli), on a stone in front of the Allalanatha temple. 
Siddhartti-samvatsarada Chaitra-ba 13yu Guruvaradalu Chinnappa-Nayak- 
ayanavara karyakke karttarada Kacladaravalliya Ankannanu Chennappa- 
Nayak-aiyanavarige binnaharii madi Kondajji Allannanatha-svamiya naivedyakke 
Virapuravanu bedige kanikeya 


At Ballenahalli (same hobli), on a stone in the south wall of the Ranganatha temple. 
Srimatu-yimmadi-Ranavarige punyav agabekendu Chola-Vimarase Kanaka- 

Rautamaduva. .seve yidakke doregalige Sigeda Halige-Gauda Kondajji- 

Maliyana-Gaudana mommaga Kaliyana-Gaudage gaudikeyali hakida sasana 
Matadara Choti-Devara baraha alupidona bayali katte 

Hassan Taluq. 65 


At Eadadaravalli (same hobli), on a stone to the south 
of entrance of the Mahantesvara temple. 

(Qrantha and Tamil characters) 


namas tuuga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave | 

trailokya-nagarrirambha-miila-stambhaya Sambhave || 

Svasti sri Parabhava-saiiivatsarattu Jeshtha-suddha-biclige-Somavrirattu nal 

Iraiyengapuram ana Kadanduravajliyil asesha-maha-janaiigalom svasti srimanu- 

maha-pradhani sarvadhikfiri maha-pasayitan parama-visvtisi vasudhaika-ban- 

dhava periya-mane-pergadi Chandiramauliyannan-udaiya Periyalvesvarattu 

devarku seshamuka errika sandai-tteruvukku nalu pon-irai kondu adhikam ana 

pon devarku seshamuka erraikku ddanam panni a-chandirarka-sthayiy aka na- 

dakkadavad aka danam panni sila-lekai panni kkuduttOm inda maha-jananga- 

lom idil piranda anniyaya niyayam ularudu devar tiruppanikku sesharii id- 

dharmattukku anisarii vakrarii sonnar-undakil Sriparajaitra-nandesvaram naya- 

nar Siva-drohikal svastir astu sri 


At Sige (same hobli), on a stone in front of the Hanumanta temple. 
Srimukha-sariivatsarada Chayitra su 1 lu sriman-maha-mandalesvara Nugihal- 
liya Virupa-Raja-raaha-arasugala komara Mala-Rrijagalu tamago punyav figa- 
bekcndu Sigeyada Hanumanta-devara gade bedala hittu hugi ga J bitthevu 
yidake alupidavanu yi-iira kuluvadi maganu eiijalu tinda 


At the same village, on a virakal in front of the D^viramma temple. 
Svasti Nitimargga Kongoni-varmma dharmma-maharajadhirajar Kovalala- 
pura-varesvara Naudagiri-nata srimad-Permmanridigal pattan gattida padin- 

elaneya Prilguna-masa-krishnapaksha-bhidi. .yej'a Adityavaram age 

ra padiy akki Nolambanadu na odide 


At the same village, on a virakal in front of the Kalle-d^va temple. 

SObhakritu-saiuvatsarada Ma srimat-pratripa-chakravarti-Hoysala 

sri-Somesvara-Devaru prithvi-rajyarii geyyuvalli Hosagerc. . . . 


At Eellavatti (same hobli), on a stone in front of the Lakshmi-Nariyana temple. 
Lakshmi-latalingita-bahu-sakha . . 
vedarttha-vijnana-sananda-pushtita. . | 

66 ' Hassan Taluq. 

vinda-kalpa-druma || 

varddhana-pratapa-chakravartti Poysana mudradali 

sukha-sankatha-vinodadim madisida 

sri-Lakshmi-Narayana-deva Devannanavaru Saka-varsha 1189 

Kshaya-sariivatsarada llala-perumala-devara amrita-padi- 

ge a-maha-janangala kaiyalu kalochitade munna krayake 

kottu a-Perumali-Devanna ra siddaya visav eradanu deva 

tamma gadde salage 1 danu diva Peliyakeriya badav 

agi .... mudavagi . . banda a-mur-angadiya siddaya visa 

toru manna gaddege gadde Allalanathana archana-vrittiya 

nambiyarige saluvadu intu yid ella Allalanatha-devargge dhare[ya]n 

eradu kotteii yi-dharmmakke maha-janangalu Sodappannage varshaiii prati 
nibandiy agi salistaha pana 3^ 

Namalla-Nayar (in Tamil characters) 


At the same village, on a stone near the Tirumala-deva temple. 
(6 lines iiiegibie) svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha-sabda-maha-mandalesvara- 
nura Dvaravati-pura-varesvaranum Yadu-kula-kalasa-kalita-nripa-dharmma- 
harmmya-mula-stambhanurii apratihata-pratapa-vijita-vijayarambhanum | Vii- 
santikri-devi-labdha-vara-prasadanurii sriman-Mukunda-padaravinda-vandana- 
viuodanurii akshunna-lakshmi-lakshita-vaksha-pradesanum ity-adi-namavali- 
ssimetar appa srimat-Tribhuvana-malla Talekadu-gonda-bhuja-bala vira-Gaiiga 
Vishnuvarddhana-Hoysala-Devaru mudala Narigaliya Padiya-gattam terikalu 
Korigu Cheram Anamale paduvalu B^rakanura-gattarii badagalu Peddore 
adiy age bhuja-balavashtambhadirii kondu nishkantakam agi sukha-sarikatha- 
vinodadirii rajyarii geyuttal irddu sakala-samaya-dharmma-paripalana-silar agi 
Nirggunda-nad-olagana Kellavattiyam nijanujan app Udayaditya-Devage paro- 
ksha-vinayarii madi agraharam agi padinentu-vrittiyarii samakatti brahmanargge 
sva-hastadirii dhara-purvvakam madi. . . .t all int adya-pratishthe madisida sri- 
Janarddana-devargge hadinentu-vrittiyolage eradu vrittiyarii devanu dhara- 
purvvakarii madi kottanu | alli devargge* nitya-padiy agi nanda divige ondu 
sanje-sodar eradu devasakke muru hottirigarii mugul-akki padi | Uyyakoiida 
devara lohada pratimege nivedyarii nitya-padi muru-ball-akki allirii devara 
ptijarige gadyanarii muru paricharakarige gadyanav eradu nandana-vanad- 
atage gadyanav erad ariga-javada kahinavarige panav ayd a-eradu-vrittiy allade 
vura terikana-deseya Echagamundana-kere mattam vura isanyadalu Gariga- 
mara-deviya haduvana-meyal ikkhariduga-gadde mattarii a-vura Odey-Andana 
Baradana-kereya gaddeyalli khanduga-gaddeya orvva-brahmanarige danari- 

Hassan Taluq. 67 

geydan a-gaddeya Nambiy-Anda marugondii sri-Janarddana-dovarige kotta ant 
adu khandu[ga] gardde int i-yaradu-vrittiyalum Echagamundana-kereyalum 
Garigavur-aleya haduvana meyal ikkhanduga-garddeyalum subhikshav agi kala 
les agi bhumi beladanduiii kala-gunadinda vrishti alpav agi alpa-belas agi bela- 
dandurii allige takka barigiyalu padiya nadasuvar | int inituvam Kellavattiya 
asesha-mahrijana-parama-Vaishnavar sadharmmadirii Poysala-rrijyakk abhyu- 
dayama paripalisuvaru Tiriya-ktwlina badagana kadeya hiriya-hiivina-tota 
adakke hesaru Toranasura | Mahadevara degulada badagana meya a-Katte- 
mikki emba tota haduvana halasina yiliya mavina hiriya-tota | a-totadinda 
mudana Someyandiyar kotta tota int initu totarigalarili brahmanaru sri-Janard- 
dana-devarige kottaru | Sobhakrit-sariivatsarada Pusya-masada uttarjlyana-sari- 
krantiyandu Kaveri-deviya tadiyal irddu sri-Vishnuvardhana-Hoysala-DOvar 
Nirggunda-nad olagana Kellavattiya tamma tamma Udeyaditya-Devaih Kella- 
vattiyalu svarggasthan adode utarige paroksha-vinayam Agi utana asrita-bra- 
hmanargge agrahara sarvva-namasyav agi sva-hastadirii dhara-piirvakarii madi 
kottar I yi-dharmma kotta phala vahal aggu | yi-dharmmav aliven cndu nenada- 
vagarii anumati-madidavagarii Gariga-devi-tadiyalu sayira-kavileya konda dosha- 
van eydugu | 

sva-dattarii para-dattarii vu yo hareta vasundharaiii | 

sliashti-varsha-sahasrani vishthriyarii jayate krimih n 
yidan ella vicharisi yi-dharmma paripulisuvadu n marigalam aba §ri Sri sri 


At the same village, on a stone south of the Jan&rdana temple in the fort. 

Eariga-Raja Bayappa- 

Nayikara karyakke kartar ada Rfijaya-Deva- 

maha-arasu Koyadara-Gauda umbali namagc Kri- 

shnappa-Nayaka S;\ligrrimada-simey olagana KcUavatti 

nau dandigc-umbaliy agi 


rt ; At Nittflr (same hobli), on a stone east of the Somesvara temple. 


nodire viranarii negalva Sahasa-mallanan aji-rarigadol | 
kudiye bandararii nereyo kayal avan . . . n onde billinirii | 
riidhige sanda mett-areya duriyol oppire nade. . . . | 
. . 1 oddi gelvan andadin a-kali bid irade kanuveyolu || 

kudolag I . . .yemmaru tSgidad avararii | 

vodisi geldarii dhuradolu | kad-odeyana kanna savi kalasarii Jakkam n 
. hendir-ude muchchuvagalu | . . .kali billan neneya Bedara-Jakka rii | 
kandadol indcyan adiye | chandam kali sattu padedan a-sura-puramaiii n 

68 Hassan Taluq. 

svasti sri Saka-varsha 1135 neya Srimukha-samvatsarada Ashadba-ba 9 Manga- 
lavarad andu Jakka-Bova-mallam Ayadoreyol kadi tam sura-loka-praptan-ada 
atana makkalu Devann-amatyangalu vira-galla nillisidaru | 

huvina vimanav erisa-1 | e vira-jauvaneyar esava. .chenneyaruih | 
devanganeyar palarum ] bhavise sura-lokak eseye Jakkanan uydar n 
sura-vaniteyar uyyalodam | sura-dundubhi poyye suragi-piivina maleyam | 
sura-lokadalli Jakkana- | n irisiye taih vira-rasava padidar agal n 


At the same village, on a virakal north of the Kalle-deva tenaple. 

tolatolag endu marmmaleva Vajjrana seneyan okkal-ikki tam | 
tolagade nindu vairi-bhataram tave kondu ranajirangalol | 
maled idir-antaram taridu kan-basa vottuvin ondu talginim | 
kalitanamam Nrisimha-naranathana nayaka-Bomman urvviyol n 
bara-sidil eraguva teradind | urad antaran ikki pokku sangara-dhareyol | 
kuri-dari daridam palavara- i n ure gali Nittura Macha-Gaudana Bammam || 
yis iridu virdda Bammana i n a-sura-kantey . .ikki emag emag emba | 
. .ravam unmuttire san- i tosadin idirgondar andu sura-lokadolam || 
Svasti sri Saka-varisham 1 143 neya Vikrama-samvatsarada Phalguna-su 5 Bu | 
sri-Vira-Narasiihha-Devaru Dorasamudrada nelevidinolu prithvi-rajyam geyyu- 
ttam Vajra-Devana mele Madhava-dannayakara danda-halladim Kanariya kale- 
gadalli Nittura Macha-Gaudana maga Bommeya-Nayaka kadi sura-loka-praptan 
ada mangalam aha sri sri || 


At the same village, on a stone south-east of the Kalle-deva temple. 
Svasti samadhigata-pahcha-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvaram Hoysala-Deva-ra- 
jyam uttarottarabhivriddhi-pravarddhamanam a-chandrarkka-taram-baram 
salluttam ire | (Tammaludayyanum kudi madisida. . .ga)* n Chalokya-Vikrama- 
samvatsarada saka-varsha 1018 neya Yuva-samvatsarada Sraheyalu madisida 
Hihcha-Gavundana maga Buva-Gavundam degulaman ettisi kereyam kalumarh 
kattisi kotta pom gadyana 555 devalyakke nadeva gadde khanduga aru beddal 
mattar ondu int i-dharmmamam pratipalisuvaru || Sivayya Buva-Gavundana 
pennihge gandana pelvudaih teruvaru Mara-Jiyara mata || (usuai finai verse) .... 


On a virakal south of the same temple. 
Svasti sriman-maha-mandalesvaraih Tribhuvana-malla Talekadu-Kohgu-Nahgali- 
Koyaturu-Nolambavridi-Banavase-Hanuiigallu-gonda bhuja-bala vira-Ganga 

* The sontence in brackets is a later addition. 

Hassan Taluq. 69 

Poysala-Devara putra Nurasiugba-Devana rajyada Chalukya-Vikrama- 

kalada 70 neya Ksbaya-sariivatsarada Pbalguna-suddba 14 Su | Lokamanika- 
Settiya maga Maleya-Gaiinda maga-vareyam Nittura miidana Kbuteyakereya 
turu harivalli kadi turuvam raagurchchi tarii sura-loka-praptan ada 


On another virakal at the same place. 

Vira-Narasimha-Devara kaladalli Chrilukya-Vikrama-kalada 69 neya Krodhana- 
samvatsaradalu Bikki-Settya magarii kade sura-loka-praptan adarii 


Around the Upparike-Basavana kambha, south-east of the same village. 

Sri svasti srimad-anridiy-agrahararii sri-Sauratta-Somanritbapurav appa Nittura 
maba-janangalu Somanatha-devara amrita-padiya bagi. . Virodhikritu-sariivatsa- 
rada Somanatha-devara sthanika Prabbayita 


At Muttatti (same hobli), on a stone near the M^dhavar&ya temple. 

Srimate Ramanujaya namab | svasti sri jayabbyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varsba 
1450 ncya varttamrmakke saluviko Sarvadbari-sariivatsarada Srrivana-ba 5 lu 
sriman-maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara Krishna-Raya-pautra Veukatadri- 

putraru Sirigappa-Nayakara Nayakaru Muttattiya sri-Madbava- 

devarige saiikranti-punya-kaladalu sri-Madhava-devarige Mu- 

ttatti-stbalada Ponnappanaballiyanu sri-Madbavarppanav endu kottcv agi Ho- 

nnenaballigo saluva cbatus-simcg olagjlda nidbi-niksbepa-jala-pashana 

. . . . stala-svamyav emba asbta-bbogad olagagi 


^,,,, , On four pillars of navarang^a-mantapa of the same temple. 

(aoath-west piiiar) Svasti samadbigata-paricba-maba-sabda maha-mandalosvara 
Dvaravati-pura-varadbisvararii Yadava-kulambara-dyuma (north-wcBt piUar) ni 
samyaktva-cbudamani Talekadu-gonda bbuja-bala vira-Gariga Vishnuvarddhana- 
Poysala-Devaru Vinayaditya-danda- (south-east piiiar) nayaka madisida Hoysala- 
Jinalayakke bitta datti sri-Miila-saugha-Desiya-ganada Postaka-gacbchhada 
Kondakundanvayada sriman-Megbacbandra-traividya-devara sisbyaru (north-east 
piiiar) sri-Prabbacbandra-siddbrinta-devargge saukranti-vyatipatad andu kalaih 
karcbchi dhara-purvvakarii madi bitta datti hiriya-kereya kelage modal-eriya 

70 Hassan Taluq. 

gadde hattu-saligeyadum ondu-salage tonteyadurii basadiya muntana immadalu 

bedaleyumam Balligattamumam basadiya badagana (south-oast piuar) 



At Pumegame (same hobli), on a stone south of the Kallesvara temple. 

Svasti samasta-bhuvanasraya sri-prithvi-vallabha mahiirajridhirrija raja-para- 
mesvaram parama-bhattarakam Satyasraya-kula-tilakam Chalukyabharanara 
srimat-Tribhuvana-malla-Devaru vijaya-rajyam uttarottarabhivriddhi-pravard- 
dhamanam a-chandrarkka-taraih-baram salluttam ire tat-pada-padmopajivi 
svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvara Dvaravati-pura- 
varadhisvara Yadava-kulambara-dyumani samyaktva-chudamani Vasantika- 
devi-labdha-vara-prasada-sri maleparolu gandady-aneka-namavali-samalankrita- 
mukhyar appa sriman-maha-mandalesvaraih srimat-Tribhuvana-malla Talakadu- 
Gangavadi - Nolambavadi - Uchchangi - Banavase - Hanungallu - Koiigu - Naiigali - 
gonda bhuja-bala vira-Gaiiga Vishnuvarddhana-Hoysala-Devaru Dorasamudrada 
nelevidinalu sukha-sahkatha-vinodadiih rajyani uttarottarabhivriddhi-pravard- 
dhamanam a-chandrarkka-tararh-baram sallutam ire tat-pada-padmopajivi .... 
.... Kongu Sihgimale-Rayapuram Talakadu-Roddam i 

a-Behgiri-vasa Valluru-Chakragottav-U- | 

chchahgi-Viratana-polalu-Bahkapuram | 

parakramarii vijaya-varddhanan-a-kali-Vishnu n 

samasta-prasasti-sahitaih srimatu 

yolu Kochatadadd iriyalu Jaga-Devana dandu nada ant a- 

Jaga-Devanadadanadeya chantadadd iriyalu Vishnuvarddhana- 

Hoysala meya danaman ittu 

Kachanahga suta puttida Basavana Dharmajaih | svasti samasta- 

guna-sampanna nudidu ma. . . . gotra-pavitra parahgana-putra niti-Chanakyan 
eka-vakya sri-Kali-deva-labdha-vara-prasada Hoysala-Deva-padaravinda-van- 

dana-vinoda haya-Vatsa-Raja ganikavali malla bhitararii kolla sahaso- 

ttuhga muj-jagaih. . . .kurttad-ady-aneka-namavali-prasasti-sahitar appa 

srimatu sahani-Basavayyahgalu Purvvagaveya devalayamaih madisi Saka-varsha 
1061 Siddhartti-saihvatsarada Pushya-sudda 5 Somavara-vyatipatad uttarayana- 
sahkrantiyu kudid andu Kriyasakti-Panditara kalarii karchchi dara-purvvakarii 
madi Kali-devau-ahga-bhoga-nivedyakkaih tapodhanara ahara-danakaih bitta 
datti hiriya-kerya modal-eriya gadde khanduga 4 kibbayalalu khanduga 2 
Asadagattada modal-eriya gadde khanduga 1 devara mudana kiru-kereya huvina 

tontamuih vura dakshina-purvva-disa-bhagada beddale matta (usuaifinai 

phrases and verse) int i-dharmamaih Purvvagaveya Bata-Gaudana suputraih. . .. 

Hassan Taluq. 71 


At Grama (Grama hobli), on a stone in the ranga-mantapa of the Dharmesvara temple. 

Svasti srimad-anady-anta-DharmesYara-samisvaraiii | 

namami sarva-kalyana-sasanaiii Siva-sasanam n 

namas tuiiga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-cbaraTe | 

trailokya-nagararambha-miila-stambhaya Sambhave || 
svastisri vijayribhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varsha 1454 neya Nandana-samvatsa- 
rada Jeshtha-suddha 5 Somavara-punya-kaladalu sriman-maharajudhira,ja raja- 
paramOsvara sri-vira-pratapa-Achchuta-Deva-Raya-maharayaru sukha-rajyaiii 
geyyutt irppam | 

sri-Narasirhhana tanayam | bhunatham vira-Krishna-Rayaiig anujaiii | 

tan irppam Vidyanaga- | ri-nilayam Achchutendra-simhasanadol || 
ant eseva chatus-samudradhisvarna karunya-varusi-sampurna-sudhakaranum 
Siva-puja-dhurandharanum Dandappa-punya-garbha-sambhava-Timma-bhiipala- 
nolu puttiparh | 

sri-Mahadeva-pujartham ramaniyaka-vaibhavam | 

bhumisa-Timma-bhupendram svrimi-karya-dhurandharam n 
anteseva Timma-bhupang anu.ia-santanam gO-bhumi-hiranya-kanya-duna-dhara- 
pravaha-hastanum kavi-jana-vakya-sudhabhisheka Sandem-arasa-punya-garbha- 
sambhava-Dema-bhupalanolu puttirppam | sri-Achchuta-Deva-llayti-mahiirayaru 
Kereya-Timm-aras-ayanavarige amarada-nayakatanake palisida Srinti-grama- 
simcyolagana Yeleyura-sthalad olagana Vogarahajli-gramavanu namma Sauti- 
gramada Dharmesvara-devara vutsava-mCirtti-Chandrasekhara-devarige nitya- 
krityavagi dina 1 kke 2 harivana naivedyakku 10 mandi-brahmana-bhOjanakku 
dvandvavugi Dharmesvara-liiigana sammukhadalli samarpanava madi kotevu | 
sri-Achchuta-Deva Raya-maharayaru Kejreya-Timm-aras-ayanavarige amarada- 
nayakatanako palisida Siinti-grumada simey olagana Yeleyura sthalada Voga- 
rahalli-gramakke untuda sarva-svamya ashta-bhoga-sahita Sunti-grumada 
Dharmesvara-devara sthunakke karttaruda Devaru-Bhattara hastake sa-hiraiiyo- 
daka-dana-dharu-piirvakavagi nivu vobaru sahavagi varusha 10 mandi brah- 
marige pratidina a^handrurka-paramparyagi sri-Dharmesvara pritan agabek- 
endu satrakii Chandrasekhara-devarigii kudi samarpanava madi kottevu | 
sri-Achchuta-Ruya-mahuruyaru Kereya-Timm-aras-ayanavarige amarada-naya- 
katanake pulisida Sunti-grumada siraey olagana Yeleura sthalada Vogarahalli- 
grumavanu Kereya-Timm-aras-ayanavarige punya Achchuta-Rayarige sakala- 
sumrujyav ugabekendu Sunti-gramada Dharmesvara-liiigage satrakii samarpa- 
nava mudi kottevu | 

sva-dattfid dvi-gunaiii punyarh para-dattanupalanam | 

para-dattapahareua sva-dattam nishphalam bhavet ii 

72 Hassan Taluq, 

deva-dravyopabhokta cha deva-karya-vighatakah i 
devata-nindakas chaiva a-putras chopajayate || 
ekaiva bhagini loke sarvesham eva bhubhujam i 
na bhojya na kara-grahya vipra-datta vasundhara n 


On a stone, south of the same temple. 
Srimat-trailokya-pujyaya sarvva-karmma-su-sakshine | 
phaladaya namo nityam Kesavaya Sivaya cha || 
Srisodarambujabhavad udito'trir Atri- 
jatendu-putra-Budha-putra-Pururavastah | 
Ayus tatas cha Nahusho Nahushad Yayatis 
tasmad Yadur Yadu-kule bahavo babhuvuh || 
khyateshu teshu nriptih kathitah kadachit 
kaschid vane muni-varena Salah karalam [ 
sardulakam prati hi poy Sala ity at6'bhut 
tasyabhidha muni-vachd'pi chamuru-lakshma n 
tato Dvaravati-nathah Poysala dvipi-lafichhanah | 
jatas Sasapure teshu Vinayaditya-bhupatih n 
mandalagra-samutpanna-tejasa dvid-balabdhayah | 
akrishya jivanam tena nissesham soshita bhuvi n 
pritim sa sva-karena sarvva-bhuvauasyotpadayams chandravat 
bhitim vairi-kuleshu danda-mukhatas sampadayan Dharmavat | 
sphitim sadhu-jane nijavataranad aropayan Krishnavach 
chakre suklataram varo nija-yasas-chakrena chakram bhuvah n 
lekheva veleva su-mekhaleva sudhrimsu-bimbasya sudhamburaseh | 
surachalasyabhavad agra-bhama tasya priya sri-Keleyabba-nama n 
Ganga-payodhyor iva punya-hetuh sangas tayor apy abhavat su-hetuh | 
putras tat6'bhud Ereyanga-nama sima guna-gramabhritam prasiddhah || 
kripaya cha kripanena praja bhtimes cha kantakan i 
rakshan Dharma-suto jatah kshatra-dharma-sutah priyah n 
a-narapatig ambh6dhig a- | nuna-gabhirateyim samanisirddantire san- | 
manini Yechala-Devi ma-no-nayana-priti samanisalu samanisidal n 
ubhaya-kula-suddhey enip a- i subha-lakshanegam su-charita-bharitan enipp a- 
prabhugarh muvar ttanayar i ssubhagar bBallala-Vishnu-Vudeyadityar n 
sruti-kathita-pathadol amard ire | gatigalu suddhatma-tatvadolu tilid ire san- 
matigalu punyatmar ivar i ggatigam rajyakkam oppe bhajanam adar n 
madadin idirada Pandyana i madamam nija-khalga-balade karchchiye kaled 6- 
vade rajya-lakshmiyaiii kond | adatar kkevalame Vishnu-Ballala-nripar || 
Dorasamudradalli Jaga-Devana seneyan ikki tamma t61 | 
vira-samudram age jaya-lakshmige tad-gaja-vaktra-rakta-ka- | 

Hassan Taluq. 73 

smira-vilepamam nerapi tat-padakaiii beras eyde kondu blian- | 
daraman a-nripar taleda viraman aro gabhiram ennadar n 
paramaradhyam Mahesam kula-vadhu vijaya-sri nelam poshya-varggaiii | 
doregal vaivaha-sambandhigal ene negard a-rayar ambhojajiindo- | 
daradolu tengaya nir antire tilida jasam tanna bhandaram ugut- 
tire Ballalavanisam pogale jagam aseshaih mahatvakke nontaiii n 
jayati dharani-lokottamsitatmiya-padah 
chatura-vibudha-goshthi-praudha-vani-vinodah | 
vipula-vijaya-lakshmi-vallabho Vishnu-Devah || 
ravi-tejo-lateyol podalda phalam emb ant irppinaih purnna-bim- | 
bavan ull indu-yaso-visala-lateyol pii-goiTchal ant irppinam | 
dhavala-chchhatrada tanpu bhumig amard irppant irppinaih kshatra-dha- i 
rmma-vilambam pogalvang alumbara enisutt a-Vishnu-bhupalanol n 
para-nriparam tadam sadidu beliyan ikki patu-pratapam ur- | 
bbire Talakada nidu gadid alkure suttu turaugamruighri-saii- | 
charanadin urttu vira-rasadol padan adade kude bittidarii | 
suruchira-kirttiyarii nripa-sikhamani Sahasa-Ganga-Poysala n 
padadol kurmma-svarCipaiii nayana-yugaladol matsya-rflpaiii ghana-gri- 1 
vadol adi-kro(la-raparii nadavinolu nrisiiiihatvam Htma-prabhriva- | 
spadadol ramasrayatvaiii mati-vikasanadol bauddha-riip ugi gujj a- | 
gade kalkitvakke mey tarada Hariy eniparii Vishnu Vishnu-kshitisaih n 
dhurado} murantararii kondapan creda janakk ittaparii bhitiyindarii | 
saran cnd Tir bbandadaih kadapan idu pusiy emb uddhatar kkfidi norkk ach- | 
chariyindarii bedi norkkalladade marege vandirddu norkk atti kolguih | 
karad iguia kugum entuih senasuv-adatar ar pPoysalangarii Javangaiii || 
svasti samadhigata-paiicha-mahu.sabda-maha-mandalesvaranuiu Dvaravati-pura- 
varadhisvaranuih Yadu-kula-kalasa-kalita-nripa-dharmma-harmmya-miila.stam- 
bhanuihapratihata-pratupa-vijita-vijayurambhanum Vusantiku-devi-labdha-vara- 
prasudanurii sriman-Mukunda-pudaravinda-vandana-vinodanuih akshunna-lak- 
shmi-lakshita-vakshah-pradesanurii pratidinopachiyamuna-punya-pravesanuih 
sarddula-laiichhananurii Padmasadma.tapar-puta-veda-parbbatudhisvaranurii 
raja-saraaja-bhasvaranuih yasah-prasara-paripdrnna-padraajandanurii raalapa- 
rol gandanurii Talakudu.Nahgali-Kohgu-Nonambavadi-Banavase-Hanurigallu- 
gonda bhuja.bala-Vira-Ganganurii vijaya-Nuruyananurii alirii munn irivanuih 
sauryyamaih merevan enisida sri-Vishnuvarddhana-Devara pudurudhancyind 
aganya-kurunya-matiy enisida srimat-piriy-arasi patta-mahildevi Sautala- 
Deviyaru i 

pati-bhakti bhavad dey vakkarii i hitam embudan aridu vinayadirii Vishnu-mahi- 1 
patiyarii raechchisute inaha- | sati Santala-Devi pattamaih dhariyisidal || 
Girijeya puda-padma-vigalaj-jaladindarae korbbi niti vi- | 


74 Hassan Taluq. 

starisire sompu-vettu purusha-bratadim dalam eri bhagya-mafi- | 
jarigalan antu raiijisuva Santala-Deviya rtipu-kalpa-va- | 
, llariy adardattu Vishnu-nripan emba samunnata-kalpa-vrikshamam n 
satatam norppacle Lakshmi-devate rana-byaparadol khalga-de- i 
vate binpindame bhiimi-devate janakk ell andadim punya-de- | 
vate vag-devate viddeyol sakala-karyyodyogadol mantra-de- | 
vate natharig ene Santi-Deviyan ad inn e vannipaiii bannipa || 
pitri Marasirigan amala- | brata-yute tayi Machikabbe tanninde mahon- | 
natiyaiii taledire Vishnuva- | n atisayam ene Santi-Deviy aradhisidal || 
besanarii pati-hitadalliye | besanam dvija-deva-piijeyalliy ene negarda- | 
besanam nompigalalliye | besanarigalu Santi-Deviyolu peram olave || 
patiya kalarikaman atma- | dyutiyind apaharisal endu Rohiniyaiii | 
pati-hite Santala-Deviya | sita-kirtti-jyotsne santatam nagutirkkum n 
svasty anavarata-parama-kalyanabhyudaya-sahasra-phala-bhoga-bhagini-dvitiya- 
Lakshmi-samaneyu raanasvini-mana-simeyum Dharmmesvara-vara-prasada- 
putriyuiii | ketaka-dalapahasi-kekara-kalapa-kamaniya-netreyum Baripura- 
payonidhi-janita-Kamaleyum akshunna-punya-bratacharana-vimaleyu | parivara- 
taraka-parivrita-navendu-lekheyum | bhuvana-jana-punya-pushta-kalpa-kuja-sa- 
kheyurii i yasah-prasara-pandurita-dikprila-chudamaniyu | Nagarajanandini- 
padaravinda-vandanabhiruchiyurii i syamala-komala-bhru-vidaraba-jita-Sachiyu i 
aganya-lavanya-sampanneyu | mridu-madhura-vachana-prasanneyu | pancha- 
lakara-paiicha-ratna-yukteyu i srimad- Vishnuvarddhana-Hoysala-mahipala- 
padabja-bhakteyu | sarigita-vidya-Sarasvatiyum abhinavurundhatiyum enisidasri- 
raat-piriy-arasi-patta-mahadevi-Santala-Deviyargge sakarunyadirii srimat-Tri- 
bhuvana-malla Vira-Gariga Vishnuvarddhana-Hoysala-Devaru miidalu Narigaliya 
hadiya-ghatta terikalu Korigu Cheram Anamale haduvalu Barakanura-ghattav 
adiyagi badagalu Herddore Savimaleyind olagana bhumiyarii bhuja-balava- 
shtambhadim dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipalaneyirii palisuttarii srimad-raja- 
dhani-Beluhura bidinalu sukha-sarikatha-vinodadirii rajyarii geyyuttam irddu 
Saka-varisha 1044 neya Subhakrit-sariivatsarada Paushya-bahula 10 Somavarav- 
uttarayana-sarikramanadalu Sige-nad-olagana Santi-gramav a-gramakke pravi- 
shta. . .gondu Haruvanahalli Godeyanahalli Gauriyahalli Siriyabadagi Komma- 
nahalli Chikka-Handararige Koravangala Karadiyam olagagi yinnura irppadim- 
bar-dvija-rajargge sarvva-namasyav agi samastarurii dhara-purvvakarii madi 
srimat-piriy-arasi-patta-mahadevi-Santala-Deviyargg i-gramam achandrarkka- 
taram-bararii saluvant iralu karunyarii geydu kottar adarolage srimat-Santala- 
Deviya tande herggade-Marasirigimayya madisida sri-Dharramesvara-devargge 
puje-punaskarakke kotta tala-vritti devara muntana beddaley allirii mudana 
kereya kelagana bayala sime haduvalu nandana-vana badagalu kani mudalu 
setuvirige hoda-dilri terikalu tudikeya muntana batte nir-ottirige Devana-Bhattaru 
kotta beddale hiriya-kereya kelage Vaijanatha-pulisasa kotta gadde kamma hattu 

Hassan Taliiq. 75 

Kiriya-Handaraugiiialliy arddhavum Karadiy arddhamurii dhara-purvvakarii 
madi Vishnuvarddhana-Devaru sthanapati Sivasakti-Panditargge kottar i-dhar- 
mmava pratipalisidargge sri-Varanasiyalu sayira-kavileya kOdurii kolagumaiii 
honnalu kattisi sayira veda-paragar appa brahmanarige kotta phala | i-dharm- 
mava kidisidavargge a-kavileyan a-brahmanaruman a-tirtthadalu konda papa \\ 

bahubhir vvasudha datta rajabhis Sagaradibhih | 

yasya yasya yada, bhiimis tasya tasya tada phalarii || 

sva-dattarii para-dattarii va yo hareta vasundhararii | 

shashti-varsha-sahasrani vishthayarii jayate krirmih n 

gam ekarii ratnikam ekarii bhumer apy ekam arigularii | 

haran narakam apnoti yavad a-bhuta-samplavarii n 

samanyo' yarii dharmma-setur nripanarii kale kfilo prilaniyo bhavadbhih | 

sarvvan etfm bhavinah parthivendran bhiiyo bhuyo yachate Ramachandrah n 


At the same village, on a pillar near the east gate. 
(West 8ide) Subham astu | svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha 1496 
neya Srimukha-sariivatsarada Bhadrapada-su 11 Somavaradalu sriman-malui- 
rrijadhiruja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-vira-pratapa-Prauda-Deva-maharayara 
aliyandir ada Atreya-gotrada Apastamba-sfitrada Savasva-pravarada Yajus- 
sakheya Soma-variisada Tirumala-Rfi- (south side) jana komara Nuggchalli Ray- 
Odera komara Indusekhara-Rajagala koraara Pudura-variisa-vardhana hadimu- 
varu-rayara ganda katti-biduva-rayara ganda kanaDan eri kai-mareva-rayara 
ganda balida-besegomba-rayara ganda jagad-eka-tyagi bhuvanaika-vira Basava- 
Rfijaya-deva-maha-arasugalu Santi-gramada navararigada kalla-bagilanu kattisi 
Imli-mukhavan ikkisidakke marigalam aha sri yi-Vuliga-gramada Yeleyapana 
Sirigana-hebriruvana maga Sirigana-hcbaruvanadu 


At the same village, on a copper plate in possession of Patel Kesavachari. 
(la) Subham astu 

Hardr lila-varahasya dariishtra,-danda8 sa patu vah i 

Hemadri-kalasa yatra dhatri chhatra-sriyarii dadhau n 

namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave | 

trailokya-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya Sambhave n 
svasti sri vijayubhyudaya-Salivahaua-saka-varsharigalu 1684 sanda varttamanav 
iida Chitrabhanu-sariivatsarada Bhadrapada-suddha 1 llu srimad rajadhiraja 
raja-paramesvarapratima-praudha-pratapa vira-narapati Mahisura sri-Krishna- 
Raja-Vadeyar-ayyanavaru Verikata-Ramaige barsi-kotta kraya-bhu-dana-tamra- 
sasanada kramav entendare Mahisura-nagarada hobali-vicharada-chavadi- 


76 Hassan Taluq. 

valitada Grama-sthalada Heragina-hobali SavaDtanahalli-grama-ondakke sthala- 
syanabhaga Narasaiyyana lekkha-prakara Pramadi-samvatsarakke huttiddu 
suvarnadaya davasadaya sunka pommu saha kan gu 26 — 4| yippatt-aru- 
varahavu nalku-hana addada huttuvali gramavannu kraya-bhu-danav agi appane 
kodisabekendu ninu helikkondu yidakke salu kraya kan gu 264 — 5 yinniira- 
aruvatta-nalku varahavu aidu-hanavannu sakalyav agi Kollegalada Vira-Setti- 
mukhantra bokkasakke vappistey adakarana i-gramavannu ninage kraya-bhu- 
danav agi kodisi-yiruvada kurtu a-merege i-Savantanahalli-gramada yalle 
chatus-sime-valagulla nidhy-ady-ashta-bhoga-tejas-svamyangalu ninage saluvadu| 
illindam munde i-gra(I6)mavu ninu maduva adhi-kraya-dana-parivartanegu 
salud adakarana putra-pautra-paramparyav agi nirupadhika-sarvamanyav agi 
sasvatav agi anubhavisikondu baruvadu | (usuai finai vcrses) sri-Krishna-Rnja. 


At Markuli (same hobli), on a stone in the basti in the fort. 

Srimat-parama-gambhira-syadvadamogha-lanchhanam | 
jiyat trailokya-nathasya sasanam Jina-sasanam || 
srimad-Dramila-sanghesmin Nandi-sanghe'sty Arungalah | 
anvayo bhati nissesha-sastra-varasi-paragaih n 

sri-kantar yYadu-kula-ra- | tnakaradol Kaustubhadigalavol palarum | 
lokopakara-parinata- | r ekikrita-sakala-raja-gunar appinegam n 
Salan emban age Yadava- | kuladol puli paye kandu muni puliyaiii poy i 
Salay ene poydudaririi Poy- | sala-vesar avanindam age tad-vamsajarol || 
vinayarii pratapam embi | jananathochita-charitra-yugadirii jagadol i 
jana-nayanam enisi negaldarii | Vinayadityarii samasta-bhuvana-stutyarii || 
atang ati mahimarii Hima- i Setu-samakhyata-kirtti san-murtti-Mano- | 
jatarii marddita-ripu-nripa- | jatarii tanujatan adan Ereyaiiga-nripam || 
eragida janakke pom-mugi- | 1 eragidavolu lokav addam ene porii-maleyarii 
karevan urad eragad ahitari- 1 g eragida bara-sidil enippan Ereyanga-nriparii 
ballidar avanipatigalo- i 1 ellarii dharmmarttha-kama-siddhivol avani- | 
vallabhar atana tanayar | Ballalarii Bitti-Devan Udayadityarii n 
miivar arasugalolarii tarii i bhavise madhyaman ad agiyurii nripa-guna-sad- 
bhavadin uttaman adarii | bhavi-bhavad-bhuta-jishnu Vishnu-nripalarii ii 
Maleyarii sadhsi mandane Talavanarii Karichipurarii Koyatur i 
mMalenad a-Tulu-nadu Nilagiriy a-K61alam a-Korigu Nari- | 
galiy Uchcharigi Virata-Raja-nagararii Vallur iv ellarii sva-dor- | 
bbaladirii lileye sadhyam aduv eney ar Vishnu-kshamapalanol || 
paduvana terikana mudana | gadigal tann-alva-nelake miiru-samudrarii | 
badagal Perddore tarii gadi | gadiy ill a-Vishnu kidasid-ahitargg enturii (| 

Hassan Takiq. 77 

mandalamaiii nijamam dvija- | mandaligarii devatalayakkarii kottarii | 
khandeya vattaleyirii para- i mandalamarii vira-Vishnuvarddhanan aldarii || 
ant enisida Vishnu-mahi- i kantana tanayam nayanurupopayarii i 
santata-bhuja-pratapa- l kranta-padarii Narasiriihan ahava-siriiharii n 
ripu-sarppad-darppa-davanala-bahala-sikha-jala-kalambuvaharii | 
ripu-bhupala-pradipa-prakara-patutara-sphara-jhafijha-samirarii | 
ripu-naganika-Tarkshyarii ripu-nripa-nalini-shanda-vetanda-ruparii | 
ripu-bhubhrid-bhiiri-vajrarii ripu-nripa-mada-mfitanga-siriihiirii Nrisiriiharii || 
sthirane bhubhrid-adhisvararii sa-dhanane Lakshmi-sutarii raurtti-bha- | 
surane Vishnu-tanubhavarii subhatane tarii Narasiriiharii gadarii i 
sthira-tejasviye visva-vikrama-gunarii naisarggikarii nolpad i- | 

Narasiriihang ene gunady-aropa-bhdprilakar n 

a-vibhuvina patta-maha- i devi pativrate charitradindarii Sita- i 
devigc migil ad fichala- | Devi samastarttha-kalpavalliy cnippal || 
ant esed Echala-Deviy-a- j nanta-yaso-garbbha-garbbha-dugdhfimbudhiyirii | 
kantangan Atri-putrana | kantiharam dhvantahriri kuvalaya-mitrarii || 
sakala-kala-paripurnnarii i sakalorvvi-nayana-sukhadan akalankarii mat- l 
t akutilan apiirvva-nava-si- | takaram Ballala-Devan udayarii geydarii n 
vinayarii vikranti punyodayam ivarolage lokaika-sandhana-sampaj- | 
janitaikayatta-rajyarii sudridbara enipud i-sthairyya-sat-kirtti-sampat- i 

ti-niraittarii pettu raurii rauppuri-vadedu bhayayatta di Balla- i 

lana rajyarii Rama-rajyarii sakala-jana-manah-prrijyam atyanta-pujyam || 
vinaya-sri-nidhiyarii viveka-nidhiyarii brahmanyanaiii purnna-pu- | 
nyanan uddama-yasortthiyarii jita-jagat-pratyartthiyarii sarvva-saj- | 
jana-sariistutyanan udbhavad-vitarana-sri-Vikraraadityanarii | 
manujesar Yadu-raja-rajanan ad eiii BaUrilanarii polvare || 
idu sarvva-grasan gol- | pudu bhasvad-rrija-raandalangala nirmo- | 

kshada cmbinam i- i Yadu.pati-Ballala-bahu-Riihu vichitrarii ii 

dig-ibharigal mada-vihvalangal achalarii kal kurmman int ormmeyurii j 
mogam iyarii bhujagadhiparii visha-dhararii saralk ayogyarigal en- | 
du gunodagra-saraagra-lakshana-lasad-dordandadol santosarii | 

mige bhft-kaminiy irddapal BaUala-bhupalana n 

a-Ballalana rajya- | sri I 

sri-Buchi-Rajan esadan i- | la-budhargg animitta-bandhava li 

lulita-sripada-parama vinuta-Sripala-Traividya-seva-sampudita- 

sakala-sastralokaiii gunavati. . .Devanayyan esev-a-Suggavve tayi 

dar kkulaugane. . . .clialadirii. . . .guna-sampannar ssutaru Raya. . . . 

. . Malliyana-Devanurii baradarii. . . n sastrada asritasesha- 

vighnamarii parihari..pp abbistava. . . .atita-nayarii kondu kayyola. . . .gani 
pradhanate vrishanviteya. . . .samudbhava sthiratara saktiye. . .sutarii 

78 Hassan Taluq. 

sarvva-jana-sammada-prada- | n urvvisvara-mantri-mandalalankaraih | 

sarvvopaka cha- | turvvidha-panditya-manditam Bucharasam n 

vachaka-Vachaspati ... | . . charyyam sravya-kavya-rasa arttha- | 

lochana-chakshu parartthada i priya-hitarttha-vachaih Bucham |t 

Kannadadol Samskritadol | channam ene me- | 

n inn initum im perar ene | ubhaya-kaviteyim Buchananol n 

siddhantarttham asesham | suddhanta Yadavam chatur-upadha- | 

suddham tatvarttha-sangraha- i . . . .graha-kritartthano Bucharasam || 
paded-arttham Jina-pujegaih . .abhishavakk ahara-danakke si- | 
1-odeyargg asritarg artthigalge vibudhargg ishtargge sishtargge. . | 

ge Jinalayakke satatam sampurnnam agirppud en- i 

dode mantrisvara-Buchi-Rajane valaih dhanyam perar ddhanyare \\ 
Angirasa-gotra . ... | ... .nilayam vinuta-jananam parisud- j 
dhAngirasa-buddhi Kali-ka- i lAhgirasa jati-. . .dam Bucharasam n 
a-purusha-ratname. . . | ... .nripa-Ballala-mantri-Buchange nripa- | 
sri-purnna-punye Santale | rupatisayanurupa-mati satiy adal || 
pati-bhaktiyinde dana-gunadun- i natiyim Jina-pujanabhishavanotsavadim 
Kshiti-suteyarii . . .mabbeya | n atisayadim Santiyakkan ulidavar alave || 

nayamaih l vineya-tatig intu purnna-yasamam pettal | 

jana-vinute Santiyakkam | Jina-guna-sampatti nompiy-udyapane . . n 
. . . aradhyan anuna-dana-gunadim vikrantiyim sarvva-saj- l 
jana-manyar Mariyaneyum Bharatanum dandadhipar ttandevir | 

ttanag i jana-prastutyan ant Atri i 

. . punyatmana dharmma-patnig eney ar sSantavveg i-kanteyar n 

a-Santala-Devigam ati i guru mantri-Buchanangam Ra- i 

Raja puttida- i n ani yavol Umegav a-Rudrahgam || 

raviyam tejadin Indra-bhuruha . . . dattiy i 

bhavadiih sakyahgal ap- | 

puvu. . . .na pehgaliih nimishadiih dharmmahgalam kude ma- i 

kiriyam i toyadhi-gambhiran ahitottama-dana- i 

sreya vi | neyopayam ll 

bisa- I 1 ari. .para-vadhu pararttham end and alipal | 

kareyam bedida vandige | maredum n 

svasti samadhigata-paiicha-maha-sabda maha mandalesvaram 

Dvaravati-pura-varadhisvararh Yadava-kulambara-dyumani samyaktva-chtida- 
mani maleparol ganda Talakadu-Kohgu-Nahgali-Gahgavadi-Nonambavadi- 

Banavase-Hanuhgal-gonda n asahaya-sura nissahka-pratapa-Hoysala- 

Ballala-Devaru srimad-rajadhani-Dorasamudradalli Saka-varsha 1095 neya 
Vijaya-samvatsarada Sravana-suddha 11 Adivarad andu tamma patta-bandho- 
tsavadol maha-danahgalam maduttam ippa samayadol sri-mat-sandhi-vigrahi 

Hassan Taliiq. 79 

. , . .mayyangal Sige-nad olagana Marikaliyol tavu madisida trikiita-Jinalayakk 
a-vuram deva-pujegam ahara-danakkaiii jirnnoddharakkam ti-chandrarkka- 
ta.raih-baram nadavant agi pada-pujeyam tettu sarvva-namasyav agi dattiyarii 
dhara-purvvakarii madidu srimad-Dramila-sarighad Arungalanvayada Sripala- 
Traividya-devara sishyar appa srimad-Vasupiijya-Siddhanta-devara kalarii 

karchchi dhiirey eredu kottar antu deva-da (after 9 iiiegibie lines foiiow 

usuai finai verses) bhadram astu Jina-sasanaya i maiigalarii aha sri sri sri sri 
Vijaya-sariivatsarada Karttika-su 8. . . varad andu Kemmatada Machayyanurii 

adhikarigal Agileya Someyanurii Balachandra-Devara gudda 

heggadc-Challayyanu Marikaliya trikiita-Jinahiyakk a-viira agantuka- 

maduve-bannige-magga-gana-volavaru-horavar-olagagi samasta-suiikavam a- 
chandrarkka-turarii-bararii nadavant agi dharey ercdu bittar (usuni rnmi pUrasis) 


At S4vantanahalli (same hobli), on a stone south of the Channigaraya temple. 

Tarana-sariivatsarada Mfirggasira-ba 5 srimad-Deva-lirij-odoyaru Melukoteya 
Challuvaraya-svamige madhyahna-kahida avasarake kotta grama 


At Bailahalli (Bailahalli hobli), on a virakal south of the Malldsvara temple. 

Sva-dattarii para-dattarii va yo hareta vasundhararii | 

shashti-varsha-sahasrani vishthayarii jayate krimih || 
svasti srimanu-maha-mandaleSvara sri-vira-Narasiriiha-Devanu Magara-rfijyava 
nirmraiila-badida Cholana rajyava prati[pa]lanam appa Nrirasiriga-Devanu 
Madava. . .danayaka-vajrakkarii Devana-Malale belu-trilaka-koyalalli Bayala- 
halliya Aita-Gaudana mamniaga Kachakana maga Bfichaya ta. . 


At the same place, on another virakal. 
Sri Visviivasu-sariivatsarada Jyeshtha-su 10 Ma Chikka-Kahirigfilanulc Katta- 

iya malaharu entu iri turuva harivall iridu yude bave Kutari 

biddan agi a-Kiichanu Siva-loka-praptan adanu sri sri sri 


At the same place, on another virakal. 

Svasti samasta-pra manu-maha-mandalesvara Chokka-Bitti-Devana kala- 

gadalu dandanayaka Bopa-Devanu. . .ravuttara kaya. 

n iridu 

80 Hassan Taluq. 


At Ugane (same hobli), on a pillar of the Basava temple. 
Svasti srimatu-Saka-varusha 1355 neya Pramadicha-sariivatsarada Bhadrapada- 
su 1 ayvar uge mantapada i-kambha Anagil-odeya Muttaya-Nayakana maga 
Mudeya-Nayakara dhamraa sri 


At Anuganalu (same hobli), on a pillar of the north doorway of 
the Channakesava temple. 

Durmati-sariivatsarada Karttika-ba sri-Rama-Devana maga Cbavuriyanna 

hinde devara pratishtheyalu hol-otti-yittu yiddu gaddeyanu Chavuriyannanu 
honna kottu bidsi-kottu pra . . . padadanu 


At Mugulur (same hobli), on a stone in front of the basti. 
Jayati sakala-vidya-devata-ratna-pitharii 
hridayam anupaleparii yasya dirgharii sa devali | 
tadanu jayati sastrarii tasya yat sarvva-mithya- 
samaya-timira-ghati jyotir ekarii naranarii n 
srimad-Dramila-sanghe'srain Nandi-sanghe'sty Arungalah | 
anvayo bhati nissesha-sastra-varasi-paragaih || 
siddhantarabhonidhana-pravisarad-amritasvada-pushta-pramodah | 
diksha-siksha-suraksha-kraraa.kriti-nipunas santatam bhavya-sevyah 
so'yarii dakshinya-murttir jjagati vijayate Vasupujya-bratindrali || 

srimatu-Vajranandi-Devara sishyaru Muguliya Parusva-Devaru Rudhirodgari- 

sariivatsarada Bhadrapada-ba 13 Bra n 


At the pedestal of the image lying in the same basti. 
Sripala-Traividya-Devara guddagalu Melasina Mari-Settiyaririi Negarttiya 
Govana-Settiyaru Sige-nada Muguliyalu basadiyam madisidaru . . .madisi sri- 
Parsva-devara pratishtheyarii madisi a-basadiyuraarfi a-devara bhuraiyuraam 
tamma gurugalige dhara-purvvakarii madi kottaru n 


On a stone near the entrance of the same basti. 
Sriraat-pararaa-gambhira-syadvadamogha-laiichhanaiii | 
jiyat trailoliya-nathasya sasanam Jina-sasanarii || 

Hassan Taliiq. 81 

srimad-Elkoti-Jinalayain idu || 
jayati sakala-vidya-devata-ratna-pithaiii 
hridayam anupalepam yasya dirggham sa devah | 
jayati tadanu sastram tasya yat sarvva-mithya- 
samaya-timira-ghati jyotir ekam naranam || 
Sri-kanta-netra-nilotpala-vadana-sarojata-sa-smera-lila- | 
16kam loka-trayojjrirabhita-visada-yasas-chandrika-doh-pratapa- | 
vyakirna-tyakta-yukta-krama-kalita-kubhrich-chakra-kheda-pramoda- | 
srikarii sri-Vishnu-bhupara belaguge jagamam raja-marttrinda-riiparii n 
jita-Paiicheshutvadind Isvaran euisiyum udyat-sudhri-kjintan atyur- | 
jjita-tejo-lakshraiyirii tibrakaran enisiyurii drisya-riiparii kala-sarii- j 
bhrita-bhasvad-vrittadiudarii vidhuv enisiyum atmiya-nityodayotsa- i 
rita-doshaseshan int avanolam asadrisarii dhira-Vishnu-kshitisarii n 
ari-sena-chakra-chakrarii porale ripu-kubhrit-puugava-bhranti talt op- | 
p ire tann ugriisiyind uchchalisi dhareg urultappa vidvit-sirangal | 
taradirii kumbhaugajarii polt oseye nava-ghati-yantradirii Vishnu yuddha- | 
jira-vapi-vairi-raktambuvane nija-yaso-vallig ettuttav ipparii || 
magu-magurdu pokku durggama- | n agald agajd a-varddhi-varegav addarii 

tigatarii | 
tagu-taguldu kondan ovade | jaga-birudaran arasi Vishnuvarddhana-DGvarii || 
Himadirii Setuvararii mat- | te maguld a-Setuvirii Himarii-baregarii vi- i 
kraraa-keliyirii tolalvarii | sa-mada-kshatriyaran irisi Vishnu-nripalarii || 
svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha-sabda-maha-mandalesvararii Dvaravati-pura- 
varesvararii Yadava-kulambara-dyumani samyaktva-chudamani | Maleya-cha- 
kravartti | Varshmaja-murtti srimat-Kanchi-gonda vikrama-Ganga Vishnu- 
varddhana-Hoysala-Devarii Gangavadi-tombhattaru-sasiramuman eka-chhatra- 
chhayeyirii pratipalisi sukharii rajyarii geyyuttam ire tat-pada-padraopajivi | 
dhararaara-kula-tilakarii | Jinendra-puja-vidhaua-putra-dana-pravarddhita- 
praraoda-pulakarii | srimad-Ajitasena-Bhattaraka-padarabhoja-charicharikarii | 
parama-tatva-pragalbhya-prabala-vivekarii sriraan-maha-prabhu-Perramadiy- 
anvaya-prabhavarii ent endade || ' 

niyata-syad-vada-vidya-vibhava-bhavanam agirppa nirddhuta-dosha- | 
trayam app udyat-tapo-lakshmige sale neley agirppa riidhakalarika- | 
nvayadol bhavyalig ellarii raodal enisi kararii perapuvettattu Permraa- | 
diya variisarii lokavarii kirttiyolu belagitatt ujjalachara-sararii || 
akkara || naya^vinayaman anukarisuvan anu- | 

nayadirix tejodhikan ene negardda Permmadiya permmagane Bhi- i 

mayyan atana chitta-priye Devalabbe pati-bha- | 

ktiyol a-Sitegam Arundhatigam eney enipal || 

avarge magarii saraasta-guna-ratna-sudhambudhi Masani-Setti bhu- | 

bhuvana-vinutan atan-anujarii negardarii prabhu Mari-Setti ban- |- 

dhava-jana-sarvva-bhavya-jana-kalpa-mahiruhan a-mahatman-i- | 

tavada-vibhatiyarii padedud arhateyarii dhareyol nirantararii n 


82 Hassan Taluq. 

Dorasamudrada naduv idu | Meru-mahidharam enalke madisidarii sri- | 
Maraman uttunga-Jina- | garaman idu Visvakarmma-nirmmitam enisal || 
a-Yibhuvin-anuga-dammam | Govindam Mandaravanidhara-dhairyyaih. i 
Sri-vanita-vallabhan a- | Govindanavol mahi-manah-priyan adam || 
vasudhege Kaustubham enal i- | basadiyan i-Muguliyalli sad-bhaktiyin et- | 
tisidan ene matte Govin- | da-Settiyani pogalad irppare budha-nidhiyam || 
bhu-viditane Bhimayya ma- | ha-vibhave putri Nagiyakkanum ivar i- | 
Govindana Jina-grihak ati- | pavana-charitar nirantaram padi salipar n 
avar-agra-tanujam aya-naya-silan apratima-dharmma-saha(ni)yakan arati- 
ytitha-durjjayan akhileshta-sishta-jana-rakshana-dakshanu, . . . .saram negaluda 
maha-prabhu vedade pund a-Bitti-Settiya guna. .mani poga[la]l a-Chaturasyanu 

yutam mayopayakke pesav atidhanyaih svasti ya san enal 

Naki-Settiya sar a-pempumam nimirchchi gotra-pavitran ada 

Govinda Samantabhadra-svamigala vacharyyariih 

Kanakasena-Vadiraja-Devarim Dhauapala-Bhattarakarim sri kasena-Bha- 

ttarakariih Maladhari-svami traividya-devarim sri-Vasupujya-siddhanta- 

devariih, . . .devarim banda Dramila vilayamo sat-tarkavila-bahu-bhangi- 

sahgata-Sripala-traividya-gadya-padya-vacho-vinyasa-nisargga-vijaya-vilasaih n 
sach-charitra-pavi, . .vidya-samsuddha-buddhaye | 
vidvaj-jana-prapujyaya Vasupujyaya te namah || 
intu negaltevetta tanna guru-kulada pemparh negali Govinda-Setti madisidan 
int i-Jinalayam || 

Manu-charitar samasta-bbuvana-stavaniya-Jinendra-dharmma-va- | 
rinidhi-sarojini-prabhava-raga-vivarddhana-raja-hamsar an- | 
nanum anujanmanum guna-yutar ggunavaj-jana-parijata Ra- | 
man-immadiy agiyum Bharata-Raja-chamupanum embud i-jagaih n 
Bharatadol Kania u- i darateyol Dharmma-nandanam satvadol a- | 
charadolu Sindhu-nandana | . . . .dade Bharata-Raja-dandadhisam || 
i-Govinda-Jinalayakke Prabhava-samvatsarad uttarayana-sahkranti-Vyatipatad- 
andu. . . .radali. , .agi sri-Narasimha-Hoysala-Devam Sripala-traividya-devara 
sisyar appa Vasupujya-siddhanta-devara kalam karchchi dhara-purvvakam 
srimad-agraharaih Muguliyali bitta vrittiya sima-sambandhi Hiriyakereya 
kelage gadde (4 iines foiiowing contain detaiis of the grant) a-beddaley-olagagi devara 
sodarihge ganadal ara-van-enney urolag ava banda mare vadaham gondu 
visada vana-siddayav ittuvalli. . .aidu-panavam maha-janahi koduvar int initu- 
vaiii muvatt-irvvar mmaha-janahgaluih dhara-purvvakam madi kottaru || (4 lines 
foiiowing contain usuai finai phrases and verse) i-dliarmmavan alidan ele[ne]ya narakam 

puguvam kereya ma dimeyam ta-kattisida kereyalli kanduga-gaddeyam 

devarige bittanu ii asesha-mahajanahgalu matta. .da-kereyalli kanduga gadde- 
yam bittaru i kaladalu mu-gula bhattam 

Hassan Taliiq. 83 


In the same place. 

(The first 14 lines correspond with those in No. 128 of this Taluq). . . . Purpasena-siddhanta- 

devaru avara sishyaru Vasupujya-Devaru Hemalambi-saihvatsarada Vaisakha- 
bahula-trayodasi-Budhavarad andu sallekhana-samadhi-maranadiih mudipi 
svarggakke sandaru maiigalam aha sri sri sri 


At the same village, on a copper plate in possession of patel Venkatasubbayya. 
(Front) Subham astu i 

Harer lihVvarahasya damshtra-dandas sa patu nah | 

Hemadri-sikhara yatra dhatri chhatra-sriyaiii dadhau (i 

namas tuuga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave | 

trailokya-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya Sambhave n 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varshangalu 1684 sanda vartama- 
nav ada Chitrabhanu-nama-samvatsarada Srrivana-ba lOllCi srimad-rajAdhiraja 
raja-paramesvara praudha-pratjipapratima-vira-narapati | Mahisiira sri-Krishna- 
Raja-Vadeyar-aiyanavaru | Hasana-stalada Mugulura-Veiikatakrishna-Hebba- 
ruva I Tirumalavadhani Krishna-Bhatta Narayana-Bhatta Venkatesa-Bhatta 
Anantanarayana-Bhatta Srinivasa-Bhatta Nanjunda-Bhatta-muntada maha- 
janangajigo barasi-kotta kraya-bhii-dana-tamra-s^sanada kramav entendare | 
Mahisiira n^garada hobali-sime vicharada-chavadi-valitada Hasana-sthalada 
Muguluru-grama 1 kere 1 Kannana-mani-Hosakoppalu 1 yi-upagrama-karakke 
seri banda mara-vargada palagi yiruva Kinnadipurada grama 1 Agalahalli 
grama 1 Mallenahalli grama 1 antu grama 1 kere 1 koppalu 1 upagrama 3 katte- 
galu saha sthalada syanabhaga-Timmaina lekkha-prakara praku rekhe gadde 
beddalu tota saha rekhe-guta | ga 279 — 9| kko manya uttara deva-dayabrahma- 
diiya iiliga-manya mara-vargga saha gu ga 124— IJ n uli[back]du suddha 
nintaddu ga 155 — 8 karakke seri banda mara-varga gfi ga 23 — 7 seri banda 
liliga-manya ga 40 — 5^ antu seri bandaddu saha ninta rekhe ga 220 — i kke 
Pramadi-samvatsarakke huttuvali sakala-suvarnnadaya davasadaya totada 
adike-pairu deva-sthanada aravasi kaivadadavara jodi vingada manihya jagi 
guta samayachara suiika saha ga 525 — 2 kke sale kandi gu 420—1^ naniira 
ippattu-varaha-vondu-hana acldada huttuvali yi-gramagalannu kraya-bhu-danav 
agi appane kodisabek endu niu helikondu yidakke salu kraya kanthi gu 
4201—5 nrdku-savirada-yinniira-vandu-varahau aidu-hanau varttaka Kollaga- 
lada Vira-Setti-mukhrintra bokkasakke sakalyav §.gi vappisiddarinda yi-grama- 
galannu niraage kraya-bhu-danav agi kodisi yi-gramagala yalle chatus-simegu 
sila-pratishtheyannu madisi kottu yidheve yadda kurtu | yillinda munde yi- 


84 Hassan Taluq. 

gramagala yalle chatus-simey olagulla griharama-kshetra-gadde-beddalu-tota- 
tudike-kere-kattegalu nidhy-ady-ashta-bhoga-tejas-svamyangalu nimige salu- 
vadu 1 munde yi-gramagalu nivu maduva-danadhi-kraya-parivartanegal emba 
vyavahara-chatushtayaugaligu yogyav agi nivu nimma putra-pautra-param- 
paryav agi a-chandrarkkav agi nirupadhika-sarvamanyav agi sasvatav agi 
anubhavisi kondu baruvadu (usuai finai verses) sri-Krishna-Raja | 


At Handinakere (same hobli) on copper plates in possession of Mailarayya. 

(Nagarf characters) 

[I&] Sri 

namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave | 

trailokya-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya Sambhave n 

jayanti Dvipa-vaktrasya ganda-mandala-shatpadah | 

pratyuha-vijayenaiva praptavirbhuta-dindimah || 

namas tasmai Varahaya yena liloddhrita mahi i 

anuraga-vaseneva sasyaih pulaka-bhiishita n 

asich chhri-Sangamo nama bhfiprdo guna-sangamah | 

Yadu-vamsa-mahambhodhi-parivarddhana-chandramah || 

tasyatmaj6'bhuch chhri-Bukka-Rajo rajanvati chiram | 

asbtadasa-dvipavati mahi yena mahiyasa || 

rajendram sri-Hariharam Bukka-Rajo Mahesvarah | 

Gauryam ajijanad devyam Mahasenam athatmajam || 

ambhodhi-parikham prithvim sasato nagarim iva i 

tasyasti Vijaya nama nagari sri-gariyasi || 

. . . Hemakiitah parisara-parikha Tungabhadra su-bhadra 

sakshad arakshak6'yam kshata-bhuvana-bhayas sri-Virupaksha-devah | 

raja r?ija,dhiraj6 Harihara-nripatih ksh6nika. .Kanchi 

slaghyam sakha-puram srili katham iva vachasam gochare syad ihasyah n 

tasyatmajo Deva-Rayah praja-palana-tatparah | 

baladhy6 guna-sampann6 varttate satru-tapadah || 

tasmin mahira sasati Deva-Raye tat-kirtti-valli bhuvane nirudha | 

nakarii yayau deva-nikaya-madhye vidambayanti divi Deva-rajam || 

d6r-ddanda-dalitaratir manditakhanda-bhusurah | 

akhanda-bhaktir Isane Deva-Ray6 virajate || 

Indradi-loka-palanam saktya jat6 janesvarah | 

tad-gunan atirichyaiva vartate silat6'dhikah || 

s6'yam rajadhirajas [sri]-Deva-Raja-maha-nripah | 

pattabhisheka-samaye dattavan puram uttamam ii 

. . . . t samahuya brahmanan bhuvi visrutan i 

sva-nama-chihnitm gramam dattavan Deva-Raya-rat || ^ 

liassan Taliiq. 85 

Devarajapure vipra veda-si\stra-visaradah i 

shat-karma-niratas sarve brahma-nishtha jitendriyah || 
svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Saka-varsha 1328 vartamana Vyaya-samvatsare Kartika- 
mase krishna-pakshe dasamyam Sukravare Uttarabhadrapade Priti-yoge 
Bava-karane evam-vi[si]shte subha-kale srimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara 
sri-vira-pratripa-Deva-Rayo mabarajas svasya pattabhisheka-samaye dvatrim[IIa] 
sat-sankhyaya vritti-kalpanaya, parimitam sva-nama-chihnitam pratapa-Devara- 
yapuram namagrahararii Bhaskara-kshetre Tuiigabhadra-tire Hemakute sri- 
Viriipaksha-sannidhau veda-sastra-visaradebhyah brahmanebhyas sa-hiranyo- 
daka-dana-dhara-purvakam a-chandrarkka-sthayinam kritva dattavan | tesham 
pratigrahitrinam namadheyani likhyante | tasmin grame sri-Ramachandrasya 
grama-devatayah mula-sthanasya Sambhos cha eka vrittih || sri || (33 lines foiiowing 

contain names, etc, of vrittidilrs) 

vibhanty abhinava-prapta-Devarajapura-dvijah | 
pratyekam eva te chatra vagisah parikirttitah n 
asyagrahara-varyyasya chatus-simadi-lakshanam ] 
sarva-loka-prakasarthaih kathyatti desa-bhashaya || 
sri-vira-pratap-Devarayapurav ada pattada-agraharav ada Handiganakereya 

gramakke Saluva chatus Simeya vivara | (25 Unes foUowing contain details of boundaries) 

int i-Handiganakere-pratapa-Devarayapurav ada pattada-agraharada chatus- 
simey olag ulla nidhi-nikshepa-jala-pashana-akshini-agami-siddha-sadhyashta- 
bhoga-tejas-svamya-sunka-suvarnadaya enu ullanthadanu sarvamanyav agi 
pattabhisheka-punya-kaladali Pampa-kshetra-sri-Virupaksha-devara sannidhi- 
yali sa-hiranyodaka-dhara-purvakav agi kotta dharmma-sasana || (usuai finai verses) 

Sri-Virdpaksha (in Kannadd charaoters) 


At Dodda-Gaddavalli (same hobli), on a stone to the right of the 
main doorway of the Lakshmi-devi temple. 
Svasti samasta-srimatu-maha-mandalesvara Biti-Devara rajyadalu Mahalakshmi 
...odeya Kalahanara. . .odati Ugureya Bateya kere eradum Hiryyakereya 
vittadidu Katharaparada munina manya matam varisake hatu-honnu mani- 
kanta saluvudu deviya bogake vidugedeyam Sivaleiika-Dasainu salisuva i- 
dharmmava kidisidam Gangeya tadiya kavileya konda brahmati i-dharmmava 
kidisida linga-bhedi ikkattigeya kavileya konda 


On the south wall of the vimana of the same temple. 
Svasti sri Jaya-sarhvatsarada Pushya-ba 13 Brihavarad andu Gadduballiya sri- 
Mahalakshmi-devi sri-Mahakali-devi sri-Bhutanatha-devara sri-karyyakke 

86 Hassan Taluq. 

a-vicbari-G6vinda-Devanu magga-dere pancha-karuka-vedikeyanu kattu-guttige 
pindadanav agi sambala sabita deva-prasada gadyanav erada kombudu i-marya- 
deya ava miridavage deva-brabmanara konda brabmati 


On the east wall of the vimana of the same temple. 
Svasti sri Babudhanya-samvatsarada Asvija-suddba-paurnnami-Adivara-Byati- 
patad andu sri-Mabalaksbmi-devi Mabakali-devi sri-Bhutanatba-devara sri- 
karyake sriman-maba-vadda-vyavabari-Goleba-Nayakara tange Giriya-Deviya- 
kkanu Mayi-Devanu malegarara jivitage Deviyaballiya. . . .kramav entendade 
bola-guttage ga 13 bbatta bbagad anitu. . Bhutanatba-devara . . . .rada suvarn- 
naya int initu aivaru malegarara ma 


On a virakal to the north-west in the enclosure of the same temple. 

Svasti srimanu-maba-mandalesvara-Bitti-Deva Bitti-Devana andina rajya 

Beppa-Devana kalegadalu kudure-galega Kadira. . .jaya-rabutta sura-loka- 
prapti samvacba 


On a stone to the north-east in the same enclosure. 
Svasti srimatu-Dbatu-samvatsarada Magba-suddba-trayodasi-Adivarad andu sri- 
man-maba-vadda-vyavabari-Goleba-Nayakara taiigi Giriya-Deviyyakkanu Mayi- 
Deva Marayyanu asesba-maba-janaiigalurii samasta-praje-gavundu-nakbaranga- 
lum (v)iddu Malisettiyakereya Ravilanatbadevaraballiya Madbava-Nayakana 
maga Mailungi-Devange kotta kramav entendade kattu-guttige varisam-prati 
gadyana badinaiduva. .Mabalaksbmi-deviya sri - karyyakke sankramana- 
maryyadelu teruva ataua makkalu makkalu tappade salvant agi kotta sasana 

(3 lines gone) teiikalu araliya-mara kummariyim badagana 

galubana Kollalagagi badavala badavala nadeda beddariyim . . . . 

badagalu dodda-nerilu badagalu Hagareya namma kerege salvudu 


At the same place, on another stone. 
Svasti samasta-bbuvanasrayam sri-pritbvi-vallabbara mabarajadbiraja parame- 
svaram Dvaravati-pura-varadbisvaram Yadava-kulambara-dyumani samyaktva- 
cbudamani malaparol ganda ganda-bherundan asabaya-sura Sanivara-siddbi 
giri-durgga-malla cbalad-anka-Rama nissanka-pratapa-cbakravartti Hoyisala 
sri-Vira-Ballala-Devaru Vijayasamudrada nelevidinolu sukba-sankatba-vinoda- 

Hassan Taluq. 87 

dim prithvi-rajyam geyvuttum irddu Raudri-samvatsarada Karttika-masada 
paurnnami-Somavara Byatipata-yogav agalu Tungabhadra-deviya tiradalli sri- 
Mahalakshmi-devi sri-Mahakali-devi sri-Bhutanatha-devara Gaddumballi nidi- 
vidiya siddhayav aneya sese kudureya sese khanav a-bittiya-bhandi jede-dere 
koteya hadike kottige-dere todaru-gadyana kumara-ganike adakeya sunka 
Mayse-nrida-heggade-kanike i-volagagi munde huttuva apurvvuyav ellavam 
manisi sarvva-badha-pariharam enisi sarvva-namasyam madi sri-Mahalakshmi- 
deviyara dharmma-karyyava-chandrarkka-taram-bararh salvantagi Jagaravalli- 
yam bittu dhara-purvvaka madi kotta sasanam || 

sthiram i-dharmmaman alkarim nilisidang ishtcirttha-samsiddhigal | 
dorekolgum kidipange Gange-Gaye-Kedarridi-tirtthangalol | 
parama-brahmana-gO-vadhu-muniparam kond a-maha-patakam | 
dorekolgum bidadant avam nameyutirkkum Rauravambhodhiyol || 

(usual Rnal verses) 


At the same place. 

yas cha §aka-varusha 1242 neya Siddhartthi-samvatsara 

srimad-dakshina-KoUapurav enisida Gaddumba mi-deviyara 

amrita-padige hiriya maha-janangalige bija-honnanu kottu tamma 

gulla gadde bedalu a-sakala-sahita kulava ptirvvaya 

sarvva-bade-pariharav agi sarvvamanyav agi a-saudigalu vareyan 

erasikondu a-kshetra Mahalakshumi-deviyarige a- 

chandrarkka-sthayiy agi nadavudu («suai flnai verse) 


On the east wall of the same temple. 
Svasti sri Manumatha-sariivatsarada marggasira-su 15 A | d andu sri-Ballala- 
Devara rajyadalu dannayada heggade Masanayyarigala maga Ketama Tilakoteya 

Ma,cheyanu sri-Mahiilakshmi-deviya villeya sri. .kkala huduke-dere vam 

pariharava yint i-dharmmavam geya tadiya konda brahmatiyalu 

bohanu n sri. . . .Sarikhara-Devaru oppa n 


On the east wall of the vim^na of the same temple. 
Svasti sri samasta-bhuvanasrayam sri-prithvi-vallabham maharajadhiraja para- 
mesvaram parama-bhattarakam Dvaravati-pura-varadhisvara Yadava-kulam- 
bara-dyumani srimatu-pratapa-chakravartti Hoysala-Vira-Ballala-Devaru Dora- 
samudrada nelevidinolu sukha-sarikatha-vinodadim prithvi-rajyam geyyuttam 
ire tat-pHda-padmopajivigal appa. .... .de;:eya heggade Holleya. .tana tamma 

88 Hassan Taluq. 

heggade Sogayyanura . . riyavveja tamma Medhavi. . . Ananda-samvatsarada 
Chaitra-su 5 Adivarad andu sri-Mahalakshmi-deviya sri-karyyakke magga 2 
sri-Mahakali-deviya sri-karyyakke bitta magga 2 sri-Bhutanatha-devara sri- 
karyyakke bitta magga 2 Bhiitanatha-devara piijari. . .yyange bitta magga 1 
antu. .i-dharmmavam ava adhikariy adaparh pratipalisuvam. .(usuai imprecatory 



' On the south wall of the same vimana. 
Pingala-smvatsarad Asvaija-su 10 So-d andu srimad-abhinava-Kollapurav appa 
Gadduvaliya sri-Mahalakshmi-devi Mahakali-devi sri-Bhutanatha-devara sri- 
padakke ga 5 yi. . . .Gaiigojana maga Biitoja. . .terege varisa nibandhiy agi 
tera ippatta-muru-vrittiya badiyalu chandrarkka-taram-baram nadahadu a- 
hallige sarvva-badha-parihara a-kerege chatus-sime samastav avud endade 
(9 lines foiiowing contain detaiis of boundaries) sri-Mahalakshmi-deviya sri-padaradha- 
kar appa Jagadeva-Nayakaru sri-Bhutanatha-devan-adig ereya Golehe-Nayaka- 
ruih Bhiitojange dhara-piirvvaka madi bitta dharmma idam paripalisade kidisi- 
davaru liiiga-bheda madidavaru | 


On the south-east wall of the same vimana. 
Svasti srimatu Sukla-samvatsarada Chaitra-suddha I Adivarad andu srimatu- 
pratapa-chakravartti-Vira-Ballala-Devana srimanu-maha-pradhanam hiriya- 
dannayakaih Goyidimayyaiigala maga srimanu maha-vadda-byavahari purusa- 
nidhi sri-Jayitayyaiigala maiduna Santasavadiya sunkadhikari heggade-Soma- 
yyanu sri-Mahalakshmi-deviya sri-Mahakali-deviya sri-Bhiitanatha-devarig 
alva Gaddumballi-mukhyav agi sri-Bhutanatha-devar aluva halligalolage Ghatta- 
valiyalu ane manika kudure adake arasina menasina bhara eleyakki uppu ava 
bhandava her adadam a-sunkavanu sri-Bhiitanatha-devara sri-karyyakke a-hegga- 
de Somayyanu a-chandraakka-taram-baram saluvant agi a-sunkavanu sarvva- 
badha-pariharav agi dhara-purvvakam madi kotta-sasanam (usuai finai verses) 


On the north wall of the same temple. 
Pramoduta-samvatsarada Chaitra-bahula 7 Vaddavarad andu abhinava-Kolla- 
purav appa Gaddumballiya sri-Mahalakshmi-devi Mahakali-devi sri-Bhutanatha- 
devara dibya-sri-padaradhakar appa Giriya-Devi Mayi-Devanu Bhutayyanu 
Bhutave-nayikitige Melisenttiya kelage i-khanduga gaddeya asesha-mahajanada 
munde dhara-purvvakam madi kotta sasaua makkalu makkalu dappade 

Saluvudu II (usual final verse) 

Hassan Talnq. 89 


On a beam of the navaranga-maiitapa of the same temple. 
Svasti sri[m]anu maba-mandalesvara Narasingha-Devara rajyadalu Sarvvajitu- 
samvatsarada Sravaiia-su tadige Brihad-andu abhinava. . .puradalu Bannige- 
dereya herggade Bittiyannanu avara tarama Saviyanna 


At the same place. 
Sriman-Mahulakshmi-devige teligara okkal ondu asagara okkal ondu rahu- 
tara maga okkal ondu int i-okkalu murakkam Bannige 

(asnal impreoatory phrase) 


On a beam over the doorway of the garbha-griha of the same temple. 
Svasti srimad-abhinava-Kollapurada Chitrabhanu-samvatsarada Ashridha-su 1 
So dalu sri-Narasingha-Devana rajyadalu mandalika-sA[ha]ni-bihangama-saliva 
Avilana-chakravarttiy appa Dasaya-sahaniyara sahaniti Jakkavve Malisettiya- 
kereyalu 10 kolaga gaddeyam sri-Mahrilakshmi-devige bidisa. . i-dharmmamam 
kidisidargge Gaiigeya tadiya kavileya konda brahmati 


On a stone to the south-west in the outer enclosure of the same temple. 

Namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamaru-charave i 

trailokya-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya Sambhave n 
svasti sriman-maha-mandalesvaram Tribhuvana-malla Talakadu-Kongu-Naiigali- 
bala Vira-Gaiiga pratapa-sri-Vishnu-bhvlpapalakanu Dorasamudrada rajadhani- 
yalu sukha-sankatha-vinodadim rajyam geyyutt irddu || svasti sri bhuvana-bha- 
vana-velavani-Pariyatra tan-madhya-desodbhavaru hita-kula-tilaka dharmmava- 
tara sarvva-jiva-dayaparar appa || svasti samasta-prasasti-sahitam sriman-malia- 
vadda-vyavahari Kullahana-rahutaru arddhanga-saririyar appa Sahaja-Deviya- 
rum srimad-abhinava-Kollapuravam geysi sriman-Mahalakshmi-deviya prasada- 
vam geyda Visvakarmma-nirmmita-su-bhasitan appa Malloja-Maniyojange 
Vijaya-samvatsarada Chaitra-suddha 10 Brihaspativarad andu hiriya-kereya 
kelage nalku-salage gaddeyam 4 sarvva-namasyav agi kottaru chandrarkka- 
tarambaram salvudu i-dharmmavam kidisidavam liiiga-bhedi Gaiigeya tadiyalu 
kavileyuih brahmananumam konda brahmati (usuai finai verse) vimana sarvvato- 
bhadra vrisabha nalinika uttunga-vairaja-garuda varddhamana sankha-vritta 
pushpaka griha-raja svasti 


90 Hassan Talnq. 


On a stone to the north-west in the enclosure of the same temple. 
Svasti sri Dhatu-saiiivatsarada Marggasira-suddha 2 Adivarad andu srimad- 
abhinava-Kollapurav appa Gaddumballiya acharyya Chikka. .vuda Raya-bhat- 
ayyaiigala maga Bittavarddhana-Devana maga Singayya Manchayya Chavu- 
dayya jiiati-savanta-dayadyaru tammol anumatav agi hiriya-keregala adakeya 
totav ad entu-ntiru-marana utukrishta-krayadalu Perumali-Devanu mathakke 
hana-hagadopadiyalu kraya-seshav uliyade kottu konda kraya-pramana-sasana 
a-tontadolage acharyya-Appayyana bhageya nanuru-marana a-krayadale Peru- 
mali-Deva kondu makkalu makkalu tappade tottina makkalige bhumi-chandran 
ullanaka saluvudu ura hittala keyi ondu ant appudake sakhi sriman-maha 
vadda-vyavahari-Goleha-Nayakara tangi Siriya-Deviyakka Mayi-Deva Bhutayya 
asesha-mahajanaiigalu samasta-gaudugalu mangalam aha sri sri (usuai finai verse) 
i-sasana-mariyadeya sakshi-sahita acharyya-Appayyanu maga Rangayyanu 
aliya Kesava-Devanu tamma Iti-kereyam kottu hiriya-kereya kelagana kadeya 
gadde naku-salageyaih prati-kshetrava kondaru a-naku-salageyam Perumali- 
Devauu . . . du salva-kraya utukrishta-krayava avarige kottu konda kraya-sasana 


At Chikka-Gaddavalli (same hobli), on a stone in the garbha-griha 
of the Anjaneya temple. 
Subham astu n 

namas tuiiga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave | 

trailokya-nagararambha-mtila-stambhaya Sambhave n 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha 1470 sanda vartamana- 
Kilaka-samvatsarada Ashadha-ba 10 Somavaradalu sriman-maharajadhiraja 
raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa sri-vira-Sadasiva-Deva-maharayaru mam. .ya 
Hastinavatiya nelavidinalu. .prithvi-rajyam geyutt iralu i sriman-maharaja. . 
raja raja-kuladhidevatey aha abhinava-Ko 


At Gaudagere (same hobli), on a stone near the Malledeva temple. 

Namas turiga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave i 

trailokya-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya Sambhave |i 
svasti sriman-maha-mandalesvaram Tribhuvana-malla Talekadu-Korigu-Narigali- 
Banavase-Hanurigalu-Nonambavadi-gonda bhuja-bala-pratapa Hoysana Nara- 
simha-Devaru Dorasamudrada nelevidinalu sukha-sarikatha-vinodadim prithvi- 
rajyam geyyutt ire Saka-varishada 1091 neya Vikriti-samvatsarada Pushya- 
bahula 1 uttarayana-sarikramanaAdivaradanduSavasiSo. .yyarigalu Halutoreya 

Hassan Taluq. 91 

Maduka-Gaunda Bamma-Gauda Malla-Gauda Mudda-Gauda Raja-Gauda 
Masana-Gauda yint ivara kaiyyalu krayav agi bhumiya kondu Pinnavaneya- 

kereya kattisi ii-kereya kelage gadde Gaudagereya devatege saluvante 

nivedyakke Savas-Eli-Bhatta bitta yint i-dharmmavam pratipalsidavarige Gange- 
Varanasiyali sahasra-brahmanarige sahasra-kavileya kotta-phala i-dharmraava 

kedisidade ya kavile brahmanana konda brahmati || Hrdutoreya Maduka- 

Gauda Bamma-Gauda Malla-Gauda Mara-Gauda Nikayya Pinnavaneya-kereya 
Masana-Gaucla Raja-Gauda Mudda-Gauda Mara-Gauda gadyiinagalu. . . . 
tombattu .... 


On a virakal at the same place. 

Namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave | 

trailokya-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya Sambhave || 
svasti sriman-maha-mandalesvaram Tribhuvana-malla Talekadu-Kougu-Nanga- 
li-Banavase-Nouambavadi-Hanungalu-gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Gauga pratapa- 
Hoysana Narasimha-Devaru Dorasamudrada nelevidinalu sukha-sankatha-vino- 
dadalu rajyam geyyutt ire Kuma....alu-Devana vidduradalu Vijaya-samvatsarada 


Vaisakha-bahula 5 Adivara Gaudageraya turugala harivinalu 


At Hulukunda (Ponnithapura hobli), on a rock of the Mallappana-bettada-koppalu. 

namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charaye | 

trailokya-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya Sambhave n 

svasti savirada-nanura-Parabhava-samvatsara-Magha-bahula punya-kala- 

dalli srimad-desika-sat-stala-cbakravarti brahmauanda-para-Sivamurtti virakta- 
«ikhamanigal ada Murige-svamigala. . . gahali svamigala samipa-sampradaya- 
kar ada Sodi sri-Kalahasti-niva 


At Bhartftr (same hobli), on a stone south of the village entrance. 
Svasti sri Saka-varusha 1255 taidaneya Srimukha-samvatsarada Phtilguna-ba 
10 So I Kameya-dannaykaru | bittip agrahara Ponnathapurada-Bharaturu 
Baso-veggade-Chikkanna-volagada samasta-praje-sahita madisida kal-kelasa- 
bagilu II 


On a virakal north of the same entrance. 
Svasti srimatu Baretura MahJiraja-giivunda ur-alivina pe. .radade.chchalu- 
manada ganda Nanipalu Kaggular ane-odane sattaru padinaidu manisaru 


92 Hassan Taluq. 


At Hanjalige (same hobli), on a virakal near the inner 
doorway of the Somesvara temple. 
Sri Subhakritu-saiiivatsarada Vaisakha-su 13 Budhavaradandu Hanjalageya 
Bamma i-pujarige kotta ga sotigalige opu-nile Jaya-Gavudana maga Bayacha- 
yyanu kumarana bhayadirii Satyaloka-praptan adanu nagula gaddeyam kottanu 
aliyal agadu 


At Guddatteranya (same hobli), on the east wall of the Som^svara temple. 
Svasti samasta-prasasti-sahitar appa sriman-maha-mandalesvaram Tribhuvana- 
malla Ballala-Hoysala-Devaru Gangavadi-tombhataru-sayiramam sukha-sanka- 
tha-vinodadirii chandrarkka-tararii-bararii rajyarii geyutt iralu Bvasti sri Chalu- 
kya-Vikrama-kalada 29 neya Tarana-sariivatsarada Chaitra-suddha 5 mi Soma- 
varadandu Sige-nada muntirar-olagana Teraniyalu Chariga-nada Mavanura 
Chole-Gavundana maga Ari-Gavundanu Raja-Gavun*danu mula-sthanada 

Somesvara-devara prati[me]ya madi devrdeyaman etti puraisi ditarige 

devalayada mundana kereya galde. . . .leyada suttina beldale khanduga-bhumi 
. . . .piirvvaka madi bittaru yi-devargge sana-ni. . . . nadayisuvudu int initumarii 
tappi . . . kavileyumarii Banarasiyumarii konda bra .... podam 


On the south wall of the same temple. 
Srimat-Tribhuvana-malla Ballala-Hoysala-Devaru Charigalva-Devara mele daliy 
iduta sri-Kailasamarii polva sri-Teraneya Somesvara-devarge sana-nivedya- 
nanda-divigegarii Sindurarii Somavaradandu sarvva-namasyavagi bittaru 


At Byadarahalli (Kattaya hobli), on a stone on the tank bund near the sluice. 
Sri-Gariadhipataye namah || svasti sri bhu[va]nasrayarii sri-prithvi-vallabharii 
maharajadhiraja paramesvara Yadava-kulambara-dyumani sarvvajria-chuda- 
mani maleraja-raja maleparolu ganda ganda-bherunda kadana-prachandan 
asahaya-suran ekariga-vira giri-durgga-malla chalad-arika-Rama vairibha- 
kanthi[ra]va Makara-rajya-nirmmiilaka Cholu-rajya-Pandya-pratishthacharyya 
nissarika-pratapa-chakravartti sri-vira-Ballala-Dev-arasaru Saka-varusha savi- 
rada yinnura muvatta-elaneya Auanda-saihvatsara-Vaisakha-su 10 So-du pritvi- 
rajyarii gevutt idalli srimanu-maha-pradhanarii Arikeya-dannayakara aliya Ma- 
chaya-daunayakara tayi Akaima. . .navaru srimad-anadiy-agrahararii Haleya- 

'*' From this poiat the inscription has by mistake been printed in the Kannada text as No. 163. 

Hassan Taluq. 93 

Goraura kaluvalli Bedarahalliya vrittimanta-[ma]ha-jananga[la] kaiyyalu a 
[ha]lliyim tenkana halavanu kere-nivesanake tatu-kalochita-krayava kottu mari- 
kondu avveyaru Macha-dannayakara hesaralu ga 3500 honnan ikki Machasamu- 
drava kattisidalli a-Goraura nura-nalvattu-vrittiya srimad-asesha-maha[ja]aan- 
galu tammolage odambattu sarvvaikamatyav agi tamma halli Hiriviira samasta- 
praje-gavudugala mund ittu ii-[Ma]chasamudrada kelage kere-godage agi a-chan- 
drarkka-sthayiy agi bitta husi na-kadegalalu alle vulla gadde-beddalinge allig- 
allige torana-galla nattu a-Machaya-danna[yaka]ra makkalu-makkalige saluvant 
agi dhara-purvvakam madi ava tervu illade sarvvamanyav agi dhareyan eradu 
kotta kodage (nsuai imprecatory phrases) yi-dharmmava maha-janangalu pratipalisu- 
vadu yi-sasanavanu Goravura maha-janangala appaneyim tamma halli Hirivu[ra] 
senabova Madannanavara makkalu Nilakaiitha-Devara barahake vura voppa 

Sri-Kesavaya (>n Tamil characters) 


At Masale (same hobli), on a stone near the doorway of the Channa-Edsvara temple. 

namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave | 

trailokya-nagarurambha-mula-stambhaya ^ambhave || 
svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivfihana-saka-varusha 1500 neya sanda varttamana- 
Isvara-samvatsara-Jeshta-su . .lu srimatu-Yera-Krishnappa-Nriyakara Veiikata- 
dri-Nayaka-ayyanavarige punyav aga bek endu Goraftra Kesava-Rajigaligu Kava- 
Rajigaligu dharmmav agabek endu Mosaleya Chcnna-Kesava-devaru Nagesvara- 
devaru Hanumanta-devaru Kallinatha-devara gadde beddalu tota mane ga . 
kere sahita . . 1 hanam sarvvamanya (usuai impreoatory phrases) sri 


At bSchirikh D^sal&pura (same hobli), on a stone in LakkaDii&'s field. 
Srimate Ramfinujriya naraah ] Srimuka-Sravanada suddha-dvfidasiyaliyu Ere- 
Krishnappa-Nayakara komara Venkatappa-Nayakarige Kesava-Rrija[ra]voru 
madi[da] darma halli Hiriu-Goriira hebaru muvatta-yentu-haliya prabhugalu 
Kaba Tirumala-de[va]rige vopi hakida dharma-sasana jati bedisa. .... 


At Ammagaudanahalli (same hobli), on a virakal near the village entrance. 

Svasti srimatu-Narasinga-Hoysala vira-Ballala-Devam prithvi-rajyam 

geyyutt ire Amma-Gaudiya maga Dudeya turu hariyalu biddange madida vi. . . 
sida biragalu 

94 Hassan Taluq. 


At Henavanahalli (same hobli), on a stone near the Anjaneya temple. 
Subham astu sri-Narasiriihaya namah | Vasudeva svasti vijayabhyudaya-Sali- 

vahana-saka varusha 1543 sanda ta-samvatsarada Magha-bahula 11 

Adivara Vasudeva kota sasanada kramav enteudare, . . 

saluva Helavanahalliya gramavanu Narasimh-aiyanavaru Vasudeva- 

amrita-padi-naya . . . . Venkatadri-Nayakara komara Krishna-Nayaka 

. . .Lakshumammagu punyav agabek endu Goraiira. meya-Gauda 

Sasana (usual imprecatory phrases) 


At Changaravalli (same hobli), on a stone near the anicut. 
Vibhava-samvatsarada Vaisakha-su 10 lu Goratlra kate vodadu khilavagi yira- 
lagi Era-Krishnapa-Nayaka-ayanavara komara Venkatadri-Nayaka-ayanavaru 
jirnnoddharav agi katteyanu kattisidaru 


At K^rale (same hobli), on a stone near the kodige-gadde. 

Srimatu Udayadityanu Karaleya sri. . .rage Rama-Deva atanu Pilapanu 

a-chandrarkka-stha[yiy] agi kotta kodige gade kamba 45 


At Malledevarapura (same hobli), on a rock north-west of a pond. 
Srimatu-Vikrama-samvatsarada Chayitra-sudha 5 lu Santa-Mallikarjuna-devara 
abhishekake ya Malliya-Devaru kattisida kolakke maiigalam aha sri sri sri 


At Mukkundflr (same hobli), on a stone in Huchchi-Kala's field. 

..... . ndagiri-natha srimat-Permmadi . .-arasar adhyaksha ra-varesvara 

.... padu Satyavakya rajadhiraja Kolalla sa Rama .... Satya 

vakya- ga Satyavakya Permmanadi. 

ruman alido. . ... . pancha-maha-pata . . . .ppudu idan a 

sarggastha ndradityar ulli . na salvudu 


At Gorfir (same hobli), on a stone in the enclosure of the Paravasudeva temple. 
Svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varisha 1497 sanda varttamana-Yuva- 
samvatsarada Kartika-ba 5 lu srimanu-maha-Era-Krishnapa-Nayaka-ayana sri- 

Hassan Taltiq. 95 

Venkatudri-Nayaka-ayanavaru Belura-Krishnapa-Nayakanavarige puiiyav aga- 
beku endu Goraura Vdsudevaru 1 Narasimha-devaru 1 Kaihlsa-devaru 1 Chi- 
kkayanavaru 1 Varadayanavaru 1 Apparayanavaru 1 yi-devadaya-brahmada- 
yakke jivige biradavanu bittevu yidakke avavan oba ase-madid untadare tamma 
tande-tayanu Varanasiyali konda papakke hohanu tamma guruvanu Varanasiyali 
vanchisida papakke hohanu Kumbipakakke hohanu tamma tayige tapidavanu 
kanneya basurali bahanu yidakke sakshi Vasudevaru Narasinga-devaru 


On a stone south of the inner doorway of the same temple. 
Svasti sri Plavanga-saihvatsarada Magha-suddha 3 Su | sriinad-anadi-agraharam 
Goraara Akkalayakkana magalu Taiigapennakkanu sri-Vasudevara devalyadalu 
ondu ba...raadi obbal-akkiya prasadavanu dinam-prati a-chandrurkka-stayiy 
agi nadasuva[I] allade Ti-devara kshetra otte yiddud Agi bidisidal agi yinnu vatte 
yidisa sala yi-mariyadeyalu nambiyaru nadasuvaru yi-dharmmavanu maha- 
janangalu sa. . . .vu pratipalisuvaru sri 


On a stone north of the same doorway. 
. . Tangapennakkanu sri-Vasudevara saukha-chakrada kalu nattu kshetraiigalanu 
hinde narabiyaru otte yittar agi a-kshetraiigalige honna kottu bidisidal agi yi- 
dina-varadindarii mele. .nambiyaru a-kshetraiigalan ottey ittaradade raja-drohi 
sameya-drohi hadinentu-sameyaku horagu a-kshetragalannu votteya hididavarti 
raja-drohi-sameya-drohigalu hadinentu-sameyaku horagu a-nambiyaru devara 

sri-karyyavanu nadasi ba gjvlige dinarii-prati obbala-akkiya prasadavanu 

bali nadeya koduta bahanu i-dharmmavanu avanan obbanu. . . . davanu Garigeya 
tadiyalu kavileyaiii brrihmanaraiii . . . .doshadalu hoharu yi-dharmmava. .... 
Vaishnavaru asesha-maha-janauga. . . . pratipalisuvaru 


At the same village, on a pillar soutb of the inner doorway 
of the Kailasesvara temple. 
Svasti samatsa-prasasti-sahitarii srimanu maha-mandalesvararii Tribhuvana- 
malla Talakadu-Banavase-Hanurigalu-gonda pratapa-Hoysala vira-Narasiihha- 
Devaru sukha-saiikatha-vinodadirii prithvi-rajyarii geyutt iralu Suligeya Vijaya- 
ditya-heggadegalu Byaya-sariivatsarada-Phalguna-suddha 10 Brihavarad andu 
Satarudriyapurav appa Goravuralli Trikuta-liriga-pratishtheya madidalli tamma 
utsaha-priya-purvvakam atipritiyirii tamma Mavinakereyarii hadinaidu-gadyana- 
honnarii pada-pujey agi kondu Vijayadityapurakke dhara-purvvakarii raadi 

96 Hassan Taluq. 

sarvva-naraas-Sivayav agi kottaru i-dharmmavan . . . ragi alidade Gangeya tadiya 
kavileyam brahmananam konda d6sha[kke] hoharu i-dharmmava maha-janangalu 
pratipalisuvaru mangalam aha sri sri sri 


On the base of the outer wall of the same temple. 
(East Bide) Svasti sri Byaya-samvatsarada Phalguiia-su 10 Bra | Satigeya-Vijaya- 
nnanu Trikuta-linga-pratishte madidali Goraiir-asesha-maha-janangalu tamma 
Mavinakere . . . utsaha-purvvakadi hadinaidu-honna pada-pujey agi kondu sarvva- 
namas-Sivayav agi kottaru i-dharmmavan aradaru vobban alidade Gaiigeya 
tadiyali brahmananum ka(north side)Yileyanum kond aisu papa i-dharmmavanu 
maha-janangalu pratipalisuvaru n 


At Banavase (same hobli), on a stone in Nila's wet land, below 
the tank bund. 
Svasti sri samasta-prasasti-sahitam srimanu pratapa-chakravartti sri-Vira- 
Ballala-Devaru prithvi-rajyam geyidalli Saka-varusha 1237 Ananda-samvatsa- 
rada Chayitra-su 5 ya dina srimanu maha-pradhanam Ankeya-dannaykara 
aliya Malleya-dannaykarige srimad-anfidiy-agrahara Gorura vrittimantarolage 
Prayagi-Malaiyandi-Deva atana tamma Nallavanna Allala-Bhattaya[na] maga 
Kaliyanna Yajiiapurusha-Deva maga . . . atana tamma Niiigannan olagadavaru 
Banavasiya mudana tamma Balligattadalu tamag ulla gadde-beddalinge tatu- 

kalochita-krayava kottu akkarav agi naku-kadeyalii toranava netta hari- 

gula haki . . . . kereyim tenka katteyim paduva Balligattadim mu[da] yint i- 
chatus-simeyanu a-bra[hma]naru Machaya-dannayakara makkalinge saluvant 
agi dhareyan eradu kottaru marina krayada honnum haga uliyade sandudu yi- 
sasana Goraviira senabova-Madannanavara makkalu Nilakantha-Devara baraha 
sri-*Kesavaya mangalam aha sri sri sri 


At AvvSrahalli (same hobli), on a stone in Tammadi Nanjaiya's 
field, below the tank bund. 
Svasti samasta-bhuvanasrayam sri-prithvi-vallabham maharajadhiraja parame- 
svara Yadava-kulaihbara-dyumani sarvvajiia-chudamani maleraja-raja malepa- 
rolu ganda ganda-bherunda ekaiiga-vira kadana-prachanda Sanivara-siddhi 
giri-durgga-malla chalad-anka-Rama parebha-kanthirava Magara-rajya-nirmmii- 
lana Cholu-rajya-Pandya-pratishthacharya nissanka-pratapa Hosala bhuja-bala 
sri-Vira-Ballala-Dev-arasaru Dorasamudradalu pritvi-rajyamgevuttiddalli Saka- 
varusha 1237 ya Ananda-samvatsarada Jyeshtha-sudda-panchami-Somavarad 

* This word is in Grantba charaoter. 

Hassan Taluq. 97 

andu sriman-maha-pradhanam Ankeya-dannayakara aliya Machaya-dannayakaru 
srimad-anadiy-agraharam Chennakesavapurav ada Goravura kaluvali Davara- 
halliyim badagana hallakke a-halliya vrittiya mahajanangalige kere-nivesanakke 
tat-kalochita-krayava kottu marakondu a-Machaya-dannayakaru tamma ave 
Mayakkanavara hesaralu muru-naku-savira-honnan ikki kereya kattisidalli a- 
vrittimanta-mahiijanangalu asesha-mahajanaugalu tammolag odambattu u- 
kereya kelage kere-godagey agi a-Goravura nura-nalvattu-vrittiya mahajananga- 
lu tamma sva-ruchiyind odambattu alli ulla deva-danavanu uliye alli ulla gadde- 
beddalinge naku-kadeyalu torana-galla nattu a-chandrarkka-sthayiy agi a-Mache- 
dannaykara makkalu-makkalige saluvant agi huttumett agi sarvvamanyav agi 
a^kodagege ava teravii yill enda barasi kotta kodageya dharmraava kedisi nena- 
davaru tamma tayi-tandeya narakakke yikkidavaru Gangeya tadiyalu kavileyarii 
brahmananaih konda dOshadalli hOharu yi-dharmmava mahajanangalu prati- 
palisuvudu yi-sasanavan a-Goravura mahajanaugala appaneyim bareda senabOva- 
Madannanavara makkalu Nilakantha-Devara baraha yi-kere-kelasava avveyara 
Macheya-danna,ykara appaneyiiii madsida avara manisa Hasana Miida vura 
voppa mangalam aha sri sri sri (in Orantha oharacters) sri-Kesavaya 


At Uduvare (same hobli), on a pillar south-east of the R&maliQgSsvara temple. 

Namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave | 

trailOkya-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya Sambhave n 
svasti samasta-prasasti-sahitam sri-prithvi-vallabham maharajadhiraja raja- 
paramesvaram parama-bhattarakam Yadava-kula-tilaka sri-IIoyishana-Vira- 
Ballala-Deva sukha-sankatha-vinOdadim rajyam raadutt iralu Dammahaliya 
Madiyanna alikeyalu Uduvareya Bacheya-Nayakana deviintari Medajayogo 
kambha kotta 


On a pillar north-east of the same temple. 
Srimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa-Deva-Raya-maharayara 

kuva. . .Bramanna-Nayakaru Uduvareyan aluvalli Parigehalli hiriya. . . 

. .. .mvlru maduveya hanavannu kotteu yi-dammavann alidavanu tanna kula- 
kotiya narakakke yilihidavanu n * 


At the same village, on a broken stone near the village entrance. 

purita variisada DOrayya rulli kaypa Koiigoni- 

varmma dharmma Kuvalala-pura-va giri-natha sriman 



98 Belur Taluq. 



In Belliru, on a stone south-east of the Ramanujachilrya shrine 
in the enclosure of the Chenna-Kesava temple. 

Subham astu 

namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave | 

trailokya-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya Sambhave n 

aruna-sarasija-sri-sodarair aty-udarair 
y akhila-bhuvana-raksha-dikshitair drishti-pataih | 


karunayati sada vah Kesava ii 

svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushangalu 1501 sandu vartamana- 
Bahudhanya-samvatsarada Sravana-ba 8 Sthiravaradalu sriman-maharajadhi- 
raja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa-Sriranga-Raya-maharayaru pritlivi-sthira- 
rajyarii gait irppali sriman-maha-sthanam srimad-dakshina-Varanasiy ada srimad- 
Elapurada sri-Chennigarayara sri-pada-sevakar ada Ramanujacharyyara nitya- 
padi - Dhanur- masa - tirunakshatra - samvatsara- tirunakshatragalige Kasyapa- 

gotrada Apastamba-sutrada Yajus-sakheya. .nihalliya Mala-Rajana yana- 

Rajanu samarpisida grama n Venkatadri-Nayaka-ayyanavarige dharm- 

mav agabek endu tamma tande-tayigalige punyav agabek endu tamma vodeya. . 
. . . . Rajagalige sukritav agabek endu kotta dharmma-sasanada kramam 
entendare i Sriranga-Rayara .... Yarra-Krishnapa-Nayakara Venkatadri-Naya- 
karu tamage vumbaliy agi palisida Kesagoda-nadige saluva Koduganahalliya 
gramakke pratinamadheyav ada Ramanujapurada chatus-simeya vivara Kora- 
kolake paduvalu Mahalake badagalu Kunikupanahallige mudalu Banahahallige 
tenkalu yi-chatus-simey olag ulla nidhi-ftikshepa-jala-pashana-akshini-agami- 
siddha-sadhyaiigal emba ashta-bhoga-tejas-samyavanu Ramanujachiiryara sri- 
padakke samarppisida-gramada huttuvali ga 31 varaha ishtake (lo lines foiiowing 

contain detaiis of the gift) yi-prakarada seve Ramanujacharyara sri-padakke 

samarpisida dharmma (usuai finai phrases and verses) sthana-manya-mariyade maiiga- 
lam aha sri sri sri sri sri 

vacha dattam mano-dattam dhara-dattarii dine dine | 

shashti-varsha-sahasrani vishthayarii jayate krimih || 


On the ieft wall of the mantapa of the pushkarini in the enclosure of the same temple. 

Namas tasmai Varahaya l 

madhya-gato yasya Meruh kanakana . . || , 


Belur Taluq. 99 

srimad-Ballala-bhupo Yadu-kula-tilakh Kiutti-Narayanasya 

svachchhodaiii pushkarinyam tulita-Prithu | 


jigye gambhiryya-dhairyye prakatayitum alam pushkaram Pushkarakshah n 

srimad-Ya manasa- | 

premam. . . .pempan aldud amarambhar-puritam drin-mano- i 
ramarii tan ene Vasudeva .*. . . i 

bhuvaua-traya-sthiti-nutam Ballala-Devavani- 

sa-manah-pritikaram I 


sri-Vasudeva-yesara sa- | rovaram eseda Vijaya-Narayana-di- | 

vyavasada mund akhila-ma- j hi-vibbu fi 

vittavol men I 

mi. . .'. . .le-nirem bara ambu-sarapu i 

rnnaman a-kalpantam i 

chisidam vira-Ballala-Devam n 

kandaiiavar ivar alave pel Ya- i sri-Vai- i 
shnava i lu jaya-stambhamaiii nilisuvar akkc ji 


On three stones to the south of the same pushkarini. 

(I) Srimat-trailokya-pujyaya sarvva-karmma-su-sakshine | 
phaladaya namo nityam Kesavaya §iv9.ya cha n 
etat-surasuradhisa-mauli-malopaltilitam | 
srimad-Velapuradhisa-Kesavesasya sasanam n 

Jamb&dvipe pararddhe sakala-guna-ganair Bbharate varsha-khande 
dhamiiny aty-ujvalani tridasa-rauni-ganair architany atra santi | 
devanam punya-rupany api satara uchitam nama tesham athaitan 
vakshye kamschid yatharham sakrid idam akhilam samsru^udhvam cha 

chitram || 

yam Saivas samupasate Siva iti Brahmeti vedantino 
Bauddha Buddha iti pramana-patavah kartteti naiyayikah j 
Arhas cheti ha Jaina-sasana-matih karmmeti mimamsakah 
s6'yam v6 vidadhatu vanchhita-phalam sri-Kesavesas sada || 
s6'yam payad apayad apahasita-sar6jata-netrantara-srir 
akalpam kalpa-vrikshan iva vipula-kripa-sara-dharadhar^ yah | 
Lak8hmi-vak8h6ja-6ail6pari kapisa-pati-vidyud-udy6taraanah 
sri-Vela-grama-dhama nija-pati-bhavanabhavitam Kesav^ vah n 


100 Belur Taluq. 

aruna-sarasija-sri-s6darair aty-udarair 
akhila bhuvana-raksha-dikshitair drishti-pataih | 
karunayati kada nah Kesavesah kripesah || 

sarvvotkrishte samagrair vvividha-guna-ganais satva-saraika-ramye 
prakhyate Hoysanakhye mahati janapater dhamui Vela-nagaryyam | 
atanvan Vishnu-Deva-kshitipati-vibhavan visva-raksha-vidhayi 
yogam yogindra-gamyah kalayati kusalam Kesavo natha eshah n 
andhan vyaktakshi-bandhan alaghu-parinavad-raja-mudran daridran 
paiigun janghana-mukhyan Amaraguru-sadrig-vak-samukams cha mukan | 
vandhyas santati-bandhuras cha kalayan desanya-desagatan 
sarvvabhishta-phalena yojayati tan Vela-puri-Kesavah n 
samsararnava-garvva-varana-kala-vela hi Vela-puri 
murttis tvam prathamaiva murttishu chatur-vviihsaty-upakhyasu cha | 
Vishno Narada-gita-vaibhava Hare devadhidevottama 
klesa-dhvamsana saumya Kesava maha-Lakshmi-pate patu mam n 
srimad-vedanta-vedyad avachana-vishayat sach-chid-ananda-tatvad 
avirbbhavam prapanne tri-bhuvana-bhavane « nadi-maya-vichitre | 
asya sthityai samarthan nripa-kula-tilakan nirmame Padmayonih 
kale prapte Kalau tat-kalusha-parihritau Sangaraas sanvay6'bhut || 
kutasth6 'bhijanasya Sangama-nripas sri-Sarada-Sangamaj 
jatah pancha-sura-druma iva sutas tatradham6 Haryapah | 
tasyai . . tan eva Bukka-nripatir visvambhara-G6patis 
tasmad esha vivarddhate Hariharas samrajya-lakshmi-varah n 
aryamnas tanujo janaya mahate jambunada-sparsane 
ksh6ni-dana-vidhav asamsayam asau sri-Renuka-nandanah | 
ishta-purta-parampara-virachane nany6'sti yasy6pama 
s6'yarh punya-mahipatir Hariharas sriman samujjrimbhate n 
sriman-maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara raja-kula-tilaka-chudamani | purva- 
paschima-dakshin6ttara-samudraika-nayaka Hindu-raya-suratrana bhasha- 
tilanghi-rajanya-bhujanga sri-vira-vijaya-Harihara-maharayaru srimat-Pampa- 
parisarabhinava-maha-rajadhaniy aha Vijayanagarada nelevidinolu anavarata- 
punyaika-rasala-sukha-sankatha-vin6dadim samrajyam geyvuttam irddalli | 
tach-charanaravinda-makarandaika-parayana sakala-raja-vijaya-lakshmi-sama- 
karshana siddha-mantra-prabhavar appa sri-vijaya-Gunda-dandauathana prata- 
pam entendare n 

yadvad Dasarathasyabhut Sumantras sachiv6 mahan i 
tadvadd Hariharasya sri-Gunda-dandadhinayakah n 
jvala-mala-patangayita-Yavana-Turushkandhra-satru-kshitisah | 

Belur Taluq. 101 

s6'yaih buddhi-prabhava-pragunita-nija-tejolasan-mantra-saktir 
mantri-sreshthagraganyo jagati vijayate Gunda-dandadhinathah n 
etasmin samare vijitya nripatin pratyarthinas tad-vadhuh 
karppanyena vimuchya tan bhuvam imam dharmmena samsasati | 
tasyajna-karaneshu mantri-gurushu sri-Gunda-dandadhipah 
pradhanyena vijrimbhate nripa-kritav ekah pratapojvalah || 
Aiigo vyaiigah Kaliiigo vikala-matir asau Gurjjaras sa-jvar6'bhut 
Panchalah panchabhavara dadhati bahu-balas Saindhavas sindhu-pati | 
Andhr6py andhah prabaddhas chatula-bhata-vatu-kshipta-nasira-pasais 
Cholah kolatvam apa smarati rana-rasaiii Gunda-dandudhinathe || 
Angas sangara-bhaiigito rana-maha-raugani Kalingo jahiiv 
Andhrah parvata-randhragas samajahad urjja-svaram Gurjjarah | 
konam Konkana-Kautaka jagur agach Cholopi sailantaram 
srimad-Gunda-chamupatau sakala-senapatya-samsthe sati n 
svasti srimad-asesha-mantri-vara-vikhyatatisauryatigam- 
bhiryyaudaryya-su-dhairyya-viryya-vijaya-sri-kirtti-nity6dayah | 
puny6darkka-charitrak6'sta-duritas sri-Gunda-dandridhipah n 
*yat-praty6gha-vidaritari-dharini-prih\vatar6(tha) hritah 
stri-ratna-chchhala-vairi-vira-vijaya-sri-kautuk6chchhahitam | 
srimad-vira-Hariudra-rajara anisam kurvvana varwottama- 
pray6nika-ganadhinatha-vijaya-sri-Gunda-dandridhipe || 
dhiita-sphita-dig-antaravrita-raj6 rajan nabho-mandale | 
pratyartthi-kshitipala-saiiistha-vijaya-sri-kautukarii Gunda-dan- 
dadhisasya vidhatum antarita-vastrakaram ujjrimbhate || 
aggre yad-ganana pravira-parishad-goshthishu kashtharii gata 
prakhyatih prati-janyam urjjita-jaya-sri-panipida-vidhih | 
yat te Gundapa-dandanatha nibido bhavas sadA, Tryambake 
sarvvarii chaitad udara-Harihara-nripa-sri-pada-padma-prabhri n 
(II) Ramasyeva sa Marutir Harihara-kshonipater agranir 

bhrity6 Gundapa-dandanatha-subhat6 Lankam iva skandayan | 
jitva Kerala-Taulav-Andhra-Kutakan aniya tebhyas sriyarii 
rajfie sampradadati mantri-nripay6s tat samarasyarii pararii n 
vedandan iva Saipa-Patheya-mukhan mattams Turushkan rane 
keseshv eva nigrihya vaji-bhavane sakhamrigah karitah | 
anyau jyoshtha-kanishtha-sanjnaka-mahd-byaghrau grihitau gale 
srimad-Gundapa-dandanatha bhavate tishtheta kas sparddhaya || 
santapakhyam irariimadarii jvalayati svanteshv ahankarinarii 
sandrarii varshati vairi-vrinda-madirarii yat-khadga-kalambude | 
dhatte sadhu-kadambam utsava-dasarii kirttirii navarii ketaki- 
saurabhyarii bhajate disasu vijaya-sri-Gunda-dandadhipah || 

* So in the original. 

102 Belur Taluq. 

dhura-dhiram Gunda-dandadhipano nija-yasah-kante bhu-bhagadol mat- | 
saradindam Sri-vadhu-sangavan ulid olavindaih disa-chakradol da- | 
varisal kanteyam Bharati jagada kavi-brata-jihvaliyol talt | 
iru nin end oldu santaisalu nata-vidhadim nrityav aduttav irppal n 
ripu-bhubhrid-vajra . . . chita-bala-ghana-dordanda-chandamsu-teja- | 
vyapa. . . . kajina-vasana-padabjali tad-bhritya-kalpan- | 
ghripan udyad-dhairyya-vira-pratati-parivritam mantri-vamsabdhi-tara- i 
dhipati sri-Gunda-dandadhipatig eney ad ar mmatta bott ittal unte || 
bharadindam raudra-saiigramadol ahitara bembatti poyyalke birddar | 
tturagani rautar ggajam jodaru bahala-padati-pratanam dharadhi- | 
svarar onde tanadol marige manad-olavind itt agal tanad imb ant i 
arare sri-Gunda-dandadhipana bahala-baha-balakk ampan avam n 
dhuradol Gundap-amatyam i naramedhava madad ulapan end enal a-bhi- | 
taru maranan eri huvina | taruvai taruvai enuttam irddar ad eno n 
int i-vijaya-Gunda-dandanathanu n Anga-Vanga-Kalinga-Kathara-Kambhoja- 
Siihhvana - Tuluva - Magadha - Malava - Kerala - Oddiy a - Jina - Jonega - Arimana - 
Konkana | Chera | Chola i Pandya i Vidarbbha | Saurashtra | Kuru i Maru i 
Pancha i Panchala i Magaviya i Telunga | Parasika i Pariyatra | Kollahana j 
Kasmira i Barbbara i Bhotta | Mahabhotta i Kaka i Muka i Ekapada i Ghoda- 
mukhav j endu helalupaduttarii viddantha | rashtrantaragalalli i prasasti- 
lanchhana-satakumbhalankrita-jaya-stambha-sthapaneyanumadidantha sri-vira- 
Gunda-dandanathanu i sriman-maharajadhiraja raja-paramesvara i sri-vira- 
Harihara-maharayara nirupadindalu | svasti sri-Hoyisana-rashtradhipati sriman- 
maha-Vishnuvarddhana-maharajadhiraja-kuladhidevatey aha abhinava-kshoni- 
Vaikunthav enisidda sri-Velapuradalli parama-saumanasyadinda i nikhila- 
bhajaka-janangalige chatur-vidha-purusharthavanu sa-karunyadinda prasadisuta 
Mahalakshmi-nija-nilayav aha prasada-madhyadalli murttimatt agi prakasisu- 
ttam iddantha i sri-Chenna-Kesavanatha-devarige Hoyisana-desadhipatiy aha 
sri-Vishnuvarddhana-Bitti-Deva-Rayaru i kalpisidantha i anga - ranga-bhoga- 
modalaguttara iddantha sri-karyak kalantaradinda sankochav agiddadanu jirno- 
ddharavam madi j a-Bitti-Deva-Rayaru purvadal a-kalpisidantha devara veda- 
parayana j panchakesvara i sri-Panchartitra-sastra-mantra-siddhanta-margga- 
sakala-bhoga i nityarchana i mantrasana i snanasana i alankarasana i yatra- 
sana i bhojyasana l sayyasana | aupacharika i samsparsaka i hridayangama | 
chatush-shashty-upachara i shat-kalarchane i nitya-homa i nityotsava i paksho- 
tsava I masotsava i samvatsarotsava i pavitrotsava i svapa j sayanotthana i 
jayanty-utsava | Rama-Krishna-jalmotsava | darana i kamala i kalharotsava i 
vasantotsava i dolaropana | dipotsava i Margasirushotsava i Maghotsava i bha- 
ktotsava i navaratna-snapana i nava-vastrabharana | visesha-samaradhana j 
sakala-pala-vastu-darusana i ma. .ta-darusana | madhu-purana i bija-purana | 
chaturaiiga-balarchana i darpana i pushpa-malavalokana i nritya-gita-vinodar 

Belur Taluq. 103 

sthhana-mantapa i dhanya-parvata i kosa-pravesana | Vishuv-ayana i sankrama- 
snapana i nirajana i nitya-nairaittika-prayaschitta j santi-homa | samasta-pari- 
vararchchanadigal aha | samasta-utsava sarva-viniyogangalu a-chandrarkka- 
sthayiy agi naduvahaiige kattaleyanu madi Kallubarageya Turuka Gaiiga-Sahv 
ranu bandu muridu sudisidantha bagiluvadada gopuravanu elu-neley agi raadisi |i 

idaih vijayate puro bhavana-bhushanam Sarninas 

Sumeru-Hiraa-sanuman-Maleya-Mandara-prakriyam | 

trivishtapa-padonnamat-sikhara-chara siddaugana- 

padarabuja-pariskhalat-kanaka-nupuraih gopuram n 
(III) Meros sringara utandhakari-bhavanam Priileya-prithvidhritah 

kutam kim Muravairi-nirmmita-maha-Dvaravati-gopuraiii | 

kirii va kim Maya-silpa-sara-sahitaiii Pandudbhavanarii sabhfi- 

dvaraih Gunda-chainupa-nirmita-maha-shatkaiii samujrimbhate n 


khyritaneka-jagan-nidhana-mahaniyasesha-vastu-sriyaih | 

sararii gopura-nishtha-sapta-bhuvana-vyajena shatko malirm 

ekibhutam ivavabhati satataih sri-Gunda-dandadhipah n 
i-maryyadeyalu gopuravauu madisi | 

Sake varsha-gane paricha-dasa Isvara-vatsare | 

Sravanasya tritiyasyaih 8ukh\ya.m abhijid-ravau || 

saumya-Kesava-nathasya gopuragre hiranmayi | 

sthapita kalasi Gunda-dandanathena sasvati || 

saudhagram ujvalad-aniina-divakarabho 

balatapa-pratima-kantir aharnisarii yah i 



On a stone to the left of the bali-mantapa of the same temple. 

Subham astu 

namas turiga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave | 

trailokya-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya Sambhave n 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha sh 1470 sanda varttamana- 
Kilaka-saihvatsarada Asadha-ba 11 Somavaradalu | sriman-maharajadhiraja 
raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa sri-vira-Sadasiva-Deva-maharayaru Hampe- 
Hastinavati-nelevidinalu prithvi-rajyarii gaiuttaih iralu sriman-maharajadhi- 
raja raja-kuladhidevatey aha abhinava-kshOni-Vaikunthav enisida tri-loka- 
maha-sthanarii srimad-dakshina-Varanasiy ada Velapurada sri-Chenna-Kesava- 
natha-devarige Hadapada Bayyapa-Nayakara makkalu Krishnapa-Nayakara 
kaiyalu Hiriya-Sirigapa-Nayakara makalu Chika-Sirigapa-Nayakaru isikondu 
kotta dharma-sasanada kramav ent endare sri-Chanua-Kesavanatha-devara 

104 Belur Taluq. 

Sivaratriya rathotsavada saluv agi kotta Hasanada-sime sthalake saluva Chikka- 
Gaddubaliya grama 1 adara kaluvali Govindanahaliya grama 1 ubhayam 
grama 2kke saluva chatus-simey olag ulla gadde beddalu sakala-suvarnnadaya- 
sakala - bhattadaya-nidhi - nikshepa - jala- pashana - akshini - agami - siddha - sadhy- 
angal emba ashta-bhoga-tejas-svamyavanu sa-hiranyodaka-dana-dhara-purvakav 
agi kotta Chikka-Gaddubaliya dharma-sasanake subham astu (usuai finai verse) sri 


On a second stone at the same place. 
Subham astu svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusa 1477 neya 
varttamana-Rakshasa-samvatsarada Magha-suddha 5 lu sriman-maharajadhi- 
raja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa sri-vira-Sadasiva-maharayaru Vidya- 
nagaradalu ratna-simhasanarudhan agi prithvi-rajyara gaiut iralu Belura sri- 
Chennigarayana sthanadali samasta-halarigu paiichaladavarigu matugalu bara. 
. . . Rama-Rajayya Tirumala-Rajayyana sammukhadali purvadali paiichrdadavara 
jati-dharmadali nadava-mariyadeyali Rama-Rajayya Tirumala-Rrijayyana mund 

ittu nirnaya madidu panchaladavarige Beluralu tenkana vidi rige iralu 

rindam paduvalu tenkana kote mMalu badagalu. . . .gadiga teiikalu. 

. .chatur-bhumigala kallanu hakisi kottu nimma panchrUadavaru keri- 

manegalanu jati-dharmake saluva vadave. . . .naiigalanu nimma keriyolage 

madikondu Vidyanagaradali taru tiru-nalalu panchaladavarige saluva 

svamya-sthanangalanu Chennigarayana sthanadalu anubhavisisi .... vedanti 
Ramarajayapa embhattu-entu mandi Srivaishnava-mahajanangalu Rama- 
Rajayya Tirumala-Rajayyanavara karyake kartara ada Banad-arasayyanu 
Ramapayyanavara karyake kartar ada-senaba-Settiyaru navu ishtu mandiyu 
Rama-Rajayya Tirumala-Rajayyanavara nirupa-prakaradalu paiichaladavarige 
kotta sihVsasana (usuai finai verse) yi-panchaladavarige kotta sila-shasana tappi- 
davaru Chennigarayana padakke tappidavaru sri 


On a third stone at the same place. 
Seti-patana-svamigalu Belura-sthanadavarti Belura-sime ayivatta-aru-desada 
asagara jatige hakida sasana nimma jatiyara teraii kanne-vennige varaha 
ganda-sattavalige nalku-varaha uru....danav illa bhangarake muru iluhu 
katudu ga 7 visesav age seti-patana-samigalige jatige horagu 


On the garuda-kambha in the same temple. 
Svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha 1488 sandu vartamana-Kshaya- 
samvatsarada Bhadrapada-suddha 12 Mangalavaradalu sri-Garuda-devara 
kovila kattisiddu Era-Krishnapa-Naykara Venkatadri-Nayakara seve sri sri sri 

Behir Taluq. 105 


On the bali-pitha in the bali-mantapa of the same temple. 

(East side) 

Svasti sri vijayabbyudaya-Salivaliana-saka-varsha 1618 neya Dhatu-samvatsarada 

Jyesbtha-stt 5 lu 

srimacb-Chenniga-Raya-nandananu tan Appanna-pautram varam | 
srimat-Kesava-Rayan emba-pesaram sri-Kesavaradhakam | 
sriman-manjula-Dhatu-vatsara-lasaj-Jyeshtbakbya-masamala- | 
srimat-pakshada panchami-divasadol Glau-vara-Pushyarksbadol || 
srimat-saundara-Pancharatra-vidhiyim nirmiinamam madisi | 
srimantam bali-pitbamam pramudadim viprarggalam modisi | 
Srimat-saumyatara-pratishtbeyanu tam santosbadim madidam i 

(North side) 

srimat-Kesavan embinam kramava tarh ni Idam dhrivam || 


On a stone near the fresh-water well in the enclosure of the same temple. 
Srimat-parama-gambbira-syad-vadamogba-Iancbbanam | 
jiyat trailokya-natbasya sasanam Jina-sasanam n 
srimad-viSuddha-padaya Santayamala-mftrttay§ i 
syad-vada-satya-vakyaya Jinendraya namo namah || 
jayatu jayatu sasvat sasanam Jainam etat 
sa-phala-vipula-dbarmma-sri-lata-baddha-miilam | 
sudridham iba dbaritryam yavad esha dbaritri 
vasati vasatir uchchair Arhatas stbana-laksb[m]yab n* 
namo Arbantanam | 

srimad-Yadava-varhsa-jata-Vinayadityodbhavam rajya-la- | 
kshmi-mukbyam prabala-pratapan Eregangarh tan-nripang a-cbyuta- | 
premang Ecbala-Devig isan-enisirpang atmajam vikramo- | 
ddamam Vishnu-nripalan ujvala-yasas-sri-lolan aty-uttamam n 
svasti samadhigata-pancba-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvaranum Dvaravati-pura- 
varesvaranum Yadu-kula-kalasa-kalita-nripa-dharmma-harmmya-mfila-stambba- 
nuv apratibata-pratapa-vidita-vijayarambhanum | Vasantika-devi-labdha-vara- 
prasadanum | sriman-Mukunda-padaravinda-vaudana-vinodanuv aksbunna-laksb- 

mi-laksbita-vaksbah-pradesanum pratidinopacbiyamana-punya-pra 

cbakita-mukba-bimbavalamba-spati[ka]-pada-pitba-vinyasta-pada-tala . . svetata- 

patra-sitali Pa^dya-gandasaila-nirbbbedana-kala-dambbdliyum Tulu- 

... rana-keliyum Chakrakfita- Adiyamavalepa-lopa-nipuna- 

cbapanum Narasimba-bra kapala-cbasbaka-. . tapana-tusbta-yogini- 

manaranjana rungola-kunta-kadala-vana-vidalana giri' 


106 Belur Taluq, 

Pemmala-kutkila-chalana tatma-sainyanuv atmikrita-Talavana- 

puranuv angikrita rikrita-Nila-parvvatanum | yuranuiii | 

ullanghita-Valluranum ta-Kanchi-puranum uddandita-pra . . , 



(rest illegible) 


On a pillar in the new kitchen of the same temple. 

(Nagari characters) 

sa Kalidasam dava mayas sri- Jagad-deva-vira- 

praviran ajayad iha da varudhah n 


On a stone to the left of &ne-b4galu of the same temple. 

Sasanadalli baredantha sevegalanu Beluru-embhatt-entu-mandi-Srivaishnava- 
mahajanangalu kala-kaladalli mukhyav-agi nadavantavarum ar-obaru yi-dhar- 
mavanu parampareyagi tappade nadasi-baharu yi-sasanadalli baradantha seve- 
galanu nadasal ariyade ar-obaru tappidavara yavaj-janmarjitav ada sukritavu 
yi-seveya madida Muttakadahalli-Lakhanna-Nayakarige bahudu yi-sevege tappi- 
davaru sri-Chenna-Kesava-natha-devarige tappidavaru | («suai finai verses) 
Lakkha-kshonisa-kirttya vidhu-vidhu . . sairavata-svachcha-murtya 
jate chandre karande bahu-vrisha-janusha Pundarikodbhavande | 
dugdhabdhir Daitya-hantramala-Vibudha-dhuni Bradhna-jatoddhataughaih 
Srikanthah kantha-kantya nibhrita iva janair lakshmana jnayate glauh || 
mangalam aha sri sri 


On a pillar in the sMu-mantapa, south of the ane-bagilu. 
Sri subham astu | 

namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave | 

trailokya-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya Sambhave || 
svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha 1502 sandu vartamana- 
Vikrama-samvatsarada Margasira-su 15 punya-tithiyallu sriman-maharajadhi- 
raja raja - parames vara sri - vira - pratapa - sri - vira-Sriranga - Deva-maharay aru 
prithvi-rajyam geyiutt iralu Belura Chennigarayage Hadapa-Potapa-Nayakara 
maga Era-Krishnapa-Nayakara komara Venkatadri-Nayakaru svamiya vasanto- 
tsavada uyyHle-mantapa anka^a 1 5 hadinaidanu samarppisidevu n srt 

Belur Taluq. 107 


On both sides of the doorway of the yaga-sale of the same temple. 
(Left 8ide) Svasti 8ri jayabhyudaya-Salivaha. . . 1406 san. . . .rttamana-Krodhi. . . 

tsarada prathama. . .ka-su 10 A lu. . .gadahala rasa- 

Nayaka. . .kalu Lakhanna makalu sri-Chen pritiyagi yaga- 

sale galam aha sri . . sri (right side) jagam praha 

bikayam bhru svatithes yas sad-bhakta 

natham bhadra 


On the dipa-stambha in the middle of the same temple. 
Samsararnnava-garvva-varana-kala-vela hi Velapuri 
murttis tvam prathamaiva miirttishu chatur-vimsaty-upakhyasu cha | 
. . . .Narada-gita-vaibhava Hare devadhidevottama 
klesa-dhvamsana saumya-Kesava Maha-lakshrai-pate pahi maiii || 
etat surasuradhisa-mauli-malopalalitam | 
srimad-Veiripuradhisa-Kesavesasya sasanarii || 
subham astu svasti .sri jayabhyudaya 1337 neya Jaya-samvatsarada Sravana- 
ba 10 Su dandu srimad-rrijadhinlja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-prata,pa Deva- 
Raya-maharayaru sukha-riijyam geyiutt irppa-kaladali sriman-maha-pradhana- 
Baiche-dannayakaru sriman-maha-sthanam d akshina-V&ran&siy ada Velapurada 
sri-Chenna-Kesava-natha-devara Krittika-digotsavake dipti-stambha dolaroho- 
tsavakke madisid uyyalum emb ivanu pratishtheya madisidudakke Deva-Raya- 
maharayara Baicha-dannnayakara purwrmvaya-guna-kathanam entendade | 
srimad-rajadhirajam Harihara-dharanipalakam pritiyim nis- | 
simam sri-Baicha-dandesage nija-sachivam kovidara putra-mitra- | 
stomam bapp embinam sajjanaru pogalvinam durgga-bhandara-rajya- i 
premam kai-sarvvinara mudrikeyan olavinim pattamam katti kottam f| 
a-Harihara-nripan-anujam i mahivallabha-Bukka-nripanol and atisayadirii | 
beha bahu-raja-kiiryyarii | mahri-vibhavav ina. . . Baicha-dandadhisara || 


On the fourth pillar of the east-gate of the Kappe-Channigar&ya temple 
in the enclosure of the same temple. 

(West 8ide)* 

1 I 

da I de Yadava-kuladolu Hempan e-vannipudo || 

tatu-kuladol ogedan Ude. | 1 

I reyaiigarii || 

* Otber Bides are effaced and are Bhovn by blanks here. 

108 Belur Taluq. 

atana tanayam vairi- | brata-mada-dvirada-saiigha-simliam sarana- | 


Vasantika-devi-labdha-vara-prasadam nija-bhujodagra-khalga-chandra- 

chandri ri-kutkila-kulisa-dandam | Narasinga-varmma-sammohana- 

samagra-sara-jalam | raada-matangam | aneka-samara-samaya- 

sallabdha-vijaya-lanjika-bhujangam | dhukaram j satya- 

ratunakaram | hiranyagarbbha-tulapurushadi-vividhadhvara-samaya 

. . . n enisidaih Narasimharn || 

vrittam || Balabhadraih bhujadol prata,pad ede j 


mandalesvararii i Dvaravati-pura-varadbisvaram prati-dina-pravard- 

dhamananu tapanaloddama-dhumam | sakala-kshatra-lila- 

lalamam | saranaga mandalika-saila- 

nirgghatam | Karnati-kanat-kanaka-keyuram | 

rayanam j Yadava-Narayanam j sasi-visada-yasas-sudha-va 

gavadi-tombhatt-aru-sasiramumam dushta- 

nigraha-sishta-pratipalana sida-paregaih takkante 

Hoysala-rajyakke virodhigal agidda mandali Bokima- 

yyangam sriman-maha-mandalesvaram Narasiihha-Deva 

tendade hiriya-heggade Balluv-ayyangam i hiriya-hadavala 

nitumam sri-Vijaya-Narayana-Kesava-devara sri-Vishnv- 

Isvara-devara ya dada pesayitatanadal 

adadam bedidade kudal agadu | mattav i-rajyakke sva 

. . . .gar app aneka-koti-brahmargg aneka-koti-kavileya kodura kolagumam. . . 

nta-brahmaruman ananta-tapodhanaruraan ananta-kavile- 

yumam mattam lokadal ulla 


At the same temple, on the right wall inside the western entrance. 
Srimat-trailokya-pujyaya sarvva-karmma-su-sakshine l 
phaladaya namo nityaih Kesavaya Sivaya cha || 
Srisodarambuja-bhavad udito 'trir Atri- 
jatendu-putra-Budha-putra-Pururavastah j 
Ayus tatas cha Nahusho Nahushad Yayatis 
tasmad Yadur yYadu-kule bahavo babhuvuh n 
khyateshu teshu nripatih kathitah kadachit 
kas-chid vane muni-varena Salah karalam j 
sarddulakam prajahi Poysala ity ato 'bhut 
tasyabhidha muni-vachopi chamtru-lakshma n 

Behir Taluq. 109 

tato Dvaravati-nathah Poysala dvipi-lanchchhanah | 
jatas Sasapure teshu Vinayaditya-bhupatih n 
mandalagra-samutpanna-tejasa dvid-balabdhayah | 

akrishya jivana seshara soshita bhuvi || 

pritiih sa sva-karena visva-bhuvanasyotpfidayams chandravat 
bhitim vairi-kuleshu danda-mukhatas sampadayan Dharmmavat i 
sphitiih sadhu-jane nijavataraiiad aropayan Krishnavach 
chakre suklataram varo nija-yasas-chakrena chakram bhuvah n 
sa §ri-vriddhikaram karam jana-hitaih kritva dharain palayan 
sveta-chchhatra-sahasra-patra-kamale lakshmim chiraih vasayan i 
dor-ddande ripu-khandanaika-chature vira-sriyam natayan 
chikshepakhila-dikshu sikshita-ripus tejah prasastodayah n 
Konkanigar ivana khadgada | kankanav ade namman elavo mulugisug enutuih | 
bhohkal kedaruvinam nis- | sankam pariyittan alte Vinayadityam || 
maley-arasu-makkal ellam | taleyarii tadavuttam erddu pridambujamam l 
taleyol talevinegam bhuja- j balamam taled-irppan alte Vinayadityara n 
yuga-samartthyadc munnam | Nriga-Nahushadigalol ada gunam eih guname I 
migil. .ttam gunadim Kali- i yuga-samartthyamuman aledu Vinayadityam n 
a-Vinayadityahgaiii | pavana-charitre Keleyabarasigam akhilor- | 

vvi-varan udayarii-geydam j §rivara-pada II 

vandi. . .gala- j n eragipan eragipan arati-lakshmiyan idirihg | 

eragade balpindaih tana- j g eragipan Eragahgan atula-viryya-sriyaih || 

a-narapatig | . . .gabhirateye samanisirp antire san- | 

maniniy Echala-Devi ma- i no- I II 

avara sutar mmtivar a. . . i dbhava-yutar Ballala-Vishnuv-Udayadityar | 

bbhuvana-nutar avarol int i- j pu nripalaih n 

pitri-bhh-raksheye salvude nripatig end udvrittaraih kirttu ha- j 

8ta-talaih vikrama-kala d-ayutarii tan-mauliyaih j 

. .talaih karmma-kathorav appinegam asa-danti-simanka-bhii- | 

mi-talaih ta Vislinu-bhupulakaih || 

madavad-vairiyan antu poyye jayasilaih Vishnu vidvishtanu | 

. . .da kichcha irddudu birarkkala birdda tol pi- | 

dida khadgaih poyva sftl dorutirddud inde j 

n i-vira-vibhavaih sa 1 jl 

inidu-kadalalli puttida- | 1 iniyal Siri Siriya moleya sohkiniih | 

yalan appu. . . | Vanajodaran ige Vishnu-nripatigc subhamarii || 

Narayanaya namah | mahu-sabdamahri-mandalesvaranuihDvaravati-pura- 

varesvaranuih | Yadu-kula-kalasa-ranjita-nripa-dharmma-harmmya-mula-starii . 

.... pratapa-vidita-vijayarariibhanuih | Vasantikii-devi-Iabdha-vara-pra 

. . . padaravinda-vandana-vinodanurii i akshunna-Iakshmi-lakshita-vaksha-sthala- 
pradesanum i pra punya-pravesanuih i vinamad-ahita-chayar-chakita- 

110 Belur Taluq. 

mukha-bimbavalamba-sphatika pada-talanurii | svetatapatra- . . . likrita- 

bhutalanum l sneha-nihita-raja-lakshmi-kataksha-chchhatayamana-dhavala .... 
raruhopavijyamananum i saundira-sara . . . .thakarnnanottirnna-harsha-pulaka- 

santa vividha-ratna-khachita-karnna-kundala-prabha-mandala-sthagita- 

ganda-mandalanum | anuna- lokanagamanotkanthitakhandalanum i vikata- 

vakshasthala-virajamana-vipula - vimala - muktaphala - vikirnna-kanti -danturita- 
keyura-kirtti-mukhanura | mridu-madhura-vachana - milita-manda-smita-sudha- 

rasa-syandi-vada sakhanum i bahu-samara-labdha-vijayarudha-vikramati- 

karkasa-bhuja-yugalanum | bhujatanotkantha-vijaya-lakshmi-dridhikarana- 

nihita-khadga-nigadanum i sevagamana-samaya-sa-mada-kamini-kadamba-chala- 
nikara-jhenkara-mukharitasthana-ranganurn. i niti-nitambini-hridaya-nihita-gam- 
bhirantaranganum i vira-lakshmi-vihara-saphala-sastra-nandanabhiramanum | 
saranagata-kubhrit-kula-niyukta-kshemanum i sangita-prasaiiga-bhangi-sangata- 
chatura-Bharatanum | tarkka-vidya-visarada-vichara-niratanum i sabda-vidya- 
samagra-lakshana-su-sikshanum | veda-vidya-pariksha-dakshanum i sakala-pu- 
rana-punjitartha-ratna-kosanum i purushartha-sartha-mula-satya-mani-bhusha- 

num I kavitva-tatva-nisita-buddhi- prasiddhiyum | lokalokana-srikarakara- 

num I satva-samutpanna-sobhadi-gunadharanum i Kambhoja-vaji-raji-saiicharana- 
tarala-dharini-valayanum i vijaya-kadalika-kadamba-chumbita-viyad-valaya- 
pinchhatapatranum i para-vadhu-putranum ikarala-karavala-sarddula-nirddhuta- 
mandalika-mriga-yuthanum l Gandagiri-nathanum i Pandya-gandasaila-nirbbhe- 
dana-kala-dambholiyum i Tulu-nripala-hridaya-vidalana-prakata-rana-keliyum l 
Jagad-deva-bala-vilaya-Bhairavanum i Somesvara-prachanda-vedanda-kabalana- 
prabala - kanthiravanum | Chakrakuta- pitha - Maniky a - devi - samaksha - laksha- 
samaratopanum i Adiyamavalepa-lopa-nipuna-chapanum | Narasimha-brahma- 
bhuja-bhanjana-prabhaiijananum j Kalapala-kapala-chashaka-sonitapana-tushta- 
yogini-mano-ranjananum I Bengiri-bhujanga-bhangakara-khadga-Khagarajanum j 

maleraja-rajanum i Irungola-kunta-kadala-vana-vidalana- sundalanum | 

bala-padoddhuta-dhuli-dhusarita-dikpalanurii | Beiigiri. . . .kutkila-chalana- 
chatura-chapa-Vainyanurii i Patti-Permmala-pratisthanushthitatma-sainyanurii j 
atmikrita-Talavana-puranurii | angikrita-Konga-vishayanurii i avalariibita- 
Nolariibavadiyurii | durikritari-vargganurii i urikrita-Nila-parvvatanurii i urari- 
krita-Kolala-puranurii i u . . . lita-Kovaturanurii i uttaralita-Tereyuranurii j 
ullanghita-Valluranum | udghatita-Nangali-puranurii i utpatita-ghatta-kapata- 
nurii 1 utkariipita-Kanchi-puranurii i uddandita-prachanda-tejanurii i uttariibhita- 
kirtti-dhvajanurii 1 ujjririibhita-bheri-ravanurii I bhuja-balavashtariibha-sariibhuta- 

vitta-virachita-vichitra-Vijaya-Narayanottuiiga-bhava vira-vitarana-vilasa- 

ka . . . . raana-nuti-mukhara-sakala-bhuvananurii i kaya-kanti-parihasita-kancha- 
nanurii l sarddula-lanchhananurii l . . veda-parvvatadhisvaranurii l raja-samaja- 

Belur Taluq. m 

bhasvaranum | yasar-prasara-paripurnna-Padmajandanura | malaparol ganda- 
num I Kaveri-tira-vana-vihara-mada-maralanum | subhata-samara-keli-lolanum i 

lokopakara Narayananum | alim munn irivanum i sauryyamam mereva- 

num enisida srimat-Tribhuvana-malla bhuja-bala Vira-Ganga-Vishnuvarddhana- 

Poysala-Devara padaradhaneyinda karunya-bhumiy enisi i 

Siri noduva siri-gannadi | Sarasvati-devi ri-kalegala beragaiii | 

parikisuva keladiye i isugum n 

pati-bhakti bhava-dvayakam | hitam embudan aridu vinayadiiii Vishnu-mahi- j 
patiyam mechchisute maha- j sati Santala-Devi pattamam dhariyisidal n 

siri rtipu sobagu tanaga. ... | ttam enutta pattamam pati kattal i 

parivara-kalpa-late. . . . j bira-natey adante vinaya-nate sogayisugum n 
Siva II 

1 .... yi-Machikabbe tanninde mahon- j 

natiyam taledire Vishnu- i kshiti-patiyam Santi-Devi sale mechchi. . . n 

pujya yin enisuva saundaryya Malakshmig igal | 

dore yinda sthiratey enisuv a-dhairyyam a-Vaniyol bi- i 

ttarisirdda. .keyindam chatur enisuva chaturyyam ascharyya. . i 

maha-deviyol ranjisirkkum || 

Rati besakeyyal intu nade nin ene kantuve pe|u keyyalu. . i 

pacha nam agi torppinam | 

pati-hite sarvva-jiva-hite sarvva-kairinvite sarvva-mangala- | 
sthiti-yute sarvva-loka-nute Santala-Devi nitantam o. . . . n 

piriy-arasitanam tanag op- i pire tannaya pempu | 

varade kodutt i ire Santale-Devi pati-hita-brate negaldal || 

chatura-Chaturmmukha-mukham aneka-kala I 

patiya nereye mechchisi viddeya miirtti tan enisir- | 

pp atisayam appa rupina visuddha-charitrad-aganya-punyad-a- i 
. .ti-guna-ratna-bhilmiy ene Santala-Devi nitantam oppugum n 
Siva II 

i-na I nidipal ishta-phalaman i-pratimey en. . .rd- | 

d a-Nagasutey ene ptijipa- i 1 anandade Siinti-Devi Sailatmajeyam n 

^^ I . . .taladol gad abhinayangal Bharata- l 

gamada tirul enisal ubhaya- | krama-nrityam Santi-Deviyol sogayisugum n 
srutiyol saradol grama- i dvitayadol a-murchchanaliyol bahu-tana- i 

sthi tija-raga- j bratatiyolarii Sauti-Devi sale raiijisugum || 

sangata-rasa-bhrivabhina- | yaugal Kausikeyol oppe sama i 

madige. . . . j singa badeyalke Santi-Deviye ballal n 

basanarii pati-hitadalliye i basanarii dvija-deva-pfijeyalliye negald-a- | 
basanarii nompigalalliye | basanangal Santi-Deviyol perav alave || 
svasti samasta-mangalabhyudeyakara-lakshanabhirameyurii j saubhagya-sime- 
yurii I Balipura-vara-kshira-varasi-janita- maleyurii | 

112 Belur Taluq. 

srimad-Dharmmesvara-deva-labdha-vara-prasadey uih i Isapura - rachita - Rame- 
svara-prasadeyum | Vishnuvarddhana-mano-raga-sagarabhivarddhana-chandra- 
lekheyum | parivara-phalita-kalpa-kuja-sakheyum | sad-arttha-sarasa-samayo- 
chita-vachana-madhu-rasa-syandi-vadanaravindeyum | Nagarajanandana-pada- 

ravinda-vandana-varddhitanandeyum i kala-kalapa 

yum I lavanya-sindhu-vela . . . yamana-kekarati-bandhureyum | Bharatagama- 
bhavana-nihita-mahaniya-mati-pradipeyum | vinaya-vinamad-vilasini-kadaihba- 

vidhu-bimbeyum | anuna-danabhimanavalaihbeyum | vichitra-narttana- 

sikhamaniyum | sakala-samaya-raksha-maniyum | sangita-sangata-Sarasva- 
tiyum I pati-vinayaviditarundhatiyum | savati-gandha-hastiyum l ity-adi-nama- 
vali-prasamseyum enisida (stops here) 


In the same enclosure, on a stone in the roof of the Saumyaniyaki temple. 

(The upper portion gone) 

prabhava || 

*sangaradol anta. .arasiyaram bisutu jagule taguld avana rajyaraane. . . . | 

Beiigirigal a-dharani-bhagadol saye Narasingana vadhu-nikaramam padedu.. 


Angaranan ikki bide Singalikanara tulidu Gangevaram atta maguld uttara- 

dharitri- | 

rangada nripalaran asungolen Ereganga-nripa-nandanan avaryyatara-sauryyarhil 

ant uttara-digvijayam uttarottaram agi sale j 

atidirggha-ghrana-hastam nisita-dasana-damshtrankuram paksha-raksha- | 
yata-paksham Tarkshyanant ovagisi tuliye tann-ane Pandyavanibhrit- | 
pritana-vidhvamsauoparjjita-jaya-vadhuvam Vishnu tuchchhaji-lajja- | 
smitan antam Chola-Gaulasura-samara-jaya-sri-samalingitangam || 

antu Pandyanam benkondu Nolambavadiyam kaikondu | 

sendina teradim nija-dor- | dandadin urchchatisi poleyal Uchchangiyan A- i 
khandala-vibhavam kshanadim | kondaih sri-Kanchigonda-Vikrama-Gangam || 

tad-anantaram Telunga-desakk etti | 

gaja-ghate verras Indra. . i bhu-jita-yaso-dhanamum ullakula-dhanamuman a- 1 
vijigishu kavardu kondam | vijaya-stambhangal eseyal en-desegalolam n 

tad-anantaram rashtra-kantakan appa Masanana nirmmula-pralayakke salisi 

Banavase-pannir-chchhasiramumam kaditakke varise | 

tirikall aduvu Vishnu-bhubhuja-bhuja-srig avagam pempinol J 

nered a-Sahya-nagendra-Nila gal | 

perat en a-bhuja-lakshmig i-negalda-Panungal muhurttarddhadim i 
kiridanum midivatt enal milirdu kaisarttappud av adbhutam || 

* So iu the original. 

Belnr Taluq. ll^ 

bijan apra natha kisukalla kolvan alokana-matradol kondu 

Jeyakesiyam benkondu Palasige-pannir-chchhasiramumam nuruman 

irkkum. .du | 

magu-maguldu pokka durggama- t u agald-agald a-varddhi-varegam addam 

tigatam i 
tagu-taguldu kondan ovade ! jaga-birudaran arasi Vishnuvarddhana-Devam || 
pesargond av-ava-desangalan enisuvad av-ava-durggahgalam ban- ] 
nisi pelutt irppud av-av-avanipatigalam lekkisutt irppud emb ond | 
esakam kaiganme nalkum-kadala tadi-varam dig-jaya-krideyol sa- | 
dhisidam bhu-lokamam kshatriya-kula-tilakam vira-Vishnu-kshitisam n 
a-maha-kshatriyam samadhigata-pancha-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvaram Dva 
ravati-pura-varadhisvaram Yudava-kulambara-dyumani mandalika-chudamani 
srimad-Achyuta-padaradhana-labdha-Jishnu-prabhavarii dikpalaka-parakrama- 
kramana-patu-parakramaika-svabhrivarii satru-kshatriya-kalatra-garbbha-srava- 
sariipadaka-gabhira-vijaya-sankha-nadarii Vasantika-devi-labdha-vara-prasridarii 
samara-mukha-grihitahita - mahikanta-kamini - jana-mukha- nirikshana - kshana- 
krita-suryya-nirikshanarii sakala-jana-satya-nityasirvvada-samartthya-sariipa- 
dita-kalpayur-rirogyabhivriddhi-yuktarii durddhara-samara-keli-sariisaktarii dor- 
vvajavaleparii dussih*isvapati-Gajapati-pramukha-raja-16ka-nirddaya-nirddalano- 
parjjitasva-gajadi-nanavidha-ratna-nichaya-ruchira-rajya-lakshmi-vilasarii Sara- 
svati-nivasarii | Chola-kula-pralaya-Bhairavarii i Cheraraa-stariiberama-raja- 
kanthiravarii | Pandya-kula-payodhi-badavanalarii | Pallava-yaso-valli-pallava- 
davanalarii | Narasimhavarmma-siriiha-sarabharii | nischala-pratapa-dipa-patita- 
Kalapaladi-nripala-salabharii i Vanganga- Kaliuga- Siriihala- nripala-kuranga- 
kula-palayana-krirana-kathora-vijaya-dhauur-ddanda-tankararii | sakala-ripu- 
Kancbi-pura sva-griha-cheti-niyoga-yojita-ripu-nripantahpura kara-tala-krodi- 
krita-dakshina-Madhura-purarii nija-sena-natha-uirddalita-Jinanathapurarii | 
jagad-daridrya-vidriivana-pravina-karunya-kataksha-nirikshanarii | pratyaksha- 
Padmekshanarii | chatus-samudra-mudrita-vasumati-manohara-lakshmi-valla- 
bharii I bhaya-lobha-durllabharii | namadi-samasta-prasasti-sahitarii srimatu 
Kanchi-gonda-Vikrama-Ganga-vira-Vishnuvarddhana-Devaru Gaugavudi-torii- 
bhatt-aru-sasiramurii Nonariibavadi-muvattir-chchhasiramumarii Banavase-pan- 
nir-chchhasiramumarii dushta-nigraha-sishta-paripalana-purvvakam eka-chchha- 
tra-chchhayeyirii rakshisi sukha-saukatha-vinodadirii rajyarii geyyuttam iral a- 
kshatra-kula-kula-chala-chakravarttiya pada-mula-prabh^tanurii tat-karunysl- 
riirita-rasa-pravaha-parivarddbitanum agi | 

pesararii bett ettalurii ber-vvaridu beladu sakhanusakhali nild en- j 
desegarii talt oppe sarvvarttuka-sakala-phalaisvaryyadirii lokamarii ra- j 
kshisut irkk a-pftrnna-chetoratha-yuta-Kamala-kalpavalli-vilasa- j 
vasatharii §ri-Vishnu-dandadhipa-divija-kujatarii vipaschid-vindtarii || 


114 Belw Taluq. 

sama-sand-akshuima-punyodayam udaya-nagarudha-bhanu-prabha-vi- | 
bhramadindam uichcha-nichcham posayise Kamalanandamam visva-netro- i 
paman endum tejadindaiii belegugum eleyarh Vishnu Vishnu-kshitisa- | 
krama-pankejata-bhringam chapala-ripu-chamu-natha-mattebha-singam n 
abhiramakaradind apratima-bhuja-balatopadind aprameya- | 
prabhu-mantrostaha-sakti-tritayadin amard-utsahadim Vishnu-bhii-va- | 
llabha-saptangakkav alambanav ene negald akshunna-punyadhyan eka- | 
prabhuv a. . Vishnu-dandPidhipan akhila-budha-prana-raksha-pravinaiii n 
paripurnnendu-prabha-vibhramadol amardu Gangapaga-sphara-rug-vi- | 
staramam talkaysi dugdharnnava-nava-ruchiyam taldi nild-appud adaiii | 
dharey i-dik-chakradim Mandara-sikharadiu attal viyan-mandapagram- | 
baregam sri-Vishnu-dandadhipa-vipula-yasah-kalpa-valli-vilasam n 
svasti samasta-bhuvana-bhagyodayotpannam naya-vinaya-vira-vitaranadi-guna- 
sampannam srimad-Arhat-paramesvara-pada-payoja-shatcharanam vipaschij- 
janaika-saranam Kasyapa-gdtra-satapatra-vana-mitraiii chamiipa-chudaratnam 
Chinnama-priya-putrarii srimat-tarkkika-chakravartti-Vadibhasiriihapara-nrima- 
svaih chaturyya-Chaturananaih samasta-sastra-vidya-Shadananaih sakala-subha- 
lakshanopalashitakshaya-saubhagya-bhagyabhiramaih rupa-nirjjita-Kusumacha- 
parh virodbi-vira-bhata-bhayaiikaraih | para-durapa durddhara-pratapa i paii- 
changa-mantra-prapaiichaiichita-sachivya svayaih-buddha chatur-upadha-visu- 
ddha nana-nayopaya-pravinya pratyaksha-Yogandharayana | Vishnuvarddhana- 
Deva-prajya-rajya-bhara-sandharana-jiarayana i svami-bhakti-yukta-Vainateya j 
prasadasadita-dviguna- pratipatti-pratishthita-maha - prachanda- dandanatha- 
padavi-patta-rajita-lalata-pattal nija-vijaya-bhuja-danda-nirllothita-ratha-turaga- 
kari - ghata - ghatita - samara - saiighatta | masarddha - siddha - dakshina - dig-jaya 
pulaka I danda-natha-mandali-mandana-raanikya-tilaka nija-pratapa-nirddagdha- 
tarahga i Kohga-bala-mastaka-mastishka-kusumopahara-rajitaji-rahga l Sahyacha- 
la-tilakayamana-dakshina-dig-jayottaihbhita-pati-jaya-stariibha i sada-samalihgi- 
ta-Lakshmi-kucha-kumbha | samasta-raja-karyya-bhara-sahishnuta-svabhava- 
sara i sahgrama-dhira j Yadu-kula-drohara nitt-eluva murivaih manadiih munn 
iriva | Vishnuvarddhana-Deva-dakshina-bhuja-dandaih manadolu machcharipara 
gandaih | namadi-samasta-prasasti-sahitaih sriman-maha-pradhanan immadi- 
danda-nayaka-Bittiyannaih sarvvadhikariyuih samasta-janopakariyum agi 
sukham ire | 

birudar mmarayar ar nnin ire jagad-olag a-Kohginol kappamaih ta | 
tvaritaih nin endu tannarii nripati besase paksharddhadol yuddadol Cheh- j 

Behr Taluq. 115 

giriyam benkondu tat-pattanaman urihi tad-ddhatriyam suregond ach- | 
cbari kappam gondu tandam mada-gaja-ghateyam Vishnu-dandadhinritham n 
magav itaih Kongu golvam gada gaja-ghateyam tarppan itam gadam Pon- | 
nagey emb uddandaruih tapise para^nriparam kadi benkondu Kongam ! 
jagam utkochan-golal sadhisi gaja-ghateyam tanna baha-balarii kai- i 
mige tand aldang atipritiyan odavisidam Vishnu-dandadhinfitham H 
dig-adhisar ttamma-tamm-irdd-edeyol agid adang irppinam Chola-Lala- | 
digal atara-gondu durggasrayadole sakalatram bhayam-gondu golun- ! 
de-golutt irppinnam ambhonidhi-nikata-raahipalaram Vishnu vikran- | 
ta-gunaiii kaiganme benkond adatan avara sarvvasvamam suregondam || 
uridudu Rayarayapurav a-pura-vahni-sikha-kalupav a- | 
pariduve Kanchiy-attal enutam nade noduva Chola-Chera-Pan- | 
dyara bageyol dhigill ene chamupa-sikhamani-vira-Vishnu-bht- | 
karatara-dor-pratripa-sikhi nildu podaldud agurvvu parvv iral || 
anupamam appo. .ta- j ne negalteyan anta nallan eradum-kulamum j 
janani-janakara porad al- ! dana perapum pesarumam nogalchidan ata[m] || 
atan-anvaya-kramam entendode i bhagavad-adi-Brahma-nirmraitam appa 
yugavataradolu Kasyapa-prajapatiyim pavitram uda Kasyapa-gotradolu krita- 
krityarum siddha-sadhya{,um appa raahatmar anekariiii balikav avara jwgart- 
tegam negaltegam tane neley agi i 

padam aty-uttunga-gotrachala-sikharadol opputt iral tanna nitya- j 
bhyudayam bhu-mandalotsahaman odavise sananda-sa-smera-Lakshmi- i 
vadanabja-sriyol oppambadeye nija-vilasam jagad-vandyara adatt j 
Udayaditya-prabhavaih prakatita-bhuvanabhoga-tejo-vilasaiu || 
atana kula-vadhu bhuvana- | khyate jagat-pute bhagya-saubhagya-guno- i 
pete Manobhava-vibhava-sa- | metey enal Srintiyakkan orvvale nontal n 
a-dampatigala bhagyadi- i n adam sat-putran atraa-gotra-pavitrara | 
medinige tane sura-taru- ! v adam sri-Chinna-Raja-dandadhisam n 
parama-Brahraya-prabhavam manuja-parivridhakararaam taldit emban- ! 
t ire dhirodatta-satvonnatiyol araardu nana-gunanarggha-ratno- | 
tkaramaih ratnakaram tan ene taled Ereyangavaninatha-dhatri- ! 
bharamam taldirddan eka-prabhuv ene bhuvanam Chinna-dandadhinatham || 
a-vibhuvina manovallabhe j 

kulada pogalte silada negalte Manobhava-rajya-lakshmiyam | 
nilisida gadi 16kado|ag avagav i-migil-andadindav ag- | 
galisida rudhi tannol amard oppire Chinna-chamupa-kante Chan- | 
dale nere taldidal dhareg agundaley appa guna-prabhavamaih n 
Phanipatigam vacho-vishayam allavu bhavise Chandiy-akkan-ol- ! 
gunam avu nishkalanka-nija-rupadol oppireyurii pogalteyol | 
taniyade Dhatri Lakshmi Rati Bharati Revati Satyabharac Rug- | 
mini bhuvana-pranute Dharanisutey embudu lokam akeyarii n 


116 Belur Taluq. 

avarge magam maha-bala-parakraman anvaya-bhushanam Mano- i 
bhava-nibhan anya-sainya-vipina-pralayaaalan artthi-kalpa-par- | 
tthivan ene rudhi-vett Udayanarii negaldam bhuvana-pranuta-Ya i 
dava-nripa-rajya-varinidhi-varddhana-parvvana-sarvvarikara[m] || 
a-punya-bhajananim baliyam palavu stri-ratnangalam padedu mattam orvva 
maha-bala-parakramanum punya-nidhiyum appa maganam padeyalu Jina-maha- 
mahimegalarh madi bayasut irpp-a-punyavatige | 

puttidan arppum kurppum | nettane tann-odane putte ripugalge bhayaih | 
putte nija-patige chakram | puttidud ene Vishnu 8u-bhata-chudaratna[m] n 
antu putti | 

kuvalayam eyde taun udayadim paritoshaman eyde visva-ban- | 
dhava-jana-lola-lochana-chakora-chayam nija-deha-kantiyirii i 
tavad anuragamarii taleye Kasyapa-gotra-pavitran elge va- n 
divad-ela-dingal-ant anudinarii baledarii piridurii-vibhutiyirii n 
antu samasta-gunarigalum odavaleyirii balevudum anvayagata-pradhana-santa- 
tiyurii tanage dharmma-santatiyum emba bahumanadirii srimat-Kanchi-gonda 
Vikrama-Ganga-Vishnuvarddhana-Devarii putra-samanam age kaikondu nadapi 
raahotsavadin upanayanotsavamam tane made saptashta-samvatsarantaradol 
samasta-sastra-sastra-pravinan §,ge sakala-subha-laksbanopeteyum abhijateyum 
appa nija-pradhana-dandanatha-putriyarii kanya-ratnamarii tand a-Vishnu- 
varddhana-Devarii tane kanaka-kalasavan etti kai-nir eradu kanya-dana-phala- 
paritushtan age vivaha-kalyanaman akshuna-manorathamarii taledu dasaikada- 
sa-varsha-prayadole kusagriya-buddhi-samartthanurii chatur-upadha-visuddha- 
num adudarii kandu kondadi Vishnuvarddhana-Devarii tanna sri-hastadirii dvi- 
guna-pratipatti-purvvakarii maha-prachanda-dandanatha-pattamarii katti sama- 
stadhikaramumarii kude sarvvadhikariyurii sakala-janopakariyum agi i 
anupamam appa dig-vijayadirii Jayanol padiy agi balpinirii | 
tanag aparajitatvam alavatt ire tejad alurkkeyirii jagaj- | 
janam anuragadind amita-tejan enal krama-vikramangalirii i 
neueyi[su]varii puratana-mahatmaran Immadi-dandanayakarii n 
atan arudha-yauvvanan agi samasta-niyoga-yukta-sa . . . rdaman anubhavisutturii 
maha-tirttha-sthanaugalol anuna-dharmmamarii madisi srimad-Yadava-rajya- 
rajadhani-Dorasamudradol i-Vishnuvarddhana-jinalayavarii ma. . . .maha-puru- 
shana guru-kulam entendade sri-Varddhamana-svamigala tirtthadolu kevaligalu 

riddhi-praptarurii sruta-kevaligalurii palarurii siddha-sadhyar age tat 

rtthyamarii sahasra-gunarii madi Samautabhadra-svamigalu sandar avaririi 
balika tadiya-srimad-Dramila-sanghagresarar appa Patrakesari-svamigalirii 
Vakragrivabhi .... rind anantararii | 

yasya di n kirttis trailokyam apy agat | 

. .yeva sa bhaty eko Vajranandi ganagranih n 

Belur Taluq. 117 

avarim balika Sumati-Bhattarakar avarim balika . . . samaya-dipaka 

ram unmilita-dosha-ka rajanichara-balam udbodhita-bhavya-kamalara ayt 

urjjitam Akalanka-pramana-tapana sphu n avarim balika Chakravartti- 

Bhattarakar avarim balika Karmmaprakriti varim balika Pallavana 

gurugalu Vimalachandracharyyar avarim balika Paravadiraalla-Devar avarim 
balika Kanakasena-sri-Vadiraja-Devar avarim balika Ganga-kula-kamala- 
raarttandan appa Butuga-Perramadiya gurugalu sri-Vijaya-Bhattarakar avarim 
balika chakravartti-Jayasimha-Devana gurugal agi i 

gata-sarvvajnabhimanam Sugatan apagatapta-pra. .dam Kanadam | 
krita-niti-bhranti-nasyan-nija-naya-nayanalokanam sanda Loka- i 
yatan inn i-raartya-rautrangala nudigal olav embinam rairi lokon- | 
natam ayt Arhan-raatarabhonidhi. . .vibhavam Vridirajendra-bhavam || 
avarim balika Yadavanvaya-chudamaniy app Ereyanga-Devarige gurugalum 
jagad-gurugalum enisi | 

charananusraarana. . . .ya-nikarakk ishtarttha-sariisiddhiyaih | 
tar vrichaiii grahanam kuraargga-yuta-vadi-vratamam tCile dur- | 
ddhara-charitrada durjayorjita-vacha-sriy-olpu tammol mano- | 
haram agal taladar ssamant Ajitasena-svaraigal kirttiyam || 
avara sadharmmaru | 

Kantuvan antu mey degeyad odisi durramada-karmma-vairi- vi- | 
krantaman eyde bhanjisi lasat-paramagaraa-vit[t]vadind ida- | 
nintana-Tirttha-nathar ene rftdhiyan anta Kumarasena-sai- | 
ddhantikar adam ujjala. . Jina-dharmraa-yaso-vilasamara || 
avariih balika sriraad-Ajitasena-svriraigal-agra-putrarum jagat-pavitrarum agi | 
sale sanda yogyateyan ag- | galisida durddhara-tapo-vibhutiya pempiih | 
Kali-yuga-ganadharar embudu | nelan ellam Mallishena-Maladharigalam n 
avarim balikam Akalanka-simhasanaman alarikarisi Tarkkikachakravarttigalurh 
Vadibhasimharum eraba pesar eseye 1 

avasarppiny-arddhadin[d i]tt ulugade Jina-jirauta-sarighfitam i-bhu- | 
bhuvanan terikaduvannam surida sakala-vidyu-nadi-puradin ti | 
vi vipaschit-papa-santapaman udugisut irddappud adam muniudra- | 
pravara-Sripala-yogisvaran enipa jagat-sA,rtthakrit-punya-tirttham ii 
avana vishayamo shat-tarkk- | avila-bahu-bharigi-sarigatam Sripala- | 
traividya-gadya-padya-va- j cho-vinyrisaih nisargga-vijaya-vilasam || 
antu jagad-gurugal enisida Sripala-traividya-devara kalarii karchchi srimad- 
Iramadi-dandanayaka Bittiyannan i-basadiya khanda-sphutita-jirnnoddhara- 
kkarii devata-pujegam ill-irppa rishi-samudayad ahara-danakkarii Saka-varsha 
1059 neya Nala-saihvatsarad uttarayana-sarikrantiy-andu sri-Vishnuvarddhana- 
Poysala-Devara sri-hastadirii dharey ereyisi paramesvara-datti madi bidisida 
grS,ma Mayse-nada Bijevolal adara simantara (6 lines foUowing contain detaiis of 
boundaries) Dorasamudrada pattana-svami Vondadi-Settiya raaga Nadavala- 

ll^ • Belur Taluq. 

Settiya kayyalu Hiriyakerey-olagana Tavareyakerey-olagada nelanam maru- 
gond i-basadige kotta sri-Hiriyakereya kelagana Tavareyakereya badagana- 
kodiya Vishnu-Bhattana tota. .sana galeya. .lu chaturasra 15 galeya bhumiyam 
marugond i-basadige bitta || Dvadasasomapurav ada Holeyabbegereya hannera- 
du-vrittiyolag ondu vrittiyam Goggana-Panditara ma . . se Guliyannana kayyalu 
marugond i-basadige bitta || (usaai finai verses) 


In the same temple, on a pillar of the vahana-maptapa. 
Svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Saka-varusha savirada iunura hadinalkaneya Nandana- 
samvatsarada Jeshta-ba 10 Bri d-andu sriinat-pratapa-chakravartti-Hoysana-sri- 
Vira-Ballala-Dev-arsaru sri-Brahmalesvara-devara deva-danada Asandi-nada 
Bommadi-Banauranu hinde halau-kala todagi arasugalu kondu bhandarav agi 
kuttu-vittiy agi yidda a-Banatiranu sriman-maha-pasayitarum appa Kaluva- 
Sayannanavarige agraharava maduvant agi a-Ballala-Dev-arsaru dhareyan 
eradu tambra-sasanavanu voppavau ikki kottar agi a-sasanadalli kulav agi 
barasida gadyana yippatta-vondanu yi-Lakshmipurav ada Banavurada asesha- 
mahajanangala kayyalu a-Brahmalesvara-devaramahajanangalu prati-varushavu 
a-Sayannanavaru madida dharmmakke a-Brahmalesvara-devara amrita-padi 
nitya-aharakke akki-vokkula nanda-divige eradu huvu gandha dhupa nityarati 
Vaisakhada paurnnami Karttikada paurnnamiyalu tuppada male-divigegevu 
kondu a-Sayyannanavaru madida dharmmavanu a-Brahmalesvara-devara maha- 
janangalu a-chandrarkka-taram-baram nadasuvaru a-mahajanangalu tamma 
samyakke a-Skyannanavara kaiyalu vritti aranu dhareyan erisikondu a-Bana- 
vuranu a-Sayannanavaru agraharava maduvadakke sva-ruchya vodambattu 
kottevu mangalam aha sri sri sri (usuai finai verse) 

sri-Brahmesvara-devasya (in Nagari characters) | sri-Virupaksha n 


On a lintel of the old kitchen in the enclosure of the same temple. 

Svasti Sri-kucha-kalasau visala-mulau 

diSyastam avirala-chandananulepau | 

uttungau Hari-bhuja-kalpa-vriksha-pushtim 

tanvanau Madana-rasena puritau vah n 
svasti sriman-maha-mandalesvaram Talakadu-Kongu-Nangaliy-Uchchangi-Ba- 
navase-Hanuiigalu-Halasige-gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Ganga Sanivara-siddhi giri- 
durgga-malla chhalad-anka-Rama nissanka-pratapa Hoysala-Vira-Ballala-Devaru 
sakala-Iokaika-nathan appa sri-Vijaya-Narayana-devara sri-bhandarada hannir- 
dhanyamum tamma rajyamum go-brahmanarigam egadi egottarav agalu Saka- 
varsha sasirada-nur-eradaneya Sarvvari-samvatsarada Pushya-suddha-bidige- 

Belur Tahiq. 119 

Somavaradalu su-pratishthitam madida-kottaram id a-chandrarkka-sthayi || 

Kesavaya namah | Narayanaya namah i sri 

Narayana-devara ko- | ttaravan akalpam age Yakshesana bhan- | 
daram enalu madisidan u- | daraiii Ballala-Deva-dharaninatham n 

sri-Kesavaya namah n 


On a beam in front of the VSdinta-desika shrine in the same enclosure. 
Srimate Ramanujaya namah || sri-SulivHhana-saka-varsha 1631 neya Virodhi- 
samvatsarada nij i-Vaisakha-su 3 lu sri-Chenua-Kesava-svamiya pada-padmanga- 
lige Vamanacharyyara sishyan ada Purakutsa-gotrapastamba-sutra Yajus- 
sakheya yi-sthalada senabhoga Chinga-perumala-Timmapayaua prapautran 
Aiyangfira pautranu Challapillaiyana putran ada Srinivasa-dasanu naviuav agi 
kattisi samarpisida kalyana-mantapa ankana 2 


In the same enclosare, on a stone near the Aivattha-tree. 
^ubham astu | 

namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara charave | 

trailokya-nagarurambha-mula-stambhaya Sambhave || 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varushangalu 1547ne Krodhana-sam- 
vatsarada Magha-ba 5 Somavfira sri-Velfipurada Chennaraya-svami-gudiy-olage 
kattista kaisale-seve Krishnapa-Nayakara Venkatadri-Nayakara uligada Mfirtti- 
yappa-Nayakaru Puttanna-Nayakaru namma a[j]ja Yarama-Nayakagu namma 
tande Pedi-Nayaka namma tayi Pedammagu punyav agali endu 
aiikana-kaisalenu kattisi Chennaraya-svrimi-charanaravindakke samarpistevu || 


At the same temple, on a stone-cot in the bali-man^pa. 
Pramadicha-samvatsarada Marggasira-Su 1 lu Raghunathayaua ranivasa 
Peddajiy-ammana komurtti Honnajiy-ammana seve Ho[n]najammana sodaraliya 
Lakshmipati madida seve 


On the outer wall of the same temple. 
Svasti sri §aka-varusha 1221 neya Vilambi-samvatsarada Chaitra-su 1 Su §rir 
Chenna-Kesava-nathana devalyada sikharada mara-vesan ella koladu muridu- 
biddalli sriman-mahu-pradhanarii Khandeya-Raya-Someya-dannaykaru nodi i- 
jirnnav ada mara-vesananu baliyis endu helidalli avara besadinda adhikari- 
Rangannanavaru a-sikharada mara-vesanaunu jirnnav-ayit-ellavanu baliyisi 
bidda-it^ige-ellavanu hidisidaru || 

120 Belur Taluq. 


In the same enclosure, on the garuda-kambha near the Eni-Narasimha temple. 
Tapta-hataka-varnnabha-jvalat-pavaka-lochana i 
vajradhika-nakha-sparsa divya-Simha nam6'stu te || 
tato Dvaravati-nathah Poysala dvipi-lanchana[h] | 
jatas Sasapure teshu Vinayaditya-bhupatih n 

a-Vinayadityangam | ritre Keleyab-arasigav akhilor- | 

vvivaran udayarii geydam [ Srivara-pada-padma-bhringan Ereyanga-nripam n 
ubhaya-kula-suddhey enip a- 1 subha-lakshanegam su-charita-bharitan enipp- a- 1 
prabhugam muvar ttaneyar | . . . .b Ballala-Vishnu-Vudayadityar n 
jayati dharani-lokottamsitatmiya-padah 
chatura-vibudha-goshti-praudha-vani-vinodah | 
vipula-vijaya-lakshmi-vallabho Vishnu-Devah || 

tat-tanayam Yadava-vam- | sottaman avadata-kirtti sahasa-dhanan ud- | 
vritta-virodhi-nripalaka- i matta-dvipa-sirhhav enisidam Narasiihhaih n 
ari-daityadhipa-vakshamam kara-nakhanikangalim poldu bal- | 
• garulam todida Narasimhan enal akkuih vairi-vira. . .- | 
. . vakshas-sthalamam sva-khadga-nakhara-vyaghatadim poldu bal- i 
garulam toduva Narasimha-nripanarii sangrama-rangagradol || 
svasti srimau-maha-mandalesvararii jagad-eka-malla Talakadu-Kongu-Nangali- 
Gangavadi-Nonambavadi-Uchchangi - Banavase-Hanungal - Halasige - Beluvalaih- 
gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Ganga pratapa-Hoysala-Narasiriiha-Devar srimad-raja- 
dhani-Dorasamudrada bidinal sukha-sankatha-vinodadirii prithvi-rajyarii geyyu- 
ttum ire tat-pada-padmopajivi maha-pasayitarii Srivaishnava-Tirumale Saka- 
varsha sasirada-tombhatt-aydaneya Vijaya-sarhvatsarada Chaitra-suddha eka- 
dasiy-Adivaradalu Ballavi-nadarii . .le Hadugin-Undadi-gaddege devarii besasid- 
anitu-honnarii kottu sri-Narasiriiha-devara nitya-nivedyakkaih desantarada 
Srivaishnavara bhojanakkav agi dhara-purvvakarii madi bitta sriman-maha-pra- 
dhanaih Bitti-Devana Hanmasatthi-veggadeya magarii Bamma-veggadeyuv i-kra- 
madal devara sri-padadalli dhara-purvvakaih madianu i-dharmma vombhattu- 
nada samasta-prajegale kahu || sri-Narasiihhaya namah n i-bhumige Bamraa- 
veggade varsharii prati Kesava-devargge Vira-Gangana kolagadalu saligey ara- 
vattan alavaru || i-bhumige Bamma-veggade sri-Narasiihha-devarige dana-dhare- 
yan eradan avara baliyolag aranurii i-bhtimiyol avara baliya manasaru da. . , 
tamma pitrigal ellararh Gaiigeyale kouda dosha 

Belur Taluq. 121 


At the bottom of the same pillar. 
Srimat-Basavanahalli-Hadiyaravolalu-sri-Vijaya-Narayana-devara sri-Channa- 
Kesava-devara sri-Lakshmi-Narayana-devara amritanna-nivedyakke saiiiva 
basale-batta-bhaga saluvudu sarvvakalikav agi i-bhatta-bagak aranu pratikular 
adavaru nirvvamsav akku | agi Kumbhipakakke saluvaru || 


On the north wall of the same temple, near the sampige tree. 
Svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusangalu 1629 ne Sarvvajitu- 
samvatsarada Asvija-ba 5 lu sri-Vehlpuri-sri-Chennigaraya-svumi-sevege Ane- 
kere Bharadvaja-gotrada Aslayana-sutra-Rik-sakheya Appaji-Hebbara putra 
Giriyappa-Hebbara maga Veukaiyanu vappista pulivettu purva-dikkina Java- 
galla bagila bali nanu kattista kalla-mantapa aukana 4 ralli Hanumantana 
pratishthe-madi Chennaraya-svami a-mantapakke bije-madidaga nadava sevege 
Balaga-nada sthalada Somanahalli sarvamunyada agraharadalli nauage kraya- 
danavagi Ayachita-Venkata-Bhata-desayi Narasimha-Bhatara maga Hari-Bhatta- 
ninda kraya-danaviigi banda gade kha 2 yeradu khanduga gadeyannu samar- 
ppistenu yi-mantapakke ratha-utsahadalli asvarohanavagi bandaga cherapu 
ga I Mfigha-su 6 su 7 utsaha 2 ke ga 2 Jeshtha su 13 utsahake gal^ yi-riti 
utsaha 4 ke halatu ga 4 nalku varaha mereli nadava-hage sthalada Raghu- 
nathacharyara maga Ramacharyarigu Desuyi-Hari-Bhatagu putra-parampare- 
gu saga-kottidhene yi-svasthe yi-seve nadasadavaru Kasili gova konda doshakke 
hoguvaru sri-Chennaraya-svamige arpista-seve §ri 


At the same place. 
Svasti sri jayady-udaya-Salivahana-saka-varusangalu sa 1478 neya saluva 
Pingala-samvatsarada Kartika-su 15 si-lu srimatu sri-Velapuri-Chennigarayana 
Krittika-dipotsaha-sammandhake Parasara-gotrada Apastamba-sutrada Yajus- 
sakheya Timmaras-ayanavara makalu Jayakara-Ramappayanavara Rayastada 
Jamadagna-Vatsa-gotrada Rukku-sakheya Asvalayana-sutrada Burudukunteya 
Lakharasa Hiriya-Timmarasara makalu R;"iyasta-Venkatridriya seve PLalcbida- 
stalada Sanehalige pratinamavada Triyambakapurada sarvvamanyada agrahara- 
dali Krittika-dipotsahada sammandhake samarpisida vritti 1 Gokulashtami- 
utsahavagi Nagi-Nayakana mantapadalli svami bije-madidaga charapige Nambi- 
Singapayana kayali bija-honnagi kotu samarppisidu ghati ga 5 ayidu-varaha 
Bitasamudrada-kereyolage tenkana-dikina vrindavana 1 yishtu svami sri-Vela- 
purada sri-Chennigarayana sri-charanaravindake arppitavagi maugalam aha 
sri sri Iri 


122 Belur Taluq. 


At the same place. 
Sri-Velapuri-Kesavaya namah 

namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave | 

trailokya-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya Sambhave n 

Harer lila-varahasya damshtra-dandas sa patu vah | 

Hemadri-kalasa yatra dhatri chhatra-sriyam dadhau || 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varshangalu 1640 neya vartamana- 
kke saluva Hevalambi-saihvatsarada Ashadha-su 1 Uu srimad-deva-devottama 
devata-sarvabhauma akhilanda-koti-brahmanda-nayakar ada Belura Chenna- 
raya-svamiyavara divya-sri-charanaravindangalige srimad-rajadhiraja raja-para- 
mesvara praudha-pratapan apratima Mahisura Krishna-Raja-Vadeyaravaru 
prithvi-samrajyam geyvutt iralu Lohita-gotrada Apastamba-sutrada Yajus-sakha- 
dhyayigalada Konanura Lingappa-Hebbiiruvana pautra Naiijappayyana putran 
ada Kappayyanu bara-kotta pudivattina binnavattale-kramav entendare 
svamiyavaru vasanta-jala-kridotsava-nimitta chittaisu-bagye devasthanada 
upparige-mumbhagadalli kola mantapa saha kattisi alli prati-varshakku 
vasanta-kaladalli a-bage-seve nadeva-bagge devasthanada Hebbaruva Chelu- 
vaiyyana maga Tirumalayyana kaiyalli Belura-simege saluva Tagara-nada 
sthalada Mundigatta-gramadalli khanduga nalku gadde-bhumiyanu kraya- 
danavagi tegadukondu a-nalku-khanduga-gaddeyalli rekhe-prakara huttuvadu 
halatu aidu-varahakke sale guta yeluvare-varahakke vivara Chaitra-su 10 
divasa svamiyavaru mantapakke chittaisuva utsavada bagge ga 1 Vaisakha- 
su 12 su 13 su 15 saha dina mtirakke utsava 6 kke ayakattina-prakara ga 6^ 
ubhayaih gu ga 7^ i-bagge hana prati-varshakku saluva-bagge i-naluku-khanduga- 
gaddeyanu Tagara-nada-sthalada senabhaga Honnannana adhina-madi atana 
hesarinalli svamiyavara bhandarakke binnavattaleyannu bareyisi kattisi iy- 
utsava kala-kalakke nadeyabekendu Lohita-gotrad Apastamba-sutrada Yajus- 
sakhadhyayigalada Konanura Liiigappa-Hebbaruvana pautra Nafijappa-Hebba- 
ruvana putran ada Kappayyanu i-tatha-tithi-punya-kaladalli namma-pitrigalige 
akshaya-punya-lokavaptiy agaliy endu tri-vachaka-tri-karana-suddhiyagi sa- 
hiranyodaka-purvakavagi svamiyavara divya-sri-charanaravindahgalige deva- 
sthanada Rayasada-Appajayyana kaiyalli bareyisi samarppisida pudivattina 
binnavattale || int appadakke dharma-sakshigalu 

aditya-chandrav anil6'nalas cha dyaur bhumir apo hridayam manas cha | 

ahas cha ratris cha ubhe cha sandhye dharmas cha janati narasya vrittam n 

dana-palanayor madhye danach-chhrey6'nupalanam | 

danat svargam avapn6ti palanad a-chyutam padaih || 
i-sevege svamige i-vura kandacharada ranuveyavaru jana-vondakke vondu-hana- 
mereyallu bittiruva hanadalli tavagi voppi kottiruvanthadu prati-varshavu guta 
ga 10 hattu-varaha 

Belur Taluq. 123 

ekaiva bhagini loke sarvesham eva bhiibhujam | 
na bhojya na kara-grahya vipra-datta vasundhara n 
sva-dattad dvi-gunam punyam para-dattanupalanam | 
para-dattapaharena sva-dattan nishphalam bhavet || 
sri sri sri 


In the enclosure of the same tftiple, on a pillar near the Eni-Ranganatha temple. 

Svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusa 1510 sandu vartamana- 
Sarvadhari-samvatsarada Vaisakha-su 1 lu srimatu Sriranganatha-svamiya 
mantapavanu Hiriya-Raghunathayanavarigu Pedammanavarige punya-lokav 
agabek endu Krishnapa-Nayak-ayanavarige dharma-kirtiy ugabekendu Tiru- 
vengalayanavaru katisida mantapada dharma-shasanake subhamastu | mangalam 
aha sri sri sri sri 


On the north base of the same temple. 
Subham astu ( svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Srdivuhana-saka-varusha 1486 neya 
Krodhana-sanivatsarada Asvija-su 5 lu srimatu-Belura-Chennigarfiyana sanni- 
dhiyalli nama-smarane-madikondu yahudake Tirukoyilura Yembiramanara- 
Jiyara sishyaru Alahi-Manavalayage Chatada Rama[n]ji-kutake Belftra Hiriya- 

Nambira Lakshmanayyana karttu Chennarayago saluva kanachi-volage 

are-harivana-prasadavanu ga 25 varahago bhogyadhiyagi Tigulanyada. .rivatti- 
na Timmappa-Nayakana maga Hadapada Meriha-Nuyakagfi Nammiya Era- 
Krishnappa-Nayakarigu namma tande-tayagu tanna madavaligo Chavayagu 
punyav agabek endu bhogyadhi madi kotta Chatada Rama[ii]ji-k£lta-samaya- 

dharmavanu nanna Hadapada Yerapa-Nayakaru madida Cbitada 

Ramaiiji-kiitada dharmmakke ar obbaru tappidare tamma tande-tayi-govu- 
Brahmana. . . Kasi-kshotradalli vadhisida papakke hoguvaru 

(on anothor stonc) 

tapado nadasuvadu yidu dharmmava kalanjiyagi | 


On the south base of the same temple. 
Belavadiya Gaddada Jannappa-Hebbaruvara maga Narasihyanu svamiya 
padava seveya madikondu yi. . .ne.u 


At foot of apsara images on the pillars of the same temple — 3rd image. 
Sri riivari Chikka-Hampa madida puttali n 


124 Belur Taluq. 


At foot of the 5th image. 
Balligrameya riivari Dasoja biruda-ruvari-gondala badiva 


At foot of the 6th image. 
Svasti srimatu Balligrameya ruvari Dasojana putra Chavana madida puttali 
machchharipa-biruda-ruvari-Madana-Mahesa Kesava-Deva madisida besa || 


At foot of the 7th image. 
Balligrameya ruvari Dasojana besa n 


At foot of the 9th image. 
Balligrameya ruvari Dasojanu madida salabandike || 


At foot of the lOth image. 
Machchharipa-biruda-ruvari-giri-vajra-danda rftvari Malliyanana puttali n 


At foot of the llth image. 
Kesava-Deva madisida basa svasti srimatu Balligrameya Dasojana putra 
Chavana geyida. .besa biruda-ruvari-Madana-Mahesa 


At foot of the 12th image. 
Svasti sri maha-mandalesvara Tribhuvana-malla Talakadu-gonda bhuja-bala- 
Vira-Ganga-Hosala-Devara vidyavanta ruvari-puli machcharipa-Kumara- 
Machari-giri-vajra-danda n 


At foot of the 16th image. 
Sotti srimatu Paissananar idda vadara depa ruvari dibhan abhaya . . . Biran 
idam chaida | 


At foot of the 17th image. 
Svasti srimatu nalvatu badada Chalojana aliya ruvari . . birudara . . . . gondala 
badida n 

Belur Taluq. 125 


At foot of the 21st image. 
Svasti srimatu nalvattu bacla Vadojana aliya biruda-riivarigala ganda-gattari 
Padari Malloja geyda puttali. . 


At foot of the 22nd image. 
Svasti srimatu ruvariha poge manadalu machchharipara ganda dombaruvati- 
yembana bayalu Biranava bettuva 


At foot of the 27th image. 
Ruvari Dasojana putra Chavanana besa 


At foot of the 31st image. 
Macharipa-biruda-riivari-giri-vajra-danda ruvari Mayina 


At foot of the 32nd image. 
Ruvari Kencha-Malliyannana hasta-kusalatike 


At foot of the 33rd image. 
Rftvari Yallannana putra Masada 


At foot of the 35th image. 

50 ' 

At foot of the 36th image. 
Srimatu Poysala Bitti-Devana Vijaya-Narayana-Devara mantapada salabandike 

madida binnani | srimatu Tribhuvana-malla-Devarabinnani Inejana 

putra Bikkahappa madida manada-maehcharipa-ruvarigala ganda n 


At foot of the 37th image. 
Srimatu Gadugina Svayambhu Trikatesvara-devara vidyamanta sujana-jana- 
mano-ranjana Sarasvati-padambhoja ruvriri-jagad-ala Katojana putra Nagojana 
hasta-kausala mangalam aha sri 

126 Belm Taluq. 


At the same temple, on the Praudharaya pillar in the sukanasi. 

Namas tasmai Varahaya lilayoddhriyate mahi | 

khura-madhya-gato yasya Meruh kana-kanayate n 
svasti sri jayabhyudaya-saka-varsha 1304 neya Durmmati-samvatsarada dvitiya- 
Vaisakha-su 15 So | sri-rajadhiraja paramesvaraiii sri-vira-Harihara-Rayana 
nirupadim srimau-maha-pradhani-Kampannangaln Belura sri-Chenna-Kesava- 
natha-devara sukanasikeya matsa-kallugala jirnnakke kotta ukkandada nalku- 
kambhavanu nilsi jirnnavan udharisidanu || 

pradane ya[t] phalam proktam sahayye dvi-gunam tu tat | 

pradane tv aiiga-vaikalyaih sahayye tan na vidyate || 


At the same temple, on a pillar in front of the Narasimha temple 
in the east doorway. 

A A 

Svasti sri Saka-varusa 1199 neya Isvara-samvatsarada Jyeshta-su 5 A srimanu- 
maha-pasayitarum appa Gopala-Devannanavara balu-manusya Beluhura 
adhikari Vithanna-Gopannangalu yatigala bhikshegosugam Kamalanabha-tirt- 
tharige a-Vithanna kotta ga 2 pa 5 Gopanna kotta ga 2 pa 5 Perumale- 
dannayakara aliya Madanna kotta ga 4 Krishnayya kotta ga 1 aliya-Varadayya 
ga 1 antu gadyana hannondakarii prasada dina-prati ba 3 vanu salisuvadu 
Kamalanabha-tirtharu stalantarake hodade desantragalige bali nadeyagi 
nadasuvaru yi-dhammada honnu Srivaishnavara vasa ga 5 mahajanagala 
vasa ga 6 yi-honnina prasada yatigaliddade yatigalige saluvudu yatigal 
illadiddade pravasi-Brahmanarige bali nadeyagi saluvudu 


At the same temple, on a Ist pillar to the right of the south doorway. 
Svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Saka-varusa 1347neyaParabhava-samvatsarada Phalgu- 


na-su 1 Bri sri-Chenna-Kesava-natha-devarige srimann-Aluva-pura-varadhisvara 
mandalika Somanatha Birumann-arasarada . . . leru tota-kshetrada Balunayada 
horahina chatus-simeyolage nadasuva bhattada mude 100 aksharadalu nuru- 
mude-bhattavanu vondu-vatsarakke madida dharmma yi-neyivedyakke vo . . 
adanige 1 mari . . 1 kkam mangalam aha sri sri sri sri 


On a 2nd pillar. 
Svasti sri jayabhyudaya-saka-varusha 1328neya Parthiva-sarhvatsarada Kartika- 
su 13 Bu sriman-maha-rajadhiraja-raja-paramesvara sri-vira vi, . .na pratapa- 

Beliir Taluq. 127 

Bukka-maha-rayara maneya-pradhana Atreya-gotrada Rukku-sakheya Hegga- 
ppagalu Vithannagala maga Rohini-nakshatra Vrishabha-rasiya Mallarsaru 
sriman-maha-sthanam srimad-dakshina-Varanasiyada Velapurada sri-Chenna- 
Kesava-natha-devarige samarpisida chinna-todahada dhavala-saiikhakke manga- 
lam aha sri sri sri 


On a 3rd pillar. 

svasti sri jayabhyudaya varsha 1440 sand varttaraa 

. .su 12 Sthiravaradan rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara Deva- 

maharayara maga Singappa-Nayaka Ramappannana 

. .ya sri-Channi-Kesava-natha-devari 


On the inner wall of the treasury of the same temple. 
Srimat-trailokya-pujyfiya sarvva-karmma-su-suksbine | 
phaladaya namo nityaiii Kesavaya Sivaya cha i 
SrisOdarambuja-bhavad udit6'trir Atri- 
jatendu-putra-Budha-putra-Pururavastah | 
Ayus tatas cha Nahusho Nahushad Yayatis | 
tasmad Yadur yYadu-kule bahavO babhCivuh n 
khyateshu teshu nripatih kathitah kaduchit | 
ka.schid vane muni-varena Salah karalaiii | 
sarddulakam pratihi Poysala ity ato' bhiit | 
tasyabhidha muni.vacho'pi chamiiru-lakshma n 
tato Dvaravati-nathah Poysala dvipi-lanchchhanah | 
jatas Sasapure teshu Vinayaditya-bhupatih || 
raandaliigra-samutpanna-tejasa dvid-balabdhayah | 
akrishya jivanam tena nissesham soshita bhuvi || 
pritim sa sva-karena visva-bhuvanasyotpadayan chandravat 
bhitim vairi-kuleshu danda-mukhatas sampadayan Dharmmavat | 
sphitim sadhu-jane nijavataranad aropayan Krishnavach 
chakre suklataraih varo nija-yasas-chakrena chakraih bhuvah \\ 
sa sri-vriddhikaram karaiii jana-hitaih kritva dharam pjllayan 
sveta-chchhatra-sahasra-patra-kamale Lakshmim chiram vasayan | 
dOr-ddande ripu-khandanaika-chature vira-sriyam natayan 
chikshepakhila-dikshu sikshita-ripus tejah prasastodayah n 
Koiikanigar ivana khadgada | 
kankanav ade namman elavo mulugisug enutum | 
bhOnkal kedaruvinara nis- | 
saiikam pariyittan alte Vinayadityam || 

128 Belur Taluq. 

maley-arasu-makkal ellaih i 

taleyaih tadevuttam erddu padambujamam | 

taleyol talevinegam bhuja- \ 

balamaih taled-irppan alte Vinayadityam || 

yuga-samartthyade munnaih | 

Nriga-Nahushadigalol ada gunav eih gunam§ | 

migal arttaih gunadim Kali- | 

yuga-samartthyamuman aledu Vinayadityam n 

lekheva veleva su-mekhaleva 

sudhaihsu-bimbasya sudhamburaseh | 

surachalasyabhavad agra-bhama 

tasya priya sri-Kelayabba-nama || 

Gahga-payodhyor iva punya-hetuh 

sahgas tayor apy abhavat su-hetuh | 

putras tato'bhud Eragahga-nama 

sima guna-grama-bhritaih prasiddhah n 

kripaya cha kripanena praja bhumes cha kantakan | 

rakshan Dharmma-suto jatah kshatra-dharmma-suta-priyah n 

sas Sri-vallabha-pada-pallava-luthach-chetar-prasunas sada 

vakshas-Sri-nayana-prabha-dhavalite dor-danda-vajralaye | 

bibhrano dharaniiii kakup-jaya-bhara-prasphara-bheri-ravad 

gotrorvvidhara-supta-simha-hridaya-sphotarh chakara sphutam n 

Dharadharo bhuja-balavatam Malavadhisvaranam 

Bhojenaujo-vijita-ripuna varddhita ya prasiddha | 

sabhud aposanam ahita-bhu-bhojane yasya purvvaih 

Kauberasa-vijaya-samaye varnyate kiih sa virah || 

poge pokk asadhipar kkangalan orasuvinarii dig-gajapandu-dantam i 

poge suttal kagge-kondippinam apaghanam agirda rodontaralam | 

pogeyindam megha-brindanvitam enisuvinam tibra-tejonalam kai- | 

miguvannam Poysalarh Bhojana kurupina durggahgalam kude suttam || 

nija-sena-dhuliyim chaukada kilig ilad a-bettugal kude megha- | 

vrajadiih puldirduv embantire naded adatim kond avam suttu dhuma- | 

dhvajamaih Bhoja-pranasodayaman odavisal Poysalam chakri jaitra- l 

dhvajamaih ragotkatam kattidan ene perar ar vvirar a-dhiranindaih || 

kare vididu Baleyavattana- | m urivuduv Eregahga-nripana kopanalanirii 

smariyisidudu Eama-sara- i sphuritagniyan abdhi-vichi-nichayachakitam || 

inan orvvarii poragagi pel puduve tejaih kshatriyahg Arkka-na- | 

ndanan orvvaih poragagi pel puduve danaih bhubhujahg Abjaga- | 

rbbhanum orvvaih poragagi pel puduve chaturyyam nripahg endu me- | 

chchan ivarii mattina-bhuparaih nripa-varaih sri-rupa-Narayana i) 

Belur Taluq. 129 

a-narapatig ambhodhig a- | niina-gahhirateye samanisirppant ire san- | 
manini Yechala-Devi ma- i nO-nayana-priti samanisal samanisidal n 
moga-siri Lakshmige Vag-de- j vige buddhi nijesvarange hita-siddhiy enal | 
sogayisire rupu mati ka- | ryya-gati bedang amardud a-maha-satig entum || 
ubhaya-kula-suddhey enip a- i subha-lakshanegarh su-charita-charitan enipp a- 1 
prabhugam muvar ttaneyar i subhagar bBaUala-Vishnu-Vudayadityar u 
Yadava-vamsa-kalpa-lateyol phalam appa vol agi me- | 
lada 1 

. . . .var prabhriteyol migiliidavar adm appuvar n 

sruti-kathita-pathadol amard ire | 

gatigal suddhatma-tatvadol nimird ire san- | 

matigal punyatmar avar | 

stutigam rajyakkam oppe bhajanam adar n 

madadin idirada Pandyana | 

madamaiii nija-khalga-balade kachchiye kaled 6- | 

vade rajya-lakshmiyaiii kond | 

adatar kkevalame Vishnu-Ballala-nripar n 

Dorasamudradalli Jagadevana seneyan ikki tamma tol | 

vira.samudram age jaya-lakshmigo tad-gaja-vaktra-rakta-ka- i 

smira-vilepamaiii norapi tat-padakam beras eyde kondu bhan- | 

daraman a-nripar taleda viraman hxo gabhiram ennadar )i 

paramaradhyam Mahesam kula-vadhu vijaya-sri nelarii poshya-varggarii 

doregal vaivaha-sambandhigal one negard a-ra,yar ambhojajando- j 

daradol tengaya nir ant ire tilida jasarii tanna bhandaram agutt- l 

ire Ballalavanisam pogale jagam asesharii mahatvakke u6ntan*i n 

jayati dharani-lokottariisitatmiya-padah 

chatura-vibudha-goshthi-praudha-vani-vinodah | 


vipula-vijaya-lakshmi-vallabhO Vishnu-Devah n 

nigudha-mantranga-padO balanvitas 

svabhava-Saundira-kathOra-karpparah | 

bibhartti bhti-bharam a-tuchchha-kachchhapas 

tadiya-bahur gghana-khadga-kandharah n 

yad-adhvarad uddhata-dhuma-sarichayad 

ghanibhavan-mugha-chaye charan gajah | 

SatakratOh karshnyam upetya jayate 

bhayaya dhanyo nripatis sa bhutale n 

sada niyOgah PurushOttamarchchane 

dharavane dana-chaye phala-prade | 

karasya chitrarii nripates sa-karmmanah 

kathOra-marggO mriduta cha drisyate n 


130 Belur Taluq. 

bhu-simachala-chakra-purnna-yasasa sampiirnna-bimbodayah 

Vishnuh khe-charam indum ena-tilakam sarddula-sal-lanchhanah | 

tejas-tibrataropy apurvva-himakrit purvvam hasan sarvvada 

eka-sthana-sikhamaniih vijayate lokaika-chudamanih n 

nitir yyat-pratiharyye charati niyamatah kala eva sva-kritye 

dhritva yat-khadgam ugram kshanam api na-chala varttate vira-lakshmih | 

yasya svetatapatra-chhavi-pihita-vapur bbhu[r] bhuje svastham aste 

sa sriman pada-pithikrita-ripu-makuto bhasate Vishnu-Devah n 

Vishnau paschima-dig-jaya-prachalite kim varnnyate tad-balaih 

pite yad-rajasa ripum mrilayate va magnam abdher jjale i 

nissesham mukha-sosham etya badavagnau nirprabhe sa-prabham 

datum ratnam upayanam jaladhipo drishto hatad Vishnave n 

modalol Poysala-rajya-lakshmiy odavam tol-valpinim taldi tann | 

udayam raiijise tanna balp odave tann arpp ere tann ajiie mi- | 

re disa-chakraman otti-kondu Talakadam Ganga-rajyakke tam | 

modal adam Yadu-vaihsa-varddhanakaram sri-Vishnu-bhupalakam n 

pingade tolol korvvi ma- i 

laiigire jaya-lakshmi lakshmi varddhise suttaih | 

Gahgara kurupina puramam i 

tuhga-balarii Vishnuv emba Bhuja-bala-Gahga n 

ele Kaveriya vari kude polas adatt endu pevaysutum | 

keladol kupa-jalasiy appinegam a-Rajendra-Cholam bhuja- i 

baladim Vishnu tadiya-seneya penahgal tan-nadi-puradol | 

kalasal vikrama-keliyaiii meradan aty-ugra-pratapodayam (| 

Dhanadam dakshina-vayuv eke tadedatto tidit ill ennuv emb- | 

inegarii vairi-karoti-koti-mukha-nasa-raudhradol mandra-ni- | 

svanam unmal Malayanilarii sulidu kala-kshepamarii Vishnu-bhu- | 

pana jaitrorvvareyalli maduvudu Kaveri-nadi-tiradol n 

saran enn enn isanarii varidhiyol akata Mainaka nir-vvakki-vol po- | 

kk iraveda Vajrig inn anjad ir adhika-balarii kadapam niunan end a- | 

daradim bhitadriyam tannaya-vimala-yaso-lakshmi karunyadindarii | 

karevant ambhodhiyarii porddire sogayisidarii jishnu-Vishnu-kshitisarii n 

saranehg a-chandranirii chandanadin atisayarii sitalarii nirmmalam ma- | 

chcharavehg a-Rudran udrekade kedaripan and undudarii nahjan embant | 

ire torkkurii tanna kaypam maleyad ari-nriparh kange men kadug enturii i 

piriyarii pel manbane torade nija-gunamarii jishnu-Vishnu-kshitisarii || 

ravi tejo-lateyol podalda palav emb ant ippinarii purnna-bim- i 

bavan ull indu yaso-visala-lateyol pu-gohchalant irppinarii | 

dhavala-chchhatrada tanpu bhumig amard ippant irppinarii kshatra-dha- | 

rmma-vidambaih pogalvahg alumbav enisitt i-Vishnu-bhupalanol || 

ivan-i-daksbina-bahu-dandadol odambuttagi torirppa ma- | 

Belur Taluq. 131 

ttevol ayt adi-Varahan ettida dharitri-mandalam tejadin- | 
dav arald ambujadantir ambaradol irddatt ushna-rug-mandalaih | 
savane sahasadol Naladi-narapalar vVishnu-bhiipalanol n 
Javanum tannaya ganda-lachchanav euipp a-miseyaih tirddal an- ! 
juviuam kauduguv endu kal-ugurgal anamrarigal suyyal afi- | 
juvinam tejada sohkinindav eme sig end uddhatar nnodal aii- | 
juvinam vikrama-vibhramarii sogayisitt i-Viahnu-bhiipfilanol || 
desegalan otti konda dhanadindam ivam sale maduv adhvara- | 
prasaradol aiijutum havige niduva Sakrana kayya kampamuiii [ 
pasaripa dhuma-sanchayade kadige-golva sarojajandamum | 
besagoja veda Vishnu purushottaman end ivu tave pelave || 
padulaih nind antuv intum nimirva nehake ber irppavol irppa tol so- | 
rkkada vira-srige sorkk er eseva masakamam petta bal dig-gajani- ( 
kada meyyum sayyumam bechchanipa bisiya tejam podalvippinam kor- | 
vvida-rajya-sriyum ayuih tanage dridhav enal Vishnu rocliishnv adam n 
jalanidhiyam kesar mmasage kude kalahkuva badavagniyaiii | 
taladolag irddal age posed ikkuva Seshana kantha-nala sa | 

namul endu mulirppa podarppan avagaih i 

raulidade torugum vijaya-varddhanan i-kali-Vishnuvarddhanara n 
mudrisal Adiraja-charitaugalan atma-charitram avagarh i 
mudrisal ajhe bhutalaman uddhatar-appara ganda-garvvamam | 
mudriso tola-bala-balam ujvala-kirtti jagahgal ellamaih | 
mudriso pempe mudre tanag ag iro Vishnu samudran oppuvam n 
sthirane kaiyole dhatriyaih nilisidam tejasviye vahniyarii | 
koragirppaih kudal-arppane Kauaka-Hailaih duravagirddu ni- | 
ttarisutt eih suchiye nirikshisidavar nnir-papigal chalvane | 
Haranarii mohisal arppan entuv adhikaih sri-Vishnu-bhupalakaih || 
balasuttuih kirtti suttuih sulidu sulidu terkkays iral kude ^esho- | 
jvala-kiiyarii tivid a-peligevol ire sarojatajandarii dharitri- | 
talam ellaiu tanna dirgghayuvano parasi patt elvinaih kshatra-dharnimo- | 
jvala-harmyottuuga-srihgarppita-mani-kalasaih Vishnu pettaih bedahgaih n 
svasti samadhigata-pahcha-mahri-sabda maha-mandalesvaranuih | Dvaravati- 
pura-varesvaranuih i Yadu-kula-kalasa-kalita-nripa-dharmma-harmmya-mula- 
stambhanuih | a-pratihata-pratapa-vidita-vijayarambhanurii | Vasantika-devi-Ia- 
bdha-vara-prasadanurii | sriman-Mukunda-padaravinda-vandana-vinodanuih i a- 
kshunna-Lakshmi-Iakshita-vakshah-pradesanuih | pratidinopachiyamana-punya- 
pravesanuih | vinamad-ahita-bhaya-chakita-mukha-bimbavalamba-sphatika-pada- 
pitha-vinyasta-pada-talanuih | svetatapatra-sitalikrita-bhutalanurii | sneha-nihita- 
raja-Iakshmi-kataksha-chchhatayamana-dhavala-chamararuhopavijyamananuih | 
saudira-sarasa-vira-kathakarnnanottirnna-harsha-pulaka-santananurii | ripu- 
vijaya- vidita- vividha-ratna -khachita-karnna-kundala-prabha-maudala-sthagita- 


132 Belur Taluq. 

ganda-mandalanum | anuna-vibhavalokanagamanotkanthitAkhandalanum | vika- 
keyura-kirttimukhanum | mridu-madhura-vachana-milita-manda-smita-sudha- 
rasa-syandi-vadana-vidhu-bimba-prasada-sakhanuih | bahu-samara-labdha-vija- 
yarudha-vikramatikarkkasa-bhuja-yugalanuih | bhata-kataka-bhujatanotkantha- 
vijaya-lakshmi-dridhikarana - nihita-khadga - nigalanura l sevagamana- samaya- 
sa-mada - kamini - kadamba - chalana - chala - siiijini - saiijata-manju-nadodbuddha- 
kusuma-bali-sabala-madhukara-nikara-jhankara-mukharitasthana-ranganum | 
niti-nitambini-hridaya-nihita-gabhirantaranganumi vira-lakshmi-vihara-saphala- 
sastra-nandanabhiramanum | saranagata-kubhrit-kula-niyukta-kshemanum ( 
sangita-prasanga-bhaugi-saiigata-chatura-Bharatanum | tarkka - vidya-visarada- 
vichara-niratanuih | sabda-vidya-samagra-lakshana-su-sikshanum | veda-vidya-, 
pariksha-dakshanum | sakala-purana-puiijitarttha-ratna-kdsanum | purusha- 
rttha-sarttha-miila-satya-mani-bhushanum | kavitva-tatva-nisita-buddhiyum | 
a-vandhya-mantra-siddhiyum | lokalokana-srikarakaranuih | satva-samutpanna- 
sobhadi-gunadharanum | Kambhoja- vaji-raji-sancharana-tarala-dharani-valaya- 
nuih I vijaya-kadalika-kadamba-chumbita-viyad-valayanurh i gajaraja-ganda- 
vijaya-dindimayamanoddamara-madhukara-patala-ghatita-pifichhatapatranum | 
para-vadhu-putranuiii | karala-karavrda-sarddula-nirddhuta-mandalika-mriga- 
yiithanurii i Gandagiri-nathanum | Pandya-ganda-saila-nirbhedana-kala-dam- 
bholiyum | Tulu-nripala-hridaya-vidalana-prakata-rana-keliyuih | Jagaddeva- 
bala-vilaya - Bhairavanum | Somesvara - prachanda - vedanda - kabalana - prabala- 
kanthiravanum | Chakrakuta-pitha-Manikya-devi-samaksha-laksha-samaratopa- 
nurii I Adiyamavalepa-lopa-nipuna-chapanuih ! Narasirhhabrahma-bhuja-bhanja- 
na-prabhaiijananum | Kalapala-kapala-chashaka-sonitapana-tushta-yogini-mano- 
rafijaDanum | Chehgiri-bhujahga-bhahgakara-khadga-khaga-rajanurh | malaraja- 
rajanurii | Iruhgola-kunta-kadala-vana-vidalana-karala-sundalanurii | bala-pado- 
ddhuta-dhuli-dhusarita-dikpalanurii i Chehgiri-Perramala-kutkila-chalana- 
chatura-chapa - Vainyanuih l Patti - Permmala - pratishthanushthitatma - sainya- 
nuih 1 atmikrita-Talavana-puranuih i ahgikrita-Konga-vishayanurh i avalambita- 
Nolambavadiyurii | durikritari-vargganuih | urikrita-Nila-parvvatanurh | urari- 
krita-Kolala-puranuiii | unmulita-Kovaturanaih | uttaralita-Teriyuranurii | uU- 
ahghita-Vallhranuih I udghatita-Nahgali-puranuih | utpatita-Ghatta-kapatanuihl 
utkampita-Kahchi-puranuih i uddandita-prachanda-tejanuih j uttambhita-kirtti- 
dhvajanuih | ujjrimbhita-vijaya-blieri-ravanuih j bhuja-balavashtambha-sambhu- 
ta-vitta-virachita-vichitra-Vijaya-Narayanottuhga-bhavananuih | vira-vitarana- 
vilasa-kulabhimana-nuti-mukhara-sakala-bhuvananurii | kaya-kanti-parihasita- 
kahchananurii | sarddula-lahchhananurii j Padma-sadma-tapar-puta-Veda-parvva- 
tadhisvaranurii j raja-samaja-bhasvaranuih [ yasar-prasara-paripurnna-padma- 
jandanuih | maleparol gandanum ] Kaveri-tira-vana-vihara-mada-maralanuih i su- 
bhata-samara-keli-lolanurh l lokopakara-parayananuih | Vijaya-Narayananurii | 

Beliir Taluq. 133 

alim munn irivanumj sauryyamaiii merevanum enisida srimat-Tribhuvana-malla- 
bhuja-bala-Vira-Ganga-Vishnuvarddhana-Poysala-Devar mudal Nangaliya Padi- 
ya-ghattarh tehkal Kohgu Cheram Anamale paduval Kohkanada Barakanura-gha- 
ttav adiyagi baclagal Savimaleyind olagada bhumiyam bhuja-balavashtambhadirii 
paripalisuttarii || 

svasti samasta - mahgalabhyudaya - kara - lakshanabhirameyurii | 
saubhagya-simeyurii | Balipura-vara-kshira-varasi-jauita-Kamaleyurii | visuddha- 
chara-vimaleyurii | srimad-Dharmmesvara-deva-labdha-vara-prasadeyurii | Isa- 
pura-rachita-Ramesvara-prasadeyurii i Vishnuvarddhana-mano-raga-sagarabhi- 
varddhana-chandra-lekheyurii | parivara-phalita-kalpa-kuja-sakheyurii | sad- 
arttha-sarasa-samayochita-vachana-madhura-rasa-.syandi-vadanriravindcyurii | 
garbbha-vasundhareyuih | lavanya-sindhu-vela - lih\yaraana - kekarati - baudhure- 
yurii I Bharatagama-bhavana-nihita-mahaniya-mati-pradipoyura | vinaya-vina- 
mad-vilasini-kadamba-lambalakularaba-charana-nakha-kirana-kahipeyurii i daya- 
rasamritapurnna-vadana-vidhu-birabeyurii | anuna-danabhiraanavalarabeyurii | 
vichitra-narttana-pravarttana-patra-sikhamaniyurii | sakala-samaya-raksha- 
maniyum i sahgita-sahagata-Sarasvatiyuih i pati-vinayaviditarundhatiyurii i sauti- 
gandha-hastiyurii | ity-adi-namavali-prasasteyum enisida srimat-piriy-arasi patta- 
maha-devi-Santala-Deviyar-vverasu sriman-raaha-pattanarii Velapurada nelevidi- 
nol srimad-Vishnuvarddhana-Poysala-Devar sukba-sahkatha-vinodadirii rajyarii 
geyyuttam irddu || 

Narayanaya namah || svasti samasta-mangalabhyudayakara- 
lakshana-lakshitaraurii | sabda-vidyeyante sutrji-mukha-siddhamum | sruti- 
kadambadante pada-kramanuviddhamurii | Trivikramavataradantire upakrama- 
pravriddhamurii i Chaturmmukhanante kamalodbhavamurii | Sasi-khanda-manda- 
nanante sila-putrikajahkritaraurii i Satakratuvinante nayanabhiramaraurii | 
kula-giriyante dridha-raula-bandhamurii | jalasayadante kumudollasiyurii | Meru- 
giriyaute bahu-kanaka-ghatitaraurii | Ilara-giriyante vrisha-padahkitarauih | 
guru-varanam agiyurii tarao-gunam alladeyurii | stambha-sambhritam agiyurii 
rajo-gunam alladeyurii | harshotkarshakariy agiyurii satva-gunam alladeyurii | 
sirhha-gajavaliyan ulladagiyurh gahanam alladeyum | jalanidhiyante gabhiran- 
taraugamuih | Kanakasikhariyante dhriva-gati-niratamurii | chandra-mandalad- 
ante sudhuvalambiyurii | ravi-mandaladanto viyat-patha-varttiyum i gagana- 
mandaladante bha-gana-sahkrantamurii | bahu-kuta-koti-ghatita-kalasa-vilasita- 
murii I bahu-bhiimikodbhasita-sri-mukha-dvaramurii | uttambhita-dhvaja-pata- 
palla . . . manii-gagana-valayarauriil dhara-bhara-dhira-Nfiga-raja-hridaya-darsita- 

gurutvamurii | labdha-mahatva m appa sriman-maha-prasadadole || 

Narayanaya namah || svasti samasta-jagad-udayakara-chatura-Chaturunano- 

dbhiiti-puta-pundarika-dala-dhavalitodara kta-hala-mukha-samakrishta- 


134 Belur Taluq. 

nuih I amrita-mathana-samaya-samsikta-su-vyakta-bindu-brinda-tarakita-vikata- 

vaksbasthala-viya nija-khura-ghatita-bila-galita-sakala-jaladhi-jala- 

karddamita - patala - panka-keli- vilola-varaha - ru pa-hela - samuttalita - dharatala- 
num I jagat-kantakotkantha-Dasakantha-kantha-kanda-shanda-khandana-pra- 
chanda-kanda . . . samudbhuta-vijaya-vikhyata-Ramavataranumi dharani-bharava- 
tara-rachita-Pandavopakaranuih i Bali-kara- niyukta-dhara- pravarddhamana- 
Trivikramavatara-mita-dharani-raandalanum i ati-krura-danuja-vinasa-virachito- 
paya-rakshitAkhandalanum | surasura-karakrishyamana-Mandara-bhramana- 
garbbhikrita-sakala-satvanurii | a-jnata-paramarttha-svarupan agiyurii prakata- 
nurii I a-nikatikrita-nikatanurii | a-durikrita-duranurii | a-tungikrita-tunganum i 
a-sukshmikrita-sukshmanum | a-gahanikrita-gahananurii | anavanata-gabhira- 
nurii I a-vistaryyamana-vistirnnanurii i sakala-bhuvana-sampurnnanurii | sarii- 
sara-samuchita-tamas-patala-vighatana-pradipanum | Pararii-Brahma-svarupa- 
nurii I ati-prasanuanurii | Chennanuv enipa srimad-Vijaya-Narayana-devararii 
srimad-Vishnuvarddhana-Poysala-Devar ssad-bhaktiyirh su-pratishthitam madi 
Saka-varsha sasirada muvatt-ombhattaneya Hemalambi-sariivatsarada Chaitra- 
suddha-panchami-Vaddvara sri-Vijaya-Narayana-devara sri-Channa-Kesava- 
devara sri-Lakshmi-Narayana-devara nitya-naimittika-divyahga-bhoga tri-kala- 
kottana-volagada saraasta-vuligada jivita-varggakav agi sarvva-naraasya samasta- 

kanike sahita sri-padadalli dhara-purvvakarii raadida vritti Vela- 

pu rada bidu - chatus - sime- suhka - ponnaya - sahita Devalige - nad - Emmesandi- 
hanneradu | a-nadinda vura Basavanahalli | Kodagi-nada Barasi hanneradu | 
Nidugunda halligalu sahita | Abbidore | Tagare-nad eradu hasude halligalu 
sahita | Ballavi-nada Hadiyavolalu i Ativaligeya Manali-nada Morasu hanneradu | 
Nekku-nada Kesukodu halligalu sahita | Maise-nada Bedagere [ Asandi-nad 
eradurii Devanuru-chatus-sima-sahitarii tri-vikramarii madida divya-sri-pada- 
padmahgalige saraarppisidaru | iuitarinda mikka-dhanaraurii bhaktar-ayaraurii 
khanda-sphutita-jirnnoddharakkav ekadasavataran enisida sri-Vishnu- 
varddhana-Hoysala-Devaru n (usuai finai verses) 

deva-dravya-vinasena brahmasva-haranena cha | 

tad-dhanaih kula-nasaya bhaved atma-vadhaya cha || 
Narayanaya namah n 


At the bottom of the same stone. 
Svasti sriman-maha-mandalesvaraih Tribhuvana-mallan asahaya-sura nissahka- 
malla sri-Vishnuvarddhana-pratapa-Hoysal-Ballala-Devara besadihi sriman- 

Belur Taluq. 135 

maha-pradhanaiii heggade-Buchimayya Ancheyindam haduval ad elu-nadin- 
adhikaravam raaduvalliy u-nad-olagana sri-Vijaya-Narayana-devara hannerad- 
uralu halligalalurh kanikey ugrana paridhana bedungolu chahiya dayadere 
haduvara biravana nal-(t)ettu naluganti nallama dandaya tavudey-olagada 
samasta-kirukudav ellavam Saka-varsha 1095 neya Vijaya-samvatsarada 
dalu dhura-piirvvakam madi Ballala-Devam bittan a-chandrarkka-taraih-barahi 
dharmmakk aranum pratikular adavarige sri-Varanasiyal asahkhyav appa 
brahmanaruvam kavilegaluvarii prana-hani-madida dosha n 
dauad va palanad vapi danach-chhreyo'nupulanarii | 
danat svarggam avapnOti palanad a-chyutarii padarii n 
antu sri-Vijaya-Narayana-devarige japa-homa-nitya-seve-paruyanaiigalgav ugi 
sri-Kesavapurada bhattarkkalu nura-yippattakarii sarvva-namasyav agi divya- 
sannidhiyalu dhara-purvvakarii madi Herggara Devalige-nada Hiriya-Muguli- 
halligalu sahita Chikanahalliya kramadalu Subhapurada bhattarkkal ippatt- 
ondakkarii sarvva-namasyav ugi Benneyuru-halligalu suhitav i-sthalada sthrinika 
Srivaishnavaru muvattakkarii Tagare-nada Nittururii sarvva-namasyav int 
initurii sri-Kesava-devara divyabharanaii Hiriya-Muguliyirii sri-Vijaya-Nuruyana- 
devara vritti aydikka yalla kereyurii sarvamanya sri-Vijaya-Narayana-devara 
kilarake Maise-nuda Bauteyauahalliyaui sri-Vira-Ballala-Devaru sarvva- 
namasyav agi kottar n 


On a bronze lamp-stand in the same temple. 
Yuvd-sariivatsarada Margasira-ba 10 Marii sriman-maha-rajadhiraja raja-para- 
raesvara sri-vira-Harihara-Riiyara maneya pradhiini Gundapa-dannayakaru 
madisida kanchina kambha divige 1 kanchige ga 50 pala 4 (another side) Patanada 
kaiichagjira Mrirula-Nindojana mukalu Kuloja-Anakojagalu madiddu 


On a broDze lamp-stand in the treasury of the same temple. 
Yuva-sariivatsarada Marggasira ba 10 Marii srimau-maharrijadhiraja rSja-para- 
mesvara sri-vira-maha-Harihara-Rayara maneya srimanu maha-pradhanam 


In the same temple, on the kalasa of the vimana. 

(N&gart characterg) 

Svasti srtmat-Sakabde nidhi-gagana-guna-kshma-mite PrabhavadyS 
mase tat-purnnimayarii Harihara-nripatau Muddape mantri-varye | 
sasaty urvirii cha sarvarii Malagarasa-vibhu\i khyuta-Kasmira-vamsah 
prasadarii Kesavasya sphuta-ruchi-kalasenaiichayat kanchauena 1309 n 

136 Belur Taluq. 


Srimat-punye Sakabde graha-sara-rasa-bliu-sainmite Nala-naija- 
Jyeshte tat-krishna-panchamy-asama-Guru-dine Krishna-bhupe cha saumye | 
Nanjakhye rajiii sasaty akhila-bhuvam asau Veiikatakhyo nripalah 
prasadam Kesavasya sthira-kalasa-yutam karayamasa divyam 1659 || 


Srimad-ramye Sakabde naga-nidhi-rasa-bhu-ganyamane Jayakhye 
dvadasyaiii sukla-pakshe Nabhasi Guru-dine Chama-Raje nripale | 
sasaty urvirii Navaba-pravara-Bahadare Haidar-Aly-akhya-bhupe 
prasadarii Kesavasya sthira-kalasa-yutarii Nanjayaryo vyatanit 1697 n 


In the same temple, on a pillar of the ane-blgilu. 
(South face) Panchikesvara | Dhanu-parbba tiru-vete | satra | yati-bhikshe | vida- 
yatti I hariyanada baleyahaniju | bhaktar ikkisuva dande-vanamalegalu | int 
i-dharmmangal ella todu-vaddiyalli nadavant agi madida bija-vonnugalu 
hiriya-devalyada tenkana-bagila paduvana-godeyalli kula-sahita baradiddahavu i 
ivanu dharmmarii kedadahaiige nodi palisade iddavaru krura-narakagal 

anubhogisuvaru (usual final verse) 

sva-dattad dvi-gunam punyam purbba-dattanupalanam | 
purbba-dattapaharena sva-dattarii nishphalarii bhavet || 
mattarii sriman-maha-pradhanarii angarakka Someya-dannayakaru Kesava- 
nathange anga-bhoga amrita-padige bitta Sige-nada Settiayahalliya siddaya ga 
100 kkam braya kula-sahita baradi(du)hudu adanu braya pallatav agadahange 
nodi palisuvudu 


(East face) Guliyakereyalu Tiruverigada-dasaru Tanupole-Verigadayeya kayalu 
konda maneya chatus-sime Patayana Maleyavinnana maneyirii paduvalu raja- 
bidiyirii badagalu Yamme-Yallapana maneyirii niudalu koteyirii terikalu yint i- 
chatus-simeya mane padinentulula Srivaishnavarige Vithala-Deviyaru madida 


On a stone in the rig^ht corner outside the ane-bagilu of the same temple. 

Subham astu 

namas turiga-siras-chumbi | 

mula-stambhaya Sambhave n 

Belur Taluq. 137 

sri Jayabhyudaya Salivahana-saka-varu Bhadrapada-bahula 30 

11 u sriman-maharajadhi . . . .mani sri-vira-pratapa 

rajaraja-kula Anjaneya. . .akhila ambuja-nivasa kamala- 

lochana kamala-sambhava lapurada sri-Channa-Kesava-natha- 

devara divya-sri pada-padmaugala maharaya hadapada 

kumararu Singaiya dare tamma tande tamma 

tayi dharmmav agabekendu nu kattisi 

vijaya-dasami (rest gone) 


On the pedestal of an image in the mantapa to the west of the same temple. 

Srimanu Lokkigundiyara bhava balara-deva biruda-ruviiribha-kanthirava 

chatu. . .biruda-ruvari-gondala-badiva Kali-yuga-Visvakarmman emba ruvariyu 


On copper plates in the same temple. 

(1 6)Srimat-trail6kya-pajyriya sarvva-karmma-su-sakshine i 

phaladriya namo nityam Kesavaya Sivaya cha i 

Srisodarambuja-bhavad uditCtrir Atri- 

jatendu-putra-Budha-putra-Pururavastah | 

Ayus tatas cha NahushO Nahushad Yayatis | 

tasmad Yadur yYadu-kule YadavO babhuvuh n 

khyateshu teshu nripatih kathitah kadachit 

kaschid vane muni-varena Salah karalam | 

§arddulakam pratihi Poysala ity ato' bhiit 

tasyabhidha, muni-vacho'pi chamuru-lakshma(m) n 

tato Dvaravati-nathah Poysala dvipi-lanchchhanah | 

jatas Sasapure teshu Vinayaditya-bhupatih n 

mandalagra-samutpanna-tejasa dvid-balabdhayah | 

akrishya jivanam tena nissesham, soshita bhuvi(h) |i 

pritim sa sva-karena visva-bhuvanasyotpadayan chandravat 

bhitiiii vairi-kuleshu danda-mukhatas sampadayan Dharmmavat | 

sphitim sadhu-jane nijavataranad aropayan Krishnavach 

chakre suklataram varo nija-yasas-chakrena chakram bhuvah ii 

sa sri-vriddhikaram karam jana-hitarii kritva dharam palayan 

8veta-chchhatra-sahasra-(IIa)patra-kamale Lakshmim chiram vasayan | 

dor-ddande ripu-khandanaika-chature vira-sriyam nixtayan 

chikshepakhila-dikshu sikshita-ripus tejah prasastodayam || 


138 Belur Tatuq. 

Konkanigar ivana khadgada | 
kankanav idu namman elavo mulugisug enutam | 
bhonkal kedaruvinaih nis- | 
saiikam pariyittan alte Vinayadityam || 
lekheva veleva su-mekhaleva 
sudhamsu-bimbasya sudhamburaseh | 
surachalasyabhavad agra-bhama 
tasya priya sri-Kelayabba-nama(h) n 
Gaiiga-payodhyor iva punya-hetuh 
saiigas tayor apy abhavat su-hetuh | 
putras tat6'bhud Eragaiiga-nama 
sima guna-grama-bhritarh prasiddhah n 
Dharadharo bhuja-balavatam Malavadhisvaranaiii 
Bhojenaujo-vijita-ripuna varddhita ya prasiddha | 
sabhud aposanam ahita-bhu-bhojane yasya piirvvam 
Kauberasa-vijaya-samaye varnyate kirii sa virali || 

kare vididu Baleyavattana- i m urivuduv Ereyaiiga-nripana kopanalanirii | 
smariyisidudu Rama-sara- | sphuritagniyan abdhi-vichi-nichayachakitarii n 
a-narapatig ambhodhig a- | nuna-gahhirateye samanisirppant ire san- | 
manini Yechala-Devi^II J) ma- l no-uayana-priti samanisire samanisidal n 
ubhaya-kula-suddhey enip a- i subha-lakshanegarii su-charita-charitan enipp a- 
prabhugarii niuvar ttaneyar | subhagar vVallala-Vishnu-Vudayadityar || 
sruti-kathita-pathadol amard ire l 
gatigal suddhatma-tatvadolu nimird ire san- i 
matigal punyatmar avar | 
stutigaiii rajyakkam oppe bhajanam adar |i 
jayati dharani-lokottariisitatmiya-padah 
chatura-vibudha-goshthi-praudha-vani-vinodas | 
vipula-vijaya-lakshmi-vallabho Vishnu-Devah n 
nigudha-mantraiiga-pado balanvitah 
svabhava-sau[n]dira-kath6ra-karpparah | 
bibhartti bharanata-tuchchha-kachchhapas 
tadiya-bahur gghana-khadga-kandharah n 
yad-adhvarad uddhata-dhuma-sanchayad 
ghanibhavan-megha-chaye charan gajah | 
Satakrat6h karshnyam upetya jayate 
bhayaya dhanyo nripatis sa bhutale || 
sada niyogah Purushottamarchchane 
dharlivane dana-chaye phala-prade | 
• karasya chitrarii nripates sa-karmmanah 
kath6ra-margg6 mriduta cha drisyate || 



80X0 2i5 


Belur Taluq. 139 

raodalol Poysala-rajya-lakshmiy-odavam tol-valpinim taldi tann | 
udayam ranjise tanna ba(III a)lp odave tann arpp ere tann ajne mi- | 
re disa-chakraman otti-kondu Talakadam Ganga-rajyakke tam i 
modal adam Yadu-vamsa-varddhanakaram sri-Vishnu-bhupalaka[m] n 
pingade tolol korvvi nia- | 

langire jaya-lakshmi lakshnii varddhise suttarh [ 
Gahgara kurupina puramam | 
tuhga-balam Vishnuv emba Bhuja-bala-Gahga n 
svasti samadhigata-pahcha-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvaranu | Dvaravati- 
pura-varesvaranu | Yadu-kula-kalasa-kalita-nripa-dharmma-harmmya-mula- 
stambhanu | apratihata-pratapa-vidita-vijayarambhanu | Vasantikri-devi-la- 
bdha-vara-prasadanu | sriman-Mukunda-padaravinda-vandana-vinodanu | a- 
kshunna-Lakshrai-lakshita-vakshah-pradesanuih | pratidinopachiyamana-punya- 
pravesanu | vinamad-ahita-bhaya-chakita-mukha-bimbavalamba-sphatika-pada- 
pitha-vinyasta-pada-talanu | svetatapatra-sitalikrita-bhutalanu | sneha-nihita- 
raja-lakshmi-kataksha-chchhatayamana-dhavala - chamararuhopavijyamananu | 
saudira-sarasa-vira-kathakarnnanottirnna-harsha-pulaka-santananuiii | ripu- 
ganda-mandalanum | anuna-vibhavalokanagamanotkanthitAkhandalanum | vika- 
keyura-kirttimukhanum | raridu-madhura-vachana-manda-smita-sudha-(III h) 
rasa-syandi-vadana-vidhu-bimba-prasada-sakhanura i bahu-samara-labdha-vija- 
yarudha-vikramritikarkkasa-biiuja-yugalanu | bhata-kataka-bhujatanotkantha- 
vijaya-lakshmi-dridhikarana-khadga-nigalanu | sevagamana-samaya-kamini- 
madhukara-nikara-jhahkara-mukhaiitasthana-rahganu | niti-nitambini-hridaya- 
gabhirantarahganu | vira-lakshmi-vihara-sastra-nandanabhiramanu | sarana- 
gata-kubhrit-kula-niyukta-kshemanum [ saugita-prasahga-bhahgi-sahgata- 
cliatura-Bharatanura | tarkka-vidya,-vichara-niratanuih | sabda-vidya-samagra- 
lakshana-su-sikshanura | veda-vidya-pariksha-dakslianum | sakala-purana-puhji- 
tarttha-ratna-kosanum | Kambhoja-vaji-raji-sancharana-tarala-dharani-valaya- 
numl vijaya-kadalika-kadamba-chumbita-viyad-valayanum | Pandya-ganda-saila- 
nirbhedana-kala-dambholiyum | Tulu-nripala-hridaya-vidalana-prakata-rana- 
keliyum | Jagaddeva-bala-vilaya-Bhairavanum | Adiyamavalepa-lopa-nipuna- 
chripanum | Narasimhabrahma-bhuja-bhahjana-prabhahjananum | Kalapala- 
kaprila-chashaka-sonitupana-tushta-yOgini-manorahjananura | Chehgiri-bhujanga- 
bhahgakara-khadga-khaga-rajanum | raala-raja-rajanum I Iruhgola-kunta-kadali- 
vana-vidalana-karala-sundalanum | atmikrita-Talavanapuranum | ahgikrita- 
(kom)Kohga-vishayanura | avalarabi(lVa)ta-Nonambavadiyum i urikrita-Kolala- 
puranum | unmulita-Kovaturanum j uttaralita-Tereyuranum j ullahghita- 
Vallhranum | utkampita-Kahchi-puranum | bhuja-balavashtambha-sambhuta- 

140 Belur Taluq. 

vitta-virachita - vichitra-Vijaya - Narayanottuiiga - bliavananuiii | y asah - prasara- 
paripurnna-padmajandanum | malaparolu gandanuih | subhata-samara-keli- 
lolanurh | aliih munn irivanuih sauryyamam meravanum enisida srimat- 
Tribhuvana - malla - bhuja-bala - Vira - Gahga- Vishnuvarddhana - Poysala - Devaru 
mudalu Nahgaliya Padiya-ghatta | tehkalu Kohgu Cheram Anamale | paduvalu 
Kohkanada Barakanura-ghattav adi | badagalu Savimaleyind olagada bhumiyam 
bhuja-balavashtambhadim pariptilisuttarh || 

svasti samasta-mahgalabhyudayakara-lakshanabhirameyuih | 
saubhagya-simeyum | Balipura-vara-kshira-varasi-jauita-Kamaleyuih | visuddha- 
chara-vimaleyurii | Vishnuvarddhana- mano-raga-sagarabhivarddhana-chandra- 
lekheyurh | parivara-phalita-kalpa-kuja-sakheyuih | sad-arttha-sarasa-samayo- 
chita-vachana-madhu- rasa- syandi-vadanaravindeyum | Nagaraja-nandana- 
padaravinda-vandana-varddhitrmandeyurh | kala-kalapa-ratna-garbbha-vasun- 
dhareyuih | lavanya-sindhu-vela-lilayaraana-kekarati-bandhureyuih i (IV &) 
vichitra-narttana-pravarttana - patra - sikhamaniy um | sakala - samaya - raksha- 
maniyum | savati-gandha-hastiyum | ity-adi-namavali-prasasteyura enisida 
srimat-piriy-arasi patta-maha-devi-Santala - Deviyar - vverasu sriman - maha- 
pattanaih Velapurada nelevidinolu srimad-Vishnuvarddhana-Poysala-Devaru 
sukha-sahkatha-vinodadim rajyaih geyyuttam irddu || 

svasti samasta-mahgalabhyudayakara-lakshana-lakshitamuih | 
sabda-vidyeyante sutra-raukha-siddhamum l sruti-kadambadante pada-kramanu- 
viddhamurii | Trivikramavataradantir upakrama-pravriddhamurii | Chaturm- 
mukhanante kamalodbhavamu | Sasi-khanda-mandananante sila-putrikalahkrita- 
rauih I Satakratuvinante nayanabhiramaraurii | kula-giriyante dridha-mula- 
bandhamuih | jalasayadante kamudollasiyuih | Hara-giriyante vrisha-padahkita- 
muih 1 guru-varanara agiyuih tarao-gunam alladeyuih l stambha-sambhritam 
agiyuih rajo-gunam alladeyu i harshotkarsham agiyuih satva-gunam alladeyuih 
siihha-gajrivaliyan ulludagiyurh gahanam alladeyuih | jalanidhiyante gabhiran- 
tarahgamurh | Kanakasikhariyante dhruva-gati-niratamuih | chandra-mandalad- 
ante sudhavalambiyuih i ravi-mandaladante viyat(V a)-patha-varttiyuih | gagana- 
mandaladante bha-gana-sahkrantamurii | bahu-kuta-koti-ghatita-kalasa-vilasita- 
murh I bahu-bhumikodbhasita-sri-mukha-dvaramum enisida sriman-maha- 
prasadadol n ^ . 

svasti samasta-jagad-udayakara-chatura-Chaturananodbhuti-puta- 
pundarika - dhavalitodaranuih | bhuja -bala - niyukta - hala - mukha - samakrishta- 
nuih I amrita-raathana-samay a-saihsikta-su-vy akta-bind u-brinda-tarakita-vikata- 
vakshasthala-viyattalanuih | nija-khura-ghatita-vigalita- sakala-jaladhi-jala- 
karddamita - patala - pahka-keli - vilola-varaha - ru pa-hela - sarauttalita - dharatala- 
nurii I dharani-bharavatara-Pandavopakaranuih i Bali-kara-niyukta-dhara- 
pravarddhamana-vriddhi-latarudhoddanda-padmajanda - sprig - adhara - dandaya- 




^ l ~ J / ^^ ^^ ^"^ A i ^ i ^ J t ^^ C\ ^ 


)cV8t/e)o206oa)a , 






o Jcod c (0 j a(s/) ^ 



Belnr Taluq. 141 

mana - kalevara - Trivikramavatara - mita - dharani - mandalanum [ ati - krura - 
danuja-vinasa-virachitopaya-rakshitakhandalanum i surasura-karakrishyamana- 
Mandara-bhramana-bhara-sahatidhira-kamathakara-darsita-dridhatvanum | 
parama-mahat-parimana-garbbhikrita-sakala- satvanum | ajfiata-paramarttha- 
svariipan agiyurii prakatanum | a-nikatikrita-nikatanum | a-diirikrita-duranum | 
a-tungikrita-tunganum | a-sukshmlkrita-stikshmanum | a-gahanikrita-gahana- 
num I anavarata-gabhiranum i a-vi(V6)staryyamana-vistirnnanum | Param- 
Brahma-svarupanum enipa srimad-Vijaya-Narayana-devaram srimad-Vishnu- 
varddhana-Poysala-Devar ssad-bhaktiyiiii su-pratishthitam madi Saka-varsha 
sasirada miivatt-ombhatteneya Hcmalambi-saiiivatsarada Chaitra-suddha- 
panchami-Adivara sri-Vijaya-Narayana-devara sri-Chenna-Kesava-devara sri- 
Lakshmi-Narayana-devara nitya-naimittika-divyanga-bhoga tri-krda-nivedya 
Srivaishnavara brahmanara mantra-gita-patra-paguda vidyavantara malagarar- 
arati-kottana-volagada samast[a]-uligada jivita-varggakkav agi sarvva-namasya 
samasta-kirukula-devi-devana kanike sahita sri-padadalli dhara-piirvvakam 
madida vritti Velapurada bidu-chatus-sime-sunka-ponnaya-sahita | Devalige-nad- 
Emmesandi-hanneradu i a-nadinda vura | Basavanahalji i Kodagi-nada Barasi- 
hanneradu | Nidugunda halligalu sahita i Abbidore | Tagare-nad eradu hasudegalu 
halli sahita i Ballavi-nada Hadiyara volalu i Undadi | jalagara mani j Godagara 
va(VIa)li Keragaluru | Attivaligoya Manali-nada morasu hanneradu | Nekku- 
nada Kesakodu halligalu sahita j Maisc-nada Bedagore i Bantoyanahalli | 
Asandi-nad eradum j Devanuru chatus-sima-sahita j Hiriya-Muguliyal aydu- 
vrittigav ella-tereyuiii sarvva-namasya tri-vikramarii madida divya sri-pada- 
padmangaluge samarppisidaru | initaririi mikka-dhanamurii bhaktar-ayamurii 
khanda-sphutita-jirnnOddharakkav ekadasavataran enisida sri-Vishnuvarddhana- 
Poysala-Devara niyamav asthanakka rajyabhivriddhiga sri-Vijaya-Narayana- 
devara divya-sannidhanadalu japa-huta-liomaiigalarii maduvalligo nurippattu- 
bhattarugaligo sarva-namasyavagi danarii miidida bhiimi Hiriya-Muguli 
Chikanahalli sahita | ippattondu-bhattarugaligo Benneyiiru | Areyahalli Kele- 
yabeyahalli sahita | Srivaishnavaru muvatt-eradakkarii Tagare-mida Nitturu || 
Narayanaya namah n 


(VI 6) Tat-taneyarii Yadava-varii- | sottaman avadiita-kirtti sahasa-dhanan u- | 
dvritta-virodhi-nripalaka- | matta-dvipa-siriihan enisidarii Narasiriiha n 
asid Echala-Devyurii hi Narasiriiha-kshitisvarat | 
tasyiirii patta-mahadevyarii Balliila-prithivipatih n 
srimach-chhri-Narasiriiha-Deva-nripater jjato mahiyan sutas 
sampraptoru-parakramo vijayate Ballala-bhupalakah | 
hitva papa-mahandhakaram anisarii dharmmam samuddipayan 
srimat-Kesava-deva-pada-yugala-dhyanamritasvadanah n 

142 Belur Taluq. 

Hara iva Kali-vegochchalitam dharmma-jatam | 
jagati bahu-vidham yas sthapayamasa viras 
sa jayati rana-mallo Vira-Ballala-bhupah n 
jiyad Ballala-bhupalah palitakhila-bhutalah | 
• y at-kirtti-pundarikasya prithivi karnnikayate n 
eseyal jalaka-jalakam dridha-kavatam dvara-sakhali ba- | 
nasu-kottara[m] udagra-vapram udavasam Vasudevakhya-ti- | 
rttha-saram sri-vijayadi-sabda-(VIIa)vilasam Narayanang oldu kal- | 
vesadirii tenkana-chakri madisidan i-Banala-bhupalakaih || 
agalim patalav entum desegal agaladind uddadim vyomadind ir- | 
vvagiy agal perchchi murumbhuvanadolese Vuchchangiyaihkonda-gandam | 
maguldum Pandyam saran bokkada karunisi tad-rajyamam kottu muruih | 
jagadol vikhyati-vettam harana-bharanadim Vira-Ballala-Devam n 

(usuai flnai verses) baravar-acharyya Suryyanam barada || Narayanaya namah n 

mangalam aha sri 

sri-Malaparolu-ganda Vira-Ballala-Deva ii 

Kadalahalligalu sahita n 


Ananda-samvatsarada Chaitra-su 5 A srimat-pratapa-chakravartti sri-vira- 
Somesvara-Dev-arsara kumara Narasinga-Devanu Belura sri-Chenna-Kesava- 
devarige Nckku-nad-olagana Bikkigodana dhara-purvvakam madi kottaru 
mangalam aha sri 

sri-Malaparolu-ganda-sri-vira-Somesvara-Devasya n 

74 ^j 

On copper plates in the same temple. 

(Nagari charaoters) 

(16) Nityodbhasi-mrinala-komala-nija-prottunga-damshtrochchhritam 
kshoni-chakram abhiprasarita-payah-purabhiramam mahat j 
sanandara vikasat-saroruha-dhiya sadyas Sarojalayam 
arudham avalokya jata-hasitah potri Harih patu vah n 
bhasvat-kuntala-santater mMurabhido nabhi-sarojat pura | 
deva sthavara-jangamasya jagatah srashtojvalan yan-mukham- 
bhojarama-nivasi-hamsa-vanitevabhati Vag-devata || 
Pushpachapa-visikhair anakulo kinkaro'pi sura-vrinda-vanditah | 
manas6'jani munir vVidhes sudhir Atrir a-tri-nayano vrisha-dhvajah n 
tad-akshnas sindhunara ayam ajani mitram priya-sakhas 
chakoranam chudamanir api Harasyakhila-guroh | 

Belur Taluq. 143 

sudha-rochir yyasminn udayati saraih panchabhir alam 

pidhatte Pushpeshus sakalam api lokam prati muhuh n 

Yadus Sudhakarasyasit kule balavad-agranih | 

prasarita-yasas-stoma-visadikrita-dinmukhah n 

Salakhyas tad-vamse visada-yasasa kshalita-harit 

paripako nrinam iva sukrita-raseh samajani | 

visasmara kshoni Sagara-mukharorvvisa-viraha- 

vyatham yasmin jate balavati bharaiii bibhrati bhuvah \\ 

*Sasapuryya sa rajendrah kadachit kula-devata | 

natva Vasantiki chajiiam siddharii munim upavisat || 

satopam sarvvam urvvitalam api tarasa kampayann atta-kopo 

dvipi niryyat-sphulinga-(IIa)sphurad-uru-nayanah kshmatalalambi-valah | 

pradhvastasesha-tiryyak khara-nakhara-mukhoddama-kuddala-jalair 

ayata sphita-viryyas tad-abhimukham athodghatitasyas tadanim || 

Karnnata-bhashayri tena hoy Saleti prachoditah | 

jaghana dvipiuam vegat tad-vitirnna-salakaya || 

divam yatas tato dvipi kopad unmilitekshanah | 

tad-anvavaya-jatanam rajnam yatah patakatam || 

Hoysalatvam tato yata jatas tad-vamsa-paddhatau | 

Yaduneva gunadhyena Yfidavatvam yatha purri n 

tasmad apidayann urvvim Adityo Vinayanvitah | 

karair ajani rajendro jagat-pankaja-bodhakah n 

tatah prottunga-matanga-mada-sikta-mahitalah | 

rana-ranga-jayi sriman Ereyango'bhavan nripah || 

tatah pushnann imam urvvim Vishnus svayam abhut kila | 

Jishnor akhanda-viryyasya mushnams charitam ojasa n 

karala-karavalagra-kinkarikrita-sritravah | 

Narasimh6'bhavat tasmat puritartthi-manorathah n 

adyapi dvishatam yadiya-kathaya karnne jvaro jayate 

yad-danena janas smaranti nitaram nadyripi chintamane[h] i 

yasyadyapi yasrimsi divya-saritfi sparddham gunaih kurvvate 

Ballalo giri-durgga-malla iti vikhyuto^bhavat tat-sutah n 

tasmad akshunna-lakshmi-pada-mudita-guna-grama-dhama-prakama- 

sriman uddama-vairi-dvipa-dalana-patuh pradurasin Nrisiiiihah | 

yasmin rjljany asesham vasu kila duduhS sarvva-sasyam samantat 

prita kshoni (II 6)gunena svayam api prithuna pidita no balena || 

khadgam Vikramapala-Pavusa-siro-mastishka-pankavilam 

prakshubhyan-Makaroshna-rakta-sarita prakshalya viroddhata[h] | 

prodyad-vairi-kadamba-pumsu-pihitam Cholam pratishthapya yas 

Chola-sthapana Piindya-khandana iti prakhyata-kirttir bhuvi || 

* So ia the original. 

144 Belur Taluq. 

vaji-rajiritoddama-ratha-chakra-bharahataih | 
gajasva-pattibhih kirnnam abhut tasja ranajiram n 
nija-bhuja-Mandara-girina parimathita-duranta-vairi-varasih | 
Somah prahasita-sura-Ditisuta-viry6'bhut tatas sriman n 
ghotanarii yasya dhatyas chatula-khura-puta-prasphutatopa-nadaish 
tankarair attahasair iva kathina-bhatakrishta-chapavalinam | 
bheri-bhuri-pranadaih patu-pataha-ravaih patitorah-kavataih 
natavyam satru-sangha kuta-vitapa-kuti-kotara-sthana-bhitah n 
yoshid-ratnam adabhra-vibhrama-padam bibhraty aparan gunan 
tasyasit kila Bijjaleti mahishi visvambhara-bhushanam | 
yasyas charu-padaravinda-nakhara-prodyad-dyuter anchale 
venau sancharati kshitisa-vanita(m) dhanyatvam iyustaram n 
sapara-varanari-sat-taraka-nikaravrita | 
kirtti-chandrikayopeta chandra-lekheva sa babhau || 
yad-danam surabhuruham tirayate yach-chhris Suradhisvaram 
yat-kirttis Sura-nimnagam Sura-gurum yad-buddhir iddha kila | 
yach-chhauryyam Vrishavaha-phala-nayana-pr6dyat-karala(IIIa)nalaih 
s6'yam sarvva-gunasrayas samabhavat tasyam Nrisinih6 nripah || 
aji-krida-nihita-hridaye yatra satru-pravirais 
sakam loka-traya-jaya-patau Narasimha-kshitise | 
svar-ganikyam tad-abhimukha-samprasthita-kshmapatinam 
saiigayabhud atula-vilasan-mandanam Manmatharttam || 
bhedam bhedam kari-vara-ghatam satru-sainyasya virah 
khandam khandam yudhi haya-ganan sadin6 yas cha balye i 
bhangarii bharigarii prithu-ratha-chayan vira-y6dhadhirudhan 
chhedarii chhedarii nara-vara-sirariisy esha kelirii karoti || 
yas sitasi-lata-ghata-nihatarati-santatih | 
Narasiriiha-kshitis6'dad arthinam arthitarii muda n 
Narasiriiha-mahipalah palayann akhilarii mahirii | 
jayaty asau ripu-st6ma-kari-kanthiravakritih n 
s6'yaBi- samasta- prasasti- vistara-vishayibhuta-vimalatara-vichitra-charitrah | 
valaya-g6trah | nana-samanta-chakra-chudamani-gana-kirana-chaya-nirajitari- 
ghri-yugalah i sriman-Narasiriiho mahipalas svakiya-Hoysala-mandale nikhila- 
lakshmi-vilasasrayarii sva-janaka-prema-pratishthapita-prajya-rajya-sampadarii 
D6rasamudrakhyam nija-rajadhanim adhivasan | Saka-varshasya chatur-adhika- 
sasiti-sat6ttara-sahasratamasya Durmmati-sariivatsarasya Chaitra-suddha-dva- 
[dajsyarii Bhaumavare vidhiyamana-nana-dana-prasarige Kalukani-vishayantar- 
gatarii prasiddha(III 6)-sima-samanvitarii sva-sva-palli-yukta-sva-palli-sahita- 
ashta-bh6ga-tejas-svaray a-nidhi-nikshepa - tatakaramadi - samastanuyana-sahitarii 
Belluru-namanarii grama[rii] | 

Belur Taluq. 145 

piyusha-dyuti-bandhavas samabhavad gotre kilatreh pura 
viro Vishnu-chamupatir guna-gana-sri-kirtti-ratnakarah | 
tasyasid guna-salini priyatama namna sruta Manchala 
kiiichendor iva chandrika tri-jagata[rii] chetas-chamatkarini n 
vira-smarita-Kausaleya-charitah praudharijatantakas 
tyaga-prabhava-vamanikrita-Balir dharme cha Dharmatmajah | 
sanjatah Perumale-nama-vidito dand-idhinathas tatah n 
miirttir yasya sasanka-bimba-vimala svananda-sandohini 
kirttir yasya Suriipageva gunato loka-trayi-pavani | 
yad-vani Malayanila-pratikritis santapta-santarppane 
s6'yarii sri-Perumale-mantri-mukharas sarvartthi-chintamanih n 
Rama-Krishna-kripavasa-lakshmi-sambhoga-sariisrayah | 
Perumale-chamiipalas sa jatas svjimi-vallabhah n 
Belliiram agraharartharii Narasiriiha-mahipatih | 
adad Atri-kuhlyasmai Perumale-chamfibhrite || 
86'pi Perumale-dandanathas tam eva gramam Udbhava-Narasiriiha-purabhidha- 
nam kritva shad-asiti-vrittikarii vidhaya Rig-Yajus-Samatharvva-veda-vedanga- 
vedibhyah samasta-vidya-visaradebhyo na,na-g6trebhy6 brahmanebhy6 dhara- 
piirvvakarii prayachchhat n ayam evarthah Karnnata-bhashaya sa-prapaiichah 
prakatikriyate || 

(IV a) svasti samasta-bhuvanasrayarii sakala-vibudha-jana-sariistuya- 
mana-guna-ganasrayarii sri-prithvi-vallabharii bhaya-16bha-durllabharii maha- 
rajadhiraja-paramesvararii Dvaravati-pura-varadhisvarrii Yadava-kulambara- 
dyumani sarvvajna-chudamani maleraja-raja nija-pratapa-virajamana-teja 
malaparol ganda ganda-bherunda kadana-prachanda ripu-timira-marttandan 
ekanga-vira rana-rariga-dhira Sanivara-siddhi Sura-mantri-buddhi giri-durgga- 
malla ripu-hridaya-sella chalad-arika-Rama sarigrama-Bhima vairibha-kanthirava 
kripa-kaumudi-vikasita-Yadu-kula-kairava Magara-rajya-nirmm&lana Ch61a- 
rajya-pratishthacharyya Pandya-rajya-samuddharana nissarika-pratapa-chakra- 
vartti Hoysala bhuja-bala sri-Vira-Narasiihha-Dev-arasaru ^aka-varshada 1184 
neya Durmmati-sariivatsarada Chaitra-suddha-dvadasi-Maugalavriradandu Kalu- 
kani-nada Bellura vittiya Belluru a-kaluvalligalu (7 linos foiiowing contain names of 
viiiages) int ivu mukhyavadauta tanna kaluvalli gfidida yalla-halli-sahitav aha 
prasiddha-sima-samanvitav aha Belluru(i6 Unes foiiowing oontain detaiu of grant) antu 
gadyana nura-aivatta-muru panav aidu haga muran ulla a-Belluranu tamma 
man6mitran aha Perumale-dannayakarige agraharava madal^suga 8 (V a) ashta- 
bhoga-tejas-svamya-nidhi - nikshepa - tatakaramadi - samasta - bali - sahita dhara- 
purvvakarii madi kottaru || a-Perumale-dannayakaru a-pariyale a-Belluranu 
embhatt-aru-vrittiyagi madi samasta-vidya-visaradar aha brahman6ttamarige 
dhara-parvvakarii madi kottaru || 


J46 Belur Taluq. 

dharmas su-sthiratam yatu Narasimha-mahipateh | 
yavad dhara dharadhara yavach chandra-divakarau n 
a-karasya karadanam go-koti-vadha uchyate || 
sa-karasya kara-chchhedi prapnoti paramam padarii n 
(asuai finai verses) mangalam aha sri sri sri 



On copper plates in the same temple. 

(Nagarl characters) 

(la) Sri-Belura Kesava-devaralu iha sasana n 

sriman-maha-pradhana Mudeya-dannayakariga chhappann-arasara Salu-Muleya 

samasta-halaru kotta svamyada sasana n 

(1 6) sri II subham astu | 

namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave | 

trailokya-nagariirambha-mula-stambhaya Sambhave || 

parimrisati tapana-bimbam bimba-phalasaiikayeva Herambe | 

nava-kamala-nala-lakshmih sunda-kand6'sya khandayed vighnan || 

Bela-nagaradhinathah Kesava-nathah sadaiva ramaniyah i 

Hoyisala-mandala-makuti-ghatita-manir bhavatu bhutaye bhavatam j 
sri-Harih sri | 

asid asesha-bhupala-mala-lalita-sasanah | 

somah Soma-kulambhodhes sriman Bukka-mahipatih n 

Nala-Nahushadishu rajasu rajavati kevalarh jagati | 

sri-Bukka-bhumipale rajani rajanvati jata n 

ananya-labhya-saurabhya-surabhikrita-din-mukhe j 

yat-kirtti-vimalambhoje dyaur esha bhramarayate || 

tasya sri-Bukka-Rajasya kumar6'bhut kulodvahah | 

raja Hariharas Sambh6h Kumara iva saktiman n 

alanghaniya yasyasin maryadaiva nayambudheh | 

anatikramaniyabhud dhareva dvijasat-krita || 

Ch61a-Kerala-Pandyanarh vijay6parjjitarh yasah | 

yasya dakshina-dik-kanta-mukhendu-mukurayate || 

Yavani-mukha-padmanam bashpa-sikara-durddinarii j 

yaj-jaitra-yatra-samayah sarad6'pi kar6ty ah6 n 

kalpa-druma-dhara-Meru-brahmandadi-pradat tatah | 

namnanalpa-(na)pradan kalpa-drumadin slaghate janah n 

Sumantra iva Ramasya su-niyantrita-satravah | 

tasyabhun Muda-dandesas sachivah pitur agatah n 

rajanam aty-Udayanaih kritva ratnavali-sataih | 

Y6gandharayanamatyam nyakkar6ti nayena yah || 

Belur Taluq. 147 

mandalani samakraraya mantrina yena bhoginah | 

grihyante sankuchad-bhoga jiva-graharii sahasrasah n 

yan-nisrishtair agraharair hurair iva sii-nirmalaih | 

alankriyante dik-kanta gunavad-dvija-mauktikaih n 

sena-renukritad atma-sankochach chharanagatah | 

tataka-vyajato yena vardhita varirasayah n 

varnnasramanam anyesharii maryadam anupalayan | 

paripalayati pritya yah prajah sva iva prajah n 

Bharatasyeva tasyatha rakshaya paritoshitah ( 

krishivala-vanin-mukhya raksha-sulkam achiklripan n 
atah param asya viseshah sarva-jana-vijnanaya Karnnfita-bhrishaya likhyatS n 
Saka-varsha savirada munura nakancya Dundubhi-sariivatsarada Karttika- 
bahula-dasami-Adivaradali svasti samasta-vastu-vistirnna-pramanya-^II b) bhuva- 
na-^Vikhyata-Bharata-khandada dakshina-disa-bhagada Jambu-dvipada pancha- 
sata-vira-sasanarurii aneka-guna-ganukra.ntarurii krita-satya-vihita-charu-chari- 
trarurii naya-vinaya-vijnana-viruvatararurii Salu-Mftle-Banaju-parivara-samaya- 
dharma-pratipalakarurii manonnataru sahasotturigarurii kirtty-arigana-vallabha- 
rurii Bhaladeva-Vasudeva-Khandali-Mulabhadrotturiga-chanda-kirtti-vilasa-varii- 
sodbhavarum Ahichchhatrapura-varadhisvararurii achara-purusharu vichara- 
nirnayakarurii ekaika-virarurii lokaika-manyarurii dakshina-Varanasi dharnia,- 
dharmake oregallu dharmada nelemane chakresvara-raya-rajadhani enisi 
negalda ubhaya-nana-desiya-tavaruraane sftala-malige ity ady-aneka-prasasti- 
sahitarii srimad-Ganesvara-Gavareivara-devara divya-pada-padmfiradhakarum 
appa Vijayanagari Hastinavati Dorasamudra Gutti Penugundi Adavani Udayagiri 
Chandragiri Muluvayi Kanchi Padevidu Chadurarigapattana Marigaluru 
Barakuru Honnavura Chandavura Araga Chandragutti Annigcrc Huligere | 


Nidugallu Chimatanakallu Tariyakallu A(IIIrt)nevidda-sari Kalheya Telakalambi 
Sirigapattana raodahlda santhe-sasana-pSte-volagada samasta-haluvu nakhara 
parivara mummari-dandagalu sakala-svamyavantaru avara kal-gahina billa 
munurp-ibbaru holiya-jariguli-sahita sri-Virftpaksha-devara divya-sri-pada- 
padmada sannidhiyali vajra-vaisanigeyan ikki kullirddu tamma olage aikama- 
tyavagi atyanta-parama-pritiyirii sriman-maha-pradhana Kali-yuga-dharmmo- 
ddharaka dharma-pratipalaka satya-kirtti Muddeya-dannfiyakaru namma chhap- 
panna-desada achara-vicharakke karttaradar agi navu avarige prithivi-setti- 
tanava kottu ondu-svamyavanu kottevu a-svamyadali Salina vivara sthavara- 
sthalake horiguttageya gramakke prati-gadyana ondakke bele | varavan ikkuva 
gramarigalige suvarnnadaya prati-gadyana ondakke bele bhatta nana-dhanya 
irriya-prati-khandaga ondakke ibbala | Muleya-svamyada vivara navaratnakke 
beleya gadyana nurakke ippana su-gandhagalige pachcha-kappura kuru- 
ondakke haga (45 linea foiiowing oontain Bitniiar detaiiB of grant) yi-'maryadeya svamya- 
vanu sukha-mukhadali koduvaru kodade Tiru idakke vakravadaru avarige aru 


148 Belur Taluq. 

sahayav adaru avar-ittandavanu kondavane biraniga hakidade mangala javali 
avar-ittandavu nadu-nakhara-parivarake horagu 

Asvamedha-sahasram cha satyarii cha tulaya dhritaih | 

Asvamedha-sahasrat tu satyam evatirichyate || 
(in Kannada characters) Salu-Muleyavara voppa sri-Ganesvara-Gavaresvara devaru i 


In Belur, on a pillar near the g^ate of the Sanskrit School. 
. . srimad-anadiy-agraharaih sri-Lakshmipuravada Settiyahaliya srimad-ase- 
sha-mahajanangalige srimad-raja-guru-Rudrasakti-Devar-aliya Chandayyanu 
kotta kraya-pramana-patra i-sasanasthavaha muruih haga volage Paritannana 
Gopannana vritti yeraduih hagadolage akhanditavaha tota gudida vondu vritti- 
yanu a-Rudrasakti-Devara samakshadalu tat-kalochita-kraya-drabya gadya- 
nam muvattanum sakalyena kaladukondu a-mahajanaiigalige a-Chandayyanu 
a-vondu-vrittiyaih dhara-purvvakam madi kottanu intapudakke a-Rudrasakti- 
Devarum a-Chandayyangala ibbara sva-hastad oppa * sri-Gummanatha | fsri- 
Visva. . 
Sukla-sariivatsaradalu uduse-havali 


In Belur, on a stone in Belagodu AIasing-aracharya's house. 

(The upper portion is broken oflf.) 

tato Dvaravati-natha[h]Poysala dvipi-lanchhanah l 
jatas Sashapure teshu Vinayaditya-bhupatih f| 
a-Vinayaditya-putranapp Ereyangangav Echala-Devigarii muvar ddevarante 
Ballalaih Vishnu Vudayadityar pputtidar avarolage Vishnu-nripana vikramam 
ad entendade | 

Tulu-desaih Chakragottaih Talavanapurav Uchchangi Kolalav elum | 
male Vallur Kafichi Kong arbbisuva Hadiya-ghattaih Bayal-nadu Nila- | 
chala-durggarii Rayarayottamapuri Tereyur Koyatur gGondavadi- | 
sthalavaih bhru-bhangadiih kond atula-bhuja-balatopan i-Vishnu-bhupaih || 
a-Vishnu-nripange vuttida Narasihha-nripana vikramam entendade | 
idirad ari-bhupalara | 

madad aneya komban udidu dantada baleyaih | 
biduvina muttina haraman | 
odavida jaya-vadhuge todisuvaih Narasiihhaih n 
manini Yechala-Devigav | 
a-Narasiihha-kshitisvarangaih negaldaih | 
bhu-nuta-vikrama-nidhiyene | 
Bhanusuta-pratiman atibalaih Ballalaih n 

* "Sri" and "tha" in Nagari characters. f AIso in Nagari charaoters. 

Belur Taluq. 149 

Nriga-Nabusha-Nala-Bhagiratha- | 

Sagara-Puriirava-Yudhishtiradi-uripalargg | 

aganita-mahimaih nurmmadi | 

mige-vandam nija-charitradim Ballalam || 

asuhrit-Pandya-nripala-rakta-jaladim nirudi surr embinam | 

masedarii Billama-masta-sana-taladol ghor-embinarii Jaitugi- | 

prasritiisyambuja-koshadol kiripuvarii ghanm-embinarii kurppu da- | 

llise Ballala-nripalakarii nija-bhuja-praudha-pratapasiyarii n 
svasti samasta-bhuvanasrayarii sri-prithvi-vallabharii maharajadhiraja para- 
mesvararii parama-bhattarakarii Yadava-kulambara-dyumani samyaktva-chu- 
damani maleraja-raja malaparolu ganda kadana-prachanda ganda-bherundan 
ekariga-viran asahaya-sura Sanivara-siddhi giri-durgga-malla chalad-aiika-Rama 
nissaiika-pratfipa Iloyisana Vira-BaUala-Devaru srimad-anadiy-agrahararii Ku- 
kkanura-koppadalli suka-saukathc\-vin6dadirii prithvi-rajyarii geyuttam irddalli 
sasirada nur-ippattaneya Saka-varshada Kalayukti-sariavatsarada Karttikad 
amavase-Somavaradandu Bachalesvarada Chandi-Setti madisida sri-Harihara- 
devargge Bachalesvarada siddhayadolage gadyuna hattarii sriraad-dakshina- 
chakravartti Vira-Ballala-Devana kaiyalu Chandi-Setti dhara-purvvakarii madisi- 
kondu sri-Harihara-dcvargge a-chandrarkka-tararii-baraih saluvantugi bitta 
datti II 

sri-Badaviya Nagi-Settiya guna-bratarigalarii bannisalk- j 

avarh ballan udara-satya-vinuta-sri-ganya-punyodayarii j 

tan int ujvala-kirtti-murtti-yutanapp a-putranarii Keti-Se- | 

ttiyan imbirii padedarii gunarnnavanan end and atanirii dhanyar ar n 

atana vadliu sakala-guna- | 

bratrmvite Rechchiyakkan embalu pesaririi | 

dhariniyolu bandhu-janakk | 

asrayam enal a. . .ta nompiye saphalarii n 

ant avarge puttidarii gada | 

santanamum enisi purusha-ratuna-vitanarh | 

chintamani dorevettavol | 

ant avarge su-putran enisidarii Chandayya n 

atana vadhu Mukavve ma- ( 

ha-sati pati-bhakte tane dharmmakk anuku- | 

lanvite yandade pogaladar | 

ar mmahiyolu kiide tanna mahimonnatiyarii n 

sri-Bachalesvaradi-ma- | 

ha-pura-vara-madhyadalli Hara-grihamarii les- | 

agi madi padedarii khya- | 

tiyan i-Chandi-Setti settigal-arasarii n 
Chandi-Setti tanu sri-Harihara-devargge Brahmasamudradalli marugondurii 
dhara^purvvakarii madi kottudu arddha-vritti n Bachalesvarada Mahadeva-Settiy 

150 BeUtr Taluq. 

olagada samasta-nakharangalu kottudu angadi ondu telligara mane vandu 
bitt-aya hering ai mu. , .g ommana eleya heririge nur-ele | hattiya bandige haga 
arasinada herige bele menasina heririge haga ganakke sollag yanne arigadiyalu 
sedeya, . . n . . .Puttiya makkalu kuruba senigaru bittudu Chaitra-pavitradalu 
malege haga || 


In B^lur, on a stone lying near the ruined tepp6t8ava-mantapa 
in the Chenna-K^sava garden, below Vishnusaniudra tank. 
Subham astu H 

namas turiga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave j 

trailokya-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya Sambhave || 
svasti sri jayady-udaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha 1446 neya sanda varttamana 
Tarana-sariivatsarada Sravana-suddha 5 lu sriman-maharajadhiraja raja-para- 
mesvara sri-vira-pratapa-Krishna-Deva-Raya-maharayaru Hampeya su-kshetra- 
da nelavidinalu sukha-sarikatha-vinodadirii rajyarii geyyuvutt irppalli sriman- 
maharajadhiraja-raja-kula-devate devata-chaturddasa-bhuvanadhisvara bhakta- 
jana-bhaya-bhanjana Sudarusana-Panchajanya-dharani-dhara sarva-devatadha- 
ra muni-jana-stoma. . .tra akshaya-hasta achintya-pramana akhilanda-koti-bra- 
hmanda-nayaka Ananta-sayana ambuja-nivasa kamala-lochana Kamalasambha- 
va-pitri Naradadi-muni-natha Vedagiri-visadhisvara dushta-nigraha sishta-jana- 
pratipalaka abhinava-kshoni-Vaikunthav enisida Velapuri-sri-Chenna-Kesava- 
natha-devara divya-sri-pada-padmarigalige Krishna-Deva-Raya-maharayara 
uligada Jakkana-Nayakara makalu Basavappa-Nayakaru tamma sevege samar- 
pisida dharma-sasanada kramav entendare tamma tande Jakkana-Nayakarigu 
tamma tayi Tipammanavarigii akshaya-punya-lokav agabek endu Krishnappa- 
Nayakarige aneka-dharmav agabekendu teppa-kolavanu kattisi vasanta-manta- 
pavanu kattisi Palguna-ba 10 dinadalu teppa tirunala uchhaha a-uchhahakke 
cherapu Brahmana-bhojana nitya-stutiyalu svamige udayadali dose benne sakhare 
madhyannadali aroganeyada mrishtannada harivanada chhatra Brahmara jana 
40 ke yekantada paramanna chili-palu-kashaya karpura vileya yishtarakkeyu 
namage Krishna-Deva-Raya-maharayaru nayakatanake palisida Vastareya simege 
saluva Devanageya-nad-olagana Narayanapurada grama 1 Halumiriya grama 1 
ubhayarii grama 2- karii saluva gadde beddalu tota tudike sakala-suvarnnadaya 
sakala-bhattadaya Beliira talavarikeya viseshadaya devara simeya talavarike 
yishtara svamyada huttuvaliyanu sri-Channigarayana sri-padakke samarpisida 
teppa-kolada dharma-sasanake subham astu (usuai finai phrases and verses) 

vag-dattarii mano-dattarii dhara-dattarii dine dine i 

shashtir-varusha-sahasrani vishtayarii jayate krimih || 

Parvatayananu Chennigaraya rakshisali || 

Belur Taluq. 151 


In Belftr, on copper plates in possession of Niranjanaiyya. 

(Nagari characters) 

Subham astu | 

namas tunga etc. || 

Harer lila-varahasya dariishtra-dandah sa patu vah | 

Hemadri-kalasa yatra dhatri chhatra-sriyam dadhau n 

kalyanayastu tad dharaa pratyuha-timirapaham | 

yad gaj6'py Agajodbhutam Harinapi cha pujyate n 

asti kshiramayad devair mathyamanan mahambudheh | 

navanitam ivodbhutam apanita-tamo mahah n 

tasyasit tanayas tapobhir atulair anvartha-nama Budhah 

punyair asya Pururava bhuja-balair ayur dvishiirii nighnatah | 

tasyAyur Nahush6'tha tasya parusho yuddhe Yayatih kshitau 

khyatas tasya tu Turvasur Vasu-nibhah sri-DevayaDi-pateh n 

tad-vamse Devaki-janir didipe Timma-bhiipatih | 

yasasvi Tuluvendreshu Yad6h Krishna ivanvaye n 

tat6'bhud Bukkamu-junir Isvarah kshitipalakah | 

atrusam aguna-bhramsarii mauli-ratnarii mahibhujarii n 

sarasad udabhut tasman NaraSa-kshitipalakah | 

Devaki-nandanat Kam6 Devaki-nandanad iva n 

Kaverim aiu badhva bahula-jala-rayam tarii vilaiighayaiva §atrurii 

jiva-graharii grihitva samiti bhuja-balat tarii cha rfijyam tadiyarii | 

kritva, Srirariga-purvarii tad api nija-vase pattanam yo babhase 

kirti-stmbharii nikhaya tri-bhuvana-bliavana-stftyamanapadanah n 

Cherarii Ch61arii cha Pandyarii tam api cha Madhura-vallabharii mana-bhusharii 

viry6dagrarii Turushkaih Gajapati-nripatim chapi jitva tadanyan | 

a-Gariga-tira-Larika-prathama-charama-bhubhrit-tatantarii nitantarii 

khyatah ksh6nipatiuarii svayam iva sirasa sasanaih y6 vyatanit n 

Tippaji-Nagala-Devyoh Kau8alya-sri-Sumitray6h | 

devy6r iva Nrisiriihendrat tasmat Pariktirathad iva || 

vira-sri-Narasiriihah sa Vijayanagare ratna-siriihiisanasthah 

kirtya nityarii nirasyan Nriga-Nala-Nahusha,din apy avanyam athanyan | 

a 8et6r a sumeror avanisura-nutah svairam a ch^dayadrer 

a paschatyachalantad akhila-hridayam avarjya rajyarii sasasa n 

(from here to 'Bamindhe' in line 54 corresponds with those of No. 6 of Hassun Taluq.) 

Salivahana-sariiyukte sakabde sa-chatuh-sataih | 
chatus-tririisat-samayuktaih sarikhyate dasabhih-sataih n 
Arigirasahvaye varshe masi chAsvayujabhidhe i 
somoparaga-saraaye Revatyam Indu-vasare || 

152 ' Bfilur Taluq. 

paurnimayam subhe lagne Kakud-akhyena bhubhrita | 
ramyayaih Sivagangayam sri-Gangadhara-sannidhau || 
vara-Kausika-gotraya sri-Drahyayana-sutrine i 
srimat-Tirumalabhikhya-dikshitendratmajanmane || 
Atiratra-maha-yaga-yajine veda-vedine | 
pada-vakya-pramanajna iti khyatim upeyushe || 
sastreshu shatsv api rasodghatake natakeshu cha | 
kavyeshu cha puraneshu visishyartham vivrinvate || 
prativadi-budha-sreni-mada-varana-kesari | 
iti vada-parasesha-kshiti-vasi-manishine || 
anna-dana-bhuva kirttya syamikapanude bhuvah | 
dharmikaya purananam bhumikayai manishinarii || 
hri-nivasa-sudhi-vaktra-sri-nivaraka-suktaye l 
Srinivasadhvarindraya Srinivasaiighri-chetase || 
dese sri-Hosalabhikhye vikhyatim adhikaiii sritarii | 
Vellur-abhikhya-simantarbhavarii chapi samasritarii n 
Vegamarigalatah prachyarii Halahalos cha dakshinarii i 
gramad Odeyarahaly-akhyat paschimayarii disi sthitarii || 
prathitad Alati-gramad uttarasyarii disi sthitarii | 
Kupme-Manchanahallibhyarii Chikka-Jattigahallina || 
yuktarii Verikatanathasya Kadarikakhya-purena cha | 
Chinnadevipuram cheti pratinamnopasobhitarii || 
sarvamanyarii chatus-sima-sariiyutarii cha samantatah | 
Hiri-Jattiga-namna cha paritarii gramara uttamarii || 
nidhi-nikshepa-pashana-siddha-sadhya-jalanvitarii | 
akshiny-agami-samyuktam eka-bhogyaiii sa-bhuruharii || 
vapi-kupa-tatakais cha kachchhenapi samanvitarii i 
putra-pautradibhir bhogyam kramad a-chandra-tarakarii n 
danasyadhamanasyapi vikrayasyapi chochitarii | 
paritah prayatais snigdhaih purohita-purogamaih || 
vividhair vibudhais srauta-pathikair adhikair gira | 
Krishna-Deva-maharayo mananiyo manasvinarii | 
sa-hiranya-payo-dhara-purvakarii dattavan muda n 
tad idam avani-vanipaka-vinuta-dharayasya Krishna-Rayasya 
sasanam ati-bala-sasanam uru-kara-danasya sapadanasya || 
Srinivasadhvari grama-yajamano maha-matih | 
Chinnadevipure vritti sthapayitva dasatmanah || 
sarikhyatas chapara vrittir atha virhsati-sarikhyaya | 
bhuyase sreyase svasya viprasad akaron muda n 
grame'smin bhiisuras chatvaririisad-vritti-samanvite | 
vrittimanto viiikhyante veda-vedanta-paragah || 

(80 lines foUowing oontaiu names, etc. of vrittid&rs) 

Btlur Tahiq. 153 

padottaraika-vrittim sri-Vishnur gramasya devata i 
atraika-vrittim apnoti Sankaro Hemalesvarah n 
Krishna-Deva-mahrirHya-sasaQena *maha-prabh6h | 
uktavan mridu-sandarbham tad idam tamra-sasanarii n 
Mallanacharya-varya[s] sri-Viranacharya-nandanah i 
a-kalpam asnute'traikam vrittim sasana-lekhakah n 

(asaal final verses) sri-Virupaksha 


In the same village, on a copper plate in possession of Katte-Basacbarya 

(N&gart oharaoters) 

(la) §ri subham astu i 
namas tunga etc. ii 

Harer llila-varahasya damshtni-dandas sa patu vah [ 
Hemadri-kalasa yatra dhatri chhatra-sriyam dadhau n 
ekasity-adhike pancha-satadhika-sahasrake | 
Sakabdanam Vikaristhe vatsare masi Karttike \\ 
paurnamasyam iSukravare subha-yoge tathaiva cha | 
Atreya-gotra-jatasya Apastambakhya-sutrinah n 
Yajus-sakhadhyayinas cha kalyana-guna-salinah | 
Araveti-Rama-Raja-Ranga-Rajasya pautrakah n 
Gopala-Rajasya suto daua-dharma-parayanah | 
srimat-sri-Raiiga-Rajas cha deva-bhudeva-palakah n 
srimad-rajadhirajakhyas sri-raja-paramesvarah | 
srimad-vira-pratapa-sii-vira-sri-Ranga-Rilyakah n 
sri-Devakhya-maliurajo vipra-traua-parayanah | 
Velapurakhya-nagare deva-bhudeva-sobhite n 
p&jayan Kesavam nityam akliilair vibhavair mudd. i 
Tagara-nada-simayam antarbbava-samasritam || 

(8 Hnes following oontain details of boundaries) 

srimat-Kandavara-gramarh sarva-sasyopasobhitam i 
sarvamanyam chatus-sima-sahitam tu dvi-bhogyakaih n 
nidhi-nikshepar-pashana-siddha-sadhy adi-samy utam l 
akshiny-aga,mi-samyuktam ashta-bhoga-samanvitam || 
dvayebhyo dvija-varyebhyah sa-hiranyodakam dadau | 
tatra dvijanam namani sakha gotrani cha kramat || 
§r!mat-Kandavara-gramam dvijanam purato dadau ) 
jataya Harite gotre Apastambakhya-sutrine || 
Datti-Bhattasya pautrasya Vithalasya sutaya cha i 
Ranga-Bhattaya vidushe veda-vedanga-saline || 

*So in tbe original. 


154 Belur Taluq. 

sarva-bhogyais cha sahitam gramardharii dattavan muda 


Apastambakhya-sutraya Vithalakhyasya sunave || 
Datti-Bhattasya pautraya Giri-Bhattaya dhimate [ 
jataya Harite gotre veda-vedanga-saline || 

(other plates misBing) 


On another plate in possession of the same acharya. 

Harer lila-varahasya damshtra-dandas sa patu vah i 

Hemadri-kalasa yatra dhatri chhatra-sriyam dadhau n 

namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave ] 

trailokya-nagararambha-miila-stambhaya sambhave n 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varshagalu 1582 yamba vartamana- 
Sarvari-samvatsara-Karttika-su 15 lu srimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri- 
vira-pratapa sri-vira-sri-Ranga-Raya-Deva-maharayar-ayyaravaru Velapuri- 
sthaladalli ratna-simhasanarudhar agi prithvi-samrajyav aluta yiddu Atreya- 
gotra Apastamba-sutra Yajus-sakhadhyayar ada Arvitti-Rama-Rajayya-Rangapa- 
I^^j-s^yyaravara pautrar ada Gopala-Raj-ayyaravara putrar ada srimad-raja- 
dhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa sri-vira-sri-Ranga-Raya-Deva-maha- 

^ A, 

rayar-ayyaravaru Haritasa-gotra Asvalayana-sutra Rik-chhakhadhyayar ada 
Marichedi-Srinivasa-Bhattara pautrar ada Anandacharyara putrar ada Raghu- 
nathacharyyarige palista bhu-dana-dharnia-sasana-kramav entendare Belurige 
salluva Tagara-nadige valagada Balluru Tolalige mullu Hosahallige dakshina 
Belurige paschima Konerllige uttaradalli ihantha Ballurolage a-vurige isanya- 
dalli tala-gadde kha 10 hattu-khauduga-bhumi i-tatha-tithi-punya-kaladalli 
Chenna-Kesava-svami-prityarthav agi tri-vachaka-tri-karana-suddhiy agi dhara- 
purvakadalli palistev ada karana yidakke vunt ada nidhi-nikshepa-jala-pashana- 
akshina-agami-siddha-sadhyangal emba ashta-bhoga-tejas-svamyagalannu dana- 
dhi-vinimaya-vikraya-yogyav ahante | ninna putra-pautra-paramparyavu a- 

A A. 

chandrarka-sthayiy agi anubhavisikondu bahaduendu | Atreya-gotra Apastamba- 
sutra Yajus-sakhadhyayar ada Arvitti-Rama-Raja-Rangapa-Raj-ayyaravara pau- 
trar ada Gopala-Raj-ayyaravara putrarada srimad-rajadhirajaraja-paramesvara 
sri-vira-pratapa sri-vira-sri-Ranga-Raya-Deva-maharayar-ayyaravaru Haritasa- 
gotra Asvalayana-sutra Rik-chhakhadhyayan ada Marichedi-Srinivasa-Bhattara 
pautrar ada Anandacharyaua putrar ada Raghunathacharyanige palista bhu- 
dana-dharma-sasanavu (usuai finai verses) Sri-Rama. 

Belur Taluq. 155 


On another plate in possession of the same acharya. 

(Lines 1 to 12 the same as in the privioas No.) 

Vasishta-gotra Apastaraba-sutra Yajus-sakhadhyayar ada Tirumala-Bhatta- 
ravara pautrar ada Rama-Bhattara putrar ada Venkatacharyage palista bhii- 
dana dharma-sasana-kramav entendare Belurige salluva Tagara-nad-olagina 
Naulihalli | Kandavarakke paschima Tolalige agneya Mattehallige mullu K6- 
nerlige uttara a-urige nairitya i-madhye yidda Naulihallivolage Uchchana 
manikatte kelage kha 10 khanduga bhumi beddalu saha i-somoparaga-puijya- 
kaladalu Venkatesvararpanav agi tri-karana-suddhiyinda tri-vacha sa-hiranyo- 
daka-dana-dhara-purvakadallu piilistev ada-karana yidakke unt-ada (from hero to 
'sri-Ranga-Raya-Deva-maharayar-ayyanavaru' «n line 27 corresponds wilh those of the 
priTious No.) Vasishta-gotra Apastamba-sfitra Yajus-sakhridhyayar ada Tirumala- 
Bhatta-pautrar ada Rama-Bhatta-putrar ada Venkatacharyarige palista bhu- 
dana-dharma-sasanavu (usuai finai verses) sri-Rama 


At the same villag^e, on the north-east pillar in front of the AmritSsvara temple. 

Svasti Saka-varsha sasirada nur-ondaneya Vilambi-samvatsarada Marggasira- 
sudda-paiichami-Brihaspativaradalu rayara beukomba sri-Vira-Ballala-Devarii 
srimad-rajadhani-Dorasamudrada nelevidinali sukha-sankatha-vinodadim 
prithvi-rajyam geyyuttam iral i-dina §ri-§aiikara-devara pura-varggadale mano 
madid okkal yippatt-aidakkam devara sri-bhandaradalu modalu gadana kotta 
gadyanav ayvattu iga 50 sri-Sankara-devara bhandarav allade manushyara 
karanav illa i-modalu gadanan arrinum kaladukondadam i-pura-varggada okk- 
algalge yaranum bade madidad avara vamsa nirvvamsav akku tere sunka tappu 
terige dandriyav . ,v illa sri-Sankara-devar-auga-javave tere sri-Vira-Ballala- 
De. . .prithvi-rajyam geyge 


On the north-west pillar in the same plaoe. 

Angirasa-samvatsaradalu sri-Sankara-devara sri-karyyava nadisuvallige Basa- 
vanna Bachhavveya maga Hruluva Machheya-Nayaka modal gadana kotta krama 
naivedyakke gadyanav eradu yeley-adake gadyanav ondu malegara gadyanav 
ondu kallina gadyanav ondu antu gadyana 5 mattam Machheya-Nayaka sri- 
karyyakke kotta gadyanav aru antu gadyana 1 1 yi-dharmmava nadasalu sakala- 

bhaktar odeyaru (another side effaced) 


156 Belw Taluq. 


On the south-east pillar in the same place. 
(The upper portion is buiit into the waii) prithvi-rajyam gejyutam irddu Saka-varusha 
1142 neya Vikrama-samvatsarada Chayitra-bahula-chaturddasi-Sukravaradalu 
rayara benkomba Hoysana sri-Vira-Narasimha-Devaru Beluhura sri-Jadeya- 
Saiikara-devarige Ballave-nada gauda .... avaniya bali-sahita sarbba-bade- 
pariharav agi dara-purbbakam madi kottaru || yi-dharmmakk alihida pancha- 


At Mdlftr (same hobli), on a stone near the Harihardsvara temple. 

Namas tunga etc. |) 

sriyam bhogavatiih kuryyad ayuh kuryyad anamayam | 

sataih Guhasura-dhvamsi devo Hariharas sada n 

Salan embarh Jina-muni hoy | 

seleyindaiii puliyau endade gondu mahi- | 

talav a-venegam poye Hoy- | 

sala-vesaram taledud itta Yadava-vamsam n 

a-Yadu-kuladol sakala-ma- i 

hi-yuvati-kantan enipa Vinayadityarii | 

sriyam palipan adan u- | 

payajiiam tat-taniijan Ereyanga-nripam n 

tad-apatyar bBallalam | 

vidita-gunam Vishnu-bhupan Udayadityani | 

Madanari-mahimar avarolu | 

hridaya-priyan akhila-dharege Vishnu-nripalam || 
atana mahimeyaih pelvade | 
vri II kudadirdd aggada danav ill avana bana-srenig ullalki ben- i 

gudad urbbisvarar illa visrita-jaya-stambham sva-namankitam | 

nadad {\sa-tatam illa kirtti-bharadind anandamam taldad ond- | 

edeyum lokadol ill enalke negaldam sri-Vishnu-bhupalakam || 
va|| a-mahisana vijaya-lakshmiy enisida Lakshma-Devigam Narasirhha-Devam 
parakrama-nidhiy enisi puttidan atana vikramaih pelvade i 
vri II Javana podarppu Chandikeya kaypu Purariya kanna kichchu Ma- i 

dhavana gadabhighatav Amarendrana vajra-bhavanalarchi ta- i 

Itavol ogetanda durddharatara-prabala-prathita-pratapamam \ 

bavaradol eyde biruvudu bhuri-bhujam Narasimha-bhupana ii 
k«n II a-vibhugam patta-maha- | 

devigav abhimana-Meru su-kavi-nidhanam | 

bhu-vandya-vikrama-krama- | 

n §n ogajvudo tanayau enisidam Ballalam || 

Belur Taluq. 157 

▼ri II e|e-venn a-dhavalatapatrada nelal sampritiyol kude kaj- | 
jalamam kurasi vairi-kanteyara kannim durad idade cha- | 
palamam gomini bittu per-uradol endum lileyind ade dig- | 
valayarudha-bhuja-pratapan esevam Ballala-bhupalakara u 
tridasebheadrada balpan ingadala gunpam Parvvati-suti-sai- | 
lada dhairyyonnatiyam sudhamsuva kala-sampattiyam Sankara- 1 
ngada visva-stavaniya-vrittiyan ila-lokakke tannindc ma- | 
Ipud ad endum mahaniya-kirtti-vibhavam Ballala-bhupalakani || 
sa-dayantahkaranara rana-pranayi viragresaram papa-bhi | 
ru dinadhisa-lasat-pratapan avani-tapapaham Kama-sam- | 
mada-rupam para-kamini-vishaya-nihkamam milad-bhavana- i 
spadan endum guna-vriddhan adbhuta-gunam Ballala-bhupalakan) II 
k»o II padulam pa}ipan eleyam ] 

vidita-gunam sakala-jaladhi-jala-mekhaleyam i 
madavad-ari-karati-sanku]a- j 
bidu-vidalana-bhima-bahu Ballala-nripam || 
svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvaram i Dvaravati-pura- 
varadhisvaram | Vasantikri-devi-labdha-vara-prasadam | mrigamadamoda sa- 
mara - samay otpa tita - vijaya - sarddilla - dhvajam | hriday aravinda - mandiranita- 
Garudadhvajam j parakrama-prathama-samaya-nirbbhidyamana-virari-giri-durg- 
gam I raja-niti-paripalita-tri-varggam | raandalika-benteka.ram | Chola-kataka- 
surekaram ripu-raja-ganda-bherundam | maleparolu gandam i ity-ady-aneka- 
namavali-virajitar appa sriman-maha-mandalesvaram Talakadu-Kongu-Naiigali- 
Gangavadi-Nonambavadi-Banavase-Hanungal-gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Gangan 
asahaya-sura Sanivara-siddhi giri-durgga-malla chalad-auka-Rama nissanka- 
pratapa Hoysala sri-Vira-Ballala-Devaru srimau-maha-rajadhani-Dorasamudra- 
da nelevidinolu sukha-sankatha-vinodadim prithvi-rajyaiii geyyuttam ire tat- 
pada-padmopajivi sriman-maha-pradhana-Tantrapala-Pemmadiy-anvayav enten- 
dade Ayyavale-Balegara-Mari-Setti tenkalu-vyavaha,radim bandu Poysala- 

Devanam kandu karunyam badadu vam hadadu maha-prabhuvag iral 

atarii. .rarur aliyadan atange Basava-Gavunda Nacha-Gavunda Basava-Gavun- 
dam Trailokyasamudravam kattisidan atana tamma Nacha-Gavundahge Basa- 
Gavundam su-putran adan ataugam Tantrapala-Sovanriana soseyappa maha- 

sati Chandavvegav Umegam Isvarahgam Kumaram put^uvante sriman- 

maba-pradhanam Tantrapala-Hemmadiyannam puttirddu munne tann alda 
sri. . . .Ballala-Devam tamma bappanim tolagi male-vayd iralu samasta-maleya 
praje-gavundugalam Kohgalva-Chahgalvan-adiyada maleya mandalikarumam 
kanisi taan aldahge samrajya-pattamam kattisi pradhana-padaviyam padadan 
atana mahimey entendade | 

srita-silam bhuvanasrayam parichayavajnana-duram budha- j 
stuta-bhavam vinutanavadya-vibhavam samady-upaya-pragal- I 

158 Belur Taluq. 

bhatarabhyunntati Tantrapalan eleyol Permmadi tam taldidam i 
matiyam maymeyan olpan acbaranamam sampritiyam nitiyara h 
aritada matu nalageya baddige barada dina-manasar i 
mmaravuge kava matu manadol poraponmada manasikkeyam | 
nerapuva matu niti-nilayakk ola-sallad amatya-vrittiyam | 
jarivudu Tantrapalaka-sikhamani-Permmana kirtti-dindimam n 
a-prabhu Saka-varsha 1099 neya Hemalambi-samvatsaradalu tanna prabhutvad 
ur-Emmesandiya kaluhalli Kudaluralli sri-Harihara-devara pratishtheyam 
madiy a-devara puje-punaskarakke tenkalu magdalu jagaleya geya badagalu 
Bennayura dari haduvalu kalidhugu sandagi kadam kadidu hosa-bhumi 
kodaiigada mogeyam dhara-purvvakaih kotta alli huttidantahavaru tamma 
modalu Tantra-pala-Hemmadiyanna Masana-Gaundana maga Bijjaya Bijja- 
Gaundana maga Bhuteya Chava-Gavundana maga Bijjaya Hiduvanana Bomma- 
Gaundana maga Machaya Masaneya Bachi-Gaundaua Machi-Gaunda Chinna- 
Gaundana Baseya Chikka-Chinna-Baseyan int ivaru Kumbarahalliya siddhaya 
gadyariav eradu hanav aydum sri-Kesava-devargge tett alliy-ada bhumiyam sri- 
Harihara-devargge dharey eradu salisidaru (usuai finai phrases and verses) 


At N&ranapnra (same hobli), on a broken stone in front of the village. 

(Upper portion gone) 

nityodbhasi-mrinala-komala damstrotthitam | 

kshoni-chakram abhiprasarita-payah-purabhiramam mahat | 

roruha-dhiya sadyas Sarojalayam | 

arMham avalokya jata-hasitah patu vah n 

Vishnos sakasad udiyaya Vedhas tat6'trir Atrer nayanan Mrigankah | 

durasya varhse sa Hoyisana. .sa apurbba-nama n 

Aditya-bhupo Vinayanvita sav Ereyanga-bhumipah | 

Vishnus tat6'sman Narasimha-bhupatis tatas sa Ballala-mahi n 

putras tadiy6 Narasiihha-nama tasyatmajas S6ma-nripala-varyyah | 

bhupala-bhu sya jatas sri-Narasiihh6'sti mahi-Mahendrah n 

Narasimha-mahipalah ha mahim | 

jayaty asau ripu-st6ma-kari-kanthiravakritih n 

s6'yam. samasta-prasasti-sahi mahipalah svakiy a-Hoya . . . .khila- 

lakshmi-vilasasrayam sa ta-prajya-rajya-sampadarh D6rasamudra- 

bhidha-nija-rajadhanim adhya 

nabhi-sar6jad udabhut pura Hare 

.... asmat sa cha Kasyapa | 

anvit6 dvijasraya-nitya-satvah 

prarudha vibhuh. . ramesvarakhyah n 

Belur Taluq. 159 

yad-asrayad asta-samasta-doshah Kalih Krita nvita satt l 

Sati-sama tasya babhuva patni yasya gunaiu tri . . . . suddha-satvah n 
Narayanah kula-samuddharano gunadhyah 
. . .bhutva-dhriti-sila-daya-viveka- | 

saujanya-sindhu karanad 

utpatitasra II 


On another stone. 

(Upper portion gone) 

bhagada varu tilvu svasti samasta-pra na-desi- 

mukhyar appa srimatu Changaluva nad-olagana prasiddha-sima^ 

samanvitav appa Kannamangala Narayanapurada Niiakantha-deva- 

rige kottev agi vondan uliye sri devarige kottev agi eradarinda huttuva 

dhanyaya-suvarnnaya-moda vastuvanu tamma kiriy-ayya Vasudeva- 

Nayakaru Manale-nad-olagana masta-praje-gavuiulugala kayyalu S,... 

rahalliya kriluvalli Asagarahalli ba emba prasiddha-sima-saman- 

vitav appa. . . .eradanu . . . .la beilakeyava ko gi pindadana sarbba-badhe- 

pariharav agi siddhaya-ga 16 nu a-prajegalige tettu bhogisutirppa a-eradu- 

halliyanu avara makkalu paramesvara tavu sri-Lakshmi-Narayana-devara 

sri-kriryakke fi-mariyridey agi ru sandu bahant agi dhara-pftrvvakav agi 

kottu a-halligal eradarim hutti Belura-nadaChinna-uralu. . . .kayyalu 

.... a-gramava sri-Lakshmi-Narayana-devara sri firChinna- 

tlralu nnana kayyalu krayav agi konde hiriya nada 

vrittiya utpattiyolage a-gramadinde siddhaya naivfidya eradu nandadipa- 

modalada sri-karyya nadavant agi vrittiyal aha samasta a- 

Narayanapuran avara nayakaru jyarugala kayyalu 

Kamannagala kayyalu ...... . 


At the same village, on a stone in front of the Nilakanthdsvara temple. 
Namas tunga etc. n 


Brahma pradurabhut suto Madhuripor Atris tat6'trer Vidhuh 
putras tasya Budhas tadiya-tanujas. . . .vamsagranih j 
Ayus tat-tanujas tat6'sya Nahushas tasmad Yayatir Yadus 

tasyasit. . . .prasiddha tasya ji 

Sa]akhya-mrigendra-virah sardulam ahatya muner nniy6gat 

Aditya-nama Vinayadir avir-usit tato bhftpah || 

Vishnus tat-tanay6 Nrisimha-nripatis ta8yatmaj6'sau tat6 
Ballala-kshitipala-mauli-vilasa budhah j 

160 Belw Tatuq. 

nuta-narottama Ballala-bhupatmajah 

sriman adbhuta-sahasaika-rasikah Pandya-prati n 


bhasvat-pada-saroja-kantishu chiram sri-Soma-bhumisvarah | 

tasmad Yadava purnna 

. .cha nripadhipo vijayate vairibha-panchananah n 

rakshayan akshatam urbbim akshinam cha 

kshiti hipalakah n 

s6'yam samasta-prasasti-vistara-vistrita-vibhavo Narasimha-mahipalas svakiya- 

pratishthapita-prajya-rajya-sampadam Dorasamudrabhidhana-nija- 

raja-dhani-madhya stutas prastuvat i 

avirbbabhuva Madhumarddana-nabhi-padmad 

Dhata tadiya-tanaya | 


prakhyata-kirttir udapadyata Keraleshu || 

yoshid-vara tasya babhuva patni 

Nrigabhidha | 

. ,janya-saundarya-nivasa-bhumih 

sati hutasarkka-sudhakarabha n 

chyuta-Chandrasekhara. . 

teshv agrajas sa Paramesvara-nandan6'bhut | 

jatas sri sri 

Narayanah priya-budhas sakala-dvijetah n 


uttamatam gunaih | 

jiy&d asau Madiga-Nambir iti dvitiyah 

bhava-darpanah kula-griham tebhyah kala-keli-bhiih 

tyagenapratimena ni i 

ten6 . padi bhuvaua-traya-rakshana . , . . | 

sva-kula-kubalayam .... nanda-sand6ha , . . . | 


vidya-samsrayah sarbba-16ka-prathita-nija-vibhtlti, 

ya-guna-nivas6 Vasudevas samaste n 

Narayananuja I 

pitur dharmam palayan Paramesvaro vijayate | 

Beliir Taluq. 161 

Dhanadhipa-prema-kritadhiviisah Kailasa-bhumidhara-bhumi-bhagah | 

suvistritah punya-janais susevitah su-dharmma- II 

yam kalita-suchi-somamrita-rasair 

makha prathita- vibudhaih j 

chatush-shashti-grameshv amara-nagari-sarvva 

. . . . ta.khy6'syasit guna. . . sati. . . . || 

grame pradeso tale nama bhavana-bhavita-nija- 

jana-vibhava Paramesvara-Nayakah sva-pitri-krita-Nurriyanapura- 

madhye sva-pitra pratishthapitaya Girijrilingana-sankranta-gha 

kucha-kumbha-kuiikuma-pankilora-sthalaya su varatara .... sarasa .... 

kala . . . charu-mau|aye j pranata-surasura lankrita . . . chittaya prana- 

tartti-hanta achiratmana bhuti tanuja . . . vetanaya cha 

Saka-varshasya dvir-uttara-dvi-satadhika-sahasratamasya Pramathi-samvatsara 

sukla-tritiyayam Adivare pujanartham arttham akalpayat j ayam 

evarthah Karnnata-bhashaya sa-vistaram varnyate | svasti samasta-bhuvanii- 
srayam sri-prithvi-vallabha mahurajadhiraja paramesvara Dvarrivati-pura-vara- 
dhisvaram Yadava-kulambara-dyumani sarbbajila-chudamani raaleraja-raja 
malaparolu ganda ganda-bherunda kadana-prachandan asahaya-suran ekaiiga- 
vira Sanivara-siddhi giri-durgga-malla chalad-anka-Rama vairibha-kanthirava 
Magara-rajya-nirmmulana Chola-rajya-sthapanacharya Pandya-rrijya-samud- 
dharana nissaiika-pratapa-chakravartti IIoysala-sri-Vira-Nrirasimha-Devaru 
nija-rajadhani-Dorasamudrada nelebidinolu prithvi-rajyam geyuttirppudu | svasti 
sriman-maha-vadda-byavahari . . .nana-desi-Maleyala-mukhyaru. . nurupa-vibha- 

va-vidya varji tan ojo-mokshana- ya-saktan angikrita-jana-paripalana- 

pravina paropakara-niratarum mita-vakya-parisuddha-vamsarum sri-Lakshmi- 

Narayana-pada-padmaradhakarum bhagavati-sri-pada-bhaktarum sri- 

Nilakantha - pada - paukeruha - bhakti - makaranda - seva - sammada - sakta-matta- 
chitta-chancharikarum appa Puliyavadambu-Paramesvara-Nuyakaru j tamma 

tande Narana-Nayakaru tavu madida Narayanapurada agrahara tamma 

dharmmagalige Nambi-Nayakaru a-Narayanapuradalu pratishthe madida sri- 
Nilakantha-devara sri-karyakke dhara-purvvakam madi kotta akshini-agami- 
samasta-bali-sahita akhanditav appa 2 vrittiyinda huttuva dhanyaya-suvarnna- 

yav-olagada elliV-vastuvanu a-Narana-Nayakarum subha-purav ada Narana- 

Dasara rige dS,nav agi nikshepa-akshini-agami-samasta-bali-sahita 

akhanditav appa hosa-vrittiya . . .vutpattiyo|age a-grama-mariyade vummaligala 
siddhayagala kaladu vulidavanu sri-Nilakantha-devara sri-karyakke dhara- 
purvvav agi kotta a-hosa-vrittiya vutpattiya vastuvanu .... Paramesvara-Vasu- 

deva-Nayakaru virottaman ati-bhasura-rupa-Kandarppa sva-vibhava-tira- 

dhara-purvakav agi hadeda Asandi-nad-olagana Ganadahalu-Sadarahalli-Padu- 
vanahalli-sahita prasiddha-sima-samanvitav appa Lokkiya samasta-bali-sahita 


162 Belur Taluq. 

prati-varsha ikkuva siddhaya-ga 532 pa. . . . a-Lokki-Brahmarige bitta ga 60. . , 
ulada honnanu samanagi nalku-bhagava madi Narayanapurada sri-Lakshmi- 
Narayana-devarige kottevagi nurana. . . . Nambi-Nayakaru a-Narayanapuradalu 
pratishtheyarii madida sri-Nilakantha-devarige a-Vasudeva-Nayakaru dhara- 
purvvakam madi kotta bhaga vondarinda. . . .nu. . . vatta a-Paramesvara-Naya- 
karu tavu | svasti srimanu-maha-mandalesvara Knlottunga-Chola sri-vira- 
Changaluva-Mali-Dev-arasariih dhara-purvakaiii madi hadadu prasiddha-sima- 
samanvitav appa Kannamaiigalavanu samavagi naluku-bhagiya madi Lakshmi- 
Narayana-devarige kotta bhage eradan uliye sri-Nilakantha-devarige kotta 
bhagiy-ondarinda huttuva ella-ayavanum | itala. .Mannaka-. . sri-Paramesvara- 
Nayakaru a-Nilakantha-devarige amritapadi-volagada-samasta-bhogakke a- 

devara pujakar-olagada ella-anujivi-janara jivita-volagada-samasta- 

viniyogartthav agi Saka-varshada 1202 Pramathi-samvatsarada Pha]guna-su 3 A | 
kalpisida. . . .kula sri-Nilakantha-devara tri-kalada naivedyake akki ko 

hesaru bella 3 baleya-hannu (ISlines following contaln details of grant) 


At Halebid, on the wall near the south entrance of the Hoysal^svara temple. 
Svasti sri jayabhyudayas cha Saka-varshada 1203 raneya Vishu-samvatsarada 
Marggasira-su 10 Somavarad andu sri-Hoysanesvara-devarige Chaitra ba 2 ya 
dina vokuliya abhishekakke bija-vonnagi Pap-arasara Sovannanavaru kotta 
gadyanam naku Tirinalura-Nayakara magalu Ranganili kotta gadyanam vondu 
varsha 1 ke panav eradu a-ba[d]diyalu Bhandari-Ponnaiya bhandarada volagada 

mele konda gadyanav ondu ( dake gadyanam) ke hanaveradara bad[d]iyam 

Vithapanu Balesvara-devara paricha[r]yada volagada mele konda 

gadyanam(v)eradu panav aiydu sulayita-Devapanu tanna 


In the same place. 
Svasti vijayabhyudayas cha Saka-varsha 1208 neya Sarvvajitu-sarhvatsarada 
Ashadha-su 1 Sukravarad andu sri-Hoysanesvara-devara indeya Benakana bija- 

vonnu ga 1 nii a-devara sulayita-Devapana na ardda sulayitikeya volagada 

pra. .da mele horage varsha 1 ke panav eradara badiyalu konda ga 1 yi- 
honna badika drapada-sudha-chavatiya khajayake koduta bahanu 


In the same place. 
Sri-kanta-kantodara- | 
kokanadolag ogeda noludu srishtig adhisam | 

Behir Taluq. 163 

nakadhisvara-vandyam i 

lokesam Brahman amala-kirtti-nidhanam n 

Vanajajan otu manasa-su-putraran aty-adhika-prasiddharam i 

manad anuragadinde padedam nava-sankhyeyin alliy Atriy emb | 

anupama-punya-punjan uditodita-vikraman udgha-tejan a- i 

tana nija-kirtti varttise Pitamahanind adhikam tri-lokadol n 

a-Sarasijasambhavana manasa-nandanan Atriy ormme Kan- | 

jasana-Vishnu-Rudraran uparjjise mechchiy avar prasannar ad | 

a-samayanuragadole niv enag atmajar agim end enal i 

bhasura-tejar udbhavisidar tri-jagonnata-kirtti-bhajanar n 

Hari Dattatreyan Agaja- | 

varane DClrvvasan Abjajam Chandram bha- | 

sura-chitta-tama-drigodbhava- | 

r uru-tejah-punjar adar Atrige putrar n 

a-muvar-ddevar-ams6dbhavar-olag adhikam charu-tarali-sobhi- | 

byomadhisam chakori-chaya-hridaya-sukhananda-kandarh Trinetro- | 

ddamodyaj-juta-desojvala-ruchira-sudha-r^chi-dig-byapi Chandrarh | 

bhumisotpattiy ayt atana pesar esavim Soma-vamsavataram i) 

Taradhisa-tanubhava- | 

n arindam chaluvan agi Saumyan enippam i 

dhariniyam rakshisalu Pu- | 

ruravanam padedan avanig avane devam n 

charu-Puraravovvipana nandanan Ayu-narendran atanim | 

dharinipalakam Nahushan a-Nahusha-kshitinathan-atmajaih | 

sura-Yayati-bhubhuja. . . .kutuhalan abdhi-veshtito- I 

dara-dharitri-vistritar-yasam padedaih Yaduv-emba-chakriyam || 

a-Yadu-vamsadol . . .virada chagada bhogad olpin a- i 

khyayike tannol oppe dharini-bharamam bhujadalli tkhU kond j 

ayatarchittadim jagaman uddharisitt ati-teja. . . | 

sthriyiy enalke vikramadin aldan ilatalamaih Salorvvipam || 

sri-sampattiya Sasapura- i 

Vasanti-vfisav alli siddha-munindram j 

les ene Salange vidy^- i 

bhyasarii geyyuttam irddan irpp-annevaram ii 

alaviyol erddu payva puliyam muni hoy Salay enda tat-kshanaih | 

seleyol adarttu poydu seleyan negapalk atichitrav adud a- i 

sele-goneyalli nelva huli yettida sindav enalke kirttiyam | 

taleda Salange Hoysala-vesar prakatikritav uytu lokadol || 

srimadd-Hoysala-chakravartti Vinayadityavanisam yasah- j 

premam sriy-Ereyanga-Devan adatam sri-Vishnu-bhiivallabham | 

bhtimiSam Narasimha-chakri balavad-Ballala-bhupam jayo- | 


164 Belur Taluq. 

ddamaih sri-Narasimlia-chakriy avaririi sri-Soma-bliumisvaram n 
sri-Somesvara-chakrigarii vara-jaya-sri-Bijjala-Ranigarii | 
bhu-saubhagya-nidhanan urjjita-balrii sri-Narsiriiharii jaya- | 
vasarii Vasava-tejan udbhavisidarii sahitya-sarbbajnan emb | 
a-sampatti dharitriyol pasarisal viravatarorvviparii n 
ant a-Hoysala-bhuja-bala-Vira-Narasiriiha-Dev-arasaru Saka-varshada 1192neya 
Pramoda-sariivatsarada Karttika-su 3 A | Visana-Jattiyara maga Hathi-Jattiyar 
sri-Hoysalesvara-devaralliya Nimbaja-devige Hagare-Haludorey-olagana Sun- 
keyahalliyalu vrittiy-ondanu tat-kalochita-kraya ga 20 nurii kottu kondan a- 
vrittiya siddaya kirukula abhyagata hodake besage utsaha olagayit-ellavurii 
sarbbamanyam agi a-vura siddayada volage kularh kadsi sri-Vira-Narasiriiha- 
Devarasara kaiyalu Hathi-Jattiyaru dhareyan erasi-kondu a-vrittiya siddaya 
gadyanarii muru panav elu a-ga 3 panarii a-Nimbaja-devige pancha-parbbada . . 
.saluvantagi Hathi-Jattiyaru dhara-purbbakarii madi bitta datti i i-vritti adhi- 
krayakke salladu n (usuai flnai verse) sri-Malaparolu-ganda 


In the same temple, on the Praudharaya pillar. 

(Eaet face) Namas turiga etc. || 

Sri-yuvatisvaran abja-da- | 

layata-lochana | 

(27 lines almost effaced) 

(North face) varyyarii | 

ghana-sauryyarii giri-dhairyyarii | 

janaparol Ereyariga-bhupan Augaja-ruparii n 
va II ant ay-Ereyariga-Devarigav Echala-Devigarii putti nettane kattalgalurii 
jattigarum enisi sogayisuva Ballala-Devarii Vishnuvarddhana-Devan Udayadi- 
tya-Devan emb a-muvarol orvvarii | 

danujara .... murii nirmmu- | 

1 anamam madalke puttidarii .... Krishnam | 

manam oldu bhupa-kulado- | 

1 udayisi baledante Vishnuvarddhanan adarii || 
va II ant a-Vishnuvarddhanarii baledu . . likarii | 

eleyarii sadhisi Koriga-bhariga rara geldu dor- | 

vvaladirn kappaman eyde Korigadiganarii berikondu Garigorvvigarii | 

chaladim kude Nonambavadi-mahigarii sri-Krishnaveni-nadi- | 

jaladirii dakshina-bhumigarii patiy enal sri-Vishnu kang oppidam n 
vachana n antu Garigavadi-tombhatt-aru-sayiramarii Heddore merey agi dushta- 
nigraha-sishta-pratipalanarii geydu Sahasa-Gariga-Hoysalan emba hesaru modal- 
agi bhuja-baladirii padeda guna-namarigal-anekadind oppuva Vishnuvarddhana- 

Belur Taluq. 165 

Devangam kshira-sagaradol ogeda Lakshmi-kanteg eney enisida Lakshma-Devi- 

gam puttida Nrisimha-nripana janmotsavav entendode | 

jananiya garbhadind ogeda lagnada mele balikke yamadol | 
janakan aratiyam kaviye kalagadol nere kondu geldu band | 
anunayadim Pratapa-Narasimhan enal hesar ittu pattamam | 
janiyisid-andu kattidan enal dorevettudu rajya-sampadam || 

■»a iiantu puttid a-devasadim taguldu tanna lalata-pattadol patta. . .ranji. . . . 

. (west and south faces eflfaced) 


Iq the same temple, on the wall west of the Praudhar&ya pillar. 
. . Manmatha-saih-Vayisakha-su 1 A-d-andu sri-Hoysanesvara-devara Karttika 
... 10 miya darmmakke ranga-vileykam kotta ga 1 yi-honnanu Miidannanvara 
maga Sovanna kondu a 15 ma. . .ennege badi pa 2 va kodutta-bahanu 


Dundubhi-samvatsarada Bhadrapada-su 15 Bri | d-andu sriman-maha-pradhana- 

Harihara-dannayakaru Panchikesvarada-de. . . . bija-vonnagi nn eradu. . . 

gadde vannagalige gadde 


In the same temple, on the west wall between Strilinga and PuUingesvara temples. 

(From the beglnning to viriivatarorvvipam in line 37, corresponds wlth No. 93) antu Hoy- 

sala bhuja-bala sri-Vira-Narasimha rajadhani-Dvarasaraudrada nelevidi- 

nole sakaja-sambra rajyam geyyuttam iralu tat-padopajivigal appa Rama- 

chandra-ji. . . .vara makkalu Birada-Jattiyar Saka-varshada 1 182 ne 

. Raudri-samvatsarada Magha-suddha 1 1 Brihaspativarad andu . . . Hoysal- 

esvara-devara devalyadolage sri-Nimbaja-devi . . rum madi sri 

mahajanangalu kotta ga Sringfiri rate-devige kotta ga. 

.... entu a-parivarada a-chandrarka-taram-baraih salvudu 

divigege kotta datti (usnal final Torse) 


At the same place, on another side. 

Hemalambi-samvatsarada Asvayuja-su 10 Bri | malagara-Bittayyanavara 

. svara-devara dharmmakke kotta bija-vonnu ga 1 a-mahajanangalu a-devara 
su . . . . ge dharmma-vaddiyalu kotta ga 1 

166 JBelur Taluq. 


At the same place. 
Sri Hemanambi-samvatsarada Asvayuja-su 1 So-d-andu sri-Hoysane§vara-deva- 
ra Pafichikesvara-devarige kambbara-Nach-arasaru a-raahajanangala kayyalu 
bija-vonnagi kottar avara senabova-Kacharasama Machayyam kotta ga 1 antu 
gadyana 5 nu a-devara maha...gala kayyalu a-kolukara-Dasayyanuvam 
damma-va[d]diyagi hoiige yippanavin[a]v6padiyali varisam-prati tetthen endu a- 
Dasayya konda gadyanam aidu a-samvatsaradali a-devara mahajanangala 
kayyalu voddara Madeya-Nayakanu bija-vonnagi honge yippanavinopadiyali 
konda ga 1 Sama-vedi-Baskarayyanu vodi bija-vonnagi kotta ga 1 antu ga 2 a- 
devara voddara Madayya-Nayakanu bija-vonnagi varsham-prati ga 2 ke pa 4 
terevanu a-Nach-arasara aliy-Appana. . . . a-mahajanangalu mattaiii Mara-bovam 
.... kotta bija 


maha-pradhanam Ammanna-dannayakaru Khara-samvatsarada Bhadra- 

pada-bahula-panchami d-andu sri-Hoysanesvara-devaraPaiichikesvarada 

vodida Brahmanara pujegosuga a-mahajanaiigala kayyalu dharmma-va[d]diyalu 
bija-vonnagi kotta gadyanam muvattu adanu volagav-ullavarige kotta kula | 
acharyya-Rayannangalu gadya 1 tarkkikada-Madhusudana-Bhattaru ga 1 aradha- 
neya Hireyanaiigalu ga 1 Tumbula-Narayana-Deva ga 1 aradhaneya-Perumale- 
Deva ga 1 Kesava-Dikshitaru ga 1 puranada-Sriranga-Bhattaru ga 1 pa 5 a- 
vachaka Ammana ga 1 puranada-Droneya-Bhattaru ga 1 bala-siksheya Chame- 
svara-Bhattaru ga 1 pana 5 Yajur-vveda-khandikada Jakkannangalu ga 1 pa 5 
parichara-Kommanna gadya 2 savasi-Nag-arasaru gadyana 2 savasi-Vissayya 
gadya 2 joysa-Lakhayya gadya 2 paricharaka-Hoysana-Deva gadya 1 pa 5 
Suryya-devara sirigariy Appanna gadya 1 Kutanda-devar-aradhaneya Nambi- 
yannana maga Visvesvara ga 2 pa 5 Kutanda-devara hiriya-Visvesvara ga 2 
pa 5 kolukara-Ayyapa-Devana tamma Dasayya ga 1 Narasimha-devara Nara- 
simha-Bhattaru ga 1 antu 30 kkaiii varsham-prati baddi ga 6 num a-dharmma- 
kke a-mahajanaiigalu kottu nadasutam-baharu n 


Hemalambi-samvatsarada Bhadrapada-su 14 A | Santigramada mavana 

maga Singa-mavanu Panchikesvara-devara dharmakke kotta bija-vonnu ga 2 a- 
vura de . . , . malakshiya Siiigayyanu kotta bija-vonnu ga I antu ga 3 rara 
kula a-devara. bala-devange dharmma-vaddiyalu kotta ga 3 

Bdur Talvq, \^1 


Svasti sri Hoysalesvara-devara dibja-sri-pada-padumaradhakarum a 

jayati nija-bhavana-nirjjita-Kailaso Hoysanesvarah Sambhuh | 

jayati cha mahajan6'yam tat-puja-jagaruka-manah n 

niyata Brahmanas sarve palayanti prati . . . | 

rasy uktam dharmam abyahatam sada n 

sva-dharmma .... a-mahajanangalu ge kotta bija-vonnina kula | (36 Unes 

following contain details of the gift) 


In the same place. 

(N&gari oharacters) 

Svasti sri jayabhyudayas cha Saka-varshada 1202 neya Vikrama-samvatsara- 
da Chaitra-suddha 1 Adivarad andu i Amitapurada lieggade-Jakkannaugal- 
aliya Polaluva-Devanu chhatra-bhiksheya dl)armmakke bija-vonnagi kotta ga 1 
puranada Sriranga-Bhattoprulliyayara makkalu Haivannangalu kotta pa 8 di- 
kshitara-Devannangalu kotta pa 8 patrada aneya-Malauve kotta ga 3 vonge 
varshav ondakke panav eradara baddiyalu sri-Hoysalesvara-devara bhandari 
Ponnayya konda gadyanam vondu | Ti-devara bhandari Rjimanna konda gadya- 
nam nfilku | 5 aidu-honnina baddiyalu varshaiii-prati chchhatra-bhiksheya bedi 
banda Brahmanarige koduta-baharu | a-samvatsarada Pushya-suddha 7 Adiva- 

rad andu i ge BhOvannanu kotta pa 8 BaUalesvara-devago heggade- 

Mayananu kotta pa 8 Kanageri-Gottaya Chavalu-Manika-Devi kotta ga 7 antu 
gadyanav eradanu a-bhandari-Ponnayyanu Mattandanu avar-irvvara bhandara- 
da volagada mele i 


In the same place. 
Srimad-Adanna pujeya-dharmmake acharyyaru-pramukhavada devalyada maha- 
janangalum adhyakshada Davannagalum hongo varishakke pana-eradu haga- 
eradara baddiyalu bitta gadyana ippattaru i sri-Panchikesvara-devara dharma- 
khadaviseya pujege adhyakshada Davanna bitta gadyana nalku | srimatu- 
Hosanesvara-devara sthanadalu srimatu-piriy-arasi-Ketala-Deviyara senabhova 
Ramayya sri-Panchikesvara-devara dharmma khadaviseya pujege honge 
varishakke hanav-eradu hagav-eradara badiyalu acharyyaru-pramukhavada 
devalyada maha-janangala vasadalu bitta gadyana nalku J senabhova Mallayya 
bitta hanav aidu | senabova Vamaiya bitta hanav aidu i senabova Machayya 
bitta hanav aidu n 

168 Belur Taluq. 


Svasti sri jayabhyudayas cha Tarana-samvatsarada Chaitra-suddha-padiva-Su- 
kravarad andu sri-Hoysanesvara-devarige patrada Manigara-Madavve kotta 
patta-huvu eradu sahita haralu erad allade misuni-lokli tukam ga 30 | 
svasti sri manu maha-pradhaDam kumara-Mallikarjuna-dannayakara maga 
Bommana-daiinayakaru sri-Hoyisalesvara-devara Panchikesvara-devara dha 
viseya pujege honge varisakke hanav-eradara baddiyalu acharyy-pramukhavada 
devaly ada mahajanangala . . . bitta gadyana hattu || 


Svasti jayabhyudayas cha Saka-varsha 1195 neya Srimukha-samvatsarada 
Marggasira-suddha 11 d-andu srimanu maha-pradhanam gayi-govala ganda- 

pendara manneya-jubu dannayakaru sri-Hoysalesvara-devarige madisi- 

kotta . . . . gadyana elu-nura-muvatt-entu ga 738 sri-Hoysanesvara-devarige 
patrada aneya-Malavve kotta patta-misuni tuka ga 10 Gauri-deviyara vuyala- 
bayanakke patrada aneya-Malavve kotta 


Gauri-deviyara vuyyala-bayinake sri-Hoysanesvara-devara patrada visa.... 
Lakhavve kotta panav aidu pa 5 Macha-Nayakana mommalu patrada 
Chandavve kotta panav aidu 


At the same place. 
Srimukha-samvatsarada Phalguna-suda 6 Adivara sri-Hoyisanesvara-deva 

haduva Kallavveya sri-Panchakesvara-devara agi kotta gadyana 

a-Biygati-devara kolukara Racheyya Siriyavige honge varsha 

1 kke baddi pa 2 da ga 2 pa 5 avujiga Bommayana maga Mayananu 

sri-Panchakesvara-devara dharma-vaddige bija-vonn agi kotta gadyanav aidu 
Achiya kolukara Hariyannange honge varushav ondakke baddi pa 2 ra lekka- 
dallu konda ga 2 mangala maha sri sri 


In the same temple, on the wall to the left of the main entrance 
of the Strilingesvara temple. 
Svasti sri jayabhyudayas cha Saka-varusha 1201 neya Pramathi-sanivatsarada 
Karttika-suddha 10 Bri-varad-andu sri-Hoysanesvara-devarige Sivaratriya 
maha-parbbake bandu jagarava madidavarugalige samaradhane parane a-deva- 
ra merhava maduvantagi a-devara patrada aneya-Malauve yi-dharmmake bija- 

Belur Taluq. 169 

vonnagi kotta gadyanaih miiru a-devara avujiga Bommaiyana magalu patrada 
Nagauve bija-vonnagi kotta gadyanam eradu Ketalesvarada Bommacha-Naya- 
kana mommalu patrada Chandauve kotta gadyanam vondu Kilari-Bommayya- 
na mommalu patrada Gopavve kotta gadyanam vondu patrada Chinnayana 
Devavve kotta hana ayidu dikshitara-Devannangalu kotta gadyanam vondu a- 
devara bhandari-Bhimanna-chakravarttiya makkalu Ponnayya Ramanna kotta 
gadyanam eradu pana aidu anga-rakka Jakeya-Nayakana maga Keteya-Nayaka 
kotta gadyanav ondu a-devara yindeyi Purushottama-Devaru kotta gadyanaih 
vondu a-devara savasi Visayya kotta pana aidu u-devara aratiya-Hachanu 
kotta pana aidu a-devara angharika-Jogeya-Nayaka kotta pana aidu Hoysa- 
nesvara-devara kambada Biichaveya makkalu patrada Vissave kotta gadydnam 
ondu akeya tange patrada Lakhave kotta gadyunarii ondu a-devara oddara- 
nayaka Gaurayya kotta hana aidu 


Plava-sam Magha-ba 14 So-d-andu sii-Hoysanesvara-devara madaleya Mayi- 
layana magalu Malave a-devara Sivaratriya dammako a-devara mulegara Deva- 
nnana maga Gudiganu tanna nuyakatanada volagada mele u-Malave darmmake 
kotta ga I pa 5 tVMalaveya mele munn uladu hanav aydu antii gadyiinam 
eradanii u-Malaveya kayalu u-Gudiganu bija-onnugi kaladukondu varusham 
prati hana nakanu terutta bahauu n 


At the same temple, on a pillar in the west enclosure. 

(North face) Sfl 

namas tunga- ctc. n 

sriyam Sridharan uyuvarii Vanajajarii Gaurivararii kirttiyarii | 
kayakk oppuva kuntiyarii vidhu dinesarii tejamarii BhOgini- | 
jyayarii bhogaman enbarurii dig-adhipar tan-tammol ull olpan old | 
iyutt irkke kumura-Lakshma-rathini-nuthaiig ati-pritiyirii n 
Sri-dayitarii Yadu-kuladola- | 
g adarii Salan emban orvva-nripan u-nripanind | 
adudu Sasakapuram adarkk | 
ad adhidaivarii Vasanta-vallabhey embol n 
Ta II a-nrip6ttaman a-Sasakapurada Vasantiku-deviyan urudhisuva samayadol ad- 
ond ubhila-surddularii puydode i keladol irdd upadesakanum uttara-sudhakanum 
appa Jina-munipottamarii bettava seleyi nirii puliyarii poy Salay endod u-Sala- 
nripaiige Poysalubhidhanam udud u-surddularii patuku-pravirajita-chitra- 
chihnam adud | a-Poysalunvayadol uditya-tejarii Vinayudityan embou apratima- 
pratuparii narapan adon | atan-utmodbhavan i-dharuvanitegav llchala-Devigav 
ereyan Ereyaiiga-Devan embon arasan udon | atan adi-kshatriya-pavitrarii 


170 Belur Taluq. 

kadana-Trinetran | a-samyaktva-chftdamanige ratna-trayangal udbhavisuvante i 
Ballala-Devanurii Bitti-Devanum Udayaditya-Devamum emba muvar arasugal 
atmajar ador avarole Vishnuvardhanane visada-yaso-virajitan adom || 
vrill a-Vishnu-kshitipalakange tanujatani Narasimhorvvipam i 

bhu-vandyam tanujatan a-nripa-varang ambodhi-maryadey-ad- | 
i-visvambhareyam nijonnata-bhuja-stambhagradol taldidaih | 
Devendradri-samana-mana-mahimam Balhila-bhupalakaiii n 
dvishad-urvvipalaraih vikrama-guna-nilayam Vira-Ballala-Devam l 
vishamaranyangalol nirjjara-yuvatiyar-utsaiigadol tamma rajya- i 
bhishava-byasahgadol saiigaradol edari benn ittaraih sattaram tann j 
ishuvihg iidagad al-adaran irisidan em bhupar int agaveda |j 
Nriga-Nala-Nahusha-Yudhishthira- i 


Sagara-Bhagiratha-Dilipa-Puruputs-Ayur- | 

gGaganachara-Bharata-Rama- i 

digal alave negalda-Vira-Ballala-nripaih n 

nripar arura Vira-Ballalanol adirade maram(ta)pare miri sarddu- | 

la-pataka-dandam alladidode manadol alladuvar ppulle-vindan- i 

te polah-gond oduvar ponmida bhayad odavirii sahgara-kshoni . . . j 

gampu ved av ariyadar olare kaduv-anm-ulla gandar i| 

Vikkeyan irppe ya Kovanan irppa Hanugal | 

Pokkile Saivunar vvalidu ninda negalteya Lokkigundi 16- | 

kakke kolalke barad enip aggada Pandyana bettu gotta nir- i 

akkaradante (west face) Poysalana dhaliya galige kettuv allave || 

giri-vana-jala-durggahgala- j 

n uravaniyiih pavivol agnivol grishmadavol i 

irad odevudu suduvudu pudi- i 

vare tavipudu Yadu-nripala-kopatoparii n 

▼ri II asad-alapakke pakk-agada nudi todardand arumaih yuddhadol bhah- i 
gisi gellam-golva sauryyaih nered ereye budha-sreni pund iva dana- i 
byasanarii maryyadeyarii dantade vasumatiyarii kava karunyam avohg | 
eseguih Ballala-Devahg eseguv amama bhupalar int agaveda || 
ene negald a-nrip6ttamana mantri-sikhamani vandi-brinda-Nan- | 
dana-vana-madhavaih kharakara-pratim6rjjita-tejan ahava- i 
vaniyol arati-bhubhujaran ikkuva takkina Vikramarjjunarii i 
manuja-Mahesvararii kuvara-Laksman anindita-vira-variisajarii || 

ka }| aramane tottile negalv a- j 

daram adu bay-enne dadiyar ttann-antah- | 

puram ene Ballala-nripam i 

poreda magarii kuvara-Lakshma-dandadhisaih || 

guruvuih daivamum iildane i 

paratregaru tanag ihatregaih peran orvvarii | 

Belur Taluq. 171 

tanag illa daivam ill ene i 
dhareg esedom kuvara-Lakshma-dandadhisam || 
aramane neramane nam. . | 
narapati tanag apta-parijanam sachivar enal i 
dore-vadedam Ballalana | 
•purad alavige kuvara-Lakshma-dandadhisam n 
vn II utana kante Kantuvina kantege Rumana bhameg Abjasan- | 
jatana chitta-vallabhege Rudrana mey-vodavada Bhudharod- ; 
bhutege chandran-anganege nagana naginig ike pOlve yi- | 
bhutaladol perar ddoreye Suggala-Devige raya-raniyar n 
viirija-darppanendu-mukhi varana-hamsa-mayiira-yane kal- | 
hara-kuranga-machhya-nibha-lochane kokila-charu-kira-vi- | 
na-rave koka-tala-phala-hema-ghata-stani yendod arum i- j 
dhariniyol vadhtittamege Suggala-Devige polvey appare ii 
i-dhareyol negalte-vaded irdda patibratad unnatike tarh | 
sadhane-voytu mun-negald-Arundliatiyol paded igal ikshisal j 
sadhaue-voytu pempu-vaded irdda patibratad unnatikke La- | 
kshmidhara-dandanathana manah-priye Suggale-Devi-raniyol || 
iil aras emba bhedam initappodam ill ivaralli tejamum | 
lileya rajya-chihnamumav irvvarolam saman enduv embinam | 
palisuvar ddhara-valayamaiii paramotsavadinde Vira-Ba- i 
llala-nripalanuih kuvara-Lakshma-chamftpanum em sa-punyaro n 
va|| emba negaltegaiii pogaltegam orbbuliyrid irvvara jasamum urvviyol 
parvvipa gandu-gondu pasarise n 

vn II dhanamum pranamum embivam kuvara-Lakkshmam Vira-BaHala-De- | 
vana danonnatigam jayonnatigam iyal pundu mund ittu Ba- | 
mana bidiug Anuvam Yamatmajana biding Arjjunam Chandraju- | 
tana bidinge Kumaran irppa teradind irddappan erii dbirano n 
sadhisi kottan alda Yadu-vamsa-nameruge kude dakshinrim- | 
mbodhi-varam dhara-valayamam budha-kotige kottan artthamam | 
sadhane-voytu sarvva-nidhiy embinegam dorey ar kkumara-L- | 
kshmidhara-devanol pati-hita-kramadol paded iva-danadol n 
vinaya (south face) da permme Lakshmige vivekada mey-siri Vanig asritargg j 
anunayadindam iva-bage duna-gunakke kadangi sangara- j 
vaniyol aratiyam tavipa takku jayunganeg igal alte ne- | 
ttane dorevettud i-kuvara-Lakshma-chamupanol ada sangadiiii || 
ekka-vadan dal i-kuvara-Lakkeyan adida matu kallol itt^ | 
akkaradante satya-paripalana-silaman ulluv ava-ka- ] 
ryyakkam anartthakam perara matu vicharisi node nirol itt- | 
akkaradante satya-paripalana-silaman ullav elliyum || 


172 Belur Taluq. 

aruvatta-nalku-kalegalo- | 

1 ariyada kaley illa kuvara-Lakshma-chamupang | 
ariyaduv erad olav ill-ena- | 
1 ariyaih solt ariyan artthigam pagevangam n 
atam pati-bhakti-saman- | 
vitam Ballala-bhumipalange jagat- | 
puta-charitram kottam | 
vita-bhayam basheyam pratapa-vinutaih || 
todaram desege kalol ikki paded arttharii bisaram-bogadant | 
odalaiii rakshisi nambid-aldan-edarol mattondu santanamam [ 
pidiv-udyogadin irpp amatyar eneye Ballala-Devange saii- l 
gadav entappedeyalliyum kuvara-Lakshmam tane tatparyadim n 
todar eda-galol oppuvudu balligey ammada dhan. g ikke balp | 
odarisuv ondu-bhangiyole pondodarol todad-irdda papegal | 
todara todarppinol todaral anmada bhashey-amatyar anji kal- i 
vididavol irppuvem kuvara-Lakshma-chamupatig int id oppade n 
muttina pendeyam Muraharam Kanakadriyol andu Seshanam | 
suttida-bhangiyindam esed irppudu ponna todartt ad adriyam | 
suttida karnnikara-vana-malevol irppudu kotta-bhasheg achch | 
ottida-mS-lkeyim kuvara-Lakshma-chamupana pada-padmadol n 
todarum papegalura jhanajhjhana-ravam kaig anme vamanghriyol | 
nudiyutt irppuvu kotta-bhasheg ivanol matt arum en arppare | 
nudidant anmal ad enduv emba nudiyam Ballala-Devange kai- | 
pidiyurii kattida genuv itane valarii dandesa-Lakshmidharam || 
taragey-ante talt eseva muttina mottadin ada ganda-pen- | 
daramum ikke champaka-navodgamad-amada-chalvan aldu va- | 
maruna-padadol poleva pon-dodarurii pati-bhakti-yukti-vi- | 
stara-kumara-Lakshma-rathini-patig oppuguv oppav anyarol n 
ka II tala-tala-tolagutturii paj- | 

jalisuva mauktikada pendeyarii vishnupadakk i 
alavattud ondu Dhuva-man- i 

dalad andade kuvara-Lakshman arighriyol esegurii || 
va|| a-kumara-Lakshmidharan amara-mahidhara-samana-manonnatarii i kirtti- 
mahimonnatarii | Ballala-bhumipalan-oda-doredu todaran ikke | tann anmana 
pati-bhaktige mechchi mechchu pochcharii-bogade | 

Jayasiriiha-kshitipalakarige jagam ellarii bannisal pundu bha- i 
sheyan a-Suggala-Devi kotta teradirii Ballala-bhupottama- i 
priya-putrarige kumara-Lakshma-rathini-natharige kottal raanah- i 
priyey i-Suggala-Devi bhasheyan ila-chakrarii pogalvannegarii ji 
eda-galol todararii todarchchi patiyarii belmadi ninn ondu pim- i 
badinol nilvaval allen endu sukhadind und uttu kalarii karutt | 

Belur Tcduq. 173 

adasal puchchaliv anya-kaminiyaram rodaduvant ikkidal | 

todaram Suggala-Devi taun edada-padambhojadol lileyim || 

dharege negalte-vett eseva-saktige Sudraka-bhubhujange bha- | 

suram ene bhashe tan (east face) nerapuv aggada birara dayva-dayvadim | 

bare su-bhatottamar kkuvara-Lakshma-chamupatig ittu bhasheyarii i 

dhare pogalvannegam nerapuv aggada virar ad ondu-sasirarii || 

tored aldan-odane sayade i 

perag ulidarh toredu satt avana vele dal a- | 

V arivev adan emba gandare | 

toredar kkali-kuvara-Lakshman-odan ati-su-bhatar n 

nirisida vira-sasanada kal dorevetta yasonnatikkeyarii | 

nirisidud ashta-dig-valayadol dorey avano punda punkeyarii | 

nerapuva balpinol kuvara-Lakshma-chmupatiy-annan endu tann | 

erakade bannikurii dharani Hoysala-Rayana gandha-hastiyarii || 

odadored-aldan ullodameyarii kavardad edaralli tamma-nan | 

adigide kotta bhasheg odavalk anamarade pinte balva nig- | 

gadi sachivarkkalarii naguvavol esed irppudu vira-sasanarii | 

podaviyol endod ar ddore Yadu-kshitipulana mantri-Lakshmanol || 

illada sallada bhashege | 

kallarii nirisuvaran urade naguvavol irkkurii | 

pallavisi kuvara-Lakshmana | 

kalla kavalt eseva kanti dig-bhittigalol n 

dore pati-bhaktige tannol | 

Garudarii Garudange tane dore perar arurii | 

dorey allar emba teradirii i 

dorey aduvu tanna Garudan-esev-akritigal || 

virada sfisanamarii munn i 

arurii nirisidavar illa Ballala-dhari- | 

triramanana mantri-vararii | 

vira-hhatarn kuvara-Lakshma-dandesanavdl || 

tannodane toreda su-bhatara | 

tanna manah-priyeya tanna paramayusbyarii I 

tann aldang ayt enisida- i 

n erii uettane kaliyo kuvara-Lakshma-chamuparii || 

ara manakke vira-rasam achchariy agiral unmi ponmad old- | 

ara-manakke harsha-pulakarii tanuvirii poraponmad ikshipand | 

ara manakke bhitiy odav-agadu ninnaye punke raya-sa- j 

dhara-kumara-Lakshma-rathinisvara bhavisuvandu nadeyurii |i 

bhasege tappuv ankada negalteya lenkara-gandan embudarii | 

bisaram agad uddharipode todal uddhariparii virodhi-san- | 

trasita-vikramarh kuvara-Lakshma-chamuvaran olda-malkeyirii i 

bhaseyan ittu puchchalivar allade bhaseyan uddharippare n 

174 Belur Taluq. 

idu Ballala-nripalakange piriduih nityatvamam malpud a- | 
bhyudayakk agaram endu bannise jagarii bhasvat-sila-stambhamarii 
sad-alankarada vira-sasanaman i-dandesa-Lakshmivararii | 
sudati-sariiyutam eridarii pati-hita-vyaparamarii toridarii || 
kambada mele Lakshmi-veras a-Garudarii-beras adam alkarin- | 

daril budha (Stops here.) 


At Halebidu, on a virakal in Chikk6-Gauda's field in the old fort. 

Svasti sriman-maha-mandalesvararii Tribhuvana-malla Talakadu-Kongu-Nan- 
gali-Banavase-Hanungallu-. .lasige-Nonambavadi-gonda-ganda Tailapana tale- 
gonda-ganda bhuja-bala pratapa-Hoysana-Narasiriiha-Devaru Dorasamudrada 
nelevidinalu sukha-sankatba-vinodadirii rajyarii geyuttav ire tat-pada-padmopa- 
jivi I svasti srimatu Saka-va 1 142 neya Vikrama-sariivatsarada Vaisakha-suddha- 
paurnnami-Adivarad andu Narasiriiha-Deva Bijjanana be...dalli aneya kol- 
gapinge ekatigararii karedu munna bavara anojeyage kaleva Macheya saiiga- 
dada ekkatigar mechche aneyarii pintikki kaikondu poysi Bijjanana dalavarii 
kidisi turakamarii bal-daleyarii tand oppise maguldu pariyisidalli Jasapalarii 
sura-loka-praptan adarii [ ant avar anvayav entendade | Jasa-Nayakana mano- 
nayana-vallabhe Rallu-bayigarii Jase-Nayakagarii a-yirvvarggarii puttida Ek- 
kavegarii Keta-Malla-Nayakangarii puttidarii Dasa-Devarii || ettida bhatararii 
maled ettuva kudureya dalamarii kanuttarii pariysi Dasa-Devarii ari-siradatt 
eragada mele || kanuttarii Bijjana-dalamarii Narasiriiha-Devan ekatiga sangada 
kelada vindige samara Dasamukharii Dasa-Deva n sangada nodalu pariysi 
kudureya dalavarii benkondu melalan iridu turakamarii bal-daleya tand odda-m- 
urivarii samar-aiika-Bhimanurii jasa-dhavalarii i| Dasapala-sahaniya mano-naya- 
na-vallabhe sahaniti-Santavve nilisida kallu n sri sri sri 


In the same village, on a stone near the Bhfttesvara temple west of Beanegudda. 
Namas tunga etc. n 

svasti sri-priyan arjjunorjjita-yasarii vajisa-yanotsavarii | 
nyastananta-su-bhoga-bhogi-vinutarii sri-dharma-ramyarii jaya- | 
bhyastam sukta-sudarsanankan esedarii sri-Vishnu-samyanvayarii | 
trastauyasura-raja-raja-Vinayadityavani-vallabharii || 
a-Vinayadityanol akhi- | 
lavani-pu . . kanol agra-mahishi-padadind | 
a-vanite Keleyabarasi ma- | 
hi-visrute rajya-lakshmig eney enisirddal || 

Belur Taluq. 175 

a-dampatigam bhuvana- | 
hlada-pradaii anata-ripu-nripachala-kiila-nir- i 
bbhedana-kulisaiii krita-pun- i 
yodayan Ereyanga-bhupan udayam-geydam n 
bhuvinutan enisid Ereyan- | 
gavanipalange tan-manah-priye vasudha- | 
devig eney enisid Echala- | 
Deviye madevi-vesaran ant esedirddal n 
a^dampatige n 

sal-lalita-vag-vadhuti- | 
vallabhar ati-vipula-sakala-lakshmi-kanta- | 
vallabhar udayam geydar i 
vValla}am Bitti-Devan Udayadityam || 
Hara-pada-payoruha-shat- | 
charanam tan enisi sakala-parthivaram tach- | 
charanakk eragipan avarol | 
piriyam Ballala-Devan isvara-bhavam n 
atan-anujan enisida Vishnu-bhuprilana parakramam entendade || 

Tulu-desaih Chakragottam Talavanapuram Uchchaugi Kolalav Elum- | 
raale Vallur Kaiichi kan-garvvisuva Hadiyaghattam Bayalnadu Nila- | 
chaladurggam RayarayOttamapuri Tereyfir Kkoyatur gGondavadi- | 
sthalamaiii bhru-bhangadim kond atula-bhuja-baliitopan ii-Vishnu-bhupam || 
bhu-vanita-stute sakala-ka- | 
lavishkrita-punya-punja-vilasal-Lakshma- | 
Devi nija-ramaniy enal inn | 
e-velvudo Vishnu-nripana mahimonnatiyaiii n 
a-dampatige tanubhava- | 
n adam bhuvana-prasiddhan akhila-kala-sam- | 
padana-paran udita-su.. | 
kodayan enisirdda Narasimha-nripalaih n 
bandu kavid ari-balambudhi | 
nindudu Narasimhan-onde-sabalada moueyol | 
binduvin andade munnam | 
nindavol ambodhi Raman-ambina moneyol n 
svasti samasta-ripu-nripa . . , simantini-simanta-sindura-renu-ghdrnnita-nija- 
pada-payoja | vividhartthi-jana-kalpa-bhuja ] nija-vijaya-lakshmi-prathita- 
bribat-prabandha-bandhu ra-kataka - vikshepakshuna - vilakshya - vistarita - bhuja- 
danda | vipaksha-kshatra-kula-kupita-Kala-danda | nija-vijaya-prayana-samaya- 
samudbhuta-svarnna-kona - nihita - gabhira - bhuri - bheri - pranadakampita-brah- 
manda-bhanda i samara-prachanda | ati-vipula-sakala-prajya-samrajya-lakshmi- 
sarvvanga-sangatauga i sahaja-saundaryya-nirjjitananga | dara-dalita-vadanara- 

176 Belur Taluq. 

madamoda i Vasantika-devi-labdha-vara-prasada taralatara-tara-hara-nihara- 

sara-ghanasara-kshira-varasi-prapura sudha-sara-sannibha-nija- 

yasah - prakasa haryaksha-sadriksha-madhya-pradesa | ati-chatura-Bharata 
chitra-chamatkara- . . . vitata-ghana-susila hridya-vadya-laghii-hastata-varya- 
chaturya | asahaya-saurya | uddanda-mandalika-sirah-khandana-prachanda- 
mukha-samuchitagra | nere mutte ganda dala mutte ganda | ganda-bherunda | 
jagadole ganda | Yadava-Narayana | sakala-kala-pfirayana maleraja-raja | sri- 
Vishnus-nripa-tanuja i malaparol ganda | Lakshmambika-mukhambhoja-martt- 


anda | Andhra-purandhri-manasa-sarah-khelana-raja-hamsa | Simhala-mahila- 
mukhambhoja-hamsa | Karnnati-katt-chaiichat-kaiichana-katisutra | Lata- 
vadhuti-kapola-tala-likhita-sasta-kasturikapatra i Chola-vilasini-ghana-stana- 
kalasa-kunkuma-paiika | Gaularigana-netrotpala-mriganka | Bangala-balika- 

lavanya nitara-taranga | Malavi-mukha-kamala-sahajamoda-makaranda- 

bhringa | sriman-maha-mandalesvaram Talakadu-Gangavadi-Nolambavadi- 
Banavase-Hanungal-Uchchangi-gonda bhuja-bala vira-Ganga pratapa-Hoysala- 
Narasimha-Devaru srimad-rajadhani-Dorasamudrada nelevidinalu prithvi-rajyarii 
geyyuttam ire | tatpada-padmopajivi n 

Yadava-nripala-kataka- | 

hladakararh sakala-ganaka-tilakam kamala- | 

modaih rarajisuvaih | 

mediniyolu vibudha-kotig ammam Bammaih || 

atange kante visva-vi- | 

nute Raghudvaha-Rama-susila~brata-vi- | 

khyate budha-tatige rakshipa- | 

matey enal Kajiyayve pariranjisuval || 

a-Kaliyayvegam gana- | 

kakaran enisirppa Bammanangam vidya- i 

prakatan ogedam murum- | 

lokadol ogeyalke kirtti Mallapa-ganakam || 
vri II kantada bantar agi budha-santatigam patigam ku-buddhiyim | 

kantakar appa tuntukar adirkkem asad-budharg Indra-bhujadol | 

tantanisuttam irppa nija-buddhiyin atma-nripaiige kude nish- i 

kantakam age madidan ilatalam ellaman oldu Mallama n 

a-Mallapange Kantuge j 

ramagrani Ratiy ad entu satiy adal adant | 

i-mahi-nute silakke su- j 

simey enal Bachiyayve pariranjisuval || 

a-Malla panga . . . . na i 

simege Bachayvegam virajita-guna-sam- | 

Belnr Taluq. 177 

stomaih janiyisidam bala- ] 

Bhimaiii kur-asiyol a-natar-alagarii Galagarii || 

Narasiriiha-bhumipalana | 

karasi machcharipar-edeya guntarii vidya- i 

bharanam tan ene raiijipan | 

ari-birudaran adasi pidiva kolagarii Galagam n 

Gaganachara-Karnna-Sibi-Bali- | 

Magadhadhiparindam amala-drmodayadim i 

jagadol nayaka-Galagarii | 

dvi-gunarii tri-gunarii chatur-gguiiarii pancha-gunarii n 

Ratiyarii sobagirh Sara- | 

svatiyarii vak-praudhiyindam ene enipal enal | 

kshitiyol nayaka-Galagana | 

sati vara-Chikkavveg ulida-satiyar ddoreye || 

Harige Siriyante Sambuge | 

Girisuteyant Abjajange Vag-devateyant | 

ire nayaka-Galagang a- i 

daradirii Chikkayve nadeyurii sati misupal n 

Haranurii Girisuteyurii Vi- | 

ghnaraja-Shanmukharin esevavol Galagananuih | 

vara-Chikkiyayveyurii suta- | 

vara-Malla-Barmmanangalirii sogayisuvar n 

kshira-samudradante sirig alayam agi dbaritrig oppuv i- | 

Dorasamudradol Galaganarii Galagesvara-divya-gehamarii | 

sara-Haradri-sannibhaman old eseyutt ire niadidarii lasad- | 

viran udiiran aty-amala-sad-gunadharan ila-tala-stutarii || 

Narasirnha-Devan oseyalu | 

parivaraih pura-janangal eliarii pogalal i 

dore yenisi kirtti-vadedaih | 

dhareyolag atisayada dani Barika-Chinna n 

dana-guna-nilayan ant abhi- i 

manonnata-senabova-Malliyanan eniparii i 

tanurii Galagesvaran-a- i 

sthauakk auukulan ada nija-bhaktiyolam n 
svasti Saka-varsha 1095 neya Vijaya-sariivatsarad uttarayana-sankranti-vyati- 
patad andu Galageya-Nayakarii Galagesvara-devararii madisid a-dharmakke sri- 
karanada heggade-Yareyannarii Hiriyakereya kelage kabbina totage sare hattu- 
kolaga-gadde i Barika-Chinnayyanurii seuabova-Malliyannanuv irddu bitta 
telligar-okkal ondu i malagarar-okkal ondu | 

svasti srimatu Chittavattiy-asesha-nagararigaluih Hannaveniga-nagarangalurii 
irddu bitta serey-akki hasaradal ond-adake yarad-ele | telliga-gavundugalu 


178 Belur Taluq. 

Deva-Gaunda | Manta-Bamma-Gaunda | Chatta-Gaunda i Tippa-Gaunda | Dasa- 
Gaunda i Bokija-Nayaka | Bemmandana maga Sova-Gaunda i Hoysala-Gaunda i 
basadiya kiriy-okkalu j Savautana maga Bamma-Gaundan-olagada sfiyir- 
okkalu I mettu-ganad okkal aivattu ant okkalu sayirad aivattuv irddu Galage- 
svara-devargge bitta datti | ganakke solige eniie i Galageya-Nayakana gurugalu 
Sivasakti-Panditaru | avara tamma Rudrasakti-Panditara kalarh karchchi 
dhara-purvvakam madi kottanu \ Narasimha-Devana raja-gurugalu Chola- 
Devanu Bhaira-devaram vandisidanu | (usuai finai verse) Galageya-Nayakan-anna 
Bammi-Setti | atana madavalige Bammamavarige Bitti-Setti | anna Sahkara- 
Setti anna Malla-Setti | taiige Gahgavve | magal Indavve | anna senabOva- 
Mahadeva i 

Harana besadinde Yakshe- | 

svarar eka-pranar Abhayagiriyaih kavant j 

ire Gadaga-Machannahgal ka- | 

var oldu Hoysalana katakamam ddr-vvaladirii n 

dhuradolu talarva Mridana | 

karav asi-late vairi-virar oppuva midulirii j 

pored esum putirddan erii | 

biru irkurii || 

(usual final verse) 


At the same village, on a stone north of the Kedaresvara temple. 

namas tuhga etc. || 

tato Dvaravati-nathah Poysala dvipi-lanchhanah i 

jatas Sasapure teshu Vinayaditya-bhupatih || 
a-Vinayaditya-bhupatigam Keleyab-arasigarii puttidan Ereyah[ga]-nripa | atana 
maga Bitti-Deva ar-nripana maga Narasiriiha-Deva | a-bhupatiya maga Vira- 
Ballala-Devahgam Padmala-mahadeviyarigarii puttida pratapa-chakravartti- 
Vira-Narasiriiha-Devanu tanna prathama-rajyadalli | munna tamm ayya Ballala- 
Devanu tanna kiriy-arasi abhinava-Ketala-Deviyaru madisida dharmma sri- 
Kedaresvara-devara amrita-padi ahga-bhoga-rauga-bhoga-nitya-naimittika-par- 
bbahgaligarii i sudra-parivara brahmanara jivita-varggav-olagada sri-Kedar- 
esvara-devara samasta-sri-karyyakke dhara-purvvakarii madi sarbba-badha-pari- 

harav agi kotta Stalahgalu (6 lines following contaln names of villages and details of their 

boundaries) int i-dharmmakke dattiyagi bitta-vuru-elakkarii yikkuva siddaya ga 
1200 ge Nara-sihga-Devanurii Padmala-Deviyarurii annabara munna nadeva 
sri-karyyakke kalu-padiyagi sthalahgal-elarali Saka-varsha 1143 neya Vikrama- 

sariivatsaradalu nibandhisi kotta ga 800 ru (rcst contain details of grant and names, etc. 
of vrittid&rs) ' **^ 


Belur Taluq. 179 


At the same village, on a stone west of Santeveri. 

namas tunga etc. n 

vag-artthav iva sampriktau vag-arttha-pratipattay6 | 

jagatah pitarau vande Parvvati-Paramesvarau n 

jayati jayati . . . Sambhu 

jayati jayati devi loka-raata Bhavani | 

jayati jayati dhanyas sopi bhaktas tayor yah 

kim aparam iha vandyam vandyam etavad eva || 

sarvvam kara. . . .gatasya . .usishaiii go-brfihmana-nripo. . . .svatah | 

para-hita-nirata .... bhuta-gana sukhi bhavatu lokali n 

svasti samasta-bhuvanasraya sri-prithvi-vallabha maharajadhiraja paramesva- 
ra parama-bhattaraka Satyasraya-kula-tijaka Chulukyubharana .srimat-Tribhu- 
vanamalla-Devara vijaya-rajyam uttarottarabhivriddhi-pravarddhamanam u- 
chandrarkka-turam saluttam ire tat-pada-padmasrayopajivi samadhigata-paficha- 
maha-sabda mahu-mandalesvaram Dvuruvati-pura-varadhisvararii Yudava-kuirim- 
bara-dyumani samyaktva-chudamani malaparol ganda kadana-prachandan riliui 
munn iriva sauryyamam mereva tappe tappuva sangaradal oppuva | svasti srl- 
Tribhuvana-malla Talakadu-Kongu-Nangali-Banavase-Hanungalu-Uchchangi- 
gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Ganga-Hoysala-Devaru Dorasamudrada nelevidinalu 
sukha-sankathu-vinodadiih rujyarii geyyuttam ire tat-pada-padmopajivi srimatu- 
Vikruma-kalada 41 neya Hemalambi-sariivatsarada Paushya-suddha lOmi-Soma- 
vara-vyatipata-sankrantiy andu srf- Visbnuvarddhana-Vira-Ganga-Hoysala- 
Devaru Bantesvara-devara anga-bhogakkarii gandha-dipa-dhupakkarii uivedy- 
akkarii srimatu Tejorasi-Pandita-devara kalarii karchchi dhuru-purvvakarii bitta 
dharmmu Hiriyakereya kelugana Malacliiya bailalu kamma 200 nuduvana 
bailaiu kammarii 100 (usuai flnai phra§e8) yi-Bantesvara-devara degulavarii mudisi- 
daruKanneya-(Naya)NayakanuriiKesava-Nayakanurii bidisida dharmma pheliya 
kalihuvam endiralu alalu Banga-Nayakaralu phanarii 1 yilli Lokkigundiya- 
Nayakaru sese-godade Bantesvara-devargge phana 1 yidaiii kudade hodango 
kavileyarii brahmanaruman alida dosav akku yi-sthanamarii sankramuna- 
vyatipfitad andu Kanneya-Nayakanurii Kesava-Nayakanuiii Dharmraarasi-. 
Panditargge kalarii karchchi dhura-purvvaka madi avara makala-makkalu- 
vararii didev endu kottaru yidan alidavargge pancha-mahu-patakav akku 
mangala maha sri sri sri sri 


At the same village, on a stone in Gummatira tittu. 

*Srimat-trail6kya-nuthaya traimayuuanda-sundara | 
pararii-jyotis-svarupayu patu vas Chandrasekharah (| 

* Bo in the original. 


180 Belur Taluq^. 

jayati dharani-lokottamsitatmiya-padah 
chatura-vibudha-goshthi-praudha-vani-vinodah | 
vipula-vijaya-lakshmi-vallabho Vishnu-Devah n 
modalol Poysala-rajya-lakshmiy-odavaih tol-valpinim taldi tann i 
udayam ranjise tanna balp odave tann arpp ere tann ajne mi- | 
re disa-chakraman ottikondu Talakadam Gaiiga-rajyakke tam | 
modal adam Yadu-vamsa-varddhanakaram sri-Vishnu-bhupalakara n 
svasti samadhigata-paiicha-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvara Dvaravati-pura- 
vartidhisvara Yadu-kula-kalasa-kalita-nripa-dharmma-harmya-mula-stambha 
apratihata - pratapa - vidita - vijayarambha Sasakapura-nivasa - Vasantika-devi- 
labdha-vara-prasadam sriraan-Mukunda-padaravinda-vandana-vinodan ity-adi- 
namavali-sametar appa srimat-Tribhuvana-malla Talakadu-gonda bhuja-bala 
Vira-Gaiiga Vishnuvarddhana-Hoysala-Devaru miidalu Nangaliya padiya-ghatta 
tenkalu Kongu Cheram Anamale paduvalu Barakaniira-ghatta badagalu Savi- 
maleyind olagada bhiimiyam bhuja-balavashtambhadim pratipalisutturh sukha- 
sankatha-vinodadim Dorasamudradalu rajyarii geyyuttam iralu | svasti yama- 
niyama-dhyana-dharana-maunanushthana - japa - samadhi - sila - guna-sarapannar 
app Isanasakti-Pandita-devara 

negald-irddant-a-matharii jivan ire vinuta-Kalamukhar ddhatri yettarii | 
vogalal chelv adud a-parvvata-valiyin all Isanasakti-bratindraih | 
mige Vani-kanteyarii kurisi tapame dhanarii tan eual charu-chari- | 
tra-gunarh mu-16kadol sasvatam enipa yasas-srige tan anman ada n 
ant avara magala raaganurfi | 
santatiyurii diksheyindav enisida Vani- i 
kantan ativinutan enisi ni- | 
tantarii Devendra-Panditarii ranjisuvarii || 
vinuta-yasarii Devendrarii i 
. . na janakarii Vani misupa-sajjanav eniparii | 
tanag endurii visruta-ki- i 
rtti-nutarii Kalyanasakti-Pandita-devarii || 
.svasti sriman-maha-Manikya-Bhattaran adiyol ayvatt-orvva Sarvvanya-sri-pada- 
pahka. .mararii Nittiri-vira-kulodbhavar vvira-Balaiicha-prasiddha-siddha-sam- 
panna-rurii praguna-pandityar atyanta-dhairyya navaratna-maha-danigalu dana- 
dharmma-paropakararttha-karttugalurii nitya-karmma-nirmmtilanam madirdda 
varanagal Agastya-devarolu vara-prasadar aguttam irddante vidya-dhararurii 
Mallikarjjuna-devarolu vara-prasadarii-badeda Sudrakan-ante khalg-vidya- 
dhararurii Talatalukararii kadi konda Kaunteyan-ante saranagata-vajra-paiija- 
rarum aneka-guna-ganalarikritar aguttam irdda dharmma-tanujarurii satya- 
Radheyarurii saucha-Gangeyarurii kshira-gunarnnava chaga-Vidyadhararurii 
samara-pracV. andarurii chanda-nij6grata[ra] - d6r - ddanda - vikrama - bahu -kirtti- 

Belur Taluq. 181 

galum Kasmira-Sarada-devi-labdha-vara-prasadarum sahavasi-santosar Ahi- 
chhatra-vinirggatarum punya-murttigal ashtridasa-dosha-vivarjitaruiu sapanu- 
graha-samarttharuih chatus-sagara-paryyantam aneka-Veh\pura-pattana-pra- 
siddha-satru-desa-mitra-mandala-mukha-kamala- vinirggatarum nana-desi- sa- 
muddharanaruiii srimat-Tribhuvana-malla Talakadu-Gangavadi-Nonambavadi- 
gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Ganga-Vishnuvarddhana-Hoysala-Devar-risthana-pada- 
sarojini-raja-hamsarum sri-Manikesvara-devara pridabja-bhriugar nnamadi- 
samasta-prasasti-sahitam sriman-maha-pattana-Dorasamudra Beluhura Vishnu- 
samudrada int i-muruiii-bidina manigara-brila-vriddha-nakharam sthirarii 
jiyat II svasti sri Tribhuvana-malla Talakadu-Gangavadi-Nonambavadi-gonda 
bhuja-bala Vira-GangarVishnuvarddhana-Hoysala-Devaru prithvi-rajyarii geyyu- 
ttam iralu Saka-varsha 1059 neya Nala-sariivatsarad uttarayana-sankranti- 
vyatipatad andu sri-Manikesvara-devargge svasti saraasta-prasasti-sahitarii sri- 
man-raahri-pattana-Dorasamudra Belahura Vishnusamudrada yint i-mururii- 
bidina manigara-bala-vriddha-nakharangal irddu bitta devar-aya ho..haga| 
pattuge yeradu | tambula yeradu j sayirakke ottodole i Bidirakereya kelage aru- 
ganduga gadde i hfi-dota | namas Sivaya | 

Nala-sariivatsarad uttarayana-sankranti-vyatipatad andu sri-Manikesvara- 
devargge Gollehe-Naya[ka]iurii Gangadhara-Nayakarurii | Dhanapati-Nayaka- 
rurii I Ka]imeya-Nayakarurii i Rudrameya-Nriyakarurii | Mudavolala Tippi- 

Settiyarurii | Settiyarurii | Alavindiya Bappi-Settiyarurii | Kariya- 

Kesava-Setti | Yekabarageya Kali-Deva-Setti | Lokagundiya Basavi-Setti | 

Muduvalala Vishnu-De Setti | Sovarasaruih | Nandi-Rajaru Pamma- 

Raja-Nayakarurii | Vishnu-Deva i .... Chongacheri-Naya-karurii Pumangala- 
Nayakanirii | Sankara-Nriyakarurii | int i-samasta-desigaj irddu bitt-aya 
bhandige muppaga | ettina malavege haga | katteya malavege belc | hasubege 
bele I tale-vorige bele || 


On the upper part of the same stone. 

Svasti srimanu-maha-mandalesvararii Talakadu-Gangavadi-Nonambavadi-Bana- 
vase-Hanungalu-gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Gaiiga nissan[ka]a asahaya-sura malera- 
ja-raja malaparolu ganda kadana-prachanda Sanivara-siddhi giri-durgga-malla 
chalad-anka-Rama Vishnuvarddhana-pratapa-Hosala-Vira-BaHala-Devaru Vija- 
ya-sariivatsarada Sravana-suddha I Soma patta-baddhav adalli Karkkataka- 
sankramaija-vyatipritad andu sri-Mrinikerivara-devarige Sige-nad-olagana hiriya- 
Belugaliya sarvva-badhe-pariharartthav agi dharri-purvvakav agi bittaru yi- 
dharmmkke aranu pratikular adade chatur-veda-paraga-brahmanarurii kavile- 
yurii Varanasiya tadiyali konda dosavan eyduvaru || 

182 Belur Taluq. 


On a 2Qd stone. 
Namas tunga etc. || 
Yadava-kula-purvvadriyo- | 
1 adityan id orvvan enisi tanneya tejam i 
medinige tolage kali-Vina- | 
yadityan atipratapa-yutan udayisidam n 
Ereyangam gada guna- | 
k ereyaiii Ganga-sarit-sama-prathita-yasakk | 
Ereyangang ar ssaman eni- i 
p Ereyangam garvvitA,ntakarii tat-tanayam n 
vd II a-nripendra-nandanam || 

gadi mudal Kanchi tenkal pesar-esakada Kong itta varasi-tiraiii l 
paduval tat-Krishna-Venna-nadi badag ene durvvrittaram tola balim i 
kadid adam gudde yitt urvvareg idu satatarii simeyariibantu balpind | 
edegondarii vikrama-krideyan eseye dhara-chakramarii Vishnu-bhupam || 
ari-nripa-sisu-hrid-vidalana- i 
karala-karavala-mukhara-nakhara-Nrisiriiharii | 
para-radani-sangha-siriiharii j 
Narasiriiharii vipula-vikramarii tat-tanayarii n 
a-mahivallabhangam Echala-Devigarii | 

nelanarii munn aled-uddhatasura-nikayarii baddha-roshanvitarii | 
Kali-kalka-prabhavarkka(ga)l age dharani-sariirakshanarttharii bhuja- [ 
bala-yuktarii Kali-kaladol nikhila-vidvid-daitya-vidhvariisakarii [ 
Kali-pannondaneyarii Murari negaldarii Ballala-bhupalakarii n 
kela vasanta-bala-sahakarada tan-nelal asritalig a- j 
bhila-layahi-nishthura-phanaughada mel-nelal uddhatarig un- | 
milita-pundarikada nelal jaya-lakshmig enippa Vira-Ba- i 
llalana tola bala nelal adudu dhatrige vajra-panjararii j| 
dhareyol munne narendran emb esakad a-Cholange kol-pogad eih | 
b aridarii nachchina Devadurggaman adarii dhal ittu Pandyavani- | 
svara-samrajya-sametETm ottajiyin itarii kondan Uchcbangiyarii | 
para-durgga-Tripura-Trinetran adatarii Ballala-bhupalakarii || 
svasti sriman-maha-mandalesvararii Talakadu-Gaiigavadi-Nolambavadi-Banava- 
se-Hanuiigal-gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Gaiigan asahaya-sura Sanivara-siddhi giri- 
durgga-malla chalad-aiika-Rama nissanka-pratapa Hoysala-Vira-Ballala-Devaru 
srimad-rajadhani-Dorasamudradolu sukha-sarikatha-vinodadirii prithvi-rajyarii 
geyyuttam ire tat-pada-padmopajivigalu Hannavanada nakararigal i 

Belur Taluq. 


ka 11 unnata-vibhavar gguna-sam- i 

pannar sSiva-pada-sekharar sthira-dharmmo- | 
tpannar dborasamudrada | 
Hannavanangal visuddha-kirtti-vilasar || 

(5 lines following contain names of nakaraugal) 

yint iy-asesha-Hannavana-nakarangal irddu sri-Nakaresvara-devargge bitta 
dattiya kramam entendade | ettina giitrakke hanav ondu | ola-vittiya yaleya 
bhandige hOringe haga i andalikk aiyvatt-ele | hasarakk eracl-anda[li]kke nulk- 
ele Hiriyakereya kelage uaduvana bail-olage khanduga-gadde | fi-gaddeya 
mudana-deseyal ondu hu-donta i 

isanasakti-muni saka- | 

lasantarvvartti-charitan avana sutam Gau- ii 

risa-dayarjjita-tapada su- | 

kosarh Kalyanasaktiy atana tanayam n 

padadu madaguvara gandam | 

pidida chalakk aide balpu-gundada gandam | 

podarva para-samayig ivan o- | 

gadisada Yama-dandan enisidam DOvCMidrani || 

srimat-satyam dridhatvaiii samo dame daye vatsalya-tlharmmaih svabhuvam | 

tam itang itanaiu pokali malinam anaih porddit ill embinam taun | 

i-marggam visva-loka-stutam enisuvinaiii punya-patram su-vidya- j 

dhamaih Duvendranin nerggiriyan esevan Isanasakti-bratisam n 

yati-murttiya Bali tapasii- 

su-tanuva sura-dhenu varnni-ve^sada nidhi vi- j 

sruta-muni-rupada parusarii j 

kshitiyolag Isansakti dana-vinodam || 
Somanatha-bagila horagana ittigeya kereya kelage ga 2 n 


At the same village, on a virakal near the east waste-weir of Doddakere. 
Svasti sri jayubhyudaya-Saka-varusha 1 199 neya Dhutu-sariivatsarada Vaisukha- 
ba 10 Soniavarad andu srimat-pratupa-chakravartti Hoyisala-bhuja-bala sri-Vira- 

Narasiihha-Dev-arasara mahd-pradhanarii Mali-Deva-dannuyaka-raya Deva- 

Raya Rama-Devana ma mukhya-dalavayya-Suluva. . .Tikkamanu Bela- 

vadiyalu bittalli a-Mali-Deva-dannayakara manneya mukhya ravuta.(reBt iiiegibie) 


On copper plates in possession of the patel of HalSbidu. 

(16) Svasti I 

jayaty udiikta-daityendra-bala-viryya-vimarddanah | 
jagat-pravritti-saihhara-srishti-maya-dharo Harih || 

184' Belur faluq. 

svami-Mahasena-matri-ganaiiudhyatabhishiktanaih Manavyasa-gotranam Hari- 
ti-putranam pratikrita-svadhaya-charchcha-paranam (II a) sri-Kadambanaih 
Krishnavarmma-dharmma-maharajasya Asvamedha-yajinah aneka-samara- 
sahkatopalabdha-vijaya-kirtteh vidya-vinitasya Kaikeya-sutayam utpannena sri- 
Vishnuvarmma-dharmma-maharajena Gandharvva-hasti-siksha-dhanur-vvede- 
shu Vatsa-Rajendrarjjuna-samena (II &) sabdarttha-nyaya-vidushotpaditasya 
putrah sri-Simhavarmma Kadambanarii maharaja vikrant6'neka-vidya- 
visaradas tasya sununa sri-Krishnavarmma-maharajena sva-viryya-bala-para- 
kramoparjjita-rajya-sriya parama-brahmanyena samyak-praja-pala-dakshena 
kshina-lobhena varddhamana-vijaya-rajya-samvatsare saptame Karttika-mase 
(III a) apuryyamana-pakshe panchamyam Jyeshtha-nakshatre Kausikasa- 
gotrasya veda-paragaya shat-karmma-nirataya ahitagnaye Vishnusarmma- 
namadheyaya atma-nissreyasarttham Vallavi-vishaye Kodanallura-nama-gramo 
dattah sa-paniya-patah sarvva-pariharah Tuviyalla-gotra-pravarena samayo- 
dara-sampannena sva-karmmanushtbana-tatparena (III 6) raja-pujitena go- 
sahasra-pradatri-Haridatta-Sreshthina upadesah kritah atra Manu-gitas sloka 
bhavanti n 

bahubhir vvasudha bhukta rajabhis Sagaradibhih i 
yasya yasya yada bhumis tasya tasya tada phalara || 
svam datum su-mahach chhakyam duhkham anyarttha-palanam | 
danaih va paLanam veti danach chhreyonupalanam || 
(IV a) sva-dattaih para-dattam va yo hareta vasundharam | 
shashti-varsha-sahasrani ghore tamasi pachyate n 
adbhir ddattam tribhir bhuktam sadbhis cha paripalitam | 
etani na nivarttante purvva-raja-kritani cha n 
y6'sya 16bhan m6had vabhihartta sa pancha-maha-pataka-samyukto bhavati 
svasty astu g6-brahmanebhyah 


At the same village, on a copper plate in possession of Samauna, son of Tammayya. 

Harer lila-varahasya damshtra-dandas sa patu vah | 
Hemadri-kalasa yatra dhatri chhatra-sriyam dadhau || 


namas tunga eto. n 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varshambulu 1581 aguneti Sarvari- 
saiuvatsara-Vaisakha-suddha 151u srimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira- 
pratapa-sri-vira-Ranga-Raya-deva-maha-rayal-ayyavaru Velapuri-sthalamandu 
ratna-simhasanarudhalai prithvi-samrajyam eluchunnundi Atreya-g6tram Apa- 
stamba-sutram Yaj us-sakhadhy ay ulaina Arviti-Rama-Raju-Rahgapa-Raj-ayy a- 
vari pautrulunnu G6pala-Raj-ayyavari putrulunnu ayina srimad-rajadhiraja raja- 



U ,^ T"3 ?i h 


Belur Talvq. 


paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa sri-vira-Ranga-Raya-deva-maharayal-ayyavaru 
Srivatsa-gotra Asvalayana-siitrarii Rik-sakhadhyayulaina Venkataya-pautru- 
dunnu Tiruveugalappa-putrudiinnu ayina Kuchchayyaku palifichina bhu-dana- 
dharma-sasana-kramam etlannanu [ Beluri-simaku challe Halebiti-sthala- 
mandu Halebitiki turpu | Mayigundanahalliki dakshinam 1 Benneguddanuku 
paschimarii | Rajagereku vuttarariga vunde totala 1 . . puttasti-sannagereluga 
ga 14^ madikattu vuttara-dakshinalu dairilu 2 ki ^ ki sannagerelu ga 2^ 
Mallapuranku challe polarii 1 ki sannagerega 1 1 yi-prakaramu tota madikattu 
chenu saha sannagereluga ga 18^ bhumi yi-tatha-tithi-punya-kalamandu 
Tiruverigalanatha-svamiki pritiga sa-hiranyodaka-dana-dhara-purvvakamuga tri- 
vacha tri-karana-suddhiga mannirichinaramu ganuka yi-(back)bhumiki kaligina 
nidhi-nikshepa-jala-pashana-akshin a-agami-siddha-sadhy ambul aniyati ashta- 
bhoga-tejas-svamyambulatO guda danadi-vinimaya-vikrayanaku yogyam avu- 
nattuga ni-putra-pautra-paramparyamuga a-chandrarka-sthayiga anubhaviri- 
chuka-vachchedi ani iVAtreya-gotrarii Apastamba-sutra Yajus-sakhiidhyayuhi- 
ina Arviti-Rama-Raju-Rarigapa-Raj-ayyavari pautruluunu Gopala-Raj-ayyavari 
putrulunnu ayina srimad-rajadhirfija raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa-sri 
vira-sri-Rariga - Raya - deva - maharayal - ayyavaru Srivatsa - gotra Asvalayana- 
sutrarii Rik-sakhadhyayundaina Verikataya-pautrudu Tiruverigalaya-putrundu 
ayina Bokkasamu-Kuchchayaku palirichina bhu-dana-dharma-sasanamu (usuui 
finai TerB«8) sri sri sri sri-Rama 


At Bastihalli attached to Halebldu, on a pillar near the Lakkanna-Biranna temple. 

(i8t side) Svasti Saka-varsha 875 neya Karttika-suddha-paksha svasti Nanniya- 
Gariga .iayad-uttararig a Butuga r ajyam geyyuttam ire KondakundanvayadaGuna- 
sagara-Bhatarara sishyar gGunachandra-Bhatarar gGunachandra-Bhatarara 
sishyar Moni-Bhatarargge Abhayanandi-Pandita-hhatarara sishyar Kiriya- 
Moni-Bhatarar pparoksha-vineyan nirisida nisidhige Sridharayya bareda 
(2nd side) penigalarii pogaladir abhi- | 

manigalarii gunada kanigalam vasumatiyol | 
danigalan unam-illada | 
monigalarii pogi pogala Kellarigereyol n 
(3rd side) tari gada kolvon cndu bala-garvvade Ballapanallig ogi ka- | 
yvorig edeyagad antu nudid appinam echchisi kondar intu Ke- | 
llarigereyarii palar ppogale Moni-Bhatarar enuttu lokam e- | 
llari gedegondu gondu konedappudu sahasam en anunamo n 
Basadiy-ojar Heleyamm-Ojara magarii Ballugarii madidarii 


l86 Betur Taluq. 


At the same village, on a stone in the outer wall of the Parsvanatha basti. 

Srimat-parama-gambhira-syad-vadamogha-lanchhanarii | 

jiyat trailokya-nathasya sasanam Jina-sasanam |i 

jayatu jagati niyarii Jaina-sanghodayarkkah 

prabhavatu Jina-yogi-brata-padmakara-srih | 

samudayatu cha samyag-darsana-jnana-vritta- 

prakatita-guna-bhasvad-bhavya-chakranuragah n 

jagat-tritaya-vallabhah sriyam apathya-vag-durllabhah | 

sitatapa-nivarana-tritaya-chamarodbhasanah i 

dadatu yad aghantakah pada-vinamra-Jambhantakah 

sa nas sakala-dhisvaro Vijaya-Parsva-tirtthesvarah n 
siddharii namah || 


malarchchitaya bhuvana-traya-dharmma-netre | 

kamantakaya jita-janma-jarantakaya 

bhaktya namo Vijaya-Parsva-Jinesvaraya || 

Hoysalorvvisa-vamsaya svasti vairi-mahibhritarii | 

khandane mandalagraya satadharagrajanmane || 
tad-anvayavatararii n 

negald a-Brahmanin Atri Soman esev-a^sri-Somajarii bhutalarii l 


pogalutt-irppa-Pururavorvvipati sand-Ayur-mmahivallabharii | 

sogayipp-a-Nahusharii Yayati Yaduv emb urvvisa-santanadol | 

negaldarii sri-Salan anatanya-nikararii samyaktva-ratnakararii || 

a-Sala-nripatiya rajya- | 

sri-sariivarddhanaman eyde maduva bageyiria [ 

Vasava-vandita-Jina-pu- | 

ja-sahitarii sakala-mantra-vidya-kushalarii ii 

mudadirii Jaina-bratisarii Sasakapurada Padmavati-deviyarii man- | 

tradin adarii sadhisal vikriyeyole puli mel paye yogisvararii kuil- | 

chada-kavind ant adarii poy Sala enal abhayarii poyvudurii Poysalankarii" 

Yadu-bhupargg adud andind esedudu seleyirii lola-sarddula-chihnarii n 

a-sanda-yakshi-varadol vasantarii | 

lesage tatkalika-namadindarii r 

Vasantika-devatey endu puja- | 

vyasarigavarii madidan a-nripalarii || 

kay-sarddire puliy-undige ] 

kay-sarddire vira-lakshmi ripu-nripa-rajyarii | 

kay-sarddire palar adar [ 

pPoysala-namadole Yadavorvvipatigal || 

Belur Taluq. 187 

sat-kuladolag indu mahi- | 

bhrit-kuladolag achala-nathan esevant esedaiii | 

tat-kuladol vijitari-ku- | 

bhrit-kulan aditya-murtti Vinayadityam n 

tad-apatyara ripu-nripa-bhuja- | 

mada-marddanan akhila-vibudha-janata-saukhya- | 

pradan uditodita-raahima- | 

spadan enip Ereyanga-bhupan Augaja-rupaih || 

Ereyaiigana kur-asi tale- | 

g eragade munn aridu bandu padak eragadavar | 

ppariye tale muriye nittelv | 

oraduge bisu-nettar eragad irppare dhuradol n 

i-vasudhe pogalal Echala- | 

Devigav Ereyanga-nripatigam trai-purushar | 

ttav enal adar bBalla- | 

lavanipati Vishnu-nripatiy Udayaditya ii 

ant avarol Vishnu-mahi- | 

kantam nimird eseye kurppum arppura jasara a- | 

dan tolagi belage permmeya- i 

n antam Nala-Nahusha-Bharata-charita-pratimam n 

stbiram agi Visbnuvarddhana- | 

dharanipalange pattam agalodarii siV | 

garad antan ahita-dharani- | 

§varar-odan eydittu visada-kirtti-prasaraih ii 

podarado siidhyam Tiytu maley ellamum a-Tulu-desav ellamuih | 

nadeye Kumara-nadu-Talakadugal emb ivu kayge sardduv a- i 

tt adiy ide munchi Kanchi besakeydudu Vishnu-nripaih kripruiamarii [ 

jadiyade munne Konga-nripar ittar ibhangalan eih pratfipiyo n 

Chola-nripfila-PAndya-nripa-Kerala-bhupa-bhujrivalepa-vi- ] 

sphalanan Andhra-gandha-gaja-kesari Luta-Varata-dharini- | 

pala-ghananilarh kadana-sura-Kadamba-vanagni Vishnu-bhu- | 

palan avaryya-sauryya-nidhiy atana sauryyaman aro kirttipar || 
sriman-maha-mandalesvaraih | Dvaravati-pura-varadhisvaraih | Yadava-kulam- 
bara-dyumani raandalika-chudamani Sasakapura-Vasantika-devi-Iabdha-vara- 
prasadaih | dara-dalan-mallikamodan'! | parihasita-sarad-udita-tuhinakara-kara- 
nikara-Hara-hasana-su-ruchira-visada-yasas-chandrika-sri-vilasarii | niratisaya- 
nikhila-vidya-vilusarii | vinamad-ahita-mahipa-chudalidha-nCitna-ratna-rasmi- 
jala-jatilita-charana-nakha-kiranarh | chatus-samaya-samuddharanaih | kara- 
karala-karavala-prabha-prachalita-disa-mandalarii | vira-lakshmi-ratna-kunda- 
larii I Hiranyagarbbha-tulapurushasva-ratha-visvachakra-kalpavriksh.i - pramu- 
kha-makha-Satamakhaih | rrija-vidya-vilasini-sakhaih | sthirikrita-Yadava- 


188 Belw Taluq. 

kunjaram | saranagata-vajra-panjaram i amalaka-phala-tulita-mukta-lata- 
lakshmi-lakshita-vaksham [ vibudha-jana-kalpa-vrikshairi | vijaya-gaja-ghatot- 
tarala-kadalika-kadamba-chumbitambudam | prati-dina-pravarddhamana-sampa- 
darh [ ripu-nripa-laya-samaya-kshubhita-varddhi-vichi-chayochchalita-jaty-asva- 
hesha-rava-purita-disa-kuiijam i sastodatta-punya-punjam | indu-Mandakini- 
nischalodatta-guna-yutharii | Gandagiri-nathaiii | chanda-Pandya-vedanda- 
kuta-pakalam i Jagad-Deva-bala-kalakalam | Chakrakutjidhisvara-Somesvara- 
mada-marddanaih \ Tulu-nripasura-Janarddanarii | Kalapala-Taraka-Mayura- 
vahanarii | Narasiriiha-Brahma-sammohanarii | Irungola-bala-jaladhi-Kumbha- 
sambhavarii | hata-maharaja-vaibhavarii | dalitadiyama-rajya-prabhavarii | 
Kadamba-vana-davarii ] Chengiri-bala-kalanalarii i Jayakesi-meghanilan end ivu 
modalage samasta-prasasti-sahitarii Talakadu-Korigu-Nangali-Gangavadi-No- 
lambavadi-Masavadi-Huligere-Halasige-Banavase-Hanurigallu - nadu-gonda Tri- 
bhuvana-malla bhuja-bala Vira-Gariga-Hoysala-Devarii || 

nirupamitarigiyarii ruchira-kuntaleyaih nuta-madhyeyarii mano- | 
haratara-karichiyarii dhrita-sarasvatiyarii vilasad-viniteyaih | 
sphurad-uru-kirttiman-madhureyarii sthirav agire tanna tolol old | 
irisidan urvvarariganeyan apratiraarii vibhu-Vishnu-bhubhujarii (| 
tadiya-pada-padmopajivi | nirantara-bhoganubhavi | Jina-raja-rajat-puja- 
Purandararii | sthairyya-Mandaraih i Kaundinya-gotra-pavitrarii i Echi-Raja- 
priya-putram | Pochambikodarodanvat-parijatarii ] suddhobhayanvaya-sarija- 
tarh I Karnnata-dharamarottariisaih i dana-sreyaihsaih | kundendu-Mandakini- 
visada-yasah-prakasarii i mantra-vidya-vikasam | Jina-mukha-chandra-vak- 
chandrika-chakorarii i charitra-lakshmi-karnnapurarh [ dhrita-satya-vakyaih | 
mantri-manikyam | Jina-sasana-raksha-mani i samyaktva-chudaraani i Vishnu- 
varddhana-nripa-rrijya - varddhi- saihvarddhana - sudhakaraih j visuddha - ratna- 
trayakararh | chatur-vvidhanuna-dana-vinodaih i Padmavati-devi-labdha-vara- 
prasadarii j bhaya-lobha-durllabharii | jayarigana-vallabhaih i vira-bhata-lalata- 
pattarii I droha-gharattarii | vibudha-jana-phala-pradayakarh j hiriya-danda- 
nayakaih i apratima-tejaih | Gariga-Rajarii i 

mattina mat av att irali jirnna-Jinalaya-kotiyarh kramarii- | 
bett ire munninante pala-marggadolarii nere madisuttav aty- | 
uttama-patra-danad odavarii meravuttire Garigavadi-tora- i 
battaru-sasiraih Kopanav adudu Garigana-dandanathanirii n 
nudi todal adod ondu ponard anjidod ant erad anya-nariyol | 
nudig edey age muru mare-vokkaran oppise nalku bedidarh i 
padeyadod aydu kudid edeg ogadod ar adhiparige tappi ba- | 
rddade gad iv eluv elu-narakarigal iv endapan alte Gariganaih || 
a-Gariga-chamupatigaih | 
Nagala-Devigara adhita-sastraih putraih i 

Belur Taliiq. 


chagada birada nidhiyum | 

bhoga-Purandaranum appa Boppa-chamupam n 

paramartthaih vidvad-arttham tavisadana dhanam vyartthav end artthi- 

sartthaiii | 

niravadyam jiiata-vidyam dalita-ripu-manodyam tiraskaritadyam | 

dhare tannarii kirttipannarii vibudha-tatige ponnaria vipaschit-prasannam | 

kared ivarii Boppa-Devarii samara-mukha-Dasagrivan udyat-prabhavarii || 

samarayatahita-kshonibhrid-atula-balodyanadol pavakanu- i 

kramadindaria kridisutturii ripu-nripati-sirah-kanduka-kriditarii tat- | 

samayodbhCitarunambho-bharita-samara-dhatri-saro-madhyadol vi- | 

krama-lakshmi-lolan oladuvan ereda-budhargg appa dandesa-Bopparii || 

lobhigalarii polipude ya- i 

so-bhajanan appa Boppa-dandesanol inn | 

i-bhu-bhuvanadol aha- | 

rabhaya-bhaishajya-sastra-danonnatiyirii n 
tadiya-guru-kularii || 

Gautama-ganadhararind a- | 

yata-parampareya Kondakundanvaya-vi- | 

khyata-Maladhari-Devar | 

pputa-tapo-nidhigal a-munisvara-sishyar n 

sri-raddhanta-sudhambudhi- | 

paraga-Subliachandra-Deva-munipar vvimala- | 

chara-nidhi-Ganga-Rajana i 

dhirodattateyan alda Boppana gurugal n 

Jina-dharmma-vanadhi-pariva- | 

rddhana-chandrarii Gauga-mandalacharyyar ppa- i 

vana-charitar endu pogalvu[du] | 

janarii Prabhachandra-Deva-saiddhantikararii || 
ivar bBoppa-Devana devatarchchana-gurugal n 

Jalajabhavangav intu bareyal kadeyal karuvittu geyyal a- | 

ttalagav enippudam tolapa belliya-bettane polvudarii jagat- | 

tilakaman i-Jinalayman ettisidarii vibhu-Boppa-Devan a- | 

ggalikeya rajadhanigalol oppuva Dorasamudra-madhyadol n 
Gariga-Rajange paroksha-vinayav agi devargge | 

sasirad aivatt-aid ena- | 

1 a^Sakan-abdarii Pramadi-Madhava-bahula- | 

sri-Soraaja-paricharaiyo- i 

1 ais-ene Bopparii pratishtheyarii madisidarii n 
pratishthacharyyar sri-Nayakirtti-Siddhanta-chakravarttigal n 

bhrantinol eno mun-negalda charana-sobhita-Kondakundeyol | 

santa-rasa-pravahav esedirppinav irdda munindra-kirttiy ar- | 

190 Belur Taluq. 

santavan eydit ant avara santatiyol Nayakirti-Deva-sai- i 
ddhantika-chakravartti Jina-sasanaraam belagalke puttidaih n 
sri-Mula-sahghada Desiya-ganada Pustaka-gachchhada Kondakundanvayada 
Hanasogeya baliya Dr6hagharatta-Jinalaya[ih]-pratishthanantara devara 
sesheyan indrar kkondu-pogi Vishnuvarddhana-Devargge Bahkapuradol 
kuduv-avasaradol | 

kaviy erihg endu band a-Masanan-asama-sainyahgalam Vishnu-bhupam | 
tave kond a-prajya-samrajyaman atula-bhujam kolvudurii puttidam bhu- | 
bhuvanakk utsaham agutt ire budha-nidhi Lakshmi-maha-devig agal | 
ravi-tejam punya-puhjam Dasaratha-Nahusachara-sararh kumaram || 
bhubhrit-pati-mada-kari-hari- | 
sobhaspadan achalata-samuttungaih sri- i 
prabhavan uditAkhandala- | 
vaibhavan eih gotra-tilakan adano putram n 
antu vijayotsavamuih kumara-janmotsavamum age santushta-chittan agirdda 
Vishnu-Devam Parsva-devara pratishtheya gandhodaka-shesegalam kondu band- 
irdd indraram kandu bara-veld idir eddu podevattu gandhodakamum sheseyu- 
mam kond enag i-devara pratishtheya-phaladim vijayotsavamuih kumara-janmo- 
tsavamum aduv endu santosha-parampareyan eydi ^evargge sri-Vijaya-Parsva- 
devar emba pesarumarakumarahge sri-Vijaya-Narasimha-Devan embapesaruman 
ittu kumarahg abhyudaya-nimittamuhi sakala-santyartthamum agi Vijaya-Par- 
sva-devara chatur-vvimsati-Tirthanathara tri-kala-pujarchchanabhishekakkam 
i-basadiya khanda-sputita-jirnnoddharanakkam jitendriyar appa tapodhanar- 
ahara-danakkam Asandi-nada Javagallumam basadiyiih badagana Benakana- 
mantheyadim mudalu raja-hastadal nur-enbhattu-hasta-pramana-bhumiyol irdd 
eradu-keriyuman allind agneyada gontinalli natta kallind irbbadagal agirdd 
eraduih keriyuih telligar-ippatt-okkaluvan allim paduval Madhavachandra- 
Devara basadivarav idda keriyuman alliih paduvana hiriya-dandnayakara 
maneyiih paduval tehka-deseya raja-vithiya mudana Beluhura keriya hittil 
merey agirdda bhumiyuman allim badagal Siriyahgadiye gadi a-Siriyahgadiya 
mudana-kade yarad ahgadiyu i Javagallu-sime (5 lines foiiowing contain detaiis of 
boundaries) int i-sthalav initumaih sri-Vishnuvarddhana-Hoysala-Devaih sri- 
Vijaya-Parsva-devargge dhara-purvvakam madi kottam (usuai finai verses) 
viditasesha-padarttha-nutna-Vijaya-sri-Parsva-devollasat- | 
pada-puja-nichayakke dana-mahitam key gaddeyam punya-bi- | 
jada perchchihge nivasamam sakala-bhavyambhojani-bhaskaraih | 
mudadiih telliga-Dasa-Gaunda-vibhu kottam santatam salvinaih || 
idan urjjitam ene niih ma- i 
Ipud endu telligara-Dasa-Gavundarii pu- i 
nya-deva-pujakara-San- i 
ti-Deva-vibhug amala-vari-dhareyan ittarii || 

Belnr Taliiq. !91 

Dasagaundanahalliya kumbara-gattada kelagana-maduvina Mohamediveyalu 
muvattu-kolaga-gadde a-yaradu-kohi-naduvana ereya-keyy-ull-anitum mudalu 
Tavareyakere haduvalu hola sime gadiy agidda bhumiy-ull-anitumam telligara- 
Dasa-Gavundanum Rama-Gavundanum uttarayana-sankramanadalu sri-Vijaya- 
Parsva-devar-ashta-vidharchchanege sarbba-badha-parihiirav agi pujakara 
Santayyange dhara-purvvakam kottaru || 

arum polvarey udgha-daitya-vijaya-sri-Parsva-Bhattarako- | 
dara-sri-pada-pankaja-bhramaranaih saujanya-vak-saranam | 
sarodara-Jinesvararchchana-niyogodyoga-visranta . . . . | 
. . . sri-vadhu-kantanam prithula-kirtty-asantanam Santanaiii || 
sri-Vijaya-Parsva-devargge bitta Javagallu Gaugaiiradali khanda-sphutita- 
jirnnoddharakke Javagallu | ranga-bhogada vidyavantarige Gangaiiru | sriraan- 
Nayakirtti-Siddhanta-chakravarttigala sishyaru Nemichandra-Pandita-devara 
sri-Mula-sanghada samudayangalu avara sishya-santanagale i-dharmmavan 
ri-chandrarkka-taram-baram salesuvaru i) 


On a side of the same stone. 

Srimat-samyaktva-chudamani Sala-nripan a^vamsa-simhasanasthaiii i 

Somesam nityan appant osedu Vijaya-tirtthadhinathange nrilkuiii i 

sima-samsthS.nadol mukkode yasevinegam nattu dharmakke kottaiii | 

bhumisatvakko tan end aripuva teradiiii tat-sutaiii Narasimhaiii || 

§aka-varsha 1177 neya Ananda-samvatsaradaMarggasira-ba 1 Bri-dandu srimat- 

pratapa - chakravartti - Iloy sala - sri - vira - Narasinga - Dev - arasaru Boppa-Deva- 

dannayakara basadige bijayam geydu sri-Vijaya-Parsva-devarige kanikeyan 

ikki a-basadiya mundana sasanavam kandu tamm-anvaya-rajavaliyan odisi- 

goduttav-idd-avasaradolu a-sAsanasthav aha deva-danada kshetrad-olage 

mayduna Padmi-Devaru vatthriiava katti maneya madi a-vatharavu halavu- 

varusadindavu halagi yiddudanu keli tamma anvayada dharmmav oppu... 

karanav agiyum srimatu pratapa-chakravartti-Hoysala-sri-Vira-Somesvara-Dev- 

arasara rajyabhyudayav ahantagiyum pdrvva-dese natta kallind olagana- 

bhiimi-sahita mayiduna-Padmi-Devana vatharavanu ji maneya madi a- 

Vijaya-Parsva-Devana sri-karyyava nadisuvant agi sarvva-bridhe-pariharav agi 
a-chandrarkka-sthayiy agi saluvantagi andina Dhanus-sankramanadalu a-devara 
sannidhiyalu a-kumara-Narasimha-Devaru tamma sri-hastadalu puna[r]-dhare- 
yan eredu kottaru maugala maha sri sri sri 


Ananda-samvatsarada Phalguna-ba 2 Bu | dandu srimatu pratapa-chakravartti- 
kumara-Nrirasimha-Dev-arasaru tavage upanayanav adalli Boppa-Deva-dan- 

192 Belur Taluq. 

naykara basadiya sri-Vijaya-Parsva-devara sri-karyyakke a-chandrarkka- 
sthayiyagi nadavant agi Hiriyakereya kelage kema . . da sala-mavina-gattin-olage 
Kolada-Honnayana pattasalege kalla nattu bitta bhumiyinda mudalu gadde 
Gummesvarada kolagadallu gadde salage nalkuvanft dhara-purvvakaih madi 
sarvva-badhe-pariharav agi kottaru (usuai finai verse) mahgala maha sri sri sri 


On a pillar in the outer vrall of the same basti. 
Isanyada-adi-modalagi isanyada hadinaidu-kaiy-antaradalu aru-gayy-uchchedada 
Santinatha-devaru bhumisthav agirddaharu avananum punya-purushaih tegadu 
pratishtheya madi punyamam madikoluvudu || 


On a stone in the yard of the same basti. 
Srimat-parama-gambhira-syad-vadamogha-lanchhanaih j 
jiyat trailokya-nathasya sasanam Jina-sasanam || 
namas tuhga etc. n 

payad aya . kheda-kshubhita-phani-phana-ratna-niryyatna-niryyach- | 
chhaya-maya-patahga-dyuti-mudita-Viyad-vahini-chakravakam | 
abhranta-bhranta-chuda-tuhinakara-karrmika-nalika-nala- 1 
chchhedamodanudhava. . . . ratha-khagaih Dhurjates tandavam vah n 
svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varsha 1560 nege saluva Isvara-samva- 
tsarada Palguna-suddha 5 yu Guruvaradallu srimad-Velapuri-Chenna-Vehkate- 
svara-krama-kamala-yugala . . sthira-raja-hamsar ada Vaishnava-matamrita- 
vardhi-pravarddhamana-purnna-sudhasuti-bimbayamanar ada praja-palana- 
mantra-palana-atma-palana-kula-palana-samanjasatva-saptahga-rajya - sampan - 
nar ada kotta-bhashege tappuva dhoregala ganda dushta-nigraha-sishta-prati- 
palakar ada samadi-chatur-upaya-saihyutar ada i panchahga-san-mantra-guna- 
sametar ada | ripu-raya-sarabha-ganda-bherundar ada vira-kshatra-chudamani i 
saranagata-vajra-panjarar ada | Sindhu-Govinda dhavalahka-Bhima Maninaga- 
pura-varadhisvara i balidu saptahga-harana i Turaka-dala-vibhada ity-ady- 
aneka - birudavali - virajamanar ada Krishnappa-Nayaka-ayyanavara Kali-ka- 
lashtama - chakravartti Vehkatadri - Nay aka - ayy anavar u Belura - rajy avannu 
dharmmadim pratipalisutam yiralu Haleyabida Vijaya-Parsvanatha-svamiya 
basadiya kambhagalige Huchchappa-Devaru lihga-mudreya hakalagi a-lihga-mu- 
dreyanu Vijayappanu todeyalagi j saj-jana-suddha-Sivachara-sampannar ada i 
deva-prithvi-maha-mahattin-olagada atithigalu i suryyana teja chandrana santa 
samudrada gambhira | Nandikesvarana pratijne kalpavrikshada phala Baliya 
virate Ramana sayirane Lakshmanana hitakara Harischandrana satya kotta- 
bhashege tappuvara miseya koyivavarum | Naranante tirttha-simha . . . . 

Belur Taluq. 19^ 

matha-mane-devalaya-jirnnoddharakarum kshame-dayevantaruih Vishnuvin- 
upaya Brahmana chaturyya Hanumantana sakti Jambavana yukti Prahhidana 
bhakti nitya-japa-Siva-puja-panchakshari-mantraLaukritar ada deva-prithvi- 
maha-mahattu yi-sthalada Halebida Basavappa-Devaru Pushpugiriya Pattada- 
devaru-muntada desa-bhagada maha-mahattugalige Belura-rajyada Jaina-setti- 
galu bhagavad-Arhat-paramesvara-pada-padmaradhakar ada syad-vada-mata- 
gagana-suryyar ada aharabhaya-bhaishajya-sastra-dana-vinodarum | khanda- 
sphutita-jirnna-Jina-chaityalayoddharakaruiii Jina-gandhodaka-pavitrikritotta- 
mangar ada samyaktvady-aneka-guna-ganalaiikritar ada Hasanada Devappa- 
Settiya su-kumara-Padmanna-Setti-muntada-samastaru binnaham madikolal agi 
a-maha-mahattu ekasthar agi va.isikondu kattumadisida vivara i vibhuti-vilya- 
vannu madisikondu yi-Vijaya-Piirsvanatha-svamige puje-punaskara-anga-ranga- 
vaibhava - diparadhane - agryodaka - prabhavana - mukhyavada Jainagamakke 
saluva dharmmava purvva-maryyadeyalli fi-chandrarkka-sthayiy agi madikolli 
yendu Belura Venkatadri-Nayaka-ayyanavarige sakala-samrajyabhyudayarttha- 
nimittav agi a-doreya dakshina-dor-ddandar ada pradhana-vamsoddharakar ada 
pada-vakya-pramana-paravara-parangatar ada para-purusharttha-parama- 
panditar ada | Kalappayya-mantri-priyagra-kumara mantri-kuhlgra-ganyar 
ada Krishnappayyauavaru yi-dharmma-karyyavanu kayi-vididu puro-vriddhige 
salisal agi a-maha-mahattu barasi kotta sila-sasana yi-Jaina-dharmmakke 
avanan orvvauu vighnava madidare atanu tamma maha-mahatta padava 
kudidavan alla Siva-drohi jaiigama-drohi vibhuti-rudrakshige tappidavanu 
Kasi-Ramesvaradi-tirtthaugala lingakke tappidavaru yi-maha-mahattina 
vappita II varddhataiii Jina-sasanam 


On a stone near the entrance of the same basti. 

Srimat-parama-gaml^hira-syad-vridamogha-hinchhanaiii | 

jiyat trailokya-niithasya sasanaih Jina-sasanaiii || 


Desiya-sad-gani- ravatamsah j 

jiyaj Jinendra-samaya,rnnava-purnna-chandrah 

sri-Vakra-gachchha-tilako muni-Balachandrah n 
svasti srimad-bhuja-bala-chakravartti Yadava-Narayana-Vira-Ballala-Devar 
sukha-saiikatha-vinodadim rajyarii geyyuttam ire i Nala-samvatsarada Karttika- 
suddha-padiva-Brihavarad andu sriman-maha-vadda-byavahari Kavadamayyana 
Devi-Settiyaru madisida sri-Santinatha-devara basadiy uru Koradukereya kalu- 
halli Machiyahalliya Bamatigattava IttageyaMallarasayyangala makkalu Appa- 
yya-Gopayya-Biichayyangalu a-§antiniitha-devara basadiya parisutrad-olagana 
tamma madisida pattasaleya sri-Mallinatha . . var-ashta-vidharchchanegam 


194 Belur Taluq. 

khanda-sphutita-jtrnndddharakarii rishiyarkkal-ahara-danakkaiii parvva-dina- 
pujegam sriman-maha-mandalacharyyar Mandaviya Balachandra-Siddanta- 
devara sishyar Ramachandra-Devargge aruvattu-gadyana honnaih krayav agi 
kottu kondar a-Bammatigattada sima-sambandhav entene (3 lines foUowing contain 
detaiis of boundaries) a-kereyan irppattu-honnaiii kottu kattisidar i devara nitya- 
puja-kramam entene || (6 linea foiiowing contain detaiis of gift) int initumam sarvva- 
badha-pariharav agi sri-Santinatha-devara basadiy-acharyyar ar-orvvar irddar 
iddavarum Koradukereya gaudugalu ur-aruvatt-okkalum aruvanav-olagada 
anyayav enu bandadam tave tettu salisuvaru i-dharmmavam nakharaiigal 
araiydu pratipalisuvaru n (usuai finai verse) mangala maha sri || 


At the same village, near the Adinathesvara basti. 

Sriman-Nemichandra- srimad-Balachandra-Pandita- 

Pandita-devaru keliharu devaru Sarachatushtayadi-granthagala 

byakhyanamam madidaparu * 
(left side) svasti sri Mula-sangha-Desiya-gana-Pustaka-gachchha-Kondakundan_ 
vayad-Ingalesvarada baliya Sri-samudayada Maghanandi-Bhattaraka-devara 
priya-sishyarum sriman-Nemichandra-Bhattaraka-devarum srimad-Abhaya 
chandra-saiddhanta-chakravarttigalum diksha-gurugalum sruta-gurugalum age 
tapa[s]-srutangalim jagadol vikhyatarh-betta srimad-Balachandra-Pandita-deva- 
ru Saka-varsha 1197 neya Bhava-samvatsarada Bhadrapada-suddha 12 Budha- 
varada madhyahna-kaladolu yemage samadhiy-andu chatur-vvarnnigalg aripi 
niv ellaruih dharmmikar appud endu niyamisi kshamitabyam endu sanyasana- 
purvvakam sakala-nivrittiyam madi palyankasanadol irddu pancha-parame- 
shtigala svarupamam dhyanisutam sva-samaya-para-samayangalu mechche 
uttama-samadhiyam padadaru srimad-rajadhani-Dorasamudrada samasta-bha- 
(right side) bya-janangalu tat-kalochitam appa dharmma-prabhavaneyam madi 
paroksha-vinayam agi gurugala pratikriti-samanvitaih paiicha-parameshtigala 
pratimeyam madisi yatha-kramadiih lokottaram age pratishtheyam madi punya- 
vriddhi-yaso-vriddhiyam madikondaru | bhadram astu jayatu Jina-sasanaya | 
sri-Jainagama-varddhi-varddhana-vidhuh Kandarppa-darppapaho 
bhabyambhoja-divakaro guna-nidhih karunya-saudhodadhih | 
sa sriman Abhayendu-san-muni-pati-prakhyata-sishyottamo 
jibyat kav anisan nijatmani rato Balendu-yogisvarah n 
chhastrani prathitani yena sahasabhuvann ila-mandale i 
Balendu-bratipena tena lasati sri-Jaina-dharmm6'dhuna || 
sri-Balachandra-Pandita-devaya namah n 

* The above are written over the two images at top of the stone. 

Belur Taluq. 195 


At the same basti, to the left of the sainadhi-mantapa. 

Srimad - Abhayachandra-siddhanta - chakravarttigalu byakhyanamam madida- 

paru II srimad-Balachandra-Pandita-devaru keldaparu | 
yasyananendum upasritya vivarddhamana | 
tarii Balachandra-muni-pandita-devam asmin 
loke stuvanti kavayah paramadarena n 

kas tvam Kamah ka ete Hari-Hara-Vidhi-vidhvamsakur pancha-banah 
k6'yam dharmmah ka esha bhramara-maya-gunas te'tra kirh yoddhukamah j 
sankhyatitair ggunaughair jjagati dasa-vidhais charu-dharmmair anantair 
vvanair vValendu-yogi lasati kuru tatas tat-padambhoja-sevuih || 
yenadhitam atita-badham amitaiii sa{j] 
sastram sarvva-janopakari vihitacharochitam prematah | 
tasmad anata-bhabya-kanja-taraner vValendu-yogisvarad 
aptaih raukti-sukhaika-sadhanam Anuprekshopadesadikaiii n 
daksh6'yam Akshapadadi-paksham avikshya tat-kshane | 
pratyakshudi-pramaneua bhettum Balendu-san-munih n 

varddhatarii Jaina-sasanam | sn-paiicha-Paramcshthigale saranu i sri-Bala- 

chandra-Pandita-devaya namah n 
6m brim braih 


At the same village, on the first image stone in the S^ntin&thdsvara basti. 


Srimat-parama-gambhira-syad-vadam6gha-lanchhanaih | 
jiyat trail6kya-nathasya sasanaih Jina-sasanarii n 
§ri-sangha-rai-kubhriti Desiya-sad-ganakhya- 
kalpanghripo lasati Pustaka-gachchha-sakhah | 
sarengalesvara-bali-prabalopasiikhah n 
intu pogalte-vetta yati-santatiyol Kulabhushanakhya-sai- i 
ddhantika-sishyan urjjita-Jinalaya-karaka-Nimba-Deva-sa- j 
mantana subratakke guru vag-vanita-pati Maghanandi-sai- j 
ddhantika-chakravarttiy esedaih vasudha-pati-raji-pujitaih n 
namo Gandhavimuktaya tach-chhishyaya vimuktaye | 
visuddha-Jainarsiddhanta-nandine Subhanandine n 
tach-chhishyaru j 

dhavala-yaso-niraiijita- | 

bhuvanarii kavi-gamaka-vadi-vagmi-vitana- | 


196 Belur Taluq. 

pravaram sarthaka-nija-na- | 
ma-vilasam Charukirtti-Pandita-devam ll 
tach-chhishyaru | 

ku-mataugha-nivarakanam | 
namaskaripperh Jinagamoddharakanarh | 
vimala-dayadharakanam i 
saraudayada Maghanandi-Bhattarakanaih || 

sri-Nemichandra-Bhattaraka-dev6'py Abhayachandra-saiddhant6'pi | 
iti sishyabhyam guru-Maghanandy abhud dharmma-iva. . .bhyaih (| 
tad-ubhayarol Abhayachandra-siddhanta-chakrava (right side) rttigala mahimey 
ent ene | 

vri li chhando-nyaya-nighantu-sabda-samayalankara-shat-khanda-vag- 
bhu-chakrarii vivritara Jinendra-Himavaj-jata-pramana-dvayi- | 
Ganga-Sindhu-yugena durmmata-khagorbbibhrid-bhida yat sva-dhi 
chakrakrantam at6'bhayendu-yatipah siddhanta-chakradhipah n 
tad-ubhayamum kramadiih diksha-gurugalurh sruta-gurugalum age pempu- 
vadeda | 

malini n nuta-guna-mani-kosam kirtti-valli-vritasarii 
vitata-sad-upadesarii sasta-b6dha-prakasarii | 
krita-madana-vinfisarii naumi nir-mm6ha-pasarii 
hata-kumata-nivesarii Balachandra-bratisarii || 
tan-munindra-sishyaru | 

sa-viseshagama-vak-sudhaushadhaman intal kotta kara-tri-do- | 
sha-vikararigalan etti kiltu vilasad-ratna-trayarii rakshey a- | 
ge vineyalige katti rakshisidan i-siddhanta-chakresan eih i 
bhava-r6gakke su-vaidyan 6v-Abhayachandrarii Balachandratmajarii || 
sasirad innur-eradene- | 

y-a^Saka-varsha-Pramadi-saraad urjja-lasan-ma- | 
sasita-pakshada navami- i 
Sasivara-triyamadol tan-raunipam n 

arid atmiya-samadhiyarii toradu sarbbaharamarii dehamarii | 
mered aksh6bhateyarii jagarii pogale paryyarikasana-praptiyim j 
nered atm6dgha-kalariisuvarii divadolarii t6rppen dal emb andadiih | 
tarisandaih sura-mandirakk Abhayachandrarii rundra-saiddhantikaih n 
mudad Abhayachandra-siddhan- i 
ti-devar-aggada nisidhiyarh D6rasamu- j 
drada nakhararigal nirinmisi i 
vidita-yasah-punya-vriddhiyarii kaikondar ij 
marigala maha sri sri sri n 

(left side) sri-Abhayachandra-siddhanti-devar tamma sishya-Balachandra-Devarige 
byakhyanaih madidaparu n sri sri 

Belur Taluq. 197 


At the same place, on the second image stone. 


Srimat-parama-garabhira-syad-vadamogha-lanchhanam | 
jiyat trailokya-nathasya sasanam Jina-sasanam || 
svasti sri Mul a - saiigha - Desiya - gana - Pustaka - gachha - Ku ndakundanvayada 
Yingalesvarada baliya Sri-samudayada Maghanandi-Bhattaraka-devara priyar 
sishyaru sri-Nemichandra-Bhatttiraka-devaru srimad-Abhayachandra-siddhanta- 
chakravarttigaluiii vidya-gurugalum sruta-gurugalum fige tapas-srutangalim 
jagadol vikhyatiyarh petta srimad-Balachandra-Pandita-devara priyagra-sishya- 
rum appa srimad-Ramachandra-Maladhari-Devaru Saka-varusha-sasirad-innur- 
ippatt - eradaneya Sarvvari - samvatsarada Chaitra - bahula - tadige - Brihavarad 
aparahna-kaladol emage samadhiy endu chatur-vvarnnangalg aripi (left side) 
nim elarum dharmmikar appud endu niyamisi kshamitabyara endu sanyasana- 
purvvakaih sakala-nivrittiyaiii madi paryahkasanadim pancha-guru-charana- 
smaraneyam madutta divake sandaru i avara tapo-mahatmyam entendode | 
nadevade bahu-dugada yugantaramam nere nodad avagaih | 
nadedeyada kamini-kanakamam sale sokada karkkasangalaih | 
nudiyad aharnnisam vikatheyarh mared adada moha-pasadol i 

todarada. . . .Maladhariya virrijikurii ii 

srimad-Ramachandra-Maladhari- srimad - Balachandra - Pandita - devaru 

devaru tamma priyagra-sishyarum tamma priyagra-sishyarum appa sri- 

appa Subhachandra-Devarihge sre- mad-Rrimachandra-Maladhari-devarihge 

yo-marggopadusamaiii madiyaru Sarachatushtayaih modah\da grantha- 

avaru keliharu H gala byakhyanaih madiharu avaru 

keliharu n * 
yintu pogalte-vetta srimad-Ramachandra-Maladhari-devara pratikriti-samanvita- 
pahcha-parameshtigala prathumegalarh srimad-rajadhani-Dorasamudrada bha- 
bya-janahgalu madisi punya-vriddhi-yaso-vriddhiya kaikondaru n bhadram astu 
Jina-sasanaya raaugala maha sri ii 


At Hebbila (same hobli), on a stone at the entrance of the village. 
Namas tuhga eto. n 
svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha 1388 sandu varttamana- 
Vyaya-saihvatsarada Karttika-su 15 lu sriman-maharrijadhirrija raja-paramesvara 
sri-vira-pratapa-Virupaksha-Raya-maharayaru sriman-mahu-sthanarii srimad- 
dakshina-Varanasiy ada Velapuriya sri-Channa^Kesavanatha-devarige nitya- 
stitiyalu maha-naiivedya-nandadipti sri-vaijayanti-dandeyu namma sevey agi 
nadavudakke Hebbala-grama 1 nu kottevagi yi-dharmmava nadasuvarige 

* The above are written ovcr two images. 

198 Belur Taluq. 

dana-palanayor mmadhye danach chhrey6'nupalanam | 
danat svarggam avapnoti palanad achyutam padarii n 
yi-dhammakke tappidavarige 

sva-dattarii para-dattarii va yo hareta vasundhararii | 
shashti-varsba-sahasrani vishthayarii jayate krimih n 


At Sivanenahalli (same hobli), on a stone at the entrance of the Ilvara temple. 
Naraas tunga etc. n 
Sirige tavar-mmane Vishnuge [ 
paramotsava-bhumi nirmmalarii vistirnnarii i 
nirutarii pal-gadal-olpim | 
poredudu gambhirav ada Yadava-variisarii || 
Salau emban age Yadava- | 
kuladolu puli pa, . . .muni puliyarii poy | 
Salay ene poydudarira Poy- | 
sala-pesar avanindav aytu tad-variisajarol n 
vinayarii pratapam emb i- i 
jananathochita-charitra-yugadirii jagamaih | 
jana-na. . . .si poredarii | 
Vinayadityarii samasta-bhuvana-stutyam || 
atang ati-mahimam Hima- | 
Setu-samakhyata-kirtti murtti-Manojam | 
patita-sangara-ripu-nripa- | 
jatarii tanujatan adan Ereyanga-nriparii || 
ant esev Ereyan . . . hi- | 

kantana tauayarh narendra-chudamani-makuta-tato- | 
panta-sa. . .mayukharii | 

santata-naya-vinaya-jishnu Vishnu-nripalarii n 
. . . varddhanaiigarii | 

bhavodbhava-rajya-lakshmiy enisida Lakshma- | 
Devigam u . . . . | 

bhu-visruta-Narasiriihan ahava-siriiharii || 
a-vibhuvina patta-ma. .- | 
. .pativrata-charitradindarii Sita- | 
devige migil ad Echala- | 
Devige Balla. . . .dayarii geydarii n 

uda. . -trana-nimittav ad udayam e | 

visva-visishta sad-vritta-viprottama . . . | 

dayvad abhyudayam end ell-andadind ellamarfi i 

mudadirii kirttise taldidarii te samrajya-sampattiyarii n 

Belur Taluq. 199 

agaliih patalav entuih-dese uddadim vyomam int ir- | 

vvagiy agal parbbi muruiii-bhuvanadol ese. . . .yam konda gandarii | 
maguldurii Pandyaiii saran-bokkade karunisi tad-rajya. .kottu mururii- | 
jagadol vikhyati-vettaiii hara. .ranadiiii Vira-Balla. .vam || 

svasti samasta-bhuvanasrayarii sri-prithvi-vallabha maharajadhirajarii male-raja- 
rajaiii maleparolu gandaiii ganda-bherunclarii Yadava-kulambara-dyumani 
samyaktva-chudamani Bappana gandha-varanarii vijaya-griha-toranarii nissaiika- 
pratapa-chakravartti Vira-Ballala-Devar rajadhani-Dorasamudradolu prithvi- 
rajyarii geyyuttum ire tat-pada-padmopajivi | 

sri-Sivalinga-nathan Agaja-kucha-kurikuma-raga-ranjitaih | 
Ke^ava-Vasava-pramukha-deva-ganarchchita-pada-pankajarii | 

klesa-vi yan adam alkarind i 

i-Sivanayya-perggadege malke manoratha-karyya-siddhiyarii n 

Sivaliiigesvara-devar i 

Sivanayyana putra-mitra-bandhava-janak ut- | 

savadindam ige tara- | 

dhavanurii bhaskaranum ullinaih sukha-padamarii n 

a-gotra-chintamaniy enisida ^ivauayya-perggadeya vaihsa-varnnanabhyudayam 
entendode | 

janakaih sri-Sivaniithan-atma-tanayaih Ketayyan ant atan-ah- | 

gane Maravve kulasrayaih janani bhagyakk aspadaih tanna ka- | 

mini Gaudavve tanhbhavar mMasananuih Ketannauuih. . .m i- | 

san enipp i-Sivanatha-perggade valarii sariisara-sarodayarii n 

Sivanayyaih vinayamburasi Sivanayyaih dharmma-nistarakarii | 

Sivanayyaih nija-gotra-bhanu Sivanayyarii mitra-nityostavarii | 

Sivanayyaih Sivalihga-pada-yuga-nityaradhakaih Vira-Ya- | 

dava-Ballalana rajyadalli Sivanayyaih taldidaih khyatiyaih n 

Kondaliya pakkadolu Siva- | 

n-andaih Sivanayanahalliyaih madisi kai- i 

konda nija-namam esevaih | 

kondire Sivaliriga-bhavanamarii madisidaih || 

bhuvana-stutyar enippa Kondaliy-asesha-brahmanagresarar | 

ttavad anandadiu irddu nodi kude dhara-purvvakarii vrittiyarii | 

sa. . .din ay-vanaih modal enal sarirdda mannaih sthiram | 

Sivaliiigesvara-mandirakke Sivanayyaih bitta. . . .dadiih n 

mattarii Kondaliy-olag aty- j 

uttamam appaih. . .vrittiyaih bali-sahitaih j 

pettu mahajana. .sevina- | 

V ittaih Sivaliiiga-grihake guni Sivanayyaih n 

200 Belur Taluq. 

Sivalingam kula-daivaiii | 

bhuvanesan udara-Vira-Ballalam Ya- | 

dava-cliakravartti patiy ene | 

Sivanayyana. . . .itara-sadharanam e || 

Ketala-Deviya rajya- | 

. .tene mukha-ratna-darppanarii Ballalang | 

itane pesara-pasayita- | 

ne. . .d ol-gunakke mandanam Sivanayyarii || 

. . . . 139 tteney Isvara-sariivatsarada Sravana-ma vasye suryya-grahanad 

andu Dro. , .tta-chaturvvedimarigalam enisida negaltey-agraha. . .Kondaley- 
asesha-mahajanarigala . . . .hadinaidu panavina modala mannarii ta. . .madisida 
Sivanayyanahalliya Sivalirigesvara bhavarii Sivanayya-perggade 

(rest gone) 


At Hirehalli (same hobli), on a stone at the south wall of the Mallesvara temple. 
Sri namas turiga eto. || 

sriman saubhagyabhag-Gauri-mano-nayana-vallabhah | 

payaj jagaj jagat-sutradharo visvarii Mahesvarah || 
orii namas Sivaya || 

srimat-Poysala-variisadalli Vinayadityakbyan adarii yasah- i 

premarii tan-nripa-putran adan Ereyarigorvvisvararii tat-sutam | 

bhumipalaka-mauli-lalita-padarii sri-Vishnu-bhupalan ud- | 

dama-sva-krama-vikramorjjita-jaya-bhrtxjishnu Jishnupamarii || 

maley ellarii vasam ayt ad onde Talakadurii Koyatur Korigu Na- | 

rigali Karichi-puri Garigavadi pesar-vett-Uuchcharigi Ballare Bel- | 

vala-nad a^Rachanur mMuduganur vVallur ivarii konda tol- i 

valadirii polvavar &.ro pel bhuja-bala-bhrajishnuvarii Vishnuvarii n 

a-Vishnuvarddhanarigarii | 

bhavodbhava-rajya-lakshmiy enisida Lakshma- | 

Devigam udbhavisidan ava- | 

ni-visruta-Narasiriihan ahava-simharii || 

a-vibhuvina patta-maha- | 

devi mahi-devi vidita-Yadava-lakshmi- i 

devi jaya-deviy Echala- | 

Devi jagat-khyate Siteg ene guna-ganadirii n 
a Narasiriiha-Devarigarii patta-maha-deviy enisid Echala-Devigarii | 

sakala-kala-paripurnnarii | 

sakalorvvi-nayana-sukhadan akalarikarii tan | 

akutilan aptirvva-nava-si- | 

takararii Ballala-Devan udayari-geydarii n 

Belur Taluq. 201 

Cholarii rauttire panneral-barisakarii kolpoyte tarii podan emb | 

alaparii bare sald ad ondu molanarii .Uchcharigiyurii | 

pelasiidhyav ad adud endu divija. .dyara vi .ye ba- | 

Ual aldarii Giridurgga-malla-vesararii Ballala-bhupalakarii n 

Sanivaradande Pandya- | 

vanipana saptarigam eyde siddhisidudaririi i 

Sanivara-siddhi-vesararh | 

janapati Ballala-Devan esedire taledarii n 
svasti samadhigata-paricha-maba-sabda maha-mandalesvararii i Dvaravati-pura- 
varadhisvararii | Tribhuvana-malla Talakudu-Korigu-Narigali-Gangavadi-Nol- 
ambavadi-Banavase-IIuligere-Hrinurigal-gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Garigan asahaya- 
sura Sanivara-siddhi giri-durgga-malla chalad-arika-Rama nissarika-pratapa 
Hoysala-Vira-Ballala-Devaru Dorasaraudrada nelevidinalli sukha-saukatha- 
vinodadirii prithvi-rajyarii geyyuttam ire | 
▼ri II Male-nadan Tulu-nadan aggada Bayal-nadarii lasat-Chola-man- | 

dalaraarii Perddore meroyage badagal sri-Vishnu-bhuparige bhu- | 

talamarii sadbisi kottu mandu ranadol marantararii konda dor- | 

vvaladirii droha-gharattau endu pesar-vettarii Boppa-dandadhiparii || 
sriman-maha-pradhiinarii hiriya-dandanayakarii droha-gharatta-Boppa-Devarii 
Asandi-nada Kondaliyarii tanna hesaririi Drohagharatta-chaturvvedimarigalam 
endu pesaran ittu bhuvana-viravataram emba tanna pesargg anurupam appant 
ayvatt-irvvara bharanavagi sarvva-namasyavagi bittan a-mahrigraharada 
asesha-mahajanarigalurii | 

Kondaliya majanarii bhii- | 

mandala-viditaiii samasta-sastra-vichara- | 

khandita-matimad-brahmana- | 

mandala-sarasija-shanda-chandariisu-nibharii || 

Bhiiteya-Nayakan urvvi- | 

khyatarii katakaika-raksha-sakta-talaram | 

bhutala-viditarii tat-tanu- |. 

jatam Ballala-nripa-kumararii Mararii || 
▼a II int inibaruv irddu tamm urindarii badagana Jakkavegereyarii Kembanana- 
kereyann i-vurarii madabelk endu prartthisi Kala-Gavundana tamman appa 
Honna-Gavundana Jakka-Gavundiya magan appa maha-prabhu-Adi-Gavundarige 
santeyam kottad fiy-ayyanurii tanna tamma Madi-Gavundanurii Mara-Gavunda- 
nurii avara makkalurii Macha^Gavundanurii Mara-Gavundanurii Naka-Gavunda- 
nurii Chikka-Mareyan olagiigi kadarii kadidu kannegereyaribi kattisi vurarii 
madidaru || 
ka II hasidara mogamarii nodarii | 

hasivum niralke illa kandade tannam | 

vasumatig enipa maha-prabhu | 

vasudheyol ar ssaman Adi-Gaundarig eneyaiii || 


202 Belm faluq. 

ant enip Adi-Gavundana | 

kante manah-kante Naga-Gavundi jagat- | 

kante patibrata-gunadind | 

ant-illada jasadin esadal avani-taladol n 

Adi-Gavundana permmagan | 

adan tam Macha-Gaundan atana tammaih | 

medini pogalv a-Mararh | 

baden a-Naki Chikka-Marayan embarii n 


va II ant a-vura munde devalayaman ettisi tannahesarind ada Adi-Mailikarjjuna- 
devara pratishtheyarii madisiy a-devara nitya-pujeyarii Chaitra-pavitrakkarii 
khanda-sphutita-jirnnoddharakkav a-chandrarkka-tararh-bararii nadavantagi 
degulada mundana Jakkavegereya kelage eradu-salige gadde 2 Kembanana- 
kereya kelage tehkana melu-makkiya gadde salige vondu 1 antu gadde salige 
muru 3 vurinda haduvana meyyalu beddale kamba munuru 300 a-bhumiyim 
tehkalu madikomba kummari vondu vurolag ondu-gana int inituvanu Saka- 
varsha 1104 neya Subhakrit-sariivatsarada uttarayana-sahkramanadandu 
Adi-Gavundaih Narasiriiha-Saktiya kalarii karchchi dhara-purvvakarii madi 
kottanu i-dharmmamarii Sahkhara-Kalli-Devanum halabaru nadasuvavargge 

(usual final phrases and verses) 

hasu-gusugalige halaih | 

hasidargg annaman ava. . . .re nichcharii | 

hasagaladolarii salisuva | 


besanadin ar Adi-Gaundanarii polvannar || 
kereyarii kattisut-irppudu- | 
m aravantige yidisut-irppud esav araveyan | 
nere madisuvaduv allade j 
perat illadu Adi-Gaudan-ujjugav enduih n 
bandar bbiddinar end and | 
ondida santoshadinde sasirakarii kai- | . 
sandad unalu baddipa guna- | 
dindarii helu Naga-Gaundig ene pendir ad ar || 
avar-irvvara piriya magarii j 

bhuvana-hitarii Macha-Gaundan emba mahatmarh i 
bavaseyin olpind arppind | 
ivana-vol ar ggunigal enipar avani-taladol jj 
int i-dharramava pratipalisi-^eydaru Babojana makkalu Ketojanurii Basavojan urii !| 


In the same place. 
srimat-parama-gambhira-syad-vadamogha-lanchhanarii | 
jiyat trailokya-nathasya sasanarii Jina-sasanarii n 

Belur Taluq. 


nam6'stu n 

srimat-Poysala-vamsadalli (from here to vurara madidaru in Uno 28 oorresponds with 

the above No.) 

ay-ayyana anvayav entendode | 

Kancha-Gavundam Mutteya | 

Hiriyayyam | 

sanchita-sad-guna-gana-mani , 

sanchaya. . .Idi Honna-Gauundarii janakarii n 

a-negalda Honna-Gavundana | 

Adi-Gavundana tay taui | 

bhu-nuta-patibrata^gune | 

Janakiyo Jakka-Gavundi guna-nidhiy e. . . . n 

pasu-giisugalige palarii | 

pasidrgg annaman a-variy agire nachcharii | 

hasa-galadol a | 

, . sanadin ar Adi-Gaunda n 

keteyarii kattisutirppudu- | 

m aravantagey idisutirppud ese i 

. ujjugav endurii u 

hasidara mogamarii nodarii i 

hasivum niralkey illa kanda j 

enipa i 

vasudheyol ar nnolpad Adi-Gauundana doreyar n 

ant esed Adi-Ga[v]uundana i 

kante manah-kante Naga-Gfivundi jagat- j 

kante pati-bhakti-gunadind | 

ant-illada jasadin esedal avaDi-ta}adol n 

bandar biddinar end and | 

ondida santoshadinda sasirakam kay- i 

sandad unalu baddipa-guna- | 

dindarii pelu Naga-Gaundi || 

1 I 

bhii- I mandaladolag innu nonta kanteyar olare || 

avar irvvarggarii puttida | 

. . . Macha-Gauundan atana tammaiii i 

bhuvanadhararii .... ya- j 

n avan anujaru .... Chikka-Mareyan embar n 


204 Belur Taluq. 

avarolagam i 

bhuvana-liitam Macha-Gaundan emba raahatmam 

bavaseyin olpind arppind | 

ivana-vol ar ggunigal enisi negaldam jagadol || 


mattav adhika-valadiiii kiridalu . . | 

. . . nipam samasta-purusha- | 

rttha-nidhanarii Macha-Gaundan artthi-nidhanam | 

Mara-Gaunda | 

nidhanaiii | 

varinidhi-veshtitorvviyo- | 

1 arum tann-annar ill enippam gunadirii || 

lokopakara-karana- | 

n eka-kramava | 


. . . .-^nau i-16kadolage lokarii badevarh n 

matri-pitri-bhaktan akhila- | 

khyatarii punya-ka. . .ttri-murtti | 

ka tamman ammang anugarii n 

Adi-Gaundana guru-kula-kramav ent appud endade i srimad-Dramila 

varasi dharma-tirttharii pravarttisuva dra-svamigalinda 

para-vadisvara brinda-vandya-sri-padar asesha-sastra-varddhiga 

rayanar ppara-hita-vyapara guna-dhanarii sri-Vasu- 

pujya-muni nta-devara sishya Perumale-Devarige ant oseda 

basadiyarii madisi sri-devara pratishtheyarii madisi a-devar-ashta- 

vidharchchanegarii rishiyar-ahara-danakkarii jirnnoddharakkarii nadavantagi 
bitta tala-vritti (5 lines foiiowing contain detaiis of gift) Saka-varsha 1170 tteneya 
Plavariga-sariivatsarad uttarayana-sarikramana-vyatipatad andu Kondaliy- 
asesha-mahajanangalurii Adi-Gaundanurii a-ayyana makkalurii uraivatt-okkalurii 
sa. . .Perumalu-Devaririge dhara-purvvakarii madi kottaru marigala maha sri 
(usuai finai verse) nam6'stu Vitaragaya n 


On the left side of the same stone. 

nam6'stu Siddhebhyo namah svasti sri Saka-varusha 11.79 neya Rakshasa-'^ 
sariivatsarada Vaisakha-suddha .... Somavarad andu Adigaundanahalliya 
basadiya a-sthanika Perumalurii a-vura Macha-Gaunda Mara-Gaunda Chika- 
Gaunda Chikka-Mareya alliya sthanika Kalla-Jiya samasta-prajegalurii Vajra- 
nandi-Siddhanti-devaru Mallisena-Devaru Perumalu-Kantiyara Machayyana 

'^ Rakshasa= U78. 

Behir Taltiq. 205 

maga Madayyange dhrira-purvvakaih madi kotta basadiyam Madayyana hiriya- 
magam Belanarana .... avachaiya Miichelanuiii (usuai finai phrascs) Ekkoti- 
Jinaleya. .mangala maha sri sri 


At Margnahalli (same hobli), on a stone in Linganna'8 garden, north of the village. 
namas tunga eto. || 

tato Dvaravati-nathah Poysala dvipi-laiichhanah | 
jatah Sasapure teshu Vinayaditya-bhupatih || 
a-Vinayadityangarh i 

pavana-charitre Keleyab-arasigam akhilor- i 
vvi-varan udayaii-geydam | 

Sri-vara-pada-padma-bhrihgan Ereyahga-nripam n 
eragad avandira talegala- | 
n eragipan eragipan arati-lakshmiyan idirihg | 
eragada balupindaih tana- | 
g eragipan Ereyahgan atula-vijaya-sriyam n 
arnarapatig ambhodhig a- | 
nuna-gabhirateye samanisipp-antire san- | 
mrininiy Eechala-Devi ma- | 
no-nayana-priti samanisire samanisidal n 
ene negald a-irvvarggaih | 
janayisidar ssutaru negalda-Banalam Vish- | 
nu-nripalakan Udayadi- | 

tyan embar emb ivarum udarar ahava-dhirar n 
avarol madhyaraan agiyuhi dharaniyarii phrvvriparambhodhiy ey- | 
duvinarii kude nimirchchuv onda nija-nih-pratyuha-vikrantad(ind) ud- | 
bhavadind uttaman adan uttama-guna-bhrajishnu Lakshmi-vadhu- | 
varan udvritta-virodhi-daitya-mathanara sri-Vishnu-bhupalakarii n 
jayati dharani-16k6ttariisitatmiya-pa,das 
chatura-vibu[dha]-g6shthi-praudha-vani-vin6dah | 
vipula-vijaya-lakshmi-vallabh6 Vishnu-Devah n 
ivan-i-dakshina-bahu-dandadol odariibuttagi puttirdda ma- | 
ttevol &,yt adi-Varahan ettida dharitri-mandalarn tejadin- | 
dav arald ambujadant ir ambaradol irdatt ushna-rug-mandalarii | 
savan erii saha[sa]dol Naladi-narapalar vVishnu-bhupalanol || 
a-Vishnuvarddhanahgarii | 

bhav6dbhavey enisi negalda pempina Lakshma- | 
Devige sutan udayisidarii | 
bhh-vidita-yaso-vibhasi Narasiriiha-nripaih n 

206 Belur Taluq. 

vritta II ari-bhupar bbandu mey-doridad avayavadim torane krura-Daitye- [ 


bhi- I 
kara-jihvakirnna-girnnananaman ogeda kur-ddadeyarii saiichalat-ke- | 
sara-bhasvat-kanthamaiii ghargghara-ghana-ravamam Narasiiiiha-kshi- 

tisarii n 
atana tanayan ati-pra- | 

khyatan udaraih samasta-lokadhararii i 
nitividan endod upama- j 
titarii Ballala-bhupa-samaratoparii || 
lalana-lalamam enip E- | 

chala-Devigam a-Nri-(pa)siriiha-patigarii negald-a- | 
Kali-kala-Diliparii nis- | 
* chala-satya-Yudhishthira Vira-Ballalarii || 
kela vasanta-bala-sahakarada tan-nelal asritalig a- | 
bhila-layahi-nishthura-phanaughada mey-nelal uddhatarig un- | 
milita-pundarikada nelal jaya-lakshmig enippa Vira-Ba- | 
Ualana tola-bala nelal adudu dhatrige vajra-panjararii n 
*kadupirii char-charra charr end uliva kahale dhanarii dhanarii dhanarii 

dhadam enuttarii | 

podarv-a-nissana-ravarii dhimi kita kira jherii dhimi kita kira jhengi kerr 

emba turyyarii j 

kadepatt irkkuvan u..melv aridadem idevinturii kharggav end antu 

gellari- I 

gudad ugraratiyarii vikrama-guna-nilayarii Vira-Ballala-Devan || 

svasti sriman-maha-mandalesvararii Tribhuvana-malla Talakadu-Garigavadi- 

Nonambavadi-Banavase-Hanuiigal-Halasige - Belu vala - gonda bhuja - bala Vira- 

Garigan asahaya-sauryya sarigrama-Bhima chalad-arika-Ramarii pratapa-chakra- 

vartti vira-Hoysala-Ballala-Devaru srimad-rajadhani-Dorasamudrada nelevidi- 

nalu prithvi-rajyam geyyuttara ire tat-pada-padmopajivi Benakana-Maravvey- 

anvayav entendade || Bachayyanu helda padya n 

jana-nidhi-Ketimayyana magarii vibhu-Rakkasamallan-ayyan ar- j 

ppina kani Kesi-Rajana raanah-priye Sovala-Devi petta pem- | 

pina sute Satikavve. .geYvey enal babi bappu nontar ar j 

bBenakan-udare-Marave-vol i-chatur-abdhi-parita-dhatriyol n 

jarigaraa-kalpa-late phala- | 

mari gedegondavol udare Marave pettal | 

turiga-yasam emba hos(t)a-velu- | 

dirigala bitt enipa Bhadranarii nandananarii n 

anudinav uttarottara-subhodayamaiii paded ige ragadirii | 

Benakan-udara-Maraveg aneka-surendra-narendra-rundra-kan- i 

* So in the original. 

Belur Taluq. 207 

chana-makudavali-rana-ranatkriti-ghurnnita-nutDa-ratna-ra- | 
smi-nivrita-pada-pitha-nikatara tri-jagad-guru Santalesvararii n 
svasti yama-niyama-svadhyriya-dhyana-dharana-monanushthana-japa-samadhi- 
sila-guna-sampannar aupasanagnihotra-dvija-guru-devata-puja-tatpararurii 
marttandojvala-kirtti-yutarurii Rig-Yajus-Samatharvvana-veda-vedartha-sakala- 
sastra-paravarayitarum appa Kondaliya srimad-asesha-mahii[ja]narigalige 
l^ilaka-sariivatsarad andu pada-pujeyarh tettu prati-varsha katturii bana entu- 
honnanu siddhayavarii a-mahajanarigalige tett umb a-bhumiyolagana keregarii 
H-degulakkarii hola-gahirigarii int initakarii ikkida gadyana 562 panam 3 isu- 
honnan upakshayarii-batturii tavage bhoga sand umb a-bhumiya simeya kramav 
entendade (4 lines foiiowiog cootain detaiis of boandaries) a-bhumiyolage srimatu 
Santalesvara-devara sphutita-jirnnoddharav akhandya yatha-kramada puje 
naivedyakaih gadyana 1 pana vandara bhumi vandu mattaru beddalo na- 
ganduga-gaddeyan a-Benakana-Maravvevurii a-srimad-asesha-mahrijanarigaluih 
tavage samasta-papa-kshayartthav agi a-chandrarkka-tararii-bararii bittaru ali 
vuliya bhumige srimad-asesha-mahrijanarigalu kotta pattaleya kramadirii 
Siddharthi-sariivatsarada Magha-suddha 14 Somavararii-modairigi prati-varsha 
katturii bana gadyana 6 pana 5 siddhayavan a-Benakana-Maravvevum a-ya 
srimad-asesha-maha-janarigalige ikki a-bhftmiyan ri-chandrarkka-tararii- 

baraih (ubual final Terses; 


At Kddihalli (same hobli), on a stone at the east wall of tbe Sdmdsvara temple. 

namas turiga ctc. n 
svasti sri prithuvi-vallabhaih maharajadhirajaih paramesvaraih parama- 
bhattarakarii Satyasraya-kula-tilakaiii Chalukyabharanaih srimat-Tribhuvana- 
malla-Devara vijaya - rajyam uttarottarabhivriddhi-pravarddhamanam a- 
chandrarkka-taraiii-baraih saluttam ire tat-pada-padmopajivi svasti samadhi- 
gata-pancha-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvararii Dvaravati-pura-varadhisvaram 
Yadava-kulambara-dyumani samyaktva-chudamani malaparol-gandiidy-aneka- 
namavali-samalarikritar appa sriraat-Tril)huvanamalla-Poysala-Devaru Gaiiga- 
vridi-tombhattaru-sayiraman eka-chchhatradiih rajyari geyyuttam ire tat- 
pada-padumopajivi samadhigata-paricha-maha-sabuda maha-samanta-vira- 
lakshmi-kanta Gariga-kula-kamala-martandarii parama-Mahesvararii dinanatha- 
jana-kalpa-vriksha asrita-jana-chintamani baya-Vatsa-Rajarii ganika-Manojarii 
Odegere-malan achalita-dhairyyan asahaya-sauryyaih dana-vinodiy appa 
Kaleyamma-Gavundana vaihsa Chavuda-Gaundana putra Poysala-Gaundana 
stri Kalabbe-Gaundiya putra Chinna-Gaundanuih Karika-samantana putrarii 
ahitar-arikusa-setti Kondaliya bhiimi-putrakaih kattisida kere ettisida deva- 
lyaih kodey adaha rajasida arikada kala int iuitakkarii ati-prasaya Saka-varsha 

208 Belur Taluq. 

24 Vikrama'^-saihvatsarada bitta datti mula-stanakke bitta galde mu-ganduga 
ondu-mattalu beddale kodiya devalyakke galde mu-ganduga kerey-olage 
beddaley ondu mattalu mula-stanakka kodiya devalyakka kerege kott-arttarii 
1800 Muguliya nelavalge kotta artta modalu 150 vriddbi-sahitam mu-nuru 
(usuai finai verse) mula-stanaka kodiya-stanaka mula-stambha Chandrabhusana- 
Pandita || 


At the same village, on a virakal near the Ram^svara temple. 
svasti sri Saka-varshada 1068 neya Kshaya-samvatsarada Asvayuja-suddha- 
padive-Adivarad andu sri-Drohagharatta-chaturvvedimangala.turuv ariyaluv 
a-turuvam magurchchi sattu sura-loka-praptan adam || Kondajiya Jakkannana 
maga Masana n 


On another virakal in the same place. 
svasti Saka-varsha 1074 Angirad Asada-su 1 So d-andu sri-Drohagharatta- 
chaturvvedimangalada mahajanangala besadirii madivala-Chattana Chattakana 
maga Gaiiganarii turuvam magurchchi sura-loka-praptan ada Ganganu n 


At Eabbigarahalli (same hobli), on a stone near the Aladamaradamma temple. 


namas tunga eto. || 

svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varsha 1529 neya sanda varttamana- 

Plavanga-sariivatsarada Kartika-ba 7 lu sriman-maharajadhiraja raja-parame- 

svara sri-vira-pratapa sri-Verikata. . .Naya. . .riiaga Verikatadri-Nayaka . . . .ta- 

Nayakara. . .sta Nagi-Nayaka. . . . Krishna-Nayakarige punyav agabek endu ko- 

. . vivara(la) Narasiriiha-devara . . . . vagi kottadu Kondaliya stalada Kaburde- 

halliyanu chaparada. . . .kottev agi ar obaru 


At Ghattadahalli (same hobli), on a stone to the left of the Eallesvara temple. 
srimat-trailokya-pujyaya sarvva-karmma-su-sakshine | 
phaladaya namo nityarii Sarikaraya mahatmane || 

(from here to bhasate Vishnu-Devah H in Ime 46 corresponds with No. 58 of this Taluq) 

modalol Poysala-rajya-lakshmiy odavarii tol-valpinirii taldi tann | 
udayam rarijise tanna balp odave tann arpp ere tann ajne mi- | 
re disa-chakraman otti-kondu Talakadarii Gariga-rajyakke tarii [ 
modal adam Yadu-vamsa-varddhana-kararii sri-Vishnu-bhupalakarii n 

'^ So In the original, probably meant for 1024; but Vikrama = 1023. 

Behir Taluq. 209 

pingade tolol korbbi ma- | 

langire jaja-lakshmi lakshmi varddhise kondam | 

Gangara kurupina puramarh | 

tunga-balarii Vishnuv emba Bhuja-bala-Gangarii || 

ele Kaveriya vari kude polas adatt endu pevaisuturii | 

keladol kupa-jalasiy appinegam a-Rajendra-Cholarii bhuja- i 

baladirii Vishnu tadiya-seneya penangal tan-nadi-puradol i 

kalasal vikrama-keliyarii meradan atyugra-pratapodayaiii Ij 

Dhanadarii dakshina-vayuv eke tadedattO tidit ill ennuv emb- i 

inegarii vairi-karoti-koti-mukha-nasa-randhradol mandra-ni- i 

svanam urmmal Malayanilarii sulidu kala-kshepamarii Vishnu-bhu- j 

pana jaitrorbbareyalli maduvudu Kaveri-nadi-tiradol n 

saran enn enn isanarii varidhiyol akata Mainaka nir-vvakki-vol po- i 

kk iraveda Vajrig inn anjad ir adhika-balarii kadaparii ninnan end a- | 

daradim bhitadriyarii tannaya-vimala-yaso-lakshmi karunyadindarii | 

karevent ambodhiyarii porddire sogayisidarii jishnu-Vishnu-kshitisam n 

saraneng a-chandranirii cbandanadin atisayarii sitajam nirmmalaiii ma- j 

chcharameng a. . . . udrekadekedaripan and undudarii nafijan embant | 

ire torkkurii tanna kiiyparii maleyad ari-nriparii kange men kadug cnturii j 

piriyarii pel manbane torade nija-gunamarii jishnu-Vishnu-kshitisarii n 

ravi tejo-lateyol podalda palav emb ant ippinam purnna-birii- | 

bavan ull indu yaso-visala-lateyol pu-gonchalant irppinarii | 

dhavala-chchhatrada tanpu bhuniig amard ippant irppinarii kshatra-dha- | 

rmma-vidambaih pogalvaug alumbav enisitt i-Vishnu-bhupalanol || 

belaguttum kirtti sutturii sulidu sulidu takkaysi Sesho- | 

jvala-kayarii tivid ri-peligevol ire Sarojatajandarii dharitri- | 

talam ellarii tauna dirgghayuvane kshati^a-dharmmo- | 

jvala-harmyottuuga-sringarppita-mani-kalasarii Vishnu pettarii bedangarii j| 
Javanurii tannaya ganda-lachchanav enipp ii-miseyarii tirddal an- | 
juvinarii kandugum endu kal-ugurgal anamrarigal suyyal an- | 
juvinarii tejada sorikinindav eme sig end uddhatar nnodal ari- | 
juvinarii vikrama-vibhramarii sogayisitt i-Vishnu-bhuprilanol n 
desegalan ottikonda dhanadindam ivaih sale maduv adhvara- i 
prasaradol anjuturii havige niduva Sakrana kayya. . . . j 
pasaripa dhuma-sarichayade kadige-golva Sarojajandamurii i 
besagola-beda Vishnu purushottaman end ivu tave pelave n 
svasti samadliigata-paricha-maha-sabda mahri-maudalesvararh Dvaravati-pura- 
varesvararii Yadu-kula-kalasa-kalita-nripa-dharmma-harmya-mula-stambharii 
apratihata-pratapa-vidita-vijayarambharii | Sasakapura- nivasa-Vasantika-devi- 
labdha-vara-prasadarii sriman-Mukunda-padaravinda-vandana-vinodan ity-adi- 
namavali-sametar appa srimat-Tribhuvana-malla Talakadu-gonda bhuja-bala 


210 Belur Taluq. 

Vira-Ganga-Vishnuvarddhana-Poysala-Devar mudalu Nangaliya Padiya-ghatta 
tenkalu Cheram Anaraale paduvalu Barakanura ghatta hadagalu Saviyamale- 
yind olagada bhumiyam bhuja-bala .... dirii paripalisuttuih sukha-sankatha- 
vinodadim Dorasamudrada bidinalu rajyam geyvuttam iral tat-pada-padmopajivi 

srimat-Kesara-Setti ma- | 

ha-mahimaih Rahalatmajaih sad-dharmmam | 

sri-mahgala-manikyaih | 

bhu-mahitau Doki. . .na putram n 

Somesvara-darsanadirh i 

Ramesvara-pada-pahkaja-sparsanadim | 

bhumiyole tane punyarii | 

srimach-Chau. . . .dan amala-charitrarii n 

bhasura-suvarnna-tatiyarii | 

kesaram aneka. . . . dharmraa-nakhadirii | 

si gari kari-sva . . raa- | 

ha-si .... magra-saraartthya-yutarii n 

chintaraaniyole sogayipa i 

kfintiyum a-purnna-chaudra sri- | 

yurii torppa teradin atana | 

kanteyurii ma. .le Keleya.bbeyum esegurii n 

ati-bhakte Sivahge. . | . .yukte svakiya-kanta-hridaya-sthite bhu- | 

nutedharmraa-karyyaraariisan- | tatav olpira raadi Kanchiyakkarii ne . . . || 

. . . .kiriya pati | tah chaturaih Ketaraallan akeya putrarii i 

sahchita-punyarii sogayisu- | vah Chandra kramakk ati-bhaktaih n 

Mridana varadinde sasir- | 

mraadi-punyav anuna-lakshmi bhasura-tejahg | 

edegond udayisu . . . . i 

. . . chelvarh Ketamallan avarg udayisidarii || 

Dorasaraudradol a-gara- | 

bhirarii nija-punyara oddi.ttada. . . . | 

chalaraarii nirairva su- | 

dha-ruchi nage Sivana bhavanaraarii madisidarh || 

a-bhavanamarii tannaya | 

. . . .duva paradaniih sad-dharmmarii | 

. . . enutturii Sivana ma- | 

ha-bhavanaman atan oppe tarii madisidarii || 

ataih tarii nija-kula-svamiya. .ti-bhaktiyiriisrimad-Vishnuvarddhana-Poysa- 

lesvaram emba pesaran ittu dharmma. . . .sidan a-devara pujege. .a-chandra- 

tararii-bararii . . . .tarama kulabhivriddhiyum bhivriddhiyurii dharmmabhi- 

vriddhiyurii varddhisutam iral a. . . Vishnuvarddhana-Poysala-Deva. . sasirada 

Belur Taluq. 211 

nalvatta-muraneya Sarvvari-samvatsarad uttarayana-sankramanada, . . .olaga- 
na Tavareyakereyam sarbba-bada-pariharav agi kottar a-gramakke siraa-sam- 
mandha (3 lines foiiowing contain detaiis of boandaries) sammandhi .... sampiirnnaiii 
Dorasamudrada hiriya-kereya kelagana Hoysalagattad olagana 

ayvattu-kolaga bija bittuva gaddeyum Siriganakereya kelagana sala-mo 

. . muvattu-kolaga bija bittuva gaddeyum Tavarekereya mundana kodiya tubi- 
nirii bada . .harida bachcbala haduvalu muvattu-kolaga-gaddeyum.tesvara- 

devara gaddeya melana ayvattu-kamma hii-dontamuiii nakaradalli 

Sondigeyakkara telligaralli enne horage bandu maruvava 

ditargge dhara-purvvakam madi kottaru mangala maha (asuai finai Terees) 


*0n copper plates in the same village. 

(Nftgart oharaotcrs) 

sri sri-Ganadhipataye namah a-vighnam astu n 
namas tuiiga eto. n 

Gajanano vijayate danta-kotira dadhati yah | 
graman Harihara^praptan likhitum lekhinim iva || 
patrasat-kartu-kamebhyo dharrim datum ivoddharan | 
akuparad apa,rad vah sa payad Adi-Sukarah n 
triloki-bhartrapi Tripurajayina murddhani dhritah 
sudhabhih kurvanah sura-parishadam parana-vidhim | 
Harer vamaih chakshur hata-kamala-rochir nija-rucha 
pramodaih yushmrikaih prathayatu nikamaih Himakarah || 
Kalavatas tasya kule Yayater udabhud Yaduh | 
tad-adi tat-kularii loke khyatam asit tad-akhyaya || 
8h\ghye tasmin Yador vaihse sahjatah Sahgamesvarah i 
sahgamas sri-sarasvatyor abhud yatrati-durlabhah n 
akarad guna-ratnanarii tasmat sri-Sahgamesvarat | 
parijata ivambhodher udabhud Bukka-bhupatih n 
Gauri kumaram alabhata Bukka-mahipan mahesvarat tasmat | 
slaghyaih yasyapralihata-sakter gaja-mukha-sambhutir agrato jata || 
pita sataih hi rakshayai sikshayai chasataih nripah i 
jatarii Hari-Haraihsaih taih namna Harihararii vyadhat n 
yat-sveta-chhatra-sitariisav udite tapa-harini i 
sahkuchanty atapatrani satapatrani vairinaih n 
rakshati kshmaih Harihara-kshmapatau sambhiitayudhah i 
mahahaveshu dikshante srotriya na tu satravah n 
asid raja-siromanir Hariharo nissima-bhumi-pradah 
sriman bhagya-daya^nidhir dvija-varan santarpayan annatah i 

* From a copy supplied by the Tillagers* 


212 Belur Taluq. 

gramair ishta-dhanair maha-mani-mukhair anyangana-sodarah 
Saurashtranga-Kalinga-Vauga-Yavanan samrakshayan bhititah || 
rajadhirajam yam prahuh sri-raja-paramesvaram i 
bhashatilanghi-bhupala-bhujanganarii khagesvararh n 
tri-raja-bhujagam dhirarh para-raja-bhayankaram | 
Hindu-raya-Suratranam iti tam vidush6'nisam || 
Vijayanagari-namnyam rajadhanyam mahipatih | 
pitrye simhasane sviye kritasana-parigrahah || 
sri-Sakabde vasu-vyoma-vahnindu-ganite sati | 
Krodhanabde Nabho-mase paurnamyam Saumya-vasare || 
Tunga^Pampa-Virupaksha-sannidhau sa mahipatih | 
saumyoparage mahati punya-kalodaye sati || 
srimadd-Hoysala-rajanke sri-Sige-nadu-simani i 
gramam Ghattadahalliti samakhya-sobhitani dhruvam || 
sarvajiia-sri-Harihara-maharaja-purakhyaya i 
nidhi-nikshepa-salila-pashanagami-sadhyakaih || 
siddhakshina-yutam chashta-bhoga-svamyadi-sankulam | 
hiranyodaka-dharabhir dakshina-sahitarn muda || 
agraharam imam sarvamanyam a-chandra-tarakam | 
nana-gotra-prasutebhyo vidvadbhyo vidusham nidhih |) 
nana-sutroktam acharam acharadbhyas sva-karmabhih | 
veda-sastra-pravinebhyah kusalebhyah kalasu cha || 
shat-karma-niratebhyas cha santebhyas sadaram muda | 
pradadd Hariharo raja putra-pautradi-bhutaye | 
tatra vrittimataih gotra-sakha-namadi likhyate || 

(28 lines following contain names etc. of vrittidars) 

sima-chihnani desa-bhashaya likhyante | yi-sarvajna-Hariharamaharayapurav 

ada Ghattadahalliya Chatus-Simeya vivara (4 lines followlng contain details of boundaries) 

satruniXpi krito dharmah palaniyah prayatnatah | 
satrur eva hi satrus syad dharmas satrur na kasya chit || 
(usuai finai verses) * sri-Virupaksha 


At the same village, on a stone-beam of the Vighnesvara temple. 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha 1688 ne vartamanakke 
saluva Vyaya-nama-samvatsarada | Margasira-suddha 6 yalu srimatu 
Vighnesvara-svamige Vishnuvardha-gotrada Asvalayana-sutrada Ruk-sakha- 
dhyayigal ada Chenni-Bhattara prapautrar ada Keso-Bhattara pautrar ada Subba- 

Bhattana putrar ada Chennakesava-Mallanna ttigalu saha Ghattadahalli- 

agraharadalli nammage pitrarjitav agi banda vritti || 4i a-vrittige saluva 
gaddeyalli 1 . .gadde 

* In Kannada charaoters. 

Belnr Taluq. 213 


At Gonisomanahalli (same hobli), on a stone on the tank bund. 

(Nagart cbaracters) 

* (svasti sri vijayabhy udayas cha Saka-varshada 1 1 95 neya Srimukha-sam)vatsara- 
da Pushya-sudha 11 Bri svasti srimat-pratapa-chakravartti Hoyisana-sri-Vira- 
Narasiihha-Dev-arasaru Dorasamudrada nelavidinalu sukha-sankatha-vinodadiiii 
rajyarii gaivutt irddu tamma kumara gayi-govala ganda-pendara mandalika-jiibu i 
Kumara-Malli-Deva-dannayakaru madida Nrigesvara-devaru Bra. . . .devaru 
Hemmesvara-devar-olagada devarugalige sringaranga-ranga-bhoga-jirnnoddha- 
rav-olaga[da] vechchakke Vijayanarasimhapurav ada Vadugurakaluvalli Goliya- 
someyanahalliya vura-mundana kereya kelagana gaudikeya kodagiya tota 
prasiddha-sima-samanvitav aha bhumiyanu dhara-purvakaiii mudi kottaru || 

(usual final verse) 


At the same village, on a stone in the Isvara temple. 

srimat-trailokya-pujyaya sarva-karmma-su-s&kshine | 

phaladaya namo nityam Sankaraya mahatmane n 

namas tuiiga eto. n 
svasti samasta-bhuvanasrayaiii sri-prithvi-vallabhaih maharajadhirrijani para- 
mesvaram parama-bhattarakaih -Yadava-kulainbara-<lyumani sarvvajna-chuda- 
mani dana-vinodi maleraja-raja malaparolu ganda kadana-prachanda ganda- 
bherundan asahaya-sftra Sanivara-siddhi giri-durgga-malla chalad-anka-Rama 
Magara-rajya-nirramulana Chola-rajya-pratishthachariya nissanka-pratapa Hoy- 
sana-chakravartti Hoysana sri-Vira-Narasingha-Devam | 

a-Vishnuvarddhana (Ballala)ngam | 

bhav6dbhav[ey] enisi negalda pempina Padmala-(maha-) | 

devige sutan udayisidam | 

bhd-vidita-yaso-vibhasi Narasingha-nripam || 
vritta II ari-bhupar vvandu mey-dorido[d a]vayavadim torane krura-daitye- j 


bhi- i 

kara-jihvakirnna-dirnnananaman oseda kur-ddadeyam sanchalat-ke j 

sara-bhasvat-kanthamam ghargghara-ghana-ravamaih (Ballala-sutaih) Na- 

rasingha-kshitisarii || 

ari-daityadhipa-vaksha(sthala)marii kara-nakhanikangalirii poldu bal- | 

garularii toduva Narasirighan enal akkuih vairi-viravani- | 

svara-vaksha-sthalamarii^sa) sva-khalga-nakhara-vyaghatadiih poldu bal- | 

garulaih toduva (Vira) Narasiihha-nripa[na]ih sarigrama-rarigagradol || 

* The words in braokets are in Kannada oharaoters. 

214 Belur Taluq. 

atana tanajan ati-pra- | 
khyatan udaram Saraasta-lokadharaih | 
niti-vidan endod upama- | 
titaih (Vira) Narasiihha-bhupa samaratopam n 
*sahasadol Dharadhara-dharaih bhuja-viryya-san- | 
dohadol Arjjunarii bala-virodhi-nripala-samasta-sainika- | 
byuhaman avagarii tavipa chanda-parakraman endod i-rano- | 
tsaha-jayahganasakta-Vira-Narasimhanol ar idirchchuvar n 
dhuradol band urad oddi nind ari-bala-bratakke kaiy antu nind | 
ered-artthi-prakarakke vara-vanitanikakke gambhira-sa- | 
garan i-Narasiriiha-nripau ant iriyal iyal solisal ballan a- i 
Hari-putrarii Hali-putran a-Hari-sutam tan endad e-vanniparii n 
palisi Ch61ana[rii] Magaran-aneyan artthaman eyde kondu nir- | 
mmulisi Pandya-Pallava-mahisaran al-vesa-geysi kude bay- | 
kelisi purvva-dig-valayamarii kadal-ahkey ad agi sauryadind | 
elisidarii Nrisiriiha-nripan ajiyol adi-nripala-jalavan || 
Vira-Ballala-sutaih Hoysana-sri-Vira-Narasiriiha-Devaru srimad-Dorasamudrada 
nelevidinalu sukha-sahkatha-vinodadirii prithvi-rajyarii geyyu[tta]m iralu | 
Sarvvajitu-sariivatsarada Sravana-suddha 3 Vaddavarad andu i svasti sriman- 
maha-pasayta parama-visvasi svami-drohara ganda svami-santoshi kari-turaka- 
patta-sahani karppura-drishtayaka sri-Vasudevara divya-sri-pada-padmaradha- 
karum appa komara-Goviyannana Somayya-Nagayyahgal srimatu Somanatha- 
devara pratishtheyarii madi Kudra-Jiyana kalarii toladu dhara-purvvakarfi madi 
kotta dharmmav entendade Somanatha-devara sri-kariyakke kotta modal-eriya 
gadde salage muru nalvatt-entu mettina galdeya alateyalu beddale ayintiru- 
kambha bhumi Goviyannana Somayyaua akka Mahadevi ta kattisida kereya 
hinde a-de[vi]ya maga Chikka-Nagannanu Somaiiatha-devarigekottagadde salage 

eradu (usual final verse) 


On a virakal to the right of the same temple. 

sri svasti sri jayabhyudaya II 58 .... srimatu-Yadava-raya 

Makara-rajya-ni . ... Somesvara .dutav iralu 

hesar enisida pade Pandyanali hesaran roda muda- 

lisi kadi ammi bitta kandu deva-kannikeyarurii purahganeyarurii 

huvina vimanadinda idirugondarurh atanu sura-loka-praptan adanu 


At Chatachattahalli (same hobli), on a stone to the left of the Chattesvara temple. 

sripata .namah n 

namas tuhga etc. n 

* So in the origiual. 

Belur Taluq. 215 

svasti sri-pritvi-vallabhain maharajadhirajam para giri- 

durgga-malla chalad-anka-Ri\ma | sangrama-Bhima ra-raya-nirmmula 

Pandya-Raya-pratishthacharyya srimatu-Hoysala bhuja-bala 

sri-Vira-Ballala-Devara rajya. . . .Saka-varsha 1229 neya Plavanga-samvatsarada 

Sravana-su 5 svasti srimanu .... ha-vadda-vyavabari ubhaya- 

nana-desa-mukhyar appa Ala-Padumanabha Chatti.yyahalliya 

devara devalya 


In the sams temple, on a stone-beam of the ran^a-mantapa. 
svasi samasta-prasasti-sahitaih srimat-pratapa-chakravartti-Hoysala-sri-Vira- 
Narasiiiiha-Dev-arasara patta-bandhotsahav fid eradeneyaVishu-samvatsarada 
Sravana-suddha 7 Mangalavarad andu srimad-anadiy-agraharav Erekereya holad 
agneyada modal-gaddege Medime. . .kara maga Chattayya-Pirumalu-Devanga- 
lu adrishtartthav agi nuru-honnan ikkihev endu nodidalige a-asesha-maha- 
janangal idarindav utkrishtav appantaha sthala Dusisettiya-kereya hantavarii 
kattidad erama agraharamaiii punar-bbharanavam madi nilisidavar endade 
maha-prasadav endu kaikondu a-nuru-honnuvan a-kereya kelasakk ikkidaru | 
ikkidalli a-asesha-maha-janangalu hiridu-santosara battu kerege Pirumalu- 
samudram endu hesaram kottu kereya kelage priti-drmav agi Chattayya-Piru- 
malu-Devangalige nur-aruvattu-kamba totada sthlava yathokta-pada-piijeyaih 
kondu sva-ruchiyiih dhrira-purvvakarii mudi sarvva-namasyav 3,gi chatus-simeyalu 
kalla nadisi a,-chandrarkka-tararii-ba[rajrii saluvantagi kotta sasana mangala 

maha Sri sri H (usaal final verse) 


At Narasipura (same hobli), on a pillar in the ranga-mantapa 
of the Narasiiiiba temple. 
svasti sri jayabhyudayas cha Saka-varshada 1203 neya Vikrama-saihvatsarada 
Sravana-ba 7 A srimatu pratapa-chakravartti Hoysana-sri-Vira-Narasiriiha-Dev- 
arsaru srimad-rajadhani-Dorasamudra sukha-sarikatha-vinodadirii rajyam gey- 
vuttam idda kaladali srimanu maha-pradhanaih Perumale-Deva-dannayakaru 
tamma tayigalu Marichiy-akanavara vrindavana nadavallige purada sri-Vija- 
ya-Narasiiiiha-devara ^rivaishnava-asesha-maha-janarigala kayyalurii a-nibandha- 
karara kayyalurii tat-kalochita-krayava kottu konda bhumi Voddanakerege 
banda hosa-agaliih paduvalu Voddanakereya nirottiih badagalu Sirigannan- 
Appannarigala vrindavanadirii mudalu arigharikana keyyirii terikalu int i-chatus- 
sime-volagana vrindavanadalli tolasiya vrindavanava 3 kke hu-giduvau ikki a- 
sri-Narasirfiha-devarige varsharii-prati hu-patreyan ikkuva al-eradakkarii 
munna devarige nava. . . . antu nfilvatt-eradagi jivita-padiya hachchukombaru 

216 Belur Taluq. 

a-sri-Narasiiiiha-devara tirunalalli tiru-veteya dinadalli devaranu vrindavanake 

geyv-allige tiru-torana melukattu deva-kanikegam a-ma hach- 

chada 1 srigandhakke pa 5 panniringe pa 2i tengin-enne baleya-hannu 

1000 kabbu 300 tolu-raale-volagada. . . . pushpaa-uparakke akki padi sa 4 tuppa 

prajege vileyakk adake yele ya manyada korate- 

yillade nadasuvaru yidakke a-Perumale-Deva-dannayakaru dhara-purvvakaih 
madi kotta Hasanada Maijdiganahalliya kodagiya gadde sa l^ a-sri-Narasimha- 
devarige a-dannayakaru kattisi kotta Perumalesamudrada kelage gadde sa 5 
antu sa 6i antu endendigeiim a-dannayakaru dhara-purvvakam madi kottaru 
a-gaddege a-Srivaishnava-maha-janahgalu sarvvamanyav agi nadasuvaru yi- 
mariyadeyalli vrindavanakke . . . alu-eradara jivita-padi tirinalalli tiri-veteya 
dinadalli i-barada mariyadeya upabraya ishtanu koratey illadirppa a-chan- 
drarkka-sthayiy agi a-Devappannarigala maga Appannan-olagada Srivaishnava- 
maha-janahgal ellaru nadasuvaru mahgala maha sri sri (usuai finai verse) 


On a beam of mukha-mantapa of the same temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil charaoters — to No. 158) 

svasti sri Subhanu-samvatsarattu Ani-masam ttiruv-addhyainattu andu 

oru-nalaikku vala Vandiyannan-akampudaiyal Andiy-akka Chchihga- . 

perumalukku kkudutta gajjana munru || ival makan Sokku kkudutta gajjana 

munru aka gajjanam aruih ponnukku vattiyin kil ppoliyuttale irandu- 

nal a-chandrarka-sthayi nadakka-kkadavadu ippon arum ittirupatiyir Sri- 
vaishnavarkal vasam idil vinnappaii sayvarkalukku sammanah sirappar 
panam irandu 


At the same place. 
svasti sri Subhanu-samvatsarattu Ani-masam . . . .ttiruv-addhyainattukku oru- 
nalaikku vala Vandiyannan-akampudaiyal Andiy-akkan 


At the same place. 


svasti sri Jaya-samvatsarattu Avani-masattu Chchihga-pperumaliikku tiruv- 

addhyainattukku kku ittiruppatiyil Srivaishnavarkal vasam 

kudutta ga 3 idir onpadu panattil vinnappan seyvarkal 

pujai pana 2 aru panattu. . . . padi. .nadakka-kkadavadu 

Belur Taluq. 21? 


On a south beam of the outer ranga-mantapa of the same temple. 
Partthiva-samvatsarda Asvayuja-ba 5 A sriman-maha-pradhanam Sovanna- 

Nayakaravara Gopala-dannayakaru sri-Narasimha-devara tiru-veteya 

desikaradhaneya tamma dharmmav agi a-chaudrarkka-taraiii-baram nada- 

vaut agi dhareyan eradu Vaishnavara kaiyyalu kotta gadyuna muru yi-hoiige 
tiiigalinge haga-vriddhiya mari. .yalu varushav oudake pana vombha. . .bhattu- 
hanavinolage mantra-gita-pathaneyarige. . . Vaishnava-puje pa 1 devar-amrita- 
padige pa 6 yint i-dharmmava nadasuvaru n rayaruva. .Mabhaloja || 


At Eattesomanahalli (same hobli), on a stone in front of the Anjaneya temple. 
svasti srimau-maha-mamlalesvaram Talakadu-Koiigu-Naiigali-Gangavadi- 
Nolambavadi - Banavase - Hrinuiigallu - gonda bhuja - bala Vira-Gauga-piatapa- 
Hoysala-Narasinga-Devaru sukha-sankatha-vinodadim Dorasamudrada nelevi- 
dinalu prithvi-rajyam geyyutt iralu tat-pada-padmopajivigalu . beteya- 
Udayaditya-Nayakanu Isvara-samvatsarad uttarayana-saukramanad andu Bille- 
svara-devaiige dhara-piirvvakam madi bitta datti | Kamadiset^tiyakereya ui- 
rottinda ta kattisida kere mutta Billesvara-devargge bitta bhumi | Billesvara- 
devargge samasta-nakara bitta sedeyeya bhatta sedeyeye .... (usuai finai phrase») 


At the same village, on a stone in front of the rained Somanatha temple. 
namas tuiiga etc. n 
svasti sri jayabhyudayas cha Saka-varusha 1230 neya Plavauga-samvatsarada 
Asvayuja-ba 10 Va-d-andu srimat-pratapa-chakravartti Hoyisana-srl-Vira-Balla- 
la-Dev-arasara manomiirtti srimanu maha-pradhanam Madigi-Deva-dannayakaru 
kotta sila-sasanadakrama srimad-Dorasamudrada sri-Kaliya-Somanatha-devarige 
nityav agi amrita-padi nadavant agi tavage sri-Vira-Ballala-Dev-arasaru karu- 
nyam madi kotta Beluhura bagilim paduva noraluva Soyannanakere a-yeriya 
kelagana kalu-gade chatus-sime-volagada gaddeyanu a-beddalaut a-chan- 
drarkka-sthayiy agi deva-dauavagi dhareyan eradu a-Somanatha-devarige a- 
Madigi-DOva-danmiyakaru kotta sila-siisaua yiut appudakke a-Madigi-Deva-' 
dannuyakara sva-hastada voppa sri 


On a virakal to the left of the same temple. 
namas tuiiga eto. || 
Saka-varusha 1199 neya Dhatu-samvatsarada Vaisakha-su 11 Sa-d-andu | sri- 
mat-pratapa-chakravartti-Vira-Narasimha-Devara rajadhani Dorasamudrakke 


218 Belur Taluq. 

Sevuna-dala-mukhya Salava-Tikkama-Jeyi-Deva-Haripalayyarum Gunaseneyim 
nadadu bandu bittalli Hoysala-bhuja-bala-Vira-Narasimha-Rayana maga gayi- 
govalam ganda-pendaraih parivara sale . . , pade-mechche-ganda sri-maha- 
pradhanarii. . . . Chikka-Ketaya-dannayakara besadim mandalika-gandha-varana 
Nanjeyanu Gullayanu Belavadi-modalugondu Dummi-tauaka parivara mechche 
dhore dhore yend eri Saluvana moga-bhatam gedisi attiy ade Balenay ereye 
Sevuna-valavam kondu dataram raechche ahatam madi. .kondu vira-siddhi- 
verasu sura-loka-praptan a . . de | sriman (rest gone) 


In the same place. 

namas tunga etc. ii 
Saka-varsha 1199 neya Dhatu-samvatsarada Vaisakha-ba 9 Va j srimat-pratapa- 
chakravariti Hoysala bhuja-bala Vira-Narasimha-Dev-arasaru Dorasamudradalu 
prithvi-rajyam geyyutt ire Sevunadhipati Rama-Devana pesarim dala-mukhya 
Saluva-Tikkama Belavadiyalli bandu bittalli kumara-vira-Chikka-Keteya- 
dannayakara kumara hosa-birudara ganda Lankeya-Nayka 

Dorasamudramaih nimisa-matrade kondapen endu Saluvaih | 
virana Jeyi-Deva Haripalan Iruhgula-seneyinde taih | 
bhorane bandu durggavanu mutte chamudhara-Chikka-Ketanam i 
vairiyan ava gelvan ene Lahkanu tam nudidam samgradim n 
hosa-birudara gandaih nal- | 
desegam kavitappa Sevunara sainyakamam | 
desevali-geydam poydam | 
vasudha-taladalli vira-bhatar ulvinegam n 
vri II kidi kidi suse mastakada sippugal agale pare vajigal | 

kadi kadiy age nettara kadal pariyal kaliy-ahkan eri poy- | 

dade Haripalan alkidanu Saluvan odidan even endu bay- | 

vidutave Jeyi-De. . .nuv allade meyide gadam mahajiyol || 

nettane bhumi-lambav ene Saluva tam Belavadiyalli kel | 

bitta . . . ahkan-ant avana pintana bida bidalkev iyad an- j 

t att unal-iyadam ponardu Dummi-varaih tade ku . . . . | (rest gone) 

. 166 

In the same place. 

namas tuhga etc. n 

svasti sri jayabhyudayas cha Saka-varusa 1202 neya Pramathi-samvatsara- 

Ashadha-ba 2 Vaddavarad andu svasti srimat-pratapa-chakravartti Hoysana 

bhuja-bala sri-Vira-Narasimha-Devaru vira-Chikka-Keteya-dan- 

Belur Taluq. 219 

nayakarige a-Narasimha-Rajam munidu hidivalli Sounevani . . ga-dala-surigekara 
Madana-Mahesvara akara-mandalika chaguru pancha-Pandavara Meye-Devanu 
a-Keteya-dannayaka bhandaradim hora-vandsikondu baralu a-Narasiiiiha- 
Devara samasta-dala-pasayta Lankeya-dannayakana mele erida Velavayi-Devam 

Keteya-dannayakana parivararh mechchalu Narasimha-Devam 

neradu suraloka-praptan adan atana tamma Sonnevani . . . .gu-dala- 

surigekara Madana-Mahesvara akara-mandalika chagu. .pancha-Pandava. . . . 
Devanu bira-gallanu sa-vistaradim pratishtheyam madisidanu (usuai imprecating 



In the same place. 
srimatu pratapa-chakravartti-Vira-Nurasimha-Devaru Dorasamudradalli prithvi- 
rajyam gaivutta. . . . Yuva-samvatsarada Phalguna-suddha 5 Man srimanu 
maha-pradhanam Chikka-Keteya-dannayakaru .... Lankeyar-nayakana maga 

Duggaya-nayakanu Dorasamudra. .nadadu Belavadiyalu 

. . . .kadidali ranadali kadi bidda. . . 

^ 168 

In the same plaoe. 
namas tunga eto. n 
sri-mahitam Salan embam | 
bhiimi .... liyan urade poy Salay e[ne] poyd | 
i-mahig esedam Poysala- i 

namam yati-patiya matade Yadu-kula-[tila]karii n 
vinayfinvitan udayisidam | 
Vinayadityam pratapi tat-kuladol tat- | 
taneyan Ereyangan atana | 
taneyam sa-madari-jishnu Vishnu-mahisam ii 
a-Vishnuvina manah-priyo j 
bh&-visrute Lakshmi tane pempim Lakshma- | 
Devi pesarindam avarg a- j 
Bhavodbhavan enisi puttidam Narasimhaih n 
a-Narasimhaiii ripu-nripa- | 
sena-jalanidhige badavam ripu-bhubhrit- | 
senarvana-rajige da- | 
vanalan ekanga-viran ati-gambhiram (i 

pade-mat em bandu kandang amrita-jaladhi tarii garbbadirii ganda-vatarii | 
nudivannang enan embai pralaya-samayadol mereyarii miri barpp a- j 
kadalannarii Kalanannarii mulida Kulikanannarii yugantagniyannarii j 
sidilannarii singadannarii Puraharan-urigannannan i-Narasiriiharii n 


220 Belur Taluq. 

antu negalda maha-raandalesvaram Dvaravati-pura-varadhisvaram Talakadu- 
gonda thuja-bala Vira-Gahga pratapa-Hoysala sri-Narasimha-Devaru srimad- 
rajadhani-Dorasamudrada nelavidinalu sukha-sankatha-vinodadim prithvi- 
rajyam geyyuttam ire Hadavalana maga Chattayyana mel etti hora-vidam 
bittalli Kasturiya-Nakarasa Savanta-Mahadevan ivar iddu nimma sri-pada- 
padmopajiviy appa Habbeya-Sahani mundagi samasta-totigaru madida dharm- 
mava deva bijaya-geydu nodalu-velkum endu binnapam geyye bijayan-geydu 
devargge namaskaram madi dharmmamm mechchi bitta datti Saka-varsha 1135 
neya Bhava-samvatsarada Pushya-suddha 14 Somavara-sahkramanad andu 
Chenna-Somanatha-devargge Kedara-gurugalam karedu dhara-ptirvvakam madi 
kotta bhumiya sima-sammandhav en andade mudalu Banavasege hoda heddari 
tehka balahada kuppe paduval palla badagal manala-hole totigaru guddalige 
haga. .vaguttage gottalli hohge hagav eradu a-gadiya sedeya bhatta telligaru 
kottay-enne manala hebbagalirh paduvalu maneya nivesana yippatu i dharmma- 

vam pratipalisuvaru || (usual final verses) 


At the same village, on a stone on the tank-bund. 
namas tuhga etc. n 
Salan emban age tad-Yadu- | 
kuladolu puli paye kandu muni puliyam poy ] poydudarim Poy- | 
sala-vesar avanindav aytu tad-vamsajanol j) 
yi-vasudheya pogalalk E- | 

chala-Devigav Ereyahga-nripatigarh trai-purusar | 
ttam enal adar bBaUa- | 
la-nripalam Vishnu-bhupan Udayadityaih || 
durbbarari-dharadharali-kulisam sri-Vishnu-bhiipalan ardd | 
ebbattal nija-sainyav ella badivant a bandan i bandan end | 
urbbipalara kange lokam aniturh tad-rupam agirppudum | 
sarbbarh Vishnumayarh jagatt enipud em pratyaksham agirddudo (| 
Tulu-desaih Chakragottam Talavanapurav Uchchahgi Kolala. ... I 
.... gurbb enisuva Hadiya-ghattam Bayal-nadu Nila- | 

* tala-durggam Rayarayo. .puri Tere Gahgavadi- | 

sthalamaih bhru-bhahgadim kondam *sri-Vishnu-bhupalakam || 
jayati dharani-lokottamsitatmiya-padah 
chatura-vibudha-g6shti-[praudha]-vani-vinddah | 
vipula-vijaya-lakshmi-vallabho Vishnu-Devah || 

'"So in the original. 

Belur Taluq. 221 

Ananda-samvatsarada Phalguna-bahula-Somavarad andu ghalge 7 muhurttadalu 
sri-Vishnuvarddhana-Hoysala-Devaru Dorasamudrada nelevidinalu prithvi- 

rajyarh geydu rutta Marasiiigha-Nayaka Nageya-Nayaka avara maga 

Boyiya-Nayaka atana tamma javada-Maliya-Nayaka sri-Nagesvara-devarige 
Vishnuvarddhana-Bitti-Deva bitta bhumeya sime yent endade (reat oontainB bounda- 

ries, etc.) 


At Hale-Belav^di (same hobli). 
namas tunga etc. n 
§rimad-girbbana-purbbam Madana-mada-haram sasvad-aisvaryya-dhuryyam i 

somam prottunga-Ganga-tarala-tara-tarangaugha-chan | 

somam Jannange Janne^varan abhimatamarii pritiyind ige rago- | 
ddrimarii premurdra-Gauri-hridaya-kamalini-loka-netrarii Trinetrarii || 
Sri-vakshan appa Pundarikakshana niibhiya pundarikadind udayisida Punda- 
rikasananind Atri Atri-netradirii Somarii Somanirii Budharii | Budhanirii Purura- 
varii I Pururavanind Ayu i Ayuvirii Nahusham | Nahushanirii Yayati i Yayatiyirfi 
Yadu I Yaduvirii Somarii | Soma-varii.same Yadu-variisam enisidud a-Yadu-nripa- 
rolu Salan emba nriparii Sahyachalada sanu-sthanadalli bentey riduvalli molarii 
puliyan atte chodyarii batt idu vira-kshetram end allirii barutt iral orbba divya- 
rishi tannarii puli poyal eytappudum adarii poy Sala yembuduv a-laghu-para- 
kramarii genirii gen-edeyarii nimiral iyade kond-ikkuvudum i-puliye vijaya- 
lauchhanam i-pesare vijaya-namam endu mechchi muni-pungavarii bararii godal 
andind ittal a-Yadu-variisame Poysala-variisam enisidatt a-kshetrame Sasaka- 
purav adud alli Vinayaditya-Poysalange n 
Yadava-variisakk amare ma- | 
hodayam Ereyanga-nripati Vinayadityang i 
adam tanayarii vinayarii | 
sodaram ene tanage negalda dhirodattarii || 
muvar ddevara saktiye i 
muvarolarii tappad enisi negaldar ttav in- | 
divara-lochaneg fichala- | 
Devige BalIala-Vishnu-*Vinayadityar || 

paramaradhyarii Mahesarii kula-vadhu vijaya-sri nelarii poshya-varggarii | 
doregal vaivaha-sambandhigal ene negald a-rayar ambhojajando- i 
daradol tengaya-nir antire tilida jasarii tanna bhandaram agutt [ 
ire Ballalavanisarii pogale jagav asesharii mahatvakke nontarii n 
jaladhi-vyaveshtitorvvi-patiy enisi sukharii balgey a-chandra-tararii | 
Talakadarii konda gandarii Tigulara padeyarii kude benkonda gandarii | 

*So in tho original. 

222 Belur Taluq. 

talavaral talta bhupalara peda-taleyaih topp enal poyda gandaih | 
balavad-rajyangalarii poyd alagina moneyind otti kaykonda gandam | 
modalol floysala-rajya-lakshmiy-odavam tol-valpinim taldi tann l 
udayam raiijise tanna balp odave tann arpp ere tann ajiie mi- | 
re disa-chakraman otti-kondu Talakadam Ganga-rajyakke tam | 
modaladam Yadii-vamsa-varddhanakaram sri-Vishnu-bhupalakara i| 
ivan-i-tol-gambadol puttaliyavol avani-devi tan irppal endum i 
taved irkkuiii vikrama-sri pogarvvol ivana tibrasiyol bitti vand a- j 
Javan irppam konanindam pagevara penanam peral i-Vishnuvam ka- 
duvan avam gelvan avam nadugad idiran atandu nind ampan avaih 
irida nelangal antavara nettaran arkkisalard igalum | 
duritoreyuttam irddapuvu timba-katangalan entuv anegalum | 
tara-taran-appinam jayada lachchana-gambadol urddikoluvuv a- | 
V ariveve Vishnu-vikramad-upakramamam pogalal ku-buddhigal || 
madavad-vairiyan antu poyye jaya-silam Vishnu vidvishtan u- | 
rbbida kattarade pari bilda tani-gampam kappe guntikkuti- l 
rddudu virarkkala bilda-tol-pidida khalgam poyva s^l doruti- | 
rddud id en adbhutam ayto vira-vibhavam sangrama-rangagradol n 
mukkulisirppal adi-narapalara kirttiyan atma-kirtti tind | 
akkulisirppal anya-balamam basirim nija-khalga-Kali kai- | 
mikkudu tejav am birudan embana mise karampu narppinaih | 
vokkalav aytu raja-gunav ikshisal i-kali-Vishnu-bhupanol || 
durbbarari-dharadharendra-kulisam sri-Vishnu-bhupalan ardd | 
erbbettal seded odi pogi bhayadind a bandan i bandan end | 
urbbipalara kange lokav anituih tad-rupav agirppudurh | 
sarbbarh Vishnumayarh jagatt enipud em pratyaksham agirddudo |i 
ore agalada bhumige | 

nir eraguvad uchitav eragad unnata-bhubhrid- j 
dharinige kiri parivudu | 
bhorene taravari-vari Bittiga-nripana i| 
karavalav ade Pandyam | 
karavaliih Hoysalesan iriyal nodal | 
k are-val allade kadal i 
karav al illaytu node Tigulana padeyol n 

kamathendradigal antu parbbida nelam nihkampadind irdda nin- | 
na maha-bahuva tinan em kalegume Pandyam kubhrin-matrav ar- | 
kkum ele Hoysala Meruvalli bhujamam marurddu dig-danti-da- | 
ntaman int ant ure salladante kalevai dor-ddanda-kandutiyam |i 
sthirane kaiyole dhatriyam nilisidam tejasviye vahniyarh | 
koragippam kudal arppane Kanaka-sailam durav agirddu nit- i 
tarisitt em suchiye nirikshisidavar nnirpapigal chalvane | 

Behir Tahiq. 223 

Haranam mohisal arppan entuv adhikam sri-Vishnii-bhupalakaiii n 
Javanum tannaya ganda-lachchanam enipp a-miseyarii tirddal aii- | 
juvinarii kanduguv endu kal-ugurgal anamrarigal suyyal ari- ] 
juvinarii tejada sorikinindav eme sig end uddhatar nnoclal an- | 
juvinarii vikrama-vibhramarii sogayisitt i-Vishnu-bhiipalanol || 
dhuradol band oddi vairi-prakarav iral avashtambhadirii Bitti-Devam i 
karavalarii todikond irii-balikav ele Mahadeva kalagni-Rudrarig | 
uri-gannv adante Makalige gara-vidadant Indra-dig-danti . . . . i 
parigharii kondant agurbb urbbidud ene bharadiriimirimrir-arapanavarii n 
odaval raga-rasa-pravahav adatirii punn-embinarii poyye kii- | 
dida talam layamarii negalchi jadidarii solikkedand aji-rari- | 
gadol and ant iral oppe bahu. . siksha-yukta-chandasi dur- | 
mmada-virari-nivaranabhinayamaru sri-Vishnu-bhtipalana n 
Tulu-desarii Chakragottarii Talavanapurav Uchcharigi Kolalav filum- | 
male Vallur kKarichi Korig arbbisuva Hadiya-ghattarii Bayal-nfidu Nila- | 
chala-durggarii Rayarayottamapura Tereyiir kKoyatur gGondavadi- | 
sthalamarii bhrri-bharigadirii kond atula-bhuja-balatopan i-Vishnu-bhuparii || 
nage sudheyol nisa-ramananol vadanarii sura-kumbhi-kumbhadol | 
bigida-kucharii sura-drumada pallavadol pada-pallavarii talard | 
ogedav onippa pattada maha-sati-Lakshmige Seshan anta bhfi- | 
raige patiy-appa Vishnu patiy endad ad oppuvud entu nolpadarii n 

kula. . .guna ga. . .lla gunam anitam ma. i 

. . .pirid iva danad esakarii meryyage k&rp illam erh | 

lalananikadol iga bannipudu Lakshma-Deviya | 

guna-vrittiyum kuduvud u-saundaryyad §,scharyyamurii n 

yugam ond. . rol oppi krmtoyare pemparii pettar ar end. . . . i 

gunambhOnidhi Parthanam padoda, . . | 

dana-patrarigal . j 

. . .-sri-Narasiriihanarii padedu Lakshma-Duvi bhu-chakradoj n 

(48 lines illegible) 

niyatiy anantav unnatiy anantav udarav ananta. . . j 


. . .jayad arppa. . . akhilagama-vitvav ananta Isa-bhak- | 

tiya bharav ant anantav abhimrinav ana n 

. . . . piijaka-parichiirakarggav abhyagatara grasakaih sri-Narasiriiha-Hoysala- 

Devana kayyalu hadadu kotta bhumiy avud ondade Jannamayya-heggade 

Belavadiya hiriya-kereya kelag aruvattu-nal-gena-ghaleyalu gadde (foiiowing 6 lines 

oontain details of grant) 

uttama-jivanakke kumudakke gabhira-gunakke satva-sad- | 

vritti nnatege tannavol asrayavagi perrameyarii j 

pettud enippud ondu kereyarii nere kkattisi deva-pujana- | 
vrittige Jannamayya-vibhu tan ad ittan id en udattano n 

224 Belur Taluq. 

mattam Neriligeya Madi-Gavundanum Macha-Gavundanum Kariya-Kaleyanum 
Bireyanuv Olagereya Kameyanu volagada samasta-prajegalu Jannesvarakke 
dhareyan eredu kotta bhumiy avad endade | (foUowing 7 liues contain detaiis of further 

gift and usual final phrases and verses) 

gam ekam ratnikam ekam bhumer apy ekam angulam i 
haran narakam apnoti yavad a-bhuta-samplavam || 

Kotta-Gavundanum Basava-Gaundanum Mudda-Gaudan ant | 

uttama-senabova Kesavannanum . .Bitti-Gaudanum 1 

Bitteyanu praje. . .irddu 16- | 

kottama- Jannamesvarada ptijege kotta .... bhumiyam || 
mattam svasti sriman-maha-mandalesvara Talakadu-Gangavadi-Nonam- 
bavadi-Banavase-Hanungallu-gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Gangan asahaya-sura 
nissanka-pratapa Hoysala-Ballala-Devaru Dorasamudrada bidiualu prithvi- 
rrijyam geyvuttav irddu Vibhava-samvatsarada Sravanada paurnnami-Brihavarad 
andu Belavadiya Jannesvara-devarige kamma. . . .kalukina beddale kambha 
eppatt-ondu niruga. . . .rala kambhav aruvattu hiriya-kereya mudana kodiya 
kelagana beddale kambha nur-ippattu antu kamba 25. . . .devargge dhara- 
ptirvvakam madi kottaru n 


At Belavadi (same hobli), on a stone to the right of the Vira-Narayana temple. 
sri-Kesavaya namah 

namas tunga etc. n 
svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varshagalu 1531 neya varttamana- 
Saumya-samvatsarada Phalguna-su 5 Sanivaradalu srimatu Channaraya-sva- 
miya sri-pada-sevakar ada Atreya-gotrada. . . sutrada sriman-maha-mandalesvara 
Kathariya . . . dapanada Rajayyana maga Tiruvengala . . . . nu Belavadiya 
sthalakke saluva Timmapurada-gramavanu Vira-Narayana-svamiya anga- 
ra,ngadya-bh6gada sevege dhara-purvvakav agi kotta sasanake mangala maha 

Sri (usual final versos) 


At Kallahalli (same hobli), on a stone at the Kallesvara temple. 
Rakshasa-samvatsarad andu Belavadiya nura-eppattu-mahajanangalu Bavanka- 

Devana maga Sabegange sarvvamauyav agi kotta keyi gadde senabova 

Varadappana baraha 


In the same place, on a virakal. 
svasti sri Parthiva-samvatsarada Sravana-su 12 Gu Belavadiya Vameya- 
Nayakanum Lingeya-Nayakanum kudi Madeya-Nayaka-Chaudeya-Nayakan- 

Belur Taluq. 225 

odate kadidalli Vameya-Nayakanu sura-loka-praptan adanu i-kalan avananu 
vuna-madidavaru sri-Vira-Narasinga-Devan-ane danda-praptaru 


At Viradevanahalli (same hobli), on a stone in front of the Vira-Narayana temple. 

sriman Vag-vanita-priyah priyatam6ni<\-drin-raan6-vallabhas | 

sthity-utpatty-upasaihhriti-krama-kritau sakshat svayaiii dakshataih | 

prapto'prapta-rajas-tamas tri-jagatira payad apayat sada i 

Vishnu-Brahma-Siva-tri-murtti-viditas sri-Vira-Narayanah n 

Salan eraban age Yadava- | 

kuladol puli paye kandu muni puliyarii poy | 

Salay ene poydudaririi Poy- | 

sala-vesar avaninda sandud alliih baliyarii n 

vinaya-pratapa-nilayarh | 

Vinayadityakhyan adan a-variisarii tat- | 

taneyan Ereyarigan atana | .. 

taneyarii lokaika-jishnu-Vishnu-nripalarii n 

a-Vishnuvarddhanarigarii | 

Bhavodbhava-rajya-lakshmiy enisida Lakshma- | 

Devigam udbhavisidan u- | 

rvvi-viditarii Narasiriihan ahava-siriiharii || 

a-vibhuvina patta-maha- | 

devige saubhagya-bhagyad olpirii Lakshmi- | 

devige migilud fichala- | 

Devige Ballala-Devan udayarii geydaih n 
atana parakramav eutendode | 

nored anta koti-bhatarol | 

parid orbbaney Umraadura-dhuradol dharey a- | 

chcharivade nettara-kadalarii | 

pariyisidarii bala-lileyolu Ballalarii || 

Cholarii muttire panneral-barisakarii kolpoyte tarii podan emb | 

alaparh beras ardd ad ondu molanarii mel-pechchuv Uchcharigiyarii | 

helasadhyav ad adud endu divijar chchodyaih badutt iye ba- | 

11 al aldarii giri-durgga-malla-vesararii Ballala-bhupalakarii n 

kadu-vegi dharmma-gunamarii | 

biduvudu Khara-Dushan^nvitarii Mtidaleyani | 

padedudu Ballalana dita- | 

nudiyol padiy-agal arppude Raraa-sararii || 
svasti samadhigata-paricha-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvararii Dvaravati-pura- 
varadhisvararii Vasantikii-devi-labdha-vara-prasridarii Yadava-kularabara-dyu- 


226 BelMr Tatuq. 

mani malaparol-ganda ganda-bherunda mandalika-bentekara Chola-kataka- 
surekara-uamadi-prasasti-sahitaiii sriman-maha-mandalesvaram Talakadu- 
bala- Vira-Ganga pratapa-chakravartti Sanivara-siddhi giri-durgga-malla chalad- 
anka-Raman a-sahaya-stiram nissaiika-Hoysala sri-Vira-Ballala-Devaru srimad- 
rajadhani-Dorasamudrada nelevidinolu sukha-sankatha-vinodadim prithvi- 
rajyam geyyuttam ire tat-pada-padmopajivi || 

vara-Bharadvaja-gotramala-vipula-sudha-varddhi-sampurnna-chandram i 
sthira-vag-Ganga-tanujam samara-mukha-lasad-Rudra-devatmajatarii | 
sura-mantri-bhrajamanachyutan-anujan ivaih Vira-Ballala-prithvi- | 
svara-rajavasa-mukhyam dhrita-sakala-dhara-devan i-Vira-Devam n 
Manu-muni-charitra-patram | 
vinayambudhi veda-sastra-vidita-vinodam | 
jana-gita-niti-nidhi saj- | 

jana-vinutam sakala-guna-samudram Rudram n 
a-mahanubhavana dharmma-patni | 
Ratiyam rupindam Par- | 
vvatiyam subaginde maymeyindam Siriyam | 
sati Ganga-Deviy Arun- ) 

dhatiyam pati-bhaktiyinde nurmraadi miguval n 
vanita-samsthitigarii visuddha-yasakarh drishtantav agirddu si- | 
shta-nidhanachyuta-Devanarii budha-nuta-sri-Viranarii pettalo | 
yenipal nirmmala-dharmma-mtirtti sati sand-a-Rudra-Dev6ttama- | 
ngane nitya-sthiti-yogya-bhagyey ene Gaiiga-Devi samanyeye |) 
a-chyuta-bhavana-parinatachyutan a-chyuta-punya-murtti sad- l 
a-chyuta-raja-niti vinayonnati-saj-jana-dana-mana-ja- j 
tachyuta-kirtti-lakshmi-vijayarii Yadu-rajana raantrig igal int i 
Achyuta-Devan-emba pesar adud id allade deseg adude n 
uenada manarii kritartthav irad artthiye noduva kan kritarttham old | 
anunayadinde kirttisuva jihva kritarttham udatta-vrittanaih i 
dhanad alipinde tannan osed artthisuv artthi-janarii kritartthav end | 
ene vibhu Vira-Devane kritartthan enippud id ava vismayaih n 
irmmadi Vachaspatige pad- | 
irmmadi Bhattige viniita-Chanakyarigaih i 
niirmmadi mantanadol sa- i 
sirmmadi Yogandharayanarig i-Viraih || , 
Purushottamavatararii | 
narapati-Ballala-Deva-sachivarii Virarii j 
Purushottama-laiichhanam a- i 
Siri-Deviya kiide bandu nelasirddudaririi n 

Belur Taluq. 227 

kamathanghri mina-nayanam i 

kamalananav amala-jivanaih vipula-phalam | 

samanise kattisidaiii tat- | 

kramam amard esev antu kanne-gereyam Viram || 

surargiri sara-nidhi tannol i 

piridum machcharipud udda-gunpind avan | 

ottaripam su-mantri Viram i 

sura-bhavana-tatakadindav idu mantra-phalam || 

antu negalda sriman-maha-pradhanam sarvvadhikari sri-karanagraganyam 
aarvvadhyakshan enisida Virayya-dandanayakam tanna nija-svami sri-Vira- 
Ballala-Devara rajyabhyudayartthavagi tane karuvittu kada kadidu madida 
sri-Viraballalapuradolu Rudrasamudra Gangasamudra Achyutasamudra Vira- 
samudrav emba keregalam kattisiy a-purakke gadyanara nalkara modalam 
madi ga 4 a-puramam sarvva-namasyav agi muvatt-irvvar-brahraanargge agra- 
haramarh sarvva-namasyav agi kottu silamayav agi devata-bhavanamarii nirmmisi 
sri-Vira-Narayana-devaru sriy-Achyutesvara-devarumaiii su-pratishthitaiii raadiy 
a-devara nitya-naimittika-pujegam khanda-sphutita -jirnnoddharakav agi Maise- 
nada Mudugereyam halli-sahitav agraharam madi sarvvayara gadyanam 
nalvattam teruvantagi sriy-Achyutesvara-devarggam sri-Vira-Narayana-devarg- 
gaiii dhara-purvvakaiu madiy a-puradaRudrasamudradakelagesri-Vira-Naraya- 
na-devarige tOta-sahita bitta gaddo kambhav aynilyu vritti yeradu sriy-Achyu- 
tesvara-devarige ratidana totti-galeyali tota-sahita gardde kambhav ainftru vritti 
eradu i-purakke kadaiii kadidu miUlidaragi dhriva-vundige koreyarii kattidavarggo 
hanneradu-varisha manyav allim mele hattu-salage-gaddeya manyavam salisiy 
ulidudaiii hachchu-kuduvantagi maditt i-gramakk i-sameyav a-nada . . bbfila gady- 
anav elara modalaih Viraballalapurada mahajanangalige pravrishtam madikotta- 
ru Saka-varsha 1109 tteneya Parubhava-saiiivatsarada Pusya-suddha-trayodasi- 
Brihaspativarad-uttarayana-saiikramanadalu sarvva-namasyavagi sri-Vira- 
Ballala-Devaru dhara-pftrvvakam kottaru a-VirabaUalapurada sime (8 Unos 
foUowing contain detaiis or boundaries) sri-Vira-Narayana-devarall iddu raadida krayakk- 
anusayaiii raadal aga hiridagi raadida . . padiyalu mudikoluvar allade hachchu- 
kodabarad i-grama-samayav (usaai flnai phraseg and vcrses) barevar-acharyyaih 
Suryyanaih biruda-Iekhakaih-MadaDa-Mahesvaram barada sasana 


At Ey&talApura (same hobli), on a stone at the Virabhadra temple. 
namas tuhga eto. |i 
sriman-Mahadevaya namah | 

sri-mahitaih Salan embaih | 

bhumisaih puliyan urade poy Salay ene poyd | 


228 Belur Taluq. 

i-mahig esedarii Poysala- i 

namarii yati-patiya matade Yadu-kula-tilakarii n 

vinayanvitan udayisidaiii | 

Vinayadityarii pratapi tat-kuladol tat- | 

taneyan Ereyarigan atana | 

taneyarii sa-madari-jishnu Vishnu-nripalarii n 

a-Vishnuvina [. . .] priye | 

bhu-visrute Lakshrai tane pempirii Lakshma- | 

Devi hesarindam avarg a | 

Bhavodbhavan enisi puttidarii Narasiriiharii || 
svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvararii Dvaravati-pura- 
varadhisvararii Yadava-kulambara-dyumani mandalika-chudamani Talakadu- 
Korigu - Narigali - Garigavadi - Nonambavadi - Vuchcharigi - Banavase- Hangalu- 
gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Gariga Vishnuvarddhana-pratapa-Hoysala sri-Narasirfiha- 
Devar prithvi-rajyarii geyvuttaiii irddu Saka-varshada 1084 Chitrabhanu-sarii- 
vatsarada pratham-Ashadha-suddha-ekadasi-Brihaspativarad andu Belahura 
Narayana-devara pavitraropanarii madal bijayarii geydutta || Maiydesvara- 
devaru sunya-sthauavag-iddudarii kandu Bittibovanurii samasta-jagatiyurii 
binnaharii geydu a-devara mundana kereyurii a-kereya kelag ulla nira-gadde- 
yumarii beddalirige devariiri haduvana batteya olagana barali-madalagi mtida 
mundag ilidu bandu hulu-moradi-olagagi a-moradiya mudana Elahakakke 
terika muntagi eri hogalu haduvaninda vididu banda bago. .gagi olagull anitu 
saguvali-bhumiyumarii Maiydesvara-devara snana-nivedyakarii jirnnoddharakarii 
Kriyasakti-Panditara kaiarii karchchi dhara^purvvakairi madi sri-Narasiriiha- 
Devaru kotta datti n yi-dharmmamairi rajyastar appa putra-pautradigalu prati- 
palisuvudu l| teligaru sedeyarii bittaru || nakhara sedeyarii bittaru || jagati-katege 
hagakarii bire hagamarii bittaru || (usuai finai verse) 


At Hulikere (Madehalli hobli), on a stone at the village gate. 

(The upper portion gone) 

mahipala-mauli su-bhata-ghata-mula 

jata. . na-khanatkara-mantrakshara ram avirbbhavayan || 

vritta II aviratam avanisair | 

hetoh I 

jaladhir iva gabhiro Meruvat turiga-sampat | 

sura-tarur iva H 

marii dina-manis saujanya-sampan-nidhih j 

sarvvorvvisa-kirita-koti-ghatita-sri-pada | 

viratarii sat-kirtti-dugdha | 

sanandara kurute parakrama-raraa dhatririi sva-putrira iva n 

Belur Taluq. 229 

sadma-sthita-sampadaiii i 

satru-kshatra-kalatra-garbbha-galana-prarambhi-bheri-ravam | 

vira-sri-Nara gau . . rarh yas6 1 

gotra-kshmadhara-kandarasu khachari-brindais saraudgiyate || 

parivita-saila-patale nityam dig-ante sthito | 

deva-sri-Narasimha I 

....bhrisam nimilita-driso ganda-sthali-gharshanaih | 

kurvvanti dvishad-angana jaya-jaya H 

.... pradhano guna-pradhanas su-yasah-pratanah | 

Sivahghri-puja-pra . . ya-pradha bhuvi Narasiiiihah || 

tasyoru-baha pritanam asesharii mahitalaih chapi naytiir bbibhartti | 

para • . .chamupatir yyasya sa Nrirasimhah n 

svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha-sabda maha-mandale dhisvaraih 

su-bhata-mandalika-chudamani saranagata-maudalika-rakshamani ... 

trariii a-nata-mandalika-sauryya-srikhandar^karapatram | a-sama-samaia-samaya- 

sama bidu-vidalana-prodbhuta-mauktikalahkrita-jaya-sri-kantarii | 

vijaya-vadhuti-kutila-kuntala suraa-sahchayanukari-yasah-patala-pari- 

rahjitakhila-dig-antaih | chatur-udadhi-parikalita ksha-dakshina-bhuja- 

dandaih | 8akalavani-vanipanika-man6bhihl.8ha-parip6sha-pragalbha-vitarna-8au 

kavi-nikaya-sukti-kandali-samakarnna6dirnna-karnnaih | gamaki-jana- 

janita-sastrarttha-pra samuha-sam. .ta-maha-vada-vicharacharyyam | 

vagmi-nikar6dirita-vachana-nichaya-8u . . .. j su-vihita-sahgita-g6shthi-Bhara- 

tarii I Vatsyayanadi-sakala-kala-praudhi-prakasa-niratarii | sriman- 

maha-mandalesvararii Kohgu -Nahgali -Gaugavadi-Nonambavadi-BaDavasc-Ha^ 

nuhgala-Ha bhuja-bala-Vira-Gahga prataparlloysala-Narasiihha-Devaru 

8rimad-rajadhani-D6ra8amudrada katha-vin6dadiih prithvi-rajyarii geyyu- 

ttav ire | Saka-varsha 1089 neya Sarvvajit-saihvatsarada Pushya mavara- 

uttarayana-sahkramanadolu | svasti saraasta-bhuvana-vikhyata pahchasata. . . 
. . . .guna-ganalahkrita satya-sauchachara charu-charitra naya-vinaya-vijhana 
Vira-Balanja-dharmma . . . . gudda-dhvaja-virajitanuna-sahasa-sampannarurii 
Vasudeva-khandali-Mulabhadra-variisotpannarurii Iri. . . . Ayyavala-praraukhav- 

ada samasta-nana-desagalu verasu srimad-idi-Gummesvara-devara arh 

pftjegarii I 

kanda || ayaman ittar su-jana- | 

jyayar sri-Tippa-llajanurh Bhava-pujo- | 

payame | 

. . . .tivett akhila-bhutalaih pogalvinegarii n 

ad entendade | ettina malaveg adda katteya malavege haga karii §rigan- 

dha-karppura-hattoy-adda-vorege pratyeka hAga kudaregc haga sireya 

sakkareya herihge haga «lavasada herihgo mftru-manav int i-kramadirii chandrar- 

230 Belur Taluq. 

kka-taraih-baram sale matavagi dhararpurvvakam madi kottar adarii 

pratipalisuva maha-pradhanar mattam kama tingalinge hagavam sali- 

sidar avara mahimey entene | 

vri II siriyindam Purushottama-priya ryyadira santata- j 

sphuritananta-vilasamam nija-bhuja-byaparadim kalpa-bhu- j 

rairuha-byaptiyan eyde ma ydey int j 

ire vin-Naga-vinuta-kirtti-patalam sri-Tippa-senadhipam || 

vinayam beridam atma satsandha | 

Man-margga-sthiti . . . . rid atma-charitaih .... dol pannin ar- | 

ppina vikhyatiya pempuv erida manam tanna | 

. . na sampatkara-Tippa-Rajan esevaih saujanya-janmakaraih || 

aredu kripana-pattadol arati-yaso-harinodbha i 

tirppa tad-vaniteyarkkala lochana-vari-dhareyim | 

harida jalam kapala taladol parinirmmise patra-rekhe . . j 
. . . bira-siri tam padiyam vibhu-Naga-Devanol || 
amare nijadhinatha-Narasimha-mahisanol eyde chu . . | 

budha-stavanam pramodadind | 

Amara-tarangini-sataman ambaradol sale malpa kirtti vi- | 
nija-bhujasi chamiipati-Naga-Devana || 

(usual final phrasos and verses) 

su 13 Somavaradandu srimad-adi-Gummesvara-devarigekumara-La 

. nnayakaru Tehginagattada Kotehala nitya-sahasra-gadugegam divi- 

gegam paiichamrita-snanakkam nadavantagi bitta dharmma i-dhar- 

mmavan alidan adade kavile brahmanana konda papa n 


At Panditanahalli (same hobli), on a stone to the left of the Chaudesvari temple. 
namas tuhga etc. n 
svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvaram Dvaravati-pura- 
varadhisvararii Yadu-kulambara-dyumani mandalika-chiidamani kavi-jana- 
kalpa-kujaih maleraja-rajarii maleparol gandaih Kohgu-Narigali-Garigavadi- 
Nolambavadi-Banavase-Hanuhgalu-Belvalaih - gonda bhuja - bala Vira - Gahga 
vikranta-Chola vijaya-Nonamba sahasa-Gadamba Tribhuvana-malla-Vishnuvar- 
ddhanan appa Hoysala-Deva . . kattid alagu Balla-Veggadeyuih Devana-Garuda 

Hadavala-Bokiyuih ondagi Motana mel ettida pogalagi . . leya- 

manda|ikar ellarii nered idirchchi kaduva rana-rahgadali Nagey a-sahaniy a . 

y atan-aliyarii su-putra-kula-dipakaih Balluvaih tanag idir-anta mar- 

vvalada kudureya dalada mele payisi mel-aluvarii kudureyumaih tagi talt iridu 
kudureya dalamaih disapattarii madi tann idirol anta Chahgalvan-anege 
payisi tanna bhuja-balavashtambhadiih Javan ere pabbisidante jiregey okkilant 

Belivr Taluq. 231 

agi para-balamam pesele kondu tanum kirtti-sriy uraarii bira-sriyumaih kurisi- 
kondu sura-loka-praptan ada n 

kudureyumam melaluman | 

adirade kond ikki tanna bhuja-baladinda, . | 

g idirchchi payisi | 

mudade jayanganeyan olisidam kali-Ballam n 

ettida kudureya dalamam | 

tottulad uli. . . . . . .pelage pesele taguld | 

ettid ani-maniye payisi i 

tattarad arid iridu Ballu svarggatan adaiii n 


At Adugilru (same hobli), on a stone at the ruined Kallesvara temple. 
namas tunga etc. || 

na-saka^varusha 11 dalu sriman-maha-manda- 

lesvara Vodeyara kumara DandarSjigalu Vadugura deva-dana- 

manyakke kotta hola gaddeya vivara (4 lines uiegibie) 


At the same village, on a stone in the Virabhadra temple. 

namas tunga etc. n 
svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Saka-varsha 1345 neya Subhakritu-saihvatsarada 
Karttika-8U 15 Guruvaradandu svasti sri §riparvvata-§ri-Svayambhu-sri-linga- 
chakravartti-sri-Mallikarjjuna-maha-liuga-devara divya-sri-pada-padmariidha- 
karum appa sri-Kailasada melana dyava-prithvi-mahiVmahattuvinge mukbyav- 
ada. . Vadanyada-ayyagala ajna-dharakarum appa Singi-Raja-ayyagalu Vadu- 
gura iri-Virabhadra-devarige kotta dharmma-sasanava Vadanyada-ayyagalige 
tapo-rajyav ahantagi Vadugiiralu sostugeyagi etti baha ganubadha vadahaga . . ige 
devara. . , .nivedyakke kottadu varaha. . . eradu-honnanu kottevagi i-dhrmma- 

vanu dusovar i-Kalideva-ayyagalu bhaktaru mundittu kottev 

agi i-dharmmavanu a-chandrarkka-sthayi agi devara dipti-nayivedyakke eradu- 

honnanu (usual flnal phrases) 


At the same village, on a stone in the enclosure of the Vardhamlnasvlmi temple. 
srimad-abhanga-Garuda-Narayana-perumala-pratishte-chariya. . . llalanatha- 
devara dibya-sri-pada-padmaradhakarum appa Srivaishnava-samaya. . .vada 

232 Belur Taluq. 

Kanjayappanavara makkalu Tirumalenatha-ayagalu sakala-saraayadavaru 
bandu Plava-samvatsarada prathama-Sravana-su 5 Gu vigalige 6 ne Garuda- 
devara pratishthey ayitu || 


On the Pushpagiri hill (same hobli), on a pillar at the main entrance of the 

Mallikarjuna temple. 
Sarvvajitu-samvatsarada Karttika-suddha 1 1 Sukravaradandu srimat-piriy-arasi 
Uma-Deviyaru Narasimha-devara Anuganahala-vritti ombhattu Kittanakereya 
vritti ondu antu vritti 10 siddhaya nashta adade amrita-padiya honnolage nash- 
tiya terut-iddu teralarade a-keriya mahajanadolage tamma behantaha hiriyari- 
ge srimat-piriy-arasi Uma-Deviyaru ^-vrittigala adhi-kraya-danakke saluvant- 
agi a-vura vrittiyopadeya sese siddhayava teruvaru a-varisha-modalagi entu- 
varisadirh mele a-devara Chaitra-payitrakke vrittige hanav eradu hagav era- 

daropadiya nu teruvantagi punar-ddhareyagi kottaru ant appudakke de- 

viyara a-nambiyara sva-hasta 

Sri-Gopinatha (in Nagari characters) Sri-Chennakesavan (in Tamil characterB) | 

. . . hala vriddhiyanu Rangayyange Manmatha-samvatsara-modalagi devarige 
puvadigam gadyanav eradu teruvantagi dhara-purvvakam madi srimat-piri- 
arasi Uma-Deviyaru kottaru nambiyara sva-hasta ga 52 


On a stone in mukha-mantapa of the same temple. 
namas tunga etc n 
svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varshangalu 1470 Kilaka-samvatsarada 
Karttika-su 14 S6-lu srimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa sri- 
vira-Sadasiva-Raya- maharayaru Vidyanagariyali ratna-sirhhasanarudharagi 
dharma-varnasramangala pratipalisuvara[gi] sukhadirh prithvi-rajyam geyiiitarii 
yiralu Sadasiva-Piaya-maharaya . . Rama-Raja-ayanavarige dharmav agabeku endu 
Bacharasaru. . . .ja-ayyanavaru Pushpagiriya Mallikarjjuna-devara devastanake 
purvada doregalu ga 100. . . .varahana jodiyam ko....agi navu Bhandiya- 
Chalavana-Naykarige Javugalla simeya volagagi i-j6di niiru-varaha saha nayaka- 

tanakke kodalagi yi-j6diyinda i.pu vi kilavagi hosta madiduyendu Basa- 

va-Nayakanavarige helalagi i-j6diya nuru-varahannu PushpagiriyaMallikarjjuna- 
devarige dhupa-dipa-neyivedya-anga-ranga-vaibhava-uchhrayagav agi nadiya- 
beku endu i-j6diya nuru-varahannu Pushpagiriya Mallikarjjunage Sadasiva- 
Rayarige. . . . Rama-Raja-ayyanavarigu dharmav agabeku endu samarpisidevu 

(uBual final phrases) 

Belur Taluq. 233 


On a stone right of the mah^dvira of the same temple. 
svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka 1482 neya Siddhartthi-samvatsarada 
Chayitra-su 15 Guruvara-chandra-grahana-punya-kaladalu rajadhiraja raja- 
paramesvara Sadasiva-Deva-maharayaru sukha-rajyam geiittiralu Ramappayya- 


On a virakal in the roof of the mahadv&ra of the 

bherunda kadana-prachanda ekanga-viran asahaya- 

sura Sanivara-siddhi giri-durgga-malla chalad-anka-Ruma vairibha-kanthirava 
Magara-rajya-nirmiilana ChOla-rajya-pratishthacharya Pandya-kula-samuddha- 
rana Timmana-Raya-mana-marddana nissanka-pratupa-chakravartti Saka-varu- 
sa 1 198 aeya sri-Vira-Narasiihha-Dev-arasara pradhana 


In the same place. 
namas tunga eto. n 

Saka-varsha 1202 neya Pramadi-saihvatsarada Pushya-suddha 

10 Brihavara srimatu pratapa-chakravartti gajapati Hoy- 

sala-Ramanatha-Deva . . . . kudi Soleura kalo NS.rasimha-Rayana mele 

kalaga bilalu ubhaya-rayaru. . . .krama Vira-NA,rasimha-Devara sammateya. . . 
manu maha. . . pasaytaru gana katido 


On a stone behind the same temple. 

namas tunga eto. n 
ild II traildkya-mahgalotpatti-sri-samriddhi-pradayakah | 

payad bhakta-vrajan sarvvan Maheso Mallikarjjunah n 
sadananda-latrukanda-Balendu-maulaye tubhyaih namah | 

Sasakapura-varesah sri-Salukhyo nripalo 

Yadu-kula-vana-simhas siiiiha-samya-prabhavah | 

kara-kalita-saliika-tibra-patena kritva 

mathanam uru-chamtlram Hoysalakhyaih , . . n 

tad-anvaya-bhavaneka Hoysalahvayah i 

tatra prachanda-tej6'bhud Vinayaditya-bhiipatih n 

Vinayadityana sutarii | 

ghana-bhujan Ereyahgan a-nripahge tanujar | 

vananidhi-vrita-dhatrisar j 

jjanapati-Ballala-Vishnu-Vudayadityar n 
a-muvarolu | 


234 Belur Taluq. 

( 5 lines illegible ) 

kela vasaata-bala-sahakarada tan-nelal asritalig a- | 

bhila-layahi-nishthura-phanaughada mey-nelal uddhatarig un- | 

milita-pundarikada nelal jaya-lakshmig enippa Vira-Ba- | 

llalana tola-bala nelal adudu dhatrige vajra-panjaraiii n 

madamaih man a. .balparh bidu khara chalamam biradir Chera vikra- | 

ntad agurvv inn-eke man Malava kalitanamaih toradir Chola. . i 

. .do nil Nepala. . . .re Magadha layograntakam miri barppan- | 

dadin i-bandappan atandadi sileyal Vira-Ballala-Devaih n 

svasti samadhigata-pahcha-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvaraih chatur-abdhi-me- 

ndalesvaraih Dvaravati-pura-varadhisvaraih vira-virodhi-bhupala- 

Madana-Mahesvaram Yadava-kulambara-dyumani vira-chudamani | Vasantika- 
devi-labdha-vara-prasadanum. . sranta-vidya-vinodam bhupala-sarvvajiiaih vibu- 
dha-jana-manojiian ity-adi-namavali-virajitarii sriman-maha-mandalesvararii Tala- 
kadu-Gahgavadi-Nolambavadi-Banavase-Hanurigal gonda bhuja-bala-Vira-Gan- 
gan asahaya-suraih Sanivara-siddhi giri-durgga-malla chalad-arika-Rama nis- 
sarika-pratapa Hoysala-Vira-Ballala-Devaru srimad-rajadhani-Dorasamudradol 
sukha-sarikatha-vinodadiih prithvi-rajyam geyyuttam ire | tat-pada-padmopajivi 
hiriya-hadiyara-Sirigannana vadhu Mallavveya maga Soviyannan-anvayam 
entendade | 
vri II padiyara-Soviyannana manah-priya-vallabhe Malliyakkana | 

kadu-gunigal gad Agajesa-padambuja-bhririgan urkki mar | 

ppodarvara jubu Bachigan udara-vilasa Permman or- i 

nnudi balad-anma-Gumman esedar taneyar vvara-bhoga-bhagigal n 
ra II a-Sirigannana sati . . . .heggade-Bachannanamagal appa Machavveya magalu 
Malliyakkana permmeyarii pelvade | 
nuta-Sambhu-bhakti-yute pati- | 
hite pavana-charite niyata-dharmmanvite su- | 
bratey ene padiyara-Sirigana | 
satiyaih guni-Malliyakkanaih pogaladar ar || 

va II a-Mallavveyuih tanna maga-Soviyannanuih devarabettadaSvayambhu- 

Mallikarjjuua-devara ariga-bhogakkaih deviilayada khanda-sphutita-jirnnoddhara- 
kkam age piriya-padiyariti-Mallavveyum maga-Sovannanuih sri-Vira-Ballala- 

Devana karunyamaih padedu Balhila-Devar-abhyudayarttham age 

.... .badagana-dese. . .hattu-honna modala Malligeyahalliya sarvvaya-suddhi 
sarvva-badha-parihara . . . sarvva-namasyam agi Saka-varsha 1113 neya Sadha- 
rana-sarhvatsarada Pushya-suddha 7 mi . . . . uttarayana-sarikramanadandu 
sri-Vira-Ballala-Devara sri-hastadiiii. . drasiva-Devargge dhara-purvvakam agi 
a-chandra-tarara-bararii salvantu kotta datti n 
sruta-ni . . ge deva . . . . | 
. . . sutarii visada-kirtti-Suryyabharanarii | 

Belur Taltiq. 235 

yati-pati Rudrasiva vi- | 

sruta-kirtti. . . prabhava-nidhi tat-tanaya. . |i 

. . .ti rupada kannaiii yati- | 

pati ra. . pada kamadhenu nirupama-yami vi- | 

sruta-rupada chintamani | 

krita-punyarii Rudrasivan udari-varenyarii n 
.... Rudrasiva-Devara .... halliya sirae yent endade (7 lines foiiowing contain 
detaiu of boundaries) tanage salva bhiuniyalli Viuadakereya kelage gade sa 2 
a-gaddeya tenkana-keladalli beddale kolaga 10 badagana-keladalli kolaga 
10 matta Gummesvarada Barmmala-Deviya . . . . Chola-maha-deviya Chandra- 
mauliya int i. .aiigadigala sri-nakaragaluv irddu kotta battada sede 1 
mattarii samasta Hannavanada nakaragalu hasarada. . .yerad eleyaiti kottar 
mattarii hiriya-telliga-geri kiri-telliga-geriya samasta-gaudugalu kott enneya- 
sautige l matta Kesava-setti-muntugi Bachalesvarad aynurbbaruiii adda-pattale 
yikke heruva samasta-nana. . . .dolirig om-milna bhattavarii kottar i mattarh 
Kamatad-acharigalu tamma sa. . kattukararum irddu sasirakke ha molege 

nichcha haga 1 koduvar (usaal final phrasas) 


On a virakal near the entrance of the same temple. 
Chitrabhanu-sariivatsarada Karttika-suddha-pavurnnami-Adivarad andu Bala- 
kuppade-Madi-veggade tanna parivara-sahita bandu Paduolala mutti kadi 
kedisi turuva kondu hohuga a-vftra Aiika-Gaudana maga Madi-Gaudanu a- 

Madi-veggadeya kude kadi kidsi turuvarii maralchi meche yiridu Siva- 

loka-praptan ada atana maga Rajayyanu tamm-ayyage nirisida viragalu 


On a stone in the enclosure of the same temple. 
srimatu Prajotpatti-sariivatsarada Marggasira-ba 7 So || 

uddandasura-munda-khandana-bhata-siQrirasana marata 
brahmaiidodaram uddamad-damaruga-tarabdhi tanda-dhvani [ 
kshoni bhi-kuha-vakini-kahakaha-dhvanau prati-dhvanini 
kshoni bhi-kuha-vakini vijayate devo maha-Bhairava* n 
sriraatu hannondu-raandalikara ganda-suryya mandalika-8ur(i)yya-kala-megha 
Soyideva-Raya-sthfipanacharya Avadhuti-Komarana-rakhanathaGatiri-ganavata- 
ra Ardha-nari-Natesvara Ballala-Raya-gaja-gandana ala gumpa kandu alagina 
moneya kandu berikoiidu voduva mandalikara ganda Koleya Tamma-Rayana 
koraara Chikka-Tammannarigalu Dorasaraudrada bettada Bhairava-devarige 
dh upa - dipa - naivedy a - tambula - patra - bhogavanu madisi jirnna - uddharavan u 

*So in tlie origiaal. 


236 Belw Taluq. 

madisida Chikka-Tammannangalige mangalarogyav agali Markkanda-visa* 

sidil-odane senasa-bahude | 

kudi-dadeya midiya-bahude kaloraganam | 

kadu-galiya kenaka-bahude | 

hadi.gattane Chikka-Tamma todarddara simaiii* n 
i-dharmmava pratipalisudu palisadidade Varanasiyali kapileya konda dosadali 
hoharu tamma sri-guruvam konda papadali hohoru kumbhipa.dolage aluta 
mulukatiharu vi . . chandra-ulana-bara n 


At Hulikere (same hobli), on a stone in the field near the Lakkanna-Virannana bana- 

namas tunga etc. n 

srimad-Gauri-kuchakranta-kunkumanka-sthirorase | 

namo balatapoUasa-sri-Kailasa-vilasine || 

Bhuvanotpadakanindav Atri baliyaih Sitaiiisu Saumyaih Purii- | 

ravan Ayur-nnarapalakaih Nahusha-bhukantam Yayatisan ut- i 

sava-dhamam Yaduvind anukramadi. . .bhupar ant ante Ya- | 

dava-vamsambudhiyalli matte palarum bhupalar aguttiral n 

Salan emban age tad-Yadu- | 

kuladol puli paye kandu muni puliyam poy | 

Salay ene poydudariih Poy- | 

sala-vesar avanindav aytu tad-vaihsajarol n 
antu puliy-undigeyum Poysala-vesarum eseyal eseda Yadu-vam§adolu | 

vinaya-sphurtti-nidhanam | 

Vinayadityabhidhanan artthi-nidhanarii | 

vinata-jana-jala-nidhanam | 

janiyisidam satru-ghata-sara-sandhanaih || 
a-Vinayaditya-Devana magam | % 

eragidage honna-maleyena (eraguvan) | 

eragade maranta bhilmipalara daleyol | 

bara-sidil-andadi tottana- | 

. eraguvan Ereyanga-Devan adatara govam || 
va H antu samasta-kshatra-dharmmad erey-angan app Ereyanga-Devahgam 
fichala-Devigaih Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesvarar-anteyuih | Rama-trayad-anteyuih ' 
tri-varggad-anteyum i puttidaball-algalu Ballala-DevariiBitti-Devan Udayaditya- 
Devan emba muvarolaih madhyaman agiyurii lokottaman enisi | 
vri II srimad-Yadava-vaihsa-varddhi-vilasat-saihvarddhanodyat-sudha- | 

dhamarii dripta-nripala-jala-jalajata-brata-sammarddano- | 

ddamanekapam ishta-sishta-janata-kalparighriparii tan enal | 

* So in the origiual. 

Belur Taluq. 237 

bhumipalaka-mauli-ratnam esedarii sri-Vishnu-bhupalakam || 
paduval paschima-varddhi muda negald-a-Kaiichi-puram tenka nol- i 
pade sach-chandana-manda-maruta-chala-srikhanda-shandachalam | 
badagal Perddore merey age nelanaiii vikrantadind aldan en- | 
dade polvannan ad avan i-bhuja-bala-bhrrijishnuvam Vishnuvam n 
taradim tappade taraka-tatigalam taradhvadol talvad ond | 
erad end int enisalkav appud urad ant i-Vishnu-bhupalanol i 
saranayataran anmi satta nriparam bcnn ittararii lekkisalk | 
arid Indrarchchita-Vasuki-prabhritigarii mehldar ar arppavar n 
antu negaldapara-paurusha-parayananurii | Yadava-Narayananurii i aneka-raja- 
vidya-vinodanurii | Vasantika-devi-labdha-vara-prasadanurii inirmmapita-nikhila- 
dharmmanurii | saranagata-vajra-varmmanuih | hiranyagarbha-tulapurushady- 
aneka-kratu-sahasra-sarichalita-Sahasrakshanurii | sakala-jana-manas-sarikalpi- 
tarttha-parikalpana-kalpa-vrikshanum enisi kumara-grdadole kur-al agi Maleya- 
maharajanarii Maha-mariy-ante murid-ikki Jaga-Devanarii jagad-evakke pakku 
madi Talakadan olakoudu Korigarii bharigisi Narigaliyarii barigali madi Sadali- 
yarii sadhisi Budaliyarii bddi-madi Pariyurarn pariyitt iridu Cheramana berara 
kiltu Kanchi-puramarii kaikondu Pandyanarii berikondu Vuchcharigiyarii 
nurchchu-madi Sindavigeya ninda vandadant oded odu madi Bellittageyarii 
kar-ittageyarii suduv-ante suttu Annigereyarii sann-ittageyol ittu Ballareyan 
aredu | Rachavuran uripi | Hrinuugall-enurii gahanav illad odedu i mattarii 
Banavase Halasige Huligere Beluvalam olag-agi bhuja-baladin otti rajyarii goyda 
vira-Vishnuvarddhana-maharajana maha-devi Lakshma-Devi n 
Tri II pavalarii bay nava-mauktikali suli-pal sarikharii koral chandran o- i 
ppuva bhalarii nava-megha-jalav alakarii svachchhambu lavanyav u- | 
nmuva piyusha-rasarii todal-nudi chalad-vichi-chayaih tol enal i 
nava-dugdhabdhi-vilasa-Lakshmiy ene Lakshma-Devi kang oppuval n 
dharani-kamini tanna peldudane geyd ayattey ag irppal ^ \ ' 
Giri-rajatmajey appa pempin-Umeynrii tann-ake Vak-kanteyuin | 
piridurii tarii nudid ante Kama-satiyurii tann annal end andu su- | 
ndariyar bbhagya-vilasa-visramade Lakshma-Devig ar aggalam || 
a^Vishnuvarddhanarigarii j 
Bhavodbhava-rajya-Iakshmiy enisida Lakshma- | 
Devigam udbhavisidan i- | 
bhtivallabha-Narasiriihan ahava-siriiharh n 
TTi II bhuvanaikascharyyav ayt itana charitav ad ent embe Kadamba-sainyarfi | 
kaviy eririg endu Barikapuradol iral adarii keldu garbbha-sthan ag-irdd | 
avatararii geyvutarii tad-balaman aredu tat-prajya-samrajya-sarvva- | 
svavan adarii tandeg ittarii jasav esevinegarii Narasiriiha-kshitisarii n 
ripu-sarppad-darppa-davanala-bahala-sikha-jala-kalambuvaharii | 
ripu-bhilpoddipra-dipa-prakara-patutara-sphara-jhanjha-samirarii | 

238 , Belur Taluq. 

ripu-naganika-Tarkshyam ripu-nripa-nalini-shanda-vedanda-ruparii | 
ripu-bhubhrid-bhuri-vajraiii ripu-nripa-mada-matanga-simham Nrisimham 
Nala-Nabhagambarisha-prathita-Prithu-Harischandra-tach-Chandragupto- | 
jvala-kirtty-arama-Ramarjjuna-Puru-Sagara-khyata-Dushyanta-dhatri- | 
tala-palar kkudi band i-Kali-yugadolag ond adavol kshatra-dharmmam | 
tolagal vikhyati-vettam Yadu-kula-tilakaiii Narasimha-kshitisam || 
dhuradol Sudrakan urjjitarttha-chayadim dhairyya-krama-kshatriyam | 
para-sainyambudhi-badavan dal adarim taih varnna-sankaryyamam | 
Narasirhham taled irddan irdduv idu matt ascharyyakam varnna-san- | 
karam i-rashtradol enuv ill enisi dhatri-chakramam rakshiparii || 
nuta-dharmmarii ripu-bhiman arjjuna-yasarii vidvishta-bhubhrid-Yaraaih | 
kshiti-Ramaih krita-sima-gita-Bharatarii bhasvat-su-mitrodbhavarii i 
kshitipalaih Narasimha-Devan avani-satru-ghnan ant udgha-Bha- | 
rata-Ramayana-pftrvva-punya-purusha-prakhyatiyaih taldidarii n 
sabalarn chanchu turahgav arigav eradurii paksharigal emb-ant iral | 
nibidarh-ponmida pakkarakke kuduk agalk anya-sainyarigal a- i 
tta-balarh pakshadol ikki rakshisidan int i-garida-bherunda sai- | 
nya-balaih bettire Narasiihha-nripan atmavapta-saptarigavaih n 
urad ant oddid arati-raja-balamaih tann ondu-meyyinde nind | 
irid i-Vira-Nrisiihhan antu jasavaih pettand ad en tappe kand | 
ariyal kalegamaih pogalteg elasuttirppar kkelar ppel ad erii i 
tereyo surikavo sureyo parakeyo pannayavo bittiyo n 
bandu kavid ari-balambudhi | 
nindudu Narasimhan-onde-sabalada moneyol | 
binduvin-andade munnarii i 
nindavol ambhodhi Raman-ambina moneyol n 
sirig edey-ada pushkaradol ondida dirgha-su-vritta-hastadirii | 
parinataV ada kopadin anugrahadiih sthira-padma-vaktradind | 
urutara-varhsadind eseva danadin i-Narasiihha-bhubhujaih | 
parichita-bhadra-lakshanadiu oppuva bappana gandha-varanarii || 
samaradol ishtav ada kavalarii tanag agiral anya-sainyadirii | 
samanise hastiui-sahita padminiyalli vinoda-visramarh | 
samuchita-dana-lakshmi veras oldavol aduvud otti tannan a- | 
kramisuven embanaih nelake dappudu bappana gandha-varanaih n 
nenada banambe per-vvenada betta karulgala ballavalli san- | 
danisida kanda varddhisuva pan-dale nettaran inti ragadiih | 
kuni-kunidadi paduva nisateyar emb-avarinde sarigara- | 
riganav ati-raudrav ag iridu kolvudu bappana gandha-varanarii ii 
a-Narasiihha-Devana mano-nayana-vallabhe piriy-arasi | 
parivara-Surabhiy enisuva | 
Narasiihha-narendra-mahishi Chagale nichchaih | 

Belw Tahiq. 239 

pari jana-vatsa-snehade | 

tored amritaman aridu karevut irppudu sahajam n 
sirisada huvina maleya | 
sariy enisuva siriyan eseye taldida nali-tol | 
Narasimhang idu vajra- | 
sthira-panjara-bandhav enisidudu Chagaleya n 
svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvarm | Dvaravati-pura- 
varadhisvaram | varmma-dharmma-nirmmatri-. . niiva-samana-pala-nirmmana- 
nipuna sadhu-sadharmmya-Dharmma-nandana | chatur-asity-uttara-tri-sata-nri- 
yikanika-kucha-kalasa-charu-chandaua | kupita-Kritanta-dantanta-kuntayudha- 
vilasa-keli-Nakulai sa-darppa-ripu-sarppa-kula-nakula | ubhaya-bala-kalita-Kala- 
Boppula-Talaprahari-pramukha-vira-mela.pakakara i saranagata-vajra-prakara 
prachanda-kanda-kodanda-Parttha j gandara tirttha i Tuluva-bala-jaladhi-bada- 
viinalai vairi-bala-gahana-dahana-davanala i Pandya-kula-kamala-vana-vedanda| 
mandalika-ganda-bherunda i rana-ranga-dhira | jagad-eka-vira j mandalika- 
bentekara i para-mandala-surekara l sangrama-Bhima j Kali-kala-Kama inaraa- 
di-prasasti-sahitarii srimat-Tribhuvana-malla | Talakddu-Kougu-Nangali-Bana-;\nungal-goncla bhuja-bala- Vira-Ganga- pratapa-Hoy- 
sala Narasiriiha-Devaru Hima-Setu-maryyadeyada bhumiyarii dushta-nigraha- 
sishta-pratipalanarii geydu rakshisuttarii sukha-saiikatha-vinodadirii prithvi- 
rajyarii geyyuttam ire tat-pada-padmopajivi n 

Narasiriiha-kshonipalarig anugan Anuvan ent ant iral svarai-sampat- | 

paripurnnarii Karnnan ent ant adhika-vitaranarii dugdha-vurusiy ent ant | 

ire gambhiram pratapanvitan udita-dinadhisan ent ant enal tarii | 

Sirigarii Barmmangam urvvi-jana-vinuta-gunarii puttidam Kusa-Chattarii || 

pored aldarii Narasiihha-Devan esev-ii-Bammayyan ayyaih saho- j 

darad-annaih guni Bittiyannan adatarii Sri-Devi t§,y permmeyirii | 

piriy-akkarii piriy akkan olpu-vaded a-Chandayvey end andu pel | 

dorey ar anvaya-suddhiyiih charitadirii Chattarige bhu-chakradol n 

Bhrigu-matadol ada parinati | 

pogalal devaiigam aridu nettane Chattarii | 

tri-gunisuva tirigi payipa | 

nigatam divi-vedeyol adi-Briguvaiu miguvarii n 

Bhriguviih Nakapanindaih | 

negald a-Betalaninde Sudrakanindam i 

bigiv-ottajeyiiii Chattaih | 

dvi-gunarii tri-ggunarii chatur-gunarii paricha-gunaih || 

bidu bidu bid endu bedarisi | 

bidisuva binnanada birudin-arikada birikarii | 

240 Belur Tahiq. 

bide bidade chenna-Bivam | 

bidipam bidad adasi podedu chaladim Chattaih n 

ede gadiva biduva bidisuva | 

pidid ottuva pottu pariva kuttuva balp u- | 

ggada-vottajeyiih Chattaya- [ 

n-odan ar mmar-kkolan illi bidal odarisuvar || 

dhareg alambanav agi pempu mugilarii muttitt enal kottu be- | 

Ipara belp antutan enna ponna teradiih saphalyamam tald ad a- | 

daradim sad-dvija-raja-mitra-nikaram tannam samasraysiyum | 

tirivutt irddapud innuv endu naguvam Pom-bettamam Chattayam n 

dharmmamumam brahmanaruma- | 

n ormmeyum araydu porevut-irppam Chattaih | 

Barmmana magahge tandeya | 

dharmmada santatiya rakshe yuktam ad erave || 

kusan odan-aduv edeyol | 

bhasura-Sura-mantri mantradol ripu-tantro- | 

grasura-rana-rahgagrado- | 

1 asura-kesari-vilasi nettane Chattam H 

Rambegav Urvvasigam migi- | 

1 embaval ekantadalli para-vadhu sale tan- | 

nam bayasi bandu nilal ava- | 

lam bageyim nodan alipi muttam Chattam || 

Kali-yuga-Bali Kali-yuga-Sibi | 

Kali-yuga-Vidyadharesi Kali-yuga-Karnnarii | 

Kali-yuga-kalpa-kshmajarii | 

Kali-yuga-suradhenuv enisi kottarii Chattarii n 

enike veras ondu-horttina | 

gunadindarii kuduva Karnnan erii gala Chattahg | 

eneye dhana-kanaka-rasiya- | 

n enisade kudutirppan itan old a-portturii n 

piridurii chitranvitav arii- | 

bara-sahgatav uttarottararii tan enal ur- | 

vvare taniyal pom ( . . ) | 

garevudu Chattayana hastav a-pratihastarii ii 

Chattane dani Chattane maha-guni Chattane sauryya-sagararii | 

Chattane bhogi Chattane pasayitan elliyuv entu nolpadarii | 

Chattane sauchi Chattane dridha-brati Chattane satya-sahgatarii | 

Chattane mani Chattane maha-prabhu Chattane Mandara-sthiraui n 

piridurii bhrantinde nalkurii-kadala kade-vararii nodiderii noda-banderii 

siriyindam siladindaih sa-naya-vinayadirii danadirii dharmmadindarii | 

Belur Taluq. . 241 

guru-deva-brahmanali-paricharana-bhavad-bhaktiyiih saktiyindaiii | 

doreyaih Chattahge kanem galapal ariye nriiii chagadim bhogadindam n 

Hara-hasam dara-hasav age Himavat-kutkilamum Sambhu-bhu- | 

dharamum tunga-kuchaugal age raukhav agal chandramam chinnad-a- | 

varanam dugdha-samudrav age dasanam dig-danti-dantangal a- i 

g ire tara nakha Kusa-Chattana yasas-sri lokadol varttipal n 

ant enisi negalda Chattana i 

kante manah-kante Kantu-kanteya rupim | 

kanta-tanu-kanti-jita-sasi- | 

k§,ote maha-devi deviy enipal gunadim n 

charanabjam beral ungutara nakha-kulaih mengal madarii jaiighegal | 

vara-viittoru-nitamba-bimbam adharam vaksboruharii tol talarii | 

koral oshtharii sulipal k*p61a-phalakarii kah purvvu karnnarii nosal | 

vara-nilalakav oppe oppidapal i-madOvi Madevivol n 

nara-turagaliyini gaja-rathuvaliyirii posa-ponna-rasiyirii | 

sthira-paripurnnav ayt iduve rajyav ad evudu belli-kattu bel- | 

karipudu keraraan endu Rajatadriyin illiye bandu nilvinarii | 

Giri-pati Sambhu-mandiraraan ettisidarii guni-Kusa-Chatteyarfa n 

palaraih rakshisi raattan'i ] 

palavarii nade degulahga}aih raadisidarii i 

nelan ellam ariye Chattarii i 

nele degulamuman id ondan old ettisidarii n 

toreyagi hoge kripeyirii | 

kerey agirppantu palaruraarii kattida. . . | 

keregalol id ondu kereyene | 

kereyam kiru-Gusu-Chatteyarii kattisidaih n 

pirid-ayasadin artthamaih nerepidaih Chattambol int Isa-man- | 

diramarii piirnna-tatakamarii nija-yasorttharii Meru-varasi-su- | 

sthirav appant ire malpud uotu chapalarii tan artthav end agalurh | 

nirutarii Chattasamudram arddalipugurii vyaldla-kalldladirh n 

keregarii degulakaih tan i 

arasida dhanam anitura enisi jasadiih Chattara | 

neredarii barudare vodudu | 

kercgarii degulakav tigad ulidavar-arttharii || 

puttida ponn irad entuiu | 

kattipud adarinde kereyuraaiii degulamarii | 

kattipud ettipud enal i- | 

Chattarii guruv adan akhija-dharanitaladol n 

nad ennaih naduvittukondududarirh maj-jivanarii sartthakaih | 

nadindaih poragayt a-sevya-salilarii tan uppu-nir endu ro- | 

daduttirppudu nirmraalambu-bharita-sri-sara-sarovararii | 


242 " . Belur Taluq. 

nod i-Chattasamudrav illi lavanambhorasiyaiii permraeyira n 
elenirarii savi laghavaiii gaganaraam tanp a-Himadrindramara | 
tajiram bannige suddhi Bandoreyan a-garabhiryyav arabhodhi-san- | 
kularaam kilpadisutt iralke visarat-saurabhya-saulabhya-san- | 
kalitam Chattasamudram uddruta-jagat-tapam samant oppuguiii n 
manna-savan enisi honnam | 
mannaiii geyvavage nereye kotturii Chattarii | 
mann undu hodud enisade | 
tannane tanipidan asesharaaiii jivanadirii n 
Sita-praptiye phalara a- | 

Setuge Chatteyana dharrama-setuge phalam a~ | 
Setu-Himadri-samudra- | 
khyati su-punyarii visala-sali-kshetrarii || 
phalaraarii pogalvad alumbarii | 
belavudu mund atta bhuktiyurii muktiyumarii i 
jaladirii Chattasaraudrarii | 
belevudu pint itta karvvumarii kalaveyuraarii n 
rasa-bhavojvala-raiirtti padraa-vadanarii kalpaiighri chakra-stanam | 
bisa-dor-vvallari raja-haihsa-gamanarii minarabakarii nilika- | 
visarat-kuntalara oppe kanne-gereyarii Chattara dhauarii gottu ka- | 
ttisi Chattesvara-sad-vararige phalisal hastodakarii madidaiii n 
svasti saraasta-guna-sarapauna | vidvaj-jana-prasanna | Narasiriiha-naranatha- 
raja-raandiralarikara | vira-lakshrai-suvarnna-karnnalarikara i a-sahaya-satisa- 
ya-sura-Sudrakavatara | Mahesvara-ganavatara i kavi-gamaka-vadi-vagmi-vag- 
patiposhana | Vira-Narasiriiha-Deva-bhasura-sabha-bhushana | patu-pakshata- 
prita-pratapa-Narasiriiha-naranatha-nanavidha-prasada-patra | chfiru-charitra 
pavitrikrita-sva-gotra | sishteshta-jana-janita-nitya-satyasirvvada-paripurnna | 
Kali-kala-Karnna namadi-samasta-prasasti-sahitan appa Chattayyarii Chattesva- 
ra-devargge Bhuvana-bhushanav emba mandiraraarii Mandara-sthiravagi raadisi 
pratishtheyarii madisi Saka-varsha 1082 neya Vikrama-sariivatsarad uttaraya- 
na-sarikranti-vyatipatadandu Chattesvara-devara nitya-pujegarii nanda-divige- 
garii nivedyakkarii Chaitra-pavitramurii deva-brahmanara tapo-dhanar-ahara- 
danamum a-chandrarkkavagi nadeyilendu tarii kanne-gereyagi kattisida Chat- 
tasaraudraraarii tann aldarii sri-Narasiriiha-devara kayyalu padedu dhara- 
purvvakarii madi bittu kottan a-bhiiraiya siraa-samraandhav entendade raudalu 
Jadigerey-addavad icheya haduvana-kodi | terikalu chikeya moradiya talpalu 
haduvalu Jenakalla-betta gadi | badagalu Adigummesvarada kudida hola-vere || 
svasti yama-niyama-svadhyaya-dhyana-dharana-monanushthana-japa-saraadhi- 
sila-guna-sampannar appa Chandrasekhara-Panditargge Chattayyarii Chatte- 

Belur Taluq. 243 

svara-devara sthanamarii Chattasamudrainam kala-karchchi dhara-purvvakam 
madi makkalu-makkal ullanne-varaiiikotta n malagara-Chikkange nalu-ganduga- 

gaddeyaiil kotta H (usual final phrases) 


(The same as No. 193 above) 


In the same place. 

svasti sriman-maha-mandalesvaram sri-Vira-Narasimha-Devaru Dorasa- 
mudrada nelevidiualu sukha-sankatha-vinodadim rajyara geyyutt iralu dala- 

mutte-ganda Madhava-dannayakananu Maleya-dandanayaka kalagadalu 

bandiyakara Bibbeya-Nayakana maga Pemmiyanu dannayaka- Mara hejidade 
inarali yaddu kudureyam kondu svargga-priiptan ada | sri 


At Lingapura (Sanivirasante hobli), on copper plates in 
possession of Sdryanar4yanavadhani. 

(Teluga cliaractorn) 

(la) sri-Venkatesvararpanam astu sri-liama 
Harer lila-varahasya dariishtra-dandas sa pMu nah | 
Hemadri-sikhara yatra dhatri chhatra-sriyarii dadhau ii 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Sfilivahana-saka-varushambulu 1582 yaguneti Vikari- 
sariivatsara-Jyeshtha-suddha l.o Atreyasa-gotra Apastamba-siitra Yajus-sakha- 
dhyjiyulaina Soma-variisodbhavulaina Araveti-Ramara.jaya-V«"'iikatadrirajaya- 
prapautrulaina Narasaparajaya-pautrulaina Gopalarajaya-deva-maharajul-ay- 
yavari putrulaina sriraad-rajadhiraja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa sri-vira- 
Sriranga-Raya-deva-maharayal-ayavar a-Ghanagiri-siriihasanaraandu ratna-sirii- 
hasanariidulai prithivi-samrajya cheyuchununna-samaya,na Haritasa-gotra 
Apastamba-sutra Yajus-sakhadhyayuiaina ^krimra-Soraayajula pau(/6)tru- 
daina Raghava-Somayajula putrudaina Ekamra-Somayajulaku vrayinchi yich- 
china bhu-dana-dharma-s.asanarii Harikolaku paschimarii Tagaraku vutirarii 
Mugalahaliki tavuk Eragaluki dakshinarii Beluriki challeti Badara-nadulo pon- 
dina Kachihali ane gramamu yi-tatha-tithi-somoparaga-punya-kalamandu sa- 
hiranyodaka-dhara-purvakanga Velupuri-sthalana Chenna-Kesava-svami-sanni- 
dhina Vishnusamudramu tirana sri-Venkatesvararpananga tri-karananga tri-va- 
chakariga dhara-datta chesi[ti]mi ganaka ni putra-pautrfi-paramparyariganu ma- 
putra-pautra-paramparyariganu a-Kachihali ane gramanaku kaligina nidhi- 
nikshepa-akshini-agami-jala-taru-pashanadi aneti ashta-bhoga-tejas-svamyam- 


244 Belur Taluq. 

bulanu auubliavinchuka a-chandmrka-sthayiga vuiuledi («suai finai veises) 
aho Raghava rajendra sapta-kal[p]anujivy aham i 
na srinomi na pasyami svayam-dattapaharinam || 
sva-datta putri(//)ka dhatri pitri-datta sahodari | 
para-datta sva-mata cha dattaih bhumim parityajet n 

sri-Rama n 


At the same village, on copper plates in possession 
of Subrahmanya Sastri. 

(Nagari cliaracters) 

(J) sri-Ganadhipataye namah | namas tunga etc. n 

(from ' Harer lila-varahasya' to ' Krishna-Raya-mahipati ' in line 22, correspond 

with No. 6 of the Hassan Taluq) 

Ranga-kshitindrachyuta-Deva-Rayau raksha-dhurinav iva Rama-Krishnau | 
Obambikaya Narasa-kshitindrad ubhav abhutam uragendra-sarau n 

(from ' vira-Sri-Narasirilhah' to ' kirtyababhase' || in llne 57, correspond with those in No. 6 
of the Hassan Taluq) 

'^krita^JJ&^vati sura-Ioke Krishna-Raye nijamse 

tad-anu tad-anujanma punya-karmachyutendrah | 
prakatam avani-lokarii marii sametyarijeta 

vilasati Hari-cheta vidvad-ishta-pradata n 
yat-kirti-chandras charati kshamayarii tirtheshv asesheshu vivardhate cha ( 
tanoti chakrasya mudam samindhe diva cha sayarii kumudair virundhe n 

Sonadri-Parvatapure. . . .Kanchyarii | 
sri-Kalahastisitu . . pi cha Kumbhaghone 

danani shodasa bahuni kritani yena || 
sa jayati narapalo ratna-siriihasanastho 

Vijayanagara-vasah kirtti-purtya vibhasi | 
Nriga-Nala-Nahushadin atyayan raja-nitya 

nirupama-bhuja-viryaudaryabhur Achyutendrah n 
Sakabde Salivahasya sahasrena chatus-sataih | 
eka-shashti-samayuktarii su-sthite ganite kramat n 
Vilambiti-maha-varshe Pausha-masi cha saihjriike | 
*amavasyarii subhe tithyarii Bhanuvare cha sariiyutarii || 
ardhodaya-samakhyata-punya-kale cha sariiyutarii | 
Turigabhadra-nadi-tire Vrishabhesvara-sannidhau || 
su-prasanno mahodaro Achyutendra-mahipatih | 
Gonibid-ahvaye rajye Kittari-nadu-sariijriike || 
Tinigada-sthalaih nania sarva-sasyopasobhitaih | 

* 80 in the original. 

Belur Taluq. 245 

Angadi-gramatah purve Nadugadus tathottare n 
Tinigadasya paschamyam Kolaraavun cha dakshine | 
Abbidore-uiaha-gramam grama-grasena samyutaiii n 
Ajjurur iti Maiiguppara prati-nama cha kalpitara i 
Berasaraudram iti khyata-namanam bhuvi visrutara n 
Achyutendra-puram ramyam vasa-yogyara manishinah | 
sarva-manyam chatus-sima-sarayutam cha samautatah || 
nidhi-nikshepa-pashana-siddha-sadhya-jalanvitaih | 
vapi-kupa-tatakais cha kachchhenapi samanvitam || 
putra-pautradibhir bhogyarii kramad a-chandra-tarakaiii | 
danasyadhamanasyapi vikrayasyapi chochitam n 
sa-hiranya-payo-dhara-piirvakam dattavan muda | 
agrahara-chikirsharthaih pararaa-pritiman budhah n 
paiicha-tri-. . . vrittayah parikalpitah | 
vichitrani cha gotrarii sutrani vividhani ciia n 
naraani vividhas sarve sakhas cha vividhani cba | 
vrittimanto vilikhyante gotra-sutra-purassaram n 

(24 lines following contain names eto. of Trittidars) 

tais tais samantatas chihnair dikshu prachyadishu kramat | 
simano^syagrahfirasya likhyante desa-bhashaya n 

(4 lines following contain cietaiU of boundaries) 

piirayatd budha-vanchham varayato vairi-cbitta-madam | 
a-chyuta-visada-vibhuter Achyuta-Rayasya sasanam tad idarii n 
Achyutendra-maha-raya-sasanena Sabliapatih | 
abhanid riju-sandarbharii tad idarii tamra-srisanarii || 
Achyutendra-iriahjVraya-sasanan Mallanatmajah | 
tvashta sri-Viranacharyo vyalikhat tamra-sasanaih || 
(u»ual flnal veraea) Sri-Virupaksha. 


At Dabbesingapura (same hobli), on a stone 
in the Bare-fleld, north of the village. 
svasti sri-jayabhyoidaya-Saka-varusha 1391 sanda vartamana Vikriti- 

sariivatsarada Kartika-ba 4 A | Ariyanna-dannayaka karanagalu sri-Peru- 

malenatiia-devarige amritapadigo kotta bhu. . . sasana 


At Dabbe-agrahara (same hobli), on a stone to the south 
of the Somesvara temple. 
namas turiga etc. n 
srimat-parama-gambhira-syad-vadamogha-laiichauarii | 

246 Belur Taluq. 

jiyat trailokya-nathasya sasanaiii * Siva-sasanam n 

svasti samasta-bhuvanasraya sri-prithvi-vallabha maharajadhi- 

raja paramesvara parama-bhattaraka Satyfisraya-kula-tilaka Chalukyabharana 
srimat-Tribhuvanamalla-Devara vijaya-rajyam uttarottarabhivriddhi-pravardha- 
manam a-chaudrarkka-taram-baram (3 iines eflfaced) bhimana dana-Kaninam. . . 

raja-Mandhatam anuna. . niruparaa-kodanda. kanta-Kaunteya 

ratnakara sobhakaram chatur-upadha-Chanakyam. . . .ma- 

nikyaih Dharmraatmajam kesari ..... mallarum gaja-kesari 

mandalika-dik-kari mandalika-raanikya-gajadhiraja-mrigaraja 

maleraja-raja sriraat-Tribhuvana-malla-Ballala-Poysala Konkanad-Alvakheda. . 
Bayal-nada-Talakadam Savimaleyind olagada bhumi-ellamam dushta-nigraha- 
sishta-pratipalaneyim (9 linos effaced) jagat-pavitran enalu BaUalaiii sarva-loka- 

srayaiii || svasti srimatu Poysalam Sosavuringe bijayam geyyutta Darvve- 

yahalliya Kobe-Gavunda madisida Siva-stanamamkandu K6besvara-de- 

vargge deva-karyyam madi mantapavarii madisi devar-anga-bhogakkarii snana- 
nivedyakkam alliya banada kereya bagavam bitt.u Saka-varsha sasirada yippatta- 
mureneya Vishu-sariivatsarada Vaisakha-bahula-chauti-Sukravaradandu Darvve- 

halliya banada kereya bhagada sriman-maha-mandalesvara Ballalu- 

Dev-arasaru karunyamarii geyd a-chandrarkka-tararii-bararii . . . Kobesvara- 
devara ya divara-Kobi-Gavunda . . madisi bittarii. . . , (usuai 

final verses) 


In the same place. 

namas turiga etc. n 

srimat-parama-gambhira-syad-vadamogha-larichhanarii ) 

jiyat trailokya-nathasya sasanaiii * Siva-sasanarii || 

6m namas SivPiya |i svasti samasta-bhuvanasraya sri-prithvi-vallabha ma- 

ha-rajadhiraja paramesvara parama-bhattaraka Satyasraya-kula-tilaka Chalukya- 
bharana srimat-Tribhuvanamalla-Devara vijaya-rajyabhivridhi-pravarddhama- 
nam a-chandrarkka-tararii-bararii saluttamire | tat-pada-padmopajivi | Sivaya i 
svasti samadhigata-paricha-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvara Dvaravatipura-va- 
radhisvara Yadava-kulambara-dyumaui samyaktva-chiidamani malaparol 
gandady-aneka-namavali-samalarikritar appa srimat-Tribhuvana-malla-Poysala- 
Devaru Garigavadi-tombhattaru-sasiramumaria dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipala- 
narii geydu sukha-sarikata-vinodadindam aluttam ire || Chalukya-Vikrama- 
kalada 22 eradaneya Pramathi-sariivatsarada Sravana-masada suddha-pur- 
nnamase-Budhavaradandu srimatu Darvveya K6besvara-devara stana-patigal 

*So in the original. 

Belur Taluq. 247 

appa srimad-Devarasi-Panditara kalam karchchi dhara-purvvakam madi dhivara- 
Kobi-Gaviinda bitta datti yent endade n 

Mrida-grihadindam mattam i 

badagana meyya kereya kelage tore-varav iliye | 

kada honnan avagam bitta | 

Mrida-pada-pankaja[. . .]K6bigarika || 
mattaih devarige Korakolada mogeya galde yeradam bitta n 

manam osedu Kobigaiikarig | 

anunayadiih malke mahimeyarii Madana-ghana- i 

ghana-patala-pavanan Agaja- i 

nana-nirikshana-lampatotkararii Nitilaksharii n 

nered ereda budhara neravige \ 

su-ruchiratara-kauaka-vastuvarii suriva uira- | , 

ntara sura-taru sari. . . | 

dore-vandapude Kobigarikana keladol n 

itt ariyar ttum iiran | 

ittadav eldey odavar anya stri-janav ellan | 

ittu kritartthey ene balesant Ti- | 

lottame dhareyolu negarddal £jale-nari n 

atage vuttidan upama- i 

titarii gunadol adhikan ene negaldid i-Ma- i 

chige sakala-Dadhichige sukham i 

akke chandra-tararii-baregarii n 
Darvveyahulliya terikana Kobanaghattada ninda kalu-stmeyfige ata bitta dharmma 
avanagi alidarige (usuai flnai phrases and Ter«ei) su-jana-jana-mitra gotra-pavitram 
Rechanana sighra-likhita n Masanojana besa n 


On the left side of the same stone. 

srimatu Hervveyala Gorava-Gavunda Darvveya Kobesvara-devargge sodar- 
enuege Ka(ka)rikahalliya kattina kelagana garddeya guttage idda biniiavarii 
bitta chandrarkka-tararii-bararii (usuai finai phrases) 


In the same place. 

svasti sriman-maha-mandalesvara Tribhuvana-malla Talakadu-Kongu- 
Narigaliy-Uchcharigi-gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Gariga Hoysala-D^varu dig-vijayarii 
geyyalu Turigabhadreyan uttarisi Banavase-nadig etti Saka-varsharii 1060 neya 

248 Belm' Taluq. ■ * 

Kalayukta-saravatsarada Dhanur-mmasadalu Hanungala koteyarii mutti kadu- 
valli Darbbeya Chikka-Balajigana vadhuv fijale-nariya maga Macha-Gaundan 
atana mano-vallabhe Macha-Gavundiya magarii Kala-Gavundana tarama 
Lenkarayanaih karedu Vishnuvarddhana-Hoysala-Devaih mungoluvayada 
kalagake lagisi besaih bele Leiikarayarh madida parakramonnatiy ad ent endade | 

besasal Hoysala-bhubhujam masanado. . . .1 ode dor-ggarvvadim | 

masakam gundade rayan ant iridad ettam suse kandangalaih | 

. , . .suttarii nettara-dharegal nereye brahmanda. . .dode | 

vesadol ta negartteya pa ugraribha-kanthiravaih || 

suriva saralge payva chaturaiiga-dalakk aned arddu nunkuv a- | 

surataram appa sindhura-ghatavalig alkade kadi biram a- | 

chchari-vade Macha-Gaundana magaih kali-rayane kirttiyaih vasun- | 

dhare pogalvannegaih padedan ahavadolu rana-raiiga-Sudrakaih || 

Hanuiigallina konteyal | 

aneyan er ildu Poysalaih nodutiral | 

tan iridu kondan idir-ant | 

aneya kudureya dalahgalaih kali-rayara n 

ettida moneyolu rayarh | 

kuttalu kalalu kudureyuih melal ant | 

ettam uruldade penanaih | 

bittida terau aytu suriye pu-male nabhadiih n 

kari-turaga-vira-bhataraih | 

dhuradolu talt iridu konda rayanan agal | 

sura-ganikeyar uydaru vi- | 

staradiih purpaka-viraanam erisi nabhadol n 

aliih munn irivaih pirid | 

alaih tave kondu Hanugall-ahavadol | 

Kala-Gavundana tamraaih | 

lileye sura-lokak eydidaih kali-rayaih || 

arasana samipadolu vi- | 

staradindaih kudure yeri Kala-Gavundam n 

vara-viran appa tamraana | 

dhuraraaih nodutire kadidaih kali-raya || 


At Aggadalu (same hobli), on a virakal near the S6mlsvara temple. 

svasti sriraan-raaha-raandalesvaraih. . . .gavadi-Talakadu-Kohgu-Naiigali- 
.Beluvala-Palasige-pannir-chchhasiravam konda Sanivara-siddhi 

Belur Taluq. 249 

giri-durgga-malla chalad chakravartti Hoysala sri-Vira-Ballala-Devaru 


Ananda-samvatsara-Bhadrapada-suddha 1 Somavarad andu sri-Vira-Ballala- 
Devaru Kurugoda koteyam maha-lagge-madi mutti kayuvalli Malenada 
Aggadala Basa-Gavundana maga Kollapa-Gavundana tamma Kusa-Bokana n 

kari-turaga-vira-bhataram | 

(n)uravaneyim geldu Kusa-Bokama tan[nam] | 

dhare pogale vira-vesaraiii | 

karam oppire padedu svargga-lokake sandan n 

narara vigurvvane hariya kura-piita kariya mamsamam bhftta-bho- 

janam madidam rana-rangadalli Bokanarii n Kurugoda koteyalu Ballalarii ..... 
sura-lokakke sandu Bokana || 


On the side of the same stone. 
svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Saka-varushada 1249 neya Prabhava-sariivatsarada 


Bhadra..-su 3 srimanu maha-pradhanaih Kamai-dannayakara meyduna Ale- 
ppa-dannaykaru ra keyanu sarvvamanyam agia-chandrrirkka-sthayiy agi . . . 


On a 2Dd stone in the same place. 
svasti samasta-bhuvanasrayaui sri-prithvi-vallabhaih maharajadhirajarii para- 
raesvara parama-bhattfirakarii Dvaravati-pura-varadhisvaram Yadava-kulam- 
bara-dyumani samyaktva-chftdamani maloraja-raja maleparolu ganda kadana- 
prachandan a-sahaya-sura Sanivara-siddhi giri-durgga-malla chalad-anka-Rama 
Vira-Banrila-Devanu rajyaui geyyutt iro Ananda-sariivatsarada Magha-su 10 

y ^ ^ A, 

Soraavarad andu Balluguppeya Dali-Gavudanu tamma gadiya bhumiyali Ayera- 
valliyaru Aghadalavaru kddidalli Dali-Gavundanu biddalliy atana tamma Sati- 
Gavundanu yiddu paroksha-vinayava madidanu KoHaba-Gavundanu Benaka- 

Gavundanu kohala mudidaru | satta-Dali-Gavundange Malloja 

bareda Kunddra Rayannanu ii 


On the side of tbe same stone. 

(Sarae as No. 205) 


At the same village, on a stone near the village entrance. 
subhara astu Salivahana-saka-varusa 1566 neya sanda Svabhanu-sariivat- 
sarada Karttika-su . . .Uu Venkatadri-Nayak-aiyanavara komara Krishnappa-Na- 
yakaru Mudesasiya Uddanda-Gavudage appaneya piilisi gavudanavaru Aggadala 


250 Behr Tahq. 

gavudagalige kha 12 gaddeyanu nimage umbaliy agi kottevu sukhadali anubha- 
visikondu bahari yendu kotta sasana 


At Nidagodu (same hobli), on a stone at the village entrance. 
subham astu svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varsha 1505 yamba 
Svabhanu-samvatsaradaPushya-ba 13 saiikranti-punya-kaladallu Sriranga-Raya- 

maharayaru Penugonda samrajyam maduta namma nayakatanake pa- 

lista Vasudarige saluva Malenada Nadapala Nidagodu-grama Kausika-gotrar 
ada Apastamba-sutrar ada Yajus-sakhadhyayar ada Vinjayura Tirumale-Tiru- 
malacharyyara pautrar ada Krishnayacharyyara putrar ada Singalacharyya- 
ayyanavarige Kasyapa-gotrar ada Potapa-Nayakara pautrar ada Yara-Krishnapa- 
Nayakara putrar ada Venkatadri-Nayakaravaru sa-hiranyodaka-dana-dhara-pur- 

vvakav agi putra-pautra-paramparya a-chandrarkka-sthayiy agi anubha- 

suvadu rayana dana-dharma-sila-sasana (usuai finai versc) 


At Biranagodu (same hobli), on a stone in Bairappa's wet land. 
Virodhikritu-samvatsarada Pusya-suddha 12 lu Hasana-Bana-Sahebaru Malenada 
Nadupala Biranagoda pujarike(ya)ge umbaliy agi palisikondadu kha 1 gade 


At the same village, on a stone in the wet land of Patel Sagan^-Gauda. 
Ananda-samvatsarada Magha-ba 12 lu Hasana-Bhanamiy-annanavaru Bi- 
ranagoda Mallaya Chikka-Mallannange. ,hola . .gala gade umbaliy agi. . 


On a stone in front of the same village. 

(Nagart characterB) 

svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varsha 1451 sanda Virodhi-sam- 
vatsarada Phalguna-ba 5 Guruvaradalu srimatu Vasudhareya. . .eriyal ulla. . . 
. .Bhairava-devarige kotta grama sri gramava avananu apaharisidavage sisu- 
santana. . .hohadu 


At Bittaravalli (TagarS hobli), on a stone on tbe MalUpura tank-bund. 
srimatu mandalesvaram Narasiihha-Devaru rajyaih geyyutt iralu Naluva- 
sutiya Mati-Gavudana magam Bhokananu tamraa kodagiyalu Maleya-sahaniya 

Belur Taliiq. 251 

raaga Masaniya Kesiy-annange mararii kottaru hadinelu-hana guttageya teruva 
mel-adudu parihara avara tottina makkalige bhumi salvudu nada heggade- 
gavudagaligam haduvara javaliyam kottu maram kondaru ondu mane salvudu 


On a stone in DaQd^-KSsav{lcharyya's wet land below the same tank. 
srimatu mandalesvaram Narasimha-Devaru rajyam geyyutt iralu Naluva- 
sutiya Madi-Gavudana kayyalu nada gavudugalige heggade, .javali haduvara 
kottu guttageya bayala kereya kaderi Somedeva-Gavudana maga Ekki-Setti 
maraihkondan alli vambhattu mannina kramada kula bitti horagagi e-baudadam 
ondu mannu hadiya kaya nodut iruva .... (usuai fiuai phrases) 


At Hirikole (same hobli), on a stone south of the big tank. 
sri-Lakshmaramago Sukrurada .sevegc Tiruvengal-ayyanavaru haduva Liiigayy. 
age Manikatte-ycri-raodala-chavaka kudikondu vore-gaddo hola 2 saha palisida 
bhiimi idu tadadavaru avar-apana. .maga idu tekkondava ivana tambula 


At the same village, on a virakal in front of the MalleSvara temple. 
Bvasti sri maha-mandalosvara Vira-Ganga-Hosuna-Devaru Bethadapurada ur- 

alivina koleyam sethi hora-biddalli bandu tagidali halarara keram hoyidu 

tanum guleya bidarii || 

1058 Nala-sariiva bahula-ekadasi-Mangalavarad andu. . . . 

Bamma nilisida 


At Ibbidu (same hobli), on a stone in a lane near the village entrance. 

sri-Gai.iadhipataye namah subham astu n 

namas tunga eto. n 

pantu v6 jalada-syamas Sarnga-jya-ghata-karkasah | 

trailokya-valaya-stambhas chatvaro Hari-bahavah n 
svasti sri jayfibhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha 1457 sanda vartamana-Man- 
matha-sariivatsarada Ashadha..5 lu Adityavara-punya-kuladalu sriman-maha- 
rujadhiraja raja-pararaesvara sri-vira-pratapa sri-vira-Achyuta-Raya-maharaya- 
ru Hampeya Hastinavatiya nelevidioalu pruthvi-rajyarii geyivutt iralu I srimau- 


252 Belur Tahq. 

maha-mandalesvara Tirumalaya sriman-maha-arasugala aliyama Nandi. . . .Ra- 
ghupati-Raja-maha-arasugalu sriman-maharajadhiraja-raja-kuladhidevatey ahai 
abhinava-kshoni-Vaikunthav enisida Velapuriya sri-Channa-Kesavanatha-devari- 
ge I kotta gramada dharmma-sasanada kramav ent endare | Tirumala-Raja-Vadeya- 
rige dharmmav agabek endu Channigarayana sannidhiyalu prathama-ekadaseya 
nadeyisikondu namma nayakatanake saluva Hasanada simey-i-sthalad-olagana 
Ibidina-grama. .gramakke saluva kaluvali Khandenahalli-grama 1 Ramesome- 
nahalli-grama 1 antu grama, . . .varahana gramagala bhiimiyanti sri-Chenna- 
Kesavanatha-devarige sa-hiranyodaka-dana-dhara-piirvvakav agi dhareyan eradu 

kottev agi a-gramagalige saluva chatus-simeya olag-ulla nidhi-nikshepa- 

jala-pasana-akshini-agami-siddha-sadhyangal emba ashta-bhoga-tejas-svamyava- 
nu agumadikondu nitya-stitiyalu jana 80 raandi brahmanarige anna-satravanu 
yikikondu yiha, . . (uauai finai phrases) sriman-maha-stanam srimad-dakshina-Vara- 
ra Raghupati-Raja-maha-arasugalu kotta dharma-sasanake subham astu (usuai finai 
verso and finai phrasos) yi-satra-gramagalu Chenna-hebaruvana vasa sri 


At the same village, on a stone near the rachchi-katte. 
sri-Ganapataye namah | 

krida-krodas sa vah payad yad-damshtragre vasundhara | 

babhara ketaka-siras-sangi-bhringangana-sriyara n 

samsmarann iva vasasya nana-raatsyadi-janmasu | 

sete' sma sukham ambodhau yah pura Purushottaraah n 

abhavat tasya devasya nabhau vilasad ambujaih i 

tasmad avirabhiid Brahma tat-suto'trir ajayata \\ 

tan-netrad abhavat Somah tato Yadu-mahipatih | 

tatas Sal6'bhud bhupala jajnire kirtti-mandanah n 

tad-vaihsa-varddhano jato Vinayaditya-bhiipatih | 

Ereyanga-mahipalo jatas tasya mahatmanah n 

tasmad Vishnu-nripo jatas svayam dharrama-vidarh varah | 

Narasirhha-mahipalas tat-suto' palayan mahirii || 

dig-gajendrasya sobheva Meror iva saraunnatih i 

abhiid Echala-Deviti bharya tasya raahipateh n 

chandraih dig iva Mahendri kaustubhaih kshira-varidheh | 

velevasuta tanayam sapi Ballala-bhiipatim || 

Ballala-bhupateh kirttir vitata sobhatetaram | 

vitanam iva lokasya chandratapa-vinirmitaih n 
svasti samasta-bhuvanadhisvara(m) sri-prithvi-vallabha maharajadhiraja parame- 

Belur Tahq. 253 

svaraDvaravati-pura-varadhisvara Yadava-kulambara-dyuniani malaparol ganda 
dra-sviya-rajadhanyam sukhena sasati sati | Kuravaliti asti . 

Perumalu-maha-mantri mahi-vara-Brihaspatih i 

dharinas tasya Ballairillala-mantrinau n 

tad-gotra-netra I 

vinoda-niratau sat-kritya-karanu. . . || 

noda-rasikau nripa-vallabhau | 

tatragrajah nidi II 

pragalbha-bhuraa padam Isvarasya tatha i 

Ballala-naraa bhuvi k6'pi chandrah || 

(5 lines gone) 

. .latas tasya devasya niyatA,radhana-siddhaye n 
Saka-varusha sayirada 1 139 neya Isvara-sariivatsarada Pushya-su 12 Somavara- 
Makara-sankrama-kahidalu Tagare-nud eppattar-olagana Alftra-sta]a}h dfitavy- 
am iti 8o'pi Vaishnava-chakravartti Vira-BaHula-Devaru bhaktya tam evAluram 
tasmai Janardana-devaya pradat | a-devaringea-vftra raaha-jana a-hiriya-kereya 
kelage karu belevalli miivattu-kolaga gaddeya sarvvamanyav agi dhara-pftrvvak- 
av agi kottaru | antaha adhyaksharu Ballaniiagalu a-viira maha-janangalige kra- 
yadhikavagihonnakottu — kramav agi Perumalu-kiriya-kereya kelage. .honnan 

ikki V agi kattisi kereya kelage belava gaddc salage aru . ge dha- 

ra-purvvakav agi kottaru | mattaih a-mahri-jana kereyakelagana 

madyakada kfiru-beleva. .khanduga kraya-dravyadim madikondu ka- 

rttava arige kottaru avaru a-devarige kottaru n mattaiii. . . .Surige- 

Perumalammage Virupaksha-devarige kraya-dravyavaih kottu agami- 

samasta-bali saha vagi vandu-vrittiyakondukottaru i mattaiii 

Ballaniiariga|u Anbiya-Kesavarigetanduko varakottuagami» 

bali-sahitaiu adda-kercyani kondu-kottaru (asaai fliwi Tersc) 


At Andale (same hobli), on a stone in the enclosure of the Rudra-dSva 

temple north-east of the village. 

Bhava-saiuvatsarada Chaitra-su 1 lu srimatu Chitti-Nayakara Basavappa- 

Nayakaru Verikatadri-Nayakarige punyav agaliy endu nanda-divige. 


At Ballilru (same hobli), on a virakal near the viilage entrance. 
svasti samasta-prasasti-sahitara sriman-maha-mandalesvararii Tribhuvana- 
malla Talakadu-konda Vira-Gariga-Hoyasala-Devara vijaya-rajyam uttarottara- 
bhivriddhi-pravarddhamanam a-chandrarkka-taraih saluttam ire Krodhi-saih- 

254 Belur Tahtq. 

vatsarada Chaitra-puimamiyalu Balliyura Chikka-Machanna 

sigeya inuttida kalagadol jaya yiridu sura-loka-praptan ada , , 


In the same place. 
namas tuiiga eto. || 
Chola-pratishtacharyya-Vira-Narasimha-Devana rajya ^i Tolala Chande-Gauda 
Tagareya (rest iiie^ibie) 


In the same place. 
svasti samasta-prasasti-sahitam Tribhuvana-malla Poysala-Deva Talakadu- 

konda Hosala Balliiira Heda-Muddannana su-paiitra Siva Balli- 

yura Tantra-Halageya besanadinde kalana senad iridu tannahesara 

. . .ura 


At Nitttlr (same hobli), on a stone in Venkataramanaiyangar's 

wet land, north of the village. 

svasti sri jayabhyudaya . . . hana-saka-varusha 1404 sanda varttamana- 

Subhakritu-samvatsarada Karttika-suddha 15 dakshina-Varanasiy 

ada-Velapuri-sri-Chenna-Kesa[va]natha-devarige Muttugadahala Maduvarasa- 

Nayakara makkalu Lakkanna-Nayakaru nitya ratriyananda-diptiyakatta- 

legenarama amara-nayakatanada Tagare-nada ventheyada Nittiiru-gramadolage 
mannu yikkhanduga-gaddeyanu dhareyan eradu chatus-simege kallu hakisi 

kottev agi yi-dammakke ar obbaru tappidavaru yavaj-jiva dharmma 

yi-dharmmava madida Lakkanna-Nayakarige bahudu yi-dharmmakke tappidava- 
ru Kumbhipa(ta)kakke hoharu 

deva-svam harate yas tu tri-sapta(h)-kula-samyutah | 

kalpa-koti-sahasrani Kumbhipake sa pachyate || 


On a stone west of the Anjaneya temple, north-east of the same village. 
svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha 1404 sanda varttamana- 
Subhakritu-samvatsarada Magha-suddha 1 sriman-mahajanam srimad-dakshina- 
Varanasiy ada Velapuriya sri-Chenna-Kesavanatha-devarige Muttagadahala Ma- 
duvarasa-Nayakara makkalu Lakhanna-Nayakaru tamage amara-daimayakata- 
nada Tagara-nada ventheyada Nittiira-grama 1 nu devarige sayaihkalada nai- 
vedya-samarppana nanda-dipa dadhy-anna-naivedya 2 saha Nittiiru-gramada 

Belur Taluq. 255 

sarvva-svamya-sahitav-agi Muttagadahala Lakkanna-Nayakaru samarppisida 
grama-sila-sasana n 

deva-svaiii yo haren mando jnanato' jnanat6'pi va | 

sa tu kalpa-satam sakshad Eauravadishu pachyate n 


At Mallapura (Arehalli hobli), on a stone in the garden 

of the matha, near the village entrance. 

srimatu Nala-samvatsarada Salivahana-sake *1650 ke Chaitra-suda 10 lu 

Venkatadri-Nayakaru tamage punyav agaliy endu Pushpagiri-matake kotta linga- 

mudre-Malapuravu yi-dharmmake tappi alupidare Kasili 12000 savira govu 

brahmaru konda papa Musalamana Makidali handi konda-hage yendu 

kotta dana-patte sri 


At Pushpagiri (same hobli), on copper plates in possession 
of Malliklrjjuna-Vader in the Mallapura matba. 
\la\ sri-Girisaya namah | 

sarada-nirada-hira-virajat-parada-garvva-nivaraka-miirtih | 
Srigiri-miirdliani san-muni-sevyo rajati Rajata-saila-siras-sthah n 1 || 
sri-Nanakubhikhya-guriittamatta-jnanottaras satya-vachCuuraktah | 
Kausalya-gotro Bhramarambikayah patyedadau gramam anuttaraaih sah || 2 || 
[/6] Meharakhatri-maha-vamsa-jrita-san-mani-nriyakah | 

Lachchiramakhya-prithvipa-pautrO vidvaj-janasrayah n 3 || 
NanCl-bayi-su-garbha-sukti-su-manir Madhyandinadhyapakah | 
sarvorvi-bharana-pravina-su-bhujah sri-Chandulala-prabhuh n 4 || 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Saka-varshambulu 1743 aguneti Vrisha-nama-sariivat- 
sara-Margasira-suddha 15 me-Sukravaramandu sri-Svayambliu-linga-chakra- 
vartti Bhramarambika-vallabha sriman-maha-Mallikarjjuna-maha-liuga-devuni- 
ki anga-ranga-vaibhavalu amrita-pallelaku mavuje- [i/a] Niiigala khasube 
trduke Godalumalu sayaruva kalaliva mohatarpha bagu bagayatu vagairava 
chauki bahania jatuva sethi-rusurii desamukhu vagaira sarvagraharauganu 
parva-kalamaudu chatus-sima ashta-bhogarii tejas-svamyaiiganu dhara-pfirva- 
kamuga a-chandrarkaiiga samarpinchi yichchina dharma-sasana-patrike 
mad-dattrim anya-dattarii v& vrittirii harati yo narah | 
nirayo nilayas tasya bhaved a-chandra-tarakarii n 1 n 

(asunl Hnal verse) 

♦ So iii the original. 1650 = Kllaka, Niijii=1658. 

256 JrsiJcere Tdluq. 



At Bandur (Javagallu hobli), on a stone in the site of Jaina-basti. 
srimat-parama-gambhira-syad-vadamogha-lanchhanam | 
jiyat trailokya-nathasya sasanam Jina-sasanam || 
jayati sakala-vidya-devata-ratna-pithaih 
hridayam an-upalepam yasya dirgghaih sa devah | 
jayati tad-anu sastrarii tasya yat sarva-raithya- 
samaya-timira-hari jyotir ekarii naranarii |i 
sri-kantar yYadu-kula-ra- | 
tnakaradol kaustubhadigala-vol palarurii | 
lokopakara-parinata- i 
r ekikrita-sakala-raja-gunar appinegarii n 
Salan emban age Yadava- i 
kuladol puli paye kandu rauni puliyarii poy | 
Sala ene poydudarim Poy- i 
sala-vesar avanindav age tad-variisajarol n 
vinayarii pratapam emb i- | 
jananathochita-charitra-yugadiih jagamaih | 
jana-nayanav enisi negaldarii | 

Vinayadityarii samasta-bhuvana-stutyarii n 
atang ati-mahimarii Hima- | 

Setu-samakhyata-kirtti san-murtti-Mano- | 

jatam marddita-ripu-nripa- | 

jatarii tanujatan adan Ereyanga-nriparii || 

ballidar avanipatigalo- | 

1 ellarii dharmmarttha-kama-siddhi-vol avani- | 

vallabhar atana tanayar i 

bBallalarii Bitti-Devan Udayadityarii n 

muvar-arasugalolarii taih i 

bhavise madhyaman ad agiyurii nripa-guna-sad- | 

bhavadin uttaman adaih l 

bhavi-bhavad-bhuta-jishnu Vishnu-nripalarii n 

Maleyarii sadhisi mandane Talavanarii Kanchi-purarii Koyatur | 

niMale-nad a-Tulu-nadu Nilagiriy a-K61alav a-Kohgu Nah- | 

galiy Uchchahgi-Virata-Raja-nagaraih Vallur iv ellaih bhuja- | 

baladiih lileye sadhyav adud ejriey ar vVishnu-ksharaapalanol || 

ant enisida Vishnu-mahi- i 

kantana tanayarii nayanurupopayaih i 

Arsikere Talnq. 257 

santata-bhuja-pratapa- | 

kranta-paraih Narasimlian ahava-simbam n 

a-Narasiihha-uripatiya | 

manasa-kala-haiiise patta-madevige dha- | • 

tri-nuteg Ecbala-Devige i 

nana-guna-ganada kanige cbintamanivol n 

sakala-kala-paripurunam | 

sakalorvvi-nayana-sukha-dau a-kalahkam tiin | 

a-kutilan a-purvva-nava-si- i 

takaram BaHala-Devan udayam geydam n 

vinaya-sri-nidhiyam viveka-nidhiyam brahmanyanarii phrnna-pu- | 

nyanan uddama-yasorttbiyarii jita-jagat-pratyarttbiyarii sarva-saj- i 

jana-sariistutyanan udbhavad-vitarana-sri-Vikramadityanam | 

manujesar maleraja-rajanan ad erii Ballulanaih pOlvare |j 
svasti samadhigata-pailcha-maha-sabda maha-raaudajesvararii | Dvaravati-pura- 
varadbisvararii | Yadavanvaya-sudhri-varddhi-varddhana-Makara-sandra-chand- 
rarii I vibhavadharikritamarendrarii | Vasantika-devi-labdha-vara-prasadaiii | 
viracbita-vira-vitarana-vinodarii | ripu-raja-kadali-shanda-khandana-pracbanda- 
mada-vedanda | mahiparol-ganda mandalika-giri-vajra-danda | ganda-bberundal 
rana-ranga-dhira | jagad-eka-vira namadi-samasta-prasasti-sahitarii Talakadu- 
gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Gahga-pratapa-Hoysala-Ballala-Devarii Dorasamudrada 
nelevidiuol sukba-sahkatba-vinodadirii rajyarii geyyuttara ire tad-anvaya-guru- 
kula-kramam ad entene | 

srimad-Dramila-sahgbe'smiu Nandi-sahghe sty Aruhgalali | 

anvayo bhati y6'sesha-sastra-varasi-paragaih n 
sri-Varddbamana-svamigala dbarmma-tirttham pravarttisuvalli ganadharar eni- 
aida Gautama-svamigalindam i Biiadrabahu-Bhattarakarindara Bhhtabali-Push- 
padanta-svamigalindarii | eka-sandhi-Sumati-Bhattarakarindarii | Samantabha- 
dra-svamigalindrtrii | Bhattiikalahka-Devarindarii | Vakragrivacharyyarindam i 
Vajranandi-Bhattarakarindarii | Siriihanaudy-acharyyarindarii | para-vadi-malla- 
Sripala-Devarindarii | Kauakaseua-sri-Vadirajarindaih | sri-Vijaya-Deval-indarii | 
sri-Vadiraja-Devarindaih | Ajitasena-Pandita-Devarindarii i Mallishena-maladhari- 
svamigalind anantararii j 

taraag ajha-vasam adud uunata-mabibhrit-koti tamminde binp j 

amardatt i-dhareg eyde tamma mukhadol shat-taikka-varasi-vi- | 

bhramain aposana-matram adud enal iih mat en Agastya-prabha- | 

vamumaih kilpadisittu pempin-esakarii Sripala-yogindrara || 
avar-agra-sishyar || 

Sripala-traividya-vidya-pati-pada-kamala,rudiiana-labdha-buddhib | 
siddhantambhonidhana-pravisiirad-amritasvada-pushta-praraodab | 


258 Arsikere Taliiq. 

diksha-siksha-su-raksha-krama-kriti-nipunah santataiii bhavya-sevyah | 
s6'yam dakshinya-murttir jjagati vijayate Vasupujya-vratindrah n 
avara guddugal ratna-traya-samanvitar Ba. .-Devan atana vadhu Saviyakkam || 
' avarge tanubhavarii jita-Manobhava-rupan apara-paurushaih i 
vividha-kala-vilasa-bhavanaiii prabhu Belliya-Dasi-Setti bhu- | 
bhuvanaman eyde rakshisuva danada dharmmada pempinirii sudha- | 
rnnavad eney appa kirttiyan uparjjisidarii vibudhaika-bandhavarii || 
padevarii sad-dharmma-maryyadeyole paradu-geyd artthamarii nyayadindarii i 
paded arttham devata-pujege basadige sishteshta-danakke nichcharii | 
kude mattarii tannabhagyarii tava-nidhiy ene nild unmi kaiganme pempara i 
padedarii Dasarii viyan-mandapa-kalita-yasah-kalpavalli-vilasarii n 
atana sati Bokiyakka || avara sodaraliyandir heggade Madi-Rajanurii Sankara- 
Settiyarurii || a Belliya-Dasi-Setti Dorasamudradal madisida Hoysala-Jinalayakke 
bittaBandavuradalli Madi-Rajanurii Sankara-Settiyurh madisida Piirsva-devargge 
basadiyarii Pushpasena-Devar mmadisidar a-devar-ashta-vidharchchanegarii ri- 
shigal-ahara-danakkarii jirnnoddharakkav agi Vasupujya-Siddhanta-Devarurii 
avara sishya Pushpasena-Devarurii Madi-Rajanum Sahkara-Settiyurii saraasta- 
praje-gavundugalurix saragadind a-chandrarkkarii nadevantagi Saka- 
varsharii 1090 tt-ondaneya Sarvvadhari-sariivatsarad uttarayana-sahkramana- 
grahana-vyatipatadandu dhara-purvvakarii bitta tala-vritti || (6 lines coutain detaiis 
of grant) suhkada heggadegal bitta nanda-divigege kai-gana vondu intu Vasupujya- 
Siddhanta-Devar ttamma sishya Vrishabhanatha-Panditargg inituvarii dhara- 

purvvakaril kottar (usual final phrases and verses) 

Traividya-Deva-sishyarfi | 

devarchchana-dana-dharmma-nirataih satatam | 
Devavrata-parisuddharii | 
bhu-viditarii Pushpasena rauni-jana-vinutarii n 


At J^vagallu (same hobli), on a stone in the roof of rang^a-mantapa 
in the Lakshmi-Nrisiihha temple. 
naraas tuhga etc. n 


devas triloki-guruh (| 1 n 

Atri-netrad abhud ekarii jyotir yenararitandhasah j 

abhavann amaras sarvve s6ttariis6'pi Maliesvarah || 2 || 

tad-variisa-kalasambh6dher jatas Channa-mahipatih | 

sura-dantiva yad-dana-dharabhih kshalitarii jagat || 3 n 

tat-sunur abhavat Timraa-raahisah sammatas satarii | 

visritvara-yasa vairi-sararu-puru-vikraraah || 4 || 

tasraad ajani Narijendro Rajendra-sadrisah sriya ! * • 

Arsikere Taluq. 259 

Ilayanakhyo mahipalo data cha vidushaih dvishaih n 5 || 
ajanishta tato raja Bhairavo ripu-bhairavah ( 
a-kalankas chatush-shashti-kalo jayati yo viJhum || 6 || 
sasti YamasihVdesaiii sa raja raja-sekharah | 
yena rajanvati bhumir abhavad dharmma-charina n 7 n 
nisamya yasya visadaiii yasah prati-uisam janah | 
jahuh kumuda-sankochad akande kaumudi-bhayam n 8 || 
anyesharii bhumi-pahlnara katarah kirtti-yoshitah | 
unmajjanti nimajjanti yad-yasah-kshira-varidhau || 9 || 
svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivuhana-saka-varusha 1437 sandu varttamana-Yuva- 
saihvachharada Margasira-suddha-paurnnamiyii Hudhavaradalu sriman-maha- 
mandalesvara hadimurru-rayara-ganda H:\yanatmaja Baira[va}-bhuprilaru Jjiva- 
galinali sukha-sankatha-vinodadiih dharmniadinda rajyaraurii paripalisutalu ta- 
vagc niravadhikav-agidda dharmraa-kirttigal agabek-endu ri-chaiidrarkka-stha,yiy- 
agi iha-hage samasta-pranigaligu upakaravaha-hage Javagalla-dakshiiia-bhaga- 
dalu Bayirasamudrav-emba maha-tatakavanu nirmisi a-tatakada kelage Nandana- 
vanake sariy-agidda kshetra-pratishtheyanu miidi Javagalla piirvvada kerege 
Saluvana-agal-embakaluvenik hostagi tegasi a-kerega|a purnna-tatakavaha hage 
madi a-keregalu dridhavaha-hage madidaru || 

eka-vadaba-nishevyara ajasram vadabair bahubhir esiia nishevyah | 
uddhritainritam adhah-kurute'bdhiiu Bhairavabdhir ainaI6'mrita-piirnnah|| 
int i-dharmma-pratishtheyaih raadi saraanantaradali Javagallige hostagi tenka- 
li herbbagilanu tegasi a-hebbagila kallili katisi a-hebagilu todagi tavu katida 
Bayirasaraudrada kodi-pariyantaravagi hostagi pataiiava katisi adanu na[na]- 
prajegajirii pari-purnnarii niadi i-dharraagaligo kalasa-stanavagi brahmana-ku- 
tuinba-pratishteya inadidaru iiitapa dharniina-sasanake mahgalam sri 


At the same village, oii a stone near the Jaina-basti. 
svasti sri Kondakundanvayada Desi-ganad Amarachara-Bhatarara sisyantiya 
ashtopavasadara Kriyagunachandra-Bhatarara sadharmmagalu tombhattela 
varisa ta. . . .vayduna Bri nisidhiya kallan irisida 


At Koligunda (same hobli), on a stoue in the Isvara temple. 
namas turiga ctc. n 
svasti srimatu IToysala-vamsadol udiyisida Vinayadityana putran app Ereyari- 
garigav Echala-Devigarii muvarurh-devarante Ballala-Vishnu-Udayadityar emba- 
rum puttidar avarolage Vishnu-nriparigarii Lakma-Devigaih udiyisida Vira- 
Narasiihha-Devao atana su-ptitran appa Vira-Ballala-Devana vikramad anukra- 


260 Arsikere Taluq. 

mam eiit erie || svasti samaclhigata-pancha-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvaram 
Dvaravati-pura-varadhisvaram Tribhuvana-malla Talakadu-Kongu-Nangali- 
Gangavadi-Nonambavadi-Banavase-Hfuiungal-Uchchangi-gonda nissarikan a- 
sahaya-sura Sanivara-siddha giri-durgga-malla chalad-arika-Rama pratapa- 
Hoysala-Vira-Ballala-Devaru sakala-mahi-mandalamam dushta-nigraha-sishta- 
pratipalanam geydu Dorasamudrada nelevidinalu sukha-sarikata-vinodadiiii 
rajyam geyyuttam ire tat-pada-padmopajivi svasti srimatu parama-visvasi 
Pliriya-Hemmeya-mavantanum Chikka-Herameya-mavantanum Jaiineya-mavan- 
tanum Keteya-mavantanurh Bucheya-mavantanuiii Madeya-mavantanum Chau- 
daya-mavantanurii Koligundava sukhadin aluttam iral avarolage Keteya-mavan- 
tan-anvayav ent ene || 

an-upama-guna-nilayam tan | 

anavarataiii dani satya-nidhi tejo-nidhiy emb i- | 

vinaya-dayam Chattaiyana | 

vaniteye Malauveya mnhimeg ar saman olare n 
int i-stri-purushar-irvvarigaih kshira-varudhi-meru-samyogadim puttuvante 
puttida Keteya-mavantana prabhavaiii | 

kalitanada Parttha Karnnana | 

kaliy emb i-Bhimasenanam nere polvaih | 

kalitanad alaviyol itam i 

kali dhuradolag adatan alte Javanana Ketaih || 
int i-guna-nilayan appa Keteya-mavantanuih Koligundad-ura-munde Sivalyava 
pratishtheyaih madisi tamma heggade Honnaiyanuih HoUaya-heggade a^vura 
mund irisi Saka-varsha* 1150neya Nala-saihvatsarad Magha-suddha-bidige-So- 
mavaradandu Ketesvara-devar-ariga-bhoga-nivedya-jirnnoddharakk endu svasti 
appa Sankara-jiyara putran appa Sakalesvara-jiyara kalaih karchchi dhara- 

purvvakam madi bitta datti (8 lines followlng contaln details of gift and usuat final phroBea 
and verse) 


In the same village, on a stone near the Vighnesvara temple. 
namas turiga etc n 

*eka-dantaih vighna-rajaih gana-patiih vasu-dayakaiii l 
lambodaraih maha-kayaih Vinayaka nara6'stu te n 
svasti sriy-irpp-uttama- | 
vastu jagaj-jana-mandharaih su-jaiia-jana- | 
prastutyarh visad-yaso- i 
vistaritam esevud amama Hoysala-vaihsam || 

♦ S<> in the original. 

Arsikere Taluq. 261 

a-Hoysula-vaiiisaclol udayisida V^inayaditya-putran-app Ereyangangav Echale- 
Devigam inuvar-ddevar-ante Ballala-Vishnu-Udayadityar erab muvarum putti- 
dar avarolage Vishnu-nripalangam Lakma-Devigam udaysida Vira-Narasiihha- 
Devangam Patta-mahadeviyarigam puttida Vira-Ballala-nripalana vikramad 
anukramam ent ene || 

pudidirdd-attale pechchid-alverey agurvv-agirdda mel-gottalaih | 
kadanakk adbhutam appa dehkani karaiii gunpull agal kadi ho- | 
gad enipp aggada durggad ondu-baladindarh Jaitugara kade be- | 
gade kondaih kali Lokkigonrliyan adarh Ballala-bhupalakam || 
svasti samadhigata-paiicha-maha-sabda mahri-mandalesvaram Tribhuvana- 
malla Talakadu-Kohgu-Nahgali-Gahgavridi-Nonambavadi-Banavixse-Hanuhgal- 
Uchchahgi-gonda nissahkan a-sahaya-siira Sanivara-siddi giri-durgga-raalla 
chahid-ahka-Rama pratapa-Hoysala-Vira-Ballala-Devaru Dorasamudrada nele- 
vidinolu sukha-sahkatha-vinodadiih prithvi-rajyahi geyyuttam ire || tat-pada- 
«j»adm6pajivigal app Aneya-mavantara pratapav entene || ant enisi negald a- 
Hiriya-Hemmoya-mavantanum Chikka-Hemmeya-mavantanum Javaneya-mavan- 
tanum Keteya-mavantanum Duggeya-mavautanurii Bhchaya-mavantanuih K6- 
ligundaman aluvand avarolage Javaneya-raavantau-anvayam ent ene || 
an-upama-guna-nilayarii tan | 
anavarataih dani satya-nidhi tejo-nidhiy emb i- | 
vinaya-dayarii Cliattayyana | 


vaniteyu Mahiyveya mahimeg ar saman olare n 
int i-stri-purushar-ibbarigarii puttida Javanaya-mavantaiia >.iiryyam cnt eiie || 

Javanaih jakkulipaih ripu- | 

Javanarii muiii-balla kilvan ant a-dhuradol i 

Java nere becbchisi^darii) tiridam | 

Javaneya-mavanta viran ahava-dhira n 
iiit i-Javaneya-mavantanuih tanna mata-pitrigalge sreyass ahant-agi Koligun- 
dad-ura munde Vinayakana pratishteyaih madi bhumiyaih biduvagal atana 
lieggade-Honnayyanu heggade-Madayyanuih heggade-Ma,laiyanuih heggade-Po- 
chayyanuih Goveya-sahaniy ii-iira Mara-Gaundanuiii Benava-Gaudanurii samasta- 
prajegaluiii senabovarum irddu Saka-varsha 1117 ney Ananda-saiiivatsarada 
Magha-suddlia-pahchami-Budhavarad andu devar-ahga-bhoga-uivedyak endu 
Javaneya-raavantanurii Keteya-mavantanuih Mallika-jiyana kalaih karchchi 
dharapurvvakaih raadi bitta datti hiriya-kereya kelage nerile haduvana 
gadde kolaga 2 settiyahala-mele beddak' kolaga 15 int i-Vinayakana 
dharmmavan avara inaga hcggade-Honnayyadevalyavarh madisi pratipalisida n 

(usnal tinal piiraseA and versf) 

2(52 Arsikere Taluq. 


At Neralige (same hobli), on a virakal near the sluice of the tank. 
svasti srimatu Chalukya-Vikaraa-kalada 9 ttaneya Raktakshi-saihvatsara- 
da.. .srimatu Tribhuvanamalla Vineyaditya-Poysala-Devanu Gangavadi-tora- 
bhatt-arif-sasiramaih dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipalaneyim sukha-sankatha- 
vinodadim (left side) rajyam geyyuttam ire tat-pada-padmopajivi samadhigata- 
pancha-raaha-sabda raaha-savantaih sakala-lakshmi-kantam Tripurahara-labdha- 
vara-prasadam rariga-madamodam ripu-nivaha-kanja-vana-kuiijararii saranagata- 
vajra-panjararii Poysala-Deva-padaradhakarii para-bala-sadhaka ganda-pracha- 
nda nudidante gandan aynurvvara kode sriman-maha-samanta-Bammayyagala 
kiriy-ayya Neriligeya perggade Alamayyarii (Nolamba) Nolambanakereya kale- 
gadalu mel-alu-kudureyan iridu vira-svarggakke sanda maiigala 


At Mosale (same hobli), on a stone near the Ramesvara temple. 
Sri-rama-vallabharii sad-gnna-gana-nilayarii sarvvagarii sarvva-loka | 
dhararh bhakti-priyarii sasvatan akhila-jagad-vandyan ananda-rupara | 
kshirambhorasi-sariistham bhava-durita-haram muktidam bhakti-garayam | 
karunyambhodhi Narayanan emag araalanandamarii malk anantarii || 
svasti samasta-prasasti-sahitarh sriraat-pratapa-chakravartti Hoysala-sri-vira- 
Narasirhh(v)a-Dev-arasaru prithvi-rajyariigeyyuttiddalli Saka-varusha 1 189 neya 
Prabhava-sariivatsarada Chaitra-su 1 So-d-andu sriman-maha-pasaytarum appa 
Kutana-hegadegala maga Ballannarigalu Mosaleya kaluvali Malleyanahalli- 
• yalu a-Kutana-herggadeyaru madisida sri-Chenna-Kesava-devara sthanavanu a- 
devarig ulla deva-danavanu vaidya-Deva-Pilleyannarigala maga Siddhann- 
arigevu Chudeyana maga Devanarigevu a-Channa-Kesava-devarig ulla Kusum- 
barada kereya kelagana (detaiis of boundaries) yint i-chatus-simey-olagana gaddevu 
ereya-keyyu a-Balleyakereya kelagana (detaiis of boundaries) yint i-chatus-simey- 
olagana tota sthalada gaddevu setiya halakeyya halada tadiya (detaiis of 
boundaries) yint i-chatus-simey-olagana keyyu Mosaleya gavudugalu tamma 
holadolage a-Chauua-Kesava-devarige bitta chatus-simeya sarikha-chakrada kall- 
olagana keyyuy a-devalya terikana manegalu a-mudana badagana kalanu 
volagada ashta-bhoga-tejas-samya-samasta-bali-sahita a-devata-sthalavanu a- 
Ballannarigalu tarama stri-putra-jriati-samanta-dayadyanumatiyirii sva- 
ruchiyirfi purassaravagi a-vaidya-Deva-Pilleyannarigala maga Siddhannarigevu 
a-Devannarigevu raja-guru-Rudrasakti-Devaru-mukhyavada samayarigalu a- 
Mosaleya gavundugala mund ittu Rudrasakti-Devarige kanikeyanu yikkisi a- 
Ballanuanavaru a-vaidya-Deva-Pilleyannarigala maga Siddhannarigevu Devann- 
arigevu priti-danav agi a-chandrarkka-sthayiy agi nadavantagi dhara-purvvakaih 
madi kotta sasana yint appudakke sakshigalu (herc foiiow names of witnesses) 

Ars-ikere Talnq. 263 

yint ivar-ubhayanuraatadiiii baradaiii aliya-Sovannanavara Krishnayya sri- 
sarvvajna-Padmaprabha sri-Vitaraga ( sri-Mahadeva sri-Ramanatha sri-Ketayya 
sri-Nartiyana-deva sri-Narayana sri-Harihara 

i-Channa-Kesava-devara devalya jirnnav agiddalliy ri-vaidya-Deva-Pilleyan- 
narigalu Byaya-samvatsarada Magha-su o So-d-andu srimanu-maha-pradhanarii 
Bimaya-dannayakara Tayammanavarige binnaha geyvalliy a-ammanavaru 
tamma vaidya-Deva-Pilleyannangalindavii jirimoddharava madsi a-piirvvada 
patra-sasanavanu sila-sasanav agi barasi a-devalyakke yittageyindavii hora- 
tharvanii katti kalasavanu madisi mundana ranga-mantapavanii mara-vesan agi 
madisi sotheyan ikkisi Balleyakereya vodavanii kattisi devarige samproksha- 
neyanu madsi Polaluva-Devan-adhikari Bommannana mund ittu a-halli Hiri- 
vura praje-gaudugalige devara prasadavanu avutanavrig ikkidalli avaru 
jirnnoddharava madittanu kandu santosharii battu a-devar-amritapadige 
devagolagavanu halli-Hirivuralu ri-chandrarkkav agi nadavant iigi A,-prajegalu a- 
devara sannidhiyalu dhareyan eradu kottaru a-Kutana-heggadegala Ballan- 
narigala santanabhivriddhiy ahantagivu Brahmarasi-Devarige. . . . ahantagivu 
aramanavarigevu Bireya-dannaykarigevu santanabhivriddhi ahantagivu vaidya- 

Deva-Pilleyannangalu ayvattu-honnu seve (right «de) yalu jirn 

noddharava madisidaru n 

muui hoyy andade hoydu heb-huliyau adam tat-Salaih Hoysalarii | 
Vinayadityanu tat-kuladyan Eroyaiigan tat-sutarii Vishnu tat- | 
tanayarii sri-Narasiihha-Devan avanirfi go-khyata-Balh\lan il- | 
tana putraih Narasimhan §,tana sutaih SOmesvarorbbisvararii || 
sri maiigala maha sri (nsuai flnai rerseii) mangala mahtl §r$ Jakkannaiige Ids 
ahantagivu vaidya-Deva-Pilleyannaiigalu madisida siisana | sri-aramanavaru 
mfulisi kotta dharmmn maiigala maha sri 


On another stone near the same temple. 

namas tuiiga otc. n 

para-rajyodagra-sindhu-pratati nija-balambodhiyol kude khalgod- | 
dhura-dharii-variyol satrava-nripa-nikaraih manad olade dikpa- i 
lara hendir ttanna kirtti-prasaraman olaviin pade miiloka-lakshmi- | 
varan adam Soyi-Devatmajan atula-balarii Narasiihha-kshitisaih n 
tat-pada-padmopajivi || 

kali kattiil Nrirasiriihadhipana katakadol Bira-dandadhiparii man- | 
dalikaiichat-torahattarii bhuja-balad alaviih Bhimaniih torahattaih | 
Balanindarii torahattaih samara-samayadol sauryyadol Partthanind ag- i 
galake[. . Jtorahattaih vitarna-gunadol Karnnaniih torahattaih n 

264 Arsikere Taluq. 

ant enipa Bira-rathini- | 

kantana maneyalli node Dhanvantarivol | 

santatav irppam sukhadin a- | 

nanta-gunam Deva-Rajan urjjita-tejam n 

vineya-nidhanam sajjana- | 

jana-sebjam sarvva-samaya-samadarsiy enipp ( 

anupaina-gunadim merevam | 

jana-vandyaiii Deva-Rajan anupama-punyam || 

atara Gauresvaramaiii | 

bhiitalam arivantu bhakutiyiiii madisidam | 

nfttana-vaidya-kala-vi- | 

khyataiii sri-Deva-Pille dharmma-nidhanam n 
svasti samasta-prasasti-sahitara sriraat-pratapa-chakravartti Hoysala-bhuja- 
bala sri-Vira-Narasiiiilia-Dev-arasaru Dorasamudrada nelevidinolu sukha-sanka- 
tha-vinodadirii prithvi-rajyarh geyvutt irddalli Saka-varsha 1209 neya Byaya- 
samvatsarada Magha-su 5 Bri Kutana-heggadeyara maga Ballannanavaru 
vaidya-Deva-Pilleyannangalige kotta kraya-pramana-patrada kramav entenda- 
de Mosaleya kaluvalli Malleyanahalliyalu emma kodageya gadde-beddalu- 
kala-maney-olagada a-vura gavudikeyalulla samasta-kshetravanu ashta-bhoga- 
tejas-svamya-siddha-sadhya-nidhi-nikshepa-jala- pasanav-olagada agami- sama- 
sta-bali-sahita a-Ballannanavaru Deva-Pilleyannana kaiyalu tat-kalochitav aha 
kraya-drabya gadyanam muvattanu sakalyena kondu tamma stri-putra-jnati- 
samanta-dayadyady-anumatiyim purassarav agi a-Ballaimanavaru Deva-Pilleyan- 
nangalige sva-ruchiyim vodambattu dhara^piirvvakam madi kotta kraya-pra- 

raaua-patra yint appudakke sakshigalu (rest contains names of witnesses) 


On the same stone. 

svasti sri Sarvvadhari-saiiivatsarada Jeshta-su 12 Su-d-andu sri-Gaure- 
svara-devara pratishthey adalli sriman-maha-pradhanaih Bireya-dannaykarige 
vaidya-Deva-Pilleyannahgalu kotta kraya-pramana-patrada kraraav entendade 
tavu Malleyanahalliyalu Kutana-hegadegala maga Ballannarigala kayyalu 
konda kodageya gadde beddalu kala raane ashta-bhoga-tejas-svamya nidhi- 
nikshepa-jala-pc\shana-agami-saraasta-bali-sahitav aha kshetravanu tat-kalochita- 
kraya-drabya ga 30 nu dannayakara kayyalu sakalyena kondu tararaa piitiyiih 
purassarav agi dhara-purvvakarii madi kottaru yint appudakkey a-Deva-Pille- 
yannahgala maga Siddhaiinana sva-hasta-likita || *sri-Vitaragah n sri-Madhur- 
antaka || 

* In Tatnil charaoters. 

Arsikere Taluq. 265 


On the same stone. 
Sarvvaclhari-samvatsaiada Sravana-su 5 So-d-andu srimad-raja-guru-Rudra- 
sakti-Devara makkalu Singannauu Chandrabhfishana-Devaru a-Ballannangala 
maga Chanda-gurugalii Mosaleya kriluvalli Malleyanahalliyalu vaidya-Deva- 
Pilleyannangalu madisida Gauresvara-devara amritapadige tamraa Ballalesvara- 
devara deva-dana Telleganakei-eyalli a-viira hittila Malabbekavveya bana- 
dirii paduvalu tenkalu vodavina kara-bhumiyindavu badagalu paduvalu vfua 
kara-bhiimiyindarii mfidalu badagaiu gavudugala kodagiyim tenkalu int i- 
chatus-simey-olagana kshetravanu . . gaddegalali linga- mudreya kallanii 
nettu a-viira terikana-paduvana-hallada baliya manala keyivolage mMana- 
bhugeya keyya chatus-sime terikana-kodiyindavii banda hallada saruvina hala- 
dim badagalu paduvalu a-manala-keyyindavu mudalu badagalu vura kara-bhii- 
miyindavfi terikalu mudalu vfira kara-bhfimiyindavu paduvalu yint i-chatus- 
simeya keyyalu liriga-mudreya kallanu nattu a-viirolagc badagiya maneyindavfi 
terikalu entu keyi maneya uivesanadalli linga-mudreyakalia nattu Ballalesvara- 
devara devalyada bhittiyalli sasanavanQi baredu a-Gauresvara-devara amrita- 
padige sarvva-namasyav agi niir-ippattu sthauikara mund ittu ya-Siriganna- 
Chandrabhilshana-Devarii a-Chanda-gurugalii dhareyan eradu kottevu int 
appudake a-mfivara sva-hastad oppa sti-Saptauatha | sri-Visvauatha *sri- 
Vedesvara sri sri | 


On the same stone. 
Sarvvadhari-saihvatsarada dvitiya-Bhadrapada-ba 3 Man-d-andu sriman- 
maha-pradhanarii Bireya-dannriyakaru Mallcyanahalliyalu navu maragi konda 
kodagiya a-vura mundana ereya keyi mAvatt-aru-mettina galeyalu kamba 
2110 a-badagana ere (su)sunna varulu attiya halugin-olagana gadde volagugi fi- 
mettina galeyalu kamba 8012 a-viira hinda harala-keyi a-galeyalu karaba 415 
habada kummari iUgaleyalu kamba 620 a-kodagiya mane yippatta-mugayy- 
agala nila mrivatta-nagayya manevQ Kesava-devarige hoha dariyiui mfidana 
kalananii Mosaleyalu i-kodagiya pra,ptada maneyanu ashta-bhoga-tejas-svamya- 
agami-saraasta-bali-sahitav aha kshetravanu Telliganakereyalu emm-aliyandiru 
dhareyan eradu kotta kshetravanfi arGauresvara-devara amritapadige u-kodii- 
giyanii deva-dtindv agi dhareyan eradu raja-guru-raukhyavrida nur-ippattu- 
sthanikara raund ittu vaidya-Deva-Pilleyannarigalige a-Gauresvara-devara deva- 
daDa-sahitav aha sthanavanu a-chandrarkka-sthayiy agi nadavant agi a-Deva- 
PiHeyannarigalige a-Bireya-dannayakaru priti-danav agi dhara-piirvvakaiii mudi 

* In Nikgari oharaoters. 


266 Arsikere Taluq. 

kottevu int appiidakke a-dannayakara sva-hastad oppa senabhova Devannana 
baraha sri (usuai fluai veraes) yi-dharmmavanu vaidya-Deva-Pilleyannan . . mridi- 
sidaru n sri mangala maha sri i-dharrmmavanu vaidyaru pratipalisuvaru \\ 

Brahmarasi-Devara makkalu Kumara Devarfi Mosaleya praje-gavudugalu 

i-dharmma pratipalisuvaru || 

13 ;.-:„..., 

On the left side of the same stone. 
Sarvvadhari-sarhvatsarada Karttika-su 5 A-d-andu sriman-maha-pradha- 
nain Bireya-dannayakaru Maleyanahalliyalu vaidya-Deva-Pilleyannarigalu 
yemma tayi-hesaralu madisida Gauresvara-devara devalyada kelasa pradish- 
the devara amritapadige konda bhumi pratimegalu isakara sava-davasu , . 
nfi a-vaidya-Deva-Pilleyannarigalige a-Bireya-dannayakaru Hagachi. . . .yade 
kottu a-Gauresvara. . . .sa-devara stanavanu a-deva-dilnavanu a-devarige i- 
siisana-mariyadeyal-ula ashta-bhoga-tejas-svamya-samasta-bali-sahita sarvva-na- 
masyav agi raja-gurugalu-mukhyavada uur-ippattu stbanikara mund ittu a- 
vaidya-Deva-Pilleyannarigalige a-Bireya-dannayakaru sva-rucliiyiih priti-danav 
agi dhara-purvvakarh madi • kottevu int appudakke a-Bireya-dannayakara 
sva-hastad oppa senabova-Naganna-Devana baraha sri-Torahattha h Brahma- 
rasi-Devara makkalu Somesvara-Devaruhadinentu-sameyarigalu i-dharmmavanu 
pratipalisuvaru |i yi-dharmmavanu muvatt-irchhasira. .ayyavaleya ayintirvvaru 
pratipalisuvaru || Telleganakereya gadde 48 mettina galeya kamba 94 a-gale- 
yalu beddalu kamba 72 (right side) a-Kumara-Somesvara-Devaru a-Gaure- 
svara-devara amritapadige dhareya eradu kotta kshetravanu Bachale- 
svarada Siddha-gurugala makkalu Bayicha-gurugalu emma priti-purvvakav agi 
dhareyan eradu kottevu yint appudakke a-Bayicha-gurugala sva-hastad oppa n 
*sri-Vedesvara sri sri 


On a stone in the south wall of the same temple. 
Sarvvadhari-saihvatsarada Phalguna-su 13 A-d-andu svasti samasta-prasati- 
sahitam srimad-raya-raja-guru mandalacharyya . . . chakra[va]rtti Brahma- 
rasi-gurugala makkalu Kumara-Somesvara-Devaru emma Barikapurada Hoysa- 
nesvara-devara deva-danav ada Mosaleya kaluvali Malleyanahalliyalli vaidya- 
Deva-Pilleyaniiarigalu madsida sri-Gauresvara-devarige amritapadige a-chan- 
drarkka-sthayiy agi sarvva-namasyav agi amritapadi naduvant agi a-Malleyana- 
halliya Huliyagondiyale Ciienna-Kesava-devara deva-danav ada (here foiiow detaiis) 
int i-gadde-beddalu-kala-mane-volagada kshetrarigalanu sichlha-sadhya-nidhi- 
nikshepa-jala-pashanav-olagada ashta-bhoga-tejas-svamya-agami- samasta-bali 

* In Naojari characters. 

Arsikere Taluq, 267 

sahita emma priti-purvvakav jigi emma ballu-manusya-Mallanna seuabhova- 
Lakkhana Rameyan olagada vondeyadavaru Polalva-Devannavaru adhikari- 
Bommanna a-Mosaleyahalli hiriyaru samasta-praje-gavudugala mund ittu 
fi-Gauresvara-devara amritapadige sarvva-naraasyav Tigi dhAra-purvvakam 
madi i-kshetrangala chatus-simeyalli linga-mudreya kallanu nettu Bireya- 
dannayakaru rrija-gurugalu kotta kshetrada sasanadalli. . .variyim. . .ppavanu 
yikki kottevu int appudakke a-Kumara-Somesvara-Devara sva-hastad oppa || 
sri-IIoysanesvara-devaru sri mangala maha sri 


At Madanahalli (same hobli), on a stone on the right side 
of the Mahalingesvara temple. 

uamas tunga etc. n 

svasti sri irpp-uttama- | 

vastu jagaj-jana-manohararh su-jana-jana- | 

prastutyam visada-yaso- | 

vistaritam esevud amama Hoysala-varasarii n 
a-Hoysala-varhsadol udayisida Vinayaditya-putran app Ereyangangav ^chala- 
Devigarii muvar ddevarante Ballaja-Vishnuv-Udayadityar emba miivarurii 
puttidar avarolage Vishnu-nripalangarii Lakshma-Devigav udiyisida Na,raslriiha- 
Devarigav fichala-Devigarii puttida Vira-BaHula-Devana prabhavarii n 
svasti sriman-maha-mandalesvararii Tribhuvana-malla Iloysaja Vira-BaUala- 
Devaru sakala-mahi-mandalamarii dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipalanaiu madi 
Dorasamudrada nelevidinolu sukha-sarikatha-vinOdadirii rajyarii geyvuttam ire n 
tat-pada-padmopajivigal appa Hiriya-Hemmeya-mavantanurii Chikka-Hemmcya- 
mavantanuih Javaneya-mavantanurii Keteya-mavantanum Bucheya-mavantanurii 
Chaudeya-raavantanurii Malleya-raavantanum Koligundava sukhadin aluttam 
ire II avara heggadegalurii a-vuia saraasta-praje-giivundugalum irddu ftcha- 
Gaudan atana kula-striy appa Mara-Gaudiyavara su-putran appa Madi-Gaudauge 
tavurii balliya mad endu kottade taragan udigi kanne-gereyarh kattisi vurarii 
madi devalyaman ettisi Madi-Gauda tanna mata-pitrigalige srC^yass ahantagi 
Echesvara-devara pratishtheyarii madi Hiriya-Mara-jiyanavaraGula-jiyaBenacha- 
jiyana maga Dudda-jiyan avar-ibbara kalarii karchchi Saka-varisha 1119 Nala- 
sariivatsarada Chaitra-suddha-tadige-Somavara-byatipata-sarikrantiyandu devar- 
ariga-bhoga-kbanda-sputa-nandadivige-jirnnoddharakk endu Madi-Gauda atana 
madavalige Raja-Gaudi avara sutan appa ficha-Gaudanurii dhara-purvvakarii 

madi bitta datti (rest contains dctaiU of gift nnd uHual ilnal Terses) 


268 Arsikere Taluq. 


At Des4ni (same hobli), on a stone in front of the Kallesvara temple. 

namas tunga etc. n 
svasti samadliigata-panch-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvaraiii Dvaravati-pura- 
varadhisvaram Yadava-kulambara-dyumani samyaktva-chudamani maleparolu- 
gandady-aneka-namadi-prasasti-sahitam Hoysala tanayam | 

balidade maledade. . . . | 

n udita-bhaya-rasa-vasadim | 

baliyada maleyada malepara | 

taleyolu Vinayadityarii n 

atangaiii Keleyabb-arasigaih puttidam | 

anata i 

. . . .sarasiruha-nalamaih khandisal en- | 

d a I 

Eraga-nripana bhujad asi-harasam || 

ataua sati Echala-Devigarh tatu-putraru Ballalu-Deva Bitti-Devan Udayaditya- 
Devam || 
avarolage n 

Tulu-nadam Male-nadam | 

Talakadam kondu taniyade bhu- | 

talamam Kaiichi-vararii kond | 

alavadisida Vishnu-bhubhujarii n 

atangarii Lakshma-Devigaih puttidarii | 

tarala-vilochananchalake kemp initurii bare barkkum agal ant- ( 

ari-narapala-sarikulada pandale kaige turariga-raji man- | 

durake gajali salege dhanaih nija-kosa-grihantarakke tad- | 

dhare kaditakke vundigege-vol esav i-Narasirigha-Devana(rii) || 
svasti samasta-prasasti-sahitam sriman-mahri-mandalesvaraih Tribhuvaua- 
Vira-Gariga pratapa-Narasiriiha-Hoysala-Devaih | srimad-rajadhani-Dorasamu- 
drada nelevidinalu sukha-sarikatha-vinodadirii prithvi-rajyarii geyyuttam ire | 
tat-pada-padmopajivi svasti srimatu gaja-vaidya-vidya-prasiddharii madhya- 
deso. .gala kula-shanda-pundarika-chandakaraih sakala-gunamritakaraih 
nappaih n 

praudha-vapu nikhila- | 

. Hara-pada-bhakuti vettaih | 

Jaiytu prakritan en a- | 

dhyayiyo Sesha-bhishagu vaidyabharanam || 

nadolage cheluv id enisida i 

khedaih. .n oppuva Desavaniya Surike- | 

Arsikere Taliiq. 269 

vadadi kude. . . .tatakada | 

kodiyal ettisidam jaiy ene Siva-nilayamam n 
a-maha-purushana satiyaru patibrata-gunasriteyarum appa Badi^avveyum, 
Meladevikayveyum avarolage piriya-satiya gunam ll 

Badiyabbeya dridha-gunavaiii | 

padikeydu hogaluvade pade sriyira-ualage i 

bidad ichchhayiram unt eih | 

Mridaniyum Podavijeyum dorey adapare || 
a-maha-satiya pati Jaiytu tanna maga Narana-Devanam tanna tamma Suppa- 
diyuraaih tann aliya Kava-Devanumaiii tanna niayduna Parasuramanumam 
muud ittu Siva-pratishtheyam mfidisidam || a-dharnunavanu. .... || 
svasti sriman-maha-pradhanam sarvvadhikari sri-karanada heggade Ketayann- 
aiigala guna-prabhavam n 

odavida tejadim tad-anuragada bhogada chugad arppinim | 

davolu prabalanvita-lekkad oppiniih l 

mudad odavim. . . .huv aldana samayad onde perchchinim | 

sad-amala-kirtti-Kesava-mahattaranindav ad avan unnataih il 
a-mantri-chudamani DSsavaniyan alutt ire || svasti srimatu Nirugunda-niid- 
olagana Desavaniya prabhugalu Malla-Gavunda Madi-Gavunda heggade-Mudda- 
yan avarolage n 

ballaih prabhu-guna-ganamaiii | 

kallara para-ninda-vachana-rachaQalahkaritavarii | 

sallarii dugunak endade | 

Mallaih garaunda guna-prachanda chandakaramsarii || 

parama-pada-madhura-madhupaih | 

para-vanita-surata-virata manonnatanurii | 

paripurnna-guna-nutarii para- | 

hitii-niratarii Madi-Gaudan cmbudan ariya n 

guniy end asrita-chinta- | 

maniy endu karuna-dcyad odavida kudharada sat- | 

kaniy endu dhairyya-chuda- | 

maniy endu hcggade-Muddanaih hogaluvadu || 
a-sakala-guna-sampannar appa gay vudugalaih asrita-jana-kalpavrikshav enisuva 
samasta-prajcgalumaih sada harasuva mahri-tapudhanaih Lakula-Sahadcvara 
putraih Gaugarasi-Panditara diksha-sutarii Tribhuva{na]sakti-Panditara tammaih 
Vama-jiyara sahaja-gunaih || 
harinf || vipula-tapa-lakshmi-kantaih dharmma-nirmmala-bhavanuih | 

saphala-dayitrikhyataih [, . . .jsanta-chittam auuttamarii | 

nipuna-Siva-sastrasa garii maiigala-bhiishanaih I 

tapasi munipaih Vamaih girvvana-nama-lalaraanuih || 
a-tap6-dhanaih tanna piriya-putra Vamasakti-Panditaru-mukhyavagi makkal 
ayvaruih berasu sukhadind ire n svasti srimatu Saka-varishaih 1061 Siddhartthi- 

270 Arsikere Taluq. 

sariivatsarada Chaitra-suddha-paurnnamase-Somavara-soma-grahana-vyatipata- 
sankrantiyandu Jaitu-vaidyaru ur-ayvatt-okkaluih gayvudugalum mukhyavagi 
Vama-jiyara kalaih karchchi dhara-purvvakaih madi bitta bhumi (4 lines contain 
detaiis of gift) yint i-bhumiyaih Jaitesvara-devar-anga-bhoga-nandadivige-naive- 
dya tapodhanara grasa khanda-sphuta-jirnnoddharakk endu bitta dharmmavaih 

pratipalisidavarige (usaal fipal phrases aud verse) 


At Undig:an£i,lu (same hobli), on a stone to the left of the Chaud^svari temple. 
sri II namas tuhga etc. n 

sri-kanta-netra-nilotpala-vadana-sarojata-sasraera-lila- | 

lokaih loka-trayojjrimbhita-visada-yasas-chandrika-doh-pratapa- j 

vyakirnnaih tyakta-yukta-krama-kalita-kubhrich-chakra-kheda-pramoda- 1 

srikaih sri-Vishnu-bhupam belaguge jagamam raja-marttanda-rupam jj 
kanda || Himadiih Setu-varam matt- | 

e maguld a-Setuvim Himaih-baregam vi- | 

krama-keliyira tolalvaih | 

sa-mada-kshatriyaran alipi Vishnu-nripalaih || 
gadya || svasti samadhigata-pahcha-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvaram Dvara- 
vati-pura-varesvaram Yadava-kulambara-dyumani samyaktva-chudamani sa- 
darppa-Chola . . . Kritantam .... nda-kesara-sirah-kalita-kuntaih Cherama- 
staihberama-ghata-kanthiravaih Pandya-nripala-kula-pralaya-Kalabhairavaih 
Chola-kataka-surekaraih mandalika-mriga-bentekara-namadi-samasta-prasasti- 
sahitaih sriman-maha-mandalesvaraih Kanchi-gonda Vikrama-Gahga-Vishnu- 
varddhanam Hoysana-Devaih Gahgavadi-tombhatt-aru-sasiramum Banavase- 
pannirchchasiramumam Palasige-pannirchchasiramumann erad-aru-nuruman 
eka-chcha . . . yin alavadisi rajyarii geyyuttaih vijaya-rajadhani Bankapuradol 
ire tat-pada-padumopajivigal || dorddanda. . . matu. .n appa Chandahara-jatti- 
yuih nija-kula-kuvalaya-chan. . .appa Chandrahara-jattiyuih matte Bhiraa- 
jattiyurii darppishta-pratimalla-Havalara-jettiyurii vairi-jatti-Chaiiiira-Narayana 
. . .spari-jettiyuih pratimalla-Malli-jettiyum idaih-muntapparuih svami-prasada- 
sampannar agi | 

aiyvarum olpim Pandava- | 

r aiy varumaih poltu . . n matiyin i 

. yva-guru-dvija-narariih I 

kaiyvaraih berasu parase pempaih padedar || 

Sri-vadhuvene negald a-Bala- j 

devigam a-Deva-jattigaih su[ta]r iut i- j 

muvarum udiyisidar [.] | 

yyavasathar ugra-bhima-bhuja-bala-yuktar || 

Arsikere Taluq. 271 

avaru Vishnuvarddhana-Devana karunyaclindav iy-Undigeyahalumam Chala- 
varivanahalliyuman aluttav irddaru 
. . Hara-Nayaka-Kesari | 

kali-balliil enipa Malli-jattiyum i-de- | 

gulamaih ma,disida[r] nnija- | 

kula-tilakar ttamma kulada pemp esevinegam || 

Kesarige sauryyadol dore | 

kesari bahu-bandha-mal[l]a-vidya-baIadol | 

sasita-Mushtika-Chrinur- | 

asuran obbane samanam a-sri-Krishnam n 

Hari-Hara-Pitamahar mmu- | 

varumam tammutta muvarum nere polt i- | 

dharani-valayadol esava[r] | 

.ruda-mariiyar enisi bhuja-baladinda n 

pe[sa]rura tammaya kirttiyu- | 

m esed a-chandrarkka-taram appanegam ma- | 

disidam degulaman idaih | 

♦vasudha-vadhuvinge ratna-bhushanam enisida n 
Tachana || antu triygaiii tandegaiii paroksha-vinayan titivage punyartthamum 
agi yi-dSgulamam raadisi khanda-sphutita-jirnnoddharakkaih devata-piijegam 
ahara-drinakaih Brahma. .Panditara Nidugatada Mallikarjjuna-Panditara 
kalaih karchchi dbara-pilrvvakam Siddhartthi-saihvatsarada uttarayana-sah- 
krantiyandu bitta vritti n 


On the same stone. 
Chitrabhanu-saiiivatsarada Phalguna-ba 7 Briha-varad-andu Kala-jiyana 
roaga Ilonna-jiya Siiiga-jiya Naga-jiya Lihga-jiya Naga-jiyana maga Kalla- 
jiyanu tamma Honna-jiya Padma-jiyana maga Kalla-jiya tamm-anibaruih 
tamma tahge Bommavvege kotta dhara-phrbbakav-rigi kottaru Kesavesvarada 
bhumi Sihgayyana magam Machaiyyage kottapud Avali-jatti Chavuda-Gavuda 
Madi-Gavuda samasta-prajegaln aalisuvaru 


On a stone to the right of the same temple. 

namas tuhga etc. n 
svasti sri jayabhyudayas cha Saka-varsha *1198 neya Byaya-sarhvatsarada 
Vaisakha-ba 10 Vaddavarad audu Ramachandra-jattiyara makkalu Bivade-jatti- 
yarigevu Suda-jattiya maga Nanna-jattigara Undigehala Chatta-Gaundana maga 

* So in the original. 

^72 ArsiJcere Taluq. 

Chaunda-Gaudanu Chandra-Gauda hindana tanna gaudikeya baleya-tota 
yippatt-aidu-kambavanu kamba vondake tatu-kalochita-kraya-drabya gady- 
anam murara mariyadeyal a-kamba yippattaidakam gadyanam eppattaidanu a- 
Chauda-Gaudange kottu a-Bivade-ja[tti]yaru Nanna-jattiyaru a-totavanu kondu 
a-totake gaudu-mariyade enu bandadarii a-Chavuda-Gaudane teruvantagi sarvva- 
manyav agi bidisikondu a-Cha[vu]da-gaudange gadya[na] vondu hanav aidanu 
kottu a-Vundigehrda ' Nimbaja-Devige amritapadigevu khandi-korategevu a- 
Bivade-jettiyaru a-Nanna-jettiyaru a-totavanu dhara-purvvakam madi bitta 
datti sri sri 

chala baluhu satya sannaha | 

chaluvu para..eragad unnatimantara | 

kuli-Ramachandra-tanayam | 

gelu. . .Bivadanu Mallapa. .tanu jagadol n 

torppano Mariya mariyo i-kai. . karadolu Raya-jatti ava- 

gada Bhimanu || raangala maha || *sri-Nirabaja-devi n sri-Nimbaja-devi ii 


At Banavara (same hobli), on a stone near the Banesvara temple. 

namas tunga etc. n 

svasti sri-janma-geham nibhrita-niruparaaurvvanaloddama-tejam | 
vistaropatta-bhu-mandalav amala-yasas-chandra-sambhuti-dhamam | 
vastu-vratodbhava-sthanakav atisaya-satvavalambam gabhiram | 
prastutyam nityam ambhonidhi-nibhara esaguih Hoysalorvvisa-vamsaih || 

a-Hoysala-vamsadol udayisida Vinayaditya-putran app Ereyanga-nripangav 

Echala-Devigarii muvar-ddevarante Ballala-Vishnu-Udayadityar emba rauvarurii 

puttidar avarolage Vishnu-nripana vikramav ent endade n 
munisind arunate kade-garig j 
inis odave virodhi-narapa-saptarigarii Vi- | 
shnu-nripalarig appuvu nod | 
anupamam avan-alaviy itarar-alaviye jagadol n 

budha-lokasrayan emba tarkshya-rathan emb udyad-balanvitan em- i 
ba dhara-dharakan emba bhoga-yutan erab abjayataksharii dal em- | 
ba dharitri-varan emba loka-nutan emb i-permmeyiiii node Vi- j 
shnu-dharesarii sale Vishnuvol sogayiparii Lakshmi-raano-vallabhara ii 

;|, a-Vishnu-bhupanol raa- | 

devitvarii bettu pettal uttame Lakma- | 

Devi Narasiriiha-Devo- | 

rvvivaranan anuna-punyavati vasumatiyol n 

* In Nagari characters. 

Arsikere Talnq. 273 

ahavadol anta ripu-san- i 
dohamumara belpa-vandi-jana-samudayamam i 
dehiy enal kanav ijaiii i 
sahasi Narasimha-bhupan i-vasumatiyol n 
raadavad-arati-bhumipara dantiya dantaman otti kiltu tad- | 
biduvane poyye poldu poraponme sa-raktaka-mauktikangal a- | 
padadol avara jayanganege haraman oppire malpan endod ar | 
kkadanadol arap idirchchuv adatar jjagadol Narasimha-bhupanam || 
a-Narasimha-nripangam ( 
manini madevi sadhviy Echalegam la- n 
kshmi-nilayan agi Balla- | 
la-nripalarii puttidaiii dharadhara-dhairyyarii n 
ati-darppishta-bala-prabhedi sumanas-sandoha-sariisevyan a- | 
nvita-satvaih guru-vakya-niti-niratarii ramabhiramaspadarii | 
jita-bhubhrit-kulan emba pempan olakoiul i-dhatriyol bhavisal | 
satatarii sobhisuvarii Surendranavol i-Ballala bhiipalakarii n 
anupama-rana-nistaraka- i 
n anuna-satvanvitarii vichara-kshaman em- | 
ba negalteyinde Balla- | 
la-nrii)alaju Kurttikeyan ant oppirppam n 
ile suddha-sphatikopala-sthagitav asa-mandajarii dig-vadhtl- | 
kula-veni-kusumopahara-rachitaiii nakarii nilimpesa-nir- | 
mmala-sundala-rada-prabha-dhavalitarii tarapathaiii tarako- | 
jvalitarii tiin ene korvvi parvvitu jasarii Ballala-bhupalana n 
svasti samadhigata-paricha-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvararii Dvaravati-pura- 
varadhisvararii Tuluva-bala-jaladhi-badavanalarii dayada-davanalarii Paudya- 
kula-kamala-vana-vedanda ganda-bherunda mandalika-bentekara para-mandala- 
sftrekara saiigrama-Bhima Kali-kala-Kama sakala-vandi-vrinda-santarppana- 
samarttha-vitarana-vinoda Vasantika-devi-labdha-vara-prasada Yadava-kii lam- 
bara-dyumaui mandalika-makuta-chiidamani kadana-prachanda malnparol 
*ganda namadi-prasasti-sahitarii srimat-Tribhuvana-malla Talakadu-Kongu-Nan- 
gali-Garigavadi-Nonambavadi-Banavase-IIauuugal-gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Gan- 
gan a-sahaya-sura Sanivara-siddhi giri-durgga-malla chalad-arika-Rama nis 
sarika-pratapa Hoysala-Vira-Ballala-Devar Garigavadi-tombhatt-aru-sayiramarii 
dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipalanadirii rakshisutturii Dorasamudrada nelevidinal 
sukha-sarikatha-vinodadim rajyarii geyyuttum ire tadiya-pada-padmOpajiviy appa 
Kammatada. . . . Chatti-Settiyar-anvayav ent ondadc n 

vinaya-nidhanan endu Siva-pada-payoruha-bhriiigan endu saj- | 
jana-nutan endu satvika-gunanvitan endu dayaluv endu mar | 
na-nidhi-vilasan endu guna-bhfishanan endu sa-rupan endu bhu- | 
janav anuragadinde sale kirttisutirppudu Machi-Devanaiii || 


274 Arsikere Taluq. 

a-Machi-Deva-viprana | 

kamini gunavati sarupavati sadhvi dhari- | 

tri-mandane Dugale. .te | 

premade padedal viveka-nidhi Mareyanara || 

anisaiii go-marggadirh pottcyene poredukond irppad i-guda-manu- i 

shyane hel dharinmarttha-kamarigalol anunayadiiii varttisalk artthiyindaih | 

dhanamara vanijyadind arjjisute sakala-dharmraarigalol kamadol san- ! 

dii nitantam sobhisirppaih sakala-guna-yutaih Maran atyanta-dhirarii || 

vanadhiyavol ashadakshi- l 

na-nidhanan ilesan indu-sutanavol ahje- i 

sanavol sanmarggarh saj- i 

jana-sevyarh Mari-Setti sad-vipra-kulaih || 

Marana satiy end enal li- | •'i-!;]i!>i':/i; rKh n.. 

karamum anuparaa-vilasamuih riju-gunamuih | 

dhireg Pochalege guna- | 

dharege saubhagyavatige sale nijame vahirii |i 

sura-taruvaih palanchaleva danada perrame suradriy-elgeyiih | 

pirid enip unnatikkey Avanisutey eval enirppa sauchav Am- | 

l)uruhabhavadhikanteyavol oppuva tann arivindav orrameyuih | 

nirupame Pochiyakkan eseval dhareyol pirid appa permmeyiih || 

visaruha-mukhi-Pochalegaih | 

Prasavasararig eney enippa Mararigaiii san- | 

tosam odave Kammatada Cha- | 

tti-Setti-guni-Dasi-Settigal janiyisidar II .//ii":! m. . ij.w m.iinur/, 

sriraad asesha-loka-vinutarii vibudhasraya-geha-ranjitam | 

Somakairidhara-priya-sakha-priya sat-patha-raarggan asrito- i 

ddama-suravaniruhan enippa negalteyan eyde pottu taih | 

bhuraige Chatti-Setti Dhanadam dhanad-elgeyol entu nolpadaih n 

Hariya hayakke tod enipa hesha-chayarigalan Indra-dantiyol i ' 'n ii;/f 

dorey enisirpp^. dantigalan abhradol ada su-pani-muttinol l i"{}i-miu> 

sariy enisippa muttugalan eyde bahitrade tandu raaruvaih | 

dharaniparg oldu Kammatada. . . .Chattapa-Setti santatarh || 

mati-yute guna-rupa-daya- | 

nvite dana-vinode sakala-dharmma-jrie pati- | 

vrate vimale Chatti-Settiya | 

sati marigala-sarige Narige sale sogayisuval n 

Harid-asa-bhandamara Varunige nadasuvaiii Varuni-vastuvam vi- | 

staradind Indraseyol perchchisuvan osedu Kauberiyiih dyumnamaih no- | 

dire Yamya-bhagadol sandisuvan esava molyarigalaih Yamyadind u- | 

ttara-dikkirig attuvaih nod anupama-vanij;im Daseyaih doslia-duraih || 

paramarttha-sri-Kali-de- i 

Arsikere Taliiq. 275 

vara p§,daradbyaa amala-sach-charitraiii | 

sthira-matiy annana gaudha- | 

dvirada sri-Dasi-Setti dana-vinodaiii n 

kamala-mukhi kamaja-lochane | 

kamalasave sadhvi sakala-guna-yute rupa- | 

pramade vibhu-Dasi-Settiya | 

ramani maha-dani mani Pochaley esaval || 

su-lalita-riipa-vilasadi- | 

n a-laghutaronnata-gunangalind esav i-nii- | 

mmalege gu^i-Dasi-Settiya | 

lalanege Kaunalege saman ad ar vvasumutiyol n 

Girisan adhisvaram janani Pochale vaptrive Mareyam saho- | 

dara-nidhi Dasi-Setti guni-Jakkale-Chikkale-Pochalanke-bhu- | 

vare-Basavaive-Nangalegal atmajeyar Kali-Devau utmajaiii | 

vara-guni Nange kantey ene Cliattapa-Settiye dhanyitn urvviyol n 

eseyalk eraduro Muttana- | 

hosavur-kkadeyana-tatak imam pirid ene ku- | 

t^isiy alli kann :-gereyuma- | 

n asadu)av eue Chatti-Setti kattisi dhanyaiu n 

vasudlia-niai.idanav ene Do- | 

rasamudrada Rudra-dcseyol urutarav eno ka- ) 

ttisidam kereyaiii guni Cha- i 

tti-Setti taDD-ante satyam esadire satatam ii 

uutav enipa BunavCirino- | 

1 ati-krisav euisirppa kereyan udgliav eiial san- i 

gata-mati kuttisidaiii kfi- | 

rttu tumban ikkisidan eiii krittirtthauo Chattaiii n 

Bammachiya-kuttamam kiyi- | 

dam mahiyolug eseye pirid enal kattisidam i 

Kammatada Chatti-Setti gu- j 

naiii merad irc Banavurol apratiniu-gunuiii n 

tanujange subhrirttharii Ka- | 

Uanakereyam nereye kattisidan eldire Mu- | 

vinakereyam kattisidaiii | 

ghanav ene Kammatada Chatti-Setti mAnojnam || 

belad eragida kalavegalim j 

gili-vindiih nundanangalind uli-kuludiiii i 

bajasida purnna-tataku- | 

valiyind urvvarege Banavur sogayisuguni || 

iv:ir ant akhila-gunar ssa- | 

tya-vachar ddharmmajnar ill enul negard i-bhu- | 


276 Arsikere Taluq. 

bhuvanadol esadirddar bBa- | 

naviira vibhu-Mudda-Gavunda-Chikkasa-Gavudar n 

Kali-devara mantapamam | 

baliyisi pithamuman oldum archchisi Chattaiii | 

lalita I 

nelase punah-pratishtheyam madisidarh |) 

esadirppa Banavurola- | 

g esadire Chattesa-bhavanamuman ettisi ka- | 

ttisidam pala. .kereyuma- | 

n asama. .ng eney enippa Chattama-vanijam n 

anupamav enisuva punyaraa- | 

n anudinav odarippa buddhiyindam Chatte- | 

sa-nivasaman ettisidaih | 

. . .vene Kammatada Chatti-Setti gunajnam n 
svasti samasta-guna-sampannanum satvika-jana-prasannanuih bhuvana-vi- 
khyata pancha-sata-vira-sasana-labdhaneka-guna-ganalankrita satya-saucha- 
chara-charitra-naya-vinaya-vijnana-vira-Bananja-dharmma-pratipalanum guru- 
karananum sakala-jana-mano-ranjana-charitranum gotra-pavitranum enisi 
negalda Kammatada Chatti-Settiyaru Chattesvara-devara devalayaman ettisiy 
a-devara nity a-nivedyakkam ahga - bhoga - ranga - bhoga- jirnnoddharanakkam 
nanda-divigegam sthanapati-pujari-paricharakar-ahara-danakkav endu Bana- 
vura gavundugala prajegala kaiyale bhumiyam hadedu Saka-varshada 1110 
neya Plavanga-sarhvatsarada Paushyad amavasye-Somavara-vitipata-sah- 
kramanad andu svasti yama-niyama-svadhyaya-dhyana-dharana-maunanushtha- 
na-japa-samadhi-sila-guna-sampannar appa Bhupa-jiyara sishyar appa Achale- 
svara-Panditara kalam karchchi dhara-purvvakam madi (here foiiow detaiis of git 

und usual final verses) 

budha-nidhi viveka-nidhi guna- | 
nidhiy Adityanujara tad-antevasam | 
budha-nidhi viveka-nidhi guna- | 
nidhi. . . , trikramahkan i-sasanavam || 
vinutaiu Senojam tat- l 
tanayar Baisoja-Balla-Somojahgal | 
vinaya-nidhanar Chatte- | 
sa-nivasaman ettidar mmanah-priyadindaih || 
sri. . .bhakti maha- | 
prasada. .tanage nijav ene negard i- | 
bhasura-yasam Byarojam | 
les ene sasanaman arttiyim tahkisidam n 
Siva II 

Arsikere Taliiq. 277 


At Ganjigere (same hobli), on a stone to the south of the ruined temple 
in the wet land, east of the village. 

namas tunga etc. n 
a-Hoysala-vamsadol udayisida Vinayaditya-putran appa Ereyanga-nripa[nga]m 

Echala muvar ddevarante Ballala-Vishnu-Udayadityar pputtida. . .olag 

i-Vishnu-nripana vikramav ad ent endade n 

Cholana jubu Malavana golmuri Chera. . . .timba Ma- | 

kali Varalanam tuliva gandha-gajam Kbachan-alley-ambu Ne- | 

palana benna chamraati. . . . nade-tandane vira-Vishnu-bhii- | 

palakan emba sambhramame vairi-nripalara mandalanga . . || 

madavad-vairiyan fintu poyye jaya-silam Vishnu vidvishtan-u- | 

rvvida kitt arade pari birdda tani gandam. .ppe guntirkkut ir- | 

ddudu birarkkala birdda tol hidida khadgara poyva sul dorut ir- | 

ddud id en adbhutam ayto vira-vibhavam saugrruna-raugagradol || 

Vishnuva Lakshmiya kula-var- | 

ddhishnuv enalu negaldan Ikshuchapanavol bhra- | 

ji[8hnu]ve singada teradiih | 

jishnuve. . .sida jagada Narasiihha-nripam || 

Mariya mauri mrittuvina nfilage nanjina punja ra. .rav a- | 

karada kaypu band eragi poyda sidil sidil eligeyinda kiidi ka- | 

varad abhram. ra kashanol antu bardunkuvannar ar | 

virave murttigondudo naranatanol i-Nara8inga-bhii[mi]pam n 

pattada sati flchalegam | 

nettane Narasingha-nripatigam mudadindam | 

huttida. .ka-vilasarh | 

yottaji gali vira-vikramara Ballalam n 

mudal tu Kanchi paduval gholittud ambodhiy edd | 

oditt arggada Chera-desav auitum Pandyavani-mandalam | 
kadol kude tagaldu pokk adagidatt uddama-sangramadol | 
kadirdd entu barddunkuvannar olare Ballala-bhupalanol n 
svasti samasta-bhuvanasrayarii sri-prithvi-vallabharii maharrijridhirajaiii para- 
mesvaraih Dvaravati-pura^varadhisvaram Yadava-kulfimbara-dyumani samya- 
ktva-chudamani maleraja-raja malaparolu gancla kadana-prachandan a-sahaya- 
sura Sauivara-siddhi giri-durgga-malla chalad-anka-Rama nissanka-pratapa 
Hoysana-Vira-Ballala-Deva Dorasamudrada nelevidinolu sukha-sankata-vino- 
dadiih prithvi-rajyaih geyyuttam ire tat-pada-padmopajivi li svasti samasta- 
gunalankrita Bhagavati-deviya-labdha-vara-prasadaruih Gokula-Narayana- 
devara padaradhakaih Kadaba-kanthiravaih Kadabar-adityaruih aliria munn 
irivarum praje-mechche-gandaruih para-bala-sadhakarurii arige kunjararii 

278 Arsikere Taluqi 

tappe tappuvam visvasakke tappa nudidu mattanna todare ballaiii-gandaruiii 
haya-Vatsa-Raja ganika-Manoja su-janaika-bandhava sri-Somesvara-devara pada- 
radhakam maha-samanta Chalukkeya-Nayakaiii Senavegereya vrittiyam su- 
khadind aluttam ire || jana-vinute tayi Bommave ghana-sauryarii negalda 
tande Biji-Settiy avar-anugina su-putram bhuja-bala-Mahadeva-Settiy a-sati 
Tippave setti-Kavegam bhasura-garvva-paya-payodhiyolu puttidam Bairi-Settiya 
mahimonnati entendade || vineya-nidhanan endu su-janottaman endu sakala- 
guniy endu sarupan endu gotrake chintamani endu dhare hogalugum Bairi- 
Settiyam || 

turugida nandanam pariva kaluve kadalgale tod enippa per- | 
gere balasirdda perbbelasu sandani-vetta janaih vilasadim | 

merev ama[ra]layam bahu-grihangalolu sompu cha luvekaih- i 

*dereyol opugu pura-varam Tantrahala-Mahadevana Gahjigereyol n 
*dharmraave miirttigondu belagutt ire tirttha-chayangal arpina kshanadi | 
karmmada bandhanarii pihgisi. . valyahgalarii | 
nirmmala-chittam uttarisal ettisidarii budha-koti bannisal | 
jagat-trayadolu . parbbi ire Tantrahala-Mahadevan ad eih kritartthano || 
svasti samadhigata-paiicha-maha-sabdarii maha-samanta viralakshmi-kanta para- 
nari-sahodara para-samanta-bentekara para-bala-surekara tappe tappuvaru 
marey-okkara kavarurii nudidanta-gandarurii Siva-dharmma-nirmmalarum 
appa Ganjigereya samasta-praje-gavundugal ella irddu Saka-varisha 1119 
Pihgala-saihvachharada saptami-Somavara-vyatipata kiididandu Bichesvara- 
devara ahga-bhoga-rahga-bhoga-nivedyakkarii khanda-sphutita-nanda-divigegarii 

matha-pati-tap6-janara ahara-danakka(ih)v agi Tantrahala-Mahadeva- 

jiyana kala toladu dhara-piirvvakarii madi bitta datti (here foiiow detaiis of gift and 
usuai finai verses) Guligi-Settjgaih Machauvegaih puttida heggade-Marayya katti- 

sida kereyalu Tantrahala-Mahadevan ettisida devara ah ga-bhogakke bitta 

gade sa 1 keyi ko 10 maga Soma bitta gadde ko 10 


At Chikkakar^halli (same hobli), on a stone near the boundary of Banavara. 
Jaragalu mundana Rayaiiiiana hala-bavi haradari kallininda yilige gaja 5280 
kke kosu 1 


At Sanegere (same hobli)^ on a stone near the Anjaneya temple. 

namas tuhga eto. H (Slines illeglble) 

svasti samasta-bhuvanasraya sri-prithvi-vallabha maharajadhiraja paramesvara 

parama-bhattaraka Satyasraya-kula-tilaka Chalukyabharana chakra- 

vartti Ahavamalla svasti samadhigata-pahcha-maha. . . . 

*So in the original. u<.(-irii;(; illWIfiVnr 

Arsikere Tahiq. 279 

. . . . maudalesvara Yadava-kulambara-dyumani samyaktva-chudamani mala- 

parolu . . . srimat-Tribhuvaua-malla Vira-Gaiiga-Hoysla-Devaru 

mudalu Naiigaliya-ghatta teiikalu Ramesvara haduvalu Barakanuru badagalu 
Herddore adiyagi Gaiigavadi-tombhatt-aru-sasiramumam dushta-nigraha-sishta- 
pratipalaneyiiii Beluhura nelevidinalu aukha-sankatha-vinodadim rajyarii geyyu 
ttam iralu n tat-pada-padmopajivi n svasti samadhigata-pancha-mahii-sabda 

maha-samanta vira-lakshmi-kiinta gelvaiig asadhyam san-mana- 

dani satya-Kaninarii ubhaya-bala. . . .ekaiiga-virarii sahasa-dhama vara 

Bhima ripu todare bal-gandarii chakra para-bala- 

raalla haya-Vatsa-Raja ganika-Manoja tappe tappuvarii viradind oppuvarii alirii 
raunn-ijivarii Adityan-arikakararii svami-drohara ganda para-mandalika-siire 
kararii iha. . . la.-rakshapa|a markkola-Bhairava bhitara kolla pagevara... 
. .samanta-gasani marevuge kavaih Vishnuvarddhanana bidigc lachchana 

palaua mulivana miigaiii koyva chitta-bha saraanta-Rava 

kayduvinalu kaduva svasti sriraan-maha-saraanta Manahayyana maga 

sriman-maha-saraanta-Barikeyya Seiiavagoj;e-panneraduraarii sukha-sarikatha- 
vinodddind ajuttara ire Saka-uripa-kalatita-sariivatsara-sataugalu 1057 lencya 
Ananda-sariivatsarada Marggasira-suddha-panchami-Brihaspativarad-uttaraya- 
ria-sarikra.nti-vyatipa,tad andu tavu pratishthe madida. . . .svara-dOvara ariga- 

ditar-ahara-danakkarii sarvva-namasyam iigi ftru niruraba keyeya terik- 

aua kwlige kujuvada gardeya bittu salage nalk rara ele-donta Oririi 

terikalu hala-berddalu matta 3 ettu gana 2 (asaai finai vorses) Mulasthana-devar- 
gge hiriya-ke kelage batada gajde hala-keyira 


At Kallaguudi (same hobli), on a stone ia front of the village gate. 
sri svasti sri jayabhyudayas cha Saka-varusha 1253 neya Prajotpatti- 
sariivatsarada Vaisakha-ba 7 86 | sriraat-pratapa-chakravartti Iloyisana bhuja- 
bala Srt-Vira-Ballala-DAvaru §rimS,n-maha-pradhrinarii Ka,meya-dannA,ykarurii 
sukhadirii rajyarii geyyutt irdda samayadalu i kataka totikara maravokkade kS,va 
Lirigadahalliya Bala-Gaudana maga Mara-Gaudanu Goravanakallirige Tura- 
karu bandali kadi kudureya hididadakke devarugalurii Kameya-dannaykarurii 
mechchi Kallagundiyanu a-Kallagundiya haligaland MA,ra-Gavudarige nettaru- 
godagiy agi kala natii kotu bhumi-chandarkkar ulanna-bararii balvant igi 
kotta kodagiya sila-sAsana marigala maha sri (asuai finai Torae) 


At the same village, on a stone near the MahAlirigSsvara temple. 

iia iiici>< lii ii-'a ctc. II 

280 Arsikere Taluq. 

[Pra]dyumna-visika-du . . [ 

Pradyumnarati-charana-sarasija-bhringar | 

pradyotana-sama-tejar | 

vidya-nilayaru Sadakriyasiva-munipar || 
svasti sriman-maha-mandalesvara Tribhuvana-malla Talakadu-gonda bhuja- 
bala Vira-Ganga sri-Vishnuvarddhana-Hoysala-Devaru Gangavadi-tombhatt- 
aru-sayiramumam dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipalanadim Dorasamudrada nele- 
vidinolu sukha-sankatha-vinodadiitt rajyam geyyuttam ire sriraat-piriya-patta- 

raaha-devi-Bammala-Deviyara . . . Asandiy-aynurumam munurumam 

sukhadim pratipfilisutta vadigeya dhana-dana sale vinoda 

dhareyolu n atan ujjivita pati-bhaktiyol a-Bharatig Arundhati- 

Satige gondana magarii bhuraandaladolage dharmma-karyyam , . . . 

marggade negalchidan amatya ya-bira : Naga- 

latmaje-Manabbegam puttida pratipalara atana vadhu 

dayeya tavaru-raaney enisi negalda enipa Barama-Gavudam 

buddhi dayeya tavaru-raane akhilavani-tala bova Macha- 

Gavunda n antu Bamma-Gavudan Arakereya. . sri-Chava-Gavudan atana tamma 

. . .Konda-Gaundan olpam taldi nirata. . . .Kalidasa. , . . gotra-pavitra 

visvambhara-chakradol || atana vupamege 

vappale kshiti-taladolu svasti Saka-varisha 1057 neya 

Rakshasa-saravatsarada Pushya-bahula-chauti-BudhavPirad andu uttarayana- 
sankranti-vyatipata-nimittaiii Bilesvara-devargge nivedyakkam Chaitra-pavi- 
trakkam tapodhanar-ahara-danakkam Mala-Gavunda tumbinda mudana-simeyal 

sarvva-badha-pariharav agi bitta gadde khanduga 3 beddale matta 

man ennege. . . .(asual final Terses) 


At Manakattftru (same hobli), on a stone near the waste weir of the tank. 
sri-Mtilasthana-devara padaradhaka Mulasthana-devara devalyavam kalasa-nir- 
mmanam madida Karttara-jiyara su-putra Isanya-Pandita-devaru n 

namas tunga etc. n 
svasti samadhigata-paiicha-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvaram | Dvaravati-pura- 
varadbisvaram | Yadu-kula-kuvalaya-sudhakaram satya-ratnakaraih | Yadava- 
Narayanam i chatura-yuvati-Charayanam i Chakrakuta-kotatavi-davanalarii | 
ripu-bala-jaladhi-badavanalarii | sauryya-mriga-rajarii| maleraja-rajarii | Kalapala- 
kapala-sailaugha-vajra-danda maleparol ganda | nripa-kula-kari-kalabha-yutha- 
natharii | Ganda-giri-natharii | uddanda-prachanda-Pandya-garvva-parvvta-Paka- 
sasanarii | viveka-Kamalasanarii | Jagaddeva-prabala-pannaga-Vainateyarii | 
bhuja-bala-Rauhineyam | Narasiriiha-Brahraa-bhuri-bhuruha-kathora-kutha- 
rarii I charu-vichararii | Irungola-raada-marala-raegharavarii | purusharttha- 

Arsikere Taltiq. 281 

Piirurayam | vijaya-lakshmi-bhavana-mangala-mani-toranam | Adiyama-nivara- 
nam | raandalika-ghata-sarppa i rupa-Kandarppa | Kaustubhabharana-smarana- 
parinatnntahkarana | vikramabharana | Talakadu-gonda-ganda | kadana-pra- 
chanda | Chengiri-matangajuri-sarabha | Adi-raja-sannibha i Viisantika-devi-lab- 
dha-vara-prasadaiii | mrigamadamodam i naraadi-samasta-pra[sa]sti-sahitam | 
sriman-maha-mandalesvara I Talakadu-Kongu-Nangali-Gangavadi-Nolambavadi- 
Banavase-H§,nungallu-gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Ganga Kadaraba-Vishnuvarddhana- 
Devaru Gangavadi - tombhattaru - sayiramam Nonambavadi - mft vatt - irchhasi - 
ramarii Hanungall-aynurumam dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipalanadin aluttum 
sukha-sankatha-vinodadim vijaya-rajyaih geyyuttam ire | svasti samasta-ka- 
latita-Saka-varisa 1023 Vikrama-saiiivatsara | ^ippatt-eradaneya Yuva-sam- 
vatsara | svasti samasta-maha-prabhu-Chava-Gavundarii Managattirarii madi 
Adalagattavarii kattisi Chavesvara-devara pratishtheyarii madi dharmma(s)- 
chittan agi hod-irii-balika || svasti sriman-maha-prabhu-Sanka-Gavundanum 
Chatta-Gavundanurii Managatiiram madi dharmma(s)-chittar agi a-Chatta- 
Gavunda | Chavesvara-devara devrUyavarii geysi kalasa-nirbbana-madi a- 
dharmmavarii pratipalisi | purvva-mariyadeyim bitta datti i svasti sriman-maha- 
guna-sarapunya badagi-Chikkojaua maga Masanojarii Chikk§svara-devara prati- 
shtheyarii roadi dharmma(8)-chittan agi | ChfivSsvara-dSvarigc anga-bhogakkarii 
snana-nivedyakaih nand:*i.divigegarii bitta datti | (horc foiiow detaiis of s,'ift) iut i- 
strmavarii homa-nema-japa-saraadhi-sila-guna-sampannar appa Kartta.ra-jiyara 
kalarii karchchi dhara-purvvakarii maxli kottaru || Piilguna-suddha-paiTchami- 
Somavara-vyatipata-uttarayana-sankramanadal int i-dharmmavarii salisidarii 
(usuai flnai phrase» and verse) Chave8vai*a.devara nanda-divigegarii bitta ettu g^na | 
hiriyakereya kelage gaudugalige kodaiigi gaddo salago 12 gavudugatta 2 n 
♦svayaih beddalu raattaru 15 int i-sa,sanava bareda senabhovn-lvalimayya n 
baredarii Maroja mangala maha sri || 


At Bendekere (same hobli), on a stoae in front of the Siddhesvara temple. 
svasti sriman-niaha-ma[ndajlesvararii Talaka(lu-go[iKlaj-ganda pratapa-Hoysana- 
Vira-Ballalu-Devaru Dorasamudrada nelevidinolu sukha-saiikatha-vinodadalu 
rajyam geyut ire n Sa[ka]-varsha 1114 Paridhavi-sariivatsarada Jeshta-suddha- 
pafichami-Adityavaradalu Bendiyakereya odera Becheya-Na[ya]ka huliyan iridu 
Siva-loka atana maga Vadaleya-Nilyaka paroksha-vineyaraarii madida . . . 


In the same place. 
svasti sriraan-raaha-mandalesvaraih Talakadu-gonda-ganda pratapa-chakra- 

vartti IIo[y]sana-sri-Vira-Narasinga-Dev-arsara magarii Devaru Dorasamu- 

drada nelevidinalu sukhji-saiikatha-vinodadirii prithvi-rajyarii geyyuttara ire 

* So in the original. 


282 Arsikere Taluq. 

Saka-varusada 1 153 neya Khara-samva sriraad-anadiy-agrahara 

Bendeyakereja Bile-Settiya maga lu kondu Siva- 

loka-praptan ada atana anna Bala. . . Settigalu ettisida vira-galu mangala 
maha sri || 


On a stone near the garuda-kambha in front of the same temple. 
Yuva-samvatsarada Phalguna-su-l lu sri-vira-pratapa . . . svayambhu-sri[ma]l- 
Liriga-chakravartti sri-Mallikarjjuna-devara divya-sri-pada-padmaradhakar ada 
sri-Bhikshavatti-ayanavaru Bendekereya Sivasta[la]galige ganacharada hana- 
kasanu mundal aru talal agadu 


On a stone in the garbhankana of the same temple. 

namas turiga etc. n 

svasti sriy-irpp-uttama- j 

vastu jaya-sriya vilasitavasaih 16- | 

ka-stutye yaso-vaniteya | 

vistara-stanam eseva Hoysala-vaihsam n 
a-Hoysala-vamsadol udayisida Vinayaditya-putran app Ereyariga-nripa(na)rigam 
Echala-Devigam puttida Ballala-Vishnu-*Vijayaditya(rii|)r emba muvarol 
Vishnu-nripana vikramav entene || 

munisind arunate kade-gang | 

inis odave virodhi-narapa-saptarigarii Vi- | 

shnu-nripalarig appuvu nod i 

anupamam avan-alaviy itarar-alaviye jagadol n 

budha-lokasrayan emba tarkshya-rathan emb abjayatakshaih dal em- | 

ba dhara-dharakan emba bhoga-yutan emb udyad-balanvitan em- i 

ba dharitri-varan emba 16ka(ikya)-nutan emb i-permmeyirii node Vi- | 

shnu-dharesarii sale Vishnuvol sogayiparii Lakshmi-man6-vallabharii || 

[a-Vishnu-bhupanol ma-] | 

devitvarii bettu pettal uttame Lakshma- ] 

Devi Narasiriiha-Dev6rvi- | 

varanan anuna-punyavati vasumatiyol || 

kadanadol ant aratigala dantiya dantaman otti kiltu tad- | 

biduvane poyye poldu poraponme sa-raktaka-mauktikarigal a- | 

padadol avaih jayaiiganege (harama)haraman oppire f nolpen empod ar | 

kkadanadol amp idirchchuv adatar ::j:jjaral a-Narasimha-bhupanam || 

kadanadol idirchchid adatara i 

mada-radaniya biduvinalli natta saral ba- | 

*'R&&A Vdayddityar. fRead mdlpan endod. :^B,ead jjagadol. 

Arsikere Taliiq. 283 

lada raodalol uchchalisuv ond | 
adatava uripa-Narasimha-Devange nijaih || 
a-Narasimha-nriparigara | 
manini madevi *svadev Echalegam la- | 
ksbmi-nileyan agi Balla- | 
la-nripalam puttidam dharadhara-dhairyyarii n 
munisirii Ballala-bhuparii kile polev-asiyarii kilpad anyavani-pa- | 
la-nikayarii sthauadin[darii] jadiye nadugugurii bhitiyiih | -j- 
anupama-raiia-nistaraka- | 
n anuna-sakty-anvitarii vichara-kshamaD em- | 
ba negalteyinde Balla- | 
la-nripalarii Kfirttikeyan-ant oppipparii n 
svasti samasta-bhuvanasrayarii sri-prithivi-vaUabliarii mahrirajadhiraja parame- 
svararii Dvartivati-pura-varadhisvararii Yadava-kulambara-dyumani samyaktva- 
chudamaiii maleparol ganda kadana-prachandan a-sahaya-sfiran nissarika sri- 
mat-pratapa-chakravartti Hoysala-sri-Vira-Ballalu-Devaru Dorasamudrada ne- 
levidinalu dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipalakav agi rakshisutarii sukha-sarikatha- 
vinodadirii rajyarii geyyuttam ire || 

turigida nandanarii pariva kalve kadalg ive tod enippa per- i 

ggere balasirdda pervvelasu sandani-vetta janarii vila,sadirii | 

merev araaralayarii bahu-gribarigala sump ivarinde chelvu kan- | 

deradavol i-jagakke Jayagondapurarii nisadarii virajikurii n 

sakala-vyakaranfirttha-sastra-sad-alarikaraugha-paurana-na- i 

taka-kavya-smriti-tarkka-joyisa-lasad-vedanta-siddhanta-lau- | 

kika-mimariisa-nirukta-kalpa-vidhi-sikshakhyridi-chaushashti-di- | 

vya-kaloktar Jayagonda-Dutana-pura(rii)-sri-vipra-vidyadharar n 

an-upamar a-tarkyar an-agliar | 

vinitar a-pratimar (an)urjjita-8an-marggar | 

vinayadhyaru vediulhyar | 

vinutar JHyagondapurada vipra-vararkkal n 

Baliyurh Raghavanurii negalda-Khachala-kshmapaJanurii Karnnanurii | 

Kali-kaloda. .vol sogayipar sishteshta-kalpadrumar | 

kali-Dummarii Kali-kala-Kaman a-bhayarii sri-Naga-Devarii mahi- | 

tala-sebyarii Hari-Devan udgha-guna-yuktarii Ballugaih dhatriyol n 

hridaya-kalarikan allada jatatma .n allada sitarochiy em- i 

budu guru-gotra-satruv anav allada kausikan allad Indran em- | 

budu viparitan allada Kujaih. . . .n allada kalpa-vrikshan em- | 

budu vibudhasrayaika-nidhiyaih dhare Dummana Naga-Devanaiii n 

vara-siddhanta-Guru-prabharii guna-yutarii Dasarikan atarige sa- | 

daradirii ifhuttiri S[a]iva-bhakti-nivar dDevayya Tippayya saun- | 

* Read eadhviy. f Two lines are wanting. ^So in the orij^inal. 


284 J rsikere ' Taluq. 

dara Maraiyya . .yanvitam Hariharara sri-Chirddi-Rajara sada- h 
guru-deva-dvija-vandana-prarauditar mmanonnatar. . nigal n 

(hei-c foiiow dctaiis of gift) Bavi-settiya maga Nani-setti Siddhesvara-devara nanda- 

divige ko ga 1 atana tamma So. . .setti kotta 1 

Khara-samvatsara-Asvija-bahula 1 Va hiriya-Betta-jiyanu tanna makkalugalu 

Siddhayya-Altayam . . .geyura-Bayichayyarigeyum bhumiya vibhagasida kramav 


entendade | Siddhayyan-Altayyarigeyum bhaga 2 Baychayyarige bhage 1 (tierc 

foUow details of further gift) 


At Kuruvanka (same hobli), on a stone in the ranga-mantapa of the Isvara temple. 

namas turiga eto. n 

svasti sriy-irpp-uttama- | 

vastu jaya-sriya vilasitavasaiii 16- | 

ka-stutye yaso-vaniteya | 

vistara-sthanav esava Hoysana-vaiiisam [\ 
a-Hoysala-vamsadol udaysida Vinayaditya-putran app Ereyariga-nriparigav 
Echala-Devigarh puttida Vishnu-nripan a-Vishnu-nripana vikramam entendadeii 

hari-sandoha-virajitam vividha-padmalarikritaih haihsa-sari- | 

charana-prauda udatta-vikrama-gun6dyat-pundarikarika(ra) saun- | 

darav agirppudarinde padina-vanad andaih bhavisal Vishnu-bhu- | 

varar irpp-a-puramum surendra-puramum vidvit-puranikamuih || 

ina-tejan Indira-vara- | 

n Inaja-samodaran Indra-nibha-vibhavan ila- | 

jana-vinutan iddha-sat-ki- | 

rtti-nidhauarii Vishiiu-bhiipan Arigaja-rupaih n 

a-Vishnu-bhiipanol ma- | 

devitvam bettu pettal uttame Lakina- | 

Devi Narasiriiha-Dev6- i 

rvivaran anuna-punyavati vasumatiyol n 

madavad-arati-bhumipara dantiya dantaman otti kiltu tad- | 

biduvane poyye poldu porapoiime sa-raktaka-mauktikarigal a- | 

padadol avaux jayariganege haraman oppire marppan endod ar | 

kkadanadol ant idirchchuv adatar jjagadol Narasiriiha-bhupanani n 

a-Narasiriiha-nriparigarii | 

manini madevi sadhviy Echalegarii la- | 

kshmi-nilayan agi Balia- | 

la-nripalarii puttidarii dharadhara-dhairyyarii n 

Phaninatharh pati bhogakk Amarapati samarfi rupa-sampattig Abje- | 

kshanan udyad-vikramadambarake dore Mahesam nijajria-visesakk | 

ene dhirodatta-chittakk amama sari Dasasyari danakke mattarh | 

tone Karnnarh taii enalk i-vasudheyol esedarii Vira-Ballala-bhupaui ||. 

Arsikere Taliiq. 285 

anupama-rana-nistaraka- | 

n aniina-satvanvitam vichara-kshaman era- | 

ba negalteyinde Balla- i 

la-nripalam Karttikeyan-ant oppirppam n 

ile suddha-sphatikopala-sthagitav asa-mandalaiii dig-vadhu- | 

kula-veni-kusumopahara-rachitam nakarii nilimpesa-nir- | 

mmala-sundala-rada-prabha-dhavalitam tA,ra-pathaiii tarako- | 

jvalitaiii tan ene korbbi parbbitu jasam Ballala-bhupalana n 
svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha-sabda raaha-mandalesvaraiii Dvaravati-pura- 
varadhisvaram Yadava-kulambara-dyumani samyaktva-chiidamani vinamad- 
ahita-raahipa-chudamani-niitna-ratna-rasmi-jala-jatilita-nakha-kiranaih chatus- 
samaya-samuddharanam kadanadol adirad idirchchid adataran adat aleva 
Purandara-nandanaiii sakala-jana-mano-nandanarii Talakadu-Koiigu-Narigali- 
Gari[ga]vadi-Nonambavadi-Banavase-HaIasige-Huligere- Ilanurigal-Uchcharigi- 
gonda bhuja-bala Vi[ra]-Garigan a-sahaya-sauryya Sanivara-siddhi Giri-durgga- 
malla chalad-arika-Rama nissarika-pratapa Hoysala-Vira-Ballala-Devar Dora- 
saraudrada uelevidinol sukha-sarikatha-vinodadirii rajyarii geyyuttarii iro || tadi- 
ya-pada-padmopajivigal appa Mahadev-arasanu Kalu-Malleyana nalvattu- 
mauisa-ekkatigara permme yenteno n 

*esuvar-adityan emb i- | 

pesariih jasam eseye negalda kauiiambiuavaiii i 

visasana-dbiraih Hoysala- | 

vasudhisana nachchin-alu Mahadev-araaaih n 

patiyuri» padeyurii gunamarii | 

satatarii varnnippa terade nadav i-pragal- j 

bhyatey arigarakka-vadey-adhi- i 

patiy unnata-Kaluva-Malleyarig adu sajarii n 

dhuradol idirchchida pagevara- | 

n uravaniyin'i gelva takku ripugal[a] kutilo- | 

tkararaarii negalchi patiy-ari- | 

ga-raksheyarii nialpud arigarakkege n[a]ijani n 

uravanisi nuriki Hoysala- ; 

dharanisarii raechche pagovaraih gelv adat i- | 

dhareyol sale yekkatig-ari- | 

ga-rakshakar nnalpadirabarol sobhisuguih || 

vasudha^mandanav agire | 

Visaruhabhavan oldu tane mrididan enal i- j 

vasuraatiyol Kuruvakkani ad en | 

asadaladind esevutirppud erii kautukamo n 

nirmmalar i-Kuruvakkakk i 

ormraeyuv auvayada rauiigar savantarii j 

'*' So in the original. 

286 Arsikere Taluq. 

Barmmeya-Nayakanum guna- | 

k armmaih savanta-Masanayanum esadirppar n 

a-Kuruvakkada gaundarh i 

lokottaman amala-kirtti-yutan adhika-gunakk | 

akaram ene negaldaih mahi- | 

makaran Ereyamma-gaundan urvvi-taladol n 
svasti samasta-guna-sampaunar appa Kuruvakkada samasta-prajegaliih n 

vinaya-nidhanarii dharmmakk | 

anukulaih satya-vakyan amala-charitraih i 

vinutam Mudd-arasaih saj- | 

janan i-Kuruvakkad ondu gaundike vadedaih n 
int i-samasta-prajegal[g]e tayi-tandey agirppa senabova-Bittiyannan-anvayav 
ent ene n 

jananiye Machaley odey-An- | 

dane janakam Kumaran anujau avaraje Pocha- | 

vve nutaiigi Hariyanaih mai- | 

dunan ene Bitteyanaih dhanyan i-vasumatiyol || 

pirid enipa bhaktiyindam | 

vara-guni Mallaveya vallabhaih Bittayyam | 

paramaradhyaih Bire- | 

svaramaih priyadim. pratishtheyam madisidaih || 

jana-vinute Dasiyakkane | 

tanage sahodariye Biri-Settiye bhavaih | 

vinutan ene Bitteyam saj- | 

janan i-Biresvaralayaman ettisidara n 
svasti sri Saka-varsba 1107 neya Visvavasu-saihvatsarada Paushyad amavasye- 
Somavara-vyatipata-saiikramaiiad-andu sri-Biresvara-devara nitya-nivedyakkaih 
nanda-divigegarii jirnnoddharakkaih pujari-paricharakar-ahara-danakkav endu 
samasta-prajegala sannidhanadalu Mahadev-arasanuih Kaluva-Malleyan olag- 
ada nalvattu-manushya-ekkatiga-ahga-rakkaruih Trailokyasaktigala diksha- 
putraih Lokabharana-Panditara kala karchchi dhara-purvvakaih madi bitta 

datti (here foUow details of gift and usual final phrases and versos) 


At Eanikatte (Kanikatte hobli), on a stone near the Siihhanathesvara temple. 

namas tuhga etc. n 
sri-Mahadevaya namah n 

kela vasanta-bala-sahakarada tan-nelal asritalige a- | 
bhila-layahi-nishtura-phanaughada mey-nelal uddhatarig un- | 

Arsikere Taluq. 287 

milita-pundarikada uelal jaya-lakshmig enippa Vira-Ba- ! 

llalana tola bala nelal adudu dhatrige vajra-pafijaraiii n 

sura-bhuruhad esev ankura i 

dhareg ogedud enalke Narasimha-nripalarii | 

vara-vadhu-Lakshmambikegam i 

parama-gunambudhigav agra-sutan ene negaldam n 

pattada satiy Ecbale tam | 

nettane Narasirhhan-arasiy akeya basurol | 

puttida Ballu-nripiilaka j 

nettane guna-nilaya vira-Vikrama-tejam n 
svasti samasta-bhuvanasrayaih sri-prithvi-vallabhara maharajadhirajarii para- 
mesvararii parama-bhattarakarii Yadava-kulambara-dyumani samyaktva-chftda- 
mani Vasantika-deviya labdha-vara-prasadarii a-visranta-vidyii-vinodarii raja- 
sarvvajiTarii maleraja-rajarii malaparol ganda Yadava-Narayana Dvaravati- 
pura-varadbisvararii apiirvva-rupa-Kandarppa Chola-Malava-Giirjjara-bhaya- 
jvara saptama-Vishnuvardbana pratapa-chakravartti bhuja-bala-Vira-Ballala- 
Devaru sakala^mahi-mandalamarii dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipalanarii geyu[tta] 
Hallavlirada nelevidinolu sukha-sankatha-vinodadirii prithvi-rajyarii geyvuttara 
ire tat-pada-padmopajivi |i svasti srimatu Hoysala-Vira-Balhlla-Devana sarv- 
vanga-lakshraiy appa piriy-arasi Vuma-Deviyara mahimonnatiy entendade n 

Ballalana bahi-bbujadolu i 

ballidal a-vira-lakshrai nelesuva-teradim i 

Ballalana varaangada ; 

vaUabhe Uraa-Deviy i-dharitriyol pesar-va^edal n 

tivida chennan appii kere voppuva kfita kongu suttalurii | 

sri-vana-lakshmi kan-deradavol beladirdda su-gandha-saliyind | 

i-vasudha-talagradoju ramyam enal Kalikatti-nadeyurii | 

deva-grihahgalind esedu sobhisut irddudu norppad ftrggalol n 
svasti saraasta-vastu-guna-sampannarurii sakala-sahitya-sarvvajnarurii dana- 
dharmma-purusartha-paropakara-nidhi-nidhanarurii Siva-dharmma-nirmmala- 
rurii saranagata-vajra-paiijararum appa Magare-munurakarii modala ba^ ada 
Kalikatteya samasta-praje-gavundugalurii jagatiya kottaliyurii je^a-gottaliyurii 
samasta-prajegal irddu srimatu piriy-arasi pattada maha-deviyar appa Uma- 
Deviyara rajya-samuddharananum appa sriraan-maha-pradhanarii Kumara- 
Panditayya-dannayakara maga Hodeya-Bittayyahge mftla-sthaua Kali-devara 
devalyadirii badagalu kanne-gereyarii kattisi tanna hesaralu urarii madid-allige 
a-chandrarkka-tararh-bararii saluvant agi kotta umbali Saka-varisa 1181 neya 
Vibbava-sariivatsarada Pushya-ba 1 Brihavarad andu kere-godagige bitta gadde 
Bittayyana raakkalu-makkalu-tanakkarii saluvant agi a-Bittisamudrada kereya 
hinde Jid^ana huniseyindarii badagalu Bovitiya-koladirii tehkalu (here foiiow 
detaiis of gift and usuai finai phrases and versc) int i-sasana-maryyadeyarii ariyuttarii 

288 Arsikere Taluq. 

matt avananuv orvva kashta.-dushtarige habbisi-kottu upekshisi uodutirdda 
maha-patakarige Gange-Varana,siya tadiyalu tanna tayuvam tandeyaiii tanna 
kayyalu konda brahmatiyalu hoharu Singesvara-devara binna-madida-papadali 
hoharu || i-sasanavam baredam mulastanada Kali-devara sthana-pati senabhova- 
Madayya n tontalu kereya hinde gadde sa 1 ko 10 


In the same place. 

sri namas tunga etc. n 
Ganapatyaya namah n 

Pradyumna-visika-duraru i 

Pradyumnarati-charana-sarasija-bhringar | 

pradyotana-sama-tejaru [ 

vidya-nileyaru sa munipar n 

svasti samadhigata-paiTcha-maha-sabda raaha-mandalesvaram | Tribhuvana- 
malla Talakadu-gonda bhuja-bala-Vira-Ganga-Hoysala-Bitti-Devar gGangavadi- 
tombhatt-aru-sasiramumaih dushta-nigraha-sishta- pratipalanadim Dorasamu- 
drada nelevidinalu sukha-saukatha-vinodadim rajyaih geyyuttam ire tat-pada- 
padmopajivi || svasti samadhigata-paficha-maha-sabda maha-samanta jaya- 

lakshmi-kanta g^^nda . . yaka-namanvaya-kula-pradipa sauryya-pra- 

tapa sriman-Nola. . . deva-padaradhaka para-bala-sadhakam Sarada-devi- 
labdha-vara-prasadam mrigamadamodaiii. . . .ra-kulisaiii kulisa. .... palibara 
ganda niti-Chanakyan eka-vakyam vairi-mano-bhangan ayyana sirighara 

manneya namadi-saniasta-prasasti-sahitam sriman-maha-samantan Arasi- 

yakereya Sirigarasa Magare-munurara modala bada Kalikattiyam padadu 
sarvva-badha-pariharamage aluttam irddu Saka-varsha 1051 neya Saumya- 
samvatsarada Pusya-masadand uttarayana-sarikrantiyu byatipatamum kudid- 
andu Sirigesvara-devara pratishtheyam madi devar-ariga-bhoga-nivedyakkam 
tapodhanara ahara-danakkam vidya-danakkan Arasiyakereyaih Naishtika- 

matad acharyyaru r appa Paresvara-Panditara sisyar appa Kriyasakti- 

Panditara kalam karchchi dhara-purvvakam madi hiriya-kereya kiriya tumbina 
modal-eriya bayalalu bitta gadde khanda deguladim terikalu bitta 

berddale mattar eradu (usual final phrases and verse) 

Chenegarigav atma-sajjanam | 

enisuva Sovabbege dharitri-taladolu | 

vananidhiya sippin ola. . | 

n anupaua-mauktikame puttuv andadin ogedarii (( 

kuralu subaga kula-vadhu ( 

varija-mukhi Madikabbege puttidan i- ( 

dharinige kalpa-vrikshan u- ( 

dara-gunam Marasirigan ahava-dhiram ([ 

Arsikere Taluq. 289 

dbiram Nolamba-Gaundan u- | 

dara-gunam sule Bimmikabbegaiii sakaia-guna- | 

dbaraa ene Bhupau udayisi | 

dharuniyalu negaldau alte kayvara gandam n 

Buvangaih tat-kula-vadhu | 

Sovabbegam udita-kirtti puttuva teradind | 

i-vasudheyol avatarisida | 

Kava-nripam Punusegankan ene pogaladar ar |i 

kattfil-PunusegJi-kula-vadhu | 

Chattabbegara entu-nurakk adhipatiy agal | 

puttida Kunigilu-nalkam | 

nettane samanta-Singan urvvi-taladol n 
srimatu Kriyasakti-Panditaru Singesvara-devara sthana-patiya niagaiii liania- 
Devara kalam karchchi dhara-purvvakaih mtidi kottaru maltaih chikka-t iunl)i- 
nali gadde sa 2 Aduvageroyali Panditayya bitta gadde sa 1 


At the same village, oq a stone Dear the Sankole-Basavanpa temple. 

namas tnuga etc. n 

^ivaya namah | svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha-sabda maha-mandale- 

svaraih Dva,ravatl-pura-varadhisvaram Yadava-kulambara-dyumani samyaktva- 

chudamani maleraja-raja Gangaih Hoysala 

DOrasamudrada-nelevidinoIu sukha-sahkatha- 

vinodadiiii rajyaiii geyyuttam ire n tat-pada-ijadmopajivi || svasti samasla-guna-, 

sampanna nudidu matt enna. . .pisunara gaiula vir. -hikshmi-kanta ari- 

tatta-Bhairava ganika-manojara Narasinga-Devana padaradhakahi para- 

bala-sadhakam sriuniii-maha-pradhanam senadhipati hiriya 

Ballaiyahgalu Chola-Chera-Pandyan-Irungola samasta-pura- 

bhumipalakaran otti siikham rajyarii geyyuttara ire n tat-pudaradhakam n 
svasti saraasta-prasasti-sahitam sitagara ganda. . . .badiva hageyam behkoluva 
saliitya-nilayar appa srimanu maha-samanta Kechchhaua Macheya-Nayakana 
magam sriraatu samanta-ghasani Mahadeva-Nayakam Magare-mu[nu]r.ikam 
modala-bada Kalikattiyam padedii sarvva-badha^pariharadinde altittam irddu 
Saka-varsha *1077 neya Bahudhanya-saiiivatsarada Chaitra-suddha uttarayana- 
sahkranti-vyatipata-pahchami-Soraavarad andu Bammojanuih Machojanurii 
Kammatesvara-devara lihga-pratishtheyarii raadi Kalaraukha-dikshitara sri- 
inatu Jagatesvara^Panditara kalarii kachchi dhara-purvvakarii raadi kottaru 
srimat - savanta - ghasani - Mahadeva - Nay akarii srimat u Kammatesvara - de vara 
nivedyakaih nandadivigegam taiK>dhanar-ahara-danakk im endu bitta gadde 

* Bo in the originnl. 


2dO Arsikere Tatuq. 

hi[ri]ya-kereya kelage mavina-kurudalli 300 kamba beddale uriih tenkalu alada 
mu[cla]lura tenkaluiu mattaru ondu (usuai finai phrasesand verse) namas Sivayanaraali 


On a stone south of the same temple. 
namas tunga etc. || 

svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvaraih Dvara- 

vati-pura-varadhisvaram samyaktva-chudamani 

samasta-raja-bala-jaladhi-badavanala. . . .jana-davanala 

Narasimha-nripala-pada Manneya-Nayaka-samantadhipati .... 

sudhakara | nija-kulabja. . . .na-divakara l tata-vitata-ghana 

vadya-vadana | laghu-hasa-kama 1 

chhand6'lankara-natya-kavya-nataka-natika sahitya kasturi- 

kamoda | nija-tala-prahara-churnnita tula samanta-mastaka- 

sula hridaya niti pura-varadhisvara Madana- 

Mahesvara gambhira Nolamba . 


On the back of the Parvati image lying near the same temple. 

samadhigata-pancha-maha pura-varadhisvaram. . 

na-vedanda mandalika Bima Kali-kala-Kama 

vinoda Vasantika prasasti-sahitam pratapa-chakra- 

vartti dushta-nigraha-sishta nelevidinolu 

pada-padmopajivi . Siiigara[sa]n Arasiyakereyind ettisi tandu Magare- 

raunnurakkam raodala-badada Kalikattiyam padedu sarvvabadhe-pariharam 
agiy aluttam ire || a-Singarasanum Kalikattiya samasta-prajegalum iddu 
Saka-varisa 1054 keneya Paridbavi-samvatsarada Vaisakha-su 5 Brihavarad 
andu bettada Kali-devara linga-pratishtheyaiii madi devara nivedya-nanda- 
divigegam tapodhanara ahara-danakkam bitta datti hiriya-kereya kalla-tumbina 
sala-mavinali gadde salage muru ko 11 beddale uririi badagalu kaleriyolage 
niattar ondu mattam Hariyojanakereya hinde mattar ondu yint i-devarige bitta 
dattiyara lokottamar appa Bettada- Jiyara mamma Sekara-Jiyana kalam 
karchchi dhara-purvvakam madi kottaru (usuai finai phrases and verse) 


At the same village, on a stone in a corner of the ruined Bairedeva tcmple. 
namas tuiiga etc. n 

Yadu-variisa janasritan enalk udayisidarii (3 lines effaced) mige guna- 


Arsikere Taluq. 291 

udgha-kirttiy Ereyanga-nripange 



tol-valpiniiii taldi tann | 

udeyam ranjise tanna balp odave. | 

. . disa-chakraman otti kondu Talakadaiii Ganga-riijyakke taiii i 

modaladam bhupalakam n 

Kongu-Nangali-Virata (Siines eflFaoed) nripalam vara-vadhu-Laksli- 

mambike (3 lioes cffaced) Bhanusuta-pratiman emba (2 lines effaced) vareyali BaUAla- 

bhupange svasti-samasta-bhuvanasrayaiii sri-prithvi- 

vallabharn maharajadhiraja kulambara-dyumani raya-chudamani Vasan- 

tika-devi-labdlia Sanivara-siddhi giri-durgga-malla chalad-anka- 

Rama bhuja-bala Dorasamudrada nelevidinolu prithvi-rajyaiii 

geyyuttam ire tat-pada-padmopajivi svasti Hoysala-Vira-BaUala-Devana 

chittad-arasi Uma-Deviyara ballidal a,- vira-lakshmi. . . .suva 

teradim Ballalana vama devara vikhyataruih saranagata-vajra- 

panjararum nudidante gandaru Purandararuih chalakke 

balu. . . .galum Vira-Ballala-Devana piidaradhakarum ivar onisi ' negalda 
aruvattu-manasa ekkatigara kirtti yent endade ii 

kere bana i 

jagati-samuharii | 

pare jagadol i 

pridabja-bhringar i-vasumatiyol n 

kattisuvar int i-suvarnna degulangalam mare-ttge kavar avaruraarii 

sarauagata puda-padmotkara nutta dhatriyolu parividiv 

ettud i-jagatiyarii sale mechchadar paropakurigalu Bitti-bovana 

raaga Siriga-bova Duggabbeya Ketanuana kirttiy ent endade 

. .nullar satu-kirtti . . . .mudadirii yamma balarii vandi-janakk ene sal-lalita- 
Siriga-bovan. ... 

naduvina | 

misupa dharada abala-janamarii | 

Kusumasara!i-ante. . .v-u- | 

gisuva Duggaleya Ketayarii sahityarii n 

nudida nudi tambra-sasana | 

yoginisvara-bhaktar appa i 


. . .mateya Kalikattiy-eseva-jagati-samuhaih n 
, . . .bande parokshadol olad u- | 

nandade vibudha muteyan aty-adaradiih | 

kundade deva-su-pujega- | 

le sale maduvante riidhige nontarii n 


292 Arsikere Taluq. 

svasti samasta-prasasti-sahitaih sitagara gandaiii dodd-aiika-badiva hageya 
berikolvaih samanta . . . rupa-Kandarppa vandi-jana-kalpa-vriksha ... ratna- 
kara sahitya-nilayar appa sriman-maha-samanta Kechchana Macheya-Nayaka 
Magare-munurakkiim modala-badada Kalikattiyam paded aluttam irddu Saka- 
varusha 1135 neya Srimukha-samvatsarad andu Chatta-bovam a-Nilesvara- 
devara lihga-pratishtheyam madisi devalyaman ettisi kereyahi kattisidade. . . 

Boya-Nayakarum samasta-praje-gavundugaluiii jagati-kottaligalum 

sri-Nilesvara-devara ahga-bhoga-rahga-bhoga-nivedyakkarii nanda-divigegav 
Agi Lakulagama-samaya-samuddharanar appa Komara-Singi-Panditara kalarii 
karchchi dhara-purvvakaih raadi bitta dattiNidugattadakereya haduvana kodiya 
gadde sa 3 Uma-I)eviyaru dharri-purvvakarii madi bitta datti ha|ladirii muda 
gadde sa 3 devara hinde beddale matta. . antu sa 6 (usuai finai phrases aud verse) 

nudid erada-nudiyan o. . . | 

koduvaui sad-budharge belpudarii kramadindarii || 

kadeganisi bandu saran ene | 

padeva. . . nure Yicha-bova Isvaia-bhakutaiii n 


On the left side of the same stone. 
sri 6m namas Sivaya n sri-Vijayanarasiriihapurav ada Kalikatteya niir-ippattu- 
mahajanahgala sri-padaradhakar appa jagatiya-kottali Nilesvara-devara nanda- 
divigeya bhandara-dharmmav ad ent endade i Sarvvajitu-sariivatsarada Jyeshta- 
suddha 7 mi Somavarad andu Arasiyakereya sthalada Sadasiva-Devara putra 
Sivasakti-Devaru Kalikattiya sthalada Nilesvara-devara dharmmakke muhkond 
a-chandrarkka-sthayiy agi nanda-divigege kotta pa 5 Nilesvara-devara sthanika 
Bamma-Jiyana su-putra sri-devara nanda-divigeya bhandarakke kotta ga 1 Kali- 
kattiya-puradol oppuva tolaguva Nilesa-deva-nirmmita . . . ggalikeya bavi- 
gereyan dharmmfinvaya-prasastiy ent endade || 

atana su-putrar i 

.tadola Masani Kama Ketayan embar | 

nnutana-bhandarada di- | 

pa. . . .sayarii madi dharmmavarii muhkondar n 
va II mattam a-Masaneyanu Kameya-Keteyaru tamm-aradhyar appa Sivasakti- 
Devar-upadesadirii tamma sva-hastav agi kotta devara divigeya . .ra ga 1 

(here follow details of gift with names of donors) 

Bachannanavaru helida padya n 

jagadolag opput irppa Kalikatteyolarii pesarvetta mauasar | 
nnegaldaru ratna-maleyolag oppuva manikad-ante kude sa. . j 
. . . -ta-tejadirii jagate-gottaliyol pariveshtisirddu bhu- | 
mige pasa natiyi Bacha. . . .tana putra . .yol jj 

Arsikere Taluq. 293 

Sivasakuti. . . eraba munipangalim. . .sevise malva Viru- 

piim Masana kudi kani maduva vegadiud. .ikereg eseyahi 

madid i-dharmmamam sayam SJirvva anyarig eseyalu 

Nilesvaram tune balla Bachanna barada sasana 


At the same village, on a stone near the ruined Qanapati teriple. 
sri-Mahadevaya namah || 
namas tunga eto. n 
Madanakaram enalk i- i 

Yadu-vamsa-gunagraganyan udayam-geydam | 
sad-amala-kirtti-vilasara | 
mudadim bhuvanaika-vira-Vineyadityaiii ii 
Vineyaditya-nripalang | 
anunayadirii perapuvetta sati sau-nute tuui | 
jana-vinute Keloyab-arasiya- | 
n anudinadim pogalad irppar ar vvasumatiyol n 
a-dampatige tanubhava- | 
n adarii Manu-charita vira-Vikrama-tejarii | 
Yadava-nripa-kula-tilakarii i 
mediniyolu kavan ivan i-Ereyaiigarii || 
kadu-jiddu narkkuv a-hfil- | 
gatiala magalu Lakshmi n&rttadarii Gopalarii | 
bidan uchitav embol opparii- | 
baded £chale paduma-gandhi Sirivarii Harivarii n 
mfivar ddevara saktiye | 
muvarolarii tappad entene negaldar ttav | 
indivara-lochaneg fichala- j 
Devige Ballala-Vishnu-Vudayadityar || 

modalol Hoysala-rajya-lakshmiy-odavarii t61-valpinirii taldi tann l 
udeyarii ranjise tanna balp odave tann arpp ere tann ajne mi- | 
re disri-chakraman otti kondu Talakadaih Gariga-rrijyakke tarii j 
modal adarii Yadu-variisa-varddhanakararii sri-Vishnu-bhupalakarii || 
Tulu-desarii Chakragottarii Talavanapurav Vuchcharigi Kolalav Elurii- | 
male Kanchi[. . . .]Koiig arbbisuva Hadiya-ghattam Bayal-nadu Nila- | 
chala-durggarii Rayarayottama-puri Tereyiir kKoyatur gGondavadi- | 
sthalamam bhrii-bharigadirii kond atula-bala-bhujatopan i-Vishnu-bhuparii | 
sura-bhuruhad esev-arikura i 
dhareg ogedud enalke Narasirigha-nripalarii i 
vara-vadhu-Lakshmambikegarii j 
parama-gunanvitegav agra-sutan ene negaldarii n 

294 ArsiJcere Taluq. 

visasanadolu kiltade ninn | 

asi-late vairigala hridayadolu nanti talir | 

pasarisi bennolu balevudu | 

posat ond achchari Nrisimha bhavise jagadol || 

pattada satiy Echale tam ( 

nettane Narasirhhan-arasiy akeya basurol | 

puttida Ballu-nripalaka | 

nettane guna-nilaya vira-Vikrama-tejam || 

Kali-kala-kshatra-putra-prabalatara-durachara-sandohadindam | 

hole hoddal hesi besatt alavalida mahi-kanteyam rakshisalk a- | 

Jalajaksham tane band ant avatarisidayol Vira-Ballala-bhupaih | 

kula-jaty-adha- . . . .nripa-varan udayam-geydan ascharyya^sauryyaih n 

iriy enisi sukhaih balge chandrarkka-taram | 

sthira-satvam kshatra-putragrani vimala-yasam Pandya-vedanda-simhaih i 
nara-rupam Hoysalesam Yadu-kula-tilakarh vira-sangrama-Ramarii l 
nara-vira-sri. . . . krama-guiia-nilayam Vira-Ballala-Devam n 
svasti samadhigata-paiicha-maha-sabuda maha-mandalesvaram i Dvaravati-pura- 
varadhisvaram Kadava-bala-jaladhi-badavanalam dayada-davanalam Pandya- 
kula-kamala-vaQa-vedandam ganda-bherunda mandalika-bentekara para- 
mandala-surekara saiigrama-Bhima Kali-kala-Kama sakala-vandi-brinda-san- 
tarppana-samartha-vitarana-vinoda Vasantika-devi-labudha-vara-prasadamriga- 
madamoda namadi-prasasti-sahitam srimanu maha-mandalesvaram Talakadu- 
Kongu - Nangali - Gangavadi - Nonambavadi - Uchchaiigi - Banavase - Hanuhgalu- 
goiida bhuja-bala Vira-Gahgan a-sahaya-sura Sanivara-siddhi giri-durgga-malla 
nissahka - pratapa Hoy sala - Vira - Ballala - Devaru sakala - mahi - mandalamam 
dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipalanam geydu rakshisuttaih Dorasamudrada nele_ 

vidinolu sukha-sahkatha-vinodadim rajyaih geyyuttam ire tadiya ajja 

Hoysala-Bitti-Devana besadim Sihgarasan Arasiyakereyind ettisi tandu Magare- 
munnur-olagana modala-badada Kalikattiyarh pattanamurii patramaih madi- 
kondidda samasta-jagatiya kottaliya mahimonnatiy entendade n 

saran ene kava sajjanarge san-mudadiih kared iva yuddham end | 

ire nija-sauryyadirii geluva mar-malevandiran eydi kolva bha- i 

suratara-kirtti-murtti-yutar Isvara-bhaktar enutte dhatriyol | 

karam esedirddud i-jagatiyarii sale mechchadar ar dharitriyol || 

Amaravati puram enisiye | 

ramaniyaih badedu torppa Kalikattiyol ar | 

saman ar enisiye negalda | 

kramadirii jagatigalu malpa danonnatiyiih n 

kattisuvar kkere palava. . | 

nettane dhare pogalal ettipar Siva-grihamaih i 

Arsikere Taluq. 295 

ottajeyin iva kavedeg | '! ''* 

ittala Kalikattiy-eseva jagati-samuham n 

Kalikattiya Jagatesvara- [ 

vilasame taiii kalasa dhatri-valayakk enisal | 

bala-yutar app i-jagatiga- | 

1 elasi palar nodal arttiyim madisidar n 

tivida channan appa kerey oppuva kata-kavungu suttalurii | 

sri-vana-lakshmi kan-derada-vol beladirdda sugandha-saliyind | 

i-vasudha-talagradoln ramyam enal Kalikatti-niideyum | 

deva-grihangalind esedu sObhisut irppudu nOrppad urggalol || 
mattam hiriya-Mara-bOvam Jagatesvara-devarige besakeyda bhakti-piirvva- 
kam ent endade n 

hinde parOkshadol old a- | 

nandade nere Mara-bOvan aty-ridaradiih | 

sandirdda deva-pujeya- | 

n endurii saluvantu madi pratipalisidam n 
svasti srimatu dana-dharmma-purusartha-paropakara-nidhi-nidhananurii 
padaradhakanurii sameya-nistarakanuih Siva-dharmma-nirmraalanum appa 
srimatu hiriya-Bitti-bOvana satu-kirttiy ent enda^e n 

nudida nudi tamra-sasana | 

padeda dhanarii sadu-budhargg amatyarol adhikarii | 

podaviyole tOrppa sura-taru | 

pademat erii Bitti-bova marevuge kavarii || 
svasti samasta-vastu-guna-sampannanurii sakala-sahitya-sarvvajiianurii sitagara 
gandanurii jagavan andalevanurii dodd-anka-badivanuih samanta-gasaniyum 
appa Kechchahana-Macheya-Nayakan-anugina-putra Mahadeva-Nayaka Maha- 
deva-Nayakana su-putrarii gOtra-pavitranum appa samanta-SOmeya-Nayakana 
kirttiyarii pelvade || 

katt-idirol anta su-bhatara | 

nitt-eluvarii muridu tedu tilakaman iduvaiii | 

sutt uripuva ripu-puramarii | 

nettane sumanta-SOma sitagara gandarii || 
mattarii jagad-vikhyatarurii saranagata-vajra-panjararurii nudidante gandarurii 
sameya-nistrirakarurii Siva-piljA-Purandararurii chalakke balu-dalegalurii Vira- 
Ballalu-Devana padaradhakarurii sri-Jagatesvara-devara pada-padma-bhriii- 
garurii sidila balagam ivar enisi negalda aruvattu-manasa ekkatigara kirttiy 
ent endade n 

arikeya-bOvar ekkatigar int aruvattu-manussyar urbbiyol i 

bara-sidil-annar iv-edeyol Arkkajan-aggra-sujatin-annar i- | 

kari-koral-oppuv-tsvara-sada-siva-prida-padabja-bhringar end | 

aridu jagat-trayarii pogalut-irppudu lileyin oldu santatarii || 

296 Arsikere Taluq. 

svasti srimatu Hoysala-Vira-Ballalu-Devana besadim eluvare-lakkeya samasta- 
jagatiya-kottaligaluiii Mara-bovanum Bitti-bovanum Kalikattiya samasta-jagati- 
galum Siva-dharmma-nirmmalanum gotra-pavitranum sameya-nistarakanum 
sri-Ramanatha-devara padaradhakanum appa Duggabbeya-Ketanna Kalleyan- 
olagada aruvattu-manasa-ekkatigarum Someya-Nayakanum (Kali) Kalikattiya 
samasta-praje-gavundugalum irddu Saka-varusha 1051 neya Saumya-samvat- 
sarada Chaitra-suddha-paiichami-Vaddavara-uttarayana-sankramana-vyatipatad 
and u sri-Jagatesvara-devara anga-bhoga-raiiga-bhoga-naivedya-nanda-divige- 
garii mathapati-tapodhanara ahara-danakkav agi svasti yama-niyama-sva- 
Kalaraukha-pratibaddharum appa Nagarasi-Panditara sisya Sivasakti-Devarii 
Sivasakti-Devara sisya Kalyanasakti-Panditara kalarii karchchi dhara-purvvakaih 
madi bitta datti hiriya-kereya chikka-tumbina nadu-bayalali gadde salage niilku 
raattarii modal-eriya terikana-kadeya gadde salage yeradu beddale Nidugattada 
haduva-godiyalli mattaru 3 devarige nadeva gana 1 hu-dota l mara 1 maduve- 
yarii madidalli madavaligeyavaralli ha 1 madavanigaualli ha 1 Bannikereyalu 
berigoiida-Mahadevarana-kereya kelage kotta sa 1 Niduvaliya hiriya-kereya 
kelage Hoyseya-Nayaka kotta gadde sa 1 n samasta-jagatiya-kottalige mane- 

dere magga-dere kotta . yint ivaru samasta-jagatiya kottali. . . .kotta 

Machayarige pumbola saluvudu (usuai finai phrases and verse) Mallikarjjuna-Devanu 
bareda marigala || 

dakshina-Somana maramarii i 

lakkana-kavi Santinatha kavi-kula-tilakarii i 

dakshinya-nidhi gunakara [ 

siksha-guru helid arttiyirii sasanamarii n 


On the back of the same stone. 
orh namah Sivaya || Bhava-sariivatsarada Pushya-su 1 Su-d-andu | srimad-anadiy- 
agraharam Vijayanarasiriihapurav ada Kalikattiya asesha-mahajanarigaligealliya 
sthanacharyya Devarasi-gurugala makkalu Bitta-gurugalu Jagata-Jiya Chanda- 
Jiya Sarika-Jiya Naga-gurugala maga Lakha-Jiya yint i-ayvarurii tammola- 
ge ekamatyavagi sva-ruchya vodambattu siiman-maha-vadda-vyavahari-Ponna- 
chcha-Settiyaru Huliyara-nada-prabhu Chila-Gavuda Sayi-GavudaHonnar-Gavuda 
Chavugave a-vura prajegalu yint ivarugala samakshadalu kotta voleya kramav 
entendade Kammatesvara-devara sthanada bhumiyalli hechchu kund unt endu 
vivadisidalli a-stbalada prajegalurii a-Ponnachcha-Setti-jiyarurii a-gavudugalurii 
Chavuagaveyavartirii neradu a-sthalava nddi anadi todagi deva-danav alla 
yendu tilidu nodi yidanu nivu vivadisuha mariyade alla endu a-settiyarurii u- 
gavudagalurii a-vura prajegalurii a-Chavugaveyavarurh a-sthanikarige helalu 
a-sthanikaiu vodambattu vivAdava madevu i-dinarii rnodabigi tamma ellJi stha- 
narigala bhuraiyali anadi todagi navu bhogisuva bhiimi emmadu agraharav- 
adaudu todagi mahajanarigalu bhogisuva bhumi mahajauarigaladu evageviirii 

Arsikere Talnq. 297 

mahajanangaligevum bhumi-vishayavagi Halli-Hiriyuralu kavana-karav ill endu 
a-mahrijanaugalige a-sthanikaru kotta vole yint appudakke sakshigalu sriman- 
maha- vadda-byavahari Pounachcha-Settiyaru Huliyera-nada prabhu Chila- 
Gavuda Sayi-Gavuda Honna-Gavuda Kalikattiya Chinava-Gavudara Peteya 
Chameya Pattanasami Lakhkhi-Setti Bitesvarada Mada-Jiya KittanakereyaKalla- 
Jiya yint ivar ubhayanuraatadim bareda senabova Dasannan-aliya Gopayya 
yint appudakke a-ayvara sva-hastad oppa *sri-Jagatesvara n sri-Senesvara || 
fsri-Kallinatha |j sri-Benaka \\ sri-Bitesvara | sri-Machesvara n sri-Chuuganatha 
Vitaraga n mangala raaha |i sri sri-Rama saranu 


On tbe right side of the saxne stone. 

svasti samasta-bhuvanasrayam sri-prithvi-valhabhaiii maharaj<idhirajam para- 
mesvarara Yadava-kulambara-dyumani sarbbajaa-chudamani maleraja-raja 
malaparolu ganda kadana-prachanda ekanga-vira a-sahaya-sdra Sanivara-siddhi 
giri-durgga-malla chalad-aiika-Rama Magara-rajya-disapatta Chola-rajya-prati- 
shthacharyyanum appa Hoysana-Vira-Narasimha-Devaru Dorasamudrada 
nelavidinolu sukha-sankathri-vinodadim rajyarii geyuttam ire tat-piida padma 

Mavantayya-dannayakaru Kalikatteya Vijayanarasiriihapurada nur-ip- 

pattu-mahajanangala padaradhakarum appa jagatiya kottaligalu Jagatesvara- 
devara nanda-divigege srikaryyke madida bhandara n Sarvvajitu-sariivatsarada 
Asada-suddha-paurnnami-Somavriradandu devara bhandarakke kotta maha- 

purusararil pelvade H (here follow names of donors Mid detaiU of gift) 


On the left side of the same stone. 
orii namas Sivaya n Bhava-sarhvatsarada Pushya-su 1 Su-d-andu scimad-anadiy- 
agrahararii Vijayanarasiriihapurav ada Kalikattey-asesha-mahajanangalu alliya 
sthanacharyya Devarasi-gurugala makkalu Bitta-gurugaju Jagati-Jiya Chanda- 
Jiya Sanka-Jiya Naga-gurugala maga Lakha-Jiya yint ivaru mukhyavagisthani- 
karige kotta voleya kramav ent endade Kalikati-raukhyavada Halli-Hiriytira- 
sthanaiigalige varusharii-prati nibandiyagi yikkuva ga 5 ge vuppina moleya 
uir-ottiugo yilihikorribadu tamma manyada Jagatisvarada sthanakke yilihikom- 
badu antu hauav aidanuih yilihikondu gadyaria nfilku hanav aidanu u-maha- 
janahgalige a-sthanikaru varusharii-prati yikkutta baharu aramaneyalu huttida 
abanayav enu bandadarii desa-mariyadeya maduvaru yi-maryyadeyan odambattu 
a-mahajanaugalu a-sthanikarige kotta vole yint appudakke iira voppa senabo- 
va Dasannagala voppa Gopayyana baraha n 8ri-$Harihara ijlmarigalam aha sri 

*FiTe times repeated. fTbrice repeated. \ln Mllgart obaraoters. 


298 Arsikere Taluq. 


On a 2nd stone to the south of the same temple. 

namas tunga etc. n 

trivedi-divya-chakshushe | 

sreyah-prapti-nimittaya n 

Ganapatyaya namah Sarasvatyai namah n svasti samasta-bhuvanasrayam sri- 

prithvi-vallabhaiii maharajadhirajam paramesvara parama-bha Chalu- 

kyabharanarh srimatu Jagadekamalla Hemmadi-ra dushta-nigraha-sishta- 

pratipalanadim Kalyana-nele rajyaih geyyuttam ire || svasti samadhi- 

gata-paiicha-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvara Dvaravatipura-varadhisva- 

ram Yadava-kulambara-dyumani srimatu Tribhuvana-malla Talakadu- 

gonda Nangali-Gangavadi-Nolambavadi-Banavase-Hanungalu-gonda 

. .sasiramum Nolambavadi-muvattu-irchchhasiramum Banavase-pa- 

nnirchchhasiramuih Hanungalu-ainurumum Huligere-munurumum ....... 

dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipalanarh geydu Bahka[pura] sukha-sankatha- 

vinodadim rajyam geyyuttam ire || tat-pada-padmopajivi. . . . 


. . . .ivana padig ill ene sau- | 

ryyodayadim pasarisidam | 

. . . .vira-Vishiiuvarddhana. . . || 

Halasige Belvulam oppuva i 

Huligerey a-Lo. . . . Herddore-varegam i 

kalitanade tagurddu vikrama- | 

baladim kaikonda Vishnu . . mandalama || 
ant atan-agra-tauujarii Vira-Narasihga-Poysala-Devaih Gahgavadi-tombhattaru- 
sasiramuih dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipalanam geydu Dorasamudrada nelc- 
vidinolu sukha-sahkatha-vinodadirii rajyaih geyyuttam ire n tat-pada-padmopa- 
jivi svasti srimatu maha-pradhana-senadhipati hiriya-heggade-Ballannaih ari- 

tatta-Bhai gotra-pavitraih yachaka-jana-kalpa-vrikshaih ayyana sihga 

bavaih gele, .bara-ganda kondara balu-ganda. . . . marttanda ganda-prachanda 

kaligalahkusa markkola-Bhairava mrigamadamoda Bitti-Devana-kattid- 

alagu Narasihga-Deva Narasihga-Devar-aksha-palaka autu hiriya- 

heggade Balla nadu mura sukarii aluttam irddu modala bada Kali- 

katti . . . . ya Jagatesvarada sthana-pati Sivasakti-Panditarige uttarayana-sah- 
kranti-bitipata-Somavara-bidigeyandu Jagatesvara-devara munde kalam 
karchchi dhara-pilrvvakarii madi Jagatesvara-devara ahga-bhoga-nivedyakkaih 
athiti-abhyagatara ahara-danakkaih sarvva-badhe-pariharavagi bitta gadyana 3 
hiriya-kereya chika-tumbina modal-eriya gadde are-vattalu Magare-vedahgana 
tehkal innuru-gadde kabina kuvale innuru Nidugattada haduvanakodiyamodal- 
eriya beddale mattalu eradu y (usuai finai phrases) Ganapataye namah Prajapati- 

Arsikere Taluq. 299 

. . .budu 1073 neya n svasti prasasti-sahitar appa srimatu jagati 

Jagatesvara-deva-anga-bhoga-nivedya-puje-punaskaravam madutta Jagatesvara- 

devara sta urjjitam madikond irpparu || mangala maha sri sri n 

Balligraraeya Dasojana 


At the same place, on a 3rd stone. 

sri I namas tunga etc. n 

Ganapate namah samadhigata-pancha-mahii-sabda maha-mandalesvara 

Tribhuvana . .bhuja-bala-Vira-Ganga-Hoysana-Bitti-Devarum 

svaram hadu[va]l Alvakhedarh badagalu Herddore-paryyanta dushta- 

nigraha-sishta-pratipalanadiih sukha-sahkatha-vinodadiih rajyam geyyuttam ire 

tatu samadhigata-pa[hcha]-maha-sabda mahri-mandalesvara jaji" 

devi-labdha-vara-prasadasadita nila-dhvaja-virajamanaih dana-Krininaih 

mallali-tiiryya mrirttanda vijaya-dor-ddanda-Phaniraja visasa 

yogak asara sauryya-parayana karagasa virala namfidi-samasta- 

pralasti-sahitaih srimatu . . naluvayayyana tamma Mallarasaru mure 

myaman aluttam ire . . . . pura si 


On a stone near the ruined temple to the north of the same village. 

namas tuhga eto. n 
sri-Ganapataye namah n svasti samadhigata-pahcha-mahri-sabda maha-manda- 
lesvaram Dvaravati-pura-varridhisvararii Yadava-kulambara-dyumani samya- 
ktva-chudamani srimat-Tribhuvana-malla Talakadu-gonda bhuja-bala Vira- 
Gahga sri-Vishnuvarddhana-Hoysala-pratapa-Narasihga-Devaru mudalu Naiigali 
tehkal Vikramesvaraih haduval Alvarakheda badaga Herddore-paryyantarii 
Gahgavadi-tombhattaru-sasiramaih dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipalanadirii Dora- 
samudrada nelevidinolu sukha-sahkathii-vinodadirii nijyarii geyyuttam ire tat- 
pada-padmopajivi | 

devo deva-sadriksha-bhoga-nilayah sampfirnna-lakshmi-dhavo 
deva. ... .pa-raja-rajita-mahikanta-priy6'8au babhau | 
. . . .iatru-dharapati-prakara-kumbhi-braja-kanthiravaih 
devarii sri-Narasihgha-bhhpa-vijaya-srisaih pranhto bhava n 
svasti samasta-vividha-samanta-lakshmi-vilasini-vilasaih | bhala-stala-lulita- 
kasturika-tilakalahkara-vidagdha-kanta-srihgara-haraih | uddanda-saraanta- 
sundala | ripu-kalaha-kalakalakarnnanavatirnnagra | vidvishta-bala-jaladhi- 
tibra-badavanalaih 1 ahita-samanta-vipina-davanala | Narasiihha-nripala-dak- 
shina-prasasta-hasta-kauksheyaka | nirmmala-yasah-kamini-kamaniya-naya- 


300 Arsikere laluq. 

ka I sitagara ganda jagavan andaleva | Huliyera-pura-varadhisvara | sri-Goyi- 
Devan-anvayav ent endade | 

sthira-gambhira-Nolamban-agra-mahishi-Sri-Deviyam tadvisho- | 
tkarar ant agale bandu baudi-vidiyal tad-vairi-sanghatamam | 
bharadind eydi tala-praharadole kond-and ittan a-bhupan a- | 
daradim vira-tala-prahari-vesararh dhatri-talam bannisal || 
Chaluky-Ahavamalla-nri- | 
palana katakadole kondu dodd-ankamuniarii | 
lileyole padedan adatam i 
palisi doddanka-badivan emb i-birudam || 
ant atana magan Ahavamallangaih Honnavvegam puttida samanta-Bhiman 
ent endode || 

ati-madakari-sindhura-ghatali-ghatogra-mrigendra-Vishnu-bhu- | 
patiya manakko ragav odavutt iral atana bidinalli tarii | 
sitagara-gandanarii padidu kond adatarii padedarii mahipanirh | 
sitagara-gandan emba birudarii kali-Bhiman ila-talagradol n 
mattam atana tanujaru | 

janakarii samanta-Bhimarii prathita-guna-ganodbhasi tarii Chattiy-akkarii | 
janani prakhyata-Macharii samara-jaya-vadhu-kanta-samanta-Chattang \ 
anujarii samanta-Mallarii nirupama-su-charitranvitarii Goyi-Devarii | 
vinuta-sri-Jaina-margga-sthagita-guna-kalalapan udyat-prataparii || 
antu samanta-Goyi-Deva Magara-nadu-raunura modala-vada Kalikattiyarii 
sarvva-badha-pariharav agiy aluttav ire n Saka-varsha 1066 neya Rudhirodgari- 
sariivatsarada Vaisakha-suddha-saptami-Brihavara-Pushya-nakshatrad andu || 
svasti yama-niyama-svadhyaya-dhyana-dharana-maunanushthana-japa-samadhi- 
sila-guna-sampannaru mattarii sabda-sastra-Kauraara-rupavatara vyakarano- 
ttara-sastrajnaru mattam jyotisha-srikarana-laghu -raanasa-karana-ratnadi- 
jyoti-jiia tri-kala-jnaru mattarii Sivagamabhyasigalu lokacharyyaru lokottamar 
appa sishta-brahmanaru Alvi-Bhattaru i-Teligesvara-devara pratishteyarii madi- 
sidalli savanta-Goyi-Devarii devara anga-bhoga-nivedya brahmanara ahara-dana- 
kkarii Alvi-Bhattara kalarii karchchi dhara-purvvakarii madi devarige bitta datti 
hiriya-kereya chikka-tumbina modal-eriya bayalalu bitta gadde khandugarii 1 
Aduvagereya hiriya-tumbina modal-eriya bayalalu gadde khandugarii 1 mattam 
alli Kalikattiya Hoysala-Gaudana mammaga Sateya-Nayaka bitta gadde 
khanduga 1 devalyada haduvanirii bara mudalu Nirurigala haduvana bayikalu 
pariyantarh bitta beddale mattar onduvarii Alvi-Bhattaru tavu devalyadim 
mudalu honnu kottu tumban ikkisi melu makkiya gaddeyarii madisi devarige 
bidisidaru mattarii devara nanda-divigege Aduvagerey-olagana beddale aru- 
nuru 600 (usuai finni phrases) devarige telliga-se. . ..kalu bitta aya telliga Kesi- 
yannanurii Hottiya Kali-Settiyurii Jagateyanurh a-Mareyanurii Ayitannana 
Ketananurii Machannana Hiriya-Kaleyanurii ChikkarKaleyanurii Chatteyanum | 

Arsikere Tahtq. BOl 

int iuibarum devara nanda^divigeya yannege sontigeyaiii bittaru mattam 
devalyada kelasakkam varisakke ganadal ondu-hanavam devara sannidhana- 
dalu dharey eradu bittaru int i-dharmmamam pratipalisuvaru || (uauai finai verses) 
Hara o 6m namas Sivilya u 


At Sankaranahalli (same hobli), on a stone near the Isvara temple. r. 

namas tunga eto. n 

Sankarasya paramam kathH-rasaih Chandrasekhara-gunanukirttanam | 

pada-sevanarh sambhavanti maraa janraa-janraani || 

namas Sivaya sri-Sim. svasti samadhigata-paiicha-raaha-sabda maha- 

mandalesvara Tribhuvana-malla Ereyanga-noysala^Devangam Echala-Devi- 
yarggam uditoditam agal puttidar Ballalu-Voysala-Devanum Bitti-Devanum 
^dayaditya-Devanuih a-Vishnuvarddhana-Devana pratapav ent endade || svasti 
samadhigata-pancha-raaha-sabda maha-mandalesvaranum Dvaravati-pura-vara- 
dhisvara [Yjadava-[ku]lambara-dyumani samyaktva-chiidamani malaparol gan- 
dady-aneka-nija-namavali-saraetar appa sriman-maha-mandalesvaraih Tribhu 
vana-malla Talakadu-gonda bhuja-bala Virar-Gahga-Hoysala-Vira-Ballala-Deva- 
ruih Gangavadi-tombhattara-sasiramumam dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipala- 
kan agi Dorasamudradalli sukha-sahkatha-vfnodadirh prithvi-rajyaih geyvutt- 
ire II svasti sriraan-maha-samanta-Cholayyahgam Sovave-Nayakitiyarggam 
puttida su-putra savanta-Benaraayyahgarii Satave-Nayakitiyarggara uditdditam 
agalu puttidaru savanta-Machayyanum sftyanta-Bittiyannanurii srwanta-Chdl- 
ayyanurii savanta-Hulayyanurii | Sfivanta-Bovayyahgarii Jakkavve-Nayakitiyarg- 
gaih puttida su-putrar Machayya-Nayakanurii Sahgayya-Nayakanu a-Machayya- 
Nayakahgarii Chaluvadi-Nayakitiyarggarh puttida su-putra kola-dipaka sfivanta- 
Lakmuya-Nayakanurii savanta-Rayananu yint ivara pratapav ent endadeii svast- 
samadhigata-pahcha-maha-sabda maha-samanta vira-lakshmi-kanta tureya- 
Revanta sabala-Trinetra para-bala-Kritanta godda gandara varisuva samantara 
ganda gotra-pavitra parahgana-putra budha-jana-chintamani dayiga-Murari 
vineyopakari pusirvva-badu lobhad arodha duttara ganda Yidugura-devi-labdha- 
vara-prasfida mrigamadamoda niti-Chanukya raarey-okkara kava saranagata- 
vajra-pahjara nudidu husivara ganda Ettila-kula-vana-vikasa-chandra 
sad-ananda-bhoga-Nagendra gadiyahka-maUa todarvvahg asadhya tappe tappu- 
vaih biradind oppuvarii yentu marppuvarii vairi-raiino-bhahga Poysala-Deva- 
padaradhaka-namavali-sametar appa sriman-mahA.-samanta Lakrauya-Nayakara 
Kittanakere bidikeyagi sukha-sahkatha-vinodadiih rajyaih geyyuttav ire || svasti 
srimatu Boppa-Gavudahgam Mara-Gavudigam uditoditam agalu puttida 
Masana-Gaudana pratapav ent endade j viveka-vidyadhara sahitya-sampannaih 
rupina Kama-deva bhogadal Indrarii gotra-pavitra purusha-chintamani karyya- 
dali Brihaspati mantri-chudama^i prabhuga} aditya srimatu samanta-Cholayya- 

302 Arsihere Taluq. 

Nayakana mayidana Kittanakereya Masana-Gavudana satiya gunav eut 
endade || 

ka II Mala. .ya mridu-vachanesadu....balledalabhimani sadu-guni sad-rakshana- 
saiibhagyavante Masana-Gaiidana mano-vallabhe Ma. .Gaiidi budha-janara 
kula. . . . vanim. .* 

. . yara kula-tilaka maha-prabbu Masana-Gavuda kareya. . .si tamma Boppa- 
Gavudana hesaralu Siva-linga-pratishtheyam madi Durmukhi-samvachharada 
Palugu[na] sudda 5 Vadavarad andu Bamraachiya . . hara-danakkam kereya 
kelage modal eriyali gadde salage nalku 4 devalyadim badagalu beddale 
mattar ondu 1 devara nanda-divigege kay-gana 1 Sivalyamam madidallige 
tanage koduva honnali sava-bhaga honnan ilihi kalukutiga Jakkoja ha. .da 
gade devara gaddeyim haduvalu sa 1 mata nadu-bayalali sa 1 beddale ko 10 
pandita-Macheyage danakkam gadde ko 1 Masana-Gavudarige kodagiya gadde 
sa. .2 (usuai flnai phrases) iut i-sasanavaih bareda senabova Hemmadi n Baiuina- 
Gaiidarige. . Sidda-Padumana maga .gade sa 


At Jann^v^ra (same hobli), on a stone in front of the village. 

namas turiga etc. n 

senabova Jakkayyam svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha- 

sabda maha-mandalesvararh Dvaravati-pura-varadhisvaram Yadava-kulambara- 
dyumani samyaktva-ratnakaram || srimatu Tribhuvana-malla Talakadu-Korigu- 

Narigali Huligere-Banavase-Hanurigalu-gonda bhuja-bala Vira- 

Garigan a-sahaya Nonambavadi-miivatt-irchchhasiramaih. . . . 

. . .Huligere-munurumam dashta-nigraha-sishta-prati- 

palanadim srirnad-rajadhani-Dorasamudrada nelevidinolu sukha-sankatha- 
vinodadim prithvi-rajyam geyyuttam ire || tat-pada-padmopajivi j 

a-devarolam | 

vara padig ill ene sau- i 

ryyodayadim pasarisidam | 

mediniyam vira-Vishnuvarddhana-Devam || 

Halasige Belvalam oppuva j 

Hulige[re]y a-Lokkugundi varegam i 

kaligala taguldum vikrama- | 

baladim kaikonda Vishnu bhiimandalamaih || 
ant atan-agra-taniijam Vira-Narasirigha-Devam Garigavadi-tombhattaru-sasira- 
mam dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipalanaih geydu Dorasamudrada nelevidinolu 
sukhaih rajyam geyyuttam ire ant atan-agra-taniijaih sri-Vira-Ballala-Devaru 
Garigavadi-Nonambavadi-Banavase-Halasige-Huligere-Belvalam olagagi Herd- 
dore-paryyantam dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipalanadira Dorasamudrada nele- 

* It has been foiind impossible to put this into verse. 

Arsikere Tatuq. 303 

vidinalu prithvi-rajyam geyyuttam ire tat-pada-padmopajivi || srimatu Chamma- 
vugeya Mahadevannam Jannavaramun aluttav iralu Mari-Settiya pal iira- 
gavudikey ag irddalli tanna maga Taili-Settiyara hesara Tailesvara-devara 
Saka-varusam 1111 Saumya-samvatsarada Jeshtha-masa-suddha-bidige-vyati- 
pata-Soraavarad andu ya-devara nivedyakara jirnnoddharakam nanda-divigegarh 
tapodhanara grasakav agi ura nir-umba bhaviya suttana gadde sa 2 ko 15 
halugina mudana dibbada modal-eriya galde salage 1 beddalu Sahaniyakereya 

haduva-godiya yolameyyalu beddalu mattaru 1 Devanna yint inituma 

Dharmmarasi-gurugala kalam karchchi dhara-purvvakarh madi bitta dharm- 
mara (usaai finai phrases) Magare-munnurad olagana Jannalira n (usuai finai verse) 

Sankhara-devara gade la-nadu modal eriyalu ko 10 

(right Bide) . . . . sal . ya Kalaji Jannavura . . Vira-devara . . navanura . . riyama- 
Gaunda, .yicha-ma. .mara ku... danu .yana maga Naga-Jiya bagistadade 

Basava-Jiya Kala-Jiya rbara. . . . || tamma a ya Jakeya. dhareyan 

eradu kottaru .... a-Jakaya 


At Satangere (same hobli), on a stone near the Somesvara temple. 

sva-datturii para-dattuiii va yo hareta vasundharuiii | 

shashti-varsha-sahasrani vishthayara jayate krimih n 

namas tuiiga etc. n 
svasti srimat-Tribhuvana-malla Talakadu-Kongu-Naugali-Nolambavridi-Bana- 
va.8e-Hanungalu-gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Ganga-Hoysala-Devaru Dorasamudrada 

nelevidinolu sukha-sankatha-vinodadirii rajyarii geyyuttani irddu svasti 

phala-bhoga-bhagini dvitiya-Lakshmi-samane mani .dOvi 

Bammala-Deviyara patta-salianada Anantapala-sahaniyaru kke 

sarvva-badha-pariharav S,giy aluttam irdu avara samaksha kar appa 

Darapalangarn Savanabbegarii udiysida su-putrar appa Jagapalana 

sahaniyurii Tihunapala-sahaniyurii int i-muvarurii prabalar agi . .svasti 

samasta-vastu-guna-sampanna nudidu matt ennarii gotra-pavitrarii para-naii- 
putrarii Savitra-kula-tilakarii sri-Bhagavati-devi-labdha-vara-prasadarii sri-. . 
pala tureya-Revantarii vira-sri-kantarii haya-Vatsa-rajarh ganika-Manojam vairi- 
jana-bhimam mare-vuge kavaih saranagata-vajra-paiijararii vairi-dik-kuiijararii 
tappe tappuvarii sthanak oppuvarii chapa-vidyji-prachanda praje-mechche-ganda 
sahasottungan ayyana singa namadi-samasta-prasasti-sahita srimatu Ananta- 

ftr ollidar ene negalvarii i 

neridan ati-buddhimanta karyya-Brihaspati | 

. . . rakshisi nadav i- | 

vira piajc-mechche-ganda Anantapalarii || 

ettisi devalayamarii | 

mattarii belidangam aridu mannisi puravarii i 

304 Arsikere Taluq. 

.ttarisi Savanayveya | 

putram prabhu Anantapala-sahaniy eniparii || 

purusarttada kani satyada | 

nilayaiii saujanya-jaladhi dharmmakke tavar | 

ppara-hita-Vidyadharan i- | 

dhareyolu raiajisidan alte ADantapala-ni. . . || 
atana kula-stri | 

pradibada gunakaiii raahi(me)gam i 

migil enekuiii kulada chalada nanniya pempirii | 

jagadolag J-Maleyakkana | 

pogaladar aru su-putran appa Haripalanumarii || 

Darapalana putrarii | 

varan ivarii ganda-gunadolarii gunadolara ar | 

ddore bira-sri-Tihunapalana | 

kura kurttu sale. . .nu vararii n 

Siddhartti-sariivatsarada uttarayana-saiikranti-vyatipatad andu Somana 

tittiya . . . ariga-bhoga-nivedya-tamraadigal-ahara-danakkarii Rudrasakti-Panditara 
putran appa Uttamasakti-Panditara kalarii karchchi dhara-purvvakarii madi 
Anantapaja-sahaniyaru Savanesvara-devarige bitta gadde devar ilda stanadiin 

purvva piriya-bayalolage totadirii paduvalu salage eradu Muddaya..a- 

tumbina modalali. .beddalu uririge nairitya-disa-bhagadalu mattar oudu int 
i-dharmmamarii pratipalisad aliyavarii guruvarii brahmananarii konda maha- 
patakan akku | pujarige . . sa 1 


At Honnakatte (same hobli). 
namas turiga etc. n 

Sarikarasya. . . . katha-rasarii Chandrasekhara ( . . . .)gunanuklrttanarii | 
Nilakantha tava pada-sevanarii sambhavanti mama janma-janmani || 
kondarii TalakaJarii kai- | 
kondarii mel etti Koiigan avayavadindarh | 
kondarii Vishnuve Cholana i 

mandalikara mande gondu n 

a-Vishnuvarddhanangarii i 

bhavodbhavey enisi negalda pempirii Lakshma- | 

Devige sutan udayisidam | 

bhii-vidita-yaso-vibhasi Narasiriiha-nripaiii || 

pattada sati-Echale tarii i 

nettane Narasiriiha-nripatig ati-mudadindarii | 

puttidan adhika-vilasarii | 

ottajeg ati-vira-vikramam Ballalarii || 

Arsikere Taluq. 305 

svasti samasta-bhuvanasrayam sri-prithvi-vallabhaih maharajadhirajam para- 
mesvara parama-bhattiXrakarii, Yadava-kulariibara-dyumani samyaktva-chiida- 
mani maleraja-raja malaparol gandau a-sahaya-sura Sanivara-siddhigiri-durgga- 
malla chalad-arika-Rama nissarika-pratapa bhuja-bala-chakravartti Hoysana- 
Vira-Ballala-Devanu . . . . mahi-raandalamarii dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipala- 
naih geydu Dorasamudrada nelevidinolu sukha-sarikatha-vinodadirii. . rajyarii 
geyyuttam ire tat-pada-padmopajivi || svasti srimau-maha-pasaytarii ati-visama- 
hayarudha-praudha rekhri-Revanta para-bala-KritA,ntarii oddaihkandu sutta-bala- 
suvara ganda | alarii kandu kela-hidivara ganda vairig ede-dallalam niti-ChaiuV 
kyarh a-chalita-vakyarii | sri-Somanatlia-devara padaradhakarii para-bala-sadha- 
kauum appa hiriya-bherundana. .tadakusa Ghanteya-Sirigayya-Nagayyarigalu 
Satiyabbegereyarii sarvva-badhe-pariharavagi mey-jivitakk aluttav irddu || Ghan- 
teya-Sirigayyanahalliyalu Sasamuni-Devaru Sirigayyana hesaralu Sirigesvara- 
devara pratishteyarh madisida a-devara nitya-nivedya-khanda-sphutita-jirnnd- 
ddhara matha-pati-tapodhanara ahara-danakka a-chandrarkka-tararii-bararh 
saluvantag ire Satiyabbegereya Mala-Gauda a-Chatta-Gauda Mara-Gauda Nauna- 
Gauda Rania-Gauda Masana-Gaudana maga Maia-Gaudan olagada samasta-praje- 
gavundugalurii Sirigayyanuv irddu Saka-varisha 1131 neya Sukla-sariivatsa- 
rada Vaisakha-su 7 Vaddavaradandu Bararigi-Siddara putra Sasamuni-Devara 
kalaih karchchi dhara-purvvakarii madi bitta datti Sirigayyanakereya hinda 
gadde sa 4 beddale devalyadirii mfidalu sa 1 ko 10 int i-dharmmavarii tanna 
putra Santayyaiige Sasamuni-Devaru kottaru || Chattayyanakereya hinde ga 

ko 1 (usual flnal phrases and verse) 


At Soppinahalli (same hobli), on a stone near the villag-e gate. 
subham astu 

namah Kesava-nathaya nayanananda-murttaye | 

VehXpuri-nivasriya satya-jrianaya Vishnave || 
svasti sri jayabliyudaya-Salivahuna-saka-varusliarigalu 1517 Manmatha-sarii- 
vatsarada Chayitra-su 1 Guruvaradalu srimatu Durggada Rarigappa-Nfiyakaru 
Banavarakke saluva grama Sopinahaliyanu Tiruverigalaynge kotanu Sopina- 
halli-gramayanu Belura Chennigarayanige samarppisidanu (asaai finai phrases) 


At Hojalakere (same hobli), on a stone south of the Rimesvara temple. 

sri-Mahadevaya namah n 

namas turiga eto. || 

svasti Hoysala-variisaya Yadu-mulaya yad-bhava[h] | 

kshatra-mauktika-santanaih prithvi-nayaka-mandanarii n 


306 Arsikere Taluq. 

Yadava-vamsakk amare ma- | 

hodayav Ereyanga-nripati Vinayadityafig l 

adaih taneyam vinayam | 

sodaram ene tanage negalda dhirodattam \\ 

biriibam bhanuge bhuvana- | 

lariiba-gunarii Merug Indra-vajrakke jaya- | 

dariibaram eriib-antiral o- | 

ppariibadedarii tandeg enduv Ereyariga-nripam 

jattigar adatarii i 

...... .Echala-Devige | 

nettane Ballala-Vishnu-Vudayadityar n 

modalol Hoysala tol-valpinirii taldi tann i 

udayarii rarijise tanna balp odave tann arpp ere | 

kondu Talakadarii Gariga-rajyakke tarii | 

modal adarii Yadu-variisa-varddhana n 

ghattaman avagarii maha- | 

bala-pada-gha | 

galarii sasivante Vishnu dor- | 

valadole kittum ottarisi kaurigina n 

Lakshma-devi. .dhipa- | 

lakshmarig esedirddu Vishnug ent antevalaui | 

Lakshma-de. .sama mriga- j 

lakshmanane. . . .satiy ene negaldal n 

avarge Manojan-ante sudati-jana-chittaraan irkkolalke salv- | 

avayava-sobheyind a-tanuv emb abhidhanaman anad arigana- | 

nivahaman, . . .uyvan anam . . .echchu yuddhadol | 

tavisuvan adan atmabhavan a-pratimarfi Narasiriiha-bhubhujarii n 

(5 lines effaccd) 

svasti samadhigata-i)ancha-maha-sabda Dvaravati-pura-varadhisvarara 

Tuluva-bala-jaladhi-balavanala dayada-davanala mandalika-bentekara 

para-mandala-siirekara sarigrama-Bhima Kali-kala-Kama sakala vitarana- 

vinoda Vasantika-devi-labudha-vara-prasada mrigamadamoda namadi-samasta- 

prasasti-sahitam Talakadu-Korigu-Narigali-Garigavadi-Nolariibavadi- 

Uchcharigi-Banavase- Hanurigalu a-sahaya-sura nissarika- pratapa 

Hoysala-Vira-Ballala-Devaru sakala sishta-pratipalanarii geydu rakshi- 

sutturii Dorasamudrada nelevidinolu sukha-sarikatha-vinodadirii .tadiya- 

pada-padmopajivi n antu negalda Hoysala-Vira-Ballalana chitta. . .santana . . . 

• • .karyya-stitiy endu .sabhyara karyyada meyyolarii 

niyogadolu mudadindarii bannipar i-dhatriyolu n svasti 

samasta-Vira-Ba . . . . savanta .... samanta-nitt-elavarii murid atteya 

Arsikere Taluq. 307 

devara padariidhakam para-bala-sadhakanum appa savanta- 


. , . vairi-mastaka-sularii | 
sad-amala-kirtti-vilasarii i 

mudadirii || 

sati Marave tanag endurii | 

sutan olpina Nrachi-Deva Manu-charitra(na)rii | 

kshiti I 

. . . . pogalad-irpar ar vasumatiyol n 

savanta-Machi-Devan ge | 

i sogaysidarii ii 

Jayagondana Hetiyannam | 
naya I 


deva-pada-padma-bhringan enipparii || 

Bommeya-Niiyaka | 

satya-sauchadola nurmmadi j 

Barameya-nayakarii . .ttaman Ajukondanarii n 

svasti samasta-vasumati dharmma-nirmmala sauryyamarii merevarurii 

siivanta metti taleya vadivarurii Rama-Lakshmana 

mandalesvarar appa savanta savanta . . . . Nayakanum Alukonda 

. maga Bammoyanurii Bittayanurii hiriya-Jayagonda-Nayakanurii Mache- 

ya-Nayakanurii Holalakereya. . .gavundugalum irdu Saka-varusha 1108 Vi- 
svavasu-sariivatsarada Jeshta-suddha-tray odasi-Vaddavara-uttariiy ana - sankra- 
mana-vyatiputadandu sri-Ramanatha-devara anga-ranga-bhoga-naivedya-nanda- 
divige khanda tapodhanar-ahara-danakkarii sishya 

Jiya (stops here) 


At Halkdr (same hobli), on a stone uear the Kalldsvara temple, north of the village» 

sri-Mahadevaya namah || 
namas tunga eto. || 
bhedarii miirttiyol allade i 
adarii paramarttha-tatvadolu sallad enal | 
mu-devar ada bharadim j 
Madevarii devan ige tan emag ol|)arii n 
svasti Iloysala-variisaya Yadu-miilaya yad-bhavah | 
kshatra-mauktika-santanarii prithvi-nayaka-mandanarii || 

308 ArsiJcere Taluq. 

Malava-rajya-mulam enip aggada dhaniyan atma-seneyim | 

chalsi chakravarttige jayarii mige tanna bhuja-ppratapamarii ; 

palisi dig-jaya-prakata-kirtti-patakeyan uttaraseyol [ 

kilisidarii dinesan agid ikshisuvant Ereyariga-bhubhujarii || 

ubhaya-kula-suddhey enip a- | 

subha-lakshanegarii su-charita-bharitaii enipp a | 

prabhugarii muvar ttaneyar | 

subagar bBallala-Vishnu-Vudayadityar n 

Dorasamudradalli Jagadevana seneyan ikki tamma tol | 

vira-samudram age jaya-lakshmige tad-gaja-vaktra-rakta-ka- | 

smira-vilepamarii nerapi tat-padakarii beras eyde koudu bhaii- | 

daraman a-nripar ttaleda biraman aro gabhiram enuadar || 

Cherama biramarii bisudu Pandya kadarigad ir Andhra ratidhramarii | 

parad ir Odda goddaman adarii bidu Malava kalagakke mey | 

dorade sar ele Tigula nirii jagul eriibud a-para-vira-dor- ] 

vvara-gabhira-dhirate-vinisruta-ghoshane Ballu-bhupanaiii || 

taleg avana ga. . . .bavaradol | 

el-el-ele-yend oddi sarchchidar i-nripan-adeyarii | 

nelekondu virad-olparii | 

sale merevarii vasudhe hogalal Udeyadityarii n 

dhuradol band oddi vairi-prakaram iral avashtariibhadim Bitti-Devarii | 

karavalarii todi-kond iriabalikav ele Mahadeva-kalagni-Rudrarig | 

uri-gan band-ante Makalige garav adardant Indra-dig-danti sokkim | 

parigharii gondant agurvv urvvipud ene mulisirii miri marariipan avarii 

Cholana jubu Malavana golmuri Cheranan atti-tiriiba-Ma- | 

kali Varalanarii tuliva gandha-gajaiii Khachan-alley-ariibu Ne- | 

palana benna sariimatigey irii nade-tandane vira-Vishnu-bhu- | 

palakan eriiba sariibhraraame vairi-nripalaka-mandalarigalol || 

ettada munnav etti nade-gollada raunnav adarttu kopadirii | 

muttada munnav arttamane tett iri. . . . tma-durggamarii | 

matt ena veda nirggamam id endu virodhige vira-lakshmi sa- | 

rutt ire Vishnu-vikramad-upakramam akramisittu lokamarii n 

kamalaksharii purushottamarii vibudha-lokahladanaiii dvishta-dai- | 

tya-mada-dhvariisan ananta-bhoga-yutan urvvidara-dhaureyan u- | 

ttama-satvanvitan udglia-Yadava-kulalarikarav end intu Vi- | 

shnu-mahisarii sale tane Vishnuv eniparii Lakshmi-vadhu-vallabharii || 

nage sudheyol nisa-ramananol vadanarii sura-kurhbhi-kumbhadol | 

bigida-kucharii sura-drumada pallavadol kara-pallavarigal and i 

ogedav enippa pattada maha-sati Lakshmige Seshan anta bhu- | 

mige patiy ada Vishnu patiy andad ad oppuval entu norppadarii || 

avarge Mauojan ante sudati-jana-chittaman irkkolalke salv- | 

avayava-sobheyind a-tanuv emba abhidhanaman anad arigana- | 

Arsikere Taluq. 309 

uivahaman echchum uyvavan anam auade viraran echchu yuddhadol | 
tavisuvan adan atmabhavan a-ppratimaiii Narasimha-bhubhujaiii n 
idir ad ari-bhupalara | 

madad-aneya koriiban udidu dantada baleyarii | 
biduvina muttina haraman i 
odavisi jaya-sirige todisuvaiii Narasiuihaih n 
maniniy-Echala-Devigav | 
a-Narasirhha-kshitisvarangarii negaldarii i 
bhu-nuta-vikrama-!iidhiy ene | 
Bhanu-suta-pratiman ati-balaiii Ballalarii n 

dhareyarii vikrantadind oppuva uija-bhujadol taldi mar.intu iiindirdd | 
ari-bhupalarkkalarii dik-tatada kade-vararii tuldi tad-vira-lakshmi- | 
varan adarii Vira-Ballu-kshitipati saranayata-raksha-kshamarii bha- | 
sura-tejarii raja-rajarii sakala-guna-ganambhojini-raja-hariisam || 
tanagarii kalpa-drumakkarii vitarana-gunadol machcharaiii Sudrakangariii 
tanagarii vikranta-vijrimbhita-bhuja-baladol machcharaih Meruvingarii | 
tanagaih pemp-ulla binpiih taleda maliimeyol machcharam tan enal dha-| 
nyan iladhisarkkalol visruta-visada-yasarii Vira-Ballala-Devarii n 
mudal sanchalisittu Kafichi haduval gholittud ariibhodhi yerdd | 
oditt aggada Chera-desav aniturii Pandyavani-mandalaih j 
kadol kiide teruldu hokk adagidatt uddama-sangramadol | 
koditt antu bardunkuv annar olare BaUala-bhuprilauol n 
ghana-sauryyarii Ballu-bhuparii nija-vijaya-hayjiriidhan agal Khanihgarii | 
vana-vasodyuktan adarh Tuluvan alavu-gett odidarii Kohkanaih bhoii- | 
kene punyaranyavaih sariivarisidan agidarii Gurjjaraih Malavarii Vi- | 
ndhya-nikuiija-prriptan adaih jaladhi-nikatamarii Cholikarh velegoiidaih || 
dig-adhipararii panariichaleva vikramad ejge nagahgal eluraam | 
negapal odarchchuv ujjugada tol-valav a-negald arkka-biiiibamarii | 
. . . .pa tibra-tejam ivu tannole sammatam aduv endod a- | 
Nriga-Nahushadigal doreye Ballu-nripalana virad elgeyol n 
antu sogaysuva Hoysala-Vira-Ballala-Devan-arddhfihga-Lakshmi savati-mukha- 
darppane savatiyara verina-saiiimatige birudina bihkad ahkada vilasamarii 
mereva savatiyara mukhada kai vandi-jana-chintamani abhinava-Parvvatiy 
enisi negalda. . . .tad arasi Bariimala-deviya kirttiy ent endade | 
ihgadala suteya peihparii | 

bhahgisuva vilasav Adri-jateya subagarh | ' 

bhahgisuva subagu subag enal | 
erii gala bannisuvar-alave Bariimale-vadhuvaih n 
mala-maladu inaledu Malepara | 
kulamarh ber-vverasi kittu Baihmale mudadirii | 
ghala-ghalaku ghalaku ghalak enal | 
alevalu para-satiyara vara-kirtty-unnatiyaih |( 

310 Arsikere Taluq, 

svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha-sabuda maha-mandalesvaraiii Dvaravati-pura- 
varadhisvaraih Tuluva-bala-jaladhi-badavanalaih dayada-davanalam Pandya- 
kula-kamala-vana-vedanda ganda-bherunda mandalika-bentekara para-mandala- 
siirekara sahgrama-Bhima Kali-kala-Kama sakala-vandi-brinda-santarppana- 
vitarana-vinoda Vasantika-devi-labudha-vara-prasada mrigamadamoda-namadi- 
prasasti-sahitaih srimanu maha-mandalesvaraih Talakadu-Kohgu-Nahgali-Gah- 
gavadi-Nolambavadi-Banavase-Hanuhgalu-gonda bhuja-bala-Vira-Gahgan a-sa- 
haya-sura nissahka-pratapa Hoysala-Vira-Ballala-Devaru sakala-mabi-mandala- 
mam dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipalanarh geydu rakshisuttaih Dorasamudrada 
nelevidinolu sukha-sahkatha-vinodadiih rajyaih geyvuttam ire tadiya-pada- 
padmopajivi Baihmala-Deviyara mava Ballalana kirttiyam pelvade | 

chaturarol ati-chaturaih budha- | 

tatiyolu budha-tati samantu gayanam gayanarol | 

mativantarh raativantarol | 

ati-chaduraih chaduran an-upamaih Ballalarii n 
mattaih Hoysala-desada bhandaravadad urggalolu pesar-vetta Halukura 
maha-prabhugala kirttiy ent endade ) 

keregalan eyde kattisidar ettisidar nere degulahgalaih | 

marevuge kavar avavarumaih saranagata-vajra-pahjarar | 

kkare-koral-lsa-pada-padumotkara-bhrihgar enutte kirttisal | 

paravadivettar intu Halukura maha-prabhu-gaudar ellaruih || 

ghaua-sauryyaih Murttey[, .]aih i 

Manu-marggam Binna-Gaudan atana taneyam | 

jana-vinuta Keta-Gaundaih | 

tanag ayyan ad entuv adhikan i-Narasiihham n 

iva-gunaih vedalodaih | 

kava-gunaih bhitiyinde marevugal enasuih | 

bhu-vinutara agi torppavu | 

bhavaka-nidhi Narasiihha-Gaundanol enasum |i 

hiriy-ayya-Mudda-Gaudaih | 

vara-guni taih Chikka-Macha-Gaundaih janakaih | 

kared iva dani tan ene | 

dhareg an-upamav aytu Mudda-Gaundane dhanyaih || 

nodalk attalagaih Sahasranayanahgam rhpu markkondu ma- | 

tadalk adubhutav Antakahgav enasum vikranta sat-kirtti nild- | 

adalk itt ede varddhi-veshtita-dhara-chakrarh dal end oldu ma- | 

taduttirppudu Mudda-Gaundana guna-bratahgalaih vandigal n 

uttaman urjjitan enisida | 

muttaiyaih Dasa-Gaundan an-upama-tejam | 

hettaiyan alte Jakkanan | 

aty-adhikaih Dasa-Gaundan Isana dasam || 

Arsikere Taluq. 311 

iiudida nudi tarara-sasanam | 

padeda dhanam sad-budhargg amattyarol adhikaih | 

podaviyole torppa sura-taru | 

pade-mat eiii Dasa-Gaundan i-vasumatiyol |i 

Kada-Gavundana taihmam | 

rudiya negldida Chaunda-Gaundana putraih | 

beduva-vandige Karnnam | 

nadeyuv ene Chikka-Gaunda mikkam dhareyol n 

gotra-pavitram sadu-guni | 

kirtti-yutam tan enuttav i-vasuraatiyol | 

dhatri hogaluttav irppudu i 

siitrisidavol oldu Chikka-Gaundane dhanyaii» n 

Nila-Gavundana putram | 

lileyol a-Keta-Gaundan ivara devaiii | 

lolakshigalge Kamaih | 

saliduvaih halavu honnan artthi-janakkaih n 
svasti samasta-guna-sampannarum saranagata-vajra-pafijararurii marevuge 
kavarum tappe tappuvaruih idir-antaran ahavadol ikki sauryyamam mereva 
sahasottungaruhi ubhaya-nadolu pesarvetta maha-prabhu-nal-gaundugaluni 
enisi sogaysuva Halukftra maha-prabhu Narasiuga-Gaundanum Mudda- 
Gaundanuih Dasa-Gaundanuiii Chikka-Gaundan olagada samasta-praje-gaundu- 
galum irddu Saka-varusa 1100 ncya HrMnanaihbi-samvatsarada Bhiidrapada- 
dandu sri-Kali-devara naivedya nandadivigey ahga-bh6ga-ranga-bh6ga-khanda- 
rputita-jirnn6ddharakkam matha - pati - tap6dhanar-ahara - danakav - agi svasti 
guna-saihpaniiaru Lakulagama-sainaya-samuddhar.inaruiii ekk6ti-raunindra- 
vandananandaruhi Kalainukha-prlibaddharuhi sri-Raraanfitha-devara pada- 
radiiakarum appa Keta-Jiyyara sisya Devendrasakti-Panditaru avara guddi 
pratyaksha-Gahgo Dekavve Devendrasakti-Panditara sisya Ramasakti Rama- 
saktiya sisya Kalyanasakti Kalyanasakutiya sisya Vamasakuti Vamasaktiya 
sisya Mahadeva-Jiya Mahadeva-Jiyara sisya Chikka-Kavi-Jiyan int i-muni- 
samuhada kalam karchchi dhura-purvvakam inadi bitta datti (here foiiow iiet.iii8 

of gift and usual final plirHfles; loft side coatains detnils of furthcr gift with niimes of donorg, 
and signatures) 


On a broken pillar near the same temple. 

Saka-varusha 1297 neya Ananda-samvatsarada Jeshta-ba 5 Mara Honnavaliya 
srlmad-asesha-raaha-janahgalu Halukiira Boinraa-Gavuda Madi-Gavuda Naga- 

312 Arsihere Talug. 

Gavuda Keta-Gavudan olagada samasta-gavudu-prajegalige kotta parivarttana- 
sasanada kramav ent endare a-Honnavaliya kalavali Bhagavati-ghattadalu 
Tulikeyahaliya hola-simeyim teiikalu Hosfkatteyim paduva-tenkalagi 64 mettina 
galeya . . . ba 430 kottu Halukura kaluvali Tulikeyahaliya Biidanahalu 
Bhagavati-ghattada bhumiyim badagalu suttana hala-mereya chatus-simeya 
bhumi kariiba 430 kondu tammo|u sarvvaikamatyavagi vodambatu kotta pari- 
varttanada sasana 


On a virakal near the same temple. 

jitena labhyate lakshmir mritenapi surangana | 

kshana-vidhvariisane kaye ka chinta marane rane || 

Vikrama-sarfi I Bhadrapada-ba 14 Ma | dina Halu lla gurugala maga 

Mallayyanu Halukura bagilalu kadi Kavilasa-praptan adanu 


At the same place. 
Sri Rama-saranu || namas tunga etc n 
svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Saka-varushada 1252 deneya Pramodotha-samvatsarada 


Asvija-suddha 12 Somavaradandu srimat-pratapa-chakravartti Hoyisana-sri- 
vira-Ballala-Devaru Virupakshapattanada nelevidinali sukha-sarikatha-vinoda- 
diiii rajyarii geyivutt ire srimanu maha-pradhanarii Someya (stop^here) 


At M&dalu (same hobli), on a stone in the Basavesvara temple. 

Yuva-sariivatsarada Pusya-suddha 10 Guruvarad andu svasti sri-vira-pratapa- 
chakravartti Hoyisana sri-vira-Ballala-Devaru prithvi-rajyam geyivalli srimad- 
anadi-agraharam Ballalapuravada Kittanakereya srima[d-a]sesha-raahajanarigalu 
srimanu maha-pradhanarii Ponnannanavara makkalu Kameya-danuayakari. 
Arinakereya stalav aluvalli a-Kittanakereya stalav ellavu halagi yiddalli a- 
Kittanakereyanu marali jirnoddharava madidar agi a-Karaeya-dannaykara anu- 
matadiiri a-mahajanarigalu srimanu maha-pasayitarura appa Nacheya-heggade- 
yara makkalu Nachappa-Devappanavaru a-Guliyya-Rami-Settiyara raaga Kala- 
Gavudarige kotta sasanada kramav entendare a-Kittanakereya kaluvali Mada- 
halanu sabba-godagiyagi kotevagi adak-ula-chatus-sime-volagada bhumi gadde 
beddalu muntagi hola-veriya sutana nalku mtilegu kalla nettu kotevu Neki- 
gadiyya Chavugave muntagi a-Madahalu maru-godagiyyagi salavudu vura 
raundevu kala nettu kottevu a-kalagalanu sukhadirii balvantagi kota valiya 
sasana a-mahajanarigalu Hirivura gavudikeya kotadu a-vura volag ondu 

Arsikere Taluq. 313 

mane santhege tapu. . .niseya muda gade yeradu salage Muduvayala Nara- 
simha-devara gadeyim paduva gade sa 2 ge yeradu. . chatur-ashta bedalu ondu- 
kalananu kalla nettu kotevu a-Hirivura olage aya-daya-manya-mannaiie salu- 
vudu yendu a-mahajanangalu a-Nachappa-Devappanavaru a-Guliyya-Kala- 
Gavudaiige kotta sasana a-mahajanangalige a-Kala-Gaudanu kodagi-derey agi 
yikkibaharu alivu anyaya kattu gulu kattali sese apurbbaya sapurbbaya 
vutsahavu. . . .muntagi sarvva-badhe-pariharav agi a-Hirivura kodagigevu 
a-Madahaligevu kudi varusha 1 ke ga 9 nu mukkandayavagi yikkutta 
bahanu yi-mariyadeyalu prati-varushangalalu yikki bhogisuta bahan endu 
a - mahajanangalu a- Nachappa - Devappanavaru a - Guliyya - Kala - Gavudange 

kota sasana yint appudake ri-mahujanangala a-Kameya-daniiiiykara vopa- 



At Kittanakere (same hobli), on a stone in the varanda of the Narasimha temple. 

daiiishtragrena mahiih mahasuram aho dhritva vijitva sthitah 
kritva loka-hitam prabhriva-janitaih srimad-Varaho yada | 
ya. . . .shu suras samasta-rishayas savrvaiu jagat saihsthitarii 
lokaih loka-patih purana-purushah pritas sadA, patu vah n 
sri sri sri sri-Lakslimi-Nrisiiiihaya namah || 

haihho dhira varaih grihana rujina pritChara ity eva tO 

pritir bbhaktir upatta-bhilvanataya paraihparahd mayi | 

srimat-Kirtisamudra-sajjana-patir Lakshmi-Nrisiihhas tada 

Praliladaya daduti vahchhitam iva prayo dadatu prabhuh || 

13rahman6'trir abhut tasmat Somas tasmad IJudhah parali i 

tatah Pururavas tasinad AyushO Nahushas tatah n 

keuachiu muniudkto bi Salo Hoysana ity api | 

Yereyangas tato jato Bitti-Devas tato bhuvi n 

Bitti-Devatmajo loke Narasiriiho dharapatih | 

yaso yasya haraty etad vipat-kalahi-durvvisliarii n 

tat-putr6'pi yasah-patir vijayate pratyaksha-Lakshnii-patih 

kabye sebya-matis sukhe Surapatir marttanda-tejo-dhritih | 

sahgrame vijayi patir ggaja-patih prakhyata-vidya-patir 

lloke sat-kavi-vadinam adhipatir vVallala-prithvipatih n 


ye vedachara-saukhya-smriti-raita-yajana-srauta-karmmaika-nishthah i 


tebhy6 Ballala-Devo dadad ati-vibhavarii Kirttiratnakararh hi || 

* This insoription is full of miBtakes. 


314 Arsikere Taluq. 

desad uttara-namatah sthirataram srutvagatebhyo yasah 
Karnnatottama-varnna-purnna-janita-praudha-priyebhyo dadat | 
sankrante dasaka-dvayottara-satam sri-Tungabhadra-tate 
sri-Ballalapuram hi Kirttijaladhim Ballala-prithvipatih || 
virah ko Narasimhas sakala-kavi-jana-praudha-dhir nNarasirahah 
khyatah ko Narasimho Magara-bala-harah kridaya Narasirhhah | 
Cholasyadhikyatayam punar api kurute samsthitim Narasirhhah 
srimad-Ballala-sunur vvijaya-patir asau sobhate Narasiihhah || 
svasti samasta-bhuvanasrayam sri-prithvi-vallabham maharajadhirajarii para- 
mesvaraiii parama-bhattarakaih Dvaravati-pura-varadhisvaram Yadava-kulam- 
bara-dyumani sarvvajiia-chudamani maleraja-raja malaparol ganda kadana-pra- 
chandan ekahga-viran a-sahaya-sura Sauivara-siddhi giri-durgga-malla chalad- 
aiika-Rama Magara-rajya-nirmmulana Chola-rajya-pratishthachariyarum appa 
bhuja-bala-pratapa-chakravartti Hoyisana sri-vira-Narasimha-Devaru Dora- 
samudrada nelevidinolu sukha-sahkatha-vinodadim rajyam geyyuttam ire || 
srlmad-Rama-sutas tu tasya janani Boppavva-nama tatah 
khyatomakhya-satiti Bhanur abhavad Vasishta-vaihsodbhavah | 
bhrata vai Siva-Deva-nama-sukriti tad-Boppa-Devas sudhis 
sri-Lakshmi-Narasimha-sarvva-janatasyaho pratishtha krita || 
sat-tarkka-pra-tarahga-sukti-vinayacharais cha ratnair yutam | 
sri-Ballalapuram hi Kirttijaladhirii vidya-vinodadhikarh 
kah kah kirii na karoti vandanam aho sadbhis sada sevitarii || 
sri-Ballalapura-sthitas sura-taru-khyatas su-silodbhavas 
sarvvais sarvva-namasya-Kirttijaladhi-sthana-pravishtarii tada | 
tasmin Manikagattara evara adadarii Lakshmi-Nrisiihhaya te 
rahgahgarchana-bhoga-bhoga-bahulaih bhaktya su-dhirottamah n 
ekamatya-mani-sthana-Kirttiratnakaras tatah | 
sri-Ballala-pradattatvad Ballalapuram uchyate n 
vitaratu sukham asya pritim evarii karotu 
prabhur iha para-rupah patu vas su-prasannah | 
jana-janita-jadatvarii yatu yatu prabhutarii 
disatu disatu loke vahchhitarttham Suresah || 
sri-Lakshmi-Narasiriihasya sasanarii sthira-sasanarii | 
Siva-Deveua lokasya mahgalaya pratishthitarii n 
satyarii bhiita-hitarii guru-dvija-sura-sri-pada-seva daya 
dakshinyarii pitri-matri-bhakti-vinaya-sreyariisy aho bhiitale | 
tesham apy adhikarii hi durllabhatararii dharmmarii tatas chadhikaiii 
tad-dharrama-pratipalauarii nripatayo rakshantu matva sada |i 
dharmma-sariirakshako raja kalpa-sthayi samedhate | 
dharmma-nasakaras svasya kula-nasakarah kari n 

Arsikere Tahiq. 315 

svasti sriinatu-Saka-varshada 1086 neya Tarana-saravatsarada Chaitra-suddha 
10 Soma I srimatu Kittanakereya grama-madhyadalli sri-Lakshmi-Nrisiiiiha- 
devara pratishtha-kaladalu Kittanakereya nur-ippattu-mahajanangalum avara 
priya-putra Choleya-Nayaka-Mareya-Nayakangalu sahitavagi tamma halli 
Manikagattavauu nalku-sime-pariyantavagi Kedagegattada halugina badagana 
tota-sthala-sahitav agiyii sii-Lakshmi-Nrisimha-devarigey anga-bhoga-ranga- 
bhoga-jirnnoddhrira-Chaitra-paitravaih maduvantagi pratishtha-kaladalu sarvva- 
namasyav agiyuy a-chandrarkka-sthayiyagi dhara-piirvvakavagi kottaru (ueuai 
finai Yersea) Bachannangalu baredaru || 


On the Hirikallu-betta (same hobli), on a stone near the Nagapuri 
Sankaresvara temple. 

namas tuiiga otc. n 

svasti Hoysala-vaihsaya Yadu-muluya yad-bhavah | 

kshatra-mauktika-santanarii prithvi-nayaka-mandanarii || 

modalol Hoysala-rajya-lakshmiy-odavarii tol-valpiniih taldi tann | 

udayarii raiijise tanna balp odave tann arpp ere tann ajiie mi- | 

re disa-chakraman otti kondu TalakAdarii Gaiiga-rajyakke tarii | 

modaladaih Yadu-vaiiisa-varddhana-kararii sri-Vishnu-bhupalakarii n 

dhuradol band oddi vairi-prakaram iral avashtambhadirii Bitti-Devarii | 

karavalarii todikond im-balik el ele Mahadeva-Kalagni-Rudraiig | 

uri-gan bandante Maktilige garav adardant Indra-dig-danti sokkirii | 

parigharii gondant agurbb irii parbbipud ene mulisirii miri marampan avarii i| 

ettada munnav etti nadcgollada munnav adarttu kopadirii | 

muttada munnav artthamane tett iriv itt iriv atma-durggavarii | 

matt enaveda nirggamam id endu virodhige vira-lakshmi sa- | 

rutt ire Vishnu-vikramad upakramav akramisittu lokamarii || 

Lakshmi-Devi Khagadhipa- | 

lakshmang esedirddu Vishnug esevante valarii | 

Lakshma-Devi lasan-mriga- | 

lakshmanane Vishnug agra-satiy one negaldal || 

avarge Manojanaute sudati-jana-chittaman ilkolalke salv | 

avayava-sobheyind a-tanuv emb abhidhanainan anad arigana- | 

nivahaman echchum uyvan anam anade viraran echchu yuddhadol | 

tavisuvan adan atmabhavan appratimaih Narasiihha-bhubhujaih n 

pademat eih bandu kandahg ainrita-jaladhi taiii garvvadiih gandavataih i 

nudivannarig enan embai pralaya-samayadol mereyaih miri barpp a- | 

kadal-annarh Kalan-annarii mulida-Kulikan-annam yugantagniy-annaih i 

sidil-annaiii sirigad-annaiii Puraharan-uri-gann-annan i-Narasiihharii n 


316 Arsikere Taluq. 

pattada sati Echalegam | 

nettane Narasiihha-nripa-varangaih mudadirh | 
puttida Ballu-nripalaka- | 
u ottaji galiy enipa vira-Vikkrama-tejaiii || 
kulake kalahkav illada visuddha-charitrada kalpa-bhujamaih i 
tola-tolag endu dana-gunav antaran ugra-bhujasi-dhareyiih i 
jalakane madi saggamane muttisuv Arjjuna-sach-charitrav ag- | 
galisidud endu bannipudu Ballu-nripalanan i-jagaj-jauarii n 
ghana-sauryyam Ballu-bhupaih nija-vijaya-hayarudhan agal Kalihgaih | 
vana-vasodyuktan adaih Tuluvan alavi-gett odidaih Kohkanaih bhohk- | 
ene punyaranyamaih saiiivarisidan agidarh Gurjjaram Malavam Vin- | 
dhya-nikuhja-praptan adaih jaladhi-nikatamaih Cholikaih velegondaih n 
svasti samadhigata-pahcha-maha-sabuda maha-mandalesvaraih Dvaravati-pura- 
varadhisvaraih Tuluva-bala-jaladhi-badavanalarii dayada-davanalaih Pandya- 
kula-kamala-vana-vedanda ganda-bherunda mandalika-bentekara para-mandala- 
surekara sahgrama-dhira Kali-kala-Kama Vasantika-devi-labudha-vara-prasada 
mrigamadamoda namadi-prasasti-sahitarii srimanu maha-mandalesvaraih Tala- 
gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Gahgan a-sahaya-sura nissahka-pratapa Hoysala-vira- 
Ballala-Devaru sakala-mahi-mandalamaih dushta-niggraha-sishta-pratipalanarii 
geydu rakshisuttaih Dorasamudrada nelevidinolu sukha-sahkatha-vinodadiih 
rajyaih geyvuttam iralu tat-pada-padmopajivigal appa Arasiyakereya raja- 
dhyakshada heggadegala satu-kirttiy enteudade n 

kulamaih pelvade Vaji-vamsa-tilakarii san-mantra-mantritvadol | 
halarum jiy ene Devamantriy-odavarii sal-lileyim toruvaih | 
chaladind antaran ikki metti padevaih sat-kirttiyaih dhatriyol | 
nalaviih Revana-mantriy arggav adhikaih sahitya-vidyadharaih || 
purusha-nidhanan endu purusarttha-Pururavan endu sat-kavi- i 
svara-jana-vandyan endu dhare bannisut irppudu Ketamallanaih | 
para-hita-Khecharadhipanan i-Kali-kalada kalpa-bhujanarh | 
vara-guni mantri manava-sikhamaniyarii jasad-artthi-gandanaih || 
sura-kujamaih sura-dhenuva- i 
n erev achchigav eke vandi uirutarii bed i- | 
vara-guni Muttana Marana | 
para-hitamaih malpa dana-chiutamaniyaih || 
mattarii srimanu maha-pradhanarii maha-pasayitarii vira-Ballala-Devana pada- 
radhakanuih Siva-pada-sekharanum appa Chemmavugeya Mahadevana kirttiy 
ent endade n 

ivara devan ittu merev i-Ravi-sunu vivekad agaraih i 
bhavakan udgha-charu-charitaih bhuvanagrani raja-pujitaih | 
devara deva Sahkarana pada-yugakke nibaddha-ciiittau end | 
agalu voldu bannipudu medini Madhavanaih nirantaraih n 

Arsikere Taluq. 317 

janani negalda Marave janagrani sad-guni Kavi-Settiy olp- | 
ina janakam Trilochana maha-mahimaiii tanag irdda deyva bhu- | 
vinutan auuna-dani kali-Ballu-nripalakan aldan endod inn | 
anupama-Madhavange padiy ar ggala manavar i-dharitriyol || 
srimad-Arasiyakereya heggadegaluih samasta-praje-gavundugalum irddu Areya- 
Sankara - devara nai vedy a - nanda - di vigey - anga - bhoga - ranga - bhoga - khanda- 
rphutita-jirnnoddharakkav agi Saka-varsha 1096 neya Vijaya-saiiivatsarada 
Phalguna-suddha-trayodasi-Vaddavara-uttarayana-sankramana-byatipatad andu 
Nagarasi-Panditara kalarii karchchi dhara-piirvvakam madi bitta datti 
Agguliya-kereya kelage gadde sa 1 beddale kamma 100 (iiero foiiow detaiis of gift 

with aameij of donors aud Uitual fiaal phrases) 


In Arasikere, on a stone near the Siva temple. 
namas tunga etc. |i 

svasti samasta-vastu . . . vasthanamuih lakshmi-nilayamum mum nitya- 

mum enisi samudradant irdda Hoysalanvayadol udayisida Vishnu-nripa-tanu- 
jam Nrisimha-narapanfi magarh Ballala-nripan atana sutaih Narasimha-bhu- 
pam rajyaih geyvutt ire tadiya-pada-padmopajivigal appa srimad-Arasiyakereya 
bhakta-janangalu srimat-Kattamesvara-devara nandadivigegal chandrarkka- 
taram-bararii baddiyiiu nadevautu Balesvarakam nadavant agi. . . kav akshaya- 
bhandaravagi sakala-bhakta-jauangal ■■< . . . . yiih Saka-varsha 1142 sale 
Vikrama-sariivatsarada Karttika-su 1 tta datti (here foiiow detaiis of gift with 

name.s of donors) 


In Arasikere, on a stone west of the basti. 
srimat-Kesavaya namah n 

sri-padaihbuja-yugmam aty-amala-Gahga-sutika-geham ayt | 
a-Pahkeruhapithan-udbhava-griharii sri-nabhiy ayt urjjita- | 
Sri-patni-prathamaspadaih vipular-vakshaih tan ad ayt endod inn i 
a-purnnonnata-Kesava-prabhuteyaih bannippan e-vannipam n 
Jalajatodbhava-putran Atri tad-apatyatii Soman a-dharini- | 
ti]ak6dbhuta-Puriiravarii tad-avanipalatmaj-Ayur mmahi- | 
tala-nathan Nahushaih Yayati Yadu tat-khyatanvayorvvisarol | 
Salan embaih nripan adan udbhava-kararii gambhiryya-ratnakaram || 
an-avadyaih mantra-vidya-parinatan a-bhayam divya-yogindran orbbaih | 
tanag atarii namnau agal Sala-nripan avanaih nodi sainrajyamaih malp- | 
en enuttarii mohadindarii Sasakapurada Vasantikardeviyarii pu- i 
nya-nidhanaih yukta-puja-parikara-vidhiyirii nischalaih sadhipannaih n 

318 Arsikere Taluq. 

adan ettam vighnamaih maduva bage mige sardd,ulan akaradim pay- | 
vudum agal yogi nirii poy Salay ene su-bhatarii nischalaih bettadirii poy- 
vudum ayt a-Poysalahkarii Yadu-nriparole devi-prasadodbhava-sri- | 
viditarii sardduladol kudida sele piridurh chihnam andindam ittal || 
huliy-undigeyuih seleyurii | 
sale tammole chihnam age Yadu-variisadol u- | 
jvala-kirttigal ari-nripa-sah- | 
kula-raarddana-sauryya-saligal palar esedar || 
vritta II vinayendujvala-kirtti sajjana-sudhambhorasiyarii perchchisal j 

ghana-sauryyarkka-marichi durddama-ripu-sreni-tamas-stoma-kha- | 

ndanamarii made vinita-vritti-nija-sauryyatopadind aggalaria | 

Vinayaditya-nripalan eriib esakadind atarii tad-amnayadol n 

tad-apatyarii vira-vairi-kshitipa-nikara-sahgraraadol nirjjita-pro- | 

nmada-danti-brata-kumbha-sthalaman adare dor-danda-chandasiyirii po- 

yvudum allind unmi muktavali jaya-lalana^kanthika-male tan a- | 

dud enal vikrantadind ar Erega-nripanol amp-uddhata-kshonipalar || 

atana kantey ent ene jagattaladol kamaniya-kamini- | 

vrataman eyde nirmmisi Virihchi jita-sraman agi tanna vi- ! 

jnata-sad-arttham int id enip antire nirmmisidarii gad endod e- j 

mato mrinala-komaleyan Echala-Deviyan entu bannipar || 

ant a-dariipatigalge vutti vinayarii-bettirdda Ballala-bhu- | 

kantarii visruta-Vishnu-bhupan Udayadityavanipalakarii i 

bhrant en antaran ikki bandu saran end anamnararii kadu kayy- | 

antargg ittu sarat-sasahka-visada-prakhyatiyarii taldidar jj 

avarol madhyaman agiyurii vinayadind aty-uttamam tan enipp- | 

a viseshonnati-vettan uddhata-virodhi-kshonipala-braja- j 

hava-kanthirava-sauryyan a-pratima-kantanika-uetrotpalen- | 

du vibhasojvala-murtti-Manmatha-nibharii sri-Vishnu-bhupalakam || 

tat-tanayaih Narasiriiha-nri- | 

pottaman udyat-pratapan ahita-nripalon- | 

nmattebha-kumbh-dalana- | 

yattayata-khalga-kalita-nija-dor-ddandarii n 

Narasiriihavanipana piri- | 

y-arasi kanat-kanaka-kalasa-nibha-pina-payo- | 

dhare patta-maha-devi tanu- | 

dariy Echala-Devi rupavati Ratiy enipal n 

Narasiriihorvvisa-kantatmajan urutara-dharmmollasad-dugdha-nira- | 

kara-rakeudupamanaih Nala-Nahusha-Dilipadi-bhupalakodyach- | 

charitarii dor-ddarppa-vairi-kshitipa-nikara-sahgrama-keli-vinodarii | 

paribhasvat-kirtti-valli-valayita-bhuvanaih vira-Balla|a-bhuparii n 

sri-kanta-dridha-sahgamopajanitahladarii bhujoparjjito- i 

rwi-kanta-ramanarii dvishad-bali-kula-pradhvariisanopaya-sau- i 

Arsikere Taluq. 319 

ryyakirnnojvala-kirttimat sama-gunam tan endu rakshikke La- | 
kshmi-kantam vijayavaha-pranayiyam BaHala-bhupalanam || 
Uragendram dhatriyam dharini Hima-giriyam Hi(r)mya-sailaraKubhrijja-i 
varanam Gauri-varam chandranan a-malina-chandraihkala-stomamam nir-| 
bbharadindam talduvant a-ppratima-Yadu-kul6dbhuta-srimrajya-lakshmi- 1 
bharamam hela^susadhyam tanag ene taledam vira-Ballala-bhupara n 
kari-nakrabhila-hesha-rava-yuta-haya-sandoha-vichi-padati- | 
sphurad-utpathina-kolahala-samara-mahambhodhiyol tanna dor-mMa- | 
ndaradindaiii manthanaraihbhaman odavisi vairi-kshamapala-laksluni- i 
kari-jrity-asvangalam kond atula-bala-yutara vira-Ballala-bhuparii n 
Surarajebliarii madandharii madhupa-kula-yutarii pundarikarii sada ni- i 
cha-ratarii Gariga-hradarii chandrana-ruchi sale doshavilarii tan enal pel i 
doreye Ballala-bhupalana visada-yaso-lakshmiyol varnna-samyam | 
piridurii tau adodarii nirmmala-gunadin avarii polisal ballan avarii || 
svasti samadhigata-pariclia-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvarara Dvaravati-pura- 
varadhisvararii Yadava-kulambara-dyumani samyaktva-chiidamani Sasaka- 
pura-Vasantikri-devi-labdha-vara-prasadarii mrigamadamodarii | vinamad- ahita- 
mahipa-chudalidha-nutna-ratna-ra8mi-ja|a-jatilita-nakha-kiranam | chatus- 
samaya-samuddharanarii | hiranyagarbbha-tulapurusha-pramuklia-maklia- 
Sataraakharii i raja-vidya-vilasini-sakharii | indu-mandakini-guna-yutharii | 
Gandagiri-natham | Talakadu - Korigu - Narigali - Garigavadi - Masavadi - Hahisige- 
Huligere-Banavase-Hfinurigal-NoIariibavadi-gonda bhuja-baja- Vira-Garigan a- 
sahaya-sura nissarika-pratapa-Hoysala-Ballala-Devaru Hima-Setu-maryyrideytula 
bhiimiyarii dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipalanadirii rakshisuttarii Dorasamudrada 
nelevidinol sukha-sarikatha-vinodadirii prithvi-rajyarii geyyuttum ire tadiya- 
pada-padmopajivigal appa srimad-Arasiyakereya rajadhyakshada heggadegala 
mahajanarigala mahri-mahimonnatiy ent ene || 
sriman-maha-pradhana-si- | 
khamani Bhandaravadad adhiparii Lakshmi- | 
ramadhipa-bhavanamau abhi- | 
ramateyirii Harihararyya-vibhu mi\disidarii || 

kshirarabhorasiyarii srikarav enipa tatakam rauni-sreshthararii vi- | 
praradhyar kkalpavalli-vrita-vilasanamarii nagavalli-vanarii bhri- | 
rigi-rava-spandi-kalpadruaman eseva-chiitadigal lakshmiyaih tad- | 
vara-stri-sarikiilarii polv Arasiyakereyol sobhikurii Srisa-gehaiii n 
. . . .rggarii mantri-mukhyarii Harihara-vibhugarii Bagiyakkarigav adar | 
ttanayar bBhandaravadakk adhipar avar adar endapai Revanarikarii | 
vinayadhyarii . . jarii vara-budha-nidhi-Narayanarii Naga-Devarii | 
ghana-sauryyaih Kesavaryyarii para-hita-charit bhyasar udyad-vilasar || 

sri-vadhu .griharii adud ura-sthalarii olpu-vetta vak- | 

sri-vadhuvirige sarigama-sukhaspadav aytu mukhambujarh jaya- | 

320 Arsikere Taluq. 

sri-vadhuviuge . . svata-niketanam adudu tol enal yasa- | 

sri-vanitadhipaih vibhudha-Revana-mantriy ad entum oppuvam n 

adhidaivarh Kesa. . .tan akhila-jagat-khyate Bagavve tay vi- i 

sva-dhara-stutyatri-gotra-prabhu Harihara-mantrisvararir tande rakshipp i 

adhipaiii Ballala-bhupaiii ja. . .layitasesha-Bhandaravadakk | 

adhinathaiii tan enal matt itarar alaviye Revanarh deva-satvarii || 

janakaih sri-Macha-bhatta-prabhu janani. .stutye Maravve pempull | 

anujar bBallayyanurii Madhavanum osedu rakshippa Ballala-bhupa- | 

lan adhisarii deva-devottama vibhu Kali-devesan aradhya-dayvarii | 

tanag end and eno samanyane visada-yaso-vallabharii Ketamallarii || 

sthira-satvadhishtitariir. .]ty-atula-vijaya-lakshmi-vadhu-vallabhang a- | 

daradindarii Ketamallang eseva jasake nallange Ballala-bhuparii | 

nirutarii Bhandaravadakk adhipati-padamarii kottan a-chandra-tararii- | 

baram end and udgha-punyaspadana mahimeyarii bannisal ballan avarii \\ 

Maraiige sariga-Madana- | 

karange pararigana-vidurarige sada | 

dhirarige sakala-vibudha- | 

dhararige samanar enipa mauavar olare n 

vidhu-visruta-visada-yaso- | 

vadhu-dhavarii Mara-mautri-chudamani tan i 

adhikaram geyvarii ra- | 

jadhani Bhandaravadad Arasiyakereyol || 

padedu nijesanurii prajegalurh parivarnnisal ekkad alte ta- | 

ppade nadeyalke ninna pesare ganakagrani Kesirajan em- | 

bude Harideva-mantri-sutan embude Poysala-gandha-hastiy em- | 

bude vara-Vaji-variisa-vibhuv embude gotra-pavitran embude || 

bhukantarii Ballalarii | 

sri-Kesava-vibhuge mechchi mudadirii kottarii | 

srikaranaman urjjita-la- ] 

kshmikara-Bhandaravadav enit auitakkarii || 

sri-daitar nnitya-satvar nnikhila-guna-yutar nnirmmalar nnitimantar | 

vvedanushthana-yuktar pprabhugal abhimatarttha-pradar kKesava-sri- | 

padabjamoda-bhririgar bbhuvana-jana-nutar ssarva-sastra-pravinar | 

bbhudevar mmade chelvayt Arasiyakereyol Kesavotturiga-vasarii n 

agalakk ittedey aytu dik-pratatigal tav embinarii nilav a- | 

mugilol kalasegondud embinegam ant akalpam ippannegarii | 

naga-sandohaman Abjajarii kadedu tand itt-antevol nadeyum | 

sogayipp unnata-Kesavayatanamarii viprottamar mmadidar n 

sthira-satva-sri-ramanar | 

ppurushottamar adi-purusha-charitar ILakshmi- | 

vara-Kesava-murttig ila- | 

marottamar ssu-pratishtheyarii madisidar || 

J/sikere Taluq. 321 

svasti srimat-Saka-varsha 1096 neya Vijaya-samvatsarada Sravana-suddhaika- 
dasiy-Adityavarad andu sriman-raaha-mandalesvararii Hoysala-vira-Ballala- 
Devaru patta-bandhotsava-subha-muhurttadolu srimad- rajadhani-Bhandara- 
vadad-Arasiyakereya Jayaiigonda-Ballalapurada maha-prasanna-Chenna-Kesava- 
devar-anga-bhogakkam nitya-nivedyakkam nanda-divigegam kbanda-sphutita- 
jirnnoddharakkam pujari - paricharakara jivitakkam Chaitra-pavitrotsavakkav 
agi mahapradhanara rajadhyakshada heggadegala sannidhiyolu svasti yama- 
sampannarurh sapanugraha-samarttharum app Arasiyakerey-asesha-miiha- 
janaiigala kalam karchchi dhara-purvvakam madi bitta datti (here foiiow detaiis 

of g^ift and asoal final phraa«8 and Terse) 

Yadava-pati Ballalam | 

iri-dam hadinaydu (15) poiige nadu-bayalam pin- j 

dadauav age kottam | 

bhudevottamargge sogayip Arasiyakereyol n 

bhuvana-nuta-Vaji-vamsod- i 

bhavakara-vibhu-Somanatha-putram peldarii | 

kavi-rajarii Kasyapa-go- | 

tra-varddhanaih Devaparyyan i-sasanamarii n 

sama-vritta-schotangalu | 

samasta-sariipatkaraugal ati-nibidaiigal | 

kamaniya-mridu-su-rekha^ I 

ramanaiigalu negalda Basava-Rajana baraparii n 

(the baok side oontains detaiU of fartber gift with names of donurs) 


On the upper part of the back of the same stone. 
srimatu Saka-varusha sa 1333 Khara-sariivatsarada Asvija. . . .Somavaradalu 
Udbhava-sarvvajna-vira-vijaya-Balhilapurav ada Arasiyakereya srimatu raaha- 
prasanna-Kesava-devarige Devarasara makkalu Hampeya-raya Hadapada 

Hariyannagalu haduva-Demaya maga Na madi kotta gadde kalmeya 

sa eradu. .geyu kftdirddu Arasiyakereya maha gala maha sri 


On the right side of the same stone. 

svasti sri Saka^kala 112. .sale Raktakshi-sariivatsarada Vaisakhada paurnnami- 
Su. . rajadhaniy-Arasiyakereya sri-Chenua-Kesava-devara nitya-sandhyardipotsa- 
varii vriddhiyirii nichchalurii ntiru-divige nadevantu sakala-bhakta-janangalurii 
nerad §,-mahajanaiigala vasadale dhara-piirvvakarii madi bitta datti (here foUow 

details of gift with nameg of donora) 


322 Arsikere Tali*q. 


On the left side of the same stone. 
Dnndubhi-saihvatsarada Chayitra-suddha-dasami-Somavarad andu Jakka- 
Gaudara Bamma-Gaudara maga Mara-Gauda Chenna-Kesava-devarige pujege 
malegarage kotta gadyana vonduvaih mahajanangalu nadasuvaru || aguliya 
bayala gadde sa 1 kambha 40 


At the same place. 
Dundubhi-saihvatsarada Karttika-suddha-trayodasi-Budhavara-vitipatad andu 
Chaki-Settiya maga Chadi-Setti Chenna-Kesava-devara pujege mahajanangala 
vasadalu malegarage kotta gadyana vondu 1 || sunkadavaru bittu. . . 


On a stone east of the same basti. 

namas tunga eto. || 

sri-ramani-griham adhika-ga- | 

bhiram dhrita-satvam amala. . . .bhuvana- | 

dharam muddrita-dasa-dik- | 

param Hoysala-kularnnavarh dha n 

Hoysalanvayadol | 

Girisuteyam Padmala-De- [ 

vi Rajasekharan en eseva Ballala-Ho | 

na I 

tir ogedan i-samara-Shanmukhaih Narasiihham n 

jiyene samasta-loka . , | 

. . .ya kke Hoysala-rajya- | 

sriyaih bhuja-baladiih tana- | 

g ayattam Narasiihha-nripalaih i) 

ka. . . .Ipa. .gi tol Man- | 

daram age virodhi-Magara-bala-jalanidhiyam | 

bharadi | 

kari-ratnaman asva-ratnamam Narasimhaih n 

kara sakala charyyaih sakti-trayadhishtitan a 

Chola-rajya-pratishthacharyya svasti sri prithvi-vallabham 

maharajadhiraja pura-varadhisvaraih Yadava-kulambara-dyumani sarvva- 

jiia-chudamani rajya-pratishthacharyyaih bhuja-bala-chakravartti Hoy- 

sala-vi Devaru Dorasamudrada nelevidinolu sukha-sankatha-vino- 

dadiih rajyaih 

Arsikere Taluq. ' 323 


On a stone in front of the same basti. 
srimat-parama-gambhira-syad-vadamoglia-lanchhanam | 
jiyat trailokya-nathasya sasanam Jina-sasanam || ' 

sii-ramavasatham jagaj-jana-nutam gotraspadam bhuri-gam- | 
bhiram satva-samanvitam nikhila-vastu-sthaQav urvvitala- | 
dharaih nityav udattav a-pratiraav emb i-permmeyim bavisal i 
paravarada-vol negalte-vaded irkkum Yadavakhyanvayara n 
Salan embam tad-Yadurwisvara-kula-janitaih Jaina-yogindranaih nir- | 
mmala-cbittam sarddu sand irppuduvati-kupitam vyaghran eytarppudumhoy | 
Sala yend a-yogi pel. . .de seleyol adam poydu geld arkarim Hoy- i • 
sala-namam Yadavargg adudu jasad odavind adav andindav ittal || 
a-Hoysa|anvayadol udayisida Vinayaditya-putran app Kreyanga-nripahgav 
fecbala-Devigarii puttida Vishnu-nripana vikramamam pelvade || 

para-bhupalaran ikki tad-dhareyan antum yatnaraarh raade bit- | 
taradind ettisid a-suralaya-samiiham premadiud a-tula- i 

purusham kattisi regal bitt agraharangal i- i 

dhareyol kude nirairchchi .jasavan eudum Vishnu-bhupalana n 
a-vibhugam sati-Lakma- i 
devigav adam visala-nirmmala-kirtti- | 
§ri-yaraD adatara Javanam | 
bhilvara-gandhebha-simhan enipa Nrisimham || 
negald a-vira-Nrisimha-bhiimipatigam sringara-vara . . . . | 
. . . y app fichala-Devigam negajdan urbbi-mandanam kirttig a- | 
* rttigan anyavanipala-darppa-dalanarii danonnataih ma . . . | 
jagati-rakshana-daksha-dakshina-bhujarii Ballala-bhupalakaih || 
Budhan-ant ila-vararii va- | 
ridhiy-ante vi89,la-Yilasad-a8hadakshinaih | 
Madhusakhan-ant asamastraih | 
Sudhaihsudharan-ant Uma-dhavarii Ballalaih n 
Siri Hariya saiigadirii Sam- i 
bara-ripuvaih padeda terade Ballala-mahi- i 
vara-sati Padmala-made- | 

vi ramani padedal Nrisiihhanarii guna-nidhiyarii || 
hridaya-kalahkan allada jadatmakan allada sitarochiy em- | 
budu guru-gotra-satru-chanav allada kausikan allad Indran era- j 
budu viparitan allada ku-janmakan allada kalpavrikshav em- | 
budu vibudhasrayaika-nidhiyaih kuvaragrani-Narasiriihanarh n 
svasti samasta-bhuvanasrayarii sri-prithvi-vallabhaih maharajadhirajaih para- 
mesvaraih Dvaravati-pura-varadhisvaraih Yadava-kulaihbara-dyumani sainya- 


324 Arsikere Taluq. 

ktva-chudamani maleraja-raja maleparol ganda kadana-prachandan ekanga- 
vira nissanka-pratapa chakravartti Hoysala-vira-Ballala-Devar ssakala-dha- 
ritriyarii dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipala[na]dim Dorasamudrada nelevidinol 
sukhadiih rajyarii geyyuttum ire tadiya-pada-padmopajivigal app Arasiyakereya 
bhavya-nakaragala ratna-trayadhishthitatvam e. . dharmma-pratipalana-sakti- 
yarii Kalachuryya-kula-sachivottamarii Recharasa keld a-Ballalana pada-payo- 
jaman asraysi tada. . . .vattiyarii. , . . Arasiyakereyol Sahasra-kuta-Jina-birii- 
bamarii pratishtheyarii madisiy a-devar-ashta-vidharchchanakkarii pujari-pari- 
charakara jivitakkarii jirnnoddharanakav end a-Ballala-bhupanirii Handara- 
halarii dhara-purvvakarii padedu tamm anvaya-gurugal sri-Mula-sarighada 
Desi-ganada Pustaka-gachchhad-Ingalesvarada baliy enisida Maghanandi- 
siddH^nta-devara sishyar sSubhachandra-traividya-devara sishyar appa sri- 
Sagaranandi-siddhanta-devargge dhara-purvvakav a-vurarii kott i-dharmmamarii 
bhavya-nakararigalge kaiy-tadey ag itta Recharasana ma. . . .n Arasiyakereya 
permmeyarii pelvade n 

vadanarii vag-vanitavilasa-sadanarii vaksharii rama-narttaki- | 
viditanarttav udarav artthi-janata-santarppauarii kirtti-kau- | 
mudi Jainarnnava-varddhanarii guna-ganarii bhu-bhushanarii murtti-cha- | 
ru dayanvitam enalke Rechana-chamuparii permmeyaril taldidarii || 
osed avar ivar ennade sa- | 
ntosam appinav ittu padedan i-vasumatiyol | 
vasudhaika-bandhuv emb i- | 
pesararii Recharasan untu deliy in ayte n 

sararii nolpargge pempull-Arasiyakereyol visva-vedarika-viprar i 
vvirar kkayv-algal adhyar pparadar achala-vakyar tturiyar vvinuta- | 
kararii kanta-janarii karugal a-madar ila-mandanarii degularii garii- i* 
bhirodararii tatakarii pha|a-bharita-vanarii puta-pudotav endurii n 
nata-bhririgariibhoja-shandarii suka-pika-vividhodyana-sarikirnnav apu- | 
rnna-tatakam gandha-sali-parimala-kalitarii purpa-pundrekshu-vapi- | 
vritav utturiga-prabha-bhasura-sura-griha-sariipannav udyat-praja-pu- i 
ritav urvvi-mandanarii sand Arasiyakereyarii bannisal ballan avarii n 
Jina-dharmmav-adiy agir- | 

dda nikhila-dharmmarigalarii samant anunayadin- | 
de nimirchchi nadayipar ssaj- i 
janar Arasiyakereya sayir-okkal satatarii n "• 

a-sayir-okkal tamag adharav ag irppa bhavyara permmey ent ene n 

nudi satyodyota-geharii nadevale Jina-dharmmanugarii Sakranirii nal- | 
madi Jainarighri-dvayaradhane Dhanada-nibharii permme sat-patradol mey- j 
vadedirkkum danav arttharjjane nikhila-janotsahav avand ad erh nol- | 
pade pemparii taldi saud iy-Arasiyakereya bhavyarol patiy avarii n 
bhu-bhuvanadol Arasiyakere- | 
ya bhavyar gguna-gana-prasannar ssujanar | 

Arstkere Tahiq. 325 

Uobha-vivarjjitar aha- | 

rabhaya-bhaishajya-sast ra-dana-vinodar n 

eseye Sahasra-kiita-Jina-bimbaman agrani Recha mum prati- | 

shthisi [.Jvanakke bhavya-tati koteyan ikkisi goteyindav e- ) 

ttisi grihamam negald Arasiyakereyol griha-gatiy agi perhp- | 

oseye^ripam r ddasa-nishkaman a-dharitriyaih n 

el-kotigal i-dharmmama- | 

n alkara perchchinde nadeyipa nele- | 

yol. .Ive. . .dharmma-mandira- | 
r Elkoti-Jinalayankam adatt adam n 
svasti samasta-prasasti-sahitam srimat-Tenkan-Ayyavale enisida Sitalamaligey 
Arasiyakereya bhavya-nakarangalu Sahasra-kuta-chaityalayaman ettisiy a- 
devar-astha-vidbirchchanegam pujari-paricharakara jivitakkam banda-chatur- 
vvarnnangal-aha a-danakkaih jirnnoddharanakkav endu samasta-sayir-okkalu- 
gala kayyalu dhara-puivvakam bhumiyaih paded a-bhumiya tereg a-Ballala- 
bhupanim hattu-honna. .tereyolag ilihisi sakala-sri-karanagala sivadiyo.... 
chandrarkka-taram-bara sale salvantam bara . . .Ingalesvarada baliy enipp a- 
Sagaranandi-siddhanta-devar-anvayadavara vasaih mftdi nikhila-bhavya-janan- 
gal arayeyagi Saka-varshada 1141 neya Pramadi-samvatsarada Pushya-masada 

pau divarad andu bitta datti Devigereya muda-gereya tontada kamba 

40 I Basava-gereya kelagana to da kamba kambham 

vura gadiyalum bhattada hasaradalu samasta-nakarahgalu bitta 

gadde. . . .haravaru bitta m&,n-ennege ganav eradu || 
nuta-bhuvana-Santinatha- | 
pratishtheyam bhadram age tad-grihamumaih | 
kshiti pogale madidar ssan- | 
nutar Arasiyakereya bhavya-nakara-prakaram || 
a-devara pratimeg i-pattana-svami Kalli. . . .kotta ga. . . .devar-archchanege 
baddiyim bandurh nadav-antu bittan angadiya Jakki-Settiya maga Nadiyama- 
Settiy akshaya-bhandarav age kotta ga 12 Prasanna-Kali-Setti kotta ga 2 
Jina-dharmmaih nelasirkke bhfitaladol enduih dharmraiga. . . | 
tanav i-dharmmada dattiyaih nilisidargg ayurii jaya-sriyum akk | 
6 nerald ovad idarkke kundan odarippahg avagam sargge saj- | 
janagd-br^hmana-san-muni-prakaramam konda-maha-patakam n 


On the same stone. 
Vikriti-sariivatsarada Bhadrapada-su 13 su srimat-Kumari-Sovala-Deviyara 
heggade-Dattayana tamma Sihgayyanurii mahajanahgalurii samasta-sayir- 
okkaluih | nakharahgaluih hiriya-kereya mtida-godiyolage | Kesa[va]-devara 
gaddeyiih mudalu | Sahasrakoti bitta gadde salage 3 ii 

326 ArsiJcere Taltiq. 


On a stone in the field of the same basti. 
namas tunga eto. n 
Srf-ramanodarabja-bliavan Abjajan Abjaja-putran Atriy ay- | 

Atri ya-sunu Budham Budhatmajaiii | 

bhuramanam Pururavan ananta-gunam Nahusham.. .tmajaih | 

sri-ramanam Yayati-vibhu tat-tanayarii Yadu tat-sutottamam || 

Yadu-bhupala | 

dudu purvva-kramade palavu siiiihasanam a- | 
Yadu-kuladolu puttida . . . | 

kala Sala-bhiipAlarii || 

ya II atan avadhi-jriani-munigala kandu vinamnan agal a^samayadolu dvipi payal 
a-munigalu poy Salay ene Salarii seleyirii poydu kolal andind ittal a-siriiha- 
sanakke Poysalanvayamuiii puliy-undigeyum adud a-Yadava-kularge Vasantika- 
deviye kula-deyvam age Sasapurakk adhisvarar adar alliy Ereyarigarigam 
Echala-Devigairi mtlvar-ddevar-ante Ballala-Vishnu-Udayadityar eihba muva- 
rurii puttidar avarolage Vishnu-nripana vikramad upakramav entene || 
^ri|l mulisinda. . .kange keriip initu toral vairi-bhupala-sari- | 

kula-mauli-prakararii haya-dvirada-go-kosarigalurii tat-pada- | 

bja. . . .dida. . . .salege dhanagarakke barkk endod i- | 

yeleyol Vishnu-nripa-pratapaman e. . .n e-vannipairi banniparri || 
ka II arVishnuge patta-maha- | 

deviy enal periipuvettu pettal Lakshma- | 

Devi pati-bhakte Narasirii- | 

havanipanan ari-karindra-kanthiravanairi || 

ahavadol anta ripu-san- | 

dohamumarii belpa-vandi-jana-samudayamairi | 

dehiy ena, . . .yarii | 

sahasi Narasiiriha-bhu ... vasumatiyol n 
vri|| ripu-nripa-gandha-sindhurada kodugalarii bide kiltu mattav a- | 

glapita-manarii karuttu poye tad-biduvindam asrik sa-mauktika- | 

mu. . . .nadole. . . . nijogra-karagra-sakheyind | 

aparimita-pratapa-nidhi daldan avarii Narasiriiha-bhubhujairi n 
ka II Vanaja-samane Narasiiri- | 

ha-nripalakan-agra-mahishi kula-palike ma- j 

nini guni Echala-Devige | 

janiyisidan udara-vira-Ballala-nriparii n 

Phaninatharii pati bhogakk Amara . , ti samarii . . pa-sariipattig Abje- | 

kshanan udyad-vikramadairibarake dore Mahesarii nijajfia-viseshakk | 

ene dhirodatta. .ttakk amama sari Dasasyari danakke mattairi | 

tone Karnnairi tan enalk i-vasudheyol esedarri vira-Ballala-bhiiparii n 

Arsikere Taluq. 327 

kamatharii kandam ahindra-nalam uditasa-sankulam tad-da. . i 
kamaniyonnata-dig-gajam madhukarambol sobhip i-daitya-sa- i 
tru-mahibrin-nuta-karnnika-kuvalayakk a tanna piyusha-ha- | 
stame tan asrayam endad e-vogalvudo sri-vira-Ballalana || 
visarad-dugdhabdhi krishna-chchhavi sasi sa-kalaukam viyat-sindhu seva- 1 

la-samanvitam sitambboruha charu-muktali-mala- | 

visaram matariga-jarii ninditam ivu jagak end urvviyarii parvvi vibhra- | 

jisugurii sri-vira-Ballalana s-chandrika^sri-vilasarii n 

kuvalaya-pati mriga-lakshmarii i 
bhuvana-prakhyata-dhavala-yasan udita-Mano- | 
bhava .... sahayiy enipa i 

jarii dharini-valayadol Ballalarii n 

svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha-sabdara maha-raandalesvararii | Dvaravati- 
pura-varadhisvararii | Yadava-kulambara-dyumani i samyaktva-chudamani | 
Sasapura-Vasantika-devi-labdha-vara-prasadarii mrigamadfimodarii | vinamad- 
ahita-mahipa-chudalidha-nutna-ratna-jala-jatilita-nakha-kiranarii i chatus-sama- 
ya-samuddharanarii | ari-saradhi-badavanalarii i darppishta-vana-davanalarii | 
ganda-bherundarii i malaparolu gandarii j sarigruma-bhimarii Kali-kala-Kamarii 
gere-Banavase-Hanurigal-gonda bhuja-bala-viia-Garigan a-sahaya-sura Sanivara- 
siddhi giri-durgga-malla chalad-arika-Rama nissarika-pratapa Hoysala-vira- 
Ballaia-Devaru Yadava-bhiimiyarii dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipalanadirii rakshi- 
sutturii Dorasamudrada nelevidinal sukha-sarikatha-vinOdadirii rajyarii geyvut- 
tum ire i tat-pada-padmopajivigal appa srimafl-Arasiyakereya rajadhyakshada 
heggade-Ketamallarii heggade-Mahadevarigala srimad-Arasiyakereya maha- 
mahimonnatiy ent endade || 

srimad-Balirila-bhuparii vipula-guna-yaso-vallabharii mat-padabja- | 
prematmar ssauchigal sarigara-jitar ivar end artthiyirii sad-gunodyad- | 
dhamaih. . . Ketamallarig anupama-Mahadevarige sariipritiyindarii i 
bhumi-ramyarikam app iy-Arasiyakercyarii nityam ugalkey ittarn || 
aradhyarii Sariibhu Ballfilane pati nute san-matri-Marayve Lakshmi- j 
dararii san-mantri Machayyane pitriv anujar Balleyarii-Madhavarigal i 
virarii tan iva-kav-ol-gnnadol adhikan end andu Ketayyanarii sach- i 
charitracha. . . varnnisuvane dharini-bhagadol dhanyan alte || 
madavad-vairi-bala-prabhedi sumanas-sandoha-sevonnata- | 
spadan udyad-guru-vakya-niti-charitarii Katyayanikanta-sat- | 
pada-nireruha-pujana-ratan enalk i-dhatriyol Sakranan- | 
dade pemparii taledirddan udgha-vibhavarii Ketayyan aty-ftrjjitarii n 
Sri-rama-ramanaspadarii vividha-lokadharan aty-unnata- | 
kiirarii bhuvalaya-prasastan adhikarii vidvid-bala-dhvariisiy emb | 
i-ramyaspada-sad-gunarigalol ati-prakhyarii dal end oldu La- | 
kshmi-rama-ramanarii sumantri-Mahadevarig ivan ishtartthamarii ij 

328 Arsikere Taluq. 

dharani-sobhavahashtadasa-nagara-samuhakkav opp irppa mu. . | 
eraduih Velapurakkam vividha-guna-chatush-shashti-divya-sthalakkaih | 
sthiradindam mukhyar appa gavaregal adhipar ssettigal settigutta- | 
. . . .di trailokya-sat-pattana-pati-padavaih Madhavang ittar olpim || 
Gauri-natham nijesarii janani sujane Lakhkhayve tatarii jagakk a- | 
.... raih Bettankan udyad-Harihara-Mahadevaryya-Davannan-embar | 
kkarunyambhodhigal purvvajar avarajan a-Malleyarii. . .saucha- i 
chararii tan emba pempind Arasiyakereyol Kesavarii Seuabovarii || 
sS-raih kirali-bhrihgakula-ninada-subho. . .nadiin visva-vidya- | 
dharaih bhudeva-sandohadin atisayav Alakadhisan emmol samanaih | 
baraih nod eihba vanijyarin ati-ramanaih . . . . va gehahgaliih vi- | 
stararh tan endod int iy-Arasiyakereyaih varnnisal ballan avarii || 
nija-vaktrariibhoja-samyarii prabha-jalaja. . . .dvishtararii matteyuih tan i 
Ajauant alt ahga-hinarii bahu-mukban enasuih pollan end ollad Ariibho- | 
jaja-vaktraihbhojaraarii bitt Arasiyakere. . dyad-maha-vipra-vaktraih- | 
bujadol kurppindav irppal Sarasatiy enal irii bannisal ballan avarii || 
nered irdda vanig-jalada | 
kiru ku. . . . muddra-velege Paulastya-dhanaih | 
nereyav enalk iy-Arasiya- | 
kere lakshmikarav enippud ond achchariye || 

sura-vriksha-prakhya-makanda. .dita-sura-lata-samya-tariibuliyiih sa- | 
gara-tirakaradiih sobhisuva keregalirii tehginiih kauhginiih. .dev§^ | 
gara-sandohadin Amarapurakav ascharyyav end andu matt i- | 
dharani-bhagagradol pel AVasiyakerey ond anda. . .scharyyara alte n 
svasti samasta-guna-ganalahkritaruih dana-dharmraa-daya-saihyutarum enisi 
negardda srimad-anadi-pattanaih Tenkan-Ayyavaley abhinava-Dvaravatiy ubhayi- 
nana-desi mukhyav app Arasiyakereye janani-janakar age negalva Koylalgala 
mahimonnatiy ent eudade || 

Srikanta-pati-Bharati-pati-jaga-prakhyata-saihstutya-Gau- | 
rikanta-patigal kararii dayeyin ivar kkurttu vahchhartthamaih | 
loka-stutyar enippa sad-guna-yutar Koylalgalihg endod i- i 
lokaih bannisade jagan-nuta-yasah-prakhyata-sauryyatmararii || 
sthirare meruge sannibhar ggunigale Dharmmatmaja-prakhyar i- | 
vare Mitratmaja-patigal kaligale Devendra-putrahg avar | 
ddoregal sauchigale Nadijane samarii gunp-ullare sagaraih | 
nirutaih pasatiy endod evogalvudo Koylalgal-ond-andavaih n 
jalamaih kanteyar arttu dantuvad avor ggen-antarakk arhmar i- | 
neladol chodyam id eno kel Ugura-munurvvarkkalol kudi nir- | 
mraale kirtty-ahganey arabudhi-prakararaarh dant irddu dig-danti-sa- i 
hkula-dantagradol eyde narttisutav irppal galuv int avalo n 

Arsikere Tahiq. 329 

kamll saran ene kavar bbedido- j 

d irad ivar vvairi-sarikulam band edaral i 

dhuradol gelvar enalk i- i 

dhareyol Koylalgal-andav upamatitaiu n 

Harana k^le sannidam tad- | 

dhareyolag ide pujyara enise Koylalgalu vi- | 

staradindam Koylale- i 

svaramam madisidar endad e-vogardapudo || 

Hariya Ganesana salla- | 

kshna-rupan upabhavana-sarayutam madisidam | 

vara-guniya Mali-Settiya i 

nirupamey Achaveya putran anupama-Barmmam n 

Hara-bhavanaman arihada boja- | 

garuv anupamar enisi negalda Koylalgaluv a- | 

daradim madisidar enal | 

dhareyolag ide pujyam embud ond achchariye n 

nirupamav ene KoylAle- | 

svaramam sri-mottakarar arihada bojagar | 

vara-gunigal Koylajgalu- | 

m urutara-sad-bhakti-yuktam old ettisidar n 

dharanisa-Poysalam kiirtt i 

Arasiyakereyaih su-dharmmadim kay end a- j 

daradim besesal kavaih j 

sthiradinde talara-Kalleyam guna-yuktam n 
svasti samasta-guna-sampannar appa Koyh\|galuv arihada bojurigaru KoyhlJe- 
svaramam madisiy a-devara nitya-nivedyakkam nauda-divigegaiii jirnnoddha- 
rakkaih pujari-paricharakara jivitakkav end Arasiyakereya prajegala heggade- 
gala kayyalu bhiimiyaih hadadu Saka-varshada 1105 Sobhakrit-saihvatsarada 
Pushyad-amavasye-Somavara-vyatipata-sarikramanad andu n 

japa-homa-niyama-Sarikara- j 

saparyyoyol nischnlatman ene negaidirdd a- | 

ghipita-mauam jiva-daya- | 

dhipan i-Trailokyasakti sakalagamikaih n 
a-Trailokyasaktigala putram Chandramaujiya kalam karchchi dhara-purvvakam 

madi bitta datti (here follow detail» of gift) 

nodidavar arttivaduvina | 

imVlisidaiii prathama-namadim KoslKivaiiarii | 

madisidarii Ganapatiyaih | 

riidhige neley ada Mali-Settiya Brahmam || 

tanag adhideyvav Achyuta Nrisiihha-nripam pored-aldan agrajam j 

Manu-nibha-mantri Tippa-vibhu nachchina tay guni Suggiyakkan ol- i 


330 Arsikere Taluq. 

pina janakam su-satya-nidhi herggade Sakti. . .tau enal. .hel | 
anupama-dani Keshavana sad-gunamam hogalalke barkkume n 
srimatu hiriya-bhaudari Kesava-Deva Koylalesvara-devara naivedyakkav agi 

bitta datti (here follow ditails of gift and usual final phrases and verse) 


la Arasikere, on a stone in hondag-attu. 

sri Sarvvajit-sarhvatsarada Magha-ba 10 Adivarad andu sriinan- 

maha-pradhanam heggade-Macha-Chattayyagala manevagam Matti-Bovana 
maga Bammachandi ettam kallaru kondu hohalli ettam magurchchi sura-loka- 
praptan ada 


In the same place. 

• Narasimha-Uevana rajya 

r-6jana sosi Mahadevi tanna gandanam konduiii sura-loka-praptey adalu 


At Arakere, on a stone in front of the Narasiihha temple. 
sri-vakshasthala Lakshmiy irppa nilayarh tan adud ora-sthalaih | 
srivatsaiighri-rajankam irppa neley ayt a-nabhi-pankejadiiii ( 
sri-visvodbhava-karttan ada padadiiii sri-Garigey agirddal inn | 
e-velvem sale Channa-Kesavan-ad-ond-ascharyyamam permmeyam || 
Sriyaiii payodhi-mathanado- i 
1 ay asurar ddivijar oldu tand iye nija- | 
sriyam taldida Kesava- | 

n ayata-Sarvvajnapura purav id end olid irddam || 
amarorvviruhamaiii malarigi cheluvim traibhangiyaih venu-na- | 
daman a-gopiyaram nirikshisuta madutt-adutarii lileyind- | 
ame Gopalaka-murttan agi nadetand anandadiih srimad-u- | 
ttama-Sarvvajriapuram karaih cheluvinind irddarii mano-ragadirii n 
su-manassiih Prahaladan aty-adhikanaiii visvatmauam raudra-vi- | 
kramanaiii toruve narii Hiranyakane nim nod embudurh stambhadind- 
amey ugrogra-Nrisiriihan age tutisal Prahladanarii nodi vi- i 
kramaraarii mand upasantan agi siriyaih taldirddan utsahadirii || 
kshira-samudram atuia-griham agal Anantane sayyey age di- | 
byoraga-bhogad agrada maiii-[.]dyuti dipa-nikayam age vi- i 
staradi Chenna-Kesavan iral Siri gud ire yoga-nidreyol | 
karana-purshan udbhavisidam Chaturanana nabhi-padmadol n 

Arsikere Taluq. 331 

Jalajatodbhava-putran Atri suta Somaih tat-sutaiii Sauraya bhii- | 
valayadhisa-Pururavaiii tad-avanipalatmaj Ayur-mmahi- | 
talanathan Nahusharii Yayriti Yadu tat-khyatanvayorvvisarol i 
Salan embarii nripan adan udbhavakaraiii gambhiryya-ratnakaraiii || 
anavadyarii mantra-vidya-parinatan a-bhayarii dibya-yogindran orvvarii i 
tanag atarii namnan agal Sala-nripan avanarii nodi samrajyamam malp- | 
en ivarig end arkkarindarii Sasakapurada Vasantika-deviyam pu- | 
nya-nidhanarii yukta-piija-parikara-vidhiyirii nischalarii sadhipannam || 
adan ettarii vighiiamarii maduva bage mige sarddulan akriradim pay- | 
vudum agal yogi nini poy Salay ene seleyirii '''bettadind ant adam poy- | 
vudum ayt a-PoysaJarikaiii Yadu-nriparolu devi-prasadodbhava-sri- | 
viditarii sardduladol kudida sele piridurii chihnam andindam ittal || 
vinayendujvala-kirtti sajjana-sudhumbhorasiyam pechchisal | 
ghana-sauryyarkka-marichi durddama-ripu(h)-sreni-tamas-st6ma-kha- | 
ndanamarii made vinita-vritti-nija-sauryyritopadind aggalarii | 
Vinayaditya-niipiilan emb esakadind atam tad-amnayadol n 
tat-tanayarii vikranta-gu- | 
notturigarii satru-kula-mano-bharigam bhtl- | 
pottaman Ereyaugarii bhu- | 
bhrit-taneyadhisa-pada-payoruha-bhririgaih n 
vodavirdd i-vira-vairi-kshitipa-nikara-sarigramadoj sajjita-pro- | 
nmada-danti-brata-kumbha-sthalaman alare dor-ddanda-chandasiyim po-| 
yvudum allind unmi muktavaji jaya-lalana-kanthikri-male tan a,- | 
dud enal vikrantadind fir Eraga-niipanol amp uddhata-kshonipalar n 
atana kantey entene jagat-taladoj kamaniya-kamini- | 
brataman eyde nirmmisi Viririchi jita-sraman agi tanna vi- | 
jnata-sad-arttham int id enipantire nirmmisidam gad ondod e- | 
mato mrinrina-komaleyan ^xhala-Deviyan entu bannipar n 
ant a-daihpatigalgo vutti vinayarii bettirdda Balirila-bhu- | 
kantarii visruta-Vishnu-bhupan Udayadityavani-palakam | 
bhrant en antaran ikki bandu saran end anamnararii kadu kaiyy- | 
Intargg ittu sarat-sasarika-visada-prakhyfitiyam taldidar n 
, .varol madhyaman agiyurii vinayadind aty-uttamarii tan enipp- | 
a viseshonnati-vettan uddhata-virodha-kshonipala-braja- i 
hava-kanthirava-sauryyan apratima-kantanika-netrotpalen- \ 
du-vibhas6jvala-kirtti Manraatha-nibhaih sri-Vishnu-bhupalakarii n 
Vanaruhanabhana pannon- | 
daney avataram id enalke Yadu-kuladolu Kri- | 
shnane puttidarii gadarii tan i 
ene negaldan udari vira-bhuja-bala-Garigam n 

Manu-marggam Vishnu-bhaktarii ripu-giri-kulisarii vira-Vishnu-kshitisarii | 
munisind eltandan inn av edeyol adaguvarii namma kavannan avarii | 

* This word is i^iTeg iq the margin. 


332 Arsikere Taluq. 

mana bandant igal atarii nadapali dayeyind endu band anji bhupar | 

ddhanamara hasty-asva-ratnavaliyan avaniyarii kottu kanbar kkelariibaril 

tat-taneyarii Narasiihha nri- | 

pottaman udyat-pratapan ahita-nripalon- | 

mattebha-kumbhi-dalana- | 

yattayata-khadga-kalita-nija-dor-ddandam || 

male-rajarii chalad-arika-Rama su-bhatam sri-Narasiriiharigam E- | 

chale-madeviy enirppa bhagyavatigarii sri-Vira-Ballala dor- | 

vvalavantarii paje-mechche-gandan ahitorvvipala-kalanalam | 

Jalajakshaarighri-saroja-bhririga negaldarii visvariibhara-bhagadol n 

Narasiriihorvvisa-kantatmajan urutara-dharmmollasad-dugdha-nira- | 

kara-rakendupanianam Nala-Nahusa-Uilipadi-bhupalakodyach- | 

charitarii dor-ddarppa-vairi-kshitipa-nikara-sarigrama-keli-vinodarii | 

paribhasvat-kirtti-valli-valayita-bhuvanarii Vira-Ballala-bhuparii \\ 

Uragendrarii dhatriyam dharini Hima-giriyarii *Harmya-silarii Kubhrijja- j 

varanarh Gaurivararii chandranan a-malina-chandrarii kala-stomaraam nir- 

bbharadindarii talduvant a-pratima-Yadu-kulodbhuta-samrajya-lakshmi- | 

varamam hela-su-sadhyarh taneg ene taledaih Vira-Ballala-bhuparii || 

kari-nakrabhila-hesha-rava-yuta-haya-saudoha-vichi-padati- | 

*kshurad-utpathina-k6|ahala-samara-mahariibh6dhiyol tanna dor-mman- | 

daradindam manthanarariibhaman odavisi vairi-kshamapala-lakshmi- | 

kari-jaty-asvarigalam kond atula-bala-yutarii Vira-Balla|a-bhuparii || 

a-vibhuvina patta-malia- i 

devi mada-dvirada-gamane bimbadhare la- | 

jjavati Padmala-Devi ka- i 

lavati lavanya-punyavati sogayisidal || 

Ratigam *Arundhatiga Sara- ( 

svatigarii Revatigam eseva Parvvatigarii Sri- | 

satigarii saman enisi maha- | i 

sati Padraala-Devi tolagi belagidal eleyarii n 

Kulisarigaih Sachigarii Jayantan eniparii Sarvvesagara Parvvati- | 

lalana-garbbhadi Karttikeyan ogedant Indrarigam Isarigam ag- | . 

galara aisvaryya-nijajriey eihb esakad i-Ballala-bhuparige Pa- | 

dmala-raadevige puttidarh bhuvana-vikhyatarii Nrisiriih6rvviparii n 

Yadavar adavarolu munn j 

adavar inn appar ivana sariy iilene sau- | 

ryyodayadirii pasarisidarii j 

raediniyarii vira-Narasiriiha-mahisam || 

Kamatharig inn eke sarvv6rvviya pore Phani-rajarig ad inii ek i|a-bha- | 

ram ad inn ek a-disa-dantige digu-bharamam taluv ayasav inn e- j 

ke mahibhrin-mulamaih pordduva gasani nelakk ane p6 salven end a- | 

sramadini bhu-chakraraam vikramadole taledaih sri-Nrisiriih6rvvipalaih n 

* So in the original. 

Arsikere Taluq. 333 

kadupindaih Narasimhorvvipau avayavadind etti bandappan inn a- | 
V edeyam pokkirppav inu av-edeyol adaguvarii namma-kavannan avarii | 
kuduvarii hasty-asva-ratnavaliyan avauiyarh prauadirii barddod enturii | 
padevam hasty-asva-ratnavaliyan eleyan end ittu kanbar nriparkkal n 
kari-ghate kude nurikidavu vaji-dalarii nadetandav odd anarii | 
tara-taradinda voddi nade-gontevol etti baruttav irddav a- | 
surav ene barppa billanigey ampavar ar enut ariji bhubhujar | 
kkarunisi kavud emman enutirpparu vira-Nrisiriiha-Rayanarii n 
odavirdd i-Yadu-variisajam malaparol gandarii bhararii geydu tan | 
idir ant irdd ari-mandalakkc nadeyal benn ittu podar kkelar | 
kadanakk odd idir anta vairi-nriparam pesele kondarii palar | 
kkadanakk anjidod ittan old abhayamarii sri-Narasiiiihorvvipam || 
Surarajebharh madandham madhupa-kula-yutarii pundrikarii sada-ni- | 
cha-ratarii Garigu-hradarh chandrana ruchi sale doshavilam tan enal pel 1 
doreyal sri-Narasiriihorvvipana nija-yaso-lakshmiyol varnna-sAmyarii | 
piridurii tan adodarii uirmmaja-gunadin avarii jwlisal ballan avaih || 
svasti samadhigata-paiicha-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvarara Dvaravati-pura- 
varadhisvararh sri-prithvi-vallabharii raaharajadhirajaih rfipa-Manojaih Yadu- 
kula-kuvalaya-sudhakaraih satya-ratnrikararii maleraja-rajarii sauryya-mriga- 
rajaih vijaya-lakshmi-bhavana-marigala-mani- toranarii ripu -mada-nivriranarii 
Chakrakuta-kOtatavi-davanajarii ripu-bala-jaladhi-badavanalaih ari-uripa-kapala- 
sailopala-vajra-danda malaparolu ganda ganda-bherunda kadana-prachai.idan 
ekariga-yira charu-vichara giri-durgga-malla kirttige nalla Magara-mandalika- 
bhuri-bhuruha-kathora-kutharana-sahaya-suran Adiyaraa-prabala-bala-pannaga- 
Vainateyarii bl^uja-bala-Eauhineyarii Kadava- Rriya- mada - marala- megharava 
purusharttha-^^ururavam uddanda-prabala-bala-Pandya-ganda-garbba-parvvata- 
Pakasasanarii viveka-Kamalasanaih Sasakapurada Vasantika-duvi-labdha-vara- 
prasadaih inngaraadaraddaih hiranyagarbbha-tulapurusha-praraukha-makha- 
Sataraakhaih raja-vidya-vilasini-sakhaih Ch6|a-rajya-pratishthacharyya nissarika- 
pratapa Hoysana-bhuja-bala-chakravartti sri-Narasiihha-Devani Garigavadi- 
tombhattaru- sayiram Nonaihbavadi - muvattir - chchhasiramumaih dushta- 
nigraba-sishta-pratipalanam madi rakshisuttaih vijaya-rajyam uttarottarabhi- 
vriddhi-pravarddhamanam ri-chandrjirkka-taraiii-baraih sukha-sarikatha-vinoda- 
diih sriraatu-rajadhani-Dorasaraudrada nelevidinolu prithvi-'rajyarh geyvut- 
tam ire n 

yojana-yojanangalolag fir ppalav firgga|a sutti nandanaih i 
yojana-yojanarigalo] anekav aneka-saroja-sandav a- | 
yojana-yojanakk upavanarh pathikar nnilisal Manoja-vi- i 
bhrajita-riigad lilayara enippudu Hoysala-nadu nadeyurh n 
a-nadolag aty-adhikarh | 
tau enc piriy-agrahara sukha-sarapadadirii | 

334 Arsikere Taluq. 

sri-nariy irppa nilayarii | 
bhii-nariyol esedud enipa Sarvvajiiapurairi ii 
. . sat eseva palavu bidiyo- | 
1 esed oduva veda-sastra-shat-tarkkarh palar | 
esed opputirppa mantheya | 
posa-vikshana-sale palavu Vishnu-grihaiigal n 
vedaman odut irpp adhika-sastraman ommeyu kelut irppa sam- | 
vadipa tarkkamam bidade tarkkisut irppa puranamam mano- | 
hladade velut irppa sakala-smriti-nataka-kabyad artthamam | 
sadhisut irppa vipra-tatiyim negald orpputal irkku sautataih n 
adhyayanadhyapana-sad- | 
vidhy-ukta-sruti-matagamachara-gunaih- i 
budhyavagahanajna- | 
siddhar sSarvvajiiapuradol irppa-viprar n 

beralt i-16kadol tann akhila-kalegalam Dhatan anandadindaih i 
toral pratyaksha-rupam palavan eseye taldirddan eiiib andadindam 
beren SarvvajiTam emb i-puradolu palarurh sobhisutt irddar ant i- | 
nur-ippattirvvar-aty-unnata-mahiraeyan em bannisal ballan avarii n 
sri-Raiiganatha nelasida- | 

karana jagad-aghava kalava samartthyada Ka- | 
veriya dakshina-diseyolu i 

Kerala-J9,napadam enirppud adu sogayisugurii n 
jagadolu Keralorbbiyolag orppugum a-Kolamuka-pattanam | 
bagegam alumba vipra-tatiyiiii Kudukundiya Bhadrakali-de- | 
vige mige bhaktarurii guru-padarchchita-*Vaisva-niketanangalirii | 
sogayipa nandanavali kolarii Kolamukada paschiraaseyol ;i 
ber omme nenadar-agha-tati | « 

parugum end enisi negalda Jahnavi mudadirii | 
ber olidu bandu maleyolu i 
Perar end enisikondal a-Keraladol i) 
pattana-Kolamukadol a- | 
. pattanak adhipatiy enirppa Govindangarii | 
puttidan ati-dharmmanyarii | 
nittise Nariibyakkan enipa Manavalakhyarii n 
Harige Siri kantey ad ant- | 
ire Saiikarag adal Agajey ene Chaturasyarig | 
urutara-Bharatiy ad ant- | 
iral a-Nariibyakkag adal Aucharu-Narige n 
avarg udayisidarii jagak ut- | 

savam udayise vibudha-janake mudam udayise ban- | 
dhava-janake ragam udayise | 
bhuvana-prakhyata-kirtti Damam namarii || 

* So in the original. 

Arsikere Talnq. 335 

Siriy-odagudi pal-gadalol Achyutanum muni-mukliyar irdda-vol | 
piriyar enirppa Gautaman Agastya-Vasishta-rulastyan Atriy An- | 
gira-Jamadagni-Gargga-Kapilam Bhrigu-Kasyaparopama-dvijar | 
vverasu mano-mudarh berasu * Vaisva-kulottama Daman irddapam || 
chittadol ommeyum Hari-padambujamaiii nere tjildu bhaktiyind | 
uttamar appa vipra-tatig arttiyol anna-suvarnna-ratna-gov- | 
uttama-vastra-bhumi-dvija-kanneyaram palarg ivan oldu Vai- | 
syottama-Dama-naman ileyol sale mavana-gandha-varanam n 
medini kude bannisutav irppina tannaya malpa dharmmamam | 
sadhu-jana-priyam budha-jana-priya Poysala-rajya-pujya Da- | 
modara-Setti nirmmisidan uttama-Vishnu-griha-pratishthe matt i 
Adiya-Cheuna-Kesavanam a-Narasiihhana Gopinathauaiii n 
svasti samasta-vastu-vrdiana-pariksha-viseshonnatay aha vadda-byavahariy 
ubhaya-nana-desi-Maleyala-mukhya-vipra-prasa,dam Damodara-Settiyaru srimati 
Sarvvajiiapurav ad Arakerey-asesha-mahajanangal-anumatiyam padedu srimach- 
Chenna-Kesava-devara Lakshmi-Narasiiiiha-devara Gopala-devara anga-bhoga- 
malagaran-arigarakkara jivita-sahita-samasta-sri-karyyakke munna sarvva- 
badha-pariharav agi manyav agirdda uiiibaliya bhumigalarii ukta-kraya- 
drabyamam haga-chinna uliyado kottu ya-bhumiy-odeyara stri-putra-jriati- 
samanta-dayadanumatiyirii hiranyodaka-diinav agi dliareyarii kondu ya-bhumi- 
yellavaih Saka-nripa-varshada 1156 neya Vijeya(ga)-saihvatsarada Pusya-su- 
ddha 1 2 Somavara-Sravana-nakshatra-by atipata - uttarayana - Makara - sarikra - 
manad andu ya-devara sri-padarigala mele dhara-pilrvvakarii madi kotta bhft- 

miya Sthalarigalu (liere follow detail» of gift) 


On the left side of the same stone. 
sri-Gopinatha saranu Jeya-siiihvatsarada Bhadrapada-su 3 Ma srimanu maha- 
vadda-byavahari Damodara-Settaru Kondambagila Yisvara-heggadegala Bachan- 
nana kayyalu a-Kondambagilalli Siriganakattada kelage sonabovana halubinali 
tota-sthala kamba nura-nalvattu 140 allirii badaga gadde kamba 20 Haliyata- 
nahalliya volu-vrittiya praptiya gadyaua a-sthaladalum kamba 24 a-beddalu 
kamba 250 num tatu-kalochita-kraya-dravya ga 150 nurii a-Bachannarige kottu 
krayav agi kondu fi-Damodara-Settiyaru Arakereya Damodara-Chenna-Kesava- 

« devarige dharey agi kottaru a-bhumige siddhaya katta-guttege tota-sthala-sahita 

kamba 160 kaih ga 4 a-halliya gadde beddali. . [ antu. . . . Paridhavi-sariivatsa- 
rada Magha-ba. .2 | srimauu maha-vodda-byavahari Hiriya-Chandi-nambi-Setti- 
yar-aliya Kanda-nambi-Settiyaru a-Kondambagila asesha-mahajanarigalige 

X pada-pujeya ga 20 va kottu a-bhumiya siddhayav ellarii sarvvamanya madi 

* So In the original. 

336 Arsikere Taluq. 

Haliyatanahalliya gadde kamba 44 beddalu karii 15 kkam parivarttaney agi a- 
Kondambagila Siiiganakattada kereyolage turuvalana gaddeyola-gey adu-sahi- 
taiii kamba 30 hiriya-kereya tenkana-kodiya Siva-devana hantada beddalu 
kamba 190 ka..melu honnu ga 13 nuiii a-mahajanangalige kottu a-bhumi- 
yallava a-devarige kalla nadisi kottaru Keta-jiyana maneyiih tehka hanneradu- 
kai-mane int inituvauum Arakerey-asesha-mahajanahgala samakshadalu sarbba- 
namasya madi a-Kondambagila mahajanahgalu sasanadallu baresi kottaru n 


In Arasikere, on a pillar in the Halavukallu-Siva temple. 
svasti sri Hoysala^vira-Narasimha-Devaru rajyam geyutt ire Saka-varsha *1141 
sanda Vishu-samvatsarada Pushya-su 10 Va | Makara-sahkramanad andu Balle- 
svara-devargge baddiyiih deva-karyya nadavantu bhaktaru dhara-purvvaka 

kotta kula (here follow details of gift with names of doiiors) 


In Arasikere, on the sluice of the tank. 

svasti anavarata-parama-kalyanabhyudaya sahasra bhagini dvitiya .... 

samaneyaru yaru prajanana Sarasvati. . . nava-Parvvati dhatri- 

lalata-lochane sri-santarppaneyaih saih neyarum srimatu Hoysana- 

Vira-Ballala-Devan-arddhahga-lakshmiyum appa piriy-arasiy-Amma-Deviyaru 
sukha-sahkatba-vinodadim Dorasamudradallu prithvi-rajyarii geyyuttam ire 
Sadharana-samvatsarada Vaisakha-suddha-pahchami-byatipata-sahkramanad 

andu Arasiyakereya namma ... kereya .... Tippa suhkaman ale ne 

haggari hana arasina a-raya heru..ya malave yeleya he. Nayannalada 

Gavinaya. . . . hiriya-kereya kodiya nadasuva dharmmake bitta datti tina, 

. .kelage y aladallive kamba nur-aivattu 150 . . (usuai finai phrases) 


In the same place. 
svasti srimat-pratapa-chakravartti-Hoysala-vira-bhuja-bala-Narasiriiha-Devaru 
Saka-varsha 1142 neya Pramadi-sariivatsarada Pushya-suddha 5 Bri | Karu.. 
liiriya-kerey ada jivi . kotta .... a-yettina kaluki kola 4 a-Hiriyaniiage ga 1 
mattam Saka-varsha 1146 neya Subhanu-saihvatsarada Chaitra-ba 1 Bri vari- 
sam-pratiy agi phala 100 antu ga 120 narii a-chandrarkka-taram-bararii nadi- 
suvad agi bitta datti 

* So in the original. 

Arsihere Taluq. 337 


In the same place. 

svasti [samasta-bhuvanajsraya maharajridliiraja paramesvara Chalukya- 

[bharajnam srimat-Tribhuvanamalla-Deva-vijaya-[rajya] rddhamana. . . 

saluttam ire tat-pa[da-padm6paji]vi svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha-sabda 

maha-mandalesvara Dvaravati-pura-varadhisvara Yadava-kulambara-dyumani 
samyaktva-chudamani maleparolu-gandady-akhila- namavali- samalankritam 
sriman - maha - mandalesvaram Tribhuvanamalla - Hoysala - Devaru maleyum 

manda[la]man eka-chchhatradind aluttam ire n Dvaravati. . . .y 

ada devaraiii mudadiiii saraudra-vijaya bappavaray odavam takkare garinigala 

kachchhav andadi tarade katti deva-pattam enisi rajya keyyan 

enisippa (west side) pratiprdisida n Sarasvatyai namah n Sarasvati 

gana-desi piriya Sarasvati gana-desi piriya. ..... .da puliy 

ennoda Puligereya Pullarasiyakere mudi nettidal i-dharmma 

sri sri 


At the same place, on a stone in front of the Brahmadeva temple. 
katturi(ya)-kampu kai-surige honn-ore hattigo sanna-gaggaraiii | 
muttina dande tola-mani bayitale ueydale tiila jaunuram | 
bettada sendu kol moreva dantada pavugo bhriiigad 6le moy- | 
vettire ratriyol suliva Brahmeyan ig emag ishta-siddhiyam n 
ettada munnav etti nadegollada nuinnav adurttu kopadim | 
muttada munnav artthamane tettiri vittiriy iitma-durggamum | 
matt enaveda nirggamam id endu virOdhigo vira-lakshmi su- i 
ruttire Visbnu-vikramad upakramav akramisittu lokamam n 
kondarii Talakadaiii kai- | 
kondam mel etti Koiigau avayavadindam | 
kondam Vishnuve ChOlana | 
ma. . . .mandegond. .tanu-mandalamaih n 
Lakshmi-devi Kliagadhipa- | 
lakshmang esedirddu Vishnug ent ante valam | 
Lakshma-Devi lasan-mriga- | 
lakshmanane Vishnug agra-satiy ene negaldal n 
a^dampatige tantibhava- | 
n adarn su-charitra-mitra-gOtra-pavitram | 
Yadava-nripa-kula-tilakam | 
mediniyolu koluva geluva kali-Narasimhaih n 
pattada sati £lchalegam | 
nettane Narasiihha-nripatigam mudadindam | 


338 . Arsikere Taluq. 

puttidan adhika-vilasaiii | 
vottaji gali vira-vikramaih Ballalara || 

Kali-kala-kshatra-pu . . prabalatara-durachara-sandohadindam | 
hole hoddal hesi besatt alavalida mahi-kanteyarii rakshisalk a- [ 
Jalajaksham tane band int avatarisiJavol Vira-Ballala-bhuparii | 
kula-jaty-akara-bhararii nripa-varan udayariigeydan ascharyya-sauryyarii n 
tanagarii kalpa-drumakkarii vitarana-gunadol machchararii Sudrakarigarii i 
tanagarii. .kranta. . . . bhuja-baladol machchararii Meruvirigaiii ] 
tauagarii pemp-ulla bilparii taleda mahimeyol machchararii tan enal dha- i 
nyan iladhisarkkalol visruta-visada-yasarii Vira-Ballala-bhupam n 
svasti samadhigata-paiicha-maha-sabuda maha-mandalesvararii Dvaruvati-pura- 
varadbisvararii Tuluva-bala-jaladhi-badavanalarii dayada-davanalam Pandya- 
kula-kamala-vana-vedanda ganda-bherundarii mandalika-bentekara para-manda- 
la-surekara sarigrama-Bhima Kali-kahi-Kama sakala-vandi-brinda-santar- 
ppana-samarttha-vitarana-vinoda Vasantika-devi-labudha-vara-prasada mriga- 
madamoda-namadi-prasasti-sahitarii sriman-maha-mandalesvararii | Talakadu- 
bhuja-bala-Vira-Garigan a-sahaya-sura Sanivara-siddhi giri-durgga-malla nissari- 
ka-pratapa Hoysala-Vira-Ballala-Devaru sakala-mahi-mandalamarii dushta- 
nigraha-visishta-pratipalanarii geydu rakshisuttarii Dorasamudrada nelevidinolu 
sukha-sarikatha-vinodadiria rajyarii geyyuttam ire tadiya-pada-padmopajivigal 
appa rajadhyakshada heggade-Revanna heggade-Ketamallana Arasiyakereya 
samasta-prajegala mahimonnatiy ent endade | 
dhare bannisal ara. . . .yolu | 
vara-guniy ivan endu santatarii me. .suvarii | 
nerada budha-sabheyol adhikarii | 
parama-gunambudhi su-satya-nidhi Revannarii || 
nudidude Rama-banav eradaih nudiyarii koduvalli Karnnanol | 
padi nadevalli dharmmadole tarii nadevarh su-charitra-varggavaih [ 
badivavan alla manyarane ballan enuttav emma. . .brindav i- j 
podaviyol inte bannipudu santata heggade-KetamaUanam || 
tivida chennan appa kere vunnatav appa Sivalayarigalirii | 
bhavakar appa sad-vitara sarikuladirii ganika-janarigalirii | 
devara pujey utsavada gita-ravarigalin olpu-vettu ua- | 
na-vidhadinda tan Arasiy-ol-gere sobhisut irkku santatarii n 
mattarii srimanu maha-pradhauarii hiriya-bhandari Keshava-Devana satu-kirttiy 
entendade i 

hinde parokshadol osed a- | 

nandade vibhu-Kesi-Rajan tirjjita-tejam | 

kundade deva-su-pujega- | 

1 endurii nadevantu madi rudhige nontarii |i 

Arsikere Talvq. 339 

mattaiii Brahmeyana padaradhakanum appa .... Ketamma Brahma-devara 
mantapada kalu-vesan ittige-vesa soteyam geysi pratumeyarh madisi su-prati- 
shtheyam madida dharmma-nirmmalana vamsavataram ent endade | 

hiriy-ayya Bitta-Gaundam | 

dbareg oppuva tande Barmma-Gavudam nmdadim | 

vara-guni Darave tay ene | 

karam esedam Ketamallan urjjita-tejam n 
svast^ srimatu Hoysala-Vira-Ballala-Devana besadiiii rajadhyakshada heggade- 
Revanua Ketamalla hiriya-bhandari-Keshava-Devanum Arasiyakereya maha- 
janaugalum samasta-praje-gavundugalura nakhara-nana-desi-mummuri-danda- 
mum Ugura-munurvvaruih ekkoti-vira-ganangalura samasta-ja . ,lum gojja- 
rum irddu Saka-varusha 1 105 Sobhakritu-samvatsarada Phalguna-suddha-trayo- 
dasiy-Adivara-uttarayana-sankramana-byatipatad andu hiriya-kereya Brahme. 
yana naivedya-nandadivigegaiii khanda-rphutita-jirnnoddharakkav agi Buva- 
Gaudana tamma konekara Kelamallana kalara karchchi dhara-purvvakaiii madi 

bitta datti (here foUow detailii of gift aiid usual final iihrases) 


In Arasikere, on a stone in T&rimara flelds. 

namas tunga etc n 

Yadu-vamsa-kalpa-vrikshado- i 

1 odavida nija-sakhe t^n enalk udayisidam | 

sad-amala-kirtti-vilasaiii | 

mudadiiii bhuvanaika-vira-Vinayadityara n 

a-Vinayadityana sati | 

Bhavodbhava-mantra-devata-sannibhe sad- | 

bhaveye Kelayabarasi . . . i 

. .vasudheyol arum || 

Yadava-vamsakk amare ma- | 

hodayam Ereyauga-nripati Vinayadityang | 

adara tanayarii vinayaiii | 

sodaram ene tanage uegalda dbirodattam || 

Malava-rajya- . . lav enip aggada | 

chakravarttige jayarii migc tanna bhuja-pratapamam | 

palisi dig-jaya-prakata-kirtti-patakeyan uttaraseyo. | 

n agid ikshisuvant Ereyariga-bhubhujarii || 

Meruge mekhale . . . . | 


dbirarig Echala-Devi ga- | 

bhirarig Ereyariga-nripatig opparfi badegurii || 


340 Arsikere Taluq. 

ubhaya-kula-suddhey enip a- | 

subha-lakshane charitan enipp a- | 

prabhugam muvar ttanaeyar | 

ssubhagar bBallala-Vishnu-Udayadityar H 

paschima-payonidhi purvva-payo galda dharitriyam nere 

tam tol-valadiiii duttaraih marddisi sisbta-jana-prakaram Raman 

ant irdd apara-paurushan ivam ... Vishnuvarddhana || (44 iin^s effaced) 

svasti srimatu Hoysala-Ballala-Devana besadinda rajadhyakshada heggade- 

Revana-heggade-Ketamallangalu Arasiyakereya mahajanangaluih samasta-praje- 

gavundar ssabita nakharangalum a-vura muniirvvarum hiriya. . . 

samasta-jagatiya kottaligalum irddu Saka-varusha 1 1 . . Sobhakritu- 

samvatsarada Jeshta-suddha. . . uttarayana-sankramana-vyatipatad andu sri- 
Jagatesvara-devara ahga-bhoga .... naivedya-nandadivige-khanda-sphutita- 
jirnnoddharakkara matha-pati-tapodhanara ahara-danakkav agi Lakulagama- 

samaya-samuddharana mukha Hagarada .... nane- 

svara-devara acha. . .riyar appa Amitasiva-pandita. . Paduraasiva. . 

panditara kalaih karchchi dhara-purvvakam madi bitta (here 

follow details of gift and usual final phrases) 

agamadolu Siva-tatvado- | 

1 iga, . .mahri-brata-charitra-chaturyyadolaih | 

Nagasiva-munipan iirjjita- | 

bhogi gunagrani dharitriyolu karam esedam n 


In Arasikere, on a stone in Sattinakodige field. 

namas tuhga etc. n 

svasti sriy irpp uttama- | 

vastu jaya-sriya vilasitavasam 16- | 

ka-stutya-yas6-vaniteya \ 

vistara-sthanav eseva Hoysala-varhsaih || 
a-Hoysala-vamsadol udayisida Vinayaditya-putran appa Ereyahga-nripahgav 
Echala-Devigaih puttida Ballala- Vishnu- Vudayadityar emba muvarolage 
Vishnu-nripana vikramav enteue | 

raunisind arunate kade gang | 

inis odave virodhi-narapa-saptahgaih Vi- | 

shnu-nripalahg appudu n6d [ 

anupamam avan-alaviy itarar-alaviye jagadol n 

budha-lokasrayan emba tarkshya-rathan emb abjayataksharii dal em- | 

ba dhara-dharakan eraba bhoga yutan emb udyad-balanvitan em- | 

ba dharitri-varan emba loka-nutan emb i-perrameyim node Vi- | 

shnu-dharesarii sale Vishnu-vol sogayiparii Lakshmi-mano-vallabham n 

Arsikerc Tahtg. 341 

a-Vishnu-bhiipanol ma- | / 

devitvam bettii pettal uttame Lakma- | 

Devi Narasiihha-Devo- | 

rvvi-varanan anuna-punyavati vasumatiyol n 

kadanadol ant aratigala dantiya dantaman otti kiltu tad- | 

biduvane poyye poldu poraponme sa-raktaka-raauktikahgal a- | 

padadol avam jayahganege haraman oppire malpan endod ar | 

kkadanadol amp idirchchuv adatar jjagado] Narasimha-bhupanam n 

kadanadol idirchid adatara | 

mada-radaniya biduvinalli natta ba- | 

.... modalol uchchalisuv ond- | 

adatavan i , . . . Narasimha-Devahge nijam n 

a-Narasimha-nripangara i 

manini raadevi sadhviy Lchalegarii la- | 

kshmi-nilayan agi Ballfi- | 

la-nripalarii puttidarii dbaradhara-dhairyyaria || 

munisirii Ballala-bhuparii kile polev asiyarii kilvud anyavani-pa- | 

la-nikayarii sthanadindarii jadiye nadugugurii bhitiyim nolpad i-pa- i 

ngu nitantarii chodyam int i-teranan aride nan igal ent endod int i- | 

tana khadgam parinatiyan adarii Kalanol kaltud alto n 

Kamatharii kandam Ahisvaram negerdan a. . .dikku | 

. .mano-bhftdharam udgha-karnnike disa-matta-dvipaugharii nata- | 

bhramararii tam ene. . . .sobhip i- sasvad-vikasakke ta. . | 

. . . .m enikkum malerS.ja-raja bhavad-udyat-kirtti-sitaihsumaih n 
anupama-rana-nistaraka- | 
n anuna-sakty-anvitarii vichara-kshaman em- | 
ba negalteyinde Balla- ( 
la-nripalarii Karttikeyanant oppirpparii n 
atana satiya permmey ent ene n 

lalana-nirmmita-kausalarii palavu-kalakk AJbjajang indu sat- | 
phalav ayt uttama-rftpeyarii vimaleyarii Ballala-visvambhare- | 
sa-lasat-kaminiyarii budhalig anisarii kurtt iv-Uma-Deviyarii | 
lalana-ratnaman udgha-kirtti-yuteyarii pett uttama-praudhiyirii || 
kamaniya-chakorekshane | 
kumudananey enisi negald Uma-Devige vi- | 
krami Soma-variisa-Balla- | 
la-mahisarii kurppan embud adu takkude dal n 
Sivaya namah | svasti samadhigata-pahcha-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvararii 
Dvaravati-pura-varadhisvararii Tuluva-bala-jaladhi-badavanalarii | dayada- 
davanala | Pandya-kula-kamala-vana-vedanda | ganda-bherunda l mandalika- 
bentekara | para-mandaja-surekara i sahgrama-Bhima | Kali-kala-Kama i sakala- 

342 ArsiJcere Taluq. 

vandi-brinda-santarppana-samarttha-vitarana-vinoda | Vasantika-devi-labdha- 
vara-prasada Yadava-kulambara-dyumani | mandalika-makuta-chudamani | 
kadana-prachanda i maleparol-ganda-namadi-prasasti-sahitam srimat-Tribhu- 
vana-malla Talakadu-Korigu-Nangali-Gangavadi-Nonambavadi-Banavase-Hanun- 
gal-gonda bhuja-bala-Yira-Garigan a-sahaya-sura Sanivara-siddhi giri-durgga- 
malla chalad-arika-Rama nissarika-pratapa Hoysala-Vira-Ballala-Devar sakala- 
dharitriyam dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipalanadim rakshisutturii Dorasamudra- 
da nelevidinal sukha-sarikatha-vinodadirii rajyam geyyuttam ire \\ tadiya-pada- 
padriiopajivigal appa rajadhyakshada heggade Kesava-Devayyarigala Arasiya- 
kereya permmey ent endade n 

prajeyarii palipa parigu dharmma-chayamaiii pechchirppa satvikam ol- i 

du jagarii jiyene varttip oje budha-sandohakkam iv arppu bhu- | 

bhuja-chittakk ati-harsham age nadev i-tann olpu sandattu ban- | 

dhu-janadhara-gunarige Kesava-yaso-natham. . bhu-chakradol \\ 

vinutey Uma-Devige jana- | 

kan enal dhairyyaluv enduv aty-unnatan end | 

anisarii nim Kesava-De- i 

vanan abhivarnnisuve tad-gunam nijame valarii n 

Parameshti-prakhya-vipra-pratatigalin ila-prakhya-sudraliyirii Kin- | 

nara-kanta-prakhyar a nin Aja-prakhya-Koylalgalirii sa- | 

garamarii polv i-tatakarigalin amara-purodyanamarh poltu sobha- | 

karam app udyanadind iy-Arasiyakere sobhavaharii bhuraig endurii n 

nava-ratna-visarad-amsuga- | 

le viha[ya]sadalli Madana-chapadavol tor- | 

ppuvu belpargg udgha-suva- | 

rnna-vrishtiyara kareyut oppuv Arasiyakereyol n 

mulid agade kurpp avarol | 

tilivudu tilivudu gad endu saruva teradirii | 

galapuva gili-vindina kala- | 

kalav Arasiyakereya banadol opputt irkkurii n 

nelaneledu beleye dharmraarii | 

nelase dharadhipati mechche viprar priyadiih | 

sale rakshise nadevar ati-nir- | 

mmalar Arasiyakereya Meli-sasirvvarkkal n 

aganita-guna-nilayar dda- | 

na-gunanvitar amala-kirtti-yutar negaldi- | 

rdd Ugura-munurvvar mige | 

sogayisuvar jjagake sogayip Arasiyakereyol || 

Sri-ramani-varonnata-grihonnatiy asrita-kalpa-bhuruho- | 

dara susevya-sevyate Rama-ramani-ramaniya udgha-vi- | 

stara budhaugha-vistaram enippa gunarii saman age sobhikum \ 

dhariniyalii nodal Ajnaravatiy-ant Amaravati-purarii n 

Arsikere Taluq. 343 

barapada balme lekkipa bedangu manoharam age rajip uch- | 

charanav asesha-satvika-janakk ati-harshame putte varttip aty- i 

urutara-satvikatvav erad-artthiya belpudan iva bhogam i- | 

dhareyolag ommeyum ganaka-vallabha iJavarasange sobhikuih || 

palara besadinde sobhege | 

neley ene Huruvaliya Kala-Gavundaiii uir- | 

mmalan i-Melesvaramaih | 

lalitam enalk ettisidau udaraiii dhirahi n 

Kailasakk idu mel cne | 

Kailasavasi harshadindahi nelasal | 

Melesvaramam sobhise | 

Kalama-Gavundan artthiyind ettisidam || 

a-Kala-Gavundahgam | 

loka-stute Nada-Gaundigahi puttidar int | 

i-Kali-yugadol dharmmakk | 

akaram ene Bela-Gaunda-Chatta-Gavundar ii 

ormmeyuv Isarchchaneyol j 

nurmmadi Kailasadindav asrayav enduru j 

dbarmmakk Arasiyakerey ene | , 

permmege modal enipud embud en achchariyu n 
svasti sri Saka-varshada 1111 nuya Kihika-samvatsarada Paushyad amavasye- 
Somavara-vyatipata-sahkramanad andu srimatu Melesvara-devara nitya-nive- 
dyakkam nanda-divigegam Chaitra-pavitrakkam ptijari-paricharakar-ahara- 
danakkara jirnnoddharanakkam endu sri-Hoysala-Vira-Ballala-Devaru Meli-sa- 
sirvvarum niina-desi-mukhyav appa nakaramum Ugura-munurvvarura samasta- 
prajegaluhi svasti yama-niyama-svadhyana-dhyana-dharana-maunanushthana- 
japa-samadhi-sila-guna-sampannar appa srimat-Tribhuvanasakti-Panditara si 
. . .Trailokyasakti-Panditarggeyum Sivasakti-Panditajrggeyumj kalamkarchchi 
dhara-purvvakav agi bitta datti (here foiiow detaiis of gift) 

varam enipa Sivagamadol j 

niratar Trailokyasakti-Sivasaktigal i- | 

svara-pada-payoja-bhrihgar | 

unirupama-charitrar amala-guna(. .)muni-mukhyar n 
(uauni finai verHes and phrases) i-sthanada Taiidesvara-tauavan Antarana Gahga-B6- 

vahge kotta sasana Trivikrama-Panditara padya tal-likhita || Singojana 

maga MahSsvara-Singojana kandarage 


On the back of the same stone. 
Sadharana-samvatsarada Vaisakha-ba. . . .Somavaradandu srimanu raaha-pra- 
dhanarii . . yya. . . nayaka tamma . . . .mayyanu Melesvara-devara nandadivi- 

344 Arsikere Taluq. 

gege a-chandrarkka-taram-barara nadevantagi kotta ga 2 atana ba... ... 

nianesa Mallayya kotta , 


At the same place. 

svasti srimatu Saka-varshshada sasirada-ntira-nalvatta-araneya Svabhanu-sam- 
vatsarada Chaitra-su 14 Mangalavaradandu rajadhaniy-Arasiyakereya a-Mada- 
bana Kallayya Laliya Kalayya Keta-Gaudara Makayya int ivaru mukhyavada 
samasta-bhakta-janangalu Melesvara-devarigey akshaya-bhandaravada honna- 
baddiyinda nandadivige nadavantagi (here foiiows a Ust of donors and their gifta) 


In Arasikeje, on a stone in front of the Basavanna temple. 
sri namas tunga etc. n 

Yadu-vamsa-kalpavrikshadol | 

vodavida nija-sakhe tan enal udayisidam | 

sad-amala-kirtti-vilasaiii | 

mudadim bhuvanaika-vira Vinayadityam || 

a-Vinayadityana sati | 

Bhavodbhava-mantra-devata-sannibhe sad- | 

bhavey ene Keleyab-arasiyan | 

i-vasudheyol avudu bannikum budha-nikaraiii n 

Yadava-vamsakk amare ma- | 

hodayav Ereyanga-nripati Vinayadityaiig i 

adam tanayam vinayam | 

sodaram ene tanage negalda dhirodattam || 

Malava-rajya-malam enip aggada dhaliyin atma-seueyiiii | 

chalisi chakravarttige jayam mige tanna bhuja-pratapamaiii | 

palisi dig-jaya-prakata-kirtti-patakeyan uttaraseyol | 

kilisidam dinesan agid ikshisuvant Ereyaiiga-bhubhujam n 

Meruge mekhale bahu-khale i 

Variruhabhava. . . purnna-khale chandra. . | 

. . . ang Echala-Devi ga- | 

bhirang Ereyanga-nripatig oppam badegum || 

ubhaya-kula-suddhey enip a- i 

subha-lakshanegam subha-charita-bharitan enip a- i 

prabhugarii muvar devar i 

subhagar bBallala-Vishnu-Udayadityar n 
avarolage Vishnu-nripana vikramav ent ene n 

munisind arunate kade-gang | 

inis odave virodhi-narapa-saptangaiii Vi- | 

Arsikere Taluq 345 

shnu-nriprilaiig appuvu nod | • 

an-upamam avan alaviy itarai* alaviye jagadol n 

dol lint aratigala dantiya dan (eiines gone) 

a-Ballala-mahisana satiya permmey ent cne n " 

lalana-nirmmiti-kausalaiii palavu-kalakk Abjajang indu sat- j 

phalav ayt uttama-riipeyaih vimaleyarii Ballala-visvambhaie- i 

sa-lasat-kaminiyarii budhalig anisarii kurtt iv Uma-Deviyarii | 

lalana-ratnaman udgha-kirtti-yuteyarii pett uttama-praudhiyirii || 

ball-al Ballala-nripa i 

Balla-vesararii nivasamarii kirtti-sri- | 

vallabhan ettisidarii sal- | 

lalitam enalke sobhisid Arasiyakereyol || 
svasti samadhigata-paiicha-maha^sabda maha-mandalesvararii Dvaravati-pura- 
varadhisvararii ripu-bala-jaladhi-badavanalarii dayada-davagni Pandya-kula- 
kamala-vana-vedanda gandabherunda mandalika-bentekara para-mandala-surc- 
kara saiigrama-Bhima Kali-ktila-Kama sakala-vandi-brinda-santarppana-sam- 
arttha-vitarana-vinoda Vasantika-devi-hibdha-vara-prasada Yadava-kuh'imbara- 
dyumani mandalika-makuta-chudamani kadana-prachanda maleparol-ganda- 
namadi-prasasti-sahitarii srimat-Tribhuvana-maJla Talakadu- Kongu-Nangali- 
Gangavadl-Nonambavadi-Banavase-IIanurigallu-goncTa bhuja-bala Vira-Garigan 
a-sahaya-sura Sanivara-siddhi giri-durgga-malla chahxd-arika-Rama vira-pratapa- 
chakravartti IIoysana-vira-BanAla-Devaru sakala-dharitriyarii dushta-nigraha- 
sishta-pratipalanadirii rakshisuttarii Dorasamudrada nelevidinolu sukha-sarika- 
tha-vinodadim rajyarii geyyuttam irddu irimd-rajadhaniy-Arasiyako.reyalli 

srima Ballalesvara su-pratishtheya madisidar a-Arasiyakereya (iiines gone) 

svasti sri Saka-varushada 1111 neya Kilaka-sariivatsarada Paushyad amavrisi- 
Bhanuvara-byatipata-sarikramanada .... jaya Ballalesvara-devara nitya-nai- 
vedyakkurii nandadivigegarii Chaitra-pavitrakkurii pujari-pari-charakar-ahara- 
danakkarii jirnnoddharakkam endu sri-Iioysana-vira-Ballala-Devaru sayi .... 

llalirii samasta-prajegalirii srimatu yArasikereya panditara kalarii 

karchchi dhara-purvvakavagi bitta dattiya Gutiyabayalalli gadde salage 10 
kolagada. . . .reya padu . . .godiyalli beddalu kamba 200 


At Tirupati, Arasikere hobli, on a copper plate in the Verikataramana temple. 

sri - Amaragiri - Tirupati - Verikatachala - svamiyavara paditara - diparadhane - 
sevege || 

namas turiga eto. n 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha 16G6 ne varttamanake saluva 
Uaktakshi-samvatsarada Pushya-suddha 7yu Bhanuvara-Makara-sarikramana- 


346 Arsikere Taluq. 

punya-kaladalu srimatu saj-jana-sudha-Sivachara-sampannarada guru-liiiga- 
Jangama-premigalada Hara-guru-bhakti-parayanarada sakala - dharma- prati- 
palakarada bandhu-jana-chintamanigalada a-khandita-lakshmi-aisvarya-sampa- 
nnarada tyagadalli Karnnage samanarada bhogadalli Devendrage samanarada 
santadalli Dharma-Rayage samanarada ^rupinalli Manmathage samanarada 
parakramadalli Arjunage samanarada satyadalli Harischandrage samanarada 
vajra-vaidurya-gomedhika-pushyaraga-marakata- manikya- nila- mauktika- pra- 
valadi-navaratna-pariksha-dhurandhararada sunkadalli visavaiii bittu gunavam 
kottare desavarii balasi-barutippa bhasha-bhusanarada bannake savira basa- 
vana sriiigarisi mahaghanav-emba ganteyannu katti nakshatrav-emba huri- 
gejeyannu haki nava-grahav-emba bhasigavannu sudi tribhuvanav-emba kanda- 
likeyannu haki maba-Seshan-emba pathaneyannu bigidu chappanna-aivattaru- 
desadallu saiicharisuvantha maha-nadina birud-ulla uddanda-kolahalarada 
adaviya angadiyajii madi giduva pattanavam madi sallada nanyavannu salisu- 
varada hadi-jagalava hanav-addake kombavarada bidi-jagalava bele-baddige 
koduvavarada srimad-Ganesvara-Gaurisvara-devara pada-paukajarada abhinava- 
Jambu-dvipa-papa-niroharana-ghatopeta suvarnna-Yindira-mandirarada dhar- 
madharmakke varagallarada sri-Channa-Basavesvara-devara sampradaya- 
karada maha-Meruvige sarisama-naradantha Srisailakke dakshina-dig-bhagadalu 
vapputt-ihantha Banavaracla sri-Kanthirayapete Santhe-sasana Suryyavidhi 
Somavidhi chavu-madhyadallu vaput-ihantha sri-Basavesvara-devara mukha- 
mantapadallu vajra-siihhasanarudharagi kudi kulit-irppantha sva-desa-para- 
desa-ubhaya-nana-desa-prithuvi-setti rayara mantri Bhaskarannahgalu Aiyya- 
vali-mukhyarada Salumule chatur-dikku aivattaru-desada maha-nadinavaru || 
svamiyavara paditara-diparadhane-sevege Sivarppanavagi vappi kottantha dana- 
sasanada kramav ent endare | adagi | Banavarada-sime mele bahantha mu- 
dana-marga paduvana-marga badagana-marga tehkana-marga santhege 
bahantha yeluveru bilaveru petege bahantha herugalu muntagi ninta-nade- 
vandake -j-^g- visada mereyallu kodabeku | sthalada maha-nadinavaru kodu[va] 
vivara (here foUow detaiis) yi-mereyallu Sivarppanavagi Buryya-chandradigal iha- 
paryantara svami-seveyu sarodharavagi nadadu tamagu dharma-kirtti barabek- 
endu barasi kotta dana-sasana (asuai fiaai verses) yi-achandrarkavagi-nadavantha- 
dharmakke surya-chandradigala sakshi | tamma bhagada jagad-isvarana 
sakshi | yi-vartane nadasade hodava deva-loka-martya-lokakke karanav illa | 
sthala-para-sthalada maha-nadinavaru baradiruva sakshi (here foiiow names of 

witnesses, and signatures) 


On a 2nd copper plate in the same temple. 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha savirada aru-nur-aruvatt- 
elane varttamanake saluva Krodhana-samvatsarada Bhadrapada-su 7lu| 

Arsikere Taluq. . 347 


srimatu | Tirupati-Veiikatachala-svaraiyavara sevartthada bagye Banavara 
Javagalla kandacharadalli valaisikond-iruva serrugarru vantrigarru valekarru 
saha barisi vapista sevarthada binuaha-sasanada kramav ent endare | adfigi | 
Tirupati-devasthanadalli nadava paditara-diparadhane-seve-bagye serrngarru 
vantrigarru valekarru muntagi jana vandakke kanthiraya s~i vandu-hana- 
prakarake prati-varushavu namraa narama sambaladalli putra-pautra-param- 
paryyavagiyu vappisutta yiddev endu sva-ruchya vappi vadambattu barasi 
vappista sasana | athavane hobalige ranve-mandiyind ri-prakfirake tettu baruva 
heruva-yettu magga kfiraka kurru lekkha saha kottu baralullavaru | valaisi- 
kond iruva mandi nutanavagi aru magga ahgadi heruva-ettu muntagi madi- 
dagyu modal idda ahgadi arru heruva-yettu magga saha bittagyu svami-sevege 
namma sambaladalli bittukott iruva vondu hanave horatagi hechchagi svami- 
sevege koda karanav illa | Banavara-Javagalla kandacharada serugarru vantri- 
garru valekarru saha vappita | kandacharada sanabhagaru Timmapaiyanavara 
sakshi | Vehkataramanainavara sakshi | Lihgapaiyanavara sakshi | sthalada 
nadiga Chikka-Tammannanavaru Narasi-devaravara sakshi | 


On a 3nd copper plate in the same temple. 
Vehkatesvara-svamiyavaru i Krodhana-nama-saiiivatsarada Bhadrapada-ba 3 lu 
srimatu Tirupati-Vehkatachala-svamiyavara paditara-diparadhane-sovege | 
Banavarada attavane serugarru manihyad-alugalu saha vappista seve-vivara | 
jana vandakke karii ^l vandu-hana-prakarake varusham-prati-varushakku 
namma namma sambaladalli putra-pautra-paramparyavagiyu nadasikondu 
baralullavar endu sva-ruchya vappi vadambattu barasi vappista sasana | 
athavane-scrugarra vappita manihyad-alugala vappita atliavane-sanabhaga 
Vehkata-Naranaiyanavara sakshi | sthalada nadiga Narasi-devaravaru Chikka- 
Tammannanavara silkshi | 


On a 4th copper plate in the same temple- 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusha 1667 ne varttamanake 
saluva Krodhana-nama-sariivatsarada Bhadrapada-ba 3lu | srimatu Tirupati- 
Vehkatachala-svamiyavara seviirthada bagye Garudagiri-Hirikalladurga-Kani- 
katte-Beluguru-Kabba|a-muntada kandricharadalli valaisikond-iruva serugarru 
vantrigarru valekarru saha barasi vappista binnaha-sasanada kramav ent 
endare i Tidagi | Tirupati-devasthanadalli uadava svamiyavara paditara-dipa- 
radhane-seve-bagye serugarru vantrigarru valekarru-muntagi jana vandakke 
kanthiraya-ha 1 vandu-hana-prakarake prati-varushavu namma namma sam- 


348 . Arsikere Taluq. 

baladalli putra-pautra-paramparyyavagiyu vappisutta yiddev endu vappi 
vadambattu barasi vappista sasana | athavane hobalige ranve-mandiyinda 
prak-arabhya tettu baruva heruva-yettu magga karaka kuru lekkha saha kottu 
baralullavaru valaisikond-iruva mandi nutanavagi aru heru-yettu magga 
angadi muntagi madidagyu modal idda angadi aru heruva-ettu magga saha 
bittagyu svami-sevege namma sambaladalli bittukott iruva yi-vandu-hanave 
horatagi hechchagi koda karanav illa | Garudagiri-Ilirikalludurgga-Kanikatte- 
Belugiiru-Kabala-muntada kandacharada serugarru vantrigarru valekarru saha 
vappita 1 kandacharada sanabhagaru Timmapaiyanavaru Mallanna Krishn- 
aiyana sakshi nadiga Chika-Tammannanavara sakshi 


On a 5th copper plate in the same temple. 
Venkatesvara-svamiyavaru | Krodhana-nama-sariivatsaia-Bhadrapada-ba 311u || 
sriniatu Tirupati-Venkatachala-svamiyavara paditara-diparadhane-seve-bagye | 
Garudagiri-athavane-serugara manihyad-alugalu saha vappisia-seve-vivara ] 
jana vandake karii ha 1 vandu-hana-prakarake varusharii-prati-varushakku 
namma namma sambaladalli putra-pautra-paramparyyavagiyu nadasikondu 
baralullavaru yendu vappi vadambattu barasi vappista sasana athavane 
serugarana vappita Garudagiri-athavanc-manihyad-alugala vappita | athavane- 
syanabhaga Timmpaiyanavara sakshi | sthajada nadiga Narasi-devaravaru 
Chikka-Tammannanavara sakshi | 


At Challapura (same hobli), on a virakall near Somesvara temple. 
svasti Satyavakya-Kongunivarmma dharmma-maharajadhiraja Kolala-pura- 
varesvara Nandagiri-natha srimat-Permmadigalu prituvi-rajyarii geye Sindha- 

mma-nada bavaradolu Kellangereya tururigalole. . . .satta. . . .kara 

Permmadi-Gavundu tolantiro. . . . ndana maga (rest niegibie) 


At Honnasettihalli (same hobli), on a stone to the south of the Isvara temple. 
(3 lines gone) sri- Hariharapuravada Kellarigereya srimad-asesha-mahajanariga 

sarvvaikamatyadirii gereya. ... galige narigala makalu 

Sarika dhikada Honnisettiyahalliya chatus-sime. . . .miida 

reyirii paduvalu Mayigondanahalli Maileyanahalli ga Hirivurada hola- 

vereyirii mudalu Suleyakereya hola-vereyirii yint i-chatus-simeyal-ulla 

halige tatu-kalochita-kraya-drabya-gadyanarii nu. . .sakalyena niravaseshavagi 
a-mahajanarigalu a-Devapa. .ga. . a-Sarikannarii ga. . . .kaiyalu nirnnayisikondu 
emmolu sarvvaikamatyavagi a-haliya ashta-bhoga-tejas-samya-nidhi-nikshepa- 

ArsiJcere Taluq. 349 

jala-pashana-sidha-srulhya-volagada samasta-bali-sahita a-halliya badagi-Deva 

. . .da bhumi horagagi a-siddhayavanu Deki-Settiya tenkalu a-bhumi 

lavanu a-Devappangalu Sankannauga. .kondu a-halige prati-varusharh Pushya- 

masadalu siddhaya-gadyanara danavagi yikuta baharu id-allade khana 

ka volagada purvvaya enu bandadevu mahajauangali 

..varu apurvvayavanu dadevu naih mariyadeyanu a-Devappan- 

galu a-Saii varu kodagi-deva-danada bhumiya siddhayavu a-Devappan- 

galu-Sahkannangalige sa...du yi-mariyadeyalu adhi-kraya-dj\nakke saluvan- 
tagi a-Devappangalu a....'. .liya mahajanahgalu dhrira-purvvakam agi kotta 

sasanayintappudakke mahajanahgalasri-hastadoppa sri-Chenna-Kesava n 

Plavahga-saihvatsarada Ashadha-su-dasami-Adivuradandu srimad-anadi-agraha 

Hariharapura ya srimad-asesha-mahajanahgali sri-maha- 

kotta de galige emmu .... Devapa-Sahkanna llonnisettiya- 

haliyale avaru a-be ppayaahgala avarige. . . .kotta sarvvar-pra 

a-Devappa-Sahkannahgalu krayavugi kottaragi navu ava mariyadeyali 

navu salisi a-mahajanaugala sri-liastad oppa sri- 


Chauna-Kesava || mahgala maha || sri sri || Plavahga-saihvatsarada Ashadha- 

8U 12 Mahgalavaradandu srimad-anadi Hariharapuravada 

ya srimad-asesha-mahajanaugalu emma rachariyya-ganahgala ma- 

kkalu Devappahgalu yavagi kotta llonnisettiyahalliyali tamai^ u]a 

vrittigala. . . . gudiya Machannahgala maga sahitavagi a-mahiijauah- 

galu a-vrittiy avud endode . .sahitav aha chaturtthariisa- 

vanu salisi janahgala sri-hastad oppa sri-Chauna- 

Kesava (usuai 6nai TorsoB) nyuutiksharam adhikaksharam va tat sarvvam pramanam 
iti mahgala maha sri sri 


At Eatikere (same hobli), on a stone on the way to Sahkonahalli. 

svasti srimatu Chalukya-Vikramaditya-kala ippatt-aydaneya Vikrama-sariivat- 
sarada i-sasanarii. . . .darii Bittimayya^nahgala n 

namas tuhga etc. n 
vrittaiisvasti samasta-mandalika-mandanan fmata-bhupa-mauli-vi- | 

nyasta-padarii sarat-tuhina-didhiti-bimba-vidaniba-kirtti-ka- | 

nti-stabakavalambita-yasarii Manu-marggan anuna-dani 16- | 

ka-stutan embinaih uegarddan i-dhareyol Vinayayta-Poysala n 

kay-serada ripu-nripararii | 

poy-scndarii poydu mereye vidvit-nripararii | 

Poysala-dharudhiparii besa- | 

keysidan li-Kuntaladhipatigarii tanagaih || 

a-Vinayaditya-ma- | 

hivaran aparaseyinde Talakadu-vararii | 

350 Arsikere Taluq. 

Devendranant ir aldam | 

bhu-valeyam mechchi jiya jiy embinegaih n 

tat-taneyaih sakala-mahi- | 

pottaman anavarata-dani vairi-nripalo- | 

nmatta-gaja-sirhhan abala- j 

jattakan Ereyahga-Poysalam bhu-vinuta n 

anna moregolisi Cholikar | 

annaleyam taliran udisi Nannugeyaih mu- | 

vannam barisidan urvvare | 
" bannisal Ereyahga-nripati chakriya besadi || 

alapam eno Hima-kut- | 

kilada Setuvina naduvan-avanipa-chayamarii | 

kil itt eridan Erega-uri- | 

palaih Chalukya-chakravarttiya besadiih || 

bhorene Nannuge-yerdeyola- | 

g 6r-ant uriv-agni-sakshiyol kaikondaih | 

Dhara-purbbakav agire | 

vira-sriyarh pratapi Poysala-bhupa || 

Kandavaman undad alurddudu | 

mandavamaih Vindhya-sailadol negedudu kai- | 
. kondud ? Udhapuraman a- | 

khandita-tej6'gni Poysal6rvvisvarana || 

tat-prakara-prayatna-nidhi madhipan udgha-budhapad-urvvara- | 

bhrit-pravimata-sata-kulisayudhan abdhi-gabhiran anya-bhu- \ 

bhrit-pranatahghri-pitha-tatan udbhata-bahu-balaih varahgana- | 

Hritprabhavaih sphurad-vibhavan alte podald Ereyanga-Poysala || 

atana vadhu pati-hita-guna- | 

Site budha-vrata-kalpa-vallari bhuvana- | 

khyate jana-vinuta-vinaya- | 

nvite Mahadevi Lakshmi-Deviye jagadol || 
vaohana ii a- punyahgana-tilakeya varhsa-mahima-vyaparam ent endade Sur- 
yya-variisad Ikvaku-chakravarttiyindam a-vyavachchhinnam age banda Chola- 
chakravarttigala kataka-vajrav enisid anvayadol elurii siriihasanamumaih tanna 
bahu-baladole pratipalisida Teja-Rayana pratapavashtambham ent endade || 
vritta|| dharani-rakshana-daksha-dakshina-bhujaih vairibha-kanthiravaih | 

saranayata-nripala-vajra-sadanaih virahgana-vallabhaih | 

Hara-padamburuha-pramatta-viluthad-bhrihga[rii] samastari-sarh- | 

haranaih tan ene Teja-Rayan esedarii tej6'dhikaih dhatriyol n 

odadavar illa bhuparu | 

bedada janav illa pogadavar illa terald att | 

adada para-dhare yill enal | 

adambarav aytu Teja-Rayana tejaih || 

Arsikere Taluq. 351 

tat-putran akhila-guna-sam- | 

pat-padan ari-raja-vijaya-haranarh nija-vam- | 

sotpala-chandram ripu-kula- | 

lirit-puta-vighatana-patu-prachanda Pandya || 

madavad-ari-raja-samitiyan | 

adataled ekanga-viran enisida pemparii | 

padulam ene talda sale chel- i 

V odave parichchheda-gandan enikurii Pandya || 

Bhuvanaikamallanarii bhu- | 

bhavanav asungole raaralchi rajyaman adhiko- | 

tsavadirii Tribhuvanamallang | 

avayavadirii kondu kotta gandarii Pandya n 

nenada balambe kol-raidula tintini miileya tora-vettu bal- | 

venagal-agunti nettara-kadal parivatte karotigala san- | 

danisuva bhuta-kotigalin oppire pechchida . . .endra-sangaran- | 

ganam adu tane pelade virajipa Pandyana ganda-garbbamam n 

ene negarda Pandya-bhubliuja- | 

n-anujarii sarigrama-Bhiman abhimana-dhanam | 

Kanakagiri-dhairyyan akhila- | 

vanipulan Irukkavelan anupama-silarii n 

vira-mahipala-matanarii | 

vira-mahipala-krilakutarii vilasad- | 

vira-mahipala-gora-ku- | 

thararii negaldirdd Irukkavela-nripala || 

tan-nandane mun negarda Ku- | 

bhrin-nandane Dugdhamburasi-nandaney eno bhft- | 

vanditey adalu jagadol a- | 

nindite Mahadevi visva-visvarabhareyolu n 
vaohana || mattam aganya-punyangana-lavanyavalokana-mani-darppana-sriya 
matamahana mahimeyarii pelvade n 

sokkida-madrindha-bhiipara- | 

n akkadisi tanna kirttiyarii dig-vadhugal | 

tarkkaisuvinegav esedarii i 

Karkkada-marriyan udita-vijeyadeyarii || 

pariyittu vairi-raandalad | 

arasugalarii pididu tandu sereyitt ipparii | 

Tereyftral eseva Lanka- | 

puradolu Dasakanthan ippa teradind ippa n 

tondiuole Male-raahipara l 

mandalaraarii suregondu raarkkondavararii | 

khandisidan araama duttara | 

gandana gandaiige maleva-mandalav olave n 

352 Arsikere Taluq. 

a-mahipana magalam aval | 

tamarasa-dalakshi vikacha-vichakila-mala- | 

soraa-hima-mahima-kirttiye | 

ramanvite pattad arasi Poysala-nripana n 

anavarata-parama-kalya- | 

na-nidhi sri-Poysalesa-vakshas-sri sad- | 

vaniteyara mukha-sri- | 

y enipa maha-pu. -devi. .yi-jagadol |i 

matta-gaja-gamane sad-vani- | 

tottame Poysalana pattad arasi nitaniam | 

matt enisade kattisidal | 

Muttana-Posavura kereyan adhikotsavadim || 

satapatra-netre loka- i 

stuti-yute Poysalana pattad arasi daya- | 

nvite kereyarii kattisidal | 

pati-hita-charite kai-katte gattuva teradi i| 

parivara-jana. . . .ja-nute | 

purusa-vrata-yuktey endu paramotsavadim | * 

Ilaran-arddhangane. *. . | 

niravadyam Poysalesan-arddanganeya || 
tat-pada-padmopajivi Kaduvittiyuiii Soredeyabbeyu Ramanumatadiih Nalaiii 
setuvam kattuvante kattisidaru kereyaih maiigalam aha sri sri 

(left side). . . .kercya huttidant aha kereya mela. . .vaih bela. . . .(nsuai 

finai phrases) || devarige aigula gaddeya Kaduvitti bitta n kadeya gadde kolagarii 

102 & 

svasti srimatu Hoysana-Vira-Ballala-Devaru sukha-sarikatha-vinodadindavirddu 
Saka-varusha *sasirada Sobhakritu-sariivatsarada Jeshta-suda-trayodasi-Vada- 
vara-uttarayana-sarikramanadandu Kaduvittiyakereya Ballalesvara-devara ariga- 
bhoga-nivedya-nandadivige-ptijari-aharakkarii Dammarasiya kalaih karchchi 

dhara-purvvakaril madi bitta datti (here follow details of gift, and usual final phrases.) 


At Belagumba (same hobli), on a stone in front of the Mallesvara temple. 

Hoysalanvayadol . . vidita .... samantu geysi prata ye 

vilasitam ada tanagarii |) avarii murtti huttidan 

adatarii sad-guna-nidhi dhaliyan ovade Cholana .... 

adatirig eragada udad adatatanada .... vottaji-gali 

ga nubhava ma-devi Udeyadityaru . 

* So in the original. 

Arsikere Tahuj. 353 

modalol Hoysala-rajya-lakshrai-voclavam Jpinim taldi tann | 
udayaih ranjise tanna balp odave tann arpp ere taun rijhe mi- | 
re disa-chakraman otti kondu Talakadaih Gahga-rajyakke tam | 
modal adarii Yadu-variisa-varddhana-karaih sri-Vishnu-bhupalakarii n 

avarol madhyaraan agiyurii | 

bhuvana-khyatan anuna-daoa-nilayarii lc.kottaraarii taii onal | 

. . vilasa palavurii desaiigalarii kondi Ya- | 

dava-chudamani-bhupag endade yu. .sri-Vishnu-bhupalanol || 
kalegav embude rana | 
nripala | 

. . . .sutt uridu daiigurav embudu bheri n 
sura-bhuruhad esev-ahkura i 
dhareg ogedud enalke Narasiriiha-nripalarii | 
vara-vadhu Lakshraambikegarii | 
parama-gunambudhigav agra-sutan ene negardarii \\ 
visasanadolu kiltade ni.. | 

. .late vairigala hridayadolu | 

. .sarise | 

posat ond a. . . .Nrisiriiha bhavise jagadol n 

pattada-sati ficlialegarii i 

nettane Narasirhha-nripatigarii mudadindarii | 

puttidan adhika-vilasarii i 

vottaji gali vira-vikramarii Ballalarii n 

Chola-Kalihgaram tulidu Malava. ikki Ne- | 

palana dandan andaledu dhrUiyan itt areyatti Pandyanarii | 

kalega kali IJallu-nripfilan arppiiiirii | 

palisi tanna kirtti-lateyaih nere palisdarii dharitriyol n 
kudau arggarii kadu-lobhiy endu nudivar pPandyavanipalanarii | 
kudane desaman votteyarii turagamarii bhandaramarii hendiran | 
padamat-erii pusiy alla nav ariyal i-Ballala-bhupahge . . | 

edeyol bhupalakarh n 

tanagarii kalpa-druraakkaih vitarana-gunadol machchararii §udrakahgarii| 
tanagarii vikranta-vijjrimbhita-bhuja-bajadol machchararii Meruvihgarh | 
tanagarii perapulla binpirh taleda mahimeyol machcharari] tan enal dhan- | 
yan iladhisarkkaloj visruta-visada-yasarii vira-Ballala-Devarii ii 
svasti saraasta-bhuvanasraya sri-prithvi-vallabha raaharajadhiraja paramesvara 
parama-bhattarakarii Yadava-kulambara-dyuraani raya-chhdamani Vasantika- 
duvi-Iabdha-vara-prasadarii a-visranta-vidya-vinodarii raja-sarvvajham . . . rupa- 
Kandarpparii raya-ghata-sarpparii samara-mukha-Mandararii raya-Purandararii 
a-sahaya-sura Sanivara-siddhi giri-durgga-malla chalad-ahka-Raraa nissahka- 
pratapa Vira-Gahga bhuja-bala-chakravartti IIoysala-vira-l>all;'ila-I)evar ssaka- 


354, Arsikere Taluq. 

la-vasundhara-talaman(n) eka-chchhatradim pratipalisuttaiii Huligereya nele- 
vidinolu prithvi-rajyam geyyuttam ire tat-pada-padmopajivigal appa Beligum- 
bada maha-prabhu Naga-Gavundana su-putra Bamma-Gavundanurii atana maga 
Mala-Gavundanurii atan i su-putra Bamma-Gavundana mahimonnatiy entene. . n 

keregalan eyde knttisuvar ettisuvar nere degularigalarii | 

mare-viige kavar avarumarii saranagata-vajra-parijarar | 

pada-padumotkara-bhririgar enutte kirttisal | 

paravadi-vettu kirtti-vadeda prabhu sale Beligumbadol n 

Kail isakk idu mel ene | 

Kail.isavasi harshadindarii nelasal i 

Melesvaramarii sobhise | 

Meli-sasirvvar artthiyind ettisidar n 

nelan oledu belava dharmmarii | 

nelase dharadliipati mechche nadava charitrarii | 

sale parama-bhaktar ene nir- | 

ramala-dharmmada kaniyu Meli-sasirvvarkkal n 

ormmeyuv Isarchchaneyolu | 

ntirmmadi Kailasadindav asrayav enduih | 

dharmmakke Beligumbada | 

permmege modal enipud embud en achchariyo n 
mattarii jagad-vikhyatarurii nudidante gandarurii saraeya-nistarakarurii Siva- 
puja-Purandararurii marey-okkara kavarurii chalakke ballidarurii tappe tappu- 
varurii kad atti reppuvarum bedidan ivarurii asrita-jana-kalpa-vriksharurii raja- 
pujyarurii dana-dharmma-daya-pararum appa Holla-Gavunda (others named) 
samasta-praje-gavunduga|um irddu Saka-varsha 1123 neya Siddhartti-sarii- 
vatsarada Sravana .... trayodasi-Vaddavara-uttarayana.sarikramana-vitipatad 
andu sri-Melesvara-devara nivedyakkarii naada-divigegav agi Lakulagaraa- 
samaya-samuddharanar appa Nagarasi-Panditarigarii Cholavvegarii puttida 

su-putra Bamma-Devara datti Mattiyakereya kodiya bayala gadde 

sa 1 


At the same village, on a stone near the Mahalirigesvara temple. 
namas turiga etc. n 

Taleraale Korigu Narigali Viratapurarii Talakadu Koyatur | 
bbaluhina-Karichi Rayapura. .luraale Korikana-Cherigi Malavarii 
su-lalita-Chakragotta Tulu-desaraan a-sramadinde Vishnu-bhu- | 
lalaneg adhisan a-pratiman ovade konda bhnja-pratapadiiii || 

Lakshmiya kula-va- | 

rddhishnuv enalu negaldan Ikshu. .panavolu bhra- | 

Arsikere Taluq, ^ 355 

jishnuve simhada teradim | 

Vishnuge pasarisiila jasade (na) Narasimha-nripaiii n 

idirad ari-bhiipalara | 

roadad aneya komban udidu dantada baleyaiii | 

biduvina muttina haram£- | 

n odavisi jaya-sirige tudisuvam Narasimha-nripaiii n 

miininiy Echala-Deviga- | 

V ri-Narasiraha-kshitisvarangaiii negaldam | 

bhii-nidhi vikrama-nidhiy ene | 

Bhanusuta-pratiman ati-balarh Bailalam n 

mudal saiichalisittu Kafichi paduval ghol ittud ambhodhiy erdd | 

oditt aggada Chera-desav anitura Pandyavani-mandalajii | 

kadol kude teraldu hokk adagidatt uddruna-sangramadol | 

kuditt antu barduukuv-annar olare Ballala-bhupalanol || 
svasti samasta-bhuvanasraya sri-prithvi-vallabha mahaiajadhiraja paramesvara 
parania-bhattiiraka Yadava-kulambara-dyumani raya-chuda[ma]ni Vasantika- 
devi-Iabdha-vara-prasadam a-viiranta-vidya-vinodaiii raja-sarvvajiiam . . rupa- 
Kaudarppam raya-ghata-sarppam samara-mukha-Mandararh a-sahaya-sura 
Sanivara-siddhi giri-durgga-malla nissanka-pratapa bhuja-bala-chakravartti 
Iloysala-vira-Balliila-Deva Erambarageya nelevidinoju prithvi-rajyaih geyyu- 
ttam irc || 

vinaya-nidhanan endu sujanottaman endu visishta-briQda-man- i 

danan ivau enduv a da yasovidan endu. . . t 

[ 1] 

anupama-daniy endu dharo hogalntt irppudu *bandari-Kesi-Rajanam n 

kshiti-vinute Bomma-Gavundana | 

sati sannute Bomma-Gavuridey-auugina putrarii | 

sadu-vinaya-sahityam 1 

mu-dadindaiii Mala-Gavundan i-vasumatiyol 11 

Mala-Gavundana putraiii | 

rudhiya negald irdda Dugga-Gavudiya putraiu | 

bedida-vandige Karnnaih | 

nadeyum ene Bomma-Gaundan ivam dhareyol n 
bvasti samasta-vastu-guna-sampannaruiii saranagata-jaja-i»idhigalurii nudidante 
gandarum asrita-jana-kalpa-vriksharuih tappe tappuvarum sakala-jana-sebya- 
ruiu raja-pujyarurii Siva-dharmma-nirmmalarum appa Belligumbada maha- 
prabhu-gavundugaluiii Ilama-Gavundanurii Bomma-Gavundanum irddu Shaka- 
varusha 11171aneya Rakshasa-saihvatsarada Phalguna-sudha-paurnnami-Vada- 
varad andu Mallikarjjuna-devara nivedyakkarii uandar-divigege Kesava-jiyana 
kalarii karchchi dhara-purvvakarii mAdi bitta datti (hero foiiow detaiis* of gift) 

*■ So in the original. 


356 Arsikere Taluq. 

int i-bhumiyannu Macha-jiyanuih Mala-jiyanum hanchikondu unutam iralu 
a-Malla-jiyanu tanna bageyanu Naga-Gauda-Naki-Gaudan-olagada samasta- 
praje-gaudina munde, .ka-jiyange dhara-purvvakam madi kottanu (usuai 6nai 
verses) Sarvvajitu-samvatsarada Sravaua-su . .-Adivara. .bhandari Ma. .yya madi- 
sida dharrama Bhandari-Kesiyanna dharmmava pratipalisuva || 


At the same village, on a stone near the Brahmesvara temple. 

sri-Mahadevaya namali n 
namas turiga etc. || 

Nandikesvaram || 

svasti samasta-bhuvanasrayarh sri-prithvi-vallabha maharajadhiraja parame- 
svararh parama-bhattarakam Satyasraya-kula-tilakam Chalukyabharanaih sri- 
matu Tribhuvanamalla-Devaru vijaya-rajyam uttarottarabhivriddhi-pravar- 

ddhamanam a-chandrarkka-taraih-baraih saluttam ire || gana-traya 

kula-kuvalaya-sudhakararh sa Yadava-Nara- 

yanaih chatura-yuvati-Charayanaih Chakrakuta-kotatavi-davanalaih ripu-bala- 
jaladhi-badavanalarii sauryya-mriga-rajaih maleraja-rajam Kalapala-kapala- 
sailopala-vajra-dandaih maleparol gaiidarii nripa-kula-kari-kalabha-yutha- 
nathaih Gandagiri-nathaih ganda-prachanda Pandya-ganda-garvva-parvvata- 
Pakasasanaih viveka-Kamala . . . Jagaddeva-pra . . la-bala-pannaga-Vainateyaih 
bhuja-bala-Rauhineyaih Narasirigha-brahma-(bhu)-bhuruha - kathora - kutharaih 
charu-vicharaih Irurigola-mada-marala-megharavaih purushartha-Pururavarii 
vijaya-lakshmi-bhavana-marigala-mani-toranarii Adiyama-mada-nivaranaih 
mandalika-ghata- sarppaih riipa- Kandarppaih Kaustubhilbharana- smarana- 
parinatantahkarana vikramabharana Talakadu-gonda-ganda kadana-prachanda 
Cherigiri-matariga-sarabha Adiraja-sannibha Vasantika-devi-labdha-vara- 
prasadaih rarigamadamoda-namadi-samasta-prasasti-sahitaih sriraan-maha- 
mandalesvaraih Talakaclu-Korigu-Narigali-Garigavadi-Nolambavadi-Banavase- 
Hanuiigallu-gonda bhuja-bala-Vira-Garigam Kadamba-Vishnuvarddhana-Devaru 
Garigavadi-tombhattaru-sasiramumarii dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipalanadin 
aluttaih suka-sarikatha-yinodadiih rajyaih geyyuttam ire n svasti sriman-maha- 
pradhanaih sarvadhikari senadhipati hiriya-heggade-Balvayyarigalu sukha- 
sarikatha-vinodadindaih prithvi-rajyaih geyyuttam ire || Saka-nripa-kalatita. . . . 
Siddbartti-sariivatsarad andu Nirugunda-nad-olagana Belligumbada nal-prabhu 
Naka-Gavundana su-putra gotra-pavitra para-nari-putra praje-mechche-ganda 
nudidante ganda satya-ratnakara sarvva-jiva-daya-para parama-Mahesvara 
Mahadevara padaradhakaih Bamma-Gavunda Belligumbamaih sukhadi aluttam 
ire II svasti guna-sampannar appa Chandi-Setti-Gami-Settiyaruih vira-bratamaih 

Arsikere Taliiq. 357 

kaikondu sri-Brahmesvara-devara pratishtheyaiii madi parama-bhaktiyim Siva- 
layamam madi | svasti yama-niyama-svadhya[ya]-dhyana-dharana-maunanu- 
shthana-sila-guna-sampannar appa Soma. Panditara sishyar appa Dharmma- 
rasi-Paiiditara kalaih karchchi dhara-purvvakaiii madi sri-Brahmesvara-devaia 
khanda- .... -jirnnoddhara-nivedyakam Bamma-Gavunda bitta bhumi hiriya- 
kereya kelage kha 2 Bamma-settiya-kereya kelage . kha 2 Mulasthanada 
kereya tudi-bayalalu kha 1 Machi-Setti-kereyali ko 5 hala-kereyali ko 5 antu 
khanduga 5 Kalakere-olage bedale raa 2 guliya kai mata 1 Bamma-setti-kere 
matta 1 antu ma 4 mane 6 gana 1 Brahmesvara-stana hiriya-magalu Harmmi- 
kabbege | sri-Mulastrinada Kalidurgga =^kantha-shpudaka-ajirnn6ddhara-nive- 
dyakke bitta bhumi Mulastanada kereya modaleriyali kha 2 tudiya-bayalali 

kha 2 antu kha 4 kalake lage beddale ma 2 Belligumbada Kelangere 

hola-simeya sabi. . .2 antu beddal ma 4 mane 3 gana 1 sri-Mulastanada Kali- 
devaru kiriya-magalu Machavege Somavara-paurnnami-sankranti-bitipatadandu 

bitta dharmma | (asual final phraseR) 


At Hiriyur (same hobli), on a stone in the Sankardsvara temple. 
sri-Mahadevaya namah n 

namas tunga etc. || 

svasti sriy irpp uttama- | 

vastu jaya-sriya vilasitavasam 16- | 

ka-stutye yaso-vaniteya | 

vistfira-stanam eseva Hoysala-varasaiii n 
a-Hoysala-vairisadol udayisida Vinayaditya-putran app Ercyahga-nripangam 
Echala-Devigaih puttida Ballala-Vishnu-Udayadityar emba mCivarolage Vishnu- 
nripana vikramav entene | 

munisind arunate kade-kang | 

inis odave virodhi-narapa-saptangaiii Vi- | 

shuu-nripalang appuvu nod | 

anuparaam avan-alaviy itarar-alaviye jagadol n 

budha-lokrisrayan eraba tarksha-rathan emb abjayatakshan dal em- | 

ba dhara-dharakan emba bhoga-yutan emb udyad-balauvitan em- | 

ba dharitri-varan emba loka-nutau emb a^permmeyiiu uode Vi- l 

shnu-dhaiesara sale Vishnuvol sogayipaiii Lakshmi-mauo-vallabham n 

[a-Vishnu-bhupanol ma-] | 

devitvarii bettu pettal uttame Lakshma- | 

Devi Narasiriiha-Devo- | 

rvvivaran-antina-punyavati vasumatiyol || 

* So in the original. 

358 Arsikere Taluq. 

kadanadol ant aratigala dantiya dantaman otti kiltu tad- ( 

biduvane poyye poldu poiaponme sa-raktaka-mauktikangal a- | 

padadol avaih jayanganege (harama) haraman oppire nolpen endod ar | 

kkadanadol amp idirchchuv adatar *jjaral {i-Narasiraha-bhupanaih || 

kadanadol idirchchid adatara i 

mada-radaniya biduvinalli natta saral ba- i 

lada modalol uchchalisuv ond | 

adatava nripa-Narasimha-Devange nijam || 

yidirad ari-bhupalara | 

madad aneya komban udidu dantada baleyaiii | 

biduvina muttina haraman | 

odavisi jaya-sirige tudisidaiii Narasimliam ii 

a-Narasiraha-nripangarii | 

ra&-nini madevi visva-dev-Echalegarii h\- j 

kshmi-nilayau agi Balla- | . 

la-nripalarii puttidara dharadhara-dhairyya || 
svasti samsta-bhuvanasrayarii sri-prithvi-vallabharii maharajadhirajaih para- 
mesvararii parama-bhattarakarii Yadava-kulambara-dyumani maleraja-raja 
malaparolu ganda kadana-prachanda Sanivara-siddihi giri-durgga-malla Kohgu- 
Nahgali-Banavase-Hanuhgallu-gonda bhuja-bala vira-Narasiriiha-Devaru Dora- 
samudrada nelevidinolu dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipalanarii madi sukha-sah" 
katha-vinodadirii rajyaih geyyuttara ire tat-pada-padmopajivi n ad ent endade 
Pandya-nada Keshra Medakeriyirii samasta-prajegalurii gavundugalu bahuta 
Mara-jiya muntagi bandu Muttana-Hosavuralu sukhadindam ire a-Mara-jiyarii 
dharramoparjjaneyarii nenadu Sivaleyamarii madisi Areya-Sahkara-devararii 
pratishtheyarii madi kereyaih kattisidad a-dharmmakke Areya-Sahkara-devar- 
gge khanda-sphutita-jirnnoddhara-nandadivige-vupahara devara ahga-bhogakke 
Saka-varsha USOneya Prabhava-sariivatsarada Vaisakha-su 1 1 Somavara-vya- 
tipata-uttarayana-sankramanad andu a-Mara-jiyana kalarii toladu dhara-purvva- 
karii madi bitta bhumi hiriya-kereya paduva-godiya chikka-tumbiua modala 
gadde ko 10 hiriya-tumbina modala gadde ko 7 hiriya-kattada kerey olagana 
Manaliya bayalalli gadde sa 1 Kadabagattada hinde gundina raodala gadde 
sa 1 Sulihalanakaniya tehkana kadiya halugina gadde sa 1 raattarii Kadaba- 
gattada kereyolagana raavina gadde sa 1 ko 7 Billesvara-devarige Chattina- 
kereya hindana bayalu devalyada mundana voni pariyanta a-devalyada teh- 
kana beddale keyya ka 60 Sahkara-devara mundana keyya beddaleya kamba 
200 Jenakalla areya modala keyya kamba 100 hiriya-hala muda-gadeya kaniya 
keyya kamba 180 tehkana holada Kariyabamraachana-kereya hindana hiriya- 
hallada tehkana dadada ereya. .yya karaba 130 antu kamba 670 (nsuai flnai 

phrases and verses) 

* So in the original. 

Arsikere Takiq. 359 


At the bottom of the same stone. 
Ravudri-samvatsarada Bhadrapada-su 10 Ma Areya-Saiikhara-devara deva- 
dana gadde Sulihallana kaniyiiii tenkana halla gade ka 36 ^^^ a-kiiniya kattuv- 
allige nirottadade parivarttaney agi a-sthanika-Raja-jiya-Mara-jiyaiigalu niaha- 
janaugalige kottu Manaliya nmdana kadahinalli parivarttaney agi ka 36 ^^^ 


At the same village, on a stoae in the Kunjeivara temple. 
sri-Mahadevaya namah n 
namas tunga etc. n 

sri-Gauri-nayanaihsu-sampadame taih beldingal agalke bhft- | 
bhAga-bhrfijita-nitya-chandran enisirdd i-charu-Kufljesavararii | 
bhogakaran apara-saitya-sukhamarii Mahesvara-sronig old | 
Tg abaddha-jatava|i-parikaraih trailokya-rakshakaram n 
idirol idirchchi mele puli paydodo divya-VasantikSr-niva- | 
sada Jina-yogi-rajan olavind abhiraantrisi nide kondu kufi- | 
chada seleyind adarii pocledu Poysajan erab abhidhanamaih nijan- | 
gadol edi3 madidaui Yadu-kulagrani tunga-bhuja-balaih Salarii || 
a-da]ita-mriglratige | 
Yadava-chakresvarange janiyisidaih te- | 
j6-dava-pavakaih Vine- | 
yadityarii nija-kulUnbujatadityaih n 
a-vasudha-nathaua suta- | 

n ovade ripu-siraman eradan eraduih karadiih | 
s.ivagisad odedu kiltaih | 
bhavise nerey-angan ajig enip Ereyangarii |t 
a-nija-gali-Ereyangiina | 
suQU maha-Vishnu-bhaktiyiih vara-Vishnu- | 
sri-namaman autaih vasu- | 
dha-nathaih Bittan asama-vairi-gharattarii n 
a-nripana tanujatan a- | 
nuna-parakrama-nidhanan asa-parisan- |§arii ripu-nripa-san- | 
tana-visharii Narasingan abalanaiigarii n 
a-Narasingan-udarado- | 
1 en eudapen ogedan atula-guna-santanarii | 
dinanatha-braja-Ka- | 
ninaih Ballalan ahita-nripa-kula-Kalarii H 

360 Arsikere Taluq. 

tat-taneyaih Cholanan ott | 
ettidan ari-biruda Magara-Kadavaram talg | 
ottidan akalita-jaya- i 
yattaih Narasimha-Rayan akhilopayarii n 
a-mahipatig ogedarii san- | 
gramoparjjita-gajendra-vaji-vrato- | 
ddamarii ripu-nripa-Kuru-kula- ) 
Bhimarii Yadu-variisa-varddhi-somarii Somarii n 
Magara-kshonipanarii poralchi kadupind a-Kadavorbbisanarii | 
mogamarii poyd idiyikki Pandya-nripanam berinde kilt etti cha- | 
krige Cholange punah pratishteyan adarii kaL^archchi kopa-prasa- | 
da-gunangal nijav embinarii negaldaparii sri-vira-Somesvararii n 
dhareyind anya-nripalakar vvahala-bhara-grastar end int ila- j 
bhararaarii tane bhujagradol taledu tad-bhiipala-bhu-bharamarii | 
bharadind iiigisuvarii nripalarol id erii vikranta-karunya-tat | 
parano Poysala-chakravarttiy adatarii sri-vira-Somesvararii n 
Yedu-chakresana Soyi-Devana bhuja-dandakke durgga-trayarii | 
padularii nilladudarkke chintisi ripu-kshonisar ant atan ey- | 
dada durggarigal iv endu per-maduvinol bal-gadinol bettinol | 
madisirdd rivagam intu balvar ene tad-vikrantam aty-adbhutarii || 
keraldade nillan Asvapati yettida varttege nillan a-Gaj6- | 
tkara-patiy atma-sainya-charanottha-rajah-patalakke nillan §,- | 
Narapati yendad inn enikeg unte karutt idir ampa rayar ud- | 
dhura-dhuradalli Soma-dharanipatiyol chalad-anka-Raraanol n 
ari-rayara siraraam nija- | 
karapatrarii kolvud aride Soma-nripalarii | 
karunisad attida patrarii | 
siramarii kolvudu virodhi-bhupalakara n 
svasti samasta-prithvi-tala-prajya-rajya-lakshmi-vilasa-vilasita-vakshas-sthalara 
prasiddha-Yadava-kularii sastra-sastra-vidya-vidagdha-Paramesvararii Dvara- 
vati-pura-varesvararii Sasakapurada Vasantika-devi-labdha-vara-prasadarii 
vijaya-gaja-vinodarii hiranyagarbbha-tulapurushady-aneka-dana-santarppita- 
bhudevarii vipula-paiiya-prabhavarii malaparolu gandarii kadana-prachandarii 
saranagata-rakshamani sarvvajiia-chudamani maleraja-rajarii nirupamana- 
tejarii giri-durgga-mallarii virodhi-hridaya-sellarii chalad-anka-Ramarii rupabhi- 
ramarii Sanivara-siddhi vijitanya-buddhi Magara-Kadava-rajya-sariiharakarii 
^ . Chola-Pandya-rajya-nistarakarii raya-bherundarii guna-mani-karandanum emba 
guna-namangalarii taledu sarbbabhauma-padaviyirii Kannanura nelevidinolu 
bhuja-bala-sri-vira-Somesvara-chakravartti sukha-sarikatha-vinodadirii prithvi- 
rajyarii geyyuttam ire tadiya-rajyadol ubhaya-Nana-desi-Maleyala-mukhyarurii 
Kerala-desa-lakshmi-mukha-mukuram enipa Kulamuka-nagaradhishtitarurii 

Arsikere Taluq. 361 

vaisya-kulabharanarurh sad-guna-karandaruiii Bhadrakali-devi-labdha- vara- 
prasadarum vastu-vahana-lakshana-visaradarum appa sriman-maha-vadda- 
vyavaharigalolage n 
ka ji virada kani virada nidhi | 

virada nele virad agaram matt ant a- | 
vira[da] nidhanan eniparii | 
viragrani Kuflje-Setti vira-vinodam || 

naded Uchchangige banda raya-dalamaui kayikollad ond-angadiiii | 
bidad echchadi saraugalin temariy ant a-seue pingalke taui | 
padedaui virada-permmeyaiii jasada-somparii vairi-kolahalarii i 
Padiyur-aggada Kunje-Settige uiaha-sangrama-raugagradol n 
kali-Ballala-nripalakaui barisi baha-suhasakk avagarii | 
taleyarii tugi sa-ragadirii su-bliata-pattari-gatti meyverchchit i- | 
neladol munnina setti-vattav ene kaug imbadau utturiga-vi- | 
ra-lalamarii kali Kurije-Setti rana-dhirarii vairi-kolahalarii n 
a-setti-Kurijan-aliyarii i 
Vasava-nibha-vibhavan ubhaya-nana-desi- | 
vyasariga-pratipala-vi- | 

lasarii sri-Koudauambi dhareg esad-irddarii n 
Ilariharadol prasiddhatara-Setuviuol vara-Pandararigeyol ( 
nir-upama-Varanasiyol a-chumbita-bhagyan a-vA,ri-satramarii | 
kararii osed ikkip oudu mahimonnatiyarii dliareg opputirddan old | 
Arasiri Konda-Nambi dayad anmau a-nathara kalpa-bhdruharii n 
atisaya-tirtthav elli volav alliye tanuaya danad el^e matt | 
atisaya-tirtthav elliy olav alliye tanna negalte uorppad aty- | 
atisaya-tirtthav elliy olav alliye tauuaya satya-buddhi-sau- | 
gati siri-Kondanarabi negaldarii aukritartthada miirttiy erabinarii n 
ka II atan-anuj^tau avaui- | 

khyatarii punyatmau adhika-dauanunarii | 
mat eiii Damodaran upa- | 
matitam negaldan akhila-bhuvana-stutyarii || 
Ilariya kathe Hariya kathanam j 
Ilariy-archchaue llariya bhakti Ilariy-anandarii | 
nered ire Damodarau a- i 

Harimayav ene uegalda uaiubi nava-Praharajam n 
mattam Rukumauga-Sukau adhisa- Vibhishanarjjuna-lliranyaka-suta-Hanu- 
manta-Garuda-Dhruva-Byasa-Naradar emb aneka-Vishnu-bhaktara bhaktiyiu*i 
migilada bhakti-nidhananuu*i bhu-dana-sariividhananuih go-dana-sampannanuih 
kauya-daua-gunotpannauurii tila-padma-patra-dauadharanum suvarnna-dana- 
suranurii sadyobhaya-mukhi-danochita-karananurii jala-dana-samuddhararianum 
Vishnu-Siva-pratishthapakauum vipraradhakanum euisida Damodara-Settiyara 
uijanujatarii n 


362 Arsikere Taluq. 

nana-ratna-parikshey-embud adu tann ond-aiigav ant irkke dha- i 

tri-natharkkala chitta-vrittigalan ichchhamatradirii ballan emb | 

i-nistarada Kuiijanambi negaldaiii mantranga-samartthya-vi- | 

dya-naipunyan udara-Meru Maleyala-sri-kuloddharakam |i 

teiikal Hoysala-chakravartti badagal tam Ballaham mechchi tan- | 

naih kondaduvinam samant ubhaya-rayargg eyde sandhanamam i 

muih-kayivattisi sandhi-vigrahada meyyiih satya-vakyam daya- | 

lankaraih sale Kunjanambi mered irppam mantra-Vidyadharam n 

Cherana Malavendrana Kaliiigana Cholana Pandya-bhutala- | 

dharana muttid ond avasarangalan agale pundu malpa vi- | 

starada punya-sampadadin oppuva settige Kunjanambig inn | 

ar ene yembinam negaldan aggada Hoysala-Raya-rajyadol n 

naya-vida-chakravarttiyan udaiichita-Hoysala-rajya-piijyanam | 

priyatara-vakyanam sahaja-buddhiyan asrita-kalpa-vrikshanaih \ 

niyata-vilasanam bidade bannipud oppuva Kunjanambi-Se- | 

ttiyan akhilavanitalam asesha-gunangal-ad-ondu puttiyam (i 

a negalda Kunjanambige | 

bhu-nutan enip aliyan-agi bhandiya ponnim | 

dana-nidhi sahajavag-ire | 

tan antarii Bhandinambi yemb i-pesararii || 

siriyol.perchchida-bhogadol vinayadol dakshinya-sampattiyol | 

purushartthaiigalol uttamabharanadol deva-dvijaradhana- | 

daradol Bhandiyanambi-Setti tanag avaih patiy-ill-embinam | 

dhareyol raiijisutirddan a-pratima-bhagyarii puny(nj)a-puny6dayarii n 

Kakara-Manavalarggaih | 

lokottame yenipa Soviyakkarigaih pu- | 

nyakaraiii sakala-kala- | 

nikada kani Kandanambiy-udayaih geydarii n 

negald arriidhiya Bhandinambiy-aliyaih tan emba vikhyati dha- | 
trige meyvettire Kandanambi piriduih visvasadim svami-ka- | 

ryya-gunodyogadin uttama-prakritiyiih sad-dharmma-sampattiyim | 

sogayippaih kali-Hoysala-kshitipati-sri-rajya-vistaradol n 

tannaya vairisadolu negalda dharmmikaraih bahu-dana-yuktaraih | 

sannutar-apparaih vinayavantaran abhyudayabhirama-sam- | 

pannaran eyde tan osedu raaduva dharmmada permmeg eydapaih | 

mannaniyindam intutu nijabharanaih sale Kandanambiya || 

a-pemp-erida Kandanambige kula-striy adal utturiga-s6- | 

bha-pina-stani varijakshi himakrid-bimbopamanasye na- | 

na-pramada-kadamba-tilakairi sri-Chandiyakkarii pati- | 

sri-pada-priye dana-dharmma-rate lokarii kude bannippinarii ii 

Arsikere Taluq. 363 

ka II a-Kandanambi-Settigav | 

a-kulavati Chandrika-maha-devigam an- | 
t a-kula-dipakan ogedarii | 
sakalya-guna-prayukta-kaiijam Kunjam || 
Hara-pada-pujeyolu Hara-kathochita-tattva-sukhanusevoyolu | 
Hara-samaya-prabhava-parivarttanadolu Hara-bhaktiyol Hara- | 
smaranadol avagam tanu dhanaih manav emb ivan eyde kudi su- | 
sthiram enisirppan em sukrita-puiijano Kunjan ila-talagradolu n 
tanuvam jangamad edeyolu | 
manamam sri-Somanatha-pada-paiikajadol i 
viniyogisi Kunjam ne- | 

ttane padedam punya-padaman a-Siva-padaraam || 
ant atarii deva-lokavalokana-sthitan appudum ittalu n 

anudinav olpuvett eseva Hoysala-desa-vilasa-lakshmig a- | 
nana-vanajatav a-vishaya-kantege bhogada janma-bhumiy a- | 
janapada-lakshmig itta hosa-bott enisirppudu rudhi-vetta Mu- | 
ttana Hosavur an-ftna-sukha-sagarav unnata-bhogad agararii n 
kaiihasav illa janake beleyirii j 

hasav ill alig alargalinde hakkige baoadirii | 

hasav ill endane Muttana | 

Hosavur esevudu samasta-saukhyavasarii n 

agal aladin ahi-rajana j 

nagaravan adimette kanaka-kotonnatiyirii | 

mugilarii Muttana Hosaviir | 

mmige muttuvad adara pempan inn e velvcrii n 

dore tan Indra-purakke pati Dhanada-sri-pattauakk urvviyol | 

sari-tukarii bagevandu Vishnu-nagarakk emb anta kaikonda mefh I 

siriyirii Muttana meyme-vetta Hosavur oppippud utturiga-man- | 

dira-malarparipuritarii vividha-devagara-vistaritarii jj 

alli nija-suta-parokshadol i 

all-allige kelsav eseye Kuiijana hesarim | 

kalla Sivalayamarii padi | • 

yill end ene Kandanambi tan ettisidarii n 

yidu Kailasamo men id ettisidar-udyat-punya-sariisuddha-bi- | 

jada her-ottilo men id ant avara bhasvat-kirtti-tanvangi ku- \ 

de disaloka-nimittav eruv-edeg end ikkirdda vedi-vila- | 

sada vistaramo pel enalke meragurii sri-Kurijanathasrayarii n 

nuta-naivedyakke raiigoddharana-karana-piija-vidhanakke rara- | 

jita-Chaitra-sri-pavitra-dvitayad edege nityanna-danakke mattarii | 

gata-jirnnoddhara-khanda-sphutita-Siva-nivasakke salvantu bittarii | 

kshiti-chandrarkkaih-baram dattiyanalavade Kandarii yasas-sri-prakandarii || 


364 Arsikere Taluq. 

svasti sriman-maha-vadda-vyavahari hiriya-Bhandinambi-Settiyar-aliya Kanda- 
naiubi-Settiyara kayyala paduvana Muttana Hosavura Gubbiya Kallayyana 
maga Pota-Gaudanura a-Kallayyana maga Singayana madavalige Chavuda- 
Deviyum a-maga Ballayyanuiii konda patra-sala gadyanarii nanuru-hongam 
a-Kandanambi-Settiyaran odambadisi tamma rina-nirnnayavagi munna tavage 
sarvvabadhe-pariharav-agirdda umbaliya bhumi (here foiiow detaiis) gavudikeyal 
ulla ashta-bhoga-teja-samye man-enne tippe-sunka hadiya-de[re] mulevatta 
handara-hana yint iv-ella-sahita tamma stri-putra-jiiati-samanta-dayady- 
anumatiyim sva-ruchiyira a-Kandanambi-Settiyarige a Gubbiya Kallayyana 
raaga Pota-Gaudanum a-Kallayyana maga Singayyana madavalige Chavunda- 
Deviyuih a-maga Ballayyanura dhara-purbbakam madi kottaru || srimaiiu 
maha-vadda-byavahari hiriya-Bhandinambi-Settiyar -aliya Kandanambi-Setti- 
yara kayyalu Chikka-Muttana-Hosavura Gopa-Gaudanurii Bogayyanurii konda 
patra-salamaiii Gopa-Gaudana madavalige Nachiyakkanurii a-magarii Gopayya- 
nurii konda patra-salamam kudi sasirada munnur-ayvatt-eradu-gadyanada 
yippanavingam a-Kandanambi-Settiyaran odambadisi tamraa rina-nirnnayav- 
agi munna sarvva-badhe-pariharavagirdda tamma gavudikeya vumbalivolage 
tamma totada sthala (here foiiow detaiis) yint i-gadde-beddalanum tamma 
stri - putra - jiiati - samanta - dayady - anumatiyirii sva - r uchiyirii a - Kandanambi - 
S.ettiyarige a-G6pa-Gaudana madavalige Nachiyakkanu a-maga Gopayyanurii 
dhara-purvvakarii raadi kottaru || srimanu maha-vadda-vyavahari hiriya- 
Bhandinambiy-Settiyar-aliya Kandanambi - Settiyara kayyalu Hiriya-Muttana- 
Hosavura Narapa-Gavudana Machayanu tanu konda patra-sala gadyanarii 
aruvattakke Kandanambi-Settiyaran odambadisi tanna rina-nirnnayav ahant- 
agi munna tanage sarvva-badhe-pariharavagidda vurabaliya gadde (here foiiow 
detaiis) yiut i- samasta- bhumiyanu tamma stri-putra-jnati-samanta-dayady- 
anumatiyi^i sva-ruchiyirii a-Kandanambi-Settiyarige a-Narapa-Gaudana 
Machayanu dhara-purvvakarii madi kottanu n yint i-samasta-bhumiyanurii 
eradu Muttana Hosavura samasta-praje-gavundugala sthanikara sakshiyalu 
chavu-gave Elavareya Buva-Gaudana maga Madi-Gavuda (others named) yint i- 
chavu-gaveya mundedhara-purvvakarii madi kottaru || sriman-maha-vadda-vyava- 
hari hiriya-BhandinauAi-Settiyaru sri-Kurijesvara-devara amrita-padige Hiriya- 
Muttana-Hosavura hiriya-kereya kelage bitta gadde (here foiiow detaiis) yiut i-sama- 
sta-bhumiyanu sri-Kuiijesvara-devarige a-chandrarkkarii-bararii sarvvamanyav- 
agi dhareyan eradu bitta datti yint i-samasta-bhumigarii gadiba aydu-marurii 
vottola ghale srimad-anadiy-agrahararii Damodarapuravada Nagarahalliya 
asesha-mahajanarigalu sri-Kuiijesvara-devara amritapadige bitta bhumi (here 
foUow detaiis) yint i-bhumiyanu a-Karijesvara-devarige a-mahajanarigalu a-chan- 
drarkkarii-bararii deva-kolagava kottaru yint i-samasta-bhumiy ellavanurii 
Saka-nripa-varusha 1177 Ananda-samvatsarada Pushya-su 11 So-Ardra- 
nakshatra-vyatipata-uttarayana-sarikramanadandu a-Kandanambi-Settiyaru 

Arsikere Taluq. , 365 

sri-Kunjesvara-devara sri-padangalamele dhara-purvvakam madi a-Kunjesvara- 
devara sthanavanu a-Kandanambi-Settiyaru tamma magalu Gana-kumari 
Chandavvege a-Kunjesvara-devara sri-karyava nadasi a-sthanakke tan odeyal- 
agi akege hembaliya-bhumiyagi salvuvantagi sri-Kuiijesvara-devara sanni- 
dhanadalum srimat-Tribhuvana(d)-rajadhani Dorasamudrada raja-guru 
Rudrasakti-Devara nur-ippattu-sthanikara Kampanacharyyaru mukhyavada a- 
sankhyata-maha-ganangala sannidhanadalu yeradu-Muttana-Hosavura samasta- 
praje-gavundugala sthanikara sannidhanadalu dhareyan eradu kottaru a-raja- 
guru-Rudrasakti-Devarurii nur-ippattu-sthanikaruiii Kampanachfiri rajadhaniy 
Arasiyakereya Mada-jiya Bhuta-jiya Machchera-Ananta-jiyan olagada a-saii- 
khyata-maha-ganaiigalu neradu a-Chaudavege vibhuti-pattavanu katti Gana- 
kumaritanavanum kottu yi-Kunjesvara-devara sthanakke matha-dere-mukhyav- 
agi samasta-tereyanum a-chandrarkkarii-bararii sarvvamanyavagi dhareyan 
eradu kottaru n 

bared i-sasana-simeyaui salisi yavarii barppan atangc bha- | 
sura-bhagyarii samanippud embude gadarii bed-emba papishthanarii | 
dhare baygurii siri bittu pokuv alaluih dayadyarurii uovum ott- | 
arikuih mattam avange ghora-narakarii kaygudugurii kaduguih n 


Od a stone, in the same temple. 

namas tuiiga eto. n 

sura-giri vullinarh dig-ibhav ullinav arkka-sasaiikar ullinaih | 
jalanidhiy ullinaih sruti-samuchchayav ullinam urvviy ullinarii | 
para-Hara-murttiyarii su-jana-vatsalanaiii kadana-prachandanarfi | 
Harihara-murtti kurttu parirakshisug i-vibhu-Kandanambiyaih || 

Siriyalvaih Basavayyan olp-oseva marii Banan ud- r 

dhara-bogaih sale Cholan Udbhatan atarkyaih Sinda-Ballalan irii | 
dhare kondaduva Dasimayyan enisirdd i-bhakta-sandohav a- | 
daradiih Kakara-Kandauambi ninag ig udbodha-sampattiyaih n 
ettisi devatalayaman oppire madisi dipa-maleyam | 
matte dharamarargge tanivant ire bhumiyan ittu saypu mey- | 
vettire kote-per-ggeregalarii sale kattisi dharmma-buddhi puiid | 
ottarip antu bannipudu Kakara-Kandanan i-dharitriyolu || 
srimat-pratapa-chakravartti Hoysaiia-sri-vira-Karasiriiha-Dev-arasaru Dora- 
samudrada nelevidinalu sukha-saiikatha-vinodadiiii prithvi-rajyaih geyvuttam 
irdda Saka-nripa-varshada llbl neya Kalayukta-saihvatsarada Bhadrapada-ba 
14 Ma sriman-maha-vadda-vyavahari hiriya-Bhandinambi-Settiyar-aliya Kanda- 
nambi-Settiyaru Muttana Hosavuran agrahararii madalurii sri-Kuiijesvara- 
devara amritapadigosugarii devarige hodakeya tettu kulava kadisi sri-Kun- 

366 a Arsikere Taluq. 

jesvara-devara amritapadigam srikaryyakaiii sarvvamanyavagi Kalleyanaykana- 
balliyanum bittu eradu-Muttana-Hosavuraluiii sarvvamanyavagi bitta gade 
bedalu mane kala (here foUow detaiis of gift) Kandanambi-Settiyaru agra- 
hararii maduvalli devarige vivarisi kalada vokkalu Kancha-Gauda (n others 
named) yint i-hannerad-okkalurii sri-Kuiijesvara-devarige eradu-Muttaua-Hosa- 
vural ulla deva-danada gade bedale madi bitti sollage terugade en ulludarii a- 
Kurijesvara-devarige a-chandrarkkam-barav-antu devarige besakeyd ihantagi 
a-Kandanambi-Settiyaru bittaru i-bhumiyolage a-Kandanambi-Settiyaru tamma 
hiriya-magalu Sovakkarige sarvvamanyavagi kotta gade (here foiiow detaiis) int 
i-bhumige srikaryya-modalagi sarvvav en adadarii Chandavveye nadasuvalu 
Sovakkanu manyavagi anubhavisuvantagi a-Kaudanambi-Settiyaru kottaru 


At Kallang-ere (same hobli), on a stone near the Kallesvara temple near the 

waste-wear of the tank. 

sri-Mahadevaya namah n namas turiga etc n 
svasti samasta-bhuvanasrayarii sri-prithvi-vallabham maharajadhirajam para- 
mesvararii parama-bhattarakarii Satyasraya-kula-tilakarii Chalukyabharanarii 
srimat - Tribh uvanamalla - Devara vijaya - rajy am uttarottarabhivriddhi - pra - 
varddhamanara a-chandrarkka-taram-bararii saluttam ire || svasti sriman-maha- 
mandalesvaram Tribhuvanamalla Talakadu Korigu Narigali Nolambavadi Bana- 
vase Hanurigallu gonda bhuja-bala- Vira-Gariga-Vishnuvarddhana- Hoysala- 
Devaru Dorasamudradalu nelevidagi sukha-sarikatha-vinodadirii rajyarii geyyu- 
ttam ire || svasti yama-niyama-svadhyaya-dhyana-dharana-maunanushthana- 
japa-samadhi-sila-guna-sampannarurii yajana-yajana-adhyayana-adhyapana- 
daua-pratigraha-shat-karmma-niyatarurii Rig-Yajus-Samatharvvana- shad- ariga 
vandi-vrinda-daridrandhakara-sariiharana-parinata-marttandarurii munji-yajiio- 
pavita-baddharurii hema-karnna-kundalarurii kshatriya-vaisya-sudra-traya- 
lalata-pada-ghatitarurii adi-samarttharurii Bali-variisa-ketugalurii saranagata- 
jalanidhigalurii terikan-Ayyavaley enisi negalda srimad-agrahararii Harihara- 
puravada Kellarigereya mahajanarigala mahimonnatiy ad ent endade || 
padedudu su-prasiddha Janamedeya-datti Kodariganiire nor- | 
ppade kadu-rayyam appud idakarii migil appudan uran iven end- i 
odan odagondu bandu vineyarigalin aggada Vishnu-bhubhujarii | 
kude paded illi Kellagere sobhisatirpparu viprar ellarum n 
ballidaru todarddad arggarii | 
mellidar ishtatvad edege sastrokutiyind \' 
allade nudiyaru nudivade | 
Kellarigerey-eseva-viprar erii kevalave |) 

Arsikere Taluq. 367 

tann anuga-damraan Ajjama | 

tanna manam tidal eydi sura-lokadol ire | 

sannuta-mati Jakkave sukri- | 

tonnati vaded ire Sivalayaman ettisidal n 

Telligara mukhake kannadi | 

Telligara kulake kalasa punyada bett end | 

ellaih bannisi norppinav i 

illiya Gramesvaraih karaih ranjisuguih n 
svasti samasta-Adiyannahgala Hallakabbe mahgala maha sri sri Graraesvara- 
devara liuga-prati&htheyam raadi devalayaman ettisidalu Telliga-Jakkave n 
illiya jirnnoddharakke nanda-divigegaih nivedyakkarii asesha-mahajanahgalu 
bitta dharmma 45 neya Dundubhi-saihvatsarada Chaitra-suddha-pahchami- 
. . . . varad andu Isanyasakti-Panditara sisya Devarasi-Panditara kalaih- 
karcbchi dhara-purvvaka madi kotta stanakke bitta bhumi Tendeyakattada 
haduva-godiyali gadde kamma 500 urinda badagalu beddale kamma 700 (nsuai 
finai pbrases and Terse) Honnojara Malojara Chehgojara int-inib(b)ara kelasa 
Ikkudojana barapa raahgala maha sri sri sri 


On the left side of the same stone. 

suhkada heggadegalu taram agantuka-gana-dereyolage Kesava-devara nanda- 
divigge bitta grina vondu || Dharmmesvara-devarige bitta gana voudu n ant 
eradu gana || Yaraa-Trivikrama-deva 


At the same village, on a stone north of the Lakshmi-N^rayana temple. 

sri namas tuhga etc. n 

Vedha-prasu. . . .tar amalfiv Amarripagay§,h | 

nabhih kiladi-Kamalasana-janraa-bhumih t 

vakshas-sthalaih prathama-mandiram Indirayah | 

kim varnyate'sya raahima mahimana-murtteh || 

svasti Hoysala-vaihsaya Yadu-mulaya yad-bhava-(h) | 

kshatra-mauktika-santauaih prithvi-uayaka-mandanarii n 

adityar susirvvaruv | 

adodara en mandalagra. . . .irulurii sam- i 

padita-tejane taih Viua- | 

yadityarii dinapau enisid ataih jana-paih n 

kamini Keleyabbarasi ma- | 

ha-raahiraahg a-nripahge nirmmala-dharrama- | 

368 ArsiJcere Taluq. 

sri-mahimauge hitang i- | 

bhumige guna-ratna-bhumi ramani-ratnam || 

Yadava-vamsakk amare ma- | 

hodayav Ereyaiiga-nripati Vinayadityang | 

Marii tanayaiii vinayam | 

sodaram ene tanage negalda dhirodattarii n 

Malava-rajya-mulav enip aggada Dhareyan atma-seneyirii | 

chalisi chakravarttige jayarii mige tanna bhuja-pratapamarii | 

. . .prakata-kirtti-patakeyan uttaraseyolu | 

kilisidarix dinesan agid ikshisuvant Ereyaiiga-bhubhujarii n 

Meruge mekhale bahu-khale | 

bhavarige purnna. . . | 

ga-nripan oppaih badegurii n 

muvar ddevara saktiye | 
• muvarolarii tam tappad enisi negald a-ind- | 
ivara-lochaneg Echala- | 
Devige Ballala-Vishnuv-Udayadityaru n 

Cherama biramarii bisudu Pandya kadarigad ir Andra randramarii | 
paradir Odda goddaman adaiii bidu Malava kalegakke mai- | 
dorade sar ele Tigula nim jagul embud apara-vira-dor- i 
vvara-gabhira-dhirate vinisruta-ghoshane Ballu-bhupana n 

(25 lines foUowing illegible) 

janakan an-una-dana-pati vipra-sikhamani . . | 

.... satiya deyavol- | 

pina pati Narasiriiha-nripa tann anujam guna | 

Kalidevan id erii kritartthano || 

. . dhisa-prasiddharii Setu-sarvvadhikarodaya manikya. . . . 

. . .Soma-nripati . . Manu-marggav arppu sura-kuja . . . 

. . uarig edegonda yenipau aliya Narana-Devarii n 

balasida-nandanavaligalirii neredirdda tatakadirii manari- | 

golisuva deva kuladirii dvija-nirbbhara-veda-ghoshadirii | 

baleda-samasta-vastu-paripurnnadin. . vidde. | 

norppad urggalol n 

svasti srimad-anadiy-ag*rahararii Hariharapuravada Kellarigereya Channa- 
Kesava-devara nivedyakkarii devara grasakkarii brahmanar-ahara-danakkaih 
srimanu maha-pradhanarii sarvvadhikari srikaranada heggade Ketayyannam 
sriman - maha- mandalesvaraih pratapa- Hoysana - Narasiriiha- Devana kaiyalu 
marakondu Hoysala-vira-Ballalana sannidhanadalu Saka-varusa 1096 neya 
Vijaya-samvatsarada Paushya-bahula-panchami-uttarayana-sarikramanadandu 
dhara-purvvakarii madi bitta datti (detaiis of gift and uauai finai pharaseg) Chabbarajana 
putra Saradinatha-Panditaru helda sasana || (ueuai finai verse) 

Arsikere Taluq. 369 


On a pillar near the north wall of the same temple. 
^ srimad-Vishnu-Virinchi-Dhurjjati-Valarati-Praclietadayo | 
devah pantu Nrisiiiiha-bhupa-tanayaiii Ballala-prithvipatirii i 
te deva munay6'tri-Kasyapa-mukha rakshantu Kamahvayaiii i 
Ballala-kshitipala-mantri-tilakaiii sri-Ponna-Rajatmajaiu n 
svasti sri jayabhyudayas cha Saka-varuslia 1240 neya Kalayukta-saiii | Vayisa- 
kha-su 10 A-dandu srimad-anadiy-agraharam sri-Hariharapuravada Kellangere- 
ya srimad-asesha-mahajanaugalu | srimanu-maha-pasayitarum appa bhandari- 
Kavannanavara makkalu liamannanavarige kotta sila-sasauada kramav ent- 
endade | emma firu maddikada kuta-gattadali Mahesvara-llariyannangalu 
Kariya-Madannangala makaju Narasiiiiha-Devangalu Murutannaiigala makkalu 
Sankanaa-Gopannangalu | tav alah\i'ade a-kshetrada modala siddhaya-a-apurv- 
vayangala teralarade emma kattege dhareyan eradu voleya kottu-bittaragi a- 
kshetraugalanu navu a-Hamannangala kayyalu gadyanaui eutanu kattege 
kanikeyagi komlu a-kshetrakke prati-varusavii gadyanaui vondanu a-maha- 
janangalige a-rtamanuaiigalu Pushya-masadalu yikuta baharu muuna bitta 
Kaiichayaua Honua Siugana Mailcha Kenchayana Chikana bhageya volage 
ardda yivara baliya a-katteya hiudana ella thaviua gadde gficli a-Ilaman- 
nangalu aluvaru yi-siddhayada ga 1 allade aramaueyim banda piirvvaya apurv- 
vaya enu bandadanii a-mahajanangale pariharsi koduvevu navu emma ftru 
seri adiya piirvvaya-apiirvvayavanu emma haligalu mariyadeyauii toruvadilla 
i-kshetravu a-Uamannaiigalige adhi-kraya-danakke saluiidu yi-kshetrakke sima- 
vivadav adade mahajanaugalu tiddi-ko<luvaru i-kshetrakke badagana holada 
karanav illa adanu mahajanaugale anubhavisi kombaru yi-bhiimi a,-Ilamann- 
aiigalige santana-gami agi saluvautagi a-mahajauangalu dhara-purvvakaih madi 
kotta sila-sasana yint appudakke a^mahajauaiigala sri-hastad oppa | grama- 
uiyogadim barada Ilariannaugala maga scMiabova Siripauuana baraha uliyali 
barada Ila. .Iliyojana maga Bayiroja | (uouai finai verse) sii-Cheuna-Kesava || 


On the inner wall of the ranga-mantapa of the same temple. 

namas sri-kama I 

kanta-sri-Kesavakhyaya yogiudra-dhyeya-miirttaye n 
svasti sauiasta-bhuvanasraya sri-prithvi-vallabha maharajadhiraja Yadava- 
kulambara-dyumani raya-chiulamani Vira-Gauga bhuja-bala-chakravartti 
IIoysala-vira-Ballala-Devaru prithvi-rajyam geyyuttam ire tadiya-chhatra- 
chhayopajiviy appa Kellaiigereya mahimey entene n 

saradhi-vyavarnnanakk avvalip